Opera: AI browser with VPN

4.7 (137.3K)
87.5 MB
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Current version
Opera Software AS
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Opera: AI browser with VPN

4.68 out of 5
137.3K Ratings
4 years ago, BC0092
Features features features!!!
I love this browser. I’m trying to find the best option for my mind and how it works. I’ve been using safari but have been very disappointed with its performance after a couple hours of use. I like firefox almost as much as opera products. I find opera touch to be friendlier, faster, and it keeps getting better. The UI is simple yet powerful. My personal UX is delightful. I’ve been using the Mac OS version and encourage using it as a supplemental browser at first then post a review or contact opera support with any suggestions and hopefully find a hidden gem of variety in your browsing experience. For those that were not familiar with my use of acronyms previously. UI is user interface and UX is smarrypants lingo for user experience. As for my rating ... i see many apps rated 5 stars. This app under promises and over delivers. In the USA, I’m fortunate to have a voice and proudly state opinions and question authority. Share your thoughts shamelessly with pride and kindness. That is an option that i choose. Every person makes choices. I will read other reviews and probably agree with some things that need improvement. For now. 7 stars with a few planetary solar systems that support life equally.
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3 years ago, cburd63
Best desktop browser on the planet
I’ve been using Opera”s desktop browser for about 24 years and it is HANDS DOWN THE BEST BROWSER ON EARTH! Everything is quick and snappy, zoom settings, click and define words, text to voice, “paste and go” has been used by Opera for 24 years, current browsers are just NOW beginning to clue in on the great time saving feature of paste and go....and the best feature on Opera that NOBODY has effectively adopted and EVEN Windows and MAC should adopt is... MOUSE GESTURES! Briefly hold down the right mouse button while sliding mouse left or right allows you the absolute simplest and most effective way to go back and forward to and from websites or web pages. No other browser does this and I have NO IDEA WHY! Firefox made a failed attempt a few years back, I.E. - never, Netscape - never, Chrome - never, Edge - never, Safari - never and I’ve never seen it on any less known browsers, ONLY OPERA and it is a franchise feature once you use it and get it “down”! The portable version of Opera has not had nearly the same effect on me as the desktop version BUT it works very well even though I haven’t found it to be far superior like their desktop offering.
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5 years ago, Norman.Swartz
10/10 when you pair with Opera
I'm IT staff for a school district. I've been using Opera on all my windows machines for longer than my career.. all because of the security and resource drain when in background. Try running chrome on a linux/windows 2011 thinkpad. It's a nightmare. Even manages more idle power draw when I clamshell my laptop. Chrome is meant for chromebooks. Opera for any pc. That being said. Opera Touch is literally everything I never knew I wanted in a mobile browser. It's amazing. Real legitimate tab management and built in ad-blocking on an iOS platform is insanely convenient. I use my secured Opera account and my iCloud keychain as my only password managers. They outright and upfront choose user privacy and security over data collection and targeted advertisement. Switch to Opera. Switch to Opera Touch. The seamless integration with your accounts, info, browsing data, all stored securely for you and only you. Also seriously stop using Chrome. And use duckduckgo... gmail is a decent mail service, but they do not care to hide that they sell user data and use search patterns to target you with ads. This isn't a tinfoil rant, it's 2019. The internet has changed faster than web browsers. Time to change browsers.
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3 years ago, TheWanderer(LABeam)
What Voodoo Magic Is This.
As a child of Oregon Trail on Floppy and DoS based realness, I’ve seen a thing or two, and even become a little cut throat regarding my opinion on apps and operating systems. But I remember the screaming sounds of 56k dial up and AOL on CD being the primary source of internet, so I have no qualms saying how disappointing Browsers continue to be. Lots of solid well built ones but it’s the way we interact and experience the net around us that’s seemed to have peaked then flatlined. Suddenly, Opera busts through like the cool-aid guy with this High level Battle Mage and lets the magic fly. Everything from the discoverable tools that keep appearing like new upgraded spells in an epic RPG, to the beautiful interface and flow from corner to corner it has you feeling like you’re wearing hover boots in a world of flip flops. Truly Magic, and simply put, this is the browser the internet of the future I imagined back in the early 90s deserves. Gold Standard right here, Mozilla and Chrome time to take some lessons, Opera is clearly with us in saying it’s our time, the future is ours and it starts not!
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3 years ago, Moorgan Hart
Requires Patience
Easily could be 5 stars, but 2 major mistakes cause me to waste more than double the time I would otherwise spend in a browser. There's little benefit to using this mobile version, so it's just not worth it. The first one noticed is that address bar search is limited to a short list of browsers which track everything you look up. With the one exception of Wikipedia which is not a web browser. The only point to using Opera is that the browser doesn't track me, but the only way to get that benefit is to manually navigate to a nontracking search engine every single time. This also means typing out full web addresses, otherwise it just does the search (like all browsers) and you're being tracked. Unless you set the search engine to Wikipedia, which is unhelpful 99.9% of the time. The most significant issue is that it does not have in page history. It automatically opens a new window every time one clicks a link, so you quickly have dozens of windows open for the same site. There is no forward button but there is a back arrow which just jumps you to the last window, keeping the new window open. Super messy, laggy, tedious, and time consuming to deal with.
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10 months ago, /give @s gold 64
It’s great, but….
I love opera as it gets the job done whilst being customizable and stylish, however I have a few points. A: Why is it when I have it set to dark mode all of the UI is purple? Don’t get me wrong I like purple but I think it’s be great to have more options such as dark red, dark grey, heck maybe just plain black. B: zoom. I need zoom. Having a small phone means the words always seem giant and it’s easy to get overwhelmed, so it’d be greatly appreciated to have a webpage zoom in and out feature. C: AI integration. Almost everyone from the modern generation(s( knows what Ai is, kinda knows how it works, but that doesn’t mean they want to see it everywhere. I get integrating an Ai into the browser, but don’t go too far. It would very quickly get confusing for everyone if on every UI page there was something about Ai and nobody would appreciate it for that long and would just become annoyed. Having too much of anything can be a bad thing, but so can having too little, the challenge is finding the balance that suits the most amount of people and their needs.
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2 years ago, fl0rk420
pretty good browser . the sites load faster on slower networks while using mobile. more privacy features would be appreciated and if they could add a "play audio in background" feature, that would be useful. may update review later. overall its probably the fastest mobile browser, its just lacking in settings(in general), and when doing a search "type in address" thebmost common URL i type in shows up all the way at the bottom of search reccomendatuons which is annoying because 99% of the time im just trying to go to the URL(which takes up only one space) instead I see tons of google's search reccomendations when all i want is to go to the URL im begining to type, theres no autocomplete either in this case until youve typed the URL a million times. the opera browser should reccomend and autocomplete the url quicker so i dont have to keep typingr the url i previously visited, over and over and over again. its a fast browser though, probably because it does a good job at blocking unnessasary ads or something, so overall a decent browser which needs some more featrues on mobile.
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2 years ago, ChadCasual
Extremely ergonomic
First and foremost, this is now the only non-adware browser I can find on iOS with a sensible tab view, so that alone makes it the only option for me. Also takes solid steps toward user privacy. Besides that, this is pretty much the most ergonomic mobile browser right now. There’s a small learning curve, but once you get used to things you’ll pretty much never need to move your thumb above the bottom third of your screen and you’ll just feel more comfortable than you would with any other browser. It’s basically the only workable one for power users now that every other option has adopted the new tab layout. Definitely missing some features that really should be there (bookmarks without needing to sync being the most notable), but I don’t generally notice, given how I tend to browse on mobile.
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4 weeks ago, shoeboxlid
Secretly opens news articles in new tabs
I like and use opera on the computer, but the app has become weird for me. I will no longer be using it. Occasionally when I open the app, search something, and go to close my tabs, I will find that a news article will be open behind the tab I was using. They are almost always about the same politician or subject. The thing that I especially do not like (enough to delete the app) is that the news tabs will open behind the tab I opened myself - meaning that I dont even know that the news tab is open until I go to close them. This feels, to me, that they are trying to hide those tabs from me for some reason. I also do not like the idea of my browser trying to force negative news articles into my face. With more context: I dont use my phone to read the news, so I am 100% sure that they are not articles that I have opened. They are not opening as pop-up ads from another tab because they will appear even if no other tabs were open. I deleted and re-installed the app but still had the same issues.
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3 years ago, NeoYokel
Speed and Frugality are No Joke
I have absolutely no idea how - considering all browsers on iOS are WebKit based - but this is *by far* the *fastest browser on this operating system*. If *speed* is truly your number one priority above all other considerations when browsing the web, here ya go. Frankly, I’ve continued to be bewildered for years, now, as to why general tech media has not mentioned Opera - or its “gaming browser” experimental counterpart, Opera GX - if not for any other reason than to chide it. It’s one of the few interesting questions within the subject of web browsing software at the moment. Unfortunately, Opera is literally the only browser on iOS I’ve found with *absolutely zero* Bluetooth keyboard support. I use a hardware keyboard with my *iPhone* every day, so it is pretty much a non-option for me. (Hey devs: you ever have a rainy day or something, look into UIKeyCommand.)
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5 years ago, tallbosnian
Best Browser in the Game for Apple Products
This is by far my favorite browser available to date. That says a lot, considering it’s competition consists of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Vivaldi. What separates it from the competition isn’t its aesthetically pleasing themes but rather it’s all the features Opera provides. Now, I’m not gonna go into all the details, if any, as I encourage you to check it out for yourself, but I am gonna name the features, so you have an idea of what to look forward to once you install it on your phone and computer. I’m talking about the Battery Saver, My Flow, Password Sync, and Video Pop-up (to name a few); these are the few features I can recall at the top of my head which truly separates Opera from all other web browsers. But hey, don’t take my word for it, I encourage you to download the program and see for yourself as I guarantee you won’t regret it. Enjoy!
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3 years ago, jcmarkhus
Love the app, except for the stuff I hate.
I had planned, is evermore the same “Stop!“ Please show me the respect and common decency that I deserve by not hijacking my process and requiring me to answer a question before I can be free to complete my tasks. Please assume my intelligence and ability to find an use a “contact us” link to submit my suggestions and feedback should I choose to do so. I am extremely busy and have difficulty focusing on any one task in the midst of annoyances and distractions. It seems to me the reasonable question for your company would be: “do we want this individual using/exploring the benefits of our product or would we rather interrupt his thought process and cause him to forget what the heck he was trying to use it for in the first place, or would we rather have him click yes or no and then give us an answer that we won’t be actionable with anyway, and in this way end up with no changes to our annoying policies and now a potential upgrade gone, or a referral to new business is left feeling unappreciated and frustrated with nothing nice to say about the product?”
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3 years ago, Klynn-711
I want to say THANK YOU to OPERA!! If u aren’t exactly satisfied with your browsing experience than I urge you to just go to the App Store and download Opera . It’s private so you don’t have to answer a thousand questions when your other half decides to spy on you! It’s fast, it feels like it was made just for you or just for me!!! It’s also not stressful! I feel great when I start and the experience eases my soul instead of making my anxiety worse!! I just love Opera and no one is urging me to say any of this! This is from my heart and I will never go back to chrome or any other browser. I’m loving OPERA and if you want to browse the web without being spied upon or getting outraged at all the advertising and slow speeds, and so on, do what I did and go to OPERA!!! U will love it and trust me I am not easy but OPERA GOT ME !!! Thank you OPERA
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4 years ago, BPa2c
Useful in a Noble and Creative Way
I didn’t have a high expectation in the beginning since there is already too many outstanding browsers for iOS. However, Opera proved me wrong with their unique way of letting users browse the Internet. As I got used to it’s settings, I found this browser much easier to search on the internet and the security setting is on par with any other heavily security focused browsers. However there is still some room for improvements, as it is a bit slow and laggy sometimes on iPhone 6s Plus. Also, it does not have an option for the browser to automatically start in an incognito mode. Other than that, most of the times, I found the browser easy and smooth to use with minimum worries on privacy and security. I thank everyone who worked hard to build this browser for the users. This is a great start and an alternative option to the Safari Browser. 👍🏼🙏🏼😁
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4 years ago, TangledRivers
Loved for a while, now uninstalling
So I’ve used this browser for months since getting my iPad Air 3 and have loved it immensely in the time I’ve used it. But in the last few weeks (and I have no idea if this is related to an update or something because I haven’t changed anything as far as settings) the browser has started refusing to open any page in Desktop Mode by default. It’s only opening them in Mobile by default, which means every single page I open I have to switch ‘desktop mode’ on manually, which I did not have to do at any point in the last few months before. This has become an irritation I cannot handle anymore. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. There is no Advanced Settings with an option to change user agent in this version of Opera, therefore I have found no way to fix it. So unfortunately I will have to go back to another browser until this issue is fixed because it is the most annoying thing I’ve ever dealt with on a browser.
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2 years ago, Imarcwwwww
Instant Search = app always opens with new tab
After I wrote the review below, I learned that there is a preference to turn this feature off, but it’s called Instant Search, which doesn’t sound anything like what it actually does. I found out via developer feedback to one of the other reviews from users who were just as confused as I was… original review: Every single time I open the app, it creates a new tab open to the home screen with the cursor in the address field, even though I browse the same 3-5 websites all the time and have tabs open for them already. To dismiss the new tab, I have to tap Cancel, tap the Tabs icon, swipe to delete the unwanted new tab, and select the one I was already on the last time I used the app.
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4 years ago, outdcjrcgjk6
It is fast. BUT, Lots of “new features”, are all dubious benefit or usefulness, or functionality. And, these appear to be at expense of core functions that have become mediocre at best. Problems are: 1, Saving to PDF or iBooks causes it to freeze. 2, Too limited options to save web page . 3, Open link in new tab inconsistently works. 4, Will not open or copy web pages to iBooks. 5, IMPOSSIBLE TO BOOKMARK and categorize bookmarks, as every other browser easily does, 6, frequently , it freezes and must be restarted. 7, Way too difficult to print web pages let alone print them accurately as WYSIWYG. 8, Needs more viewing options and ability to limit videos or resize them, 9, inconsistent spell check. 10, Navigation is needlessly difficult, inconsistent and non-intuitive, 11, Where is the ‘go back’ or ‘previous page, button? 12, What moron decided to put a screen blocking purple circle in middle of screen that doesn’t go away??. IN SUMMARY, IT IS NOT FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH iPad OS-13.
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2 months ago, 040J0SEPH040
Tab Organization
I switched form Chrome to Opera GX on my computer and I don’t think I’ll be going back. However this app is missing out on one big feature that’s a deal breaker for me due to being someone who likes to keep tabs open, and that’s the fact that there is absolutely no tab grouping or organization of any kind available. You cannot create tab groups and you can’t even arrange the order of tabs. The only thing that you can do is save pages in your bookmarks where you are able to creat folders. To reach these folders you have to open up the menu, go to bookmarks, open mobile bookmarks, then you can open the folder you’ve made, and finally you can see the bookmarked websites. Also, why are features like selecting the apps appearance on your home screen exclusive to the GX and the VPN exclusive to the standard Opera app? Doesn’t make much sense to me.
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10 months ago, iPhone 6c iOS 12.5.7
Great Browser for iOS 12
This is the best third party browser for iOS 12. It is faster than Safari for websites that have ads. The reason this isn’t a five star review is because on iPhone 6c: 1. Unless you use private mode, your search engine queries will pop up as autocomplete suggestions after you delete the history. There is no way to get rid of them. 2. There is no VPN/Aria. Here are some more suggestions: 1. There is a bug that causes the search bar to jump close to the top of the screen in an odd way when you exit settings. When you touch the screen, it glitches back. 2. There should be an option to disable the pull to refresh feature. 3. There should be an option to quickly enable/disable JavaScript. 4. If you close the app in Private mode it should start in Private mode. Also there should be a setting to see your favorites and autocomplete suggestions when in private mode. 5. One of the keyboard shortcuts should be “!” when your search engine is DuckDuckGo because of the bang feature. 6. You should be able to swipe down the hamburger menu without having to put your thumb on the menu. You should be able to start swiping down a little above it. Thank you and please keep this app supported!
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10 months ago, ApaulloOne
I love Opera on windows, however, mobile needs a few more features
There’s a lot I love about Opera as my main windows browser, the system of the Flow is great, currently I’m using the developer version so the tab groups are a great step in the right direction for tab management, but there are some essential functions that the mobile version lacks. For instance, when I want to download a pdf, in Safari I can just share and save to files, easy. In Opera mobile? I have to share to my personal Google Drive, use some of my space on there to save it, download the file from GDrive to iCloud and then I can clear the GDrive space, which is just a lot of steps for downloading a very common file type. Besides small things like this, Opera is a great experience and still my favorite option at the moment.
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4 months ago, ewigh
Not sure but it’s ok.
For some reason I had to delete the app & re-download it. It wouldn’t open the other day. Possibly to do w/ my Apple password being changed, but that has never seemed to affect any other apps being updated… I’d tried opening Opera, but it kept saying that the app could not “be updated”. Which shouldn’t really matter; if it’s still functional, any app will continue to work, just with an older version, right? Like with new phones & devices always coming out—in theory, they all work and they SHOULD. An app shouldn’t be made unavailable because of not being updated.. That’s likely an Apple issue and not an Opera issue. But anyway.. I just said “F it”, re-downloaded it… only this time, now there will be ads occasionally, even though the ad-blocking function is on obviously. Every couple of videos, the ads will show up. It’s really weird.
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5 years ago, FedUpWithTech!
Very Stable, when not Synced?!
Even on my older IOS & multiple older devices Opera makes it easy to use no matter the sites visit or the videos or downloads pulled, I navigate within the app flawlessly!!! The only issue I have is when I want to sync my desktop with my mobile devices, it has freeze issues (on mobile device apps only) and I can’t navigate & have to remove and reinstall.. but to no avail?! That’s okay though for me cause I can just as easily customize each device’s Opera as I like, and it actually makes it more versatile and fun to use each device since I have multiple app builds that are uniquely different to each device, it’s better this way for me!! But, I rarely use for work so this may be a problem for those who need it?!
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4 days ago, Abordingthetrain
Security need reinforcements
Someone impersonating me and in revenge action has embedded this and other apps programs and managed software as well as an school system without my consent, herein I am suffering the community and neighbors rage and has and keeps promoting hate and violence, therefore the I have authorized my legal team to file a federal case against this and others with report proof of a digital forensic team Professionals out there don’t just learn technology to incriminate citizens or people I myself from this Severe PTSD suffering experience after being kidnapped while was an ARMY MEMBER and gun wounded at when escaped, think on your mother whom aid for your education and the school reputation you went to. The content in volume has been added by whomever aloud anyone to access my devices having my computer on duo booting and 170 preocessors, such of there is a few copies of this for the following step
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3 years ago, Luv2ride927
The best browser hands down!
I really enjoy using Opera and I can’t say enough good about it. It’s very solid compared to other browsers and the built in security and free VPN are icing on the cake. I’ve been waiting for a browser to be able to pickup and sync with your other devices for along time. Sending yourself links to interesting websites in order to “pickup where you left off” was a nightmare if you have multiple devices. Hats off to the architects, developers and whomever else may have been involved in its development. The only bad thing I can say is that folks with a short attention span seem to struggle and many I know dropped its use because they don’t want to take the time to relearn how to use a browser. If there was an easier way for them to learn I think they’d be advocates of Opera as well. Thanks!
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3 years ago, AJB7295
Just ok
Its an ok browser, but they really need to fix the issue where if a link opens in a new tab you can't swipe left to get back to the original tab, instead swiping left takes you to a blank tab page, which you have to manually close and then reopen the previous page. Its a minor issue but in the age of modern browsers that all navigate the same way its odd that they chose to make it take extra steps. Also odd that when you close all your tabs it doesn't go back to the home page, it just defaults to an empty screen, then you need to open a new tab before you see your bookmarks. If both of those were fixed this would be 5 stars *Update - After a few weeks I am now seeing full page unclosable adds on major websites I used to visit without issues. Something is broken with their ad blocking
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2 months ago, goodofdesun3652460
I have to admit I’m a bit disappointed.
I downloaded this because I wanted a browser with with a decent Adblock and usability. While I do like the speed and the Adblock, I dislike the lack of options the iOS version has. It feels like the settings are “dumbed down”, and there’s no way to do a deeper modification to the ones you want. An example would be cache and cookies. I know the big thing is privacy and I agree with that. What I don’t agree with is my cookies, cache, and log ins get reset what seems like every 10 minutes. I’m not doing top secret work, or going to… not quite appropriate sites. I’d like the option to keep my cookies and cache, but I can’t even get to the settings to make that happen… There are some other things that are inconvenient, but I guess for most the good outweighs the bad. I just expected a bit more from Opera.
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5 months ago, Kahlos Mahn
Simple functions are hidden or difficult to find
I downloaded this hoping to find a better browser, but found it frustrating to setup. First of all, what browser does not support cmd-F to search a page? I went into the menu and there was was “find on page” or anything. Second, I wanted to import my browsing data from chrome or edge on my iPad and could not find that option in settings, or within the iPad/opera settings. Third, obviously I wanted to log in, I thought maybe I needed to log in to find these features - where is the log-in option?! I luckily clicked on their AI button and that section asked me to log in. But the settings section did not change, no where to import my data. I checked the opera website and they say “sync all your data!” But they don’t explain how! I clicked HELP and looked in the settings section but no import option, I tried to search the page but cmd-f does not work! So I deleted it and now here we are. I did enjoy their AI reply when I asked them how do I import data from chrome/edge to opera. The reply highlighted the words I used but in their response. I thought was awesome as it personalized the inquiry and re-affirmed my request. However, the reply said to click on the opera logo on the upper left (there isn’t an opera logo on the upper left) and to go to settings, bookmarks and click import (which does not exist).
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5 years ago, Majandess
Almost Perfect
I love Opera Touch, and I use My Flow all the time. It makes moving between my computer and my other devices really super easy. The only thing that would make me love Opera Touch even more is having back and forebears be swiped. The awkwardness of holding the fast action button and moving to the back arrow gets worse when there’s a webpage that reloads over and over and you can’t hit the back button fast enough to get past it (or hold the back button for a list of previously viewed sites). Already, the app is designed to make everything as simple and one-handed as possible. If you could just swipe back the previous page, that would make it perfect. This app is amazing. I have come back to Opera because of it. ❤️
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3 years ago, Rwh5
Better than the default apple browser but.....
This browser has a few of the main features of its PC version but is missing many of the best such as sidebar and extensions. While this is still one of the best for anonymous web browsing it is worth noting that it is not able to open some pages, even with its security features disabled. On pages it does open, the controls do not always work. When I’ve run into the latter problem it usually has some sort drop down selection menue problem. On my PC this is my default browser but i still mostly use chrome as my main browser for apple devices because of website compatibility issues.
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6 years ago, spartan Mook117
Fantastic! But needs work.
Before this browser was released, I was waiting at least a year for a usable opera browser on IOS, as opera mini is way outdated and no longer supported. After the release trailer came out for this browser I was so excited! As I heard someone say before, “the only flaw to opera browser on PC is there is no browser on IOS”. This is so true for people like me, who need easy transfer going back and forth from a computer and an iPhone. With all that said, this is a fairly new browser that has some cool features, but it really is missing a lot of features. I’d just like to see features added that opera PC has, especially to make the transfer even more seamless. Such as bookmarks, speed dial, password manager, etc...
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5 years ago, ~Manbearpig~
I’m a convert!
I have been an avid Chrome user but decided to try out Opera on my iMac due, mainly to the VPN feature that’s free of charge for unlimited data usage via the VPN that is set up for you to use should you desire to activate it. No! I’m not affiliated with Opera but am just dang happy with using it. Now that I’ve found I can use it on my iPhone AND transfer just as seamlessly and easy as I could with Chrome. I’m absolutely NOT putting Chrime down and would recommend them just as quickly as I will these folks. The difference FOR ME is the ease and lack of cost for running through a VPN with a simple click. Well done! If you read this far, here’s a stupid bit kinda funny (TBH: I love this joke) for you: Q) What’s invisible and smells like bananas? A) Monkey farts!!! 🐒 💨 ~peace ✌🏻
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4 years ago, Zacito023
Fastest browser I have ever used
I have tested out a variety of different internet browsers over the past few years (just to see if any of them offer additional benefits or faster search speeds). This browser has exceeded all my requirements BY FAR! It has the fastest search speeds and still uses Google as the primary browser (though you can change to whatever browser you desire). It has a simple to use layout and doesn’t bombard you with any ads or promotional material. It also gives you the option for dark mode (if you like that). Rating 5/5 stars for excellent performance. Much better performance when compared to other 3rd party browsers such as: Brave, Dolphin, Chrome, Aloha.
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2 years ago, Baygoesmoo
personal news?
i love that theres a news option right when you open the app don’t know if they personalize the news to your google searches etc or if its like google chrome where you can tell it what things you like per example i'm into Kpop so ill type in kpop then a certain group/member or if i'm into music ill type in the artist/band and it will give me news for that type of content instead of general celebrity/music news for people i don’t care about. i’ve been using this app for a week because its been promoted to me lately through pewdiepie and a few other youtubers but idk if i like it like i like chrome. ill try and update my review again after a month because i wanna give this a full review.
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3 years ago, Christopher Cornejo
Pleasantly surprised on the quickness ! The User interface is by far the best I’ve seen from any web browser hands down . You can tell a lot of developer time was put into this . I was so impressed with app on my iPhone , I also downloaded it on my work and home office desktop and boy or boy , if you didn’t think it could get any better ! (It does) . Really a great job and you bet I’m going to share this with my colleagues and friends , I already got all my techs at work to download it . Keep up the great work ! Oh ya almost forgot , the sidebar on the desktop version is amazing !!!!!! Very impressed and surprised more people don’t use this , but I will spread the word !
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1 month ago, paje_scribe
Opera (iOS)
Opera is close to being ‘good’. It’s fast, reliable and renders content well, a little too well. I hate the fact I have no control over embedded videos that Auto-play. Additionally, I resent the fact that I have no meaningful control over cookies. The only thing I can do is clear all cookies indiscriminately. I am not afforded the opportunity to see and understand what companies save cookies to ‘my’ machine. And heaven forbid I should want to understand the ecosystem I facilitate with the default setting to allow all these players to monitor my internet usage, record my behavior and send information back to the Opera mothership. Opera is just another piece of spyware I have unwittingly allowed because I have no legal protection that legislates and regulates the shadow surveillance economy in which it partakes, at the expense of my imagined privacy.
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4 years ago, jaredroussel
Just gorgeous. Thank you.
This browsing experience, crafted by the Opera team, is so impeccable and impressive. I believe that the new version of Opera marks its return. Some may remember the days of Opera and Netscape Navigator. I have watched this browser evolve over the years knowing that it would be an outlier (and also using it on Linux), but it's always been difficult for it to gain traction. However, I always held a place for it in my heart, and I love the brand and name. So simplistic and elegant. I enjoy seeing the unique take on browsing, and I feel Opera is pushing browser UI/UX forward. I am very proud to be using this browser on my Mac and iPhone. Please keep up the good work, designers and developers. You certainly have fans left!
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1 year ago, ArcherMidland
Its good. Opera just is.
Despite all the negative reviews and the 2.6 star rating when I downloaded it, I told myself I was going to learn to love this app and I did. I’ve been using Opera for over 20 years and I am committed in a lot of ways but if something doesn’t work… It does though, it just takes a bit of getting used to. There are definitely some UXI improvements that could be made; quite a few, to get it more in line with the flow and power of the web app. browser. I really do like the quick actions button now, the flow… I only get annoyed, sometimes but rarely, when I can’t go forward as well.
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8 months ago, Ob the critic
Bookmark support on iPad
You can add bookmarks, but they can only be stored on the Speed Dial screen on an iPad. There is no folder capability. There is a Mobile option that allows folder creation, but no way to move the bookmarks from the Speed Dial screen nor anyway to display those folders when browsing. Turning off Speed Dial in Settings, hides the bookmarks and no way to access them. The Ad blocking ability is great. I can read stuff without having it covered up like it does in Safari and Firefox, where the Ad blocking is useless as the pages still get covered up with ads. I use Opera on my desktop and laptop, where it is my "goto" browser, but not a happy camper on the iPad where bookmarking and organizing them should be easy and fully supported.
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5 years ago, trentmorris
Almost great..
The app’s UI is very pleasing to look at and rewarding to use. I especially love that the home screen automatically sets focus to the search bar. It’s disappointing that most of the big names (Firefox, Chrome, among others) require a second tap before allowing you to type your URL or search query after launching the app or a new tab. The “My Flow” feature is a bit of a mystery to me, as I’m not exactly sure how often most users need to send themselves a link or a text, when a synced bookmark is usually just as easy. For my basic workflow I can’t really find a place for it. This brings me to the reason my review is only 4 stars. BOOKMARKS. Or should I say, the lack thereof. Please oh please add bookmarks to iOS. The desktop Mac app supports bookmarks so I can’t quite figure out what the downside of syncing them between devices would be. It’s really the only thing holding me back from using Opera on all my devices. Until Opera Touch has my bookmarks I can’t really use it, and Firefox will have to be the old dog I stick with. Anyhow, well done developers. Aside from the gaping hole that is ‘bookmarks’ — it’s a beautiful app.
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5 years ago, Daniel M Galan
Always Deliver Advanced Interaction
I love this new version of the Opera Browser app because it has new seemingly innovative interactive controls to offer a fresh experience to browsing. I have been using Opera since 1999 or so, and they have always delivered new interaction conventions that no other browser seems to offer. Some people have a hard time with new and different but I am always delighted to be a first adopter and learn. They were one of the first if not the first ones to propose great features like multi-tabbing, a built-in ad-block, a built-in downloader, speed dial, “paste-and-go”, wallet for passwords and cards, and many more of those really great features that other browsers now offer.
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5 years ago, Em Pathetic
Where’s the data saver?
I only downloaded Opera because Apple forced the closure of Puffin. I did a lot of searching to find another browser with a ‘data saver’ and Opera was the only other one I could find. However when I spent the very little data I have with my wireless plan, there is no data saver?! I don’t get real internet where I live thus I only have the option of my 4G LTE with my wireless provider in which I only get 20 gig/mo data which isn’t enough gigs to do anything. Which is WHY I need a data saver option. I can’t afford paying $15 per gig I go over. I can’t use a browser with a VPN because sites in which I hold an account with have banned me for it. I was saving 80% data a month with Puffin. Where did your data saver option go? Thanks for causing me to spend a bunch of data just to download this to find that you took away the data saving mode. Ridiculous. I’m deleting this useless app.
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2 years ago, Dinosaur1102
5/5 No issues so far!
I’ve been using this browser for what, a year and a half or so and have been surprised by what I found! I previously used Opera GX and disliked It because of it being not streamlined and having kind of useless features. I switched to Opera after remembering a friend of mine used it and I loved it! Now I’m continuing to discover more and more small widgets that come with the browser, and the ad block has been so useful! I love this browser and definitely recommend it, definitely a replacement for Google! I recommend it for any age, because of its easy understanding and streamlined design!
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1 year ago, Amado G
Best browser for cross platform
I do love this browser for cross platform. I’ve tried multiple and this works the best and most seamless. But I will say the app does have more limitation's than the regular browser which is a little frustrating. If they implemented the same features as the regular browser(which they should??) it would be a 5. What I mean is it’s missing workspaces(pretty much tab folders) and also I can’t find a place to save my credit card? I don’t know if that’s user error but I looked for a while so it may just be extra hidden, apple doesn’t like to play nice with this and suggest passwords I noticed too but I don’t know if that’s the apps fault.
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2 years ago, GSpecter7
It’s okay, I’ve used better browsers.
This seems to be heavily based off Google Chrome iOS browser, so not much to differentiate the Opera iOS browser from it other than the fast-action button at the bottom and some niche crypto wallet-stuff. The one-handed, fast-action button is rather innovative and easy to use, which I like. I notice webpages tend to load slowly or sometimes not at all such as a Wikihow article I was trying to reload in the Opera iOS mobile browser. I don’t notice these loading issues with Safari iOS or Firefox iOS. My biggest peeve is that there is no “reader view” like the ones in Mozilla Firefox iOS mobile and Apple Safari iOS to enlarge the micro-sized fonts that are used by websites and displayed nearly-unreadable in this browser. Also, when you open the app, it automatically opens a new tab instead of opening on the last opened tab. I prefer starting off reading from the last tab I had open. I find it annoying to close a new tab page that I didn’t call for. Even Firefox iOS made a setting to toggle this feature on or off after user feedback. I notice Opera doesn’t seem interested in user feedback as much as Mozilla.
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5 years ago, Fynnagle
Preferrable to Safari, but could be better
Like: It’s pretty fast (even on a slow network), it has a dark mode, and it helps save data (how much is unclear, it doesn’t show you like Opera Mini does). To Be Changed: It frequently freezes, it would be nice to have the option to choose when and how to save more data (in some browsers you can choose the quality of photos and videos when you’re using mobile data), Flow should be functional between phones and tablets (a desktop/laptop should not be required), and it would be helpful to be able to save sets of tabs (so you don’t have to keep as many open, and so you can open them in other devices quickly and easily).
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11 months ago, yy0579
Unable to use bookmark between computer and iPhone
Opera is a good little browser, quick and easy to use the quick button once you get used to it. I bookmarked websites a lot and like to view at different devices. Unfortunately opera doesn’t offer the option to log into the account on iPhone, which means that you have to manually copy the website to computer with iPhone next to you. It’s not convenient and made me nervous that I may lose bookmarks someday, it’s too much effort to keep tracking which websites is saved on one device and which one has been saved on multiple devices. Opera, please fix this problem. Otherwise you are going to lose a good amount of users.
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3 years ago, amos moss
Swift and Elegant
First my browser needs are uncomplicated so will leave others to comment on deeper features. I have recently come to Opera after using Bing forever. I loved Bing with it’s beautiful uncluttered interface. Then Microsoft just suddenly ruined it completely. What a mess. From the start Opera was wonderful. I quickly came to admire the minimalist elegant look in black mode. The home page is easy to customize with whatever you do and don’t want on it. Bookmarks appear as icons on the Home Screen. And as so many say the first thing you notice is that it is FAST. Really pleased with it. Thanks Opera.
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5 years ago, chezsuis
Yo, it’s easy!
This browser is super fast and I like the fact that the ad blocker works on SO MANY THINGS. I’m in love with it. It works when I’m trying to see previews of videos without clicking on them. It works with privacy and bypasses asking if I accept cookies if I select it. TWO COMPLAINTS! There is no way to easy access bookmarks. I need them because sometimes I don’t visit those websites but I need to remember them just in case I need them for work or playing a game. And there is no way to open links directly from mail or text messages even after disabling Safari. I think once those issue are resolved, this will be the number one browser for sure. Thank you for what you do, Opera! You’re the real VIP!
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4 years ago, Aerith Lives
For being the first and only crypto wallet browser on iOS, at least to my February 2020 knowledge, this is one easy-to-use, powerful app or dapp or phone thing! I am grateful I am able to switch quickly to dapps in case I need to utilize crypto. The interface has made navigating the internet more visceral rather than technical. I cannot find anything to suggest or criticize because it seems everything within today’s tech has been thought out and put to use. Much gratitude to the Opera Browser team, the programmers, directors, designers, operations, and everyone who made it possible to have at least one crypto wallet browser on iPhone!
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4 years ago, AnotherCandidReviewer
History needs to be synced, not just recent tabs or tabs that are open on my computers
App is smooth and all, but there is room for improvement. When I work on my laptop using Opera browser, I open a lot of links searching things. I’m not gonna have the time to send each of the link to My Flow to later access them from my iPhone. What Opera needs to improve is the ability for Opera Touch to access all the history that I searched, read, clicked on in Opera browsers on other devices. I thought Opera account was gonna help with syncing history, turned out it worked on anything but Opera Touch. I ditched Chrome for Opera for its convenience at first glance, please make it better.
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