OpenSnow: Forecast Anywhere

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Cloudnine Weather LLC
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10 months ago
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15.5 or later
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User Reviews for OpenSnow: Forecast Anywhere

4.61 out of 5
4.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Foxer Briefs
The best of the best!
I used to ski a lot before I suffered a knee injury in early 2009 while on a trip to Mammoth Mountain. Although my skiing days are now few and far-between, I follow OpenSnow daily (multiple times a day in the Fall/Winter/Spring), particularly because of the unique understanding of the microclimates around the Tahoe Basin, where I live. Bryan Allegretto is an incredible Meteorologist! He may not know the exact number of people who look forward to and (no pressure!) depend on his forecasting prowess, but out of all of the available weather and climate forecasts/predictions for our area, I definitely look forward to and enjoy his amazingly-dynamic posts the most. The detailed descriptions along with pictures and maps that he provides with every post are engaging, knowledgeable, and fun! I know that he spends a lot of time preparing these posts, and they are appreciated and enjoyed beyond belief! Of course there are many other features of the App that are invaluable, and I use them all frequently. Thank you for all of the never-ending determination and hard work to keep OpenSnow as the very best of Weather Apps available to all of us “weather freaks!” Whether we ski, snowboard, or just love and look forward to those days that the sun isn’t “shining bright,” you guys are the best! Thank you!
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3 years ago, cyprus63
Awesome Weather App for Skiers
This is my go to App snow conditions. Everyone I know who is crazy about snow sports uses this App. Last Xmas we skied with long-time friends and they geek out on snow conditions and forecasts with this App as well. Last January, we had to be rerouted on the Den-Jackson flight b/c of lack of visibility at the airport. Practically everyone around me on that flight had this App on their phones looking to see when we would have an opening to land at JH airport—that was the weekend of 48” of snow on Wed-Friday. If you love snow sports and have a need to know what the conditions will be like this is the App for you. From Late September to Early April, I become a total weather geek/expert thanks to these guys. My only complaint is that I wished the leading snow storm indicators could be more accurate. But like any leading indicator it’s just not possible to know for sure until it happens. These guys (I don’t believe there are any gals—although that would be a good addition) take the guessing out of snow conditions and forecasts.
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2 years ago, ARadDad4
Inconsistent, not worth price
I’ve used this app religiously the last 4-5 years and this app has managed to go downhill from the start. First and foremost the most consistent and detailed forecaster on this site is Evan Thayer. They frequently have one forecaster for large areas (Bob Ambrose AB/MT) and in turn lose out massively on consistency of forecasts, in addition to quality. Open Snow introduced a semi paywall 2 years ago which has led to its demise. First, they capped the quantity of forecasts you could read at 7 per week. This was announced pre-season and I was disappointed; yet understanding as they had brought on Evan and his forecasts are awesome! Several weeks later (I believe) they were lowering the quantity of forecasts you could read to 5 (which I think was further reduced to just 4) on the basis that their customers were reducing consumption of forecasts to stay under their premium pay wall. Now, I wake up today to find that Open Snow has decided to eliminate access to all forecasts other than a 3 sentence “summary” which they’ve instructed their forecasters to leave void of any useful information. This company has certainly fallen in line with the rest of the snow sports industry to gauge their supporters for as much $$$ as they can. Right on OS!
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1 year ago, Capt flats
Best thing since sliced bread!
Living on the east coast and getting about 25 days yearly out west I rely on open snow to get the goods! Never disappointed and always accurate. Can’t tell ya how many storms I’ve chased and pow pow days I credit to Joel and his team. It’s 100% opposite of east coast forecasters, no drama or false promises and then to get down graded. When they’re wrong it’s missing those bonus powder days. I could go on ad nauseam about trips from wolf creek to Alta to Jackson when I scored 12+” days because of these guys, can’t say enough. By 9 am ET, daily I know what’s happening at all my favorite places. The small fee for the cost of the app, if your a skier, your nuts not to subscribe. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. Can’t put a price on a powder day! Keep up the good works guys and thanks for all the dividends you’ve payed me over the years. How about this years overall prediction of the “triple dip” before the season even started, kudos!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, daleweirdbeard
Best Snow and Ski Forecast App Available
OpenSnow is a dynamic app for researching weather and localized snow conditions in ski and snow sport areas. The map feature with radar overlay is my go to for visualizing real time precipitation, especially snowfall in the mountains, given some dedicated radar apps do not even portray snow precip. Setting my favorite snow stake and mountain webcams to get real time and review of conditions is also a fantastic feature. Navigation into the plethora of info the app has to offer is easy, and you can even save trail maps for offline use when data service fails. I enjoy and always seek the best media and apps for weather, radar, maps, webcams, and skiing. Considering these interests and time spent searching for quality options to immerse myself in them, I feel it can’t get much better than the OpenSnow app!
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4 years ago, Bwa236
Reliable, must-have tool
This resource (and the website) is a must-have. All-access is very much worth it alone, but you get OpenSummit subscription with it. I read the snow and weather forecast every day Joel and the others prep. Going to an unfamiliar area, like Colorado->Tahoe? Pull up OpenSnow and realize why their can have rain at the lake and snow on the summits. Also, their accountability for forecast accuracy stands out. They discuss their prediction vs. reality (retroactively) and it's very informative for understanding mountain weather generally. They will explain when and why their forecasts were wrong -- show me another major weather forecasting website/service that does that! I backcountry ski often, and hike/climb high peaks often in the summer, and OpenSummit's peak-specific forecasts are a crucial tool in assessing mountain weather (along with other resources to confirm, of course). Cross-reference resources.
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2 years ago, Wheather Geek
Top Notch from a weather geek
I’ve been a weather geek since childhood. It started while watching forecaster Mark Eubank give his nightly weather forecast on KSL news in Utah who had a passion for weather and always strived to make his forecast interesting by teaching something about climate/weather. Now living on the Western Slope of Colorado I have renewed weather excitement after I found this app a few years ago. Joel and his team have that same passion and gift to educate and excite as the aforementioned legendary Meteorologist. I now look forward with anticipation to the start of winter, not just because I’m dreaming of powder face shots, but also because I get to read the detailed forecasts and explanations from this team of exceptional forecasters. Get this app, you will not be disappointed! It is by far the best weather app I know of.
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1 year ago, Kula Gal
Indispensable app for skiers/ winter activity people
During winter months, I use this app and snow/ weather reports multiple times a day. The Open Snow reports are Indispensable for skiers wanting to get the real picture of weather and snow forecasts for ski mountains all over. I also love the layered maps and the fact that you can add your “favorite” resorts and get snow alerts from them. In addition, the I-80 report on driving conditions along I-80, along with web-cam links to multiple exits/ towns along the Sierra, is a go-to for me and my family. I live in Truckee and need to know about driving conditions along I-80 so I can drive more safely into Reno. Brian (who writes the Tahoe, Palisades, and I-80 Open Snow reports) is a fantastic writer. One can tell he thoroughly enjoys his subject matter. Thank you for creating Open Snow!
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5 months ago, iPaaaad
Must have for frequent skiers
A friend clued me into this app at the beginning of last ski season, and boy what a game changer it was. Being able to bookmark my favorite ski resorts and see live and hourly weather on demand is something you could theoretically do with other apps too. But OpenSnow makes it easy, and the forecasts are tailored to skiers. So it’s focused on how much snow you’re going to get, conditions that matter like wind, whether the precip is going to be rain, snow, or a mix, snow level (elevation), etc. Also, the frequent written forecasts for the various ski areas are invaluable. With the latest iOS updates, they’ve really stepped it up a notch, and now I can see my favorite ski forecasts on my iPad or iPhone Home Screen, as well. Heck, maybe they’ll even add Apple Watch support soon? One can hope.
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2 years ago, Ipodusr101
Worth it as a free user or a paid subscriber
First, I’d like to say that I do not pay for a subscription. It is my opinion that my use case is too intermittent to warrant it. Having said that, I wholeheartedly support their decision to make their service subscription-based. We are all too conditioned to get everything free from companies serving up our data and our time to feed us advertising we don’t want. Their daily snow reports are extremely detailed and accurate. But like what others have said, I don’t have the time or inclination to chase storms, so I will go regardless. The information they provide for free is enough for me to plan my gear for the weather that I’m expecting, which is all I really need. Good job guys, and I hope I will be able to chase powder again soon!
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3 years ago, hopefulmachines
Fantastic! Reliable and informative
I love this app! I use it daily to plan my snowboarding trips throughout the season. It's more accurate than generalised weather apps and when combined with the reports from my local mountains I always know exactly what to expect for the day, from road conditions to primary and secondary snow surfaces, avalanche conditions and the amount of lifts/mountain areas open. It's well worth the all-access subscription especially as someone with a season pass - and even more essential when you've got a job you can't just take off from whenever you want, so planning is key! Other snowboarders and skiers always ask what app I'm using when I pull it up or post a screenshot, then immediately go download it themselves - it's a step up from everything else out there for sure!
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2 months ago, Jesse McCain
Must-have for skiers
As a downhill skier, this app is a must-have. Other weather apps forecasts for “downtown”, but you need a different forecast for the resorts & mountains. For example, storms often have rain “in town” where other apps forecast but snow on the mountain at the summit (& hopefully the base too). It also includes winds with warnings when there may be lift holds, etc. This provides that info which is critical to planning your trip. The meteorologists that write the Daily Snows (text forecast/outlooks) are great: they provide the info skiers need and teach you about how they forecast it too. Each has their own personality which is fun to get to see as you read them. This lets you get a sense of the long range forecast & confidence of the forecast. Highly recommend for any skier!
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3 months ago, SkigirlNM
The single best source of ski resort weather there is!
I’ve lived in a ski resort town for 30+ years and I’ve skied almost every resort in North America. For years I relied on weather forecasts that seemed to be based on crystal balls and throwing darts in the dark. I lost count of the number of days that I came dressed for a forecasted weather day, only to find I was grossly unprepared for the day that actually was. Then Open Snow came along and changed my skiing life. The accuracy of their forecasts surpass all others. The way they communicate info and the frequency of communication is stellar. Finally, their app is user friendly and oh so helpful! If you love to ski but haven’t yet downloaded their app, stop reading this review now and download it immediately! You’ll be glad you did!
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10 months ago, Toddrpearson
Open Snow is, by far, the best weather app on the market. “Open Snow” is such an understatement. Yes, they do an unbelievable job with snow related info. But they also do the rest of the weather - temp, rain % and amount, wind, humidity. Which is great for hikers, bikers and everyone else. The ability to put in ANY GPS point and get an hourly forecast with all of that info is such a breakthrough I can’t even describe it. Tells me what the temp will be at the top of the mountain, which could be 20° colder than the bottom of the mountain. Wind same thing. And tells me when I need to be off the mountain bc an afternoon thunderstorm is rolling in. The app is easy to use, visually intuitive and the forecasts pretty darn accurate. Really fantastic. My favorite app
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4 years ago, allthesenamesarealreadytaken
Best weather app
Top notch daily weather reporting and analysis makes this a must have tool for anyone who needs more info than a sunny/cloudy/snowy icon in a basic weather app. Founding meteorologist Joel provides unmatched weather/snow reporting for the Colorado Rocky Mountains which is the content I access, although there are many other local experts providing snow updates for other regions. I have a snow plow business in the Colorado mountains and this app is my main source for information about incoming weather that will affect our area. If you’re an out of town tourist trying to figure out what our weather will look like during your vacation then use the resource the locals use, welcome to Colorado, and remember to stay in the right lane except to pass!! Thanks again Joel -Scott
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6 years ago, mcvayc01
Best snow tracking weather app out there!!!
This is without a doubt the most favorite app on my phone!! If you love staying up to date on current and future snow conditions this app is for you. I use the current conditions and webcams to plan the night before which local resort I’m headed to in the morning. I use the extended forecast to help plan days off from work in hopes of catching a powder day. The free option is great for demoing the app and for the casual skier / snowboarder. The all-access version is a must have if you go to multiple mountains like throughout the season. It even has access to places like non-ski destinations like Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s worth every penny!!! (Edited - my 8 month old daughter prematurely hit send on the first version - sorry for the typos)
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1 year ago, astroknott
Absolutely essential app!
I’ve been w Open Snow for years. They started in a great place, providing targeted forecasts for skiers and the mountains they visit, and they have only become better. The “forecast anywhere” option is a great recent addition! I also feel it’s fully worth the subscription. Their forecasts are always more accurate then any other weather source that I cross-reference. Each regional meteorologist is also excellent at explaining weather systems in such an easy to understand way that my friends always come to me to get the lowdown on what to expect weather-wise for our trips. While I’ve learned a lot about weather since subscribing, all I do is open my Open Snow app…
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2 years ago, BugOut04
$5 maybe not more
The continued money grab by this app is disheartening, especially when it’s no where near worth the price. You can get the exact same information for free elsewhere so their asking you to pay for their narrative, which really doesn’t tell you anything different than any other free sites. It used to be fun app to look at but you could never take it to seriously as the forecasts aren’t any more accurate than Weather Underground. They continue to take things away from the free version, like a slow trickle until theres nothing left. It’s they way they’ve gone about it that’s a complete slap in the face. If they were providing bomb proof info or things you can’t find elsewhere, ok, but they’re not. $5, $10 ok, I’d entertain it. You can get the same 1 to 5 day snow forecasts from the individual mountain web pages. Thanks OpenSnow for taking something that used to be your labor of love and turning it into a money grab.
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4 years ago, Stanleyguysski
Great app for planning ski vacations..
I do a lot of weather forecasting and weather evaluation for my job in aviation. And see plenty of really bad forecasting (for political reasons or ineptitude). When it comes to accurately forecasting snow events, I have a lot of respect for the product the folks at OpenSnow put out! We don’t get to plan many ski trips due to living in Texas and school schedules. So when it comes to making the best choice for an honest and accurate forecast and condition update there is nothing better than OpenSnow. I’ve told several people to not bother with a certain major Weather NetWork on cable or in many cases their own local news networks... if you want to plan a powder vacation with your hard earned $$$s, this is the place! Nice job guys!!
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2 months ago, Longboardkook
Lay Day Checks
Even when I can’t get to the slopes or aren’t planning to go, I still try to look at OpenSnow everyday for my next potential day up either to my resorts or even as part of my “know before you go” for potential backcountry/sidecountry/slackcountry trips so I have an idea what is happening snowpack and storm wise when I also then check CAIC avalanche reports/conditions as well….. After the winters season is over I use OpenSnow’s forecasts for snowpack melt off info, week rains, and monsoon updates for my river surfing activity at the various standing river waves in the state. Also will tell friends to check OpenSnow before planning hiking trips in Colorado. Lastly I read OpenSnow prepping for each snow season.
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2 years ago, aasatt
Best snow forecasting app for your snow activities
By far the most reliable app for planning trip to the snow. The way data is represented is every clear and easy to read. Very easy to get into a habit of checking this app daily during the snow season. I can keep an eye on the weather and conditions for various resorts that I plan to visit during the season. Pretty good job with the webcams also. Daily Snows are awesome for the weather nerd in me to really understand what is going on in the forecast and help me learn what to look for in making my own decisions in the future. The level of detail is amazing and you can feel the effort that the human forecasters put into their reports. It’s like having an expert snow forecaster as your best friend. A+ forecasting crew! Well worth the cost to upgrade to All-Access especially when you can split it with a few friends as they offer a group membership! Based on the info OpenSnow provided I was able to get an epic strike mission on a storm last season which made the cost of membership well worth it. Looking forward to many more great things to come from OpenSnow!
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5 years ago, SNAPDRAG0N
Pretty great snow report app...
I’ve been looking for a truly great snow report app. And I think this is it. I went back and forth on whether I should pay, but I’m glad I upgraded to the full access. This app has it all: detailed meteorologist forecasts, at-a-glance snow reports and forecasts, webcams, and pass comparisons. I put a pretty high premium on whether to pay the extra when there are so many good, free services ... but this service is great and worth paying for. UPDATE: after a couple months using the app, I am sold. Yes, the premium features aren’t free, but there is a huge amount of work that’s gone into the app. For something I use almost every day, it’s worth it and I’m very impressed. Definitely the best ski conditions app out there.
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1 month ago, Tater427
Best resort and snow app !!!!
I used to get so frustrated trying to just use normal weather apps to determine what the conditions past present and future would be for our ski trips. Then came open snow! Hallelujah! You get the weather for the actual mountain , not the resort town. You can check everything you are curious about when it comes to planning your time on the mountain. Weather, snow, trail status, resort status, % of snow for season, and the list goes on. Even though I’m not skiing every weekend , sadly, I still check the app daily because it’s so fun to see what’s going on at my fav resorts! Just get it! I get the family/friends one and share access with my ski family.
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3 years ago, noahsmitty
My favorite app
I’ve been using opensnow every day of each winter the past 3 years. It is extremely interesting being able to read the forecasts and learn about weather patterns, while also having an accurate all-in-one source to predict snow conditions. I have all-access too and if you ski a lot and enjoy looking at maps and whatnot it’s definitely worth it. The forecasters are all fantastic, and the comprehensive daily snows are easy to understand yet also informative. Not to mention the UI is excellent, I’ve never really experienced a bug. Overall if you’re a huge skier/snowboarder or you enjoy the outdoors and weather, you should 100% download this app and think about getting all-access too.
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1 year ago, Beavster
Couldn’t live without it!
I can’t say enough about the usefulness of OpenSnow and OpenSummit in my daily life outdoors year-round. I’m a professional endurance coach and avid athlete myself. The OpenSnow app has been crucial for me and it’s forecasting, ease of used and practical daily application during the snow season for both resort and backcountry skiing. Open summit has also been extremely valuable to me with its exceptional forecasting of surface smoke during the summer months (I live i nIdaho, so smoke is a part of our summer activities). If you are like me, and want to reduce the number of apps that you use on a daily basis, yet not reduce the reliability and information, open snow, and open summit are the apps!
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2 years ago, TahoeGator21
Best Snow Forecast
There is no app I trust more for snow forecasts. Whether I’m on the West Coast, East Coast, or in between, the forecast is as accurate as I’ve seen. They hit all the features I want: quick prediction of snowfall at any resort or region worldwide, past snowfall, detailed written forecasts and predictions, and much more. The app is very easy to use and allows me to easily access several resorts and regions. The forecasters write very good content, and I’ve been following Bryan Allegretto in Tahoe for years and he is so on point. He gives a quick synopsis, but I love his detailed forecast where I’ve learned a lot about weather and patterns. Bottom Line: If you want to know about snow forecasts, then you need this app.
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4 years ago, Nicknameareannoying
Simply the best
Living in the mountains is frustrating when it comes to trying to predict the weather. Every other app is constantly wrong. And not just a little wrong, but majorly wrong. And I get it...mountain regions are tricky and not many of us live here so why bother trying to get too specific? One mountain can be sunny and one mountain over can be blowing snow and they’re only a mile apart. Somehow, the OpenSnow team has managed to pay enough attention to the models and have enough experience interpreting them to give us a (more often than not) accurate picture of what will be happening. It’s the only weather report I trust and I don’t start my day without checking it first!
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5 years ago, GBNYC
Good app but one problem
Overall, I really like the app. It provides good, up to date information on the current conditions at ski spots and accurate weather forecasts, even pretty far in advance. However, for me the favoriting system works terribly. In this app, you can favorite certain mountains as well as certain weather reports by area. I mainly ski in Vermont, so I favorited all the major Vermont mountains and the weather report for the northeast. However, every time I open the app it seems that it has deleted my favorites and replaced them with seemingly random mountains and reports. For example, today when I opened the app, the favorited reports where for Colorado and Utah, and the favorited mountains were Telluride, Snowbird, Copper, and a few other. The first few times it was no big deal, but at this point it’s getting really annoying.
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2 years ago, Wreckdem
Used to to a good app…not anymore :(
Update April 27, 2022 and they’ve quit on the season again. Stopped reporting while resorts are open for another month!!! I work in CO mountains and live in Denver. I drive all winter and ride almost every powder day. This used to be a great weather service, now they are more concerned with making money than accurate reporting. They also stopped reporting while the season was still going. Just gave up and went on vacation! I used to be a paying member, but no more because of the the downgrade in accuracy and effort, not finishing out the season and the obvious priority to overhype early season weather to pump ski area vacation numbers. They sell their service to ski areas, so we get weather reporting in Oct, Nov, Dec which is all very positive hoping to get people to plan ski vacations, esp around Christmas. They then bail on the ski season reporting when there’s no more corporate need. Gross.
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1 year ago, scuba.steeves
One of the best all around snow forecast sites.
I’ve been following BA getting Tahoe area snow forecast for years. He was always one to keep it realistic in potential snow and not jump on hype trains like the mountains. When he made the switch to Open Snow it was a no brained to follow him there and use the other forecasters for their respective areas when going on a snowboard trip. When the option came out to be a full access subscriber it was again a no brainer. One subscription was good for a few accounts so now my wife can look up her own forecast instead as of relying on me. I’ve learned more about weather / meteorology reading BA bigger reports than I did in middle school earth science class. Between Open Snow and Open Summit (non snow weather related forecast for hiking/ mountain biking) the full subscription is worth it to get accurate weather for the outdoor mountains. Thanks Open Snow team from a lifetime subscriber! ——————- Update —. Still 5 out of 5 stars as they continue to add and improve the full subscription offerings!
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2 years ago, tellitlikeitis1337
Forecasts are almost always wrong, forecasters sleep in until 9-10 apparently so the written forecast is virtually useless for anyone seeking first tracks. Too much reliance on models, too many models showing too many options and little to no human input to clarify the forecast. Some of the tools are handy ideas but are rarely accurate. The cloud cover/wind forecast is nice feature but surely isn’t reliable at all. Debated renewing after the first year but definitely not renewing after this year. If I thought the people behind this app were more die hard powder fiends I feel like it would show, instead it seems like major unpleasant work to everyone who forecasts for open snow in Colorado. Can’t see myself getting the app again until there are some more reliable people involved behind the scenes.
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2 years ago, SGC ftw
Too much paid for content (EDITED TO 1 Star)
Original review below. This is absolutely absurd, I wrote my original review and gave this app 3 stars still because there were a few features that I could still use without paying, and then mere DAYS later they took away they rest of the features for free mode. At this point the app needs to be a paid app or have a huge disclaimer saying that you can’t see any reports without paying a subscription. I’m disappointed that they aren’t willing to do anything for us people that have had the app for years. I love this app, but I’m disappointed in the direction it’s going. I’ve had this app since the beginning and used to enjoy all the features because they were all offered without any cost, and now I can barely see a snow forecast without having a subscription being shoved down my throat… ridiculous.
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2 years ago, Claire 97104
Reliable, great UI, tons of data
OpenSnow is a must have app for any skier on a collective pass or for skiers who bounce around. The quick summaries of which mountains are getting snow where helps me plan where I want to go, and the in-app radar maps has been invaluable when I plan long drives. Having everything all in one place is a game changer. I also I want to say I really appreciate the move away from ad-based and to subscription. I’m so tired of being bombarded by ads and it’s sweet you guys found a revenue model that is better for the user. You guys have a great product that is definitely worth the subscription cost.
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3 months ago, Ski Mad Man
Best app ever!! I’m obsessed
This is an app that I didn’t know I need and now I can’t live without!! For anyone who’s serious about skiing, the app is a godsend. Specific and accurate snow forecast helps me set the right expectation for snow quality, and oh man can I say it’s FUN to predict the snow quality on various slopes along with the info on OpenSnow!!! I’m so much more knowledgeable about snow condition now which is so useful for skiing! Now I open OpenSnow first thing in the morning just to track my favorite snow mountains, read informative daily forecast articles, and get excited when I see fresh snow coming, even though I can’t ski it most of the time!!
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5 months ago, Uglyamerican00
So far so good.
I’ve only had the app for about a week now, but I’ll tell you what, if you are anything like me the snow forecasts you receive from other “snow enthusiast apps” leave you with much to desire. However, I’ve been keeping an eye on 10 day for my favorite resort (Sundance) and it seems to update quite frequently and has been spot on. Also, the guy who gives the forecast for my area does a really good job getting into depth his train of though and provide awesome weather data graphs to support his predictions. Totally worth the money already. Really hope to see this prediction trend continue! Keep it up!
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2 years ago, iPad novice
Season pass holders app
I have skiing with various season passes for the past 5 years. I’m now trying the Ikon, which has its own app, but I wanted to supplement with a good weather and snow conditions app and Open Snow is the best I’ve found. Being able to scroll through my list of favorites has been crucial in making a good decision on where to plan my ski day. And I love the alerts for when forecasts change to meet “my needs”. By subscribing I also get great weather data for hiking in the ski off season. 5 star is easy for me. It’s not a cheap option but so long as they don’t go crazy with the pricing, I’m still on board.
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5 months ago, Laura Widefoot
Tahoe Daily Snow is GREAT!
Brian’s forecasting is unbelievably spot on, I highly recommend using this ap. Brian is funny, personable and best of all, he explains how he comes up with his forecast. He gives the bottom line right up front, but if you are interested in knowing more, he discusses what the different forecast models predict and why he believes one or the other. He even rates how well he did with his forecasting after the fact. Open Snow, and Brian’s Tahoe Daily Snow are informative and fun to read. And when the snow isn’t falling, you can still go to the ap for smoke maps and other useful information. Oh yeah, it’s cheap for what you get!
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1 month ago, Briguysride
The Future is Now
I remember seeing a movie when I was a kid where people were talking on a video call, and I thought to myself “That’s impossible. That’s never going to happen.” And in the early 2000s when I was a ski bum, I never could’ve imagined a snow forecasting service this epic either! In all my years of chasing snow forecasts, this is by far the best service I’ve ever seen and the competition is not even close. I love using OpenSnow to plan my ski trips, track what’s happening in my neck of the woods, track snowpack levels, and also just for fun to see where the snow is falling and who’s getting dumped on! The best, I love it!
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4 years ago, Rkkearns
Best app, best forecasting
Hyper local forecasting from folks that are as excited about snow as a dedicated ski bum, yet able to maintain objectivity. Each area has its own local forecaster that has been at it for years. App functions well, easy to personalize. I get so much value from this app that I pay for it. This is the ONLY app I have ever paid for, and I bought the first iPhone day 1. Can’t say enough good things about this app and the team that runs it. 10 stars. Btw, tahoe is my local mountain, and BA is an amazing forecaster, you can tell he loves what he does, and his reports are weather nerdy but also easy to read.
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5 years ago, crblu629
Not just for the pros
Learned to ski last year and OpenSnow was an essential part of my learners toolkit by not only giving me a super accurate and reliable forecast, but also guiding me through the weather with a careful hand to help me understand how quickly weather can change on the summit and what road conditions would be like. Sure, the snow forecast is awesome but the real value is in the written weather updates that are daily, if not multiple times throughout the day, that give you real guidance on how the weather is changing and what to expect on the mountains. I am an all-access (paid) member and it was an easy choice for me
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2 months ago, Brendan O'B
The Gold Standard
Couple quick things. If you recreate in the snow or care an ounce about where to chase it, you’ll get every ounce of value in the paid version of this app. The forecasting aspect is by far the most comprehensive yet simple and functional tool I’ve ever used. Their forecasters break it down so scientifically that you actually start to learn about weather patterns on your own, while at the same time if you just care about knowing when and where to find the best possible snow - it’s perfect for that too. Additionally, the UX and app feature/functionality is top notch. The team seems to be constantly developing new tools, innovating new ways of applying data to chase snow, and most of all - it really seems like a company that lives and breathes what they do. The forecasters all seem to be hardcore skiers/boarders/outdoor enthusiasts, and are even more hardcore meteorologists/weather geeks. Huge shoutout to the folks behind this app. Really appreciate all you do.
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1 month ago, dcajason
Amazing weather app!
This app has so many great features as-is, but I really love the way that this team innovates. For example, the new Powder Vision feature is great for seeing when the snow actually fell, which is a huge help as it feels like each resort does its own thing with the snow stake. The “basic” stuff like radar and forecasted radar loads quickly even when exploding the side-country with less than 5-bars. Finally, I enjoy reading the daily reports from a variety of forecasters. They each have their own style with informative descriptions of the upcoming weather.
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3 years ago, Tajmari2013
Absolutely the best snow/weather app for skiers/boarders
This app has everything: weather reports, road condition reports, cams, trail maps, passes. The app was created by meteorologists who were also avid skiers or boarders. I'm in Tahoe and our guy, Bryan Allegretto, is simply amazing. Daily snow report, daily road reports, and all with links to source models, road cams and resort cams. No click-throughs required! The actual model and cam images/videos and animations show up in OpenSnow. Just save your favorites anywhere across the nation, and you're done. There is a great free version, but the $19/year subscription is worth every penny.
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2 years ago, Withnohandlebars
Used to be good, now they got dollar signs in their eyes
This app started out fantastic. The features were good andthe info was to be (mostly) trusted, these are meteorologists after all, they are still just kinda guessing. But in the past year or so the prices have gone way up and the useful features (webcams, trail maps, etc.) are all mostly behind a paywall now. The articles are still good, especially the ones by the founder ( 4 free per week ), but I find $40 a year to be a bit rich for my blood. Personally, I'm happy watching Kathy Sabine and Danielle Grant make their educated (and possibly sponsored) guesses and saving my money for other things.
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3 years ago, AGM35
Best snow forecasting app
I’ve followed OpenSnow since Joel was wanting forecasts on his website over the last 7 years or so. This app is a reflection of some of the attributes I think he and his team do best: pay great attention to detail and create a quality product. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and most importantly, so useful. While I don’t use All-Access because I can’t chase powder, the basic features are enough to keep me up to date and excited for when I can get out to the mountains. Plus, the Daily Snow is informative and insightful and just enjoyable to read and learn from, too. Great app from a great team.
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1 year ago, Shawn Wing
Quality forecasts
I’m going on my 6th season, reading OpenSnow, 2 year subscriber and I’ve gotta say the precision, accuracy, detail and accountability these guys put into their forecasts are unmatched. Especially Joel, Sam, Bryan and Evan! I read just about every single day during winter months. I have special locations tagged in the maps and all my push notifications for snow amounts set for my favorite locations. Such an awesome app. My favorite feature of this app is the new waypoint and forecasted info for that waypoint; and, anyone can do this with all access! Keep up the great work, team!
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5 years ago, Carter Bollaert
Nothing like it!
I have had this app for around 2 years now and I must say, I have not found a more useful app/website than opensnow. It is super easy to figure out who’s getting the most snow and where I should go the next morning. Everything is compact and easy to use which is really nice when you’re looking at webcams and snow reports for 12 different resorts. The $19 one year pass is really nice if you’re kinda crazy like me and want to know the little details about everything snow related. Thank you to all the people who update and keep the app running, it really helps a lot. :)
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2 years ago, AA&me
Interesting, informative, easy to use apps
I use Open Snow and Open Summit for hiking and snowshoeing. It’s at least a couple hours drive to get to Tahoe area for me. A pleasant drive but still a drive. These apps have saved me a trip or changed my intended route more than a few times this past year due to heavy smoke and severe lightning forecasts. Plus I just really enjoy reading Bryan Allegretto’s forecasts. They are, as well as being accurate and humorous, so understandable that I am learning how to read all the maps, graphs and overlays that he includes. Great job, people, thanks!
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1 year ago, clicknathan
Not accurate at all for my area
There’s a lot to love in this app, but I only want it for the snow report. It’s been drastically off this year for my home mountain of Purgatory. Reporting two to three times more than we end up getting, but also even more “in the last 24 hours” than we get or our mountain even reports (I’m lucky enough to live right across the road, so I know exactly how much snow we get.) I was a subscriber, but didn’t renew for the reasons above. Then when my subscription ran out I couldn’t even see the next 5 days, so this app has been deleted from my phone. Best of luck to the developer and glad to hear it works well for others.
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1 month ago, MacEman77
Glad I Subscribed!
This is the first season I subscribed to Open Snow, and I’m happy. I ski Park City where, and have a condo there. In the past I would search in vain mostly for upcoming powder accuracies. The local weather stations provide few skier forecasts, occasionally excited about it. I did follow Evan’s Wasatch Snow Forecast on twitter. It pumped me up to see a skier centered tweet. At first I was skeptical being pointed to and paying for Open Snow. It didn’t take long to realize it’s exactly what is needed for planning powder days or travel in advance. Totally worth it. Please keep up the good work!!
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