Panecal Scientific Calculator

4.8 (1.3K)
24.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Noriyasu Kutsuzawa
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Panecal Scientific Calculator

4.8 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Mobile User iOS and Android
Nice calculator
I like the calculator although I sometimes get non-banner ads that appear in the same screen as screen identifying version number and fixes, where this ad reads inside a graphic bubble “iPhone Memory Full. device will not work! Clean”, and appears to be a clickable link in the bottom half of the screen. I have gotten similar messages in other apps also, and the ad is clearly referring to storage and not RAM because it tends to imply photos, files, etc. What the ad says is misleading at best since I have plenty of storage space left (but don’t let most apps access to it). I naturally then think this is some kind of phishing attempt from an advertiser, although I also question whether it is a bug beachside this never appears in the banner ad area, and no other ads ever appear here. The version history page often pops up initially, even when there has not been a recent update. Sorry to post this here, but I do not know how else to get in touch with developers about this. I do like this calculator though.
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12 months ago, SJS_Username
Fantastic app with everything you need
This is a really great calculator app for those who need a scientific calculator that does exactly what it’s supposed to do. The layout/looks of this app isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as some other ones, and it won’t solve problems for you. However, if you need a good calculator that has all the functions without having to dig into extra menus, this is for you.
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3 years ago, kmrbrierley
Bugs seem to get fixed
I like this calculator, does what I need with a straightforward interface. Haven’t bought pro yet but I think I will. I was reading in the pro version about bugs with 172! And 0^0=1 The former seems now fixed and the latter I don’t believe is a bug. The limit of x^x as x tends to 0 would seem correct as 1. The behavior with reduced precision mentioned by another reviewer is annoying as it compounds numerical error. I would agree that if you set 2 decimal places the expectation is a display option NOT a calculation accuracy option. The non displayed precision should be available for subsequent calculations. But overall so far I really like it hence 5 stars.
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1 year ago, Ver Pang
My take on this free version
One handy feature is that the calculation continues down to the next line rather than continuously scrolling on the first line which is very convenient. You can store 4 variables A,B,C,D,E & F then do the fundamentals. Example A=12 done as 12 then press A (hold). To recall value stored on A, press ALT then A(hold). You can do the fundamentals : example (A*B)/(A+B-C/D)+E/F
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1 year ago, Der Pixelator
An electronic version of a paper tape calculator with scientific functions
While I have the requisite HP scientific calculators, the ones I have don’t leave a “paper trail.” This calculator DOES. Kudos to the software developer. It’s an app that I can’t live without and as Andy Grove would say, “it’s a ‘killer app!’”
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4 years ago, 1 fairy star
Efficient and easy to use
I appreciate the large and easy to read and use layout. It is so wonderful to have all calculations and functions visible, and awesome to be able to edit for corrections! Thank you!
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3 years ago, dbalge
Does not follow the order of operations
On problems such as 6÷2(1+2) and similar, this calculator fails to follow the order of operations rules. It gives priority to implied multiplication which violates the rules of math. I'll stick with the wolfram calculator which correctly applies the OoO. Calculators such as yours is the cause of many students not understanding the order of operations and us math teachers get such hateful comments on Facebook when we try to point out their errors.
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5 years ago, Ben hen 9
Great and user friendly app!!
The app is great, it keeps all the date and numbers entered on the screen so you can keep track on your calculations and more features.
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3 years ago, Carolyn Bruce
Panecal calculator
It seems better then my old calculator that didn’t have everything on it.
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4 years ago, wtlowery
One of the best calculators for the iPhone.
Great product. Works as designed. Very intuitive for engineers. Has the right options for calculation preferences in the settings menu.
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10 months ago, kdbebd
in love
thank you panecal for being so great... not only do they have inverse trig functions, but when you type a number.. it stays! this is the best thing to ever come out of a calculator... so sick of the days where the number would just dissappear after i punched a + button 🙏 heaven sent for retracing your steps and double checking yourself
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1 year ago, nehemi730
Great Scientific Calculator
This is a great scientific calculator! I love the wider, easier to read layout! Much better than the default iPhone calculator.
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2 years ago, Qweku1
This is a must app that all businessmen and women should use. It keeps records of all your calculations
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4 years ago, cacofonix1
Would love Casio FX-260 like Interface
Am used to Casio interface where if I had to find the cosine of a degree, one punches in 45 and then presses Cos. In this app one presses Cos, enters 45. Wish it offered a Casio style interface. Am too used to the +/- key to change the sign of the displayed number that this app lacks.
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2 years ago, Ragman 123678
When “enter” or “=“ is hit the calculator should jump down to the bottom or answer. With every update it’s a gamble if it will work correctly or not. Frustrating that this is not a given.
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9 months ago, psirage
Awesome Calc, ugly icon…
Most functional and useful calculator out there. Wanna buy the full version…. I just wish its icon is not so ugly….
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2 years ago, frankie_v.
GREAT calculator
Just like having a TI scientific calculator, very well done app
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5 months ago, UNTRUSED
Can’t figure out how to use the percentage button
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1 year ago, Joe Hill 2
A calculator that tracks my location?
This calculator app tracks your location and lots of other data about you. A navigation app needs location. A calculator that is spying on me is dangerous.
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7 months ago, kkksmart
very good,better to maybe change menu font,and icon is not beautiful
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2 years ago, avi. avi. avi. avi.
Good app
Thank you
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4 years ago, clay}}
It’s aight
Adds are obnoxious, but a good calculator
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8 months ago, Megael9
Very nice
Very nice calculator
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2 years ago, John Thomas123
Is awesum
Panecals greeat st doin mah maths& science rn!!!!!!! K by
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7 years ago, telacoteo
Needs fixing
How is it possible that 6/2(2+1) and 6/2*(2+1) yield different results lol. Needs fixing
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3 years ago, Mightbeanidiot
I’m an idiot
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2 years ago, nkpen22
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8 years ago, Stlshawn
Great scientific calc
Great great great program. It's like having my Casio on me all the time. The exception being this one has multi line display (ooooh fancy). The ad space is unobtrusive, as of right now, it's a small banner up top. It's really great. The nag to upgrade is also not bad. I probably will upgrade now that I think about it because whoever wrote this has created such a great tool. Anyway, it does what I want, it works just like the scientific calculators that I am used to. I really like the "true calculator" look of it and it just works well.
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10 years ago, PgsNmbrsUser
Panecal Scientific Calculator
I have it on iPhone and it is a simple, basic and flexible scientific calculator. I like that the keys aren't too small for big fingers. It allows you to view past calculations to see if data was entered correctly. It also allows you to edit, copy, paste and redo past calculations. The DMS/decimal degree feature is important to me for work.
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9 years ago, sarmad00
so Great
thanks for this app its really Great
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10 years ago, Blake Thomas
Was great...
This WAS by far the best calc app out there in my opinion. Now it is glitchy. I just downloaded it on my phone and now the calculator doesn't let you scroll and won't show your current answer after 2 lines. Useless app until it gets fixed. 2 stars bc it still has potential.
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11 years ago, 2Chrono2
Easily one of the best.
I've used this app for about a year today, over four machines. It's one of the best scientific calculators out there.
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10 years ago, Dr3amxHonors
I'm in mr pinas class ;)
Hello ;) they made me download this app in school...
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2 years ago, Hoa khôi của trường
Cảm ơn nhiều nhé!
Bạn đã giúp tôi tính toán được rất nhiều , tôi cảm ơn bạn!
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1 year ago, 川v普
闪退 打不开
闪退 打不开
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5 years ago, Jjhgfrdfggfg
Best calculator hands down. I used this extensively on Android. I went thru a number of disappointing other calcs before finding it here too. So happy and worth the price. Great job dev and thanks!
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9 years ago, Neo4321
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