pCloud - Cloud Storage

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11 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for pCloud - Cloud Storage

4.64 out of 5
4.2K Ratings
5 years ago, -Glen-
Absolutely love pCloud
I really dislike how Apple requires iTunes to load your music on an iPhone. It’s clunky and slow. Just let us load music how we want to Apple. That’s where pCloud comes in. This service has been exactly what I was looking for! There’s a built in media player that allows you to create playlists of the music you own stored within your pCloud account. I can either stream that music or store the music files within those playlists locally in the pCloud app for offline listening. I purchased the family lifetime plan providing 2 TB of storage which can be divided amongst a total of five people including yourself. I also added the lifetime crypto feature. Finally a cloud service where I can set the encryption key on certain files/folders so I know that only I have the key to decrypt the files in the event there was a breach. While I can understand how some people are upset about losing files due to their account being closed out it is clearly stated your account will be closed if inactive for six months. That only applies to free accounts.
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4 years ago, Dr. Christian
Worst storage service, Poor customer service.
I normally leave good reviews or none at all but This is the worst service, worst company I have ever come across. pCloud states that they will provide a refund if you are unsatisfied with the trial, but this is not the case. There is no way to cancel, the one representative they have corresponding with you is robotic and disregards your request to cancel and receive a full refund. The service is not at all what was expected, it does not meet my needs as represented in their service description. pCloud representative responds with “Sorry we cannot refund” Basically they don’t care about consumer needs and will be keeping my money anyways. This is a disappointing business practice from a company that will be storing your private files and photos. If they are not willing to provide a refund for something that doesn’t meet a consumer need, why would you trust them to keep your files secure and safe? I would never recommend pCloud to anyone. I don’t trust the site nor the app. It is uneasy to leave confidential documents on a site that doesn’t even stand behind their product. There are far better options from companies that also provide better consumer services. I had high hopes but was instead disappointed, I have lost money to this site and no service. Buyers BEWARE. There is no such thing as free here, you lose your data or your money, either way you are not in control of your own files.
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5 years ago, SailinAngl
Love pCloud; No Regrets
I absolutely love pCloud. My issues are 99% operator error and lack of knowledge. The only true request I have right now is access to a password protected file. I have several, mostly Excel, that I’m unable to access from iPhone app when on the road. Laptop, absolutely no issue. I have wondered how to crypto multiple folders with different passwords and saw in the review comments this is an option. I’ll find time to figure it out. I agreed with another reviewer re: changing password (I use Directory Opus vs File Explorer) yet the files can still be accessed via File Explorer. Again, may be operator error on my part as I use p: (pCloud) as if it’s my c: (local drive). One last comment, I wish the Developers had time to comment on reviewers concerns/questions/comments as a few that were commented on already helped me and will help others. I believe in pCloud and don’t regret buying the lifetime subscription whatsoever.
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5 years ago, Ohfunz
Free means you’ll lose all photos
There are better companies. Don’t trust this company (or the friend who suggested them) unless you have the spare time to read everything on their site, because they won’t tell you until it’s too late. I use my calendar diligently to remind me to check on things, keep up, etc. So if they had said sign on often, I would have put it on my calendar. Had I known this company doesn’t give a crap about free members and solely focused on your money, I wouldn’t have used them. Thousands of photos deleted, and they told me 6 months after they did it. They said inactivity of a year gets your account deleted. I signed in around Sept/Oct, have had crazy health problems since and unable to sit organizing photos. It hasn’t been a year, but they emailed me saying they were deleting my account (they didn’t do it, it was a bait email). They deleted ALL my photos tho. I go to look for customer support, and after 7 minutes of searching see “after 6 months deletion” of all photos. Which is not what they email you. So definitely feel lied and scammed. They delete all your photos, and don’t tell you, and wait to delete your account all while pushing for you to pay. Find a better company.
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5 months ago, Awasak
Mobile app and Desktop app is unbelievably good
Regardless how good the and secure the cloud storage company is . It is very important that the mobile app and desktop app should be optimized. I have been using it about 2 years 500 gb monthly subscription. Because i thought i would cancel it . But it made me surprise . This is absolutely best cloud service app for both mobile and desktop . My macbook has 256 gb but i have pcloud 500 gb and I don’t have to worry about the space . Because the mac book app is integrated well as it is working my laptop hard drive . What can be better than that. Also mobile is the best thing ever . Now thinking to purchase lifetime permanent 2tb for my daily use . Thanks to developer to make beautiful app for both mobile and desktop.
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10 months ago, raschild
Great iCloud/DropBox Alternative
I was attracted to pCloud because of their pricing structure. If you want a one-time payment, they have it. If you want a manageable monthly fee, they have that, too. If you want certain add-one, go for it. Since I started using the service, issues have been very few and support has been very responsive. My only remaining issue is the music player does not recognize all of my audio files (various formats) or some of the metadata. If that can be resolved, my review will be five stars. Another great feature is the interoperability with different operating systems. I am not tied to a single tech ecosystem. Client-side encryption was also a big selling point. This is well worth a try beating out iCloud and DropBox for this user!
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3 years ago, Bling Diggity
Doesn’t work.
Signed up via the app with my Apple account. Verified my email address. But still nothing happens when i try to login. I tap “sign in with my Apple account”, it says sign in successful, circle-spinner thing spins around a couple times - and nothing happens. Still stuck on the login screen no matter how many times i attempt to login. I updated the app to make sure it wasn’t just an old version not working right. The app is the latest version. But it still doesn’t seem to work at all. The app won’t progress past the login screen despite successfully logging in with the correct credentials. Maybe it takes some extra time to set up my account after initially signing up? Idk. I did verify my email though and got a message saying account creation was completed successfully. So yeah, me thinks it’s probably an issue with the app itself. I guess I’ll give it 24 hours and see if it works tomorrow. If not I’ll just uninstall it and leave my 1-star rating as is.
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2 months ago, RasFedo
Slowest File Upload/Download/Sync Speed!
I’ve been using pCloud for 4-5 years now and I got 4TB Lifetime Storage. I wanted to upgrade to 10Tb Lifetime, but I didn't… pCloud File Upload/Download & Sync speeds are worse than any other major Cloud services like MEGA, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive on both iOS & MacOS. My main devices are the iPhone 15 Pro Max & MacBook Pro M1 Max 16”. My network speed [D-150mbps/U-100mbps] I'm using OneDrive for my professional work and it has the fastest Transfer/Sync speed!!! Try to apply the same, faster speed to the most loved pCloud before everyone else gets tired of it… One more major issue is that pCloud Auto Upload doesn’t work in the background when the App is not used or opened. It is hectic & can’t believe your team cannot handle it since every other Cloud app is running in the background and doing the Auto Upload in the background. Can’t believe that pCloud failed on that I have been a pCloud lover for years but with a sacrifice of speed! I emailed & explained this issue years back, and they replied to me as they would inform the relevant team. That’s it, nothing happened & no follow-up. I’m a pCloud lover and have recommended so many friends! Please, give no.#1 priority for speed as well as security! I'm happy to help with improving with tests… If you need more feedback provide me an email address. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Vindad
Why does it lump all photos and videos together?
The app is ok except for two things. 1) uploads are so so slow. It literally took a full week to upload 1 terabyte of data to the cloud. I understand that’s a bit of data, but a full week? 2) there’s a section for ‘photos’ where it lumps all of your photos and videos throughout your pCloud drive together. Maybe I don’t want them all together? Maybe there’s some folders I’d like to be excluded from this? Can we get some control over it? The same goes for audio files. Give us some more user settings to customize this! I’d upgrade this by a star if they add this.
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3 years ago, StickyIcky3478
Excellent Update! Thank you.
I continue to trust pCloud primarily for it’s consistently high ratings for *security*. This is why I chose pCloud to begin with, and security remains the fundamental reason why I remain loyal to pCloud. Thank you very much for the very useful new app functions. Great job pCloud. ... The only function that I continue to wish for very much; is for the iPhone pCloud app to have the ability to sort my files according to SIZE, so I can delete duplicate files much easier, and straight from the pCloud iPhone app itself. ... If there is a way to sort my files (both photos and documents) according to SIZE, and I’m not yet aware of how to do this; I would welcome assistance to learn how to do this. ... As I have accumulated many duplicate files, which I would like to be able to sort and then delete. ... Otherwise, thank you and keep up the great work! :)
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5 years ago, NichhiRennage
Don’t depend on this system. Horrendous Experience!
I’ve been a customer with then for some time now and after a few months I finally made them my cloud storage of choice for my media company. I switched to Apple billing back in December and since then they have repeatedly sent me notices about deleting my account and moving my files to trash. At this point in may of 2019 I’ve sent them proof every month if my payment and I am still waiting on my customers files to be removed from their trash. When approaching them about this issues, for months, they have repeatedly turned this issues around to be my fault. After pointing sending them the Last proof of payment I receive An email saying “Yes, I see you paid last month but what about the last 3 months?” I’ve literally been sending in proof for the Last 3 Months! Horrible customer service! They have yet to take responsibility for their action and I’m simply over this and will Be sure to plaster this review EVERY WHERE!
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2 years ago, dreemdazer
Hard to use
A friend tried to share a folder of pictures with me, and I attempted to share some videos, but the app was really confusing as to whose folder you’re in and how to share files. It should be much easier since that’s the supposed purpose of pCloud. Also, if you set up your account through Apple, Google or Facebook it’s hard to make any changes to pCloud because it asks for a password all the time and everywhere, such as to make changes in the app or on the web, and an automatically generated password through Apple, Google, etc., is often not available through auto fill. After a bit of frustration I attempted to delete my account but couldn’t since the password was generated in the app and the deletion dialogue is on a web page, and I thus had no access to the password. Anyway, overall frustrating experience.
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2 years ago, Pro_dinko
After 2 years
Update to developer response: They didn’t mention anything in the reply of promising internet speeds. They cannot and you can read that in the developer response. I replied and they mentioned they can’t do anything about it. They love to show they care, but when you are in a one to one communication they show they don’t care… I was in and out using this app. Now the Black Friday deal was here I wanted to see if they ever made improvements. I played a 30 minute podcast that I downloaded. 25 minutes in and it’s playing something that was said 20 seconds ago. Then stopped at the 28 minute mark. This is full of bugs. Glad they fixed the speed to actually play the pod cast now. As before it was impossible to listen to the podcast. But do note they don’t promise you any speed, so if you get good speed for a few days it can be quiet slow after a few months. (If you buy the permanent plan)
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4 years ago, DarkKnightKirim
The best of the best!
I have been a PCloud Premium member for years and love its simple and easy to learn interface. The app is always being streamlined and works as advertised. Monthly billing is simple and easy. The only thing I would like to see is more space available. I’d love to see more tiered space options other then the 2TB limit. Microsoft One Drive offers up to 6 TB of space and would love to see this option available with PCloud. I would definitely upgrade and pay to have that extra space. Keep up the good work PCloud! Your definitely worth every penny.
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6 years ago, chrisknight.ct
I’ve tried everything...
Simple and clean with every feature that I needed (and some I didn’t know I wanted). I’ve used Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, iCloud (on iOS and Mac) and paid for their storage plans. The interface feels just right for me. Not cumbersome and easy to navigate. The sync on my devices was unbelievably fast. Really works in real time. PCloud Drive works better on my Mac than iCloud storage does. So thankful Matti Haapoja mentioned them in his video. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this company before this week. I’m so thankful I’ve finally found a GREAT cloud storage option.
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10 months ago, joelpstudio
Missing Features
Undoubtedly, the lifetime plan is a steal of a deal which is why I have purchased one for myself. However, there are some missing key features that are a high priority. Files uploaded to the pCloud servers no longer display the correct creation date. Instead, all files replace the creation date with the upload date which creates a problem when you’re trying to sort files by the date created. We should be able to filter files by more than the two parameters of photos and videos. As a photographer/videographer, I’d like to be able to have more options: JPEGs, RAW, PDF, VIDEOS …etc Virtual Albums: Within the IOS App, I’d like to be able to create virtual albums from the photos page so that I can organise different photos (regardless of their physical file location) into virtual albums that I can search for through the search bar. I can then share these virtual albums through links in the same way I can share the folders in the Home Section. Please consider my proposals. Sincerely, a lifetime Client.
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2 years ago, Romen1234
No way to easily cancel account
I raised the stars from 1 to 4 because of their excellent customer support. They quickly refunded my subscription renewal cost. I had the service for one year. My only issue is that I was unable to cancel from the Apple App. This was frustrating since I followed their instructions to no avail. I had to use a PC to log into my account to cancel the subscription. Original complaint: “I don’t want or need this service. I had to subscribe in order to access a driver that I needed. The driver was supposed to be free but pCloud required me to buy a subscription. I want to cancel it!”
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7 years ago, Clouddash
Terrific alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive and MS Onedrive
This cloud service works very well. It's got the typical features you'd expect (file sharing, automatic upload of files on the app and desktop app, deleted file history and recovery, etc.) and some very nice features such as playing your music files from the cloud, file encryption and automatic backup of files from other cloud services, all at much better prices (including lifetime plans!) than the competition. Unfortunately it is not as well supported by other third party apps and still doesn't work with Apple's Files app on iOS. Let's hope these get added ASAP!
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6 years ago, Homie338
Good. But I wish there was more creative photo management, like in google photos and OneDrive. I would love if there was a text editor and if images were organized by the time they were taken instead of the time they were uploaded. It also uploads duplicate images that were already uploaded from a different device. I wish there was gif support and the ability to view folder sizes. Also, when viewing videos, they are vertically squished, and I can’t save videos because it says “can’t determine the file URL”. Lastly, the upload speed is extremely slow, compared to google photos and shoebox
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2 years ago, asdgjref
Been using pCloud for a year + one missing feature
I got pCloud last year over winter break to manage and sync my school work to the cloud. Been super happy with the service and the mobile app, I do digital note taking so importing/exporting files has been useful for me. There is one feature I would like pCloud to implement on the app, and that is the ability to copy a file to the clipboard from the “export file” menu. This would make it easier to paste images, etc into note documents
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2 years ago, igoyskuraliyaykeZlutd
So so
Pro: one time payment Cons: After the latest Mac OS update it stopped uploading on my MacBook (it’s been stuck at the same number of files to upload for weeks) and after trying customer support, there’s really no support, just someone spitting back their useless list. The latest was to disconnect from everything but I’ll permanently lose the 5,000 files it’s trying to sync. So, for an app that you’re using to store files so they are preserved, they’re saying tough. — If you upload files to the same location all the time Dropbox was helpful in remembering that location, with pcloud you have to navigate to that folder every single time (really annoying!)
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3 years ago, Dr. JJP
Excellent cloud storage for multiple purposes
I have been a lifetime pCloud user for several years now. Recently I moved to the Apple ecosystem and these days do much of my work on my iPad Pro given that it has a 2 TB harddrive. Although not quite the same as traditionally syncing over a computer-based system as the iPad Pro file management system in general. However, enabling folders and files to be automatically available offline is the next best thing. I highly recommend this service.
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3 months ago, paulkeigwinvitale
pCloud = Great Cloud Tool for Writers
So I got the Lifetime Plan which is like having a backup computer. My mac is free from family pix n vids and Documents as I can easily access everything from either the app on my phone or a bookmark in my office browser big screen. I totally organized all my folders so now it’s a cinch to view/download on ipad, phone, or big computer. And you can share any file with a simple link. The shared folder feature is very cool. We’ve been uploading guitar jams into a group shared video/mp3 folder where everyone has the link. It’s like having our own video page online which looks very cool. Now my mac is Clean with only a few docs/apps for writing books so I am much more focused now without all those folder distractions. 4 years in with p/Cloud and much more focused now. Love it.
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5 years ago, Sparkyyo
Can't log in
I already signed up for pCloud with my email. Ever since the last update, I have not been able to sign in using the app. I can type in my information but then when I tap "log in" it goes to the "loading your account" page. I know I don't have that many files on my account so I know that's not why it's endlessly loading. That's basically my problem. Can't log in for whatever reason. Keeps loading. And if I close the app and reopen, depending on how much time has passed since last time I "logged in" or opened the app, it will either still be "loading my account" or I will have type my info again in order to log in again. Please fix that. Then I will fix my review. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Eve_R119
Almost perfect..
I have tried every cloud storage you’ve ever heard of, and this is definitely one of the best. My only gripe is that they tout themselves as a “secure” cloud alternative, but they aren’t any more secure than google drive, one drive etc., less so even because there is no 2 factor authentication. It’s a trade off to be able to stream music and why the app looks so great/functionality. I would say to get 5 stars, add 2 factor authentication, like, yesterday! And pCloud Crypto, if you’re gonna charge for it, I think twice what you already pay is excessive. If 2-factor was available, I’d be a paying customer.
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5 years ago, KeelanL
Very good, but with issues
I love this app from its design to the ease of use, but there is one major thing that needs fixed!! I have thousands of tracks from many soundtracks uploaded to my account, but because of how many I have I cannot download everything to my phone. Whenever I hit shuffle the first track will play and no matter how many times I hit next that song will continue to play unless a song I have downloaded is selected. And even if I individually select songs the same one will continue playing. This is a huge bug that is highly annoying and if it got fixed I would love this app even more.
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1 week ago, Jesus Christ died for You
You only have 6 gigs
You only have 6gigs and 4 gigs you have to do something to get hence up to 10gigs. I kept wondering why it kept indicating I was over my quota I found out I only have 6 gigs not 10 gigs so I deleted all my files deleted my account. And just use Apple less complicated. The software is very nice, support is fast ! It was a little confusing for me about how much storage I initially had. It’s not enough , I don’t need a lot but 6gigs is not enough.
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2 years ago, SR4 Triple 7s
I’m glad that I’ve finally bought the PCloud 2TB Lifetime Plan
I’ve been waiting for years to choose what Online Storage that I want. I picked between Icedrive & PCloud and chose PCloud. I’m glad that I did. Thanks to the 4th of July Discount I saved money. I Love This Online Storage Service. I am sick of having to go through my hard drives, sd cards & SSD Drive. They will be my backup. After I finish putting all of the data on them in my PCloud account I will store them in my wooden storage case.
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1 year ago, KawlMeMailAndOnlyMail
Bought 2TB: rev. Excellent But Needs Feature
This service is outstanding from every standpoint: security, ease of use, speed, and flexibility. Developers: One feature sorely missing and much needed is identifying/ listing the “offline files” (the files available for offline use on my iPhone). I’m constantly opening files, not downloading any, then every few days PCloud storage is 10gb and more. Having the app list Offline files as available in Mega (use for everyday, not important files)
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1 year ago, Asiel Flores
RAW Auto Upload Please
I just recently noticed that all my RAW photos auto uploaded to pCloud are uploading as jpegs and can’t seem to find an option to upload them in full quality unless I pick the RAW pics and upload them manually in full quality. Please add the option to auto upload RAW photos in full quality instead of converting to jpeg. May I suggest putting the option in the Upload Settings area since that’s where the option for HEIC photos is already. Thanks pCloud team.
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6 years ago, TristinR
Continually impressed
I’ve been using pCloud for over a year and it has been an integral part of my daily workflow. I use it more than any other service, and the mobile app is a huge part of how I use it. If you think Dropbox is a solid app, you haven’t seen anything yet. pCloud will blow you away. While it doesn’t have the integrations available to Dropbox, it just works—invisibly and flawlessly. This is the kind of software that you quickly become dependent on, to the point you don’t even think about it for months until you find yourself without it for a day and suddenly realize how important it is to you. If it isn’t already obvious, I highly recommend this app. The iOS app is just a small part of an incredible service you don’t even know you need in your life.
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2 years ago, dstells
Great overall…still some bugs
pCloud is a fantastic cloud storage system overall. Well worth it! The app has some bugs. The biggest one that I’ve noted over the last several versions is that auto-upload resets its settings periodically. It seems to happen on app update. I think it would greatly enhance the app if that were fixed and worked similar to older versions, bc then I wouldn’t have to notice my uploads weren’t there or remember to turn it back on each update.
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2 years ago, Tweety23$3
It scammed me
I should literally not give one star because I uploaded my photos and videos and than deleted from my device and after one day pcloud deleted my photos and video are still their and I couldn't even find those photos from trash too. I bought pcloud so that I don't have to copy it in hard drive but I literally cannot trust pcloud with photos now and even have to take backup of all pcloud photos. They are not even helping me getting those data back too. It's like my whole trip pictures are gone please don't delete photos after uploading in pcloud please take backup. Pcloud is not trustworthy it feels like they scammed me.
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4 months ago, Italy1999
Freedom to choose
I don’t understand why Apple doesn’t allow us to choose pCloud as our main back up instead of iCloud. I get that iCloud is apples own property and may work seamlessly with iOS however so does pCloud. I wish I could use pCloud as my primary backup and stop receiving these annoying out of space messages I get on my phone almost everyday asking me to upgrade my storage. Why should I??? Hello…… I HAVE PCLOUD!!!!!
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7 years ago, mister zed
So far mostly good
The one tragic flaw is this: the native app directs you to the web-based mobile app for some things, like download stats. The web site then tries to get you to open the native app. This is really annoying and pointless. Either build it into the native app, or stop directing users back to the native app. I've only deducted one star for this, because everything else is really good (so far). But if it's not fixed I may deduct more later. The four stars is not for pCloud itself, which gets 5 stars.
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6 years ago, nexpat
pCloud's Priority: Security+Privacy
Many reviewers comments appear valid and indicate potential helpful and convenient improvements. I haven't read one with which I especially disagree. Still, my own purchase of lifetime Premium and lifetime Crypto was based primarily on its key features of security and privacy. This is where p Cloud surpasses other cloud storage. Check infosec professionals' reviews of Google Drive, Dropbox, etcetera and their policies and security. Not good. I'd rather be certain.
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1 year ago, Thinker9999
App is Okay
I got pCloud mainly for music. But there’s no way to add folders and sub-folders to playlists. So it’s not practical to add each song one by one when you have hundreds if not thousands of songs. Doesn’t help that the app doesn’t recognize playlists created elsewhere. We also cannot just play a folder or genre. App also needs picture-in-picture for playing videos and the ability to share pictures via texts should be simpler. Right now I have to click edit first.
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Overall good service, but…
Overall a good service but I wish your app would support .heic format so I can preview what the image contents of the files are. I would love it if the UI in the app made it easier to create folders from a selection of already uploaded pics & videos. It’s difficult to make out what is what from the preview thumbnails (especially without .heic support). I struggled for a while to just make a trip album (down-selection of pics/videos of Auto-upload). In the end, I just gave up!
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9 months ago, Jaswetz
It’s been a solid service for me for years
pCloud has been great. Everything I’ve needed and more. I have had no issues and I’ve been using for all types of things for many years. It integrates with apple well and works on windows. I honestly don’t have anything I would change, which is rare.
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5 years ago, RonnieLPP
Don’t pay for annual subscription
I definitely would advise against paying for anything but monthly if you end up going with this service. I bought an annual subscription and decided to cancel halfway through (I’m just not using it as much as I thought I’d need to). Customer service will not refund any of the prepaid, unused months due to their 10-day satisfaction policy. Basically, if you don’t decide in 10 days that you want a refund-you qualify for anything back. And the annual subscription was a big spend for me. Each of my emails with the sales department were responded to with refusal after refusal for any partial refund and reminders about their 10 day policy. Basically, “customer service” at pCloud = reminding the customer over and over that they are wrong. Just a warning for new customers! Don’t give them more money upfront than you have to in case something changes, you will not get it back and you will get frustrated.
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1 year ago, Tanim from Bangladesh
Pcloud is interesting
This is an interesting software. Although I faced some payment verification issue in iphone, after installation it was smoothly taking up and backing up my gallery. But it would be great if it could detect the same way in Macbook, like if there was an option to back up all the photos in gallery, it would be great...
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2 years ago, kklc24
Perfect for my needs
It’s the perfect blend of features while not being too complicated. I find the interface extremely intuitive and easy to use. Love that they have lifetime purchase options so I don’t have to pay monthly indefinitely. The crypto folder option is also a nice touch. Keep up the great work!
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2 years ago, 18gudtam513
So glad we switched!!!
My wife and I have used two other cloud services in the past that shall remain nameless but are ALWAYS in the news about how shady they really are! We did our homework and chose pCloud and are very pleased we did. Navigating pCloud was different at first but now using it is like second hand nature. Very happy we made the switch!!!!!!
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2 years ago, EmeraldKing
Works across all platforms
Like many in the workforce, my employer requires me to use a Windows based computer. For travel and working from home, I prefer to use my personal Linux based laptop. My personal/work phone is an Apple. Microsoft’s OneDrive is non-compatible with Linux OS…..whereas pCloud works with all platforms. I purchased the 2TB family plan with Crypto. Haven’t missed OneDrive.
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6 years ago, JonathanTChicago
Not Trustworthy
Do NOT trust PCloud, there are the only software or app I’ve ever, ever seen that will kick you off and have no access to your data (that you pay them for). I have 1.3tb of data that I can’t access, they kicked me off while I was on it, the password recover doesn’t send a recovery email, there is no customer support ( I tried all channels; Facebook, email, website support, Twitter, instagram, Google Plus, etc). Literally the ONLY software and I use an pay for almost 50 a month and guess who is the ONLY software that doesn’t work and I have no access to... Don’t use PCloud stick with Dropbox and ICLOUD...
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4 months ago, RaphaSh
very easy solution, just one little flaw
I really love to use pCloud since years, just one little thing breaks the workflow since iOS 17: "empty trash" has to be confirmed on the left side, which was very comfortable, because like on iOS. Unfortunately Apple changed this behavior with the 17.0 release. So in Apple photos for example you have to confirm "empty trash" on the right side now since September 2023. I'm already used to this new order, that I regularly "restore" things in pCloud, which I wanna delete permanently. I would really appreciate, if you guys also change the "empty trash" button in your app to the right side.
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3 years ago, Javaman993
I like pCloud but not the iOS app
PCloud has been a good service and I like the lifetime option. The interface can be a little confusing but overall its been great. Except the iOS app which is unusable. When I open it up, it just says “Loading Account” and spins endlessly. If you give up or try to do other work on a different app, the load process stops and you have to start over. I wind up just logging into the web page which works fine but I don’t see much use for the app.
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2 years ago, Nomad_76
Good, but the sharing feature could be improved
I’ve been using pCloud for a while now and it works reliably for cloud storage. However, I find the file sharing isn’t as good as it should be. The share link often has popup advertising which makes it unnecessarily cumbersome and confusing for people who are trying to open the shared file.
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2 years ago, valuable insight
Video files are extremely buggy & timeline doesn’t stop after pause!
The DEVs are sleeping on the wheel. Video files are extremely buggy and video timeline moves forward even after pausing the video, thus, video doesn’t play where it paused from which is annoying. Sometimes video files doesn’t even play from the beginning, instead, in the mid point and all over the place. How in the world do they expect to convert free end-users to premium members by actually paying for this buggy and annoying service. NOT WORTH GOING PREMIUM MEMEBER !
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10 months ago, NutterD
I pay $5/mo for this and will looking for an alternative. 1.) anything you upload does not retain the original creation/file date, only the upload date. Unacceptable. 2.) SLOW SLOW SLOW SLOW I can’t even explain how slow this is. I have a single 13GB video I have tried to upload via the app for going on 7 hours now. Trying via the browser (Safari or Brave) is the same and also missing an upload file button. So dumb. So disappointed. All these good reviews must be fake. My internet is fiber and lightening fast.
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