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4.8 (126.1K)
147.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
New York City Department of Transportation
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for ParkNYC Powered by Flowbird

4.8 out of 5
126.1K Ratings
1 year ago, dr belli
Although I use New York parks, the new software does not live up to the old one. This is a short list of the constructive criticism’s I have. Number one. The digits are way too small when you enter the zone number. Number two: the software then confuses the issue by asking you to confirm an address. This often doesn’t jive with exactly where you are parking. This is very confusing and as far as I’m concerned very on necessary. Thank you for listening. Sign, Dr. Richard Belli
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11 months ago, Qwszahbv12456
Why did you change a perfectly good app?
Why, why did you change? Old app was so easy and intuitive and in easy readable font. Payment could be charged to Apple store credit card. New release changed all of the above to make it much worse. It’s not intuitive. Who come up with sick idea to have a map. And once you enter parking Id it’s start telling and suggest parking address at the expense of the field where one has to enter parking if. This field is so small and stuck at the bottom so one need magnifying glsss to see what number you typed in. Now, I run out of funds and system wants me to type credit card info. it’s inconvenient to enter card info into the phone - you hold card in one hand, phone in another snd you need a third arm to type. I can not charge to Apple store credit card in automatic fashion the way it used to be. So instead, now I have to go back to the parking station and pay with credit card. You forced me to go back to use the credit card as opposed to NYC parking app. Even ewallet does not give you an option to charge apple store credit card.! Royal screw up! I will keep on using credit card and walk to parking payment and wait for the next release . Hopefully it will undo all these awful changes. Good luck!
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2 years ago, Game00000000
Horrible Downgrade
This is supposed to be an upgrade ? I find it to be a downgrade… I understand sometimes you park and you can’t see the number so it uses location service. That’s fine, but it’s so far it’s not accurate. It gives me addresses that I’m no where near, and when I put an address in that I’m literally parked in front of it doesn’t show the location and the right borough. As much as I put Queens. It shows Manhattan or something else, It’s terrible. I find it more difficult to use than the original version The other fault is that you can’t save certain parking areas that you frequent as favorites as you were able to do in the original version. It makes parking a lot faster especially when you park in the same areas often. I hope they change it back or at least update it to work better and allow you to save frequent parking areas and label them as you were able to do before.
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11 months ago, Outerboro
Easier than the meter, but the constant mandatory updates are a nuisance
This should be a great app, but is as frustrating as it is helpful. The chief complaint is they are constantly rewriting the app for what look to be inconsequential improvements. But the database or whatever it accesses is unforgiving about letting you continue to use even the recent previous version of the app—and being forced to do a new app download and install exactly when you are trying to park in a hurry is absolutely what you do not want. If they insist on it being so blessed important to update every single time, let the app send you a notification ahead of time so you can take care of it at your leisure, not when you are trying to park and get where you are going.
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1 year ago, NYCAJK71
Wrong car option…..
The app is convenient but is flawed. When prompted to enter the zone the number keypad should pop up on iPhones to enter the number, but it does not. Also, there should be an option to switch cars under the same number in case you make a mistake and didn’t select the right car for those that have multiple vehicles in one account. There should be a time limit to switch cars because people make mistakes and then are locked out and must pay a second time at the parking ticket machine. Also, there should be an option to pay for multiple vehicles simultaneously, in different areas.
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9 months ago, Mike Billitteri
Got a ticket anyway
The app worked fine for me, in that I was able to add a vehicle and pay for parking without issue. The problem is that the cops apparently don’t know how to do their jobs, and I got a ticket while legally parked because I didn’t display my receipt. Obviously I can’t do that. This is the system built by the DoT, and advertised on every parking sign in the city, and it’s been around for a long time, and somehow law enforcement still hasn’t figured it out. So now I have to fight a parking ticket and keep track of that for the next few weeks to make sure of the outcome. 2/5 stars because the app itself worked perfectly for me. Docked stars because it doesn’t matter that the app works if the rest of the system is trash.
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4 months ago, Kmj851
Like everything related to the city, it’s antiquated
The system really isn’t user friendly and it just collects your money. Say you park for $3 on this block but only used up $1 work of parking, now you have an errand to run two blocks away. Guess what?! You’re paying again because you’re in a different ticket zone. It doesn’t matter that you have an active ticket two blocks away. What’s that you say? You accidentally paid the parking on the wrong car because you have two cars in your profile. Sorry, that’s your problem. They won’t refund that either! There’s not cancel option for accidentally paying for the wrong parking. Pay again cause you’ll be ticketed. You entered the wrong zone by accident, yep, your problem. You won’t get your money back. They’re crooks. Nasty app, nasty system.
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1 year ago, mikehatestheparkapp
Worst app ever. They’ll give you tickets even if paid
Go ahead and spend 10 dollars for 2 hours to park in Manhattan. Walk away amused at the ease of it until you walk back to your car and see a 65 dollar ticket in your window that says “no ticket displayed”. The machines no longer work, forcing you to use this god awful app that hardly ever opens or allows you to use it to begin with. I’ve had to fight at least ten tickets since the switch, winning them all, but it’s absolutely ridiculous how useless New York is with all the money they presumably have. I’m writing this review after 2-3 years of using it, hating it, but this morning the app logs me in and spins and logs me right back out and I’ve had enough. It’s truly atrocious but NY has left us with no other way to pay for parking.
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8 months ago, Alwaysparking
Wish I could pick the amount
I love that this is available I enjoy how easy it is. It does have a lot of glitches at times which can be very frustrating. Also I don’t like that it makes you put a minimum of $25 in like if I only wanna park for a little while I only need a couple dollars because then I’m removing those $25 from my bank account or whatever card I am using and all I needed was four bucks five bucks maybe 10 bucks and at the end I am losing $25 to the app that I might not use again for another two months you understand so for me I really need them to fix that and allow us to add the funds that we only need at the time
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2 months ago, GJ950
Worst experience
Be careful with this app. It defaults your car and also deletes your payment information. The reason I am pointing this out is because I added a vehicle. I was going through the process of paying $14 to park for 2 hours and then once I submitted payment the app defaulted the vehicle without notifying me. It took my money and when I called to change the license plate to correct one or to cancel the session and reissue I was advised that it was not possible. The first CSR I spoke to hung up on me and was extremely rude. NYC just finds a way to screw you over. I want a refund of my money. Avoid this app is possible. I know they are removing the manual way of doing things but avoid it if you can. I filed complaints with the BBB and I will be writing a formal letter regarding this terrible application.
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2 weeks ago, TEB299
No favorite zone feature
They took away one of the best features in the old system. The ability to add frequently used zones as favorites so when you go there the zone number is already available to select and not have to input it every time. I see no improvements in the new app and I see they took away a key feature from the old system. Why did they take a giant step backwards? Will they ever bring it back? The notification feature of when the time is about to expire does not work at all. It worked on the old system. My question to you is how can you take a perfectly good well thought out system and replace it with this junk system and say it’s new and improved? I wish there were no stars in the rating! ☹️
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2 months ago, Frustrated NYorker
This app tends to reset every time I log in. Also when I try to replenish the funds (even though I have it in the auto replenish feature. It says “temporarily unavailable, please try again” Oh and get this. You are only allowed to use the app for the max amount of parking allotted So if you are at a 2hour zone, if you plan to stay for more than 2 hours, you cannot add time. Also when using the app, you lose an entire minute. So if you pay for 20 minutes, the countdown starts at 19. I’ve used this app for a while because I don’t like using my card because I once was hacked using a meter system and really, who carries $4 of quarters? At this rate I guess I’m going to have to return to the old fashion method of using quarters because this is RIDICULOUS
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1 year ago, Superfrafifhllfsetnc
When I first downloaded the application, I was so happy ! I parked for 2 hours and then I tried to park in another area and it was impossible. Then it worked again and I parked for 2 hours. When I wanted to extend the parking session, (the app shows that you ice) I couldn’t do it. Now, I called several times and nobody told me that I could only park 2 hrs with this application, seriously? I took my mom to the hospital and stayed more than 2 hours. You should train your staff to tell the customers that parking with the application is only for 2 hours and after that application not work anymore. I google it and found the answer. What good is it if it’s only for 2 hours? I will be deleting the app as soon as I use all the money I put in the wallet. Thanks for nothing.
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2 months ago, Mad at parking tickets
Buggy app
I have been using this app for quite sometime and it did work long long ago but have not been able to Make use of it for almost 8 months recently it has been frozen. It Does not open!!!! stays frozen totally useless at this stage. I wonder if this has to do with the drop on parking tickets fines the city collects from parking as an effort to revert that trend? the app being frozen is preventing users to pay for their parking via the app and since is frozen the possibility the city can collect more fines by issuing violations is way higher due to this ( no wonder they are listed as the developer). Seems a concerted effort to have an app that goes against paying parking with ease! Currently am using iPhone 15 pro max this should not be an issue.
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5 months ago, Ryina Chuu
Horrible app
I feel like the nyc government is paying the App Store to get better reviews, because how in the world is this 4.8 stars? If you look at most recent reviews, it’s mostly low stars. The corrupt government is definitely abusing its power to give this app high stars to aid their money hungry greed. This is a terrible app that is boardline fraud, like the dear city we live in. It charges high fees just to pay, when 3rd party apps did it for free in the past. And this is when and if the app even works! Most of the time the app doesn’t even work! So disappointing the city has made this choice that only hurts its citizens. Give us back the option to use 3rd party apps again. So tired of nyc taking so much of our money and still wanting more.
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3 weeks ago, BeatzAlmighty
Easy to use, Easy to forget
I’ve been using this app for about a year now and it’s really easy to use and understand. Unfortunately, from my own mistake, I did not switch the vehicles on the app and received a ticket. When I used the app the previous day I added the vehicle I’m currently using and assumed since I selected it the last time it would be selected this time. It was not. I would like that if a user has multiple vehicles on their account that there would be a more noticeable prompt to select the vehicle that is being paid for.
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2 months ago, MartinLama
Useful if it worked more than 20% of the time
The current 4.7 rating is a complete lie. Look at the reviews. Do the math if you like. Scores of 1 star reviews render a 4.7? FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD! This is the kind of app that often is used in “time-crunch” situations. This app is reluctant to open. Sometimes it opens but remains frozen. Sometimes it won’t let you start your parking session even if it’s not frozen. And very often you cannot purchase more time at a given location after your time has run out, which is nonsense because theoretically that means you should now move to another parking zone to legally park. Should be one of the most useful apps on a New York driver’s phone, instead it’s the most frustrating one. TERRIBLE APP! Possibly the worst I ever used.
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1 year ago, lovin life in Az
Needed to park a rental for just a couple of hours and forced to use this app because the meter wouldn’t process my credit card. So many things wrong with this app. First, they give a space to enter the amount of money you wish to add to your account but, when I attempted to add funds I got error message stating I had to add the minimum amount of $25. Second, wanted to extend my parking time and got an error message stating that I could not extend. And finally, only spent half of the amount I was forced to add to my account but, surprise! No way to get the unused amount back. Even if you only use $5 worth of parking they now have $25 from you. I don’t own a car and do not live in the city. I guess they just keep my $25? What a rip off.
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2 years ago, Rfarley77
Bad changes made
The app was great. I only first downloaded it 2 or 3 months ago and it was great. Ease of use and the convenience were awesome. Way easier than getting out, standing in the cold while using your credit/debit card at the muni meter. Then they made changes to the landscape of the app. All of a sudden the card I had saved on there and used with the app 20+ times didn’t work. The app is still pretty easy to use and it still beats using your card at the meter but they changed everything around and it’s not nearly the same. Otherwise I would have given the app 5 ⭐️🌟🌟🌟⭐️.
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2 years ago, shadow-1980
Horrible customer support
My account was blocked on Saturday due to a credit card processing issue. The app didn’t say there was a card problem, just “An error occurred”. Then it got blocked and only then it told me that it was a credit card-related problem. I switched the card but the app stayed blocked and told me to call customer support. They took my info and… sent an email to the appropriate team (what?). Why didn’t they unblock it right away? Ok, today is Tuesday, and the account is still blocked. Customer support agents are not available on the phone. I wish NYC would do a better selection of its vendors. I’m gonna write to the city parking authority. It is an inadequate level of service for the main parking mobile app in NYC.
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5 months ago, sailman83
Do not use - starigt up fraud
It used to be a good app, but they recently made a significant change and defrauded people. The app now accepts payment even when meters are not in effect, and parking is free. Support will blame you for a mistake and tell you the transaction is final. The sad part is that the app is aware that parking will be free, and instead of telling the user about it, it fudges with time and makes you pay for time in the future. Example. I parked at 8 pm on Sunday and planned to stay there for 2 hours. On Sundays, parking is free. I just got confused about what day of the week it is. The app allowed me to pay for 2 hours, but it accepted payment for the next morning from 6 am to 8 am when meters become in effect again.
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10 months ago, Awesomepeerrrsoon
One star for now
Like one reviewer said before, “so much potential” First issue! I’m using iphone x, and it worked ok for the first 2 weeks, then it just stopped. The app, let’s you choose the zone #, and then you put how much time you want to park, and theeeen, when you want to click “start” nothing happens!!! I tried multiple times, and nothing. I ended up deleting it, and reinstalling it, and then it worked, for just 3 days..... Same issue. Deleted it... Today is working 2nd issue If it’s a 2 hour parking zone, you can only extend your parking, if it hasn’t expired yet. If it did get expired, you’re out of luck, soooo.... i am only giving you guys, one star. Hopefully, this gets better, and i will update this review
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1 year ago, Bkhoneydip
Only works after fresh download
I began to appreciate this app and when it began to not work, I deleted it from my phone and downloaded it again. It appears to work after a fresh download. It’s a bit annoying to have to go through, but doing so allows you to schedule time to pay for parking. I think it’s worth the extra minute it takes to download the app again.
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2 years ago, richie ko
Big step backwards in progress.
Old app used to work perfectly. New app has issues logging in and has a complicated rotary dial for selecting time that doesn’t make sense or work well. Also, none of the settings from the old app were transferred over to the new one, so existing users were forced to configure as if they were new, including payment info and vehicles. There was also no notification that the app was going to change, so the first time users found out they had to download and set up a new app was when they first attempted to park after the cutover. Very frustrating for the user and showing little to no effort on the part of the developers.
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8 months ago, Onlymoney
Needs LOTS of improvement!!
1st -That 4.8 rating is a total lie. Also the site is way too expensive. You’re making us pay $25 minimum when some of us have that much left in their account - like me!! 2nd- Why doesn’t it ALWAYS recognize my device? Why must I log in again (same day) and reissue my info (I don’t always remember my password); 3rd- Why does it not have an option for FAVORITES (places we frequent)? Why must I hunt down the ID# if I’m always at that location? 4th- Widen the map, it’s way too small. 5th- Allow face recognition (if you’re gonna charge $25 minimum at least put it to good use). Geesh!
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2 years ago, Ian V.
No Apple Pay, $25 minimum, lengthy registration
Requires a lengthy registration process, does not accept Apple Pay, and requires you to load a minimum of $25 into a separate account before you can pay for parking. This app completely fails on all measures. The previous ParkNYC app (a white-label version of Parkmobile) was simple and intuitive. It had the capability to accept Apple Pay — though NYC DOT inexplicably chose to disable that option — and allowed users to pay each time they parked, rather than pre-loading money into the app. Despite the Parkmobile data breach, it remains the best parking app on the market. I hope NYC DOT reconsiders and brings back the old app (or something even better)!
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2 years ago, R_Lloyd86
There was an opportunity to improve this app: it has been squandered and replaced with frustration, inefficiency, and almost chaos. The app seems to have more bugs now and the interface is less Intuitive to use. I could not process my credit card and they don’t respond quickly to customer service requests. I even got a ticket violation as a result because the street level machines were not working either. (Common occurrence) They deleted all past app accounts before the update, hardly giving any prior notice, made the app temporarily unusable, and at that cost this app shows a downgrade, not an improvement. Shame.
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7 months ago, Iris Zhen
I got a ticket for no reason
Today I tried to use the app to pay for parking. The first time I opened the app and it was loading for more than 30 secs. I had to turn it off and turn it on again. After I entered the zone number, made sure I hit the purchase button and saw the time was counting down, I walked away. When I came back, I saw a ticket laying on my window shield and said I didn’t pay for the parking. I tried to search the history from the app and couldn’t find it. I am 100% that I paid for the parking, but I didn’t screenshot the active session, so I can’t even prove to the judge that I really paid for it. Awful app!!!!
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1 year ago, stephenscissors
Lost my money
I had the original ParkNYC App and had money left in my wallet/ account, when I updated the App I was told it was supposed to ask me to transfer my left over loaded money to new wallet in the App, it didn’t. I called customer service, they never gave me a clear answer on how to get it back. I also wrote them twice. I never heard back.. it’s strange how everything was transferred over, except for my money. I feel like I am being ripped off and something has to be done about this. My next step is to call 311 and find out who I can complain too. They do not have the right to keep my money that was loaded in my wallet.
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6 months ago, kathyrobinson33
Negative experience
I absolutely dislike that the app doesn’t allow to stop the meter if I get to my car before the time I originally scheduled. It was be nice if the city returned the money that is unused if a person returns to their car earlier than expected. I also disagree with the popup message that reads “allow location while using app” and “change to always”. These are the only two options presented. Where is the “never allow” option? And why does it keep popping up on my phone screen inhibiting my use of the phone unless I select something. This is a violation of my decision to choose neither.
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1 year ago, ArtyDoods
It works
It does the job. I don’t like having to have money already in the account to use. It should be able to charge the exact amount for each parking session instead of having to have $25 min always there. Annoying emails telling me to refill my account at $18 left is also unnecessary. But it does the job and finds the correct street parking numbers.
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5 months ago, JunoShiller
High Costs and Poor Design
I want to preface my review by clarifying that I am an advocate for digital government services and environmentally friendly transportation policies with pedestrian safety as a supreme value. My critique of this app stems from its high cost and poor design, not from a desire to promote driver benefits. Firstly, the fee structure of the app is ungodly expensive. It charges a flat fee of 20 cents on every booking, which is excessive. For instance, in my neighborhood, where the maximum parking fee is $4 for two hours, this flat rate amounts to an additional 5% charge. Such a steep fee for small transactions is unreasonable and discourages the use of this digital tool. Furthermore, the app’s design is frustratingly user-unfriendly. It requires me to log in every single time I use it, which is a significant inconvenience and time-waster. While I support the initiative behind this app, its current execution with exorbitant fees and a poorly designed user interface makes it a disappointing choice for its intended purpose.
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2 years ago, romigeo
Problem with app.
Every time I use this app there’s a problem. It wants me to put in a designated amount like $20 or &30… it just doesn’t work right. It’s so frustrating using it. I put in a small amount then I have to go to extend to put in more, instead of being able to put in the original amount. I have to constantly call your number for help.
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2 years ago, GPeter15
They didn’t take our money :)
This app got a new look and I don’t mind it one bit. Got annoyed that it signed me out. Did not remember my password so I made a new account with my old account info. Went through and asked if I wanted to transfer my previous account funds, so I was pleased. My money was not lost. Easy app to navigate and no need to take my wallet out to pay no more.
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5 months ago, BossYee
Mostly good app
I use the parking app almost daily in various locations. Rarely are there any problems but when there is, it’s bad. Manhattan machine numbers are in Brooklyn (more expensive). The machines are often too far apart, making for a long walk to find the machine number. We should also get a minute’s grace period when paying as it may take time to return to your car after walking to find the machine number.
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9 months ago, Roro$man
ADD Face-login/auto-login & Fix payment bug
Leaving a 3 star review because the app consistently asks you to login multiple times just trying to use it in a span of a day. The 2nd issue is about the minimum amount being $25, I was charged twice, as the first time didn’t seem to go through stating that I needed a balance to pay to park. I called their customer service and was told there was little they could do. So now a $50 balance on this app that I barely use to park in NYC for $2 for an hour🤦🏽‍♂️
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2 years ago, Slativa
Still getting parking tickets
This app was suppose to make life easier, but instead, it brings more work to do. I’m paying through this app for the parking, but two times already I still got tickets. Why the app would not connect and work with the city to make people’s lives easier? I have to waste my time and energy to dispute these tickets. Every time I’m paying, I have to take screenshots to keep evidence. This is not making my life easier at all. Please improve your connection with the city and stop giving people tickets for PAID parking!!!
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6 months ago, When the app isn’t working
System was down last week
Last week the system was down. Error message and it had me run to my car midday midweek to feed the meters and scramble for quarters. I hope this glitch doesn’t occur again. Are we exempt from summonses while the entire system app is down??? Knowing NYC I DOUBT IT SINCE THE CITY IS SO $$$ hungry. Please explain to users what we’re obligated to do in instances when this app is DOWN?
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10 months ago, PhD in PA
Good but not perfect
The app is quite convenient. However if you don’t notice signs with specific parking rules in the zone you’re parking in the app will take your money and the city Will additionally give you a ticket. The app needs to be improved to let you know the space you are in May not be a legal space and to search the block for signs before paying to park. 😡
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1 year ago, Luna747
Still needs work done.
Although the app says the “no payment at this time is required. Permit may still be required refer to parking meter.” When I clearly know I should be paying. I go to the parking meter only to have the meter rip me off. Which defeats the purpose of the app. On the other hand when it does work, it truly does work and I appreciate it. When it works!
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2 years ago, Eugen Of Flushing
The Improved Parking App !
I like the new version. I did not check to see but I hope to be able to switch to another of my cars in case I enter the wrong license plate. It happened to me a few times that I paid for the wrong car and I was not able to correct the error. The app should allow to switch plate numbers within the paid period.
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5 months ago, MothaP*dder
Good App
It’s a handy app indefinitely just wish that there was a way for you to change vehicle if accidentally paid for one of your other vehicles on your account. I occasionally borrow my sisters car and sometimes it slips my mind to change the vehicle and then I realize I paid for the wrong car. If the vehicle info is on the list you should be able to adjust the vehicle just like you’re able to “add” time
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7 months ago, kittydoc1
Good app but unable to extend time.
I started using the app when all the meters in my area refused to accept credit cards. The app is good but if time needs to be extended for any reason beyond the max it is not possible plus there is a convenience fee. I would understand the fee if people have a choice. But if all the meters in an area are rigged to not accept credit cards or the coin slots are plugged then the fee just isn’t fair.
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1 year ago, gwabbo
They wrecked it
They upgraded the user interface and wrecked the functionality of the app. The login is worse but modernized--who doesn't love logging into facebook just to feed the meter. The app has a hard time remembering you're logged in, so just to check the meter you have to burn 45 seconds The e-wallet is annoying. Either park $100 into the void or pay a processing fee (aren't we already paying taxes?) Keep in mind the original app did not have a processing fee The old app was better and faster, but I'm sure some contractor burned NYC and this is what we'll be stuck with for the next 20 years.
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1 month ago, Rmtaber
App crashes - be prepared to pay a ticket
This app is awful. Whoever designed this should be fined by the city. But the city does not care. They like the flaws, because it makes them money. You are guilty until proven innocent in NYC for all things parking. After 'creating a new vehicle' in the app- the app reverts to the 'main license' plate upon entering payment for the session. After you have paid for a session and the session has begun, the app offers no method for changing the plate number to the correct plate and you cannot cancel the session. I even called the city. They said 'you can't modify the sessiin. Further, you can't have two sessions at the same time. So- your options are: 1) leave or 2) pay the parking ticket. It's a classic NYC racket. Even after showing evidence that the app crashes - I am 'guilty'. Absolute racket. What NYC is saying is: for low dollar crimes, we the citizens are guilty, without a doubt. And we pay for this service.
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1 year ago, Harambe182
A few major flaws
- It doesn’t keep me logged in so I have to sign in every single time I use the app. There is no option to keep me signed in -you can’t pay for two separate parking sessions with the same car, and you cant cancel parking sessions either to start a new one. So when I’m running errands and go to a different spot a few blocks away and there is time left on the previous session, I’m forced to sit in my car to and wait for it to expire in order to pay again and avoid a ticket. Perhaps the WORST, most UNETHICAL flaw of all is the fact that this app allows you to pay for meters during alternate side parking. Instead of informing you like they do when it’s outside meter times or on weekends, they allow you to pay, hoping that you get a ticket. This should absolutely be fixed but it won’t, because NYC is greedy and corrupt. The only police officers I ever see are the ones giving parking tickets. Shame
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9 months ago, M. M. Y. H.
Horrendous. I still get tickets.
On multiple occasions, including todays date. I have received several parking tickets whilst confirming that I have indeed paid for the meters during these times. When approaching a meter, it says to use the app. NYC pushes us to use this app, and while it’s mostly convenient, it also adds a large amount of headache since I have to follow up with tickets that are wrongfully issued. I suggest that ParkMobile LLC integrate a better connection to the meter system and NYC work on it on their own side before there is a class action lawsuit filed for all the time and agony this is causing many New Yorkers.
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2 years ago, parker parkerson
Predatory minimum $25 refill
So upset the parkmobile app is retired in NYC and I now have to use this one. I used to be able to pay with my card each time I parked. This app requires I load money on to the app, and then slowly deduct from it each time I want to park. It’s a scam, hoping to get free money from people who only have to park once or twice, or forget they put money on the app at all. Please change this feature. It’s an unnecessary extra step that benefits no one. The city already gets extra money any time someone leaves a spot early and someone else pays for the same time. Thank you.
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2 weeks ago, NYCissht
Writing this review after getting a parking ticket using the app. 2 cars registered. I picked the car I was using but didn’t double check that it switched from the default vehicle. It didn’t. Showed the smiley phony judge proof of parking but the wrong vehicle. He was in agreement me during my testimony but sent out a guilty verdict once I left the room. They know this is a common error and don’t care. Money maker for the city. The paper machine keeps asking you to use the app only for this to happen. Double check the info before payment!
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2 years ago, Honest Blunt
Better than before, but still needs improvement
1. Doesn’t show the zone number, when ask me to pay to park there. I don’t wanna make a payment to the wrong zone, please show me the ZONE number before I Pay. 2. Doesn’t remember zone numbers of places that you’re parked every day, like the previous app, also, very important and necessary. Time is money, we’re all busy people and have things to do. That’s the whole principle of technology, to make things, faster and convenience, please remember the zone that I parked.
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