Paint Tester

4.2 (1.2K)
19.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Luminant Software, Inc
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Paint Tester

4.21 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
8 years ago, iminubu
1 Star short of Magical
It helps to have at least some experience with Photoshop or other photo or drawing aps. A person with an average IQ should be able to be proficient by watching the tutorial slides and spending 15-20 minutes playing with the Ap. Your understanding where a boundary is and how an Ap estimates visual boundaries may not match perfectly, but use of the included tools such as the tape, erase and brush tools will yield acceptable results in no time!
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4 years ago, JDATL
Limited and buggy
In fairness, I am trying to use Paint Tester in for an exterior job, while I believe the program was designed with interior jobs in mind. The difference is significant. Lighting variations outdoors can be much greater than indoors, and surfaces can be more variable. Paint tester does allow you to get a rough visualization of how colors will look in a particular application and relative to other colors. It also provides a read out on the formulas ( % of various colors in each) for every color you use in your project and saves a palette, including formula information, for each project/photo. On the downside: It’s difficult to get an even coat. The color varies according to variations in the surface you’re covering. This is inevitable if the program is to preserve textures in the original, but the trade off is a very uneven look. Colors don’t remain true. Colors change in an attempt to adjust to lighting and, again, according to the color you’re trying to cover. The adjustments are not always on target. Program doesn’t always respond appropriately. On a number of occasions, while working on a photo, I’ve wanted to bring in a color from another photo. Paint Tester does not always allow this. It will pull up palettes; it will allow me to choose another color from the photo I’m working on; but it will not open and allow me to browse my photo library. Finally, Paint Tester crashes with much too much regularity, taking unsaved work with it.
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7 years ago, Me-Dec-2012
Simply Awesome!
Very good app. I was able to snap a pic of my room (wall), apply some colors, realized that I couldn’t find a color that I liked on the wall. ( had I went to the store, picked a color, came home and painted, I would have been disappointed, this app saved me the time, money and frustration) Using this app I was able to decide on painting another portion of the room, found a color I liked. The paint codes were useless at Lowe’s, but this app gave me a color that I was able to save to my photo album, then using Sherman Williams app, I was able to import the color (pic) from Paint Tester and Sherwin Williams found a matching color. My results match Paint Tester to a T, I got exactly what I was able to produce using the app. I love this and would recommend it.
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7 years ago, Chechandchong
Takes a little effort
Once you get some colors where you want them it's really easy to change the colors multiple times. Takes a little learning curve to use the tools but they are simple enough and plenty of directions given. Lots of colors to choose from unlike the other app I tried. This one leaves details like handles on the photo and not just painting on a photograph. Love this app. Thanks. Yes it's a square paint brush. But you can make it small and use the corner of the square to cut into tight spaces. The negative reviewer must not have tried it very long.
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7 years ago, THNKFL2B
Set up the base and then you can have fun
It is worth going in and figuring out the tools it comes with and then painting your areas carefully because then it is so helpful you just tap to try.i agreed the negative reviewer didn't take the time to figure out the tools because you can choose sensitivity it's quite brilliant little app but at first as I was learning it I wasv the same thing I was learning and saying how dumb it was but then I gave it a chance and learned it and I'm grateful I did. Thanks!
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3 years ago, jgbbecjonb
Love it!
I’ve tried a handful of paint color testing apps and this is by far the easiest and best. I’m in my 50s and although I’m not a dummy when it comes to using apps, I’m no Cameron Winklevoss either.... This is the app I’m sticking with while I decide on interior and exterior colors when I paint my house this year. Very easy to use. Take a photo, tap the color you want, then it fills in the area u want filled. U then can fill in the edges using various brush sizes, change the colors easily, etc.... great app!
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6 years ago, cmatallah
Great App!
I tried finding a app online that would allow me to visualize shutters on the exterior of my new home. I found several options but none of them were user friendly, and I could never get them to work. Not only did it help me visualize the shutters, but it helped me with plant placement in the yard! Very easy to use and I enjoyed trying different colors I normally wouldn't go with at the paint shop. So much fun! Thank you for a great experience!
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4 years ago, Luis49
Low resolution. Zoom unstable.
This app doesn’t have a setting for the degree of auto paint. When fixing with the brush and eraser, the result looks like stairs because the resolution is very poor. I thought buying the pro version, but since I’m not sure if I’ll get the same issues, I will not buy! Also, when zooming for detail work, as soon as we touch any other tool, the picture zoom position gets lost. It will automatically revert to the original full size. That causes us to waste time zooming again to the same spot that was being worked out.
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7 years ago, Pleased Perfectionist!
Just what I needed
This app let me see my vision become a reality before wasting money. Reading the negative reviews regarding thin lines etc., made me think it was going to be a hassle. This may be true if you are painting a ton of rooms, however, I am only painting four rooms ...... and not all at once. I want them to be perfect (to me). With this app, I can take my time (but not too much), decide what I want and turn my dream into a reality. Awesome!
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8 years ago, Val2323!
Let's get real: This app is terrible.
Come on. I downloaded this app because the reviews were so good and I expected to actually be able to choose a new color for my room. My results were quite different from what I expected. Rather than a wall with a nice blue-grey color, I ended up with a chair, a bed, and half a wall colored that color. The rest was pink and white. So I decided to do it manually and thought to myself, "Is this a joke?" The brush is SQUARE. There are "lines" that are SUPER THIN. I am extremely disappointed. Now that I think about it, I'm sure that the reviews that were bad were deleted, or you paid people to write them.
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4 years ago, SaucyNuttBugget
Don’t buy
I was using the free mode and it was PERFECT. It worked just fine, pictures were a little blurry but you got the idea of what you were looking at. Then I paid to get no ads, and to have high resolution pics. Ever since then, I’ll be 30 minutes into a project and the app will just close out. Won’t save anything. Just quit. Then I have to start ALL over again. And it can take a while to get a whole project done, when you have to use the brush to paint it yourself. App went from a 4 star to a 1 star after I paid for it. Very disappointed.
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6 years ago, Teda777
Access to photos
This app has one major flaw! It does access your photos even if you restrict such access from your iPhone settings! All it requires is, tap “browse library” after opening the app and that’s it! Your “photos” pop up right away! Any normal app would either direct you to settings so you allow it to access your photos or it’ll ask your permission to access photos from the scree, skipping settings part. This app does none of these and goes into your photos even if you have access disabled. This is major violation and I’m amazed how Apple allows this to happen.
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8 years ago, Kirby Custom
Great for a free app
Easy to use and gives at least a general idea of what the room would look like painted. Obviously it would be better if you could upload a specific color instead of choosing from their selection but maybe that's an option in the paid version? Either way it seems like a pretty decent app.
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7 years ago, Wax se
Amazing app
This app is awesome! I got it to just play around with our exterior house paint color. If you've ever used other paint or flooring apps they usually paint everything. This does not it leaves trim, wall pictures and just about anything else. How it know what is a "wall" I have no idea but it's great. And no , no one paid me to love this app. It's free to try the basic version so try it!
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3 years ago, Baylorcheese10
Best on the market
I’m trying to choose how to paint the exterior of my home and have downloaded five different apps. This is the first one that lets me choose more than one color, change sizes of brush to color and is somewhat transparent to show me the detail of my house. It’s not perfect, but definitely better than the others!
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6 years ago, Just call me Barb
A lifesaver
I have a hard time picking colors by just visualizing what they may look like in a particular room. I have used this app several times to select the perfect color when the painting mood hits me. I have never been disappointed, the color I select using this app is spot on when I look at the finished product.
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7 years ago, Atxmob
A good start but...
Crashes. Then you lose all your work. All that time spent painting little ares GONE. Even if you exported your work you cannot open it back up to edit. This means all of your color option viewing must be done in one session and you better hope it doesn't crash. The masking tape tool is wonky as there is no way to remove it.. Free version allows painting on low resolution image only BUMMER! Better to stick with photoshop if you already have it.
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7 years ago, Debbie292d
What color stain to pick? We found it!
We just bought a house with cedar siding in bed need of re-staining. It currently was a gross form of gold. We thought we'd go with an aged gray color to make it more natural looking. I got this app and painted our house several different stain colors and found the best looking one to be a rich dark brown. Thank goodness for this app!
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1 year ago, Laurali92
Pay for the upgrade!
The free version is pretty low quality and requires a lot of extra editing work. The upgraded version was so worth the $3! The editing takes less time and the picture quality is so much better. Love this app!
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7 years ago, YarnQueen2834
Very helpful!
I've been struggling and trying to figure out what colors to use on my exterior of the house, but could not imagine how it would look in the final affect......well, with paint tester it really helps!!!! I tried one look and it was hideous! so thank god between expenses and labor I was out only a few minutes of time rather than Thousands of $$ . A real time and money saver!
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8 years ago, Gerling5
Best yet !
While redoing a small bathroom I looked all over for an app that let me use colors I wanted and my real photo of the room. A lot seemed to let you pick their color from their paint brand to not my own room photo. This was also a lot easier then most to navigate and really play with the colors! This was fun !
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5 years ago, DerroCio
Randomly closes and kicks me out
Whenever I zoom in and scroll lock to use my brush to paint it’ll randomly force close or the app will close all of a sudden and erase my progress, so whenever I open the app up again it goes to its start screen asking you to choose a picture, if you could fix that, that’d be superb
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7 years ago, Jenguerty
Like magic
This is a fantastic app! Snap a picture of the room you're wanting to repaint, change the paint color on the app, save the picture to your phone, and head to the paint store. This app is going to make me want to repaint every room in my house, shoot it might even make me repaint of the outside of my house!!
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6 years ago, Hebula
Paint your room .decent app
I’m happy with this App. Take your photo. Choose the color, tap the palette choice...paint full wall, or partial..and scroll darker to lighter, to get the shade you want. Tells you the paint color and percentage of each , to make the shade you want. Easy to use !! Love it. Just what I needed to determine the perfect paint color.
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4 years ago, Doubledee0911
If you’re going to paint, use this app!
I really liked this app and it was so helpful when we were trying to decide what color to paint the exterior of our house. We ended up using the color picker and picked a shade from our roof. I’ve gotten so many colors on the custom color job!
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2 years ago, N-rose
Simple app to play with paint colors
I love how this app reads shadows. The only thing that it’s missing are drivers that allow higher quality pictures to be taken. Right now they come out more grainy then then the phone camera can do.
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7 years ago, jodesbe
armature painter and handyman
Easy to install and use; rich, true colors that take the guess work out of deciding what color a room will look like. The instant light to darker feature allows you to adjust color intensity with the slide of a finger in real time while viewing photo. Equivalent in painting as slicing is to loft bread!
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6 years ago, manfromi
Very useful
Once I learned all the steps of the process its been very useful. I can take pictures of the room paint it with variety of colors erase unwanted areas then compare all the photos to see which is more suitable and pleasing. I am considering purchasing the pro version.
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4 years ago, Lil Wag
Best Paint App I’ve ever used!
Love the easy access to tools, and the fact that your can lock the frame after its enlarged. Another perk is after finished painting you can easily brighten or deepen the color. Love this option. I highly recommend this app for visual painting. I give it a thumbs up👍5x’s.
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5 years ago, Shana333
Very accurate
This is actually a really great paint testing app. It works best if you get an actual paint sample, put it on your wall, then snap the pic. You can use the dropper tool to pick up the actual color and go from there. My mockups ended up looking very close to the real thing.
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4 years ago, MzSooki
Renovation dream!
I've been wanting to test color for the exterior of the house. So easy and within minutes, my house has a preview of my dream color and I love it! Haven't been able to find a good app that would help me see my ideas so quickly. ❤️❤️❤️
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8 years ago, RG313
My friend couldn't get another more well known app to work so I downloaded this one and it worked so well! He immediately downloaded it on his own phone, played with it, and within an hour had picked a new color for his entire living room.
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8 years ago, jayzupp
Pretty Great for a Free App!
I was able to, with some figuring out, check a whole variety of colors on a wall to pick the perfect one :) I just wish it would be easier to switch between colors on the fly. So much better than the little color cards you get at Home Depot haha
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7 years ago, Kel1st
Great paint tool
I gave it 4 stars because it lacks a few things but overall a very useful tool. 1. It needs a way to paint small detail areas 2. The UI is a bit clunky and outdated 3. I should be able to hide tools as I work with one I have selected 4. If the brush could behave more like a brush would be great 5. Once I have selected a color it would be great to save it as popular paint brand for mixing 6. Selecting a color in palette should have a zoom option to fine tune a hue Overall as casual interior designer I found it helpful if even just for my own apt.
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4 years ago, beef6524
Best free paint tester I found
By far the best free paint tester I've found. It is so simple to take a photo of your room with your paint swatch taped to the wall. The app will copy the color from your swatch, in its lighting context, and you can easily fill the wall with that color. So helpful!
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5 years ago, Runmaster2000
Very Easy!
Within 60 seconds of downloading this app I was able to see what my office would look like in a different paint color. I am going to be using this with clients and I love how user friendly it is!
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4 years ago, California Ami in NH
Simple and helpful
I tried a lot of different applications before I tried this one. They were all complicated and confusing. This one helped me pick colors not just for the walls but let me try different color couches and curtains too! And it was so easy!
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5 years ago, Pia_456
Easy enough to use.
Took photo of living room and the app provided a general idea of color combinations (2 colors in one room). I imagine it works better if you have less furniture and no clutter in the way...if you are trying to get clean paint lines versus patchwork.
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5 years ago, Deborahkw
Easy to use! Very easy to change colors-Love it!
If you aren’t sure of the colors you want/ This is the app for you! Easy to use- Easy to change colors and see your room quickly and easy!
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7 years ago, Klbwfbone
Easy easy, Excellence
This was incredibly easy to use, with instructions popping up to help guide. Launched app, took photo, and had a wall painted in minutes, convinced wife that we could go darker on one wall. A well done app.
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5 years ago, K_N_A_R
Love it!
The app is so easy and convenient. I’m trying to paint the inside an outside of my house was able to test out the colors I chose out without having to spend any money. Highly recommended app! 👌🏼
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7 years ago, IssuesRUs
Super user
I like the ability to change the photos of my choice with wide range of color choices. A lot better than this other app I used. Always like to keep an open mind. Limited work. But possibility is endless.
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3 years ago, gaumless
App quits too frequently to be useful
The idea and implementation are both decent, but the app frequently quits while working ( runs out of memory?). You can't continue on a saved photo again because it doesn't understand the original background. Because of this, I wasn't able to finish even one photo.
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1 year ago, RiversDirect
Excellent paint color demo app
This is the best app I found to check what paint colors would look on your walls. Works very well. Has lots of manual adjustments. I’d highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, creativity4hire
Fun app, use your imagination
I’m showing my 76-year-old mother what our family home would look like as a different color. Thanks for giving me that experience.
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5 years ago, nope77
Awesome app!
This is a very good app to get an idea of what it’ll look like before committing. I appreciate the work put into this app and although it is free to use, will pay for because it is so good. Thanks again!
Show more
8 years ago, Jshort81
Incredibly useful - light tears ahead!
puts the branded apps to shame by orders of magnitude... (behr colorsmart? Should be Behr colorFART). If I were a paint company I would look into buying this app ASAP and adding only the ability to translate chosen colors into names/codes for its own paint.
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7 years ago, Dpetz
Not too hard, intuitive tools!
Really easy, in 10 minutes, I made a good pic of my room with a lot of junk and crap in the way. Just what I was looking for!
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7 years ago, d.
Very helpful
I have a hard time imagining what something will look like and this app really helps me to see the project...and probably saved me an expensive mistake too!
Show more
6 years ago, Njackies
Hard to work with
This was the worst app I have ever had. You cannot connect the color with your picture. And then advertising keeps popping up. Definitely not user friendly. I deleted it from my phone. Nice when you can possibly get it to work, but that can take a lot of time and then you still can’t connect the paint color to your picture !!
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