Oracle Fusion Applications

4.3 (340)
27.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Oracle America, Inc.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Oracle Fusion Applications

4.32 out of 5
340 Ratings
5 years ago, Vicky186
Amazing to use - saves time
This app is very comprehensive and quite easy to use. Need a sick leave - no need to turn on laptop - use this and with just few clicks sick leave is applied. This also saves time for me as I am now able to manage my employees (salary, hikes, other details) during my commute itself, rather than logging into the laptop after reaching home.
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5 years ago, Neo_Dog
Amazingly quick and intuitive!
Oracle has made a tremendous leap forward with this release. It’s intuitive: - each step is simple - no clutter, no unused fields - every screen is consistent - no hunting for the save or done button - it looks good In addition it’s extremely quick to change screens and pop list ofs of values
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5 years ago, 3-Suns
Actually Works
I use this app every time I need to work with our HR platform. Whether it’s updating my profile, reviewing my comp or benefits, or even setting goals and providing feedback, I do it all from my iPhone in this app. I’ve used 5 different HCM platforms over my career and none of them were as clean, easy to use, or accessible as HCM Cloud.
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5 years ago, FreeBe11
Easy and intuitive
Oracle HCM Cloud mobile is powerful and puts everything I need to do to manage my HR information at my fingertips from anywhere while being intuitive and easy to use. No training needed! I highly recommend it!
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4 months ago, WordieFu
Routinely broken
I don’t understand how a company the size of Oracle can consistently churn out such incompetent droekk. Kronos was awful and this nonsense is even worse. I haven’t been able to successfully log in using the app in two weeks … always an error screen. Which means instead I have to find an unoccupied workstation, sign in to Windows, launch the browser, and only THEN get to log in, easily adding another two minutes or more to clock-in time each day. PATHETIC.
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5 years ago, sfraj2000
Love it
I am a manager at Oracle .Started using this for my day to day HR transactions the news feed approach to the application is great. Easy to see my information and my team’s information on the go . Performing HR transactions on mobile device is very simplified and the UI response is very fast.
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5 years ago, Neil 94301
Easy & Consistent
Super friendly and easy to use, in part because it exactly matches the browser experience on PCs and tablets - all our configurations are preserved, everything is in the same place, everything works consistently.
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5 years ago, HCM'er
HCM User
I love the infinity scroll feature! It’s just like all my other personal apps I use. I also like how the application gives you specific options to choose relevant to the transaction I am making. Great new look from oracle!
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5 years ago, runrunrunheather
Amazing app easy for HR to do their work! Click and go!!
Wonderful for the HR tasks for the field, get in and get out quickly, view pay-slip, update personal info, all right there no hunting and intuitive. No training needed.
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3 years ago, M_d_peterson
App is easy to use and intuitive. Can access all my personal and work data at my fingertips.
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5 years ago, pamposhkak
Awesome HCM Enterprise Mobile Application
Oracle knows how to build mobile applications for Enterprise. The HCM App is easy to use, fast, and allows me to complete my HCM related tasks quickly and anywhere, so I can focus on my core business. Great Job HCM and Oracle Team!
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5 years ago, hotsauce777777
An option to stay logged in needs to be added. Or Face ID would work too. It’s so annoying having to login everytime. Also I would like to be able to zoom or “stretch” overall the app is good just needs a few improvements
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5 years ago, LizzyP31
Easy, intuitive, everything right there
Great app, easily navigate to what you need. Can get everything I need done, in one place. No problems at all.
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5 years ago, PHL2019
Great Tool
This has been a really great addition for our users. The experience is simple and intuitive. For remote and field workers it has been especially great.
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5 years ago, SpicyToulouse
HCM Cloud fantastic user experience
The solution is helping me to execute my HR tasks and i feel the solution has been designed to help me to execute these tasks naturally in a timely manner as the UI is offering the optimal steps and defaulting.... thanks to HCM Cloud!!
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5 years ago, skinzer04
Just downloaded the new edition of Oracle’s HCM Cloud and found it to be very impressive. The look and feel along with the navigation is great. Very easy to use. Overall nice experience.
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1 year ago, Tim JK
Great App. Easy to use!
Very easy to use. Updated my goals and did my performance review on my phone this year. Very convenient.
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5 years ago, TobiTipper
Act on your hcm needs now!
Secure, fast, responsive user interfaces to perform hcm actions for yourself and your team. The user experience is what mobile users crave for - simple and intuitive with a wow factor.
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5 years ago, Matt-1919
Great App
Great App that enables offline learning on my phone in addition to all the other online capabilities! Totally same user experience as a laptop which is unique for an app!
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5 years ago, Suresh Modi
Lovely... My days will be much better now onwards
Lovely app, I am more mobile then ever before. This had added more value to my device and day is more productive.
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5 years ago, Sophite81
Easy to use and light weight.
Great app, light weight and easy to understand and use. Looking forward to future updates.
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2 months ago, shantae29
Down too often
Many times I either cannot log in or I am unable to see details in my account. There is no chat function, phone number listed, or an email address to address issues. This is most ridiculous.
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5 years ago, $andya
Great app for employees
Nice and informative design. Easy to find information you need. Perfect app to read and keep up with all new articles from Oracle.
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5 years ago, ljnel888
Easy to use
Great to be able to access this on my mobile so I can get work done wherever I am. So easy to use too!
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5 years ago, b-gee
Use it every day
I use it every day at work - as an employee and manager. It lets me do everything on my phone - awesome! Thank you, developers!
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5 years ago, JM673
Info at my fingertips
This app allows me to access all of my info, I no longer have to reach out to HR with questions!
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5 years ago, HCMMan
Finally a mobile app for HR that’s not just pretty but useful! Notifications, approvals, absence requests, pay slips, goal updates and much more. Love it.
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1 year ago,
There has to be a better option for HR
Had difficulty connecting to my company’s account. Once I finally got in, I had trouble navigating. I submitted time off and can’t tell if the request even reach my manager. Oracle, can you please put some thought into the user experience pls!!!
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5 years ago, Monika Pendam
Rich Functionality & User Experience
I really like to this App. It is really easy to use and gives all features at finger tips !!
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5 years ago, TSCulpt
Extremely intuitive
Easy to use and powerful
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5 years ago, Anadi Upadhyaya
Intuitive navigation
Intuitive, simplified and easy navigation. Interactions are efficient, fast, and easy. Works really great 👍.
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5 years ago, Wide cheater
Simple, intuitive, easy
Love the simplicity. Very easy for an employee or manager to find the information they need.
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5 years ago, MKTapley
Highly intuitive
Very easy for a busy manage to use to get quick insights on team members
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5 years ago, dwpalette
Built for on the go
I can do a lot with the mobile friendliness of this app. Really like the offline features.
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5 years ago, ACessario
Nice & Consistent
Love the latest update. Easy enough to use and now the experience is exactly the same as it is on the desktop. Pretty cool. Thanks Oracle.
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8 months ago, CatPerk 57
No bueno
My company suggested we use this application to see our direct deposits and pay information. I attempted to enroll but am met with the following message “ service unavailable, dsn failure. I let a few days pass and still get the same message. Very frustrating!
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4 years ago, mikon73
Terrible App
I really don’t know why this app is rated with 4 stars when it doesn’t show the main icons and you can’t swipe across the screen to see them all. When I’m forced to use it I have to switch from portrait to landscape several times to reach some of the icons. It’s very frustrating.
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5 years ago, nate_1980
Simple to use!!
I use Oracle HCM cloud app on a regular basis whether that is to find someone’s information in directory or mange my annual objectives. Easy to use and navigate.
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5 years ago, laf_gemini
Love it!
Easy to use, love the layout. Makes it easy to access while traveling for my job
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5 years ago, Brian0721
Convenient and easy
Easy to use! Love having access to everything I need on the go.
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4 years ago, Dez HR Developer
Listen to the Analysts!
This is far and away the best HCM Cloud platform. Don’t believe the hype from the kool aid drinkers of the competitors. This is the #1 solution in the market; flexible, easy to use, innovative.
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5 years ago, jvasu71
Enterprise Class Consumer friendly!
Blends so well with all the rest of modern productivity and lifestyle apps I use on my phone every single day! Great job Oracle!!
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5 years ago, Ipad user 767676
Works as advertised!
Really easy to access my info with my iPhone.
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5 years ago, Dbowiniii
Get this in the hands of your employees! Great way to connect your teams and and engage them in this digital transformation.
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5 years ago, BT_oak
Love the modern interface!
Nice work by Oracle. Really shows a commitment to building simple and easy to use products.
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5 years ago, Luv to scramble
Great app!
Love that I can access my company HR system like other iPhone apps and manage my personal info on the phone!
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5 years ago, LC Oracle User
So great to access my HR information straight from my phone. Now I can do my HR needs on the go without delays.
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5 years ago, Praveen Vipranarayanan
User Interface
The new mobile UX rocks! It can only get bigger and better from here!
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5 years ago, Carter F Scott
Super easy to use!
We are using Oracle HCM and it is very easy to use and everything HR is in one place including payroll info!
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5 years ago, fteter
Love It!
Oracle HCM Cloud running responsively from my phone. Intuitive UI. Same click streams as my desktop. Snappy response. What’s not to like?
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