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User Reviews for Partnerize

4.4 out of 5
5 Ratings
10 years ago, Tech Jedi
Looks great, minor flaws
While the app looks great and provides the information you need, there are a couple flaws that will keep you from using it on a regular basis. The first, is that you need to login EVERY time you launch the app. There should be an option to save the credentials or passcode protect them. Perhaps TouchID. The second flaw, does hinder usage. The Reporting tab just doesn’t work. You can select it, change options, but it always show the same information. A single like that says “iTunes”. On the positive side, the Overview looks great. Easy to read and find the information you want quickly. A simple tap on any of the displayed items, brings up a graph with more detail.
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3 weeks ago, Hettienicole
Not impressed
Apparently, the people who own this app could care less. The reviews for the past 8+ years all say the same thing. The login page Does Not work!!! If multiple companies are using this, why has it not been fixed? Take this seriously, please.
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9 months ago, RufusLive
If you love having to constantly log in, this app is for you!
I see this has been a flaw for almost 8 years
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6 months ago, reviewer_0123456789
The login page doesn’t work. No matter what I submit or how many times I reset my password, I get the invalid login error.
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9 years ago, Jonlevi
It works, just not flawlessly
It does work nicely and show charts and has a very lovely interface. There seems to be one bug, though, where it cannot show earnings in "All" currencies. If you tap all, nothing will change. It also took me a minute to figure out that I had to go into the iPhone Settings section to change the currency it displays in, because it used my location to set the currency and not the one my account is set up for. All in all, a good app, but fix that little bug.
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10 years ago, dmbream
Does what it does well.
Nice release. Like the others, would like to see the ability to save login credentials across launches.
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8 years ago, Adil3210
Login issues and wheres the iPad version?
Okay, so this update broke the login system, which literally makes it useless right now. And where is the iPad version of ExactView? Its 2016 and almost every app is Universal it has an iPad counterpart, its really annoying to use the iPhone version on an iPad 😠
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8 years ago, djpuzzle
App is too limited.
I'll use the website. I want to set specific date ranges. The app is good for a quick view of current info and that's it. Don't expect much more from it. I'll change my review if they add more options in a new version.
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8 years ago, spotty287
Now it won't login!
This update is broken! After updating, I can no longer login!!! I keep getting an error message. This worked as expected before the recent update and now it no longer allows me to sign in. Please fix or go back to the previous version ASAP!!!
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7 years ago, Dkewjaldhy
Can't login
I need to paste a password into the login. The keyboard covers all of the login thus I can't paste. Seriously?
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1 year ago, muradabuseta
Needs to be updated.
This app is old I mean tooooo old. It needs to be updated. At least to have better look like the website. And to have fit the screen for wider and bigger iPhone screens.
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2 years ago, JonTyrell
A bunch of numbers and fractions
Please have info buttons so I know exactly what the numbers mean The click decreases when I select month and it’s a number over a percentage. Also year doesn’t work.
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1 year ago, slyce11
App doesn’t work
App does not work, I’ve tried to open in on both devices it just keep saying loading.
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2 years ago, Puèblo
Only shows loading
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10 years ago, Sean's Mommy
Doesn't work
Shows zero for all metrics even though that's not accurate. Don't bother downloading.
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7 years ago, Marihrd
Update won't install
They might as well give up. The new update, bug fix won't even load. Bye bye!
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9 years ago, SlickRRick
Cant log in...
Unable to login to app but website works, weird.
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