2.3 (78)
136.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
iFountain, LLC
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Opsgenie

2.27 out of 5
78 Ratings
5 years ago, Cordoor
It works, but is frustrating to use
The apps aims to be simple and elegant, and it is in some ways, but can be frustrating to use. For example: 1. After acknowledging an alert, a pop up panel appears at the bottom of the screen telling you it was acknowledged. While it is up, you can’t swipe to acknowledge another alert. You have to touch the screen to make it go away first. 2. When you choose to close an alert, you are asked to confirm closing it. This is frustrating and in the way. 3. They took away they option to touch Ack after swiping an alert. Now you have to touch a more button and then touch ack. Just from a general perspective, before the latest update, the app already had these extra annoying steps in the way of quickly working with alerts. After the update, it’s gotten even worse. Just let us one touch to acknowledge and close and don’t throw up panels that tell us we just did what we thought we did. Make this app require the fewest touches possible to take care of multiple alerts quickly. After all, we don’t actually want to be using this app. We wished we never had to.
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3 years ago, user54175417
I know no one likes alerts but since Atlassian took over this app has just gone downhill trying to look more streamlined. The MOST annoying thing for the past couple of years is the banners the insist on preventing you from using the app while they’re there. Reaching the “mute for 5 minutes” button is impossible if there’s any type of outage that generates multiple alerts. Pick a different platform until they sort this app out if you can. The only reason it didn’t get one star is because it does alert and supports heartbeats which are useful.
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3 years ago, ==ShowOff==
Needs Inprovement
The app works but is very limited. If there is a way to see an extended period of time as to who is on call, I have no idea how to see it. I can only view who is currently or next on call, sometimes I need to see who is on call the rest of this week or even further in the future but I cannot. Can a calendar of some sort please be added?
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5 years ago, Abroad
Volume on alert needs improvement
The ringer volume should be the control for alarms. This is my #1 complaint about this app and I’m not sure how this hadn’t been addressed. If I turn my volume down during the day and go to bed without remembering to crank it up to max I miss alarms. Basically makes the alarm system worthless. And I don’t want my app volume on everything else on max 24 hours a day just to support OpsGenie. Please change alarms to use ringer volume instead of phone volume. Thanks for your consideration.
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1 year ago, ingernet
Bug report
It appears that when you look at Dashboard > My Schedule, there is a dot on all days preceding today, implying that you were on call all days. I went to report this bug through the app, but discovered that there is no way to submit bug reports or feedback from the app, so here I am, telling you publicly. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway, the app is fine, but feels a little MVP in spots. It gets the job done. At least it's not Teams.
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4 years ago, Shampster
Unforgivable constant forgetting of my password
I use a password manager and don’t runner stamp passwords anywhere. When I am out with only my phone - SO many times SO frequently the app decides “it cannot sign in” and requires my password again. I’m trying to ack an alert. That means I need to go home or have my laptop with me to pull password out of password manager and manually re-enter it. That’s a huge problem when you’re afk at dinner. It’s excruciatingly so frustrating I cannot give this app anything above one star until this is addressed.
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2 years ago, EarthCheese
Works Great
We’ve used the Opsgenie app for years. Very stable, notifications work well, the app is responsive and has all the features I need. I’m not sure why so many others have issues, probably the end user.
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4 years ago, Mr-Alexander
Missed or Delayed Alerts
Several times alerts are missed or delayed, even though the log shows delivered. Last night I woke to an alert that came a couple minutes after it had been escalated and acknowledged by my boss, more than 20 minutes after I should have been alerted. Needless to say, this doesn’t make my boss happy and is embarrassing for me.
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5 years ago, BoomShadowJake
Love the new sounds, app is polished
I’ve had OpsGenie for a long time now. It was a bit rough around the edges at first, but now it’s a first class app! I really love the new alert sounds. The ones before were too limited. Now “sad trombone” makes me smile every time I get an alert 😁
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5 years ago, Shadestaboy
Super annoying
It would be great if you could actually copy from the fields. We have issue tracking that have ticket numbers. When getting an alert I want to be able to go to the issue, so I want to be able to copy it and past the ticket number. No such luck.
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8 months ago, MacMuse
Needs ‘something big’
Updates are always ‘nothing big’ with this app. It’s time for something big to make the app functional. Every time you change screens through the menu the app displays stale data. A manual pull down refresh EVERY TIME is required to see refreshed data. An absolute failure for an app presenting time sensitive data.
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5 years ago, Sina--
Change the alert tone
It is really annoying that the App’s alert is the iPhone’s default alert. Most of the apps use this one and alert of them makes you look at your phone. Change the alert tone. It is easy!
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9 months ago, corybkehh
Needs Focus Integration
Should be able to turn on focuses for different on call schedules.
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4 months ago, PhilSwn
Log in, give permissions, get reliable notifications
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5 years ago, pickacoolname
Can’t get past login.
This is a ridiculous issue that I should write a review about it. So my password have special symbols and when I try to login, your keyboard have limited special symbols that’s not available. I already created a password that works in the website. But not on the app. Why would you limit what I can type?
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1 year ago, Mattron5000
Works ok for the most part but…
Works ok for the most part but doesn’t seem to support multiple accounts. Very much an issue for me. I shouldn’t have to log out to log another account. Should be able to switch accounts on the fly.
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9 months ago, 123abc123abcgeneric
Bricked my Phone
Got an alert and it completely froze the phone. Was unable to even swipe back home and the only was I was able to get out was going to the camera then photos and force shutting it down. Terrible app.
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4 years ago, DevOpsGuy51
Easy to use
Very easy to use in the middle of an incident. I also love the Incident Command Center functionality that is built-in.
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3 weeks ago, “Meh”
Using this for on-call schedules and it works like other reviews say but it’s not intuitive. One of the annoyances I’ve dealt with is signing in to the app. If the app requires an update it will auto sign you out. If you attempt to open the app, the app will redirect you to the web gui on your mobile device to login. Every attempt to use the app, it will redirect you over to the web UI. The only workaround I’ve found is to clear your web cache and uninstall/reinstall the app.
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6 years ago, Shannonnn
Great App Update
The new mobile update is fantastic. The UI looks nice and is very easy to use when handling incidents.
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6 years ago, Plastic Jones
Not alerting when absolutely necessary
I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled a few times to rectify the issue. OpsGenie should be more reliable than this. Three stars for effort.
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7 months ago, Whycantihaveanickname111
The alerts basically don’t work they don’t go off when they do it’s soft and doesn’t ring for more than 2 seconds which is not enough to wake someone up
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4 years ago, d0z0s
App frequently forgets me
It basically works as you'd expect, except every couple weeks the app forgets who I am. So I have to re-enter my password to acknowledge an alert. It's terribly annoying. At least the alerts pop up, otherwise I'd have nothing.
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6 years ago, Zeki893
No iPhone X updates
When will X notifications be fixed? Can’t see alerts because of the notch. Been over a year since the phone was released, an update would be nice for how much people pay for this service.
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5 years ago, Humblepatience1
stop forgetting my login
I’ve logged in already but when my app is updates it often forgets my login
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6 years ago, Airman05
Bring back old interface
Terrible. Have to dig down too much to do things that were on the dashboard. Doesn’t circle the calendar days to show when on call like it used to. App was fine before.
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3 years ago, mbsoccer03
Critical alerts broken in iOS 15
On iOS 15 critical alerts are not working. They are supposed to play a sound no matter if the phone is on silent but that stopped working in iOS 15
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4 years ago, Swadecu
Huge flaw
The app doesn’t seem to use an internal browser so if you have a browser disabled, it makes the app unusable since you cannot log in. It also needs to use the ringer volume.
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1 year ago, pastaCheeseButter
this would be a fine app, but it usually takes minutes just to get logged in. very frustrating.
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6 years ago, ignaqui
New design is very inconvenient
I was able to glimpse into number of alerts and acknowledge them in couple of seconds. Now it’s a hassle, even with alerts page as home page
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4 years ago, Agent619
5 Stars EASILY
I’m looking at an application that reflects the desktop app SO MUCH that I really don’t even notice a difference in the experience between the two at times. This application is SO GOOD. Your able to create teams, schedules, set who's on call, acknowledge issues by simply swiping left, add notes upon issues by simply swiping left, close issues, open issues, edit the labels, add continuous notes that chain with their own date/time stamp logs, chat, prioritize issues, easily find your issues by just tapping one of the 5 layers of priority (low medium high critical or informational). Btw informational is so useful because it works as a “developing story” issue. The app lets you do so much from the mobile version that it is a shame that it has only 3 stars. This app surpasses SO MANY to do apps out there that you could easily use this to track your own things that you need to work on. You can also use it for the intended purpose as an operations team and maintain that. It is so detailed that it almost feels like your a dispatcher for an ambulance company deciding who and where to send your units. You’ll know everything you need to know about each call. Heck you could probably use this app in EMS if you really got creative with it. I did a little research on it and saw that Atlassian actually purchased opsgenie and it is obvious why. So much quality. It takes a lot for an app to impress me and this app does all the fundamentals right. Like I could care less if an app can 360 windmill if it misses the slam dunk. This app doesn't miss. It nails the slam dunk then pulls up for 3 and nails that too. It’s dynamic enough to work with a jira team and can actually create Jira Issues as well promoted right from opsgenie. There’s your assist. This app also play in the paint and do all the little things that other apps hate to do. Tagging, Labeling, Prioritizing. Opsgenie is designed for Leaders as well. You want Michael Jordan? Watch ops genie keep the whole team in line with it’s “who’s on call” mode. You can easily take a look at who’s doing what. You want steals? How about this: It is an ABSOLUTE STEAL that this app is free. It should be on some premium plan but Thank God it isn’t or else I never would’ve found it and tried it. The name opsgenie really isn’t that attractive at first. Like I thought opsgenie was related to gamegenie (throwback for you guys who have seen the gaming industry since SEGA) but I quickly realized that opsgenie is called that because like a Genie 🧞‍♂️ it handles your wishes. Except it isn’t limited to JUST 3 wishes. Do your staff, your team and your business and yourself a favor and give opsgenie a shot. You won’t regret it. Use it for personal use as well. You don’t have to use it how they “tell you” to. Be creative. Also, another tip. Use Confluence app to keep your documentation in one place as well. For development use Jira or Trello (Jira is more connected to Confluence and Opsgenie). Atlassian has great tools and opsgenie is definitely my favorite. Thank you!
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6 years ago, johnnnnnyy
Easy to use app
OpsGenie is a great service and the app is very easy to use.
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3 years ago, chardy930
Latest update is horrible
I cannot find a way to adjust or turn off notifications. The volume is fixed at max volume!
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5 years ago, ohyesohohohyeah
Recent update
The notifications are no longer coming through properly. Alerts don’t show, but I’ll get the phone call.
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7 months ago, Luis A101
Work life balance
Get ready to give up your work life balance when you install this app
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9 years ago, MrQuip
Needs work
I like the interface it's easy to use and fairly well laid out. The reason I'm rating it low is the app is always signing me out. It seems like this occurred a few times a day when I was using the app. I got frustrated and uninstalled.
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3 years ago, drfunt
I still can’t see what OGs are assigned to me. You would think that would have been one of the user stories
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2 years ago, mey223
Policy verification error
App is useless and doesn’t work. Been sitting on a cannot verify policy error and app cannot open. Reinstalled app… same result.
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5 years ago, sso login
SSO logins
IOS devices have an issue with SSO logins and Opsgenie. IOS tends to open the ops genie site and not login via the application. Error received ID not found.
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2 years ago, Mr Sube
No Auth for JSM/SSO Customers
Awful experience, no one in our Enterprise can use this app do to Atlassian not developing the SSO integration with Atlassian Access. Terrible UX, sales misguided our teams when they sold us JSM.
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1 month ago, 哈哈镜小米
Really frustrating and depressing to use
Can you guys just lower your alert volume?????
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6 years ago, DigitallyBorn
Keeps logging out; fails to notify
The new update looks great, but it keeps logging me out and will fill we to deliver notifications. As is, it's not usable.
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4 months ago, TheMessiOfPigeons
All notifications are critical, can’t toggle by type. “Your shift starts” alerts have cost me so much sleep
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5 years ago, IvannaGolfer
Why use it?
Just went through a trial. I don’t see any value at all.
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2 years ago, smallwarmkitty
annoying app
you can't change volume, you can't mute yourself for more than 10 hours
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3 years ago, influx
Unacceptably loud
The latest update has made this absurdly loud, and the volume cannot be adjusted.
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5 years ago, Aleksey_Blake
Can’t login if your account uses SSO
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8 years ago, MigMit
Needs work
If I'm on call and I see 67 problems... I'll start polishing my resume. Seriously though, when I'm on call, I usually know it. My primary use of the app is to see when I'm going to be on call next time; and it's impossible to do on the watch.
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8 years ago, Me2726161891
Easy and straightforward.
Really easy to use, and no setup required. Just log in and you're all set.
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8 years ago, Fhdjdkfndd
Not working right for me
Shows unacked alerts on the dash board which has been acked already. Push notifications never load the alert when selected. Always have to use the website instead. Only good for making a noise when an alert arrives.
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