PayPal Zettle: Point of Sale

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PayPal, Inc.
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User Reviews for PayPal Zettle: Point of Sale

2.97 out of 5
793 Ratings
2 years ago, Midihead7
Can't Enable Manual Credit Card Entry
Update: Someone from support finally called me and asked if I was logged in to the app using a Staff Login or the main PayPal login for our account (we were logged in using staff logins). They suggested that we try to log in to the app using the primary administrator login for the PayPal account and then try enabling the manual card entry. This was the solution. Documentation needs to be updated to explain this so other people don't waste time trying to figure out why they can't enable the feature. My organization just switched over to Zettle and bought the new card reader. We completed our first transaction and then proceeded to try to enable Manual Credit Card Entry under Settings in the app (version 7.22.1). We have been trying for days but no matter how many times we press the Activate button, Manual Credit Card Entry always shows as Off. I spoke with Zettle Support 4 days ago but they have yet to provide a working solution. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and restarted our devices with no success.
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1 year ago, grandpaikesw
Enhancements Needed
We have used PayPal Here since 2015 and also used Square for a period of time before they raised fees. With the required shift to Zettle we decided “stay” but, after setting everything up we are considering going back to Square. (Note: we use the app on an iPad). The good: product tiles make it user friendly for ringing up sales. Areas needing improvement: Tip settings to allow business to set pre-determined $’s or %’s. Tipping ability on the app UI vs on the tiny screen on the archaic card reader. This is problematic for visually impaired customers. With PayPal Here we would just flip the iPad and ask the customer to follow the prompts to complete their transaction. Now you are forced to awkwardly ask if they want to tip you or have them deal with the tiny screen where they often pass right by tipping. Manual card entry seems to be nonexistent so if someone has a faulty chip you can’t take their payment. The (archaic) reader also needs to have a swipe option as not all cards have a chip and sales are lost for those customers using gift cards and some debit cards. I can only hope your Product team improves Zettle as the reviews make it very clear your clients are not happy.
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1 year ago, wingwangwallawallabingbang
NEVER EVER EVER USE THIS. I got the Zettle for the one in person event I go to every year. All my other sales are online only. I have 6600 sitting in it right now that I cannot access for 6 MONTHS! no explanation. Called talked for 2 different people who could not tell me why. They sent me the email not even a minute after I submitted my business information. My account is apparently “high risk” I sell horse tack, most of witch I make myself. How is that high risk? I’ve never once had a claim against me. I’ve been using my personal PayPal account for over a year doing thousands in sales with no issues until I tried to open a business account for Zettle. My business is legit and all paperwork was filed through the state properly. So if you want PayPal to basically steal thousands from you and hold it for 6 freakin months then be my guest. They told me they would charge me a high volume fee to dispute this, it’s my money I earned it so you want to steal it to dispute a false claim that I’m sure some computer came up with if you cannot give me any type of explanation. 6600$ to a small business is a lot of money. And with taxes comming up PayPal has completely screwed me. Thanks a ton 🙄 again NEVER EVER EVER USE THIS.
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2 years ago, happy curtis
Needs work
My company used PayPal here about 2 years and we have gotten use to it. We thought Switching over to kettle would be smooth since PayPal created both systems. We had to redo all of our inventory. The variation set up is completely different from PayPal here and sometimes difficult to setup. I don’t like when taking a sell and you need to create a item that’s not set up in your inventory it doesn’t have a quantity option you can only add one item to the cart. The worse part is the money from sells are not available until the next day unlike PayPal here your money is instantly available in your PayPal account. I think if they fix some of these issues it could possibly be a nice system.
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3 years ago, Gracevf
Holds your money for 21 days
I just tried switching back to PayPal from square, big mistake. I was a PayPal here customer since 2008, then the pandemic hit so I was only using square. I recently added PayPal back to the mix to have two readers at the desk to check out gift card sales. I was on the phone for 1.5 hours and 6 customer service reps to return the brand new Zettle equipment to refund my credit card. It’s like speaking to a wall, by the way if you don’t know already they are phasing out PayPal here to replace it with zettle. I was selling gift certificates and I had the receipt to show them plus it was purchased on site with a chip credit card. They wanted me to call the customer, and what ruin his Christmas gift and call PayPal and tell them he bought a gift card here. So in the end you are allowed $300 per month to reestablish or establish a relationship and your business habits. If you can afford to live on $300 a month for the next few months I would say hats off. I cannot, sticking with Square no issues and more reliable. I use stripe for my spa software and they didn’t hold my money for ransom either. Should be PayPal mettle because the mettle in your affairs.
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8 months ago, NGKawaiiCrafts
Awful tax management
I can’t stop hating zettle after having a wonderful experience with PayPal Here! It’s just awful! I have a hundred of items and in order to sell them in different places i have to manually change tax rate on every single item I have! There is just no way to change it all at once! You can create a new product with a new tax but there is no way to just switch between taxes, like it was on PP Here. Even though they have a “default tax rate” option, it doesn’t mean that it will apply to all your existing listings, it just means that a new product will have it. And only this one issue makes all experience with zettle below 1 star. Annoying! Their software developers are unprofessional! If you have option to use another card reader software, don’t chose this one, you will suffer! By the way, I contacted their support, they suggested one very complicated method to go around, which I wasn’t successful to reproduce, and they said that there is not a very big chance that they will change anything or even point to the issue to the right people. I will be leaving my detailed reviews until right people notice the problem.
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1 year ago, Sonyaloveskorn
First of all, I currently use PayPal Here, and it works perfectly. Why they decided to cancel it come April and change to this I have no idea. But this app is so complicated to set up and use. It is a waste of time. I had to create a new email just to use this with PayPal. Otherwise paypal would delete my current PayPal, PayPal credit account, PayPal debit card, PayPal everything and sent me up a new one with that the same email. Why? I have no idea, why can’t it just seamlessly link up with my existing PayPal everything? Also come to find out none of my PayPal card readers or receipt printers will work with this new app, so I will have to purchase all that stuff new. On top of that I have tried at least 10 times to link my bank account. It will not complete this action. So I definitely will not be using this for my point-of-sale, why would I choose an app to take payments from people just to have the money just sit in this account and never be able to transfer to my bank??? So now on top of a new PayPal account and a new account with this stupid app. I also have a Gmail that I don’t need. In my opinion you would be better off just to download Square!
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1 year ago, dcjonesNYC
Very easy
This is very easy and convenient for both me and my clients. I love the coupon feature. I can give my clients a discount on services and this will help with repeat sales. I used to use Square but they shut my app down and labeled my business as “high risk” for chargebacks. I was with Square for ten years with not one chargeback. I had no way of even talking with someone. I just got a prerecorded message. Very impersonal. The truth is I started with PayPal prior to Square and and still accepted some payments from PayPal. The Zettle PayPal merge has been nothing but flawless. Now that I’m planning to do some upgrades with my business I’m looking forward to the working capital loan once Zettle and PayPal work out the kinks and details. Square users, sign up with Zettle because Square will close you down and cost your business money with no warning. Lookup the lawsuits Square is facing. Not worth dealing with.
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2 years ago, Josh1624
Better than the PayPal here app in every way
Switched to Zettle because I’m sure PayPal Here’s days are numbered. I like the expanded functionality of the Zettle app especially in the inventory management area. The card reader is much nicer than the one I had for PayPal Here. The only issue I have with the Zettle reader is the lack of a swipe reader. I still see some cards without a chip so I cannot accept those now. Its normally prepaid credit cards I see without a chip. The Zettle app is much more responsive than the PayPal here app. The PayPal here app is very laggy on my iPad 7th gen, no such issues on the Zettle app. My Star Micronics TSP100iii Bluetooth receipt printer works perfectly with the Zettle app. My cash drawer (works through the printer) also works… my cash drawer was hit or miss on the PayPal here app requiring me to leave the key hanging out the front to manually open it when it failed to pop open… not the best for security.
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3 years ago, monatenzi
Better than expected. Could use some improvement.
I upgraded my reader to this from PayPal Here swipe only reader instead of getting the PayPal tap and chip reader. It was easier to use than I had expected and the reader lasted all day without the need to recharge. Some functions I miss from PayPal Here app are 1) an addition (+) button to add multiple custom prices in one transaction instead of clicking on shopping cart>> keypad>> OK for each item, although it was helpful to use the inventory product buttons I had entered ahead of time, and 2) having an option to omit the signature requirement for a purchase under $50. With Covid safety protocol, customers were more hesitant to touch a screen or use a stylus even though hand sanitizer was provided and the stylus was cleaned with disinfectant wipe after every transaction. But contactless payment was much desired.
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2 years ago, DrewIsMyHeroine
Zettle App Doesn’t Work on iPhone 8 Plus
Please don’t advertise that Zettle works on the iPhone 8 Plus. It just doesn’t. Was told it was a known issue and that they would follow up with me. After two months of no reply, I followed up and Marty (the real MVP) helped me figure out there’s a bug that keeps Zettle app from connecting to my location services and my Bluetooth, even though both are on. Since I’m not going to go buy a new phone when this one works just fine and Zettle just blames Apple, I’ll have to go to a competitor. Why advertise that Zettle works on iPhone 8 Plus when it doesn’t? Wasted my time and money and damaged my relationship with this brand. Worst part is, they won’t give me a refund until they have their Zettle card reader in their hands (return label is on the way.) If only PayPal wasn’t such a behemoth and had more people like Marty who were actually trying to help. But if tech support doesn’t have a solution, they don’t have a solution.
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1 year ago, artcarny
Setup not smooth
Received Zettle Reader and paired with iPad. Trying to complete “Getting to your Payments” section and clock just spins and times out. Both devices are charged and reader is active on app. IPad has latest download. Reader cannot be charged with iPhone cable. It comes with its own charging cord but not an adapter for 110 outlet. You can use an iPhone adapter but that means to charge the Reader you have to charge your iPhone and Zettle separately on same 110 adapter or find a USB connection. When traveling it just adds one more thing to deal with. There’s no information how to manually process a credit card or to see where your money goes on the Zettle website or PayPal website. Both just have sales information only. Maybe that will be clear once I complete the “Getting to your payment” setup but I have a show coming up and this setup hiccup is frustrating. I was happy with PayPal Here for years. So far Zettle isn’t better.
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2 years ago, NotGreatShirts
Just the least friendly user interface and customer support
My gosh am I disappointed with this heap. I made an account and ordered a card reader. When I tried to connect the reader it required a bank account which is fair but then it demanded I send a picture of my license for verification. I reluctantly did and it declared me a risk and permanently locked my account. I talked to customer service and they could not fix it or tell me why I’m a risk. I tried to return the reader but PayPal won’t do it because it’s a Zettle product (are they separate? You’ll never know). Called customer service because there is no return option and the chat center is miserable and was told they would email me return info…they did not. Called a week later and the promised to send a return slip within 48 hrs via email and I verified they had the right email…still nothing. I am getting this thing returned and going with square, screw zettle.
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1 year ago, Dejha2
I love it so far
I got use to using PayPal here so I was a little disappointed I had to switch to Zettle because they were discontinuing PayPal here. After reading all the reviews I really got nervous. I read the instructions and set up my Zettle a few days before my event. I saw I had to have 2 transactions before I can start manual so I swipe two transactions for a dollar and then I waited until the next day to activate the manual setting. I also pre set my products with the price as well as pre set the tax and I was good to go. On the day of my event using the machine went smooth and now I actually love it better than the PayPal here machine. I suggest getting familiar with the app and settings a few days before!
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3 years ago, Azhope480
Not a fan
I loved PayPal here. Great rates. $$ Instantly in your PayPal account. Easy to read reports. Ability to turn off signature (hello, we’re still in a pandemic!). I switched to Zettle, the reader is great, the layout to sell is easy. However, the $0.10 per transaction is awful! It’s the reason I never used square. It’s not a big deal on larger purchases but if you have small ticket items, it’s a downfall. I still can’t get into reports easily to see daily sales and a tally of different items sold. There’s no ability to turn signatures off, and I absolutely hate that I have to wait for my funds! During the week isn’t bad-next morning. But Saturday sales I didn’t see till Tuesday. Seeing the auto deposits with PayPal here also allowed me to see that my transaction went through-instantly, no wait time. I really hope you take feedback and make some changes.
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1 year ago, cths11111
Not that great
The design of the card reader and holder is very confusing - there’s a bar of light on the holder that is at the base of the card reader and people keep thinking they need to insert the card into the light. I’ve had to put tape over it to help people see that they slide the card into the card reader parallel to the table. Also, I am in health care and I have no idea how I will take people’s HSA cards, which don’t have chips. With the older PayPal Here, you could still slide cards in the reader. I guess I’ll have to hand input the HSA cards which means I lose more money in fees. Additionally, I have to select either “amount” or “percentage” for tips. Half my clients like to enter an amount and half a percentage. The old system you could switch back and forth. This is a no-win feature for me and my clients now. I am seriously thinking of switching to a different vendor for my credit card needs.
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3 years ago, Find an Available Name
Good Options but an improvement is highly recommended. See review!
Good options but one important option isn’t currently available for having the tax to auto-populate as you are entering transactions manually without having every SKU in the product library. You have to turn on the tax every single transaction if entering an amount and description from the Amount selection on the left hand side. You MUST add an option for having taxes to auto populate when entering transactions manually. No Way should a merchant have to remember to edit the tax for every transaction! Good functionality and additional payment options compared to PayPal Here.
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1 year ago, Blizz26
LOST Revenue
I need too seriously know who to send an insurance claim to? I've lost so much money in a month that your going to put me out of business. Yes PayPal Here was flawless and someone needs to be accountable for the unacceptable decisions that thousands of people are having to needlessly go through.I can no longer do business over the phone because I can't do manual transactions. This isnt business baby school learning about card card fraud 90% of jus came from PayPal Here after years and years and to be insulted by being charged more for manual transactions because of insinuating we could enter a credit card fraudulentlyis ridiculous. I I can figure out how to do manual transactions like ASAP I'M HISTORY. I'M DONE WITH BABY BOOT CAMP I HAVE A BUSINESS TO RUN. .
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6 months ago, Mobile Vet G
A game changer
I really don’t understand the negative reviews! I’ve been really pleased with Zettle, ever since PayPal switched over to it for merchant servicing. It connects quickly and processes transactions faster than any other app I’ve used in the past. I can process tap to pay, read chips, type in card numbers, process Venmo or PayPal, all from one app. They also typically transfer the money to my PayPal account in about 1 business day, so I’m not sure why some people are having to wait. Overall I’m very pleased and highly recommend this app!
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2 years ago, krk322
Lacking some basic features
Was not able to enter card numbers manually (card reader hasn’t arrived yet), and not seeing a “link to pay” option which was mentioned as a feature. Not sure if these have been removed for some reason, but makes it challenging given our customer base. Would like to see these features included or have instructions that match the actual app (everything online is for a Zettle Go app which doesn’t seem to be in the App Store anymore) before we start looking for other payment processing options.
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2 years ago, PTSA President
Best App and Reader I’ve ever used!
Zettle for PayPal is amazing! We had PayPal Here before and had so many issues. Our Middle School PTSA just got the Zettle for PayPal App and readers. We’re a school with over 1,000 students and we sell spirit wear and P.E. Clothes at registration. This App is amazing! So easy to use and so many payment methods available. Parents were so happy they had option to pay via Credit Card, ApplePay, Venmo, or PayPal. Multiple users can be logged into a reader at once through the app. Made registration day run so smooth and quick.
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7 months ago, Dguv
Developer knows this app is not safe
Zettle staff accounts have Full access to ALL of the business’ past PayPal invoices not just the ones created by Zettle but those created in PayPal going back as far as 2011 for our business. The developer knows this and admits it to us when we call customer support but they replied to my second review where I brought this to light with an erroneous reply making it sound like this doesn’t happen. Then they deleted my third review where I called them out for trying to hide this. Then they deleted my fourth post. So I’m assuming they will delete this post also. Perhaps if they spent as much effort fixing this major problem as they do trying to hide it then the app would be safe to use.
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8 months ago, Retail Life
Not ready and not realistic
This product has been released before all the bugs are worked out. Many of the policies and restrictions it places on a retailer prove that the people designing the system have no idea how to run a business. Examples:only the person who made the sale can issue a refund. Only the owner of the business can adjust an inventory number. The customer name is not attached to the sale so if they have an issue and you need to look up their sale to issue a refund or make any kind of adjustment you can’t locate them in the system unless you get lucky and they paid with a CC and you can match up the last 4 numbers of their card. Just to name a few issues…
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3 years ago, The Strategy Center
No transfer from PayPal Here to the Zettle
This seems like a cool platform and seems like an answer some of the questions and things I’ve been sending to PayPal over the years, but there is no easy way that I see of simply transferring everything you have in PayPal here To Zettle. Is it allows you to import from a Excel file, but there’s no way to export your items from PayPal Here... this is simply a software addition that people can make happen probably in 10 minutes. We used to be able to see our full PayPal here catalog from the PayPal website until PayPal redesigned their entire site. Now we’re stuck only using the point of sale from an iPad. I’d like to try out Zettle, but I will wait until PayPal put some form of transition that easily into both software’s, otherwise there’s no way I’m spending any money to have someone reset up an entire new point of sale that’s with the same company when the company (PayPal) can simply set up a way to transition. We have over 75 items in PayPal here, this would take numerous hours if I had to pay someone to do it manually.
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5 months ago, Owen Mooree
What is a sales rep?
My wife used to be able to log into the Zettle app on her phone while I was simultaneously logged into the Zettle app on my phone and conduct proper transactions. Now we don’t know how to get her to use the app on her phone, so I set her up as a sales rep whatever that is and we still don’t understand how to get her to have access to this app installed on her phone. What the heck is going on???? Ok after superior troubleshooting on my part here is the solution: I cannot have my iPhone’s wifi on other wise my app install will over ride hers. After turning off my wifi she can now connect to the card reader and conduct sales. Regarding the ‘sales rep’ feature - this means nothing in the workings so best to ignore.
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3 years ago, Katerina Clark
Good app but can use some improvement
I loved “PayPal here”, had to switch to this new system and still am figuring out the pros and cons of the new one. Overall, quite user friendly For those who have issues with tax: I freaked out at first that it “doesn’t work right”, but all you need to do is go under settings -> taxes -> turn off the “include tax in prices” function That said, I’d strongly suggest developers have it turned off by default and just give the seller an option to turn it on if needed as tax is generally added on top of listed price in majority of cases
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2 years ago, seegzilla
Really wanted to like this, but support abysmal
Have had the Zettle system for a few weeks now, and generally the CC and PayPal payment system work great. However, Venmo fails EVERY time, with customers getting a “Your payment method didn’t save” on the Venmo end and “ Couldn't perform operation. Please check your network connection and try again.” on the Zettle end. Unfortunately, that is where things go off the rails. Been on hold on the phone for over 45 movies a couple of times now… nobody picks up. Submitted numerous requests via the “Chat” support over the past week+… never gotten a response, in the app or via email. Submitted a request for help via Insta and Facebook messenger… No response but a bot “We’ve received your message… Bottom line, the service/support is awful and non-existent. Really wanted to use this instead of Square, but I’m not sure if anyone actually exists in their support department, and clearly they don’t care about helping customers. Beware if exploring different payment solutions.
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3 years ago, Rachll92
So fresh
This is the bomb! I have used PayPal here for years. The app had messed up so I dumped it to re down load it. Low and behold Zettle popped up! I read and looked at reviews about it. I took a chance and ordered it, yes it costs oh well. Set up was a breeze! Same PayPal account you don’t have to start over entering banking info etc. Just connect and boom you are in. Fees are less than PayPal here. Venmo comes through too. Shoot you don’t even need to purchase gift cards to scan and sell. You can make your own in app and email them!!! I am a resale consignment shop and this works wonderful for me. The only dislike (reason for 4 stars) is…. I wish I could checkout off line. Then when my internet comes back online it would automatically “process/dump”. Otherwise All of my customers love the tap to pay feature and emailed itemized receipts. Keep up the awesome work Rachel
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9 months ago, 1310miles
You should have a back up plan in place
I’ve been using Zettle for a few weeks now. It works, sometimes the reader is disconnected, and it takes a minute to get it reestablished, which is a little inconvenient, but for the most part I haven’t had any problems. Unfortunately, today the reader would not connect and I tried multiple phones and multiple times to make the reader work and I was unfortunately losing sales because of my inability to accept credit cards. I would not choose this app and would definitely elsewhere or it very least have a back up plan in place so that when the reader goes on the fritz, you’re able to survive.
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1 year ago, small_bakery
Nice and simple in the wrong ways
Nice and simple in a lot of ways but in others it is impossible to navigate. The categorizing feature is really hard to work with and you can’t customize very much. Also allowing tipping but having it as an option AFTER running the card would be nice and if it showed up on the iPad instead of the Zettle card reader. All in all it’s straight forward and easy and has some really nice more detailed features. It would just be nice to have more flexibility with the more basic stuff
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10 months ago, happy heads irrigstion
Bad design
The change to this device is bitter sweet. It links up connects and processes with impeccable speed. The software design is missing a key input option. It seems to be designed for a pay and go. Like counter sales for coffee. I need client data entry option like a complete invoice to email once processed. I have no way to integrate client sales and list items. This defeats the items list in my use. I have to cheat the lack design by using the one window for a description and insert the name one price. No detail of service provided. Plus it can’t integrate with quickbooks that looks for names. Tsk tsk. Please fix this glitch.
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1 year ago, Brutus 68
Not very intuitive
This app needs help. Adding users is almost impossible and takes multiple attempts. The Zettle team needs to be fired. The do not understand common sense when it comes to documentation. They do not trust a Bank Statement information or a 15 year customer. They tried to sign me up as a second account to the a same business rather than delete one created three years prior and was still attached to our checking account by our prior treasurer, amazing.
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2 years ago, CameraMonster1664
Not dependable
My first card reader was delivered defective. Although it was replaced, it left me in a bad spot for my business as far as running cards during the busy holiday season. Card reader number 2 arrived and worked very well for me for a month, then got fried when I plugged it in to charge one day. The charger is a reputable brand and is stiff functioning fine with my other devices. Idk what led to this happening, but regardless, I need a credit card reader that is robust and dependable. I like the merchant fee structure and the apps smooth functionality. The weak point is the reader. I’ll be going back to the company that I used prior to Zettle. Sorry to say.
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1 year ago, Kaylakaylakaylakaylaeufjfhdbx
Pay pal here is better. zettle pay more, get less
So far, I am not impressed. I was enjoying the great life with paypal here, free card reader, can swipe, do chip, and manual entry. Didn't like the fees for paypal and instant transfer, but better than a monthly fee. Now, I have the same fees with zettle, BUT I also had to pay for the reader, I can't swipe, and I have to pay an additional 3.49 % fee for every manual entry. I guess I won't have anything left after zettle and taxes get done. During a time when we are all struggling with higher prices and less income, you are a bottom feeder that takes the worst kind of advantage. You should be ashamed of yourself.
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1 year ago, DogGroomerSusan
Not a replacement for PayPal Here
PayPal is sunsetting PayPal Here, a slick and functional app we use to take card payments from our customers. We are being forced to transition to Zettle, which is an absolute horror show at this time. Zettle cannot be set up to allow customers to choose how to tip. We have to choose for them, either % or $. Not cool. In order to refund a charge, we have to start in PayPal then follow the receipt detail to Zettle, where we are finally allowed to refund. But, big but here, the Zettle website page to show the refund details is a 404, Not found! Seriously! And once I get this 404 page, I have clear cache in order for ANY page on the Zettle site to come up again! There is supposedly a means of entering a customer card manually. Which we sometimes have to do in areas without good cell coverage. But the setting to allow that won’t turn on… Long story short, PayPal has rushed into this deal with Zettle and it is us, the end users who will suffer.
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2 years ago, gruntleader
New Update has issues
For one, when I type in a customer phone number for a text receipt, the cursor will suddenly jump back when I get to the 2nd to the last digit of the phone number. It does this consistently now. Also since the update when I bring the app back up from the background it gives a “you have no products” screen before it displays my products. It’s a delay that’s caused issues for me.
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2 years ago, uPerceptor
Money to spend the next day!
Zettle puts the sales money in your PayPal account the next day. You can use a PayPal business debit card to use the money right away! Would be nice if the items had default settings for variations. ATM all variation options have to noted for each sale. Accepting all cc cards, PayPal and Venmo makes every sale a breeze. Card reader works best with tap and Apple/Google pay. Fairly speedy.
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2 years ago, Dtmacneill
No invoicing?
So I’m a new Zettle user for a new business i have established. I did a little research first and decided to use Zettle. Everything went smoothly during setup until i discovered there is no way to send someone an invoice. So unless your customer is standing in front of you, there is no way to send a bill or request payment. On the Zettle website it says this is built into the ZettleGo app which does not seem to exist in the US. What happened? This is a necessity for online sales!
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1 year ago, KoowanPStark
Parts of the app don’t work at all
Feels like an early Beta. Many buttons don’t work at all, others lead nowhere with no obvious way to return to previous menus. Some links lead to a UK site, others explicitly are US-only. The FAQs don’t work at all and many buttons lead only to promotional videos that tell you nothing. Absolutely NOT ready to handle even simple transactions. Even worse, they need to fix it SOON because they are closing the “PayPal Here” app so you’ll be stuck with this awful, broken app. Strongly suggest moving to another payment platform immediately.
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2 years ago, noreastgardener
Payment needs to go into your business account
Payment made through the reader needs to go to your business account not the PayPal account, it should at least be an option the transaction is in person the seller can issue a refund. Another improvement I could see is being able to add or change bank information on the app itself, and not having to log in online, and add or change it.
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9 months ago, Alabama Lifeline
Excellent Service
We have been using this App for some time. We are well pleased. Once in a while we experience a little hiccup, but have always been able to resolve it ourselves. Nothing is perfect, but this rates high in our opinion! As far as the cost, we find it in order, and you can’t get something for nothing if it is worth having!
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1 year ago, Momflack
Needs work, Not Nonprofit-friendly
It certainly can do more than PayPal Here, but it’s not better for our nonprofit which needs to use this to take donations. There doesn’t seem to be a way to set up “Donations” as a “product” without having a set amount or being able to change the amount in the transaction. Even when the customer does enter their name and email, the transaction on PayPay 1) does not show the name and 2) just shows the net amount, not the donation amount and fee. Those are needed for accounting and it’s a pain to have to take extra steps to go back into Zettle and figure all that out. Also had a problem with a screen locking up. Closing and reopening the app just brought me back to the same locked screen. I had to disconnect the card reader before reopening the app to get going again.
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1 year ago, Niki sure
Cannot login
After I enter my account email, the next screen resets and asks me the email again. The screen does not go beyond. I have uninstalled the app several times. I have also tried options like using phone data only for login or wi-fi only to login but still unable to login. I even called Customerservice and they do not know the answer. They mentioned it is something they are aware but don’t have solution. Please help, what it the solution. If you are updating the app every two weeks as you mentioned on this app. I do not see any updates to this solution.
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2 years ago, Dr.StevenPoop
Tip limitations
Limits how much customers can tip you. Developer responded by saying that is to prevent customers from accidently putting in their PIN as the tip. What was wrong with the old way PayPal did it where after putting in the tip it told them the total and asked if it was correct instead of saying that big of a tip isn’t allowed? What if their PIN is 0001? Do you have something in place saying the tip is too low? It’s sickening after what the service industry went through with covid that people are trying to be generous and help us get back on our feet and your placing asinine arbitrary limitations on that.
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2 months ago, Urnicnamehasbeenchosen
What infuriates me about Zettle is:
They put the total right above the change at checkout. This is terrible for someone who is dyslexic because the numbers swap up and down. It’s exasperates us even more when customers feel the need to show off their math skills and demand we count change back to them. Please put the change in green top right and total red bottom left. Thanks from all us who have dyslexia.
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2 years ago, Sugar Art
Doesn’t Work With iPhone 11
I really wanted to love this app because I already have a PayPal business account that I use. However I haven’t yet been able to get past the login screen on the Zettle App and I’ve contacted PayPal support multiple times and no one has been able to help me and has failed to follow up with me. My iOS software is up to date so I don’t know why I can’t even get to the password screen. The app works on my iPad but for some reason I can’t use it on my phone which is what I wanted so I will be returning the Zettle if PayPal Support does not find a solution for me.
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3 years ago, ErinMorrisWood
Tax Rate is a pain
My only complaint on this app is that you have to apply the tax rate to each item individually. It’s a step that is a lot to remember while trying to chat with a customer while ringing them, and flatly unnecessary. If I have the tax rate turned on, it should be obvious that each item in a transaction is taxed. If you’re high volume sales, this is a pretty big issue. I hope it will be addressed in an update.
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3 years ago, ter_rip
My Zettle
So far I like the machine The app however is sometimes a little glitchy I had to delete and re install three times to get it off the search for item page I haven’t adde any item so there is nothing to search for but it keeps freezing there and won’t let me do a transaction Wow! Headache In that moment of need I plan to review again in the future When I have more experience with this
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1 year ago, a_m_s_c_c
Just a few issues
1, The card view seems to be sorted randomly. 2, it would be nice to be able to apply sorting and filters on the card view. 3, it would be nice to keep your sorting and filters when leaving the sell tab and returning to it, instead of having them reset each time. 4, it would be nice to see the product image in the cart
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5 months ago, brightnessren
New redesign has no dark mode setting
I’ve been using and moderately enjoying Zettle for like 6 months now. When I logged in today there was a notice about a “redesign” and everything was black text on white backgrounds. I have vision issues and looking at this made my head hurt, so I went looking for a dark mode setting to no avail. Then I went to the PayPal website for assistance and the person on the other end told me it was in settings and when I said I couldn’t find it and asked for his help, he gave me a telephone number to call. I’m a millennial, I’m not calling anyone.
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