Paycor Mobile

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Paycor, Inc.
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3 months ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Paycor Mobile

4.65 out of 5
23.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Kimmy11kay
A Wonderful App for Employees!
I work at a public library and I have been employed there for nearly nine and a half years. Our employees have used the PAYCOR website on the computers to sign in and clock in when starting our work day, just to name a couple. Our library recently introduced the employees to the mobile version of the PAYCOR app. I decided to download this app on my iPhone and signed in to my employee account. The colorful and unique features of this app totally BLEW ME AWAY! Beside the nice greeting, I found the app pretty easy to use, compared to the other version of PAYCOR. I like when I am able to view my pay stubs and my W-2 forms. I also like the employee directory. It provides a photo, the full name, and the position of each employee. I feel that this is an important feature that helps new employees learn the names of current library staff. I will be using this app a whole lot! I will DEFINITELY download this app on my iPad. Every business SHOULD have this app for their employees.
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1 month ago, Jabberzzz
Can’t change vacation time
I have a wedding and honeymoon coming up and I am using all of my vacation time for it. My time was approved by my boss. The issue I have with this app is I need to change my dates around which would be fine because they have a cancel request button on requested off days. For some reason the app will instantly cancel a request and take it off the calendar immediately but my vacation hours have not reappeared on my account and it’s about to be day three. Why aren’t my hours immediately back on my account. This doesn’t help if there is an emergency and I need to request off a day as soon as possible before it’s too late. Keep in mind this does not work for my because I am using my vacation days all at once. If I had more days to use I could request days off but because my hours are not back on my account I can’t do anything in the app for the time off request section. Instead my HR calls you guys and you tell her that it takes time for the hours to get put back on like what! How dumb is that. They are my vacation hours. They should be instantly available. This needs to be fixed because again you’re messing with my vacation period and have taken hours away from me that I haven’t even used yet.
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2 years ago, HuHuwah
Problem with the recent update..
I’ve had this app for awhile now, and it has been better than any of the other apps I’ve used for work out there, but with the new update, it brought new problems. This morning I went to look at my schedule, everything was running just as smooth as it usually does, then BAM! The app COMPLETELY freezes! Now, at first I figured it was just me. So I decided I’d try again later, only for it to happen again. I try over and over just to look at my schedule and everything Insta freezes and I can no longer scroll through. And at this point it’s either I forcibly exit or it kicks me to the Home Screen. Today I go to work, and low and behold- it’s happening to everyone else. I figured it was just me, despite my phone running well, but no. Most people at work seem to have this problem since last night! I love this app, and it’s been really helpful to me, but I get stressed out easily. And not seeing my schedule stresses me out, please help!
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3 years ago, PZeeR
Paycor is what an app should be!
I work for a small financial institution and we've used Paycor for the past few years. Because I am a supervisor, I use the system regularly to approve time cards and PTO in addition to tracking my own HR benefits. Once I discovered the app and we got it full set up, I rarely use the actual website anymore because the app functionality is so thorough and I can access the app from anywhere. It is easy to use and exceptionally stable, too. Thank you, Paycor, for this amazing tool - which gets the job done!
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3 months ago, LargeFork
If I could give 0 stars I would
If you enjoy hurting yourself, use this app. I have actually never felt such boiling hatred for something that is supposed to help me get paid. I have actually never seen something fail so consistently at its advertised/main function. The amount of times I’ve open this masochism-stimulator at the end of my shift, only to find out, I WAS WORKING 12 HOURS FOR FREE, blows my mind!!! There has never been a single week I haven’t had this issue. As of May 8th, 2024, this particular problem has occurred 5 DAYS IN A ROW… I can feel the grip of evil upon me whenever I open this app; I actually hate going to work because I know I’m going to have to deal with this nonsense. To the employers who want to use this app; I am promising you that your employees will dread working for you because of this app. P.S. If anyone says to just swipe to load the punch, I did…. and the longest I’ve done that for is 2 WHOLE HOURS! And No, it didn’t work; I literally just gave up on it.
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3 years ago, Scipio Americanus
Unnecessary Location Tracking
This app has always been very convenient for keeping up with pay and deductions with minimal issues…however, recent changes were implemented that require ALL users to submit to location tracking for its usage. The claim is for accurate Clock In and Clock Out for those who it, but here’s the rub - not everyone using Paycor uses that feature. My time sheet, for example, is a simple Excel sheet I type up myself and submit to the office - no official clock in requirements necessary. Location tracking should never be required of any users of this app unless said users are utilizing the time card function. I’m likely deleting this app from my phone now for this very reason. And if my employer can see my location anytime I access the app, then that’s all the more reason to ditch it. Respectfully, A Concerned Employee
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3 years ago, Andy_Wow
Serious threat to your security
This is such an obvious threat to those with lesser means. I have never experienced a clock in system that requires the use of a SSN for literally every process daily. Upon setup at the request of my employer there is no disclaimers or liability claims associated with your sensitive information. Your company has all of your sensitive info. There is Zero reason you can prove that you provide every detail available to open a bank account. Who is best positioned if a data breach? The company that threw all of its employees into another system they were unaware of, the system that will just claim it assumed employers cleared with employees. Check your contracts with your employers they are NOT allowed to send your ssn to outside firms without your consent for any reason. Any other login system uses your employee ID which can be distributed freely and is almost impossible to misuse for nefarious reasons and it’s tied to you at your company. This is absolutely insane.
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2 years ago, Gary_Host
Oh Happy Day!!!
My Company is finally getting rid of this wretched app! I currently have about 12 apps I use for my job and this is the only one I absolutely loath. However, the dog days are finally over. Enough employees complained to the company about how bad this app is that a general consensus was reached and our higher ups were finally forced to ditch the trash for a much better experience elsewhere. It’s as though the clouds parted and shined its holy light down to earth as these words graced my ears “We will moving to a different time recording platform.” The Angels began to dance in the heavens and rejoice to the sound of these spoken words at the Q4 meeting. So long, Paycor. While you are ruining lives across the globe and that does sadden my heart, your rain of terror comes to an end in my life and many of the employees I work with. May you rot in the underworld where you belong and I pray that Lucifer has mercy on your soul.
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5 months ago, kdchmln
If you’re thinking of switching to Paycor, don’t.
My company switched from a limited but perfectly serviceable app called Homebase to this one a few months ago, and everyone hates it, from low level associates all the way up to the owner of the business. Paycor misses clock punches, logs everyone out of the app constantly, has log-in issues, no way to react to messages, no way to send pictures in messages (must use a clunky feature called “engage” for this which really isn’t the same thing), and if you want to see who you’re working with on a Saturday, you have to scroll for a while through your entire company’s schedule for that week to get to the day you want to look at, as there is no way to quickly jump to a particular day. I don’t know whose comp-sci homework this app came from, but it is serious garbage. Very disappointed in this app. Steer clear.
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1 year ago, RngR_11
Terrible in almost every way
Where do I begin? This app is one of the worst performing apps I’ve ever used. Unfortunately, I’ve been stuck with it for almost 3 years now, and I can’t say it has improved at all in that time. There are constant bugs and issues. Time clock punches will show submitted but then show as “unprocessed” (which you can only see on the website, not the app). When you submit a punch, it usually takes several seconds before the screen makes any updates to show you actually clicked the button. Then several minutes before showing your correct time card. Employees consistently have issues with their time cards every week, which requires time spent manually adjusting time cards every single week. This app and system is trash. I look forward to the day we switch to another service.
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2 years ago, AnUnHappyCostumer
Hard to get the money you worked for
Hey court gives an option to take out earned wages. It directs you to a company called “PAYACTIV” used this feature last week Wednesday and it’s supposed to instant if you have their card or 1-2 business days. It’s been over a week and no funds. I’ve called and chatted 3 times and each time I was told to wait 24- 48 hrs to issues to be fixed. I’ve waiting longer than the time asked and still nothing. Everytime I call they say wait another 24-48 hrs. It’s beyond frustrating. If I didn’t need it I would have attempted to get the funds. I had to call over 15 times to even talk to someone on the phone. No one is helping just saying wait wait wait…. It’s a nightmare
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3 years ago, Tabi J
Does NOT give employees option to update their information
The restaurant I work at recently changed owners and they started using the app for employees to check their paychecks. Ever since I received my paycheck, they have put the WRONG IRS FILING STATUS for my paycheck. It has me listed as single, not the correct status of married filing joint. Their website and phone number are basically useless with their cop out answer of “please contact your administrator for help.” I have already tried that and guess what: THEY HAVE NOT FIXED THE PROBLEM AT ALL. So, either give the EMPLOYEES W-4 access on the app or the company tell the employer to fix the problem. I would rather get this problem fixed BEFORE TAX TIME.
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1 year ago, Austech
Constantly missing punches. Have to reinstall every month
This app has been AWFUL recently. I constantly have to get hold of HR to fix my time because it will say “punch captured” and then it wont actually log it. Or worse yet. It will actually log the punch out but it wont SHOW IT, so an later when I go back into the app to make sure it did, because I dont trust it, it will show me still clocked in, so I “clock out” and then it actually clocks me IN! So then I have to have HR FIX TWO PUNCHES! I absolutely cannot believe how bad it is! For a few weeks after I reset my phone completely, it was better, but its just awful again! Its terrible with slow internet connections, which is all I have where I work!
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7 years ago, 12347973833735
Paycor is king
I’m currently employed at stateline power Corp (Perkins power Corp) we utilize the Paycor services and phone app, best way I’ve ever tracked my pay stubs ever! Been working various factories and other jobs for over 15 years and this is the most user friendly app/service I’ve ever used..why keep an unorganized mess of pay stubs in a filing drawer when you can always have access to whatever you may need right in your pocket..not to mention it’s more pleasing and organized... Paycor for the win!! You guys are doing an awesome job! Thank you for your amazing service... Sincerely Mr. C.Brown
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10 months ago, ABZ904
Unreliable and frustrating
The company I work for switched from Kronos to Paycor and it’s been a nightmare since day one. Many people had trouble registering,?then when they finally did the app couldn’t recognize them. It still happens. I’ve tried to clock out while standing IN the building and I was “Out of bounds”. Countless times my “pending” punch was never was accepted so I’d be working and not clocked in. Also a number of times I’ve tried to sign on and the app couldn’t recognize my profile. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn’t so we have to write down our times so our manager and manually input them. We can’t check our times because the app, again, says it can’t recognize our profiles. This app is a complete mess!
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3 months ago, LizardSoCa
So far so good
Jan 23, 2024 Work just switched to this app. So far working well. What I would like to see, is ability to EDIT the notes later on a punch in/out. We are required to add job codes and notes, for each punch, if you’re in a hurry it does not work well. It would be nice to be able to type it in later. Desktop OR App. 😁 April 27, 2024 Ok ADDITIONAL feedback. It would be nice under the “Missed Punches” to SEE which ones we have actually turned in and their status of “pending approval” or “Accepted”. Sometimes I turn in more than one missed punch because I can’t tell and I can’t remember if I turned one in or not. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Leo's sunshine
My employer recently changed from ADP to pay core.😳I am not very happy, there is information I used to receive from ADP that I no longer can access. It needs to show you your current pay rate, I looked all over the app and there is NOTHING available to show you what your current pay rate and OT rate is!! It should be listed with your benefits, or under your profile!! I also like a list of the days I have taken off, and not just the days I have approved from my PTO. I get them approved through the app just fine, however if you look BACK at the calendar it shows you NO where that you have taken ANY off. 🙄 I wish we could go back to ADP!
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2 years ago, la chiiccaa ray
It’s not bad but if I need my money sooner I am unable to access it
There are millions of apps that offer daily pays and pay advances but this one offers no kind of assistance to its consumer or their employees.! I feel like had this company had a way to access my funds ahead of time, it would be an amazing app.! But for now I can only give it a one because I can not access my pay rate, my hours or my schedule on. To top it off , I actually had an emergency situation and needed to access my pay earlier or atleast the hours from the day prior to assist me. Nothing there is not one app that can allow you a payday loan with this company as the name that goes on our checks.
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7 years ago, WDKELLER1
Working at an amusement park
I work at Holiday World Splashin’ Safari. I use the app mainly for checking how much I got paid. The app is helpful because I don’t have to go through the trouble of logging in from the website to find what I just got paid (Touch ID). Though I do have a suggestion, put my schedule on there too. That way we (as other employees/employers are involved) can look at our schedules from the easy access of a phone instead of the not so easily accessible website.
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2 years ago, www1996
Misses punches regularly and does not work
Update: This app is beyond bad. Every single person at our company hates it, you miss so many punches and it freezes constantly. Do NOT use this if you have any choice. Old Review: Constantly have to double check that my clock in / out actually submitted. The process for fixing missed punches is awful - you cannot see which days you’ve already requested changes to. For example, you cannot update a clock in and a clock out at the same time. You have to do one at a time, and there’s no way to tell if your update went through. At least it has a chat feature though. Useless.
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4 months ago, Clarified
Breaks a lot
Frequently has login issues, and responsiveness issues. A couple times a week, I can’t select a punch type because after I select punch out, it stops responding to any taps when I try to specify it as a meal or a break. As a result my times are often late or incorrect because I spend 5 minutes trying to actually punch in or out. It will also tell me my password is incorrect every few days in spite of no changes on my part. Eventually it will work, or I’ll just use the web app. The only reason I got the mobile app is because the web app frequently has issues as well so I needed a backup. When I tried to submit app feedback on all of this, it gave me an error pop-up.
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5 years ago, pickleonastickbayonette
For what it does
It’s an ok app. But it could be so much better. In this digital age of cell phones it would be much more useful to actually be able to view what you can find on the pc web page such as total hours for the week. Even more useful would be being able to see projected income for a pay period that is upcoming. My company uses DailyPay in conjunction with Paycor so that would be a huge tool to help budget with instead of just using DailyPay blindly. As of right now I have to guess my hours and calculate the amount I should be making and then deduct guessed taxes to estimate the actual net income. I’d rather not be flying blind. Thanks.
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2 years ago, dippedngoldd
Works well but no longer unable to clock in/out
I’ve been using this app for about 3 weeks now. Everything was working great until this morning. I was unable to clock in from the app. I had to log in online, have a password sent to my email, and then create a punch. I had to do this a total of 4 times and it was very inconvenient and takes up a lot of time. Especially with having to verify each time. Hopefully I will be able to clock in/out again soon.
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5 years ago, Enerd_01
Love this app
I never had a company before that gave me such an easy way to access my pay information in a well designed, intuitive app. Plus I love that it has touch control so I don’t have to remember my password. I can quickly see my net pay and breakdown of my taxes, 401k and other deductions, etc. I can also access our company’s Learning Management System from this app so I can do my eLearning on my phone. Very sleek, modern, simple-to-use app!
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8 months ago, Criinicole
This is the WORST pay app I have used! I signed up and put my direct deposit info. For some reason there were 2 other bank accounts linked to my account so my very 1st check was sent to 1 account then sent back and sent to the 2nd account on file. I have yet to receive my 1st check and it has been over 2 months! By law after an employee is done working for the company they should have received all pay by the 6th day after the pay date ! The company is acting as if they can not retrieve my money and do not know what is going on. I am currently in the process of a law suit if I do not get what I have worked hardly for !!!
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2 months ago, stirfryou
Not that great.
Functionality and glitches are really problematic. Should be simple solutions but idk. Biggest issue is that it is always logging me out and making me re enter all of my account info for log in. Which when you’re using this app to get into a work clock to be paid, kind of a big problem. Losing money on my pay check just waiting for an app to load. I would think there’s a solution by at least being able to log that info in, and whenever the app decides to connect to the internet it enters that info into the server.
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6 years ago, whosurdanny.
Only one problem...
The app is great and it’s very informative! I love to be able to track my hours daily and see how and when I can work a few extra hours in case I have to step it up and work more or find myself sitting comfortably and just cruise through the remainder of the week. I also love seeing each payday that shows the start and end of the pay period. 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Rax-roast-beef-23
Sign in not working
I’ve made a account as my work has started using it. Well I made an account. Then I went and logged it. Said it was incorrect checked spelling and all. It was all right so I went ahead and reset my password wrote it down again and all, Once again invalid. Logged in on my computer worked fine same everything. I don’t understand why this is even a problem. I would love to be able to report the problem in the app but don’t see the option to. Hopefully this gets some where and they fix the problem.
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2 years ago, Dennis Brown
Frustrating piece of unpleasantness
Trying to authenticate to this app via thumb typing doesn’t work because it times out to quickly. Set up the bio metric authentication you say? I’ve done it essentially every time I go in to this app. If you don’t use the app every day (who does) that setting apparently times out as we’ll forcing you back to thumb typing. I only go into this app once every couple of months and I’m always in a hurry to get some information when I do. Which makes the experience all the more frustrating. Excruciatingly so. I am done with this app. Only one star because I can’t give it 1/100 off a star.
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3 years ago, Carlisimo110
Always “under going maintenance”
Super lame when most businesses run during the weekend and they have ZERO customer service available in weekends. I am a manager that uses this daily, needing to approve time punches and go over the schedule. This weekend they have a scheduled system maintenance which is interfering with my job. I can’t find out when i will be able to get to the scheduling app. Super frustrating and this happens often. They are always doing a system maintenance when i need to use it it seems. I can’t wait to switch systems and not be working with Paycor!
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4 years ago, DavidWayneCarpenter
This app is absolutely useless. The pdf instructions for this app show that you're able to see your recent punches and create them. Not only can I not see my recent punches but I can't even create a punch either, which is practically the only use I would have for this. All it shows me is my payday, which I already know when I'm going to get paid and my vacation hours. That's literally it. And so I am stuck using the mobile website version of paycor to clock in and out and have to re-verify my account every single day despite trusting my device every single day before. Everything about paycor is absolutely awful, in my opinion.
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6 years ago, Sunshine-luva
Pain in the Neck
The app is extremely simplistic and does very little besides show you your pay stub after you’ve already received the direct deposit. I have some beef with this app too because there is no way to correct your banking information (I can’t find one on the website either. So either it doesn’t have one or it is not easily accessible at all). My information was filed incorrectly when I was hired at a job, and no one could seem to help me when I called payroll services. As a result, my checks are coming in the mail two weeks late and I have to pay a fee. Not happy with this. There are plenty of better payroll services.
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2 years ago, Bella's brother Tristan
not the app i thought it was
i thought this was an app i could use for scheduling purposes but not only did i find out my work days were not listed on my account on paycor that my employer requires me and my co-workers to be able to use, i also found out that i am still shown as working for my former employer on there which means when i transitioned from one job to the other due to both being the same company, on paycor i did not & i dont know if thats because of the app or both my former and current employers not updating the system on paycor but either way i gave up on the application in the end sadly. hopefully nobody else will have this kind of difficulty with paycor. i realize that the app is called paycor instead of schedulingcor so im not denying the application of its purposes possibly served with other members joined on paycor
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4 years ago, Show Low Skinny
Love It!
I love everything about the app except for one thing. Sometimes when I am away from my phone and access the Paycor website by other means (tablet/laptop/desktop) the info isn’t synced. For example, the paystub is posted to app pretty quickly after being issued although it is slow to show up on the website. Fix that and this app is almost near perfect.
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2 years ago, Sasquatch6336
User friendly!
Super easy to use app. Unfortunately we are moving to Paylocity and it doesn’t appear to be as user friendly. Used paycor for the last year and will greatly miss it. Paycor’s app os super easy to navigate, has all the appropriate vacation/sick leave posted, time off, pay schedule and documents easily tabbed and visually appealing.
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5 years ago, Bimkerly
Awesome app, very handy!
I love it! I can view almost everything I need right from my phone, pay stubs, Clock ins, vacation time, even request a day off! Very handy! There’s a few features online and at work that the app doesn’t have yet like clocking in, you can do it on the browser on ur phone but not the app yet. N it shows that you missed a punch (clock in or out) but you can’t fix it from the app yet. If they added those things I’d give it 5 stars
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7 months ago, TOYSHGDMFSOB
This app is even worse than the one my employer had before. It’s supposed to do the pay but mine is always late and even Paylocity could manage to get me paid on time. Lists contradictory shifts for example one page says I work Tuesday from 9-3 and the next page for the same day says I work 9-4 Doesn’t list anyone I work with so I have absolutely no idea who else is supposed to be opening with me. This app is so frustrating I’m looking for another job. One that has a competent accountant to do payroll
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1 year ago, jwhall640
Has gone from a scalable service provider to a Corporate giant
As the Payroll Administrator for a small boutique with 18 employees, our change to Paycor seven years ago was the best thing we’d ever done. Now that Paycor has eliminated individual Account Management and with it, accountability and assistance; and transitioned into a publicly traded full Human Resources company that is not scalable, increasing our cost 500% in seven years, they’re basically forcing us out. Such a shame when a company turns its back on the ones that brought ‘em! Unless you want an outsourced Human Resources department, take your Payroll Administration needs somewhere else.
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4 years ago, aarash
Great unless you work the weekend
The app Is great unless you work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I constantly have issues with logging in during these 3 dat period. And have to contact home office for time adjustment. I am not the o my one effected during the weekend time period. I wish they would do their system update or whatever that is causing service interruptions after midnight. Or switch to a back up server and back after updates have been implemented. We switched from ADP for service issues. And now we’re having more issues with Paycore.
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4 years ago, booth088
Either needs a complete overhaul or to just be scrapped
It’s by no means just the app, the entire Paycor system is a struggle to just get it to function on a daily basis. Having the spend 5-10 minutes just to punch in or out on either the app or the website is just nonsense. On top of that, having to send in missed punch requests (when those actually function) multiple times a week just to compensate for Paycor not functioning isn’t a sustainable solution. If you have any day in whether or not your company switches to Paycor, I would highly recommend that you don’t even touch it with a 39 1/2 foot pole.
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5 years ago, CJ2699
Leaves a lot to be desired.
This app is far behind other workplace apps that allow mobile punch in, viewing of current hours banked, and other additional features. I know the app is dependent on what your employer purchases from Paycor to be available for you to use, but still, I know from other businesses I’ve worked for and other people who work other places that they have access to all these features and with no extra fees paid by their employer. The nickel-and-dime structure of this app is sure to be its undoing.
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4 years ago, JBR exec
Efficiency at the highest level!
I can do EVERYTHING I need to do right from the mobile app, review/approve time off requests, enroll in benefits, Courses/learning, access pay stubs and send them directly (car dealership had my year end tax and pay stubs for 12 Mo’s in literally seconds!) communicate effectively and without delays. Paycor keeps delivering big time in so many ways! Thank you Paycor!
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3 years ago, Skeptical of the skeptics
Better than the others
I’ve had a few jobs with different pay services but paycor is by far the easiest to use. Another company, we will call them A Disappointing Product was not as good and never seemed to be able to meet our needs
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6 years ago, Bob at GF
Paycor app
Overall a good app with good functions. Time management needs improvement to transition from view selections for time off types to transactions without selecting the time off type over again. Scheduled time off should be viewable as well. Not just the unused bank and time used. The time off requests should include the time off type (vacation, sick, etc) so the manager knows what is being requested and approved.
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6 years ago, Jerad
Great setup and usability!
Not all apps allow you to fully interact and view your data. But this one does. I have access to my full payroll data, post and present, and my PTO balance, usage and accrural. It even has graphs for payroll showing net, taxes, and deductions. And the benefits page shows me exactly which plan I have for each coverage and the cost per paycheck. Great app!
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1 year ago, gs3527
Couldn’t load time card
I repeatedly get this error. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times which then works for a while. I am not noticing any issues with any other apps. There is no help related to this on there support site. When I went through my company’s person who checked with support, the standard IT response of uninstall/reinstall, restart your phone, which I have done multiple times already. Stuck with it but usually end up using the web to complete it.
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5 years ago, pj younger
Lowest end payroll system ever used
I’ve used much more intuitive apps for payroll. Can’t set it to get reminders that time card is due, or a new pay stub is available. No email alerts or app notifications that time card is approved, nor vac requests approved. Have to book vac/sick separate from time card entry, and again, no alerts it’s been approved. The app has no mechanism for connecting to your calendar or email. Everything is locked in the vacuum of the app. The payroll dept thinks it’s crap too, and they do have to use it daily.
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5 years ago, ganger71
Can’t fill out documents
I get alerts but can not complete them in the task area in the app. So I go to the web page on my phone and still can not fill them out because the page doesn’t work on my iPhone. I can click on the box but can’t move it the page over to click on the accept button. Kinda useless if you ask me. So now I have to go to a computer just to click on a button. Not very convenient at all.
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1 year ago, TDL1979
Can’t log into app
What’s funny is that I can log in on desktop, but now when I try to login on the app using the same credentials it tells me no user found. I was just in the app on Monday. This is ridiculous I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled still the same issue. I’m not a fan of the Paycor desktop. Can’t use the app but can get in on desktop version. Please fix it it makes no sense
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1 year ago, urgent care tech
Unable to record punches
The paycor clock in machines do not recognize the facial recognition and finger print scan attempts for more than half of our employees at our urgent care. I worked a 12-hour shift and a 8-hour shift that could not properly be recorded using the Paycore machine to clock in and out, and now I might not get paid for those hours because of how complicated the corrections are required to be submitted. I do not recommend this application and would prefer using ADP where I did not encounter such problems.
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