OpenVPN Connect – OpenVPN App

4.8 (29.5K)
29.7 MB
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OpenVPN Technologies
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11 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for OpenVPN Connect – OpenVPN App

4.83 out of 5
29.5K Ratings
6 years ago, Therkilt
Works great but be careful with update
I have been using this app to VPN into my ASUS router for about 8 months with no issues until today’s update of the app and the new profile changes. I could no longer connect using the profile I had been using and had to re-import the .ovpn file to overwrite the profile on my phone before I could connect again, a few of the options like save password no longer seem to be available on the profile page. Update: Thanks to the developer for answering, the arrow to the right of the profile before you connect does allow you to save the password if you want It would be great if they added optional Touch ID/Face ID authentication for getting into the app.
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6 years ago, Vegasdude2
Do NOT Update
This was a generally stable and reliable app that would invariably and predictably time-out after 24 hrs. A simple reconnect is all it would take to reconnect for another 24 hrs. After the recent update, however, I am disconnected from my VPN multiple times per day and the connection (when it works) has resulted in a profound decrease in network speed. As an attorney, I rely on a VPN for nearly everything I do - which means that this failed update had seriously compromised my ability to do my job. I cannot understand and refuse to accept any excuse for why this update does not work. Heads should roll - that is how serious this is for those of us who have built our jobs around the ability to communicate through a VPN. I am now forced to abandon my VPN provider so that I can download a client that does not require openvpn. An inexcusable failure that no amount of blaming apple will excuse. UPDATE: After seeing multiple updates have been issued since my review, I decided to update and give openvpn another try. I am VERY pleased to report that the previously described problems above appear to be resolved, although time will tell. At this point I am quite pleased with the quick work that was done to make this app usable once again and recommend updating this app to the current version.
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2 weeks ago, Mike 3001
Version 3.4.2 has problems. (Edited. Problem fixed!)
Version 3.4.2 will not allow me to connect to devices on my home network. Prior to Version 3.4.2, everything was working great and I have made no changes on my end. Currently, with Version 3.4.2, I am able to establish the VPN connection with my VPN server (TP-Link ER7206 Router), but cannot access any devices on my home network. I deleted and then recreated the VPN profile on the ER7206. I deleted/reinstalled the app on both of my iOS devices and re-imported my profile. Nothing works. Just to make sure it is not a problem with my server, I connected remotely to my server with a PC using the Windows OpenVPN app version 3.4.3. I was able to connect and reach all of the devices on my home network. As a side note, I have an iPad and iPhone that are both running version 3.4.2. Both devices worked perfect until the 3.4.2 upgrade and now neither device will connect with devices on my network. Both devices simultaneously stopped working immediately after the 3.4.2 upgrade. Edit: Was finally able to get this working by modifying the compression line in my profile. The original line was: comp-lzo no I modified it to: comp-lzo adaptive After making this modification, I re-imported the profile into both iOS devices. Immediately, I was able to connect with my VPN Server and reach all devices inside of my network.
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5 years ago, R4ND0MN!CKN4M3
Poor since version 3
This app was reliable. No more. Since the new graphical interface came, it acts so poorly. I often encounter issues when the app can’t connect to the VPN server at all. Mostly happens when I’ve turned off cellular data and using wifi, when I activate cellular again I’m unable to connect to the VPN server through cellular. Recently it also happens when I turn off airplane mode in the morning when I wake up, again can’t connect. I need to reboot my iPhone, sometimes even twice. When I check the logs it just freezes at some point after sending the tunnel encryption algorithms to be used. I check the same server on my laptop and it connects without issues. It doesn’t even matter if it’s on TCP 443 or UDP 1194. The previous version used to work great for so many years, then suddenly this update came out, looks like just a change for the sake of changing. The tunnel is disconnected few seconds after the phone screen is off. It’s annoying. And with this new graphical interface the amount of info given on the screen has been reduced. We no longer see the amount of data sent or received live. I use the app every single day for most of the time I am using the internet. It’s very, very disappointing.
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6 years ago, Mikedams
Second Failed Update in a row
I updated the app from 1.2.4 to 1.2.5 a while ago and I started having connection dropping issue. It will still shows the vpn icon, and even after checking the event log I do not see any disconnect event. Sometimes, it will tell me authentication failed, but when I hit connect again it gets connected without any issue. I updated to the recent version 1.2.6, hoping all issues will be sorted out, but still having same issues. When I was on 1.2.4 I had no issues at all except the seamless connection. Example: I am on wifi at someplace, then I leave it, get it in my car, drive, vpn re-established connection while on cellular, I arrive home, my phone gets on home wifi automatically, the vpn then re-establishe connection again. Anyone, would assume that vpn connection now is over wifi...but this is wrong, it re-established the connection to my cellular provider. I found about this accidentally. I have a shared family data plan. One month my data usage was 16gb, my average is like 1-2 gb. I had to check my data usage before and after work until I spotted the issue.
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4 years ago, tylerherbst
Desperately Needs Files App Integration
You can only import config files by opening up an attachment in the Apple Mail app or using iTunes Sync. I don’t use Apple’s Mail app and who uses iTunes Sync in 2020? Please add support for importing FILES from the FILES app. Edit: OpenVPN has pointed out that you can copy config files from the Files app using the share button, but the Import Profile section of the app doesn’t mention this as an option. It would be great if it did, but even better would be an option to import from Files in the OpenVPN app itself. Also, I get an error when trying to import config files with separate key files which unfortunately prevents me from connecting to some of my clients’ offices. Still, happy to see I don’t need to use Apple Mail or iTunes Sync to import standalone config files.
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5 years ago, Shufei
The best, but be wary
When OpenVPN upgraded to version 3.0.0, it simply did not work on either iOS 11.4.1 nor 12. I tested several strategies for attempting to load profiles, including several clean installs. Version 3.0.2 now works cleanly with iOS 12.1. However, given the apparently rash rollout of 3, users should be cautious about future updates. Without the ability to roll back a version, apple leaves one exposed. That said, the new version is now working with much needed changes to the UI and ways to load a profile. There is a simple graph for data rates, helping to confirm the handy IP address indicators. All in all, looking good, and so far holding a stable connection. This user thanks the devs of OpenVPN for this global service. But likewise hopes that update rollouts to mobile devices will be more circumspect in the future.
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6 years ago, Wornoutcamel
V3.0.2 is stable and performs well, again!
Edit: v3.0.2 is reconnecting without issues and overall seems to be light years ahead of 3.0.1. Im please to give this app a better rating again. Edit: v3.0.1 has a few bugs, but is worlds better than the versions reviewed below. I’ve increased my rating for the app accordingly and look forward to rewarding the developers with more starts as they squish more bugs. Edit: v1.2.8 fails to reconnect upon wake up. Similar issue to that experienced in v1.2.5. Taking away 2 stars cause it’s no longer reliable. Edit: v1.2.7 is moderately stable. The connection times out more frequently than it did in v1.1.1 (possibly to be more battery conscious—I wish this was user selectable) I am giving back a few stars and hope to give full 5 stars with future updates. v1.2.5 is not stable. Disconnects and does not reconnect automatically. Disconnects when in background, disconnects when device goes to sleep. Version 1.1.1 did not have any of these issues. v1.1.1 was my most valuable app on my device and a solid 4 stars! Fix v1.2.5 and I’ll give you back the starts.
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2 years ago, Mac 🇺🇸
Excellent app and company. The free service is a money saver by reducing the usage when having a metered connection. This is probably one of the fastest VPN apps I’ve ever used. I not only am a daily user, but I tell all of my users and friends and customers about the app and ways to support the folks keeping the app free and the VPN service free of charge. Easy to find on the website and easy to download the app and the configuration files are in the same place . All I can say, is this is the best VPN on the web. Although speed may vary. Still by far the best VPN service any where on the World Wide Web. It receives and deserves 5 and a half stars for excellence. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🌟
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7 years ago, The Maximus Fun
Super Excellent Product!!!
I think some of you might be confused! I believe we were asked to rate the app and not the service. If you're having connect, and disconnect issues, that would most likely be your Internet Host or VPN Service and not the the OpenVPN Connect app itself. I have used the OpenVPN Connect app with a variety of VPN hosts for three to four years now, and I can assure you it has worked superbly. I currently use TorGuard with OpenVPN Connect and it seems to be a match made in heaven!!! so basically from my own experience, I have found OpenVPN Connect not only to be Rock Solid, and Secure, but Extremely Reliable!!! I mean what more could one ask for!!! Great product!!!
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7 years ago, spotlightsrule
Great App, But Blocked On Restrictive Networks
This VPN client is very good and I like it a lot. Ever since I set up an OpenVPN host on my home server, I've been able to successfully connect to my home network from my phone in any location for free! However, some places like my current school use advanced filtering to detect and block the connection. This is a real issue for me because i rely on connecting to my network for work. An implementation of obfsproxy or stunnel for obfuscation of the vpn tunnel would be very good for both me and some of us that are in a country with restrictive internet. Please consider adding those protocols. It would make an already great app even better!
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4 years ago, JaredJP2876
iOS 14.0.1 issue
I am still having the issue where the vpn works great while I use my devices. As soon as they lock and the vpn disconnects and will not reconnect after unlock. Only when I go into the app and manually disconnect the vpn and reconnect do I get internet again. Overall a great app just hope to see a resolution to this soon. Update: I did update to iOS 14.1 in hopes that this was resolved. However this did not 100% solve my problems. Only when I went into my iPhone’s setting and reset my network settings did the app start working perfectly again.
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4 years ago, Mick Gator Fan
Update to Earlier 1 Star Review
UPDATE (3 stars): When I wrote the original review of a prior version, I used OpenVPN to access ProtonVPN. ProtonVPN now has their own app, so I deleted OpenVPN before their 3.1.1 update was available. I gave this version 3 stars because their past updates have corrected problems and I assume that this update is also successful, but I cannot test it myself. ORIGINAL REVIEW (1 star): This app won't connect quickly when going from cellular to wifi, if it connects at all, since I updated iPhone 6 to iOS 12.3. Therefore there is zero protection while using unsecured wifi for at least a minute or two while I manually force OpenVPN to work the way it should. Ongoing long term issues: -Drains battery more than any other app with similar use time. -OpenVPN turns off when the iPhone or iPad sleep in locked mode, and sometimes it can’t restart successfully unless I first disconnect the VPN and then start it again. -OpenVPN needs to have an easier way to report bugs. It is not user-friendly to make users open an account with OpenVPN to report a bug. I have two accounts now with OpenVPN and I should not need any.
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4 years ago, Cpdb
Unsecure experience
Sonic tech support tells me the #1 way to protect myself from malicious coworker hackers is to use their VPN. But this app regularly disconnects and it doesn’t indicate that it has disconnect. What’s worst then not knowing if you are protected or not is that it doesn’t even retry to reconnect. You have to be monitoring it and manually reconnect yourself. This often takes 30seconds to 2 minutes of just waiting. Also, the importing of user profile is so confusing, because there is no where to see what your profile is on other devices or which devices are using the same profile. Am I creating new profiles that look the same but are redundant? There is no way to see this either in the app or the website. The most frustrating thing for me is that there should one button and one switch right on top. Connect and automatically connect. And if I’m already connected, that button should say, disconnect. The switch should say manually connect. I don’t understand why network companies have such bad User experiences. Hire some UX designers and let them do some studies and then listen to them. This app feels like it was designed by know it all engineers who don’t know it all.
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2 years ago, jiangxianxu
Version 3.3.2 still has connection failures
After I turned the screen off and back on again, I found that the vpn connection was lost. In the system settings, I see that the vpn is not connected, but the openvpn software shows that it is connected, but the statistics are 0, and the private IP address has not been successfully obtained. Failed to access private LAN via vpn. Please leave an email address if you can and I can send a screenshot of the problem to your email.
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1 year ago, FastShuffle
Great VPN App
Bought a new router and created a new OVPN file and can’t get the app to open it. Seen a number of work arounds but none have worked. Tried to transfer using the Apple program on the laptop. Emailed it to myself and was able to save it in folder. The open vpn app no longer shows up in the favorites or suggested list for transfers on my phone. Going to have to get my Daughter to look at it or stop at the I-Thingy Store. Use openvpn when on public WiFi and when the Wife complains something at home isn’t working when I’m not home since it will connect me to home network.
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6 years ago, Josh Lawless Himself
Getting worse with each update
The OpenVPN solution used to be the only way I could establish a secure connection to my home server from my work’s network restrictions, as it was the only VPN I could run over the un-regulated port 443. Once I got my home server settings correctly configured, connections with this app were rock-solid and leak-proof. Recent versions have unfortunately not worked as well, with most connections lasting only two or three minutes before disconnecting (using Tunnelblick from my Macbook has no such trouble, so I’m confident it’s not server-side settings). I appreciate that the app is free, and that I’m in no position to complain about getting my money’s worth, but I really do wish I hadn’t turned on auto-updating, because trying to get the new versions working is frustrating in the extreme.
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7 years ago, Nate
Works, but serious privacy issues
It works -- that’s obviously the most important thing. This is a poorly designed app. The biggest problem is the terrible logging function that, as far as I can tell, maintains an un-erasable all-time history of your connections -- a potentially serious privacy issue. On top of that is the usual open-source ugly and un-intuitive UI. Weird issues include: renaming a profile, in addition to a strange UI, restores the previous history of any similarly named profile. (Even deleting your profile doesn’t delete its log!) Deleting a profile takes multiple steps: tap delete, then tap the delete symbol, the tap a different delete button. There is no way to view your configuration. And so on.
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2 months ago, Afflaic
Too overly simplified for iOS, can’t easily create profiles
Using ovpn files from the local iOS file system doesn’t work. I want the option to browse the file system from the app. Creating new profiles is awful because iOS doesn’t see OpenVPN as an available app for opening .crt or .key files and there is no way to select them from in the app. Opening them from the mail app also doesn’t work as it won’t let you import the certificate and key files. Why not just add the feature to manually set up a VPN either rather than having to use a profile? When it works it’s fine but getting setup is way too much of a pain with the stupid overly simplified UI.
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6 years ago, bitfiddler
Update is badly broken
The 1.2.5 is badly broken, do not use or update to this version! Developer is aware and while indicating they are working on a fix are not willing to support their user community by removing the bad update and going back to the last known working one in the interim, leaving anyone who had updated with no usable solution. Other app developers who have messed up don’t seem to be as hampered as this team is in responding to a mistake and getting their users something useful to use again, instead this developer claims its Apple’s fault for making it hard to get a working version back online and available to users and they would rather let us wait until they’re ready to release something new. Excuses instead of action.
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1 year ago, DudeAPPS!
Does exactly what its supposed to do.
I am connecting to my DD-WRT home router running OpenVPN server with this app and it works flawlessly. I just installed my client certificate, entered my client password, and Openvpn connects to my home perfectly. No issues so far. I will report back if i find myself in need of new features or the latest and greates in security (which this app may or may not already have). All in all its works great on the iPhone and integrates very well with iOS. Thanks developers!
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7 years ago, foucault
OpenVPN Connect is unreliable
This is the 2nd time I've written this review. Last one disappeared. If you are a journalist, dissident or some other person in a sensitive position, I urge caution. !! This app frequently and silently fails (in "Waiting on server" state) when transitioning from wireless to wifi. It will still show the VPN icon as if the VPN is still up, and it is in fact not. If you manually disconnect and reconnect you may leak network requests, whereas if OpenVPN eventually times out and fails you definitely will leak network requests. Either way, OpenVPN will not correctly notify you the VPN is failing nor will it gracefully recover and reconnect as it should. Advice: Use the VPN exclusively on wifi or wireless and do not trust that it will do the right thing when switching between them. Go into airplane mode or ideally power down if you need to change location. iOS does not provide a kill switch mechanism for VPNs and wonder if it ever will. That is not OpenVPN Connect's fault. However silent failures ARE fixable and this app will get max two stars until that is fixed.
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4 weeks ago, Tblomega
Good on old ios not new
I had purposely kept my phone 12 on ios 15.4 and this worked perfectly with the vpn server I am hosting in opnSense at home. My iPad mini 6 on iOS 17.3 uses this and connect perfectly still now. But I recently had to have my phone replaced by the apple store and my phone is now on the latest iOS 17.4.1 and this tool will report that the connection is established but no web service of any kind will load. Tried retyping the username/password, tried deleting the profile (as it came with the ios restore) and re-downloading the configuration file, tried manually editing the dns entries to use my home dns servers, tried turning off the iOS MAC address privacy options and tracking options… tried doing block ipV6 in advanced made sure layer 2 was checked and dns fallback… I cannot get anything web based to load on my iPhone when openVPN says it is “connected”, but go over to my ipad and it all works as expected…
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11 months ago, Draco the Blue
Indispensable! Was broken, now fixed
I received the beta test version from the developer, and it fixed the problem below. Thank you! I depend upon OpenVPN to get me into my network when I’m out of the office. However as of iOS 16.5, OpenVPN will not connect. There is a workaround, but it requires you to store your password with the connection. Please fix this! I don’t want to have to transition everything over to Wireguard…
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5 years ago, Chaunold
Poor performance only on mobile
I have 2 OpenVPN servers I frequently connect to which use AES-256GCM/SHA512. Using Viscosity on Mac, I can get speeds on a 75/15 mbps LAN connection of around 45/17 mbps over VPN. On your iOS client, I can only get around 15/8 mbps. Sometimes a little bit more, but rare. The servers are definitely optimized and there are no bottlenecks on the server side. It seems this app could be better optimized for newer iPhones and I’m currently running iOS 13 GM. Would love to see performance near Viscosity on Mac. Tried with multiple OpenVPN servers I have access too. Hopefully some updates will be rolling out before Viscosity ports their Mac app to iOS.
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6 years ago, transender
Normal BS
I was reading an interview that was done with the creator of this tool and then his interview he said that it was free to use. He didn’t bother to say that that was only for seven days. I don’t mind paying good money for a good tool but I do mind when somebody tells me it’s free to use but they neglect to tell me that there’s a time limit on that. And then he goes on to talk about these hacking tools that he’s created but in their terms of use it says that if you violate the water use it in a bad way they’ll turn you in. I doubt that he could pass the mustard if somebody was to follow him around 24 hours a day seven days a week like he’s able to do once he installs his crap on your computer.
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1 month ago, 4idragon
Version 3.4.2 is broken
I have using the OpenVPN iPhone client for years with very little problem. As I upgraded to 3.4.2, I started to have problem. First I got the warnings for unsupported config, but the connection was made. But no traffic was going through after the connection was established. I thought I would need to remove those unsupported configs, so I did and re-import the profile. Now the warnings are gone. But still no network traffic after connection was made with my home VPN server. I hope next version would fix this.
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12 months ago, DisappointedinDuluth
IOS 16.5 mostly broke the app
The developers should really be running betas, so we don’t have to go through these issues. I run a VPN so I can count on it, and OpenVPN hasn’t been working well since IOS 16.5 released two weeks before I am writing this review. There has been a thread about this on OpenVPN’s own forum page for ten days, and another on Reddit that started yesterday. Both are active where some people can workaround by connecting from Settings > VPN and others who have multiple profiles can not. For the moment, I am going one-star on the review. Had I reviewed sooner, I would have given it 4, but this is amateur conduct that makes open source look bad.
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6 years ago, Ma}{RaJa
3.0.2 Good work 👍🏼 1.2.6 When going to sleep and coming back it will connect but no flow from the internet The problem when the Seamless tunnel (iOS8+) is ON Please fix this ————————————— After updating to the latest version 1.2.5 it so buggy, cant edit names , disconnects from wifi to cellular always , if adding new scripts it will not work! 😳 It will block FaceTime from calling or receiving a call audio or video 😳 Please fix this It drains the battery like a hell , 24% ,first in the list in 24 hour NEEDS AN UPDATE... Needs an iPhone X screen size support. --- Finally an update after 2 years, with an optimization for iPhone 6 or 6 plus screen size Pause Solution 👇🏼 -To Solve the pause issue in iOS8 when switching between WiFi and Cellular : You have to choose both option Seamless tunnel (iOS8+) And Layer 2 Reachability And it will work fine
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6 years ago, jamielt
OpenVPN is worth downloading
This app really works! I use it on my iPhone 5s running iOS 8 for VPN connection. I have used a handful of Von apps but this is the only one that connects and remains connected while surfing online. Good for when on Facebook and Twitter. Also works great with Safari web browser. OpenVPN is an easy to use and quite stable free app. Almost always connects on first attempt. This is app is worth downloading. You will find yourself using it on a regular basis.
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5 years ago, TheAznTiger
Please add home screen force touch support!
This app is great, works as you would expect. I would only ask that you add the ability to use force touch on the app icon on the home screen to start a VPN connection, instead of having to open the app, wait for it to load, and then toggling your VPN connection on. Maybe put the 1-2 most recently used connections in the force touch list? Would make it much faster to use!
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2 years ago, PlatinumMedallion
If you’re using an OpenVPN server (router, desktop or otherwise). This is a fabulous client and it’s free. I don’t see anything to complain about other than Apple should incorporate this into their iOS natively and provide support for Level 2 routing. Can’t thank the devs enough for this brilliant free solution. Apple WAKE UP and stop being a follower all the time and copying what’s gaining popularity like a leech, sometime be an innovator and lead!
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1 month ago, What Happened?1066
V 3.4 issues
I updated to v3.4.2 and can no longer make a connection. Nothing happens, just spins. I have made no changes to my connection profile. Please fix asap. Update: I tried rebooting my iPad and the app now works. I upgraded the star rating to 5, as when it works, this has been a great app. Thank you to support for responding, but the problem is now fixed.
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6 years ago, RealTreeHugR
Updated app to 1.2.8, lost all certs and credentials
Just updated to v1.2.8. Didn’t recognize the screen that appeared upon opening the app. Then realized it had none of my downloaded certificates saved, and deleted all saved credential information. Downloading 20+ server certificates, and manually entering log in information for each is asinine. I only use this application since my VPN provider’s own application is unstable in iOS. If I knew of a different solution, I’d recommend all away from this one. Even the prior version couldn’t maintain connection to the VPN server for long. Needed to be vigilant and check for VPN icon almost every time returning to the device. Disappointed.
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6 years ago, Eijh
Epic fail
Last 2 updates broke vpn completely. What a useless and unreliable junk this became. I will actively avoid products using OpenVPN from this point forward. Who knows if they botched other things internally such as cred storage, cipher mode, key length, etc or is susceptible to basic attacks such as downgrade attacks, side channels, PII leaks, etc. I have zero confidence with the developers working on this app. If they can’t get fundamentals right, I don’t trust them to handle my keys or encryption properly / securely. It’s akin to trusting a surgeon with bad track record to properly handle all procedures correctly. Not happening. Note to developers - I already reimported the profile. Your app is broken.
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7 years ago, pgscmk
Works well in US, less so out of the country
In the US, I have few complaints. Seems to work fine although sometimes the servers are overloaded. Out of the country is another situation, and it gets a much lower rating. When trying to connect to a US server from out of the country, or trying to connect to a server in or near the country where you are, frequently it times out without connecting. The message is usually "transport pause". I travel out of the country a lot, so this is a big problem for me.
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6 months ago, Gixxerhoff
Use to be good now impossible
I use to love this. I miss it. Not only could I use public WiFi securely but I could keep my home security cameras super secure and locked down from wan. But now it’s nothing but problems with the new app updates. First something about insecure hash algorithm prevented me from using it when I really needed it, but would work on my iPad on which I didn’t update the app. Now I’ve followed directions to fix that…… and there is absolutely zero way to import the new configuration file….. again due to an update. Time to find another option…. Too many issues with this now.
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6 years ago, Denschless
Great App
I've had this app for a few years now. I use it to be able to protect my privacy and also to view American programs abroad. It is a good value for the service you get. I have had few troubles with any updates. When I did have a problem however, customer service was very responsive and fixed my problem quickly. I continue to enjoy and use this app regularly. I recommend it to other people when they're looking for a VPN.
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6 years ago, 0xFACEBEEF
Absolutely essential! New version A+++
Love this app, been using it for years. As the only iOS app with actual end-to-end OpenVPN protocol support, there's no other option, and that's okay. The new update is amazing, more descriptive, and *finally* light on battery power once again :) Thanks so much for your hard work! Also, it would be awesome if you could add in-app editing of OpenVPN profile config files :) just a thought!
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3 years ago, Rick G
OpenVPN works well / able to open .OVPN files from range of sources
OpenVPN 3.2.3 is working well. The app instructions appear to say you can only open .ovpn files from apple mail or iTunes sync. However, I had no problems using standard "Share" menu to copy settings files from iCloud or from another App into OpenVPN. The vpn client has operated absolutely fine for me. No issues.
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6 years ago, rhymecode
Great only one issue which is very annoying!
The app works great but sometimes I have password changes to the server I am connecting to, so what comes first to my mind is to open up the message that contains the password “comes in a picture context” then open openvpn then open the app switcher and copy what I see to the password field but guess what when I open the app switcher openvpn for some reason resets the password field please fix it so it doesn’t do this anymore.
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7 years ago, Noeldude
Good app if you need openVPN connection
I use this when traveling or using free wifi to securely route all my phone data traffic through my home Linux box. Connects easily, simple setup, stays connected sometimes for days without a disconnect as long as my phone has a decent signal. I wish there was an option to block internet access if the vpn goes down, but that's not a deal breaker.
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5 years ago, Mohammad Hamidi
Don’t update
Hello, today I updated the app to the latest version and when I opened it a popup alert appeared “MD5 signatures are no longer supported because they are not safe” and since updating I haven’t been able to connect. How can I roll back the version??? It’s extremely important!!! Developer Please help me UPDATE: Thanks for your response, and later that day it turned out that the server IP address was changed and the problem wasn’t with your good app.
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3 years ago, ClownTrigger
Add control center switch?
I’m quite please with how well this product works with the Open VPN implementation in pfSense. The only gripe I have is that I don’t see a way to enable VPN switching via a control center switch which is available with VPN profiles which don’t require an app. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an iOS limitation preventing this functionality though. Thanks for creating this very useful tool!
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4 years ago, acemos24
Issues with app
This is the best vpn I’ve ever seen but lately, I’ve been having issues with importing and connecting it. I’ve deleted and reinstalled but it’s the same and now I don’t even know what to do cos it gives me the same response every time I try. It takes me to import profile and gives me a column URL I honestly don’t know what to do because it is totally new to me here. Please assist
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6 years ago, fugly_mofo
OpenVPN 3.0.2 works in iOS 12
OpenVPN app is back to working (not dropping connection nonstop) after the latest update. The previous version was in shambles and the developer blamed it on Apple and an iOS 12 bug, but then was apparently able to fix it in the last app update, indicating that it wasn’t an Apple bug after all. Oh well, I’m just glad it works again. Would appreciate if the “pause logs” feature actually paused logging.
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2 years ago, bitckgghw
fix bug
Everything is great, but my only problem is that the VPN is disconnected. When the battery protection option is disabled, it is automatically disconnected, but it is not the case with the Cloud Flare program, it works even when the program is not open. Please take care of it.
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6 years ago, Djinni000000
Doesn’t work right anymore
Many times when reconnecting, WiFi symbol disappears and LTE appears. I’ve chosen continuous connections and WiFi only. I don’t allow the app Cellular access, but even with WiFi working properly, when the you go into and airplane mode and back out to try connecting through the VPN again, LTE pops up instead, and no connection is possible with my settings of WiFi only. I have to restart the phone for it to work, or restart the app and airplane mode many times before the WiFi symbol comes back on with the VPN symbol.
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6 years ago, agelwarg
1.2.5 is broken
Have had a working iOS configuration profile with connect on demand for a while. Unfortunately, the upgrade to version 1.2.5 completely broke. Looks like it has no access to the bundled certificates in the keychain. Hopefully this is corected quickly as I see the same reports in the openvpn public forums. EDIT: The procedure for installing p12 certificate bundles has changed as a result of Apple's restrictions on access to the keychain. I have used the new procedure to install the bundle (using a .ovpn12 extension), but still been unable to get my mobileconfig profile to work and there are no logs produced to help troubleshoot.
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5 years ago, FidgetyRat
Never Ready When Needed
When it works, the app works great. I am able to connect to a private OpenVPN server and get my work done. When it works... The real issue is that any connection profiles established randomly get deleted, whether it be because the app updated in the background or some other bug, I find that when I need the app the most, suddenly my connection profiles are not available. Fine, there are no profiles, let’s just import a new one... Oh wait, you can only import through a wired connection to iTunes.. Too bad my main workstation is 1000 miles away.
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