Outline App

4.3 (1.3K)
28.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jigsaw Operations LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Outline App

4.31 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Mehran Rasuli
The app is crashing recently
I’ve been using this app for a long time and everything was working fine. But not sure why it crashes when I open it. I even restarted my phone and reinstalled outline, but it still crashes.
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1 year ago, hehe@@「」」
Best ever had! Works great in China
I’ve tried ExpressVPN, Astrill vpn in last few years and none of them is really reliable nor cheap. I accidentally found out Outline on Reddit and decided to give it try and it turns out to be the best VPN experience I’ve ever had in this lifetime so far! I’m in a small city in Hebei so I guess the censorship is not strictest either. My Apt has a 500M internet speed from the ISP China Telecom and setting up a server on digital ocean in Singapore gives me 90M bandwidth overall. Very very satisfied. I just started using Outline in China for a few days but at least I never experience any unstable connectivity issues at all. Recommend it to everybody!
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2 years ago, alirezasadeghiyann
Censorship in iran
Hi. thanks for your great service. I'm living in Iran and we have been dealing with extremely aggressive censorship for about 2 weeks. all popular websites and services including app store, play store, instagram, telegram, skype, whatsapp and so on are banned for Iranian users. we can barely access the internet through Wifi and VPN but the problem is that due to severe blackouts, "outline" doesn't work with mobile data and most people in Iran use mobile data. so I'm asking you to find a practical solution and provide free global internet access immediately for Iranian people. thank you
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6 years ago, otwistero
So far so good!
I’ve been up and running on Digital Ocean’s droplet for 2 weeks now and everything is very smooth so far and super fast from China. I’m having some problems on my windows computer that appear to be isolated to my network drivers. However both Mac and iOS apps appear to be working fine. This is definitely a necessity when doing business in China and you have more control over who is watching your data because you never know if the VPN providers are logging your actions.
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2 years ago, moon$1
Suggest activating BBR congestion by default in Outline Managr
Outline is now able to auto-config service on DigitalOcean and GCP, which is great and convenient, but for people with poor international connection (like in China), the service with default congestion algorithm is very slow and can be unusable. Enabling BBR can make the speed way faster and opening page more responsive. Thank you for making this app, it’s very important to me.
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5 years ago, DougSF
Fantastic turnkey VPN solution
Works really well and seems to connect even when others won’t. One suggestion to the awesome dev folks - any chance of a mobile version of Outline Manager can come to iOS? Would be quicker when in the trenches and need to create a new account ASAP. Thanks for all the amazing work, very polished application!
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8 months ago, Mao TC
Works In China
This is the only VPN thst consistently works in China. As it is not a true VPN, but more of a proxy server, it does not work for streaming ion things like Disney+, but it will give you access to unrestricted news, social media, search, and other important and useful web resources.
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4 years ago, Bic Keeta
So far it has been working well
This is my first time to have installed this on my iPad, it is quite easy to get to the open Internet with purchasing a server. Anyway, I will still watch how it would help me with the access to open Internet.
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1 year ago, Alexey1563
Very cool 👍
I live in Russia and most of the popular vpn's are either blocked or don't work well. I was able to set it up in 5 minutes. The speed of work is simply pleasing. Thanks to the developers.
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1 year ago, huhuhohoho
Stop the paste buffer sniffer
Please make an option to stop this paste sniffer feature. It is too annoying to press “dont allow” constantly every day.
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5 months ago, ThenThunder
Thank you
This is the most amazing VPN app ever. Creating your own VPN server is awesome. I hope you will add more features to it soon. Thank you for making the internet a more secure and private space.
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5 months ago, esfandiarbakhtiari
Outline can’t properly work on iOS devices in iran
Hello, this program has not been working properly for ios devices for some time, please help
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6 years ago, Samfrmd
Great but need some improvements
This is the most powerful VPN I've ever used. But it has issues with FTPs and also with some Apps like Instagram. Sometimes prevents receiving Push Notifications most from WhatsApp.
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1 year ago, nine lilies
Does not work at all
Unfortunately except for maybe 5 minutes I haven’t been able to connect to the internet with Outline at all. In the Outline website the description of the app conveys that it is very reliable in terms of efficacy. It’s not my experience whatsoever. I hope you can advise on how to make it work. I have sent feedback twice but have not heard back.
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3 years ago, Μʀ.Иʋℓℓ
Feature request
Thanks for your fantastic app. Please consider to add 2 new features: 1. Kill Switch 2. Ability to change connections order
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2 years ago, ynoroozi90
I’m from Iran and currently under the heaviest internet ban we have ever experienced. The onlyyyy VPN working perfectly smooth is Outline. It’s honestly a game changer. I wanna thank all it’s amazing team. Love from IRAN❤️
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2 years ago, Nast_taran 96
Bug report
I can’t use the app since the last update. I just can see white blank page. Please fix it :( I really need your app, it’s really good for running shadowsocks.
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3 years ago, sepehrazizi13
Add share feature
It would be neat if a share feature existed so we could share the addresses of the servers with other PCs and phones with QR scanning or anything else
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4 years ago, customer18492
does what it should
It’s doing what it’s supposed to do, no problem. Following the setup recipe was easy enough, and it’s got a nice user interface on both iOS and MacOS.
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4 years ago, Tadeha Alexani
App is crashing recently
Everything was fine but I couldn’t open the app anymore, even after reinstalling
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2 years ago, Aaron Sarkissian
Overall good but room for improvement
It works fine, but UI in app is somewhat broken on iPhone 14 Pro Max (probably other models too). Let us change the order of servers, pick one as a default. Add iOS widget support. Provide some statistics of the connection, such as amount of data used, average latency. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, please add kill switch.
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1 week ago, مهدی سیف اللهی
Widget Needed
The best VPN on AppStore. Server setup process is super easy even for unprofessionals. Please make a widget for iOS to make it even more convenient.
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6 years ago, Ironsheik
Cannot Open (Updated)
When I open the app, all I see is a white screen. Uninstalled then reinstalled, same result. Running the latest possible iOS (9) on an iPad2. UPDATE: A week after my review, the team released an update that "fixed" the issue. Now the app is "not compatible with [my] device". Highly disappointing.
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5 years ago, David C.
A non brainer VPN solution. Outline Manager will allow you to get a Shadowsocks server running fast, and this app will allow you to connect to it. Very, very good.
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8 months ago, ARTYOM7384&
i need a help
Please add the ability to connect to VPN through iPhone settings
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1 year ago, Masoud3980
Connection problem
Dear applicant Unfortunately the new version 1.9 has problem, it can connect to server but can not run it.
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4 years ago, MervHsi
Great but needs more functionalities
I will give it 5 starts if it supports the switch between Auto Mode and Global Mode.
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6 years ago, Brojun
Expecting routing rules feature.
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2 years ago, Pofa10
Please add Slide Over feature
The graphic of the older version was prettier than the new one. And please support multitasking features like Slide Over in iPadOS. Thanks
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5 years ago, guluguluxiaotangguo
Fantastic app!
Well built with stylish designing features! Very good user experience!
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4 weeks ago, Samikhoras
Best and simple
I said it as clear as I could z.. Simple easy .. best
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2 years ago, am.shayan
It came in really handy for me especially in Iran with its severe restrictions.
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5 years ago, ali7e
Phenomenal VPN
Fantastic app with an unbelievably easy setup process. Highly recommend.
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4 weeks ago, Mohitop
It would be great if Outline had an ios widget
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4 years ago, JackeyX
Need landscape mode support
Landscape mode is required when using with magic keyboard. Hope Outline can support it.
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6 years ago, AmirRezANet
Fast & Easy
All VPN protocols blocked in iran but i create a outline proxy server, it's work fine. Thanks
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6 years ago, Amin_A
Useful in Iran, China, UAE & all other heavy restricted countries. Hope to see some more improvments. Thank you
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2 years ago, Happy2B1001
Not working in Iran … again
You stopped working in Iran. Again. I’m already sharing logs.
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2 years ago, Giadinh4lua
to slowly
many server location not working , always failed connection to internet, I'm travel in Thailand but server not working at all 😕👎
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2 years ago, عزیز
Worst hoax ever
They call it a Vpn but you need another Vpn to connect this one and after that it does not work at all just a lame way for Google to tell its doing something
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2 years ago, 光遇不上镜
the app is crashing these days
After updating this app,the screen only display blank,I can‘t use it now
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1 year ago, arman Jel
Very good vpn
But just not manager with phone
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2 years ago, jackrescuer112
Crash of the app
All day have crash in app - trying to open app, and then they closed automatically…
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2 years ago, S,Saeid
Thank you
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2 years ago, tryouts feedu
The internet is so slow
Everyone when I use this app ,my internet turns very slow and Idk how to fix it .Dumb
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5 years ago, Slangevar-
Could you please tell me how to set the proxy rules?
Like bypassing mainland ip etc.
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4 years ago, ApartjeBlyat
Good but not yet.
This app only supports shadowsocks VPN and I cannot use shadowsocksR,v2ray in it,so this is the bad things.
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3 years ago, Maung mg
Rearranged The Servers
Could you please put the function to rearrange the server!
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1 month ago, swaroop676
Best app!
Your app is the best vpn I've ever used!
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2 years ago, mahdihelmaa@gmail.
This is best application
This application is very very best
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