Parcel Pending Mobile

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Parcel Pending
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2 weeks ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Parcel Pending Mobile

4.85 out of 5
36.6K Ratings
2 years ago, 6r0k
Doesn't do what it advertised & poor support
Parcel Pending itself is a poor service with many package not delivered to the lockers but this is supposed to be a review of the app so I won't get into issues with the service. Last month I had to reset the Bluetooth settings on my phone and now I can't use the app to open the lockers. Also bar codes don't appear in the app anymore. I called support and the rep had no idea what I was talking about so I sent an email. I never received a response except for a survey asking how they did with answering my email. When the app worked it was the best part of the service but now it only gets one star because it's no longer useful and I can't get support. Update. I resolved the issue on my own by uninstalling/reinstalling. Now the app is working again so I added a star.
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3 years ago, SLS-RN
What does your company actually do?
The apartment complex I moved to has this “service” as part of the mandatory monthly community resident fees added to my rent each month which I wouldn’t mind paying for if it was a LEGIT service that worked as advertised…but it does NOT. Let me be clear I buy everything online from multiple stores daily! It’s been 8 months & it’s been crickets!! 🤨not even 1 false notification has occurred but I have had 15 packages that never came and I’ve received approx. 40-50 packages at my door step addressed to my various neighbors!! I don’t know anything about this “package locker” that appears to be the selling point for this scam! Like the lockers are present on the property but I’ve NEVER had any package delivered to them neither have my neighbors. So what am I actually paying for? Very surprised to see those 5 star ratings mixed with the real customer 1 star ratings🥸 that really makes the junk app look like it’s real! They could allocate a little more time during the work week to making this service work instead of making fake 5 star reviews. 🧐
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3 years ago, LiderallyGodt
Poorly managed
The app is fine I guess, but parcel pending itself is trash. If you can move anywhere parcel pending is not, I highly recommend. Everyone in my house has been having issues with them, they consistently don’t deliver to the right places, keep the wrong information on file and straight up lose package info, and they’re currently trying to find my package with 6 different items in it because even though I was just delivering something to my current address, expecting it in the mail or at my door, they put my package info under someone else and it is now lost while they try to figure out where it went.
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1 year ago, Hanleywho
The worst
This is the third building I’ve lived in that utilizes parcel pending and ever single one of them has been worse and worse. Parcel pending has required a new fee when I moved, lockers that break and jam not allowing you in, missing packages and close to the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. The lack of effort and care is clear. I’m talking days to weeks to follow up with missing packages and questions. And when they do they are ZERO help or ask you for information you couldn’t possibly know, (e.g. the size and shape of packages you never recieved etc). In fact ANYTHING I’ve contacted them about has taken a ridiculous amount of time to get back to me and has been low to no effort (to include sending me a standard copy paste reply after weeks that has literally nothing to do with the question I asked.) If you can find a place to live that doesn’t use Parcel Pending, live there. It will be one of my screening questions going forward. I hope I never have to deal with them again after this lease.
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3 years ago, Rob_UGA_Fan
Perfect app
What can I say , it used to be if I wasn’t home then packages would get turned back to the post office or just stolen from being left on my door. parcelpending eliminated that with providing a safe secure way to still receive my mail in a timely Manner. I don’t know if it’s building or company specific I would say my only gripe sometimes can still be sizes of storage . I think some of them Can be bigger based on where I live and I’m sure this is an apartment specific issue but you guys have really done a great thing with this app , well worth the setup fee charged .
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4 months ago, Stan in Seattle
Immediate re-open functionality needed
There needs to be an easy way to re-open a locker (within a short time window of course) if accidentally closed or if it’s too windy outside, or the locker door simply won’t open for some reason or because it got jammed. It’s only happened to me two times but it’s frustrating when it does because I then have to find the email with the instructions on how to do it on the console, and then you have to find it somewhere in the console history to then finally re-open the locker. This should be super simple to do from this app when needed.
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3 years ago, New Millennium Era
Parcel Package
I absolutely love this app I love that it notifies you when your package has arrive your package is safe and secure in your own personal locker and it gives you a passcode to type that sucker in and Wala abracadabra your locker is open you’re able to get your package it’s simple and easy nothing complicated.I would recommend this to anyone that the treats their package like their personal property for those of us who want to be sure sure that I packages in items are safe and secure!!!
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2 years ago, hollabackgroundnoise
Poor quality of features
I have used the lockers & app for 2 years, and do enjoy the security for the most part. It is annoying that my property management passes on the setup fee to residents. But in regards to the app, my rating is due to the lack of inconsistency with the Bluetooth open feature (only works on one set of lockers and not a secondary set that was installed a year later), and now the vacation feature. My complex has set a fee to be charged if parcels are not picked up by the next day. I am going on holiday for thanksgiving and Christmas, yet I cannot remove my old outdated vacation period and update to new dates in the app. Deleting & reinstalling did nothing, had to do it on desktop.
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1 year ago, Kbwkbw08
Repetitive functions
No matter how many times you confirm you have a card registered with Parcel Pending, it will ask you for a new one every time you login. Sometimes it does not give you the option to skip payment and when you click continue to payment the app crashes. there is no single setting to turn off location and Bluetooth. It asks you every time despite declining access to Bluetooth and Location. After you quit the app and open it up again to access the barcodes, it works fine.
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4 years ago, Guzel yurek
Oversized parcel placement
I have been very satisfied with Parcel Pending notice. However I had oversized parcel, and I got notice saying it was placed in the management office, but nothing was found there. After calling customers service I went to check the parcel box location, then I found my parcel was there with broken box. I am not sure that was delivered status, or someone tried to open the box to see what it is inside. I wishes delivery person called me and noticed me that he/she left the box outside so that I can pick it up right away. This is something management should consider I. The future. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Lotusjou
Doesn’t have location service option on iPhone
I liked it when I was able to remotely open the locker using Bluetooth. However the option was gone after one update. It said you have to grant both location and Bluetooth access to the app to enable the function. It just doesn’t show up if I tried to search under location service tab. Now that the parcel locker in my apartment has a really poor touch screen, I get frustrated almost every time when I retrieve my packages..please check this issue
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7 months ago, noonewillreadanyway
App is inconsistent
For the past 2 days when I open the app, after going through the opening page, the screen goes to a completely white screen. I was charged $6 for 2 packages while on vacation mode (messaged and still no response), and was charged $3 today for a package I picked up last night. Possibly because the app is down? Or there’s some other glitch? Idk, but I have zero parcels pending and got charged a storage fee anyway. Getting really annoyed I have to keep using this company/app because I shouldn’t keep being charged because their tech is lacking :/
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11 months ago, Lemon447
Amazing what voiceover!
This app is amazing my voice over! I am blind, and this has made living independently, ordering packages, and feeling secure so much easier when I know that everything I order is safe, and I have an accessible app that allows me to get my packages! I hope this company continues to keep accessibility at the forefront so that more people are able to use this app successfully
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3 years ago, srk1107
Definitely works well!
The only downside to this perfect review is if the resident is disabled and uses some kind of walking assistance (cane, crutches) it is nearly impossible to bring it to the yourself! I know we don’t live in fairytale world where things just magically float but wouldn’t it be nice to have the package appear at your door? Just a fantasy but A+ service!
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3 months ago, Ro ro a go go
App is not useful.
The app was great until recent updates cause it to ask for my credit card, charge me $20 to setup and more. I had already paid this a few years ago but getting a new credit card number seems to have canceled the setup. I get texts and emails from the service when I have a package, so I don’t see the point of the app. Seems like it’s just trying to get another $20 out of new users. When I reached out for support, no help was given and they said it was from my apartment management who denies this.
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7 months ago, SuperfoodRN
Worst App I’ve ever had on a phone
I’m a brand new resident at an apartment complex that uses this service. It literally just doesn’t work. 5 attempts to create an account, before it created it. Tried using the website to do so, which was somewhat helpful. Then finally after being logged in and seeing my information, I closed the app, then reopened it, only to see a white screen and nothing else. Then I deleted the app and reinstalled. Now that app won’t even let me log in. This is by far, the worst app experience I have ever seen or attempted to use. It needs to be fixed asap.
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1 year ago, AmyLeighG
Horrible service!
Your packages rarely get delivered by the delivery companies, it’s hit or miss. Usually my items just end up at my doorstep where they can be stolen, which was the ONLY reason I signed up to use parcel pending! And then the system doesn’t recognize that you picked up your package so then you keep getting obnoxious notifications that you have a package waiting still AND then they charge you everyday for not picking up a non-existent package since you picked it up a week prior! And good luck with getting any help from the “customer service” department. Horrible idea and company.
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4 years ago, Cat_trujillo
DOWNLOAD This App, Make life simple
I started to use this service for about a year now. It’s so helpful. No need to touch anything but simply walk by the lockers and hit “open locker”. One thing, I do have issues with is adding a roommate. My boyfriend doesn’t seem to get the same parcel pending codes, although I’m sure I can call it in to get some assistance. Would highly suggest to download the app.
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10 months ago, tenineight7
Does the job
App is functional, so I can pick up packages when they’re checked in. Really like the Bluetooth door opening feature. Ideally, I’d like to just open all my package doors with one tap and go from there. Minus a star for: One unexpected behavior occurs when signing for oversized packages on a iPhone 13 Pro. I can only sign on the left side of the box and the brush looks compressed in the horizontal direction.
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4 years ago, Cyn&Dave
Easy, safe, secure
Just used the service for the first time. Picked up 2 packages. Received codes in the app. Easy to use. No personal contact in times of COVID-19. Our lockers are inside an office only accessible to residents so I feel completely secure. I can pick up my parcels at my convenience 24/7. Really great service and easy to use app.
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9 months ago, usesCVSalot
Wrong package and packages too large to come out of the receiving door
I received a package for apartment 206 today. I’m in 203. How am I supposed to handle this? My belief was that this was to make package delivery easier. It might be easier for the delivering persons but it’s been a challenge. My previous package was the exact width of the cubicle. It wouldn’t go past the lip. I had to rip the box open on both ends, take my order out and t wrestle the box out. Today, in addition to my receiving an incorrect package, Breanna from Apt 611 had a package too large for the cubicle as well. It took the two of us several minutes wrangling with her box. We ended up ripping the box open, removing her ordered items, and wrestling the destroyed box out in 93 degree heat. Two unhappy users. Make that three. I’m sure the person in 206 isn’t happy that he hasn’t received his package.
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8 months ago, petabread720
Junk No Support
Junk company. App is fine. But there is no customer support especially when you send in a message for help. I have a locker that is stuck and no one from Parcel Pending cares. It’s food so it’s ruined now and it’s out of my pocket. So i will never ever be using this company for anything and will actively tell others about my experience. Locker is stuck and won’t open… no one will address it… it’s food… delivery service can prove delivery so company wont refund… so thanks to Parcel Pending I am out ~$120 and still no resolution. Crap company, straight up.
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1 year ago, Kelo77777
Love the idea. Execution needs work
I’ve reached out but never heard back on issues with the app function. I love having the lockers just wish the app worked consistently but only some of the functions work some of the time. It’s still better than not having the lockers but it could be a lot better. And they could respond to questions and troubleshooting via email or text because calling requires long waits on hold no matter when I’ve called.
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4 years ago, tonythetigerbutrealtho
Pretty good could use improvements
This is a pretty good product. I suppose my building has a strange setup where there are 3 different “lockers” to pick something up. On the app it won’t tell you which locker it’s in A B or C unless you plug in your package number into one of them. Would be nice if the app could tell you ahead of time. Otherwise I haven’t had any technical issues so seems nice in that sense.
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2 years ago, Lazy Loader
Works - Bluetooth resolved
Location services didn't work on a new download. Have to logout of the app (bottom of Profile tab) and it finally prompted when logging back in. Otherwise the app works great and it’s much easier to retrieve packages with the app when couriers are stuffing the lockers.
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2 years ago, J-Dub 23 & Me
Love this app! I especially love how I do not have to touch the screen to open my packages. I just turn my Bluetooth on, hold my phone close to the touchscreen, and open the locker! I strongly recommend using this feature during these trying times.
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2 years ago, skjpope1
Notifications are terrible
The app does not notify through the phone. All of the options are on and selected in Notifications and every other app works just fine. I have to rely on SMS messages to let me know when there is a package. Likewise, badges on the app do not work. Support has been terrible in this issue and their staff seem uninterested in fixing this. Definitely would not use or recommend this service/app if I had a choice.
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2 years ago, 🐯 The White Tiger
It’s great when it works… and the delivery people actually use it. also, realized, Face ID/Touch ID and location services—to properly use bluetooth to open a locker—do not work unless you log out then back into the app. This has been a known issue for quite some time which — for whatever reason — they refuse to resolve.
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4 years ago, holmnathan
No Barcode Support
The app works fine, but does not provide barcodes to scan. When I receive text message notifications of packages that have arrived they include a barcode to scan, making retrieving the item much faster. Without the barcodes, the push notifications from the app are kind of redundant.
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2 years ago, lovemusic71
Awesome app, love it!
Love this app cannot say enough good things about it! It's great to know that my packages are safe from being stolen from anyone until I have the time to pick them up. The app makes it super easy by just pushing a button to open the box it's in!
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4 years ago, blissbunny
Stopped working properly
This has been a handy app, but recently it has stopped working properly. I still get all the appropriate notifications, but the “Open Box” button has disappeared, which is a disappointment. Especially when I am trying to minimize how many surfaces I touch daily, it was nice to just be able to touch my phone screen, rather than the touchscreen at the parcel lockers.
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4 years ago, darknight1491
Unable to login
Update: Contacted support again over two weeks ago and still no response. PATHETIC! I’m unable to login using the app and the support team doesn’t seem to care. However, I’m able to login to the website using the same credentials. The app seems to complain that my credentials are invalid and forgot password option says that my user account doesn’t exist. Giving it one star since there’s no option for zero star. I expect better support especially when I’m paying monthly for it.
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2 years ago, Tggrtf
Doesn’t work
This app is trash. Never gives a notification on the app you have a parcel. Then when going to pick up a package it takes forever to load if at all. Sometimes I need to pick up my roommates packages and if the app won’t load I can’t open the locker. Additionally, I’m not fond of touching the touch screen that everybody touches so I like the remote open that the app offers… when the app actually opens.
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2 years ago, Mal Dom
I love package pending
I have some mobility issues. With this system in my apartment I can know when something comes in and take the appropriate apparatus with me to get it to my apartment. This gives the independent I want in a safe environment too even the able bodied.
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1 year ago, Mellowmax
Parcel post
I very seldom have a problem with service at parcel post, but the few times I had an issue and had to call my issues were resolved quickly and efficiently. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Tripp237
One star
Being charged for a service you’ve already paid for is ridiculous. For it to happen for a service that you shouldn’t have had to pay for makes it worse. When you get charged for a package you didn’t know was coming, and didn’t know was there, it’s infuriating. The fact that all of this happened because the app is broken and doesn’t give notifications UNLESS you open it should be criminal.
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3 years ago, schmuck303
Doesn’t notify of parcel till you start incurring charges
This company is a joke. It doesn’t notify the same each time. Some times a text most of the time nothing. It’s a joke. Customer service doesn’t respond. Don’t know you have a package till they start to charge you.
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2 weeks ago, IhorBond
Fake reviews horrible app
I don’t understand how in the age of Blockchain and AI we still have poorly developed apps like this one and why would anyone pay them money ? NOBODY should be doing business with this company, absolutely horrible! Feels like the dev agency was hired thru Fiverr at $10/hr. Again I have no idea why real estate companies doing business with y’all you are cheap and quality is zero. Delete this and hire a quality agency to build the app and fix grammar mistakes for God’s sake.
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3 years ago, 9876dee
I love it it comes right to my phone I can open it on my phone and I have my package it’s fabulous everyone’s trying it makes getting emails so much easier on your time I’m not waiting for the mailman to come out
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2 years ago, TedGA53
My app no longer gives me notifications
It worked perfectly for several years, but for months I have gotten no notification banner or badges on iOS (on either iPhone ir iPad), despite having all notifications selected in settings. As a result, I’ve been charged late charges several times.
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2 years ago, Queen~B~Melodie
Packages Safe
I love how i can order stuff living in apts now without it being stolen these lockers are a huge difference then having packages left out in the open especially if you are in them low low Apts 😂💁🏼‍♀️
Show more
3 years ago, Fafuentes
I like it, it’s okay.
My apartment has them installed in the package room, brand new system. For the most part it’s great, but doesn’t fit all types/sizes of boxes in the lockers. If you order small to medium packages then GREAT, but if you order big bulky things like I do, you’ll end up looking for your packages. It’s super easy to use and fool proof. I really like the system it’s very convenient. All things considered is awesome!
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2 years ago, lg vander
This app does not allow access to package lockers via phone
I was excited when I noticed there was an option to connect via Bluetooth when I opened this app. As a totally blind person, the kiosks are not user-friendly with Parcel Pending. I thought I would be able to gain access to my packages via using The app itself when in the vicinity of the kiosk. This is not the case at this point. Get with it parcel pending. Fix your accessibility barriers.
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3 years ago, erichillster
Nice secure way to receive your purchased items
I like knowing that with a short walk I’ll almost certainly get my things as expected with no problems or mix ups.
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2 years ago, r2eyes
Why bother
So at my old property we had different company. And when say they had the best customer service I mean the best. You messaged them about an issue and you’d receive a phone call or email under 2 hour window. THIS COMPANY customer service Dept is TRASH! So I pay for service monthly and if I have an issue I e-mail seeing as that’s an option you’d think they would get back. I’ve had 3 different issues and no ever gets back to me EVER!!!!!
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1 year ago, notyourmomlol21
Works for the most part
Easy to use, however there seems to be some bugs. A couple times now I’ve had packages delivered to the parcel lockers, but I won’t get a notification and it shows in the app that I do not have any pending pickups.
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12 months ago, Navybosn
Do US Postal Service need to do a better job in putting deliveries in the box/locker better? Notification needs to happen so you can get your parcels. some mailman do, and some mailman. Don’t put your stuff in the parcel lockers. Thanks
Show more
2 years ago, AVI TEch43
Easy to use and super convenient
I completely recommend this app and system if your living situation permits. The notifications are accurate and I find it exciting to use the machine and obtaining my package.
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2 weeks ago, uint6 ffbhgg
Easy pick up and safe! I wish all the delivery people would put my packages in these parcel storage area instead of dropping packages at my door were they can easily be stolen.
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4 months ago, Me-e
Package delivery
I most appreciate my packages being deposited in the locked kiosk at my apartment. In the past my packages were left at my front door and some were taken. Thank you again. Frances
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