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Parallels International GmbH
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User Reviews for Parallels Desktop

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12 months ago, GamingEngineer
Good for a trial, download from Parallels if you buy
tl;dr just get it from the Parallels website. Knocking a star because this version isn't feature complete, more details below. Software engineer / gamer who decided to join the Apple ecosystem here. I can honestly say Paralells has been the easiest Virtualization software to get from 0 to productivity within an hour. Running on a M1 Macbook Pro from 2021 and the VM performance feels native. The paid version is worth the money. That said the product description around the app store version here needs some work: * It's not obvious that this is a free trial and then a paid subscription product. I knew it was a paid product but I saw a lot of 1 star reviews from peple who felt tricked / sticker shocked. This is preventable with a proper disclaimer. * Seamless mode is not supported in the app store version. If you buy Parallels, this is probably one of the reaons why. It leaves a bad taste in someone's mouth to spend $90 on a product to have a key feature missing because you have to reinstall and everything you google says it should "just work". * The Parallels KB needs some info on how to migrate from the app version to the full version and/or detect existing VMs. I at first thought my existing Windows VM was gone when I removed the app store copy and installed the full Parallels version.
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4 months ago, jack135797531
Works flawlessly
I'm blown away by how snappy this is on Apple Silicon. Windows 11 works great no matter what I've thrown at it. I do think the Parallels app could use a tad more cleaning up in terms of aesthetcis though, the top macOS window bar above the virtual machine isn't customizable and has some ugly buttons on it that are scaled kind of weird. I'd love the option to remove everything from teh top bar so it's nice and clean. Also love that this version is avaialbe on the Mac App Store. Kudos to Paralllels for making a sandboxed App Store version for those of us who want the option.
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11 months ago, accountingwiz
Would be 5, but Subscription Key Never Received
I tried parallels and loved it so I purchased a subscription on the App store. When I did, I did not receive a subscription key. I desparately needed access for work, so I had to purchase another key on the parallels website. Now I have paid parallels twice in the amount of $99 for only one does not answer the phone. They also only allow messaging on twitter or facebook or an extremely dated online forum that I was unable to post to. Worth noting, the email address associated with the purchase and my account are the same...I have no idea why I didn't receive the key on my first purchase, but now I will just have to contact apple support and dispute the charge through my credit Card company.
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9 months ago, KaknuSF
masOS and Windows is a dream.
I am 1000% an Apple guy. The products are beautiful and extremely user friendly and the ability to sync my iPhone to my Macbook to my Mac mini is flawless. There is something about Windows though- the simplistic beauty of the Command Prompt, the customizability of certain features and the ability to change/alter drivers, devices, etc. gives the user a great deal of control over the machine. And to think- I downloaded this software to update my Xbox One controller's firmware. I'm loving Parallels Desktop!
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10 months ago, Ethalamus
Simplicity without sacrificing control
TLDR; Parallels > Virtualbox / VMWare. Low latency, easy guest-os installation, simple snapshot features. Great customization. When it comes to virtualization, MacOS "simplicity" can become frustrating. In past OSX versions, as well as Windows systems, Virtualbox was always my go-to VM software. Of course, the free software reeled me in but the happy middleground between customization & simplicity kept me around. BUT ever since MacOS 11.0 (Big Sur), Oracle Virtualbox has become honestly embarassing & just frustrating to configure. When it comes to Paralells software, I was initially put-off as I felt as though I was being hand-held but hear me: trust the process. IT JUST WORKS. If you aren't feeling like a Windows installation as your first build; that's OK! Paralells offers direct-downloads for a plethera of other OS' & the software is verified post-download. The latency is the lowest that I've felt on MacOS. Just buy the software.
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10 months ago, doc Greg
Don't buy it. I have been using MACs and Windows PCs for over 15 years. I have a Parallels subscription for years. Downloaded the app from the App Store and installed Windows 11 only. It does not give the option to uninstall Windows 11 and install other operating systems (Windows 7, etc.). And I only press from my Parallels account for years to buy an annual subscription for $99 and it does not let me try the software. I tried to use the trial version and it's the same, impossible to uninstall Windows 11. I wanted to try this new version on Windows 7, Windows XP.. After being a Parallels customer for 10 years I am completely disappointed and I am going to cancel my account with Parallels. Definitely don't buy this version. It's useless.
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4 months ago, so_uncute
it works
The app does what it's supposed to do with no issues and I actually prefer it instead of messing with my computer hard drive/software. (I’m not a computer person) but what I do not like is the fact that it's $100 annually why can't you just have $100 base fee, or anything else?
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1 year ago, MonDan86
License keys
I downloaded parallels desktop and installed windows to evaluate.. i had a genuine copy of windows so i activated it.. after that, i bought the subscription for parallels and tried to activate that, but it said this subscription is only valid for the desktop software..which made no sense.. so i installed a new version and it did not detect that i already had installed windows on this machine.. it made me reinstall windows.. after that, i tried reactivate my windows and this time, my windows did not activate saying that i have also used this key on another machine... now i have to deal with ms support folks in order to understand how to unactivate the older parallels version and then get this key activated.. it is ridiculous..
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5 months ago, w00tw000t-USA
BUYER BEWARE - Version is Reduced Functionality
In the last decade of working on Mac I have never left a review. However, when I'm using Parallels this version limits the cores and memory utilization. For example, you are limited to 8G for memory. Have you ever used Windows 11 with 8G of memory? You have to purchase the PRO version to utilize up to 128G of memory. Really???? I can't even find how to upgrade it, or where it even states the cap in the description. I have two useless licenses. What a bait and switch and loss of total value. $199 for Windows 11 and $100 a year to run it on Mac for 8G of memory? Try logging into Parallels site with your Apple login. The licenses aren't there to upgade. I want my money back.
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1 year ago, Dr BigJim
Best Virtualization Product in the Mac App Store
Parallels is simply the best virtualization product in the App Store. It will be even better once the M1 version is published in the App Store by making this a Universal Application. The subscription option is unacceptable because it encourages the developers to do nothing for the rent of the software. On the other hand, you could rent this software for a little over 26 years before paying the equivalent of an equivalent Windows computer.
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7 months ago, johnb92372
Best yet
I have been using parallels for years in different versions and mostl;y for the hardest programs to emulate, games. Well it seems they have mnastered it now because i have been paying some games that are graphics and processor intensive. I have bought many licenses that were wastes of money because i couldn't get it to run the programs i wanted but now not only does it run them but runds them very well. Way to go!
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1 month ago, grmmer1936
just loing !!!--Now i decided to go again and clik "supend"--and it looks like it went somewhere becuse Window 11 finlally came back with 2-large screen says that it has updeadeted lots of things!! o, yeah dont forget to click a button then give it tme to do whats he wants to do--download etc--i guss you can "suspnd" again because it wil do what to do on its own--even when you are asleep!!i am exited beause i thought its gone!!
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12 months ago, QueenXtreme_BayB
LITERALLY saved me big bucks against purchasing another desktop and pretty much kicked off my career; Being that I work 80% remote. To think it was a waste for me to spend approximately a grand on my new Macbook Air M1, brought a dark grey cloud over me for a couple of hours. The convenience of this app from downloading -> installing has brought immediate relief and a huge amount of weight lifted from my shoulders. I am beyond thankful.
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4 months ago, dgetzin
Smoother and more seamless than ever
Last time I used Paralells in a professional context was in 2014. Back then it was good. After a while, I used Oracle virtual box - it was ok. Now that we have pure Apple M2 silicon - I moved back to paralells - and BAM - this thing is liquid smooth amazing. And the setup is majorly seamless - the snapshot feature is perfect - file integration is excellent. I love this app. Be sure ta have LOTS of RAM and this thing FLIES on Apple Silican with SSD internal storage.
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7 months ago, Yeiyeiyuya
You dont even explain how to make things work
It doesnt even work properly. I have installed Revit 2024, open a Revit 2024 file from my MacOS (This file was moved from a HP computer I had, but I transfered my files to MacOS) I edit this Revit File, try to save my progress and whenever I try to it doesnt save anything, it only crashes. I have a Windows product key I bought, my folders are properly shared and edit and write available. It still doesnt save. Why do they make you pay 100 dollars annually if your product doesnt even work.
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8 months ago, Ctrillest
Parallels Desktop is Great
I'm fairly new to the MacOS but I downloaded the Parallels Desktop Application today (October 7, 2023) to excecute Hashdeep64 functions and generate Hashes on Windows (virtually) in MD5, SHA1 and SHA56. Windows ran better than what I remembered when I was an avid PC user. Setup was very easy with just a few clicks. Great job Parallels with building this application!
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8 months ago, Construction Mama
Generally Successful
The programme works well however for some reason it doesn't capture the cents in my invoicing application forcing me to send invoices from a separate device. Neither the application nor Parallels has been able to solve the issue.
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9 months ago, NightNinjaPDX
Parrallels Desktop Is Worth Buying!
I just got my new 15 inch MacBook Air for college, and immediately installed Parrallels Desktop to run Windows 11 for some classwork. The entire setup process was quick, and easy! The Apple Silicon models do not need bootcamp, and it is a lot better running both OS's side by side on this amazing MacBook Air.
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1 year ago, Save Me From Myself
Doesn't support AVX/AVX2
Doesn't support AVX/AVX2 which many games in Steam require to run. I would not recommend purchasing Parallels until they provide some kind of backdoor/ work around method that can alleviate this issue. Most of us use Parallels to run Steam and other programs and without AVX there often is no point to even having this. Just my two cents. Save your money. Buy a gaming laptop for a couple hundred bucks and save yourself the headache.
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1 month ago, Mel Beach Linda
Customer support??? None!
In a nutshell, my parallels app totally crashed during the last update. Cannot use it anymore. There is nobody to call or nobody that can tell me how to fix the problem. I lost all of my Quicken information, as well as a feww other things. I am livid!!! If there was a way to get support from someone who actually helped develop the app. .. . but nothing. I actually ordered a new cheap PC to run a handful of apps so I would never have to deal with the Parallels app again.
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1 year ago, Jhulswit
The best it's ever been
I started using Parallels in the late 90's. Wow has it come a long way. Work seamlessly on a Mac. Not delays, no errors, and starting it up is like pushing a light switch! Great job Parallels!- Just renewed my subscription from back in March and wow- even better now! Faster and smoother !
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1 year ago, mrosenecker
Awful support, gotchas to buying through App Store
Product worked well, up to a point, especially with deploying a Win 11 (ARM) VM! Unfortunately, when I needed assistance, the support experience left a LOT to be desired. No mention online or in support (until weeks later) that installing Parallels from the App Store (vs downloading and installing manually) restricts many of the conversion tools from functioning.
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10 months ago, Sudden vengeance
Easy enough to download. Yet to see more
It was easy enough to download the app, but I have not had much experience using it. I will update this review once I find the glitches...which I normaly do.
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1 year ago, Kembreja
Revising my review
Thank you Parallels for developing the software to allow users to engage with non-iOS platforms. It was difficult getting up a running. Now, all is well and the product is delivering as promised.
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4 months ago, Eazjay
Great virtualization.
I downloaded the 11 in the app store to update my 10 which i've had a couple of years. It was really easy to transfer keys from version to version. I am really impressed.
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5 months ago, Opuqide
Best Simulation App!
As a Student in my school, this is really useful when trying to do some work, but also great for games! I highly recommend this for anybody needing to do something on Windows that they can't do on Mac.
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1 year ago, WildcoltV
This software is so amazing, it's like putting a man on the moon every day! I mean, it's not quite as impressive as landing on the moon, but it's pretty close. And it's a lot more affordable. Kudos to the Dev's PS: I saw some one give the app less stars. Either those are grand ma's or illitrate.
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8 months ago, Amateis
First day and loving it
Wow. I'm blown away at this product. First day on the free trial and cannot believe how easy this is! It's the solution so many of us have wanted for so long to integrate WIndows and Mac together. Hoping there are no surprises or catches. So far so good
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10 months ago, Looney4EPC
Not exactly sure the costs that goes in to make a app like this or to maintain it but 100$ a year has me sitting on the egde. But other than that its a smooth experience all around. I reccomend you try the free 15 day trial.
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1 year ago, mh24589729875
works well, too expensive for me
5 stars because it works extremely well, but for me it is a toy to play around with some Linux distros, as such, not worth $99 a year for me. If you need virtulization, this app works well.
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1 year ago, Zarec86
Its ok but kind of a waste of money
I got this so i could play windows games on my mac studio. While i can play some, any that try to detect the graphics card will fail to open. If you want to play newer games like Diablo IV and others that have this requirement, don't get this. Not worth the added cost.
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3 days ago, Milesdei
Great product!
Love the flexibility of being able to switch platforms. I give Windows its own "space" and just slide over to it whenever I need apps specific to it. Very cool.
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11 months ago, monk-12x
Sooooo annoying
Tried to buy a windows activation key and went round and round with the Microsoft store and PayPal and ended up wasting an hour and no key. Messages like, "Go back to finish your installation" Go back? Go back where? No link, no help. The problems seems to be Microsoft, but this is Microsoft through Parallels, and I never encountered this on a real Windows PC. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow if I have the fortitude. WINE anyone?
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6 months ago, Newlearner93
the person that made this posible i really apprecate it
amazing app works right out the gate easy to use and get the enjoyment out of whatever your craving . Shout out to the devlepors / resourses that went in to make this. :D
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6 months ago, zefatma
very slow
This makes my computer slow and I have to restart it multiple times. It takes so long to load information from windows sources and I cannot seem to finish my work since I have to reset or restart all the time. I paid for the full version.
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1 year ago, Its_HIV
Excellent and Worth Every Penny
Disregard all negative comments, because those users are special because this will work perfectly for any parrallel specifications requested.
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1 year ago, Kytlarsen
Works Great. Way better than remote log in.
Ive been using teamview, logmein, and remotepc for years. This is a much better solution. Quick, easy and works very well. Cost isnt to bad either.
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2 months ago, WLW1961
Great product
I use this product for work when I need access to window-based programs. It is a solid platform and works seamlessly with my MAC!
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11 months ago, deathxXx69
Works well
Cost is a bit much but honestly it works well enough to the point I can get work done and It doesn't affect the rest of my time on MacOS.
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6 months ago, nopasta123
Does nothing if you don't pay
In order to even run a virtual machine for the first time you already have to show them your credit card. All companies now are playing this game, or subscribe and cancel... but of course you will have to jump so many hoops to cancel that they will take your money anyway. Don't let them get away with it!
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4 months ago, RoadGlideDude
So easy!
I have not used Parallels in years and it used to be a challenge to setup. It is how a piece of cake! I setup a Windows instance on my Mac in less than 20 minutes. Well done!
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5 months ago, JohnnyHabanero
Misleading Moneygrabbers
I installed it, and then it went about installing Windows 11. Only after an hour or so, it takes me to a screen for a free 14-day trial, BUT, I have to subscribe. What? $99 a year. Are you kidding? What ever happened to buy once, use forever? This corporate greed is getting out of hand. No thanks. I already pay Adobe every month for Photoshop. Go find another sucker.
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5 months ago, Phlex007
Parallels Review
Parallels was a very easy application to install. Very smooth set up process. Shortly after installation, I was able to also easily install NVDA Screen reader in Parallels as well!
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6 months ago, mcornelio
Sold my Surface Book Pro because of Parallels
I hated having to carry 2 laptops (a Macbook and a Surface Book) to do cross-platform testing. Now I run everything on my Macbook Pro because of Parallels. Perfect.
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1 year ago, wellshooter
Actually works
I can't believe how well this app works. I never had anything but bad experiences with Windows. No I can run Windows on my Mac and enjoy the stability of the Mac OS.
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9 months ago, Pencz
Loved it until I registered
I just applied a subscription key to my trial version and now I am stuck on a screen that reads "The current copy of Parallels Desktop App Store Edition has been successfully activated" when I click OK, nothing happens. Ugh!
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12 months ago, First Responder 911
great program
This is a great additon to your computer user friendly, The free trial is EXACTLLY what it states free tial, No tricks no need to cancle they let you know when time is up. I really respected this program/co for that.
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4 months ago, MichaJae
Works Great
I needed to read sections the pdf manual to complete my goal. The manual was clear and the program worked as advertised.
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5 months ago, Buzz1958
No support
App stores cookies on devices , so if you tried it on another mac and deleted it the app still thinks it's being used on another machine, Support is non existant I have been chasing them on X for three days now only to get silly response like sorry we can't see your screen shot!!! Really !!! If you are on Apple Silcon stay away as well.
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6 months ago, asheshgaur
I have been using Parallels Desktop for two years now. It performs really well even on the base apple silicon macs. No problems whatsoever :)
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