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User Reviews for PayRange

4.67 out of 5
221.1K Ratings
4 years ago, WebGirl!
Very good technology
As a software product designer by trade, the one very thing I look at before thinking of the next good idea, is how exactly the product or app will fulfill a need. How will this product be the solution to just plain dumb processes we have to deal with in every day life. Like when you rent in a downtown apartment and have a coin machine with dual ability to pay and make it work online. I’m SOLD. The product must improve their daily life somehow. If you find that need- the products like the Pay Range app that talks to your washer and dryer is ingenious actually. Not only don’t you have to run n get quarters all the time- you can just add $10/$20 bucks here and there to your account and pay for your laundry washing and dryer via the app. Gone are the days of QUARTERS. Score for me!!! I hate having to get quarters like I’d rather go to the dentist type level. So, this app saves me time, and that is very valuable to me, and instantly stifled that irritation and allows the option to avoid that disruption. That’s my review of Pay Range. It’s smart and the app works good, not one bug so far that I have seen :) and I have been using Pay Range for a few months now. A product like this is brilliant. I wish I would have thought of the idea. I love Pay Range makes laundry semi fun. LinkedIn/In/GinnyKeegan
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8 months ago, Bscience9
Seems great minus one small but big flaw…
I’ve seen a bunch of really bad reviews for the service which I think are probably valid. Thankfully I haven’t really run into any real issues with the machines that use this app on at our apartment except for one feature that I can’t seem to find, which had proven to be more than problematic a couple times which is; a stop or pause button that allows you to open the washer up at any time that it’s not completely full of water and remove something from the wash. I understand the technically whatever I put in the washer is on me, but I feel like if I realize that I shouldn’t have put something in a moment after I start the wash, I should be able to pause it and open it back up and take that something out. This time I realized that I had a pocket knife attached to the pocket of my jeans literally two seconds after I hit start, and there had been no water added. It will not allow me to open it then, nor any other time during the entire wash cycle which seems kind of archaic. I understand front loading washing machines can be more problematic when it comes to water spilling out of them but I know that my mom has a sensor on hers that will allow you to open the door any time but it’s not on a “full of water” wash cycle. Maybe this entire review is ridiculous because it has nothing to do with the service and more whether or not an actual machine has the feature. Anyways, that is my review and two cents on the service.
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4 years ago, mhKyle
Maybe do an update for this?
I really love that you can easily add money to the app and pay through the app instead of the hassle of having to get quarters but there’s one thing that is causing this to be four stars instead of five. There are times when money is extremely tight and living pay check to pay check sometimes I can’t add money from my card but I do have quarters. So when I went to go do laundry I was extremely relieved that I had enough quarters but I only had enough quarters because there was a $1.25 in my PayRange account. The dryers are $1.75 and washing machines is $2.25 and I thought I could use the $1.25 and pay the rest in quarters but turns out you can’t because it’s not enough to pay the whole $2.25 but that’s frustrating because now I have a $1.25 stuck on the app that I can’t use unless I put more money in and it’s frustrating to know that I could’ve had that $1.25 in quarters instead of it being stuck on the app. Again I love how convenient the app is but I wish you could use the small change left over that isn’t enough to pay for a load on the app so you get all your money back for laundry and pay the rest out in quarters when times are tough and tight with money. Or even when you wanna use the rest to have $0 balance on the account instead of it being stuck till you add more money.
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4 years ago, la.jane
Game changer for apartment-living
I couldn’t rate this app high enough. Genius. Every complex and laundry facility should use this system! It has been a dream to not have to worry about quarters anymore! And the app provides the amount of time remaining on the cycle so you don’t have to remember to set your own timer and get bummed when you forgot to do that and have to go down and check it. You also don’t get bummed to go down and find there aren’t any machines available because the app will tell you if they are available before you even go check it out! To be honest, my husband and I were a little skeptical at first because our apartment complex didn’t tell us that there was going to be a new way to pay for laundry. We just went to wash clothes one day and there were new stickers on the machines leading us to this app. A little worried that someone just came in and put stickers on the machines to try to take advantage and get peoples money, we tried it out very cautiously. It’s not a scam afterall and turns out the complex just didn’t know about the changes either because they hire a company to take care of the laundry facilities and that company is the one that made the changes. So glad they did, though! It’s a serious game changer for apartment living!!
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5 years ago, Still a Sabres fan
This App is awesome!
I’ve been using this app for the past year or so since they upgraded our vending machines at work which came with the ability to now use of PayRange. It was advertised on our new machines so I thought what the heck. What I like most about the App are you get to earn free purchases which makes it so worth it if you pretty much live off the machines at work like I do lol and reporting issues with transactions. Usually the machines detect vend faults and will automatically refund the money back, but if they don’t you can report the transaction and within minutes you get a response with your money refunded which is absolutely awesome. Without the App I’d need to fill out a vending refund slip and wait for the day they come to refill the machines to get it. Not only that I was just randomly gifted two purchases for 75% off any item which is why I’m here. I went to use one of them on a beverage but it glitched and charged me full price for the beverage without dispensing it. I reported the transaction and a couple minutes later I was refunded and tried it again and it worked perfectly. Decided to give them this review to show how thankful I am and to say thanks. 👍🏻
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Useless App I Don’t know why they made this before was Good
They just cancel all way of paying the washing machines!!🥲, now we are forced to use this app and I already see some flaws if I’m being realistic here! They pay you twice for what you just request once, and I already heard story from my neighbors how they can’t get there money back cause they just take it from our credit card. Now it hasn’t happen to me yet but I’m trying my best no to be the next victim 💀 so I just delete my credit card when I stop using it and if I need again for the next Laundry day I’ll add it back!!. But again useless app I think using the card was just way better cause you can just refill it by adding money and if you lost it you could just buy a new and refill it for the longterm. Honestly idk why they HATING on this refiller cards. I just see that this app is just gonna get so many calls of like where is money🤨 but they just gonna ignore cause it gonna be too much. Plus this points stink get $3 for free just pay out machines till 47 days until you get to 100 point like, only 47😀 shouldn’t it be long term since this “app” is gonna be use so much?. Also check out the 1 star reviews they are so many😭😭😭😂😂😂 At the end of the day I think this whole “app” is hilarious 😆 I can’t believe it exist if you plan to make this app do better🫵 that’s all hope this helps you and I can’t believe I wrote so much.❤️❤️❤️
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4 years ago, MommaMiaHurst
This app is a scam and they steal your money! I needed to wash a mattress topper that would not fit in my washing machine at home, so I decided to go to a laundromat not far from me. When I went in there I was told that the only way I could pay was using this app. I was only washing the topper and did not plan to be a regular customer, but I downloaded the app with the mindset that I would only load the money I needed onto the pay app and then delete it. I loaded $10 and started washing my things. Before it was finished washing I noticed a $25 charge that I did not authorize and I was not told of any upfront $25 charge. They only way to reach them about problems you have is through email, which is incredible frustratingly. I emailed them, and they returned the $25, but charged it again not even 10 minutes later and still have not returned it 2 days later. Not only did they charge me more than they should have but their app and the machines are not properly connected. When I was drying my topper, the dryer kept stopping even though my app said I have 19 minutes left to drys my item. You were suppose to pay $1 for 24 minutes. I paid another dollar and it stopped before my time was up, only a few minutes later. AGAIN! And I had to ask the worker there to get it started again without being charged. It’s a complete scam and you cannot delete your card information once they have it. They are thieves, save yourself the headache.
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1 year ago, summmmm19417
Hi! Please read
So I’m putting all stars so that this pops up first, they stole my money! I was using the app for a few weeks and today it told me I had a negative balance?? I figured there was Maby an error so I called the costumer support and the person who awnsered was really rude and wouldn’t awnser my questions. I kept trying to tell them that I get the money from my bank and put it in there and use it right away that there’s no way it should be negative and instead of listening and trying to help they yelled at me to not interrupt them and told me if I didn’t stop “being rude” they were going to deactivate my account for me. That is not okay, I just wanted to know if there was a way to fix it and then they instead tried to push the blame onto me and wouldn’t stop just telling me my transactions that I looked at and none were pending or saying negative on at all. I’m not using this app again, this was just horrible and I ended up having to use quarters instead which I don’t mind but what the actual heck? Please train your employees better and fix this issue
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3 years ago, devi415
Worst app!
I do not recommend this dumb app. It’s so stupid to do everything online I tried to use this for the 1st time and I couldn’t even get the washers to start I had to get quarters to start the washers. The customer service people kept denying my call. Then when my washers were finished one of them didn’t rinse my clothes and they were all wet. I was on a budget and I didn’t have enough money to get use another washer.I had to call customer service they said they were not able to start the machine either, all they said was that they were going to refund me my money and I should receive a check the mail within the next 15 days. Are you serious all I needed was to restart the machine and the manager from my building said he could not help me because he is not responsible for these washers. So who even is responsible for the washers need to do something about these washers because they didn’t even wash my clothes good this is the worst experience I’ve had and I will not use these washers again. The app is just a waste of time if the machines don’t work for washing or for the paying method then why don’t you something about it. Instead of just trying to give a refund that comes in 2 weeks. So if 1 or 1 quarters get stuck I’m suppost to call customer support for 50 cents? This is ridiculous. WORST WASHING MACHINES AND PAYING METHOD.
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5 years ago, Izjwbfovp
Cheaper than Using Quarters and Responsive
I switched to the app because my housemate said the first-time app use gave a special deal that made it cheaper. And then after I did it the first time, like most mobile payment apps, you realize how easy the process can be. Additionally, the intervals between when I had to do laundry again (2-4 weeks?) were long enough during the school semester that the app gave me discounts for washing and drying, so I enjoyed that it saved me money. The time that app alerts the washing/drying being finished is not accurate and knowing which machine corresponds to the one you select in the app would have been a bit confusing if wash/dry prices were the same, but I’ve only had two times where I needed to contact support. The first time was an accidental double charge which they refunded me and the second was after I moved out of the apartment that used Payrange and they returned the extra money in my account. Both times they responded within 2 days and they had no problems resolving these issues so I’m pretty pleased with their support team too.
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4 years ago, RoninRunner
Great! (When it works)
After dealing for years of having to retrieve quarters from the bank, stores, change machines at laundromats, etc, my building finally upgraded our washing and drying machines so we can pay through this app. And it's a lifesaver... about half of the time, because only about half the time (actually a little less) the app can not find the machines. So I have to keep reloading the screen to find the machines. Over and over again. Minutes will pass by. And then finally because I'm annoyed to the point of giving up or another resident shows up to the use the other machines and I don't want to look like some creepy guy just waiting around, I use the backup quarters I brought. This app should be saving me the headache about paying for laundry. Instead I dread if the app is going to work or not. It's cut down on my using quarter to half but I've still got to carry them with me when (and not if) the app doesn't discover the machines. What's worse is that it makes the process of washing and drying longer because of the amount of time spent trying to get the app going. And what can be done? I can't simply use another app because the machines where I live only use PayRange. If I could use something else I would delete this app immediately.
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6 years ago, Nnessie
I love this app!!!!!!
I live in an Aptmnt and to do laundry is always a drag. Having to find quarters or go pull cash out then get change 😒. My Friend’s Aptmnt uses Pay Range. That’s how I found out about it. She said nothing but great thing. I suggested it to the Manager at my Aptmnt, and what do you know a few weeks after we have it. I love the fact you can upload funds, it tells you when your wash/dry is almost complete. Easy to use. When you first sign up you are given a complementary washer or dry so that was cool. I had an issue once with it taking funds when I used my free wash. I emailed them they resolved it so quick and added my fund back instantly. Overall I am sooo happy with this app. Even better you can use it for other things like vending machines. Def recommend this! If you live in an Aptmnt and still use quarters, suggest this I promise you will love it. Oh and FYI in the event you have quarters you can still use them. I’ve had only enough funds on the app just for a wash then I used quarters to dry my load.
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3 months ago, velveteenrabbitt
Never got refunds (updated 4/8/24)
They do not refund you if the washing machines steal your money. I've sent requests for refund week ago and crickets! This app is terrible. The customer service is non existent. I have lost so much money on this app and they know you are trapped into having to use this app to do your freaking laundry. The app is so bad and glitchy, when you try to use the slider button, it takes many tries to get to connect to machine and thats when it sometimes takes the money but not start machine so you have to swipe again and it ends up charging you twice!! This is how I have lost so much money on this app! I have given up trying to get in contact with them to get refunds. Such a rip off!! But theres NOTHING you can do!! Update: So, the system went down today and I was actually able to get through to someone, I went online to search for phone number, they actually called back with the "leave your info and we'll call back", and they called back, I asked for and they gave me a refund. The app went back up pretty quick. Maybe new management or something as they seem more responsive now.
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9 months ago, Everry other name is taken!
Terrible, jams up machines, takes your money
This app is terrible because it’s ripe for costly user error. For instance, say a load costs $2.50 and you only have a $1.50 balance. You don’t notice your balance is low and you press “start” on the machine. The machine won’t turn on because there’s not enough funds and the app will now register the machine as “in use”, meaning you can’t use it until a technician comes out to reset the machine. And it took your $1.50. Scenario 2 (full balance in this scenario): You select “heavy” load on the machine ($2.75) and accidentally swipe the $2.50 option. The machine now says you need to add $.25. So you go to the app and try to swipe the “add $.25” option. The app will now indefinitely say “connecting”. The machine won’t turn on because there’s not enough funds and you can even downsize to a “regular” $2.50 load because the app now registers the machine as “in use” until the machine is reset. And it took your $2.50. It’s ridiculous that the app still sends the signal to the machine and takes your money even though there aren’t enough funds in the account to power the machine to begin with. It needs to recognize this before sending the signal, as well as give the user a “not enough funds” warning.
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5 years ago, Suzeque8
Pretty cool
This is a great idea, eliminating the need to get quarters (+) for shared laundry rooms. This is installed at my building as well as my boyfriend’s place, so that’s a bonus! (+) Easy to reload $ (+) Tells you how much time is left and when the machine stops! So you can go home and return for it in a timely manner (+) There are two drawbacks, the first is just an inconvenience but the second is maddening. You must have a good phone/WiFi signal to use this app. Laundry rooms are typically located in an odd place, and at both locations I can use this app, going into the laundry room cuts off my phone service, One location much worse than the other. Find myself at the door waving it around, looking for the sweet spot where there’s service AND the machines are within range. Inconvenient (-) Biggest negative aspect is that sometimes the washer or dryer in question shows as “in use” on the app, when I’m looking right at it and it’s clearly empty and ready to go. I assume this is also a connectivity issue. Maddening! (-) Bottom line is that I’ll keep using it and hoping it works, but will always bring some quarters along too, just in case.
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5 years ago, Scrubby2000
Technology at its finest!
I was a little hesitant at first signing up for this app, but it was one of the best decision I’ve ever made! I work night shift so going to the bank is a little more difficult for someone like me. I would sometimes have to drive all over town trying to collect enough quarters to do my laundry. Those days are over! In a matter of seconds... I can add money to my account and do my laundry. No more carrying quarters around and dropping them in the grass on my way to the laundry room. Pay Range and the company with blue tooth compatible washers and dryers have saved me a lot of time and headaches! Thank you for smart people in the world who come up with this stuff. I am very grateful! I’m a busy mom who works a lot and is always on the go. My time is valuable. Thank you for making life just a little bit easier.
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4 years ago, Val0708
This app has been convenient for me because I hated going to get quarters and I wash at my apartment building’s laundry room. It’s not perfect by any means. They below satisfactory customer service. I’ve had to deal with them a few times and for the most part you are ok but then you get a robotic person who continues to email you the same reply over and over even though you’re asking them questions. Also, as someone else mentioned, I didn’t reload money to my count and suddenly I had over 10 dollars on my account. Turns out that they auto reload was turned on and that is something I never enabled. It must be something with their new update? Not sure because after using it for so long this has never happened. To me, that seems very shady and I don’t appreciate that happening. They have no idea if I’m going to use the app again so why did they enable that feature without asking? Luckily I noticed and turned it off but there are some people who only want to use it one time and will have to go through the trouble of contacting them to get their money back. They need to remove that from the app.
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3 years ago, Alf!
Magically changing machines
It’s happened enough times that I can’t write it off anymore, the app seems to have a built in “bug” to rip off customers. On many occasions, I’ll try to pay for a machine, and just at the moment I’m swiping up to pay, the app will “glitch” and switch my payment to another machine (ie im paying for machine 3, but mid swipe the app will change machine 3 to machine 4 and my payment gets wasted on the wrong machine). Always the machines it switches are a washer for a dryer or vice versa, it never happens that it switches a payment from one washer to a different washer (cause if it did that then I could just use the other washer I accidentally paid, instead of being forced to repay on a machine I need). Since the app has no option to take back a payment or move a payment to another machine, that money is lost (or for PayRange, gained). I have no doubt this bug occurs on purpose and the developers are making no effort to stop it. Still give it 3 stars for the convenience of not needing quarters. Just wish it wasn’t designed to essentially steal money.
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5 years ago, ecwhitman
Minor Issues, but Overall Pretty Great
First off, I absolutely LOVE the fact that I don’t have to find quarters every time I need to do laundry anymore. Seriously, it’s almost a little sad how excited I was when I used this app for the first time. A couple of issues, though— it’s usually really hard me to get my phone to connect to the machines. I don’t think that’s the apps fault; I think my laundry room just has really bad reception. I usually have to walk out in the hall or over to the mailboxes to get my phone to connect to a machine. Another issue I have, which is really just a slight inconvenience, is that the load times on the app are incorrect. The wash time on the app is about 7 minutes longer than it is in real life & and the dry time is around 15 minutes shorter, so I can’t really depend on the app to know when my clothes are actually done. Apart from those two things, I still am really grateful that I have the option to pay for my laundry with my phone. Doing laundry is much more convenient, and for that, I thank you.
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10 months ago, Tobfcx
Be Aware
This app has worked well for me for a while now. It’s reasonably convenient to use. I recently tried to use it and was informed by the app three times that my credit card information was outdated. My card wouldn’t work. This was absolutely not true. I used the same card the day before, and the day after. This was apparently an internally generated move by pay range to force you to update your credit card information. After three tries and being told that it was outdated, and the only option was to delete and re-enter, I reentered and was able to use it successfully. But…they sent these three “outdated card” attempts to my bank which came off looking like a fraud attempt. If you want customers to update their card info, please kindly say so!!! I consider this a crappy way to treat a customer!! Then to top it off, the email support AND “chat” support are robots! This kind of thing is a customer repellant! The app has worked well up to now. Please fix this! Thanks.
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5 years ago, Annoyed ML
Nightmare to get this App to Work
When my building set this App up, I was THRILLED; No more hunting down quarters!! Then, I tried to use it. What a PAIN! It’s always a huge hassle to log in, find the machines, and get the app to connect to the machines. I’m sure this a building placement and lack of internet issue, but it’s infuriating. I have to log in in the lobby area, because it doesn’t work in the laundry room, and then set up a series of open doors and stand in a sweet spot between the machine and the open doors that lead to the lobby to even get the app to connect to the machines. The scanning device never works to find the machine manually, and I’ve never had all available machines show up together on the app even once. Half the time it says a machine is unavailable when it’s not being used at all. When you load money, there’s always a denomination difference when you’re at the end of the loaded amount, so you’re stuck with a quarter or two that you can’t get back or use unless you load more money on to the frustrating app. Honestly, quarter hunting was far more efficient.
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6 years ago, jvaldivi87
Piece of garbage & worst customer service
Every single time of the 3 times I have used this app I have been charged twice. Then I end up having to reload more funds to complete my laundry when the original $10 should have been sufficient. I email them and sometimes they refund within a couple hours, sometimes the following day. Tonight (Thursday) the machine broke down with my clothes inside and the machine door locked. I call them and after waiting 15 min on the phone they connect me to a man overseas whom I could not understand, who tells me the machine was reported broken earlier and that I have to wait until Monday that they will be able to send a technician. I ask the guy on the phone why nobody labels the machine as broken and why the app took my payment when they knew it was broken. He tells me he doesn’t know. I ask to speak to his supervisor to get my clothes out of the machine and he tells me to call again tomorrow for that. Meanwhile the machine keeps flushing water on my clothes as it has for the past two hours. My clothes will be ruined if I wait until Monday. This is really frustrating!
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4 years ago, Nanalie
Pricing increases without notifying app users
This app is slightly great. You don’t need quarters to use it as if we lived in the ice age. However, the prices are increased without letting the users know. My understanding is that the app developer has no responsibility of letting its users know. Rather, each individual should reach out to their respective landlord. But, it would be helpful to let the user know somehow that the property manager increased the prices and decreased the time of washing/ drying.. ie: send a email, push notification , notification on the app, etc. My $1.75 is now only worth 30 minutes as opposed to the 60 minutes it provided beforehand, I wish the app could’ve told me. Their customer service is great. Responsive wise I had a response within 3 minutes for a refund as I thought it was an error ( but no one explained to me what was going on as far as time and pricing). Apparently, from the responses below this is something that is bothersome to many. I may have to revert to my ice age quarter method. Sigh.
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5 months ago, tammie judge
Lousy service with this company
Yeah, this company puts their washers and dryers out here in apartments for people to use. They’re supposed to be there for coins or for you to put your phones up against the washer and dryers. It’s a joke they can’t even come out in empty out the coin thing when people can’t even use the app because it glitches so bad, but they expect people to wait for weeks out of end because they can’t even come out and do their job and check and see why the coin thing is so jammed because why because it’s probably so full of quarters but they expect people to sit here and wait and wait and wait to do their laundry and they don’t even care that is wrong how they treat people that is not how you treat people when they call in and tell you that there’s a problem with a washer and dryer around here or anywhere when a customer calls they should be up most and treated with respect but they’re not. They’re treated like garbage and treated like trash, they’re texting everything make every excuse in the book not to do your job
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5 years ago, Jdswmmr
Was great at first then it screwed me over.
I really liked the idea and app at first. Then it started acting a little flaky. I like the fact that it will notify you when your machine is about to be finished but even that is not working correctly now. I started the machine and it was showing 28 minutes on the machine but the app is telling me I had 36 minutes until it was done. Right now I am trying to do two loads into machines right next to each other. I put my clothes in both machines added to liquid soap and started the first machine. When I went to start the second machine it was not listed as an available machine. Are use the app to contact the app people to let them know but contacting them simply send them an email and I got no response. So I was standing there with one washer going in the other one not with soap all of my clothes. In the future I just rather put coins in the machine and not get stuck like that. The app keeps telling me I have some special offers and discounts but when I try to use them I get the runaround. Still no response from the app administrators.
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3 years ago, MsFishie97
Super convenient—when it works
I find this app really convenient and useful. It’s also very forgiving because for a long time there would be random machines that wouldn’t work and you wouldn’t know h til after you’d paid and waited for the load to go—getting refunds for those failed dispensations is so much easier than going to the office to get quarters back, especially in Covid times. However, on a frustrating number of occasions, the app won’t work. At all. It won’t register any of the machines that are in range, or it won’t even log me in. And as a personal problem, I don’t often pay with cash, so I don’t have quarters lying around, which means I can’t do laundry, which with my tight schedule is incredibly /in/convenient. If it didn’t have these random times where it didn’t work or even register my account exists, then I would give 5 stars.
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2 years ago, IliMac
Great idea but needs improvement
So I really like this idea of not having to use quarters that is one of the things I love. There a few things though that could be improved. I had no issues when paying for the washing machine. You pick your washing selection and you pay no problem. Once I had to dry my clothes is where I had a little issue. They offer 2 minutes for .25 so you have continuously keep swiping to pay. I think they should have the options of 5 minute increments to pay. I usually like 30 minutes for dry and also when I swiped to pay another .25 cents the time clock on the app to notify you did not add the additional 2 minutes. So I had to go to the machine and see how much time I had left. One more thing you have to be really close to the machine so that can be an issue when the place gets crowded. I think for now I will still use quarters for the dryer.
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5 years ago, SamShemi
I tried used this app to pay for my laundry. Everything was going fine until I tried to deposit money into the app’s account it kept telling me my card was getting declined (which there was no way that could be the case since I had more than enough funds in my bank). The next thing I knew the app had charged my bank $100 and then immediately locked me out of my account. I have been emailing their customer service CONSTANTLY. Almost 3 times a day for the past week without a SINGLE RESPONSE. Pay Range please do the right thing and refund my money that was essentially stolen from me. I have never had such a horrible experience with any application the App store. The UI looks like it was designed by a 8 year old child using crayons and a piece of printer paper. The credit card “information entry page” is INCREDIBLY suspicious and the second they had my info my account was charged multiple times. I hope this review catches your attention since my 50 emails have not. I just want my $100 back please do the right thing.
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5 years ago, Indy Vixen
Wonderful Application
I am really glad my apartment complex converted the washers and dryers to PayRange. I was a homeowner with her own laundry equipment for many years. Then I got divorced and found myself living in an apartment again. For the first few months I either dragged my stuff out to a laundromat (hated that - why do I always find the one with the most annoying screaming children?) with a change machine or I scrounged quarters constantly. Pre-paying for laundry this way is fantastic! I have never had any trouble with the app. I also love being able to top off the dryer - it allows me to split loads since our dryer cycle is 63 minutes and most of stuff doesn’t take that long to dry! I was glad to see when my kids moved into their apartment this summer that they also have PayRange!
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2 years ago, grateful Missouri Synner
Too easy to double and triple charge
All sorts of people need to be able to use this app because all sorts of people need to do laundry and this app is not designed for all sorts of people. This after design for people who are absolutely perfect. Most things that have to do with computers PCs apps, blah blah all that stuff, have a failsafe that asks “are you sure you want to do this?” This app does not have that. It’s far too easy to swipe too many times and get double and triple charged for the same load. My neighbor and I just got these machines and found out after much time that we had paid for the same load over and over again at the exact same time. Please update your app to notice when a customer is paying to run the machine multiple times at the exact same time,So that it will ask if you really want to be double charged when it knows that you’ve already paid the main fee? Thanks
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3 years ago, Obsidiancat
Customer service came through for me!
I am writing a review because I was happy with the care I received from customer service this morning. Last night, one of the machines I was using failed to start and I had to pay twice. It was a heavy duty front loader, so one of the more expensive machines. I emailed them last night and they got back to me this morning. Once I provided the details, they returned the money to my balance. If you ever have trouble like this, I recommend taking a screen shot of the offending machine. It helps them sort it for you. I do A LOT of laundry every week! I go through tons of sheets and blankets at work, and with COVID protocols I am washing a car load every weekend! Laundry costs have become a huge expense so I am grateful for the help I received today.
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5 years ago, wakarimasusan
More Than Awesome!!!
A campground laundry facility uses this app for their washers and dryers. No more coins to lug around nor exchanging bills for change. I just downloaded the app, added money to my new acct., turned on Bluetooth, stood by the machines, matched the machine that I wanted to use, swiped across my screen to start, and then pressed start on the machine. The app will even show how much time is left on the machine(s) and send you a text when the machine(s) is done! Also, the app allows you to add a little more time to the dryer instead of paying full price before it completely finishes. The only downside is if you have leftover money in the acct and can’t find another machine that uses it. Otherwise, I can’t think of a downside!
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2 years ago, Asdfjanelle
In the past two years there has never been a time I have not had connectivity issues with this app. I’ve lived places that use different apps to fund their machines and I’ve never had the issues I constantly have with payrange. So many times it will get stuck on Authorizing or say Machine out of range when I am right in front of it and the machine had literally JUST took 25 cents from me less than a minute ago. Also the dryers only allow you to add 25 cents at a time for 15 minutes each and with the horrible connection I have to close and reopen the app between every time I load 25 cents worth cause there is no way any load I have will dry in 15 minutes. Every time I report it to customer service they just send autoresponse about my connection without ever looking into the situation. Save yourself the struggle of waiting for app connectivity issues in a hot laundry room and go get quarters from the bank instead.
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5 years ago, Kokoqui
Continuous sign in errors and inability to cancel transactions
This app works most of the time but on occasion it won’t even let me log into my account either on my wifi network or on cellular data, giving me sign in errors when all I’ve done is input my phone number. This is extremely frustrating as I use this app for laundry and I’ve paid for the wash cycle and now am unable to sign in to pay for the dryer. Furthermore, the sign in method is unconventional as it once it accepts your phone number, it texts you a link to sign in that opens up the app store instead of taking you to the app itself. Then, when you want to pay, the app will say swipe up to pay and back down to cancel the transaction, but it sometimes registers my side swipes to view other machines as a swipe up and deducts money from my account. Swiping down does not cancel the transaction and now I’ve paid for something I didn’t want. Fix these issues!
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2 years ago, Swanny2070
Swiping the amount always hangs
I use the app to do laundry in my building. The washing machine works fine (because it’s one amount) , but it’s using the dryers that always, always causes problems. You need to swipe at 25 cent intervals, on my dryers that’s 8 min per swipe. I need around 50 minutes to dry, so multiple swipes are needed. The first 2-3 swipes are fine, but then the app hangs and spins, sometimes for 5 min while I wait to add more money to the machine. I have an iPhone 13, the dryers are brand new, and this isn’t operator error. I work for a software company. It would be great if I could just type in a dollar amount, or choose a “$1.25” button or something like that instead of incessantly swiping small amounts. Please rework the app to make using dryers easier. Otherwise, I like the app. Loading money is easy, as using quarters is archaic.
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4 years ago, Twas brillig and the slithy toves
Unnecessarily diffuclt
The interface is very confusing. It is very easy to accidentally send money to the wrong machine because they do not lay out their user interface in a clear and simple way. There should be an undo button that lasts for 30 seconds after you pay in case you accidentally do it wrong. Also, the default price they set is 1.75 for a “super wash” whatever that is, even though the actual price per wash is 1.25. Its purposefully confusing and unclear and makes you spend more than you intend to. On top of that, once you start a machine it is impossible to stop it part way through, which causes a real problem when the wrong machine accidentally gets started. I’m interested in an app that works via bluetooth and gives notifications, etc. but this user interface is so confusing that it makes it difficult to use and easy to use up your money on the wrong machines/types of washes.
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5 years ago, leahleolisa
Great concept with potential but UNinstalling
The customer service has been great. However, the apps overall functionality is terrible. Recognizing that part of the issue may be the app, part may be the equipment and part may be the owner of the property, the review is based solely on the app!!!! For every use I have encountered, the customer service has responded quickly and resolved issues and refunded promptly. But the actual app itself is infuriating! The timers are inaccurate. The available machines are inaccurate. I even gave up on the app and used quarters on a machine and the app still registered the machine as available. The security appears to be less than acceptable as my account mysteriously is depleted of money not only on days I’ve used the app but also on days that I have not accessed the app. It should not allow for you to continue to use funds for a machine that is already in use or swipe in error on a machine in use. There are much needed improvements on this app.
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2 years ago, Spooky Dude Seven
They will take your money if you do not spend it within 90 days. Nothing indicated this on the app. My landlord switched providers because payrange would not provide maintenance in a timely manner. I tried to refund my balance but they are holding it hostage due to a rule where after 90 days, they refuse to refund any money you do not spend. Even if the machines are gone at your apartment complex. I even tried finding more locally and nobody uses this service. Beware! If you are an owner of a complex, DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. You have been warned! Also they have lottery tickets in the app and data mining. If you enter your email or phone number in the “marketplace” they will sell it and you will get spammed. Learn from my mistakes. Just use the quarters if you have to. This app is borderline malicious. I feel gross for ever having to give them my personal info. Oh and the support is all bots. No humans. I can’t get in touch with anyone.
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5 years ago, Clamperman
I ran across this app while staying at a Best Western and needing to do some laundry . It was Simple, easy to use, and super convenient. No more pocket full of quarters or jammed up machines (which was in my case). The app even has a timer to let you know how much longer your loads are going to be even if you’re not within the WiFi range of the machines. I all so like the fact that I’m not obligated to throw down a bunch of cash when I’m only running a load or two. *** As far as experience with this goes I’m real limited and I’m not knowing if there’s enough machines available to utilize it or not but I’m hopeful that there is because it really just made sense *** Cheers ! Hope this helped someone
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3 years ago, jaekwonyang
Unreliable and clothes still wet
My wet clothes has not been dried for the past 2 hours and it’s 10pm EST because of app issues. It started with server unavailable message to sign in error messages popping up on my screen every 2 seconds. On top of that, I somehow successfully logged in and my Apple Pay declined to process funds into the PayRange account BUT there’s a $10 pending charge on my credit card and I’m still seeing $0 balance on my PayRange account. I called the front desk and they said it’s an app issue and can’t override the issue I’m having to simply dry my clothes. Then, why did the hotel buy these washer and dryer machines with a very UNRELIABLE app? I don’t know when the app is up and running for me to simply dry my clothes. Please bring back the quarters again. At least the hotel would have some control over these machines. This is an unwise investment and a horrible experience. Do not trust this app or machines that is connected to this app!!!!
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4 years ago, BernieorBust🔥🔥🔥
Need better labels for machines
The app is really good, but I am taking off two star sfor two reasons. 1) There is a $0.25 surcharge to refil anything under $10, but a load is only $4.00. There should only be a surcharge if you’re making less than one load, i.e. only drying something. 2) The machines need to be better labeled to work with app. They’re stacked 2 on top in 3 rows. The first two are 8 and 9, then 10 and 11, then 12 and 13...but you don’t know which is which. It’s 2 washers and 4 dryers. The app also doesn’t specify. There should be little arrows in the # up or down. I have to take a guess and then redo if I’m wrong. You would think 8, 10, and 12 would be on top, but they’re not. So if I’m trying to pay in the bottom washer of the first row, it’s actually #8, not #9. Very confusing.
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6 years ago, Matthew_Lane
Washers not working
And you guys don’t know how to get in touch with anyone. I put 25$ credit on the app. The app doesn’t detect the washers or dryers. Called 16hours ago and had one call back. The called then hung up trying to transfer to someone that could I guess fix the problem. My cloths are still soaking in soap. It’s been 16 plus hours they have been soaking. On top of all that you took my money out of my app and gave it back. So now I have to wait ten days to get my cash back and for nothing. I just put more money on the app. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to call someone back and try and fix this . My landlord has called at least 5 times and you have not even called him back. Get you crap together guys. I just purchased these cloths a couple of days ago for a new job. This is my only day off these week. If my cloths are Ruined I will expect compensation and yes I have receipts and dates from when I purchased these clothes.
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3 months ago, H.T09
Overall good but not that great
Yes the app is good and is a time saver, but at times it can be really annoying and the app constantly stops working. For me i stopped liking the app all that much after it ‘broke down’ for the 5th consecutive time. It either just doesn’t work and stays loading forever, or it doesn’t pick up the machines even though you can be standing right next to it. You can’t even try again later because it takes a whole day before it fixes it self, and i’ve got wet laundry that i need to dry! Not everyone has a few quarters laying around because not everyone uses cash, but luckily i do. As i said before the app is good and a time saver usually but its very buggy
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9 months ago, imtheshizzniyee
Great app for washer and dryer payment
Washer and dryer broke at the same time and soonest repair man I could get was a week out so I went to the laundromat and this is the app they use for apple pay/card payments. It was easy to use and pay for the machines on my phone. My only complaint is that the time for the machine on the app didn’t update when I added more time for the dryer. I was even able to get my $5 refunded in literal minutes after pre loading more money than I needed. Overall, It was a good experience with the app and was a lot better than having to go to my bank which wasn’t anything where near the laundromat and out of the way from my house
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1 year ago, ThatOneLargeCat
Good Tool, Bad System
This app is great for laundry day and makes it super simple to just tap and go, but wow if they don’t make everything regarding your account difficult. I noticed I had rewards and needed to redeem them, but in order to do that I need to verify my phone number. Should be easy, except I accidentally put in the wrong phone number earlier, and now that one is saved and I can’t change it without contacting support. I should just be able to change it and verify it no problem. On top of that I tried to just delete my account, but when I tried it said I had no emails attached which is really odd considering I need an email to even create an account. It’s bizarre to me how buggy the system is and how little room there is to correct user errors. Please fix this
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4 years ago, keeleaik
Scam and no internet plus laundry cost more
So first off it adds charges very very very easily. Be super careful don’t swipe. I was holding my phone and my finger swiped across as I thought the app was closed, swiped 50 bucks! They have no direction and if you get confused you can easily have issues. Second if you don’t have a WiFi connection you can’t use it! My husband accident turned off our internet for everyone, no internet without a connection. Basically if the laundry mat at your apartments don’t have a WiFi connection and you can’t get internet at the laundry room your out of luck. Last our apartments went up 2 whole dollars a load for this stupid app! I hate the app once we use the 50 this app can be deleted and never be seen. It is a scam a total money grubbing scam it has nothing to offer but to make money! If your laundry mat can accept quarters do it!!! Do not download this app!!!!! Do NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, MrTechTurtle
New fees, so goodbye Payrange
Like many other recent reviews have noted, they now charge a 25 cent fee when loading an amount less than $10. I get it, card processors charge you to handle those transactions and no one wants to eat those fees, so we pass them onto the consumers instead. However, as a consumer I don’t really care about who’s eating what fee, I care about the overall cost to me at the time of purchase and a new 25 cent fee for amounts less than 10 bucks make a vending machine soda or candy bar even more expensive than what the machine owner has already set them to. I don’t want to load 10 dollars at a time and I don’t trust any app or service like this with any bank information to avoid that fee. While the convenience was nice while it lasted, I will just reacquaint myself with cash. Who knows, I might even save some money since it won’t be so easy to blow money on vending machine products.
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2 years ago, Eliz Leon
Was a Good App
Up until a week ago, this app worked just fine. Now I have to either wait ten minutes or more for the server to figure itself out so it can sign me in or I have to delete the app and redownload it. Sometimes that doesn’t even work. This is a really convenient alternative for quarters while doing laundry. So it’s rather depressing it refuses to suddenly not work after years of use. Things I wished it would improve prior to this. 1. They have an option to alert you when your laundry is done. It has yet to work. 2. It doesn’t actually know when a machine is available. 3. It doesn’t accurately know the machine’s countdown, so it falsely reports when the laundry is done or not done. 4. Sometimes it takes four-five refreshes for it to figure out you actually have funds or to link up with the machine that you are literally on top of.
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4 years ago, ShaniaWB
Unreliable and app spams the users with Lotto advertising and notifications
The app itself works ok when working. The concept is good and their support is excellent. But in general it is somewhat unreliable with lots of connection failures and sign in issues. In addition there’s a big privacy downside; The app sends notifications for Lotto advertising regardless of the settings being turned off or on. I believe that is in violation of Apple’s developer TOS. There is no indication before you download the app that there is advertising that cannot be turned off. I would advise any vendors that are considered using PayRange to reconsider if you want to keep your tenants happy. Good concept but needs improvement. The statement by the developer that the ad can be turned off is incorrect. The user is still spammed regardless of settings.
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4 years ago, whateverandno
Horrible service if you have ANY ISSUES
I’ve reported multiple issues and the first couple of times my money was refunded. These last couple times -I was ignored the first time by a customer service rep named “Luke” then last night I had two machines malfunction on me, I gave a full report, there was no heat going to the dryers and LITERALLY had to air dry my sheets after failed attempts. This morning I open my emails only to find a non-considerate response about how it’s “MY JOB” to do their “THEIR JOB” for them and that I need to find the dryer technician to report the issue myself !!!!!! How infuriating- why does PAYRANGE even have an option to report machine issues if they expect consumers to do their jobs for them ? And of course the customer service rep -“JEN” made absolutely no mention of refunding my money never mind I missed a whole extra hour of sleep thanks to this mess. I will be reposting all of this to my landlord
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