PDF Reader - Edit & Scan PDF

4.5 (2.3K)
244.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kdan Mobile Software LTD
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for PDF Reader - Edit & Scan PDF

4.52 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
5 years ago, karris828
Helps me read pdf books
I am using the free version. All I need is a pdf reader that will track where I’m at in reading a pdf book. This is very nice. Hope I can continue using a free version. Other features seem very interesting though I don’t currently have need of them.
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6 years ago, Tsui3075
Cannot restore files at new iPhone X and the paid app was not exist anymore.
I paid a one time version for more storage several years ago and I didn’t know that the files could not transfer to my new Iphone X from my old Iphone X (same model) this year. I still could do that one year ago. It used to restore files automatically, but not anymore. It created so much trouble. Now they require to subscript the Kdan cloud service to store the files according to the app introduction. Some reviewers complained that it was hard to cancel their subscription. My husband backed up my old phone with PC and restored to my new phone. The app on my new phone just showing freeze and could not complete the downloading. I realized that the paid app I purchased was not exist anymore, only the free one. Per the instruction that showed on reviews, my husband followed the steps to restore my files, but they could not be open because they required me to subscript their cloud service to have more space. What a pain! My old paid app had more space for all my files. They deleted my paid app a few years later and asking for more money to replace. I think this is not the right way to do the business, made me feel I got cheated, so I would not suggest this app to anyone.
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9 months ago, islandlady91
Used to love it
This used to work well for me, but lately not so much. It have a bill that was emailed as a PDF and I can’t open it on my iPhone 13. pro max. I’ve had to forward it to an associate to open and print it for me. This has happened to me on other occasions also. Also, over the past year, I have had trouble working with it on my iPhone and iPad. Maybe it is easier to use with a laptop or desktop, but I don’t have either of those functioning right now. I had an email from them to sign into my account this morning, which I did. It appears they are making changes and I am not willing to pay more, that is one reason I quit Adobe. It isn’t something I need often anymore, so I am not willing to increase or renew unless it starts working much better very soon.
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4 years ago, ToGodAlone26
It fits for my purposes!
I love that I can download a class PDF and edit them on this app! As a student that’s all I really needed so I’m pleased that the bare minimum is free. If I had to give one complaint it would be the functioning of the voice over that reads the document for you. When I change the speed of the voice over, after listening to it 2 to 3 pages in, I’ll find that I need it to read at a faster pace. But, when I change the speed it starts again at page 1. I’ve tried to highlight and select “speak” on my iPhone but it doesn’t work. Other than that this app is exactly what I needed and the voice over would have just been an added bonus.
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5 years ago, ITfuture
Supposedly premium features with $59
I started one year subscription 2 days ago and supposedly it will be free to try for 7 days but was charged the full amount 2 days later. Also despite the $59 per year, you realize later that you still have to pay for everything such as converting document or faxing... you will still have to purchase “CREDITS” to use any of the premium features, so despite $59 you still have to pay to fax or convert document or use other premium features, so why do you charge annually $59 ? This is the worst false advertising scheme I have ever seen. Where does it say in your advertisement that you will still have to pay for all premium feature AFTER you pay $59 per year. No one like to be treated this way. No matter how good you product is, it is misleading and I will never recommend or stay with you
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2 years ago, philosobee
Makes you pay for accessibility options that your iPad already has!
The app won’t let your iPad read text aloud to you unless you pay for the (VERY overpriced) subscription. This is an accessibility function that your iPad comes with! It works on ANY text you can select in ANY app. Unless the developers go out of their way to prevent you from using it in their app, that is. Another ableist company demanding that disabled people pay them to remove roadblocks that they didn’t need to put up in the first place — what a shock. Aside from that, though, the app is…fine. Has some useful tools (scanning, signing forms, etc.), but I mostly wanted it for annotating PDFs and found switching between scrolling, highlighting, and writing just too fiddly and tedious for that purpose.
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3 years ago, Mysarek
Was good and didn’t want to delete
Had this app for years and it did its job. The free version was all I needed for basic stuff. Then yesterday I noticed my phone icon constantly spinning when I was online. A little too much. Well after poking about, I noticed that this app had been draining my battery because it was “open” for 4 hours and 37 minutes. I hadn’t opened this app in a few weeks! I don’t download often and they’re just documents related to bar prep and maybe the occasional random document, nothing sinister. I don’t know what happened but I had to delete the app. That’s creepy man. Nope.
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5 years ago, Ignacioreynoso
Excellent app
This app works miracles, super easy to use, you can modify PDFs cut pages off put them back together with ease, and you need no experience. Faxes documents anywhere, I literally depended on this app to fax super important documents and it worked every time, never let me down. I just got hit with a $70+ after the trial period ended but it was refused by my bank. The prices to fax directly from your phone are fair or cheaper than driving to a local business. If they had lower membership prices I would give it a five star.
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5 years ago, Retired_Marine_30_4
Fake Reviews
I purchased this app when it was a standalone app not a subscription and now it’s useless, hate companies that do this bait and switch crap and try an force you to subscription model. don’t give your money to subscription model companies they are a big fat RIPOFF. I give it ZERO STARS BECAUSE it’s WHAT IT DESERVES FOR BAIT AND SWITCH outrageously priced. I never ever give my money to any company that goes subscription model. Eventually all companies in subscription model will fail when people stop subscribing or go broke paying for every subscription app they download. Not worth it keep your money Developer why should I contact you about the new app when I told you I would not pay for a subscription
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3 years ago, FrankieZY
New Update
Now if you don’t have Push Notifications turned on, you get a permanent red “1” on your home page. I tried turning notifications on to clear the alert and then turn them back off and it comes right back on. I don’t enable push notifications for “special offers, stories or tips” none of those appeal to me enough that I want to see them on my Lock Screen or receive any kind of alert. If this doesn’t go away soon, I’ll just try to find another app to open PDFs with
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6 years ago, Mommakban
Older version won’t update, newer version doesn’t have my files
I have the older version that I purchased (1 time purchase ). It won’t update. So I tried the free version just to see if I can access my files. It’s a totally different look. And has none of my files. How to I get my old PDFs ? And notes ? If I could at least open my old version and save my files somewhere else I’d be ok with that. But I can’t open it. It won’t update. Very frustrated...... After reading developers response I tried hooking my iPhone to pc and iTunes. PDF reader is not listed as one of the apps that I can file share with my computer. I’ve requested more help.
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2 years ago, Bambaggins
No Free Trial Period and no customer support
Did not like the app so tried to request a stop and refund during trial period. There is no way to reach customer support, a trouble ticket was filed and no prompt response was received. There is no where in the app to stop future annual billing. Company replied to this with a support e-mail. Again provided all details to the email address provided and received and was asked the same questions. I did finally receive the refund. Lack of customer support and inability to change billing options would keep me from dealing with KDAN products in the future
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3 years ago, IkaikaHI
Can’t even use for its intended purpose and closes by itself
App keep closing by itself. Every time I click on the face icon in upper left, app just immediately shuts down. I signed up for the free version through KDAN simply to remove security from a PDF document, which was supposed to be included, and can’t even do that. Pop ups for ads for me to purchase other versions keep coming up and app closes. Terrible app, so disappointed. I wanted to it for ONE task which it said it included in the free version, can’t even do that nor access the rest properly without auto shut down. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, Rubeniccus
Why buy if app becomes unusable after OS updates
I purchased the full version a while ago. The app was working fine, until I’ve recently updated the OS on my Iphone, and boom, all the sudden the app doesn’t work any more. When checking for “update” options there wasn’t any, instead they created a new duplicate app that’s not linked to the previous one, thus it’s a totally new app. I’m dissatisfied with this app, even if I were to buy it again( which I won’t) ALL my PDFs and markups are now gone!
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4 years ago, Akba Ali
Exceptionally good and User friendly pdf reader
I think this is one of the best pdf reader for iOS version. One thing you must remember that the resolution must match with different sets like mobile screen iPad screen etc. Otherwise it is best of all.
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4 years ago, RealEbad
Don’t waste your time
Was supposed to be a free basic app to view .pdfs but all you get are ads so it won’t even met you open a saved document without getting a full subscription. Developers decision to limit prior users to 10 files completely locks down app with no warning. No way to delete or transfer files to reduce number to 10. If you figure out a way maybe 5 will be too many next week, so if you don’t want to spend $60 a year for an app, pick something else!
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3 years ago, Zelda Cassius
Browser History Error & One Time Payment
For a while now (I haven’t reviewed since I hoped it would be fixed by itself), the Browser History does update. The same with the Web Address Link. The pages do change in the tab, but the Web Address remains with the original link and the History doesn’t keep a history. Please fix these. Also, like before, please allow a one-time payment. All I want is unlimited downloads, so I don’t want to pay for a subscription.
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5 years ago, Laurenpbray
Don’t waste your money! Downloaded the app but it wouldn’t open my document. Immediately deleted app and contact customer service and Apple to cancel subscription. No response. They charged my account $65. I’ve contacted the developers on several platforms and after a week I have received no response. Phone carrier said I need to take it up with the app developer but they never respond. I’m starting to think that this is just a scam app to get money and don’t really offer a service. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!
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4 years ago, Captain Zarkoff
Has all the functions I need
Great PDF editor with impressive OCR capabilities. It can even OCR Classical Chinese (vertical) from the camera. I’m a historian and this is where I put all my research materials. It can handle a wide range of formats and I find the markup functions easier than in Adobe.a
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2 years ago, LoveaCoach
There’s no such thing as FREE TRIAL
It’s so deceptive that you won’t even allow users to edit a document so they can try it out for free before making a decision to purchase. Don’t call it free trial when you can’t honor your word. When I uploaded a 5-page document to your app, clicked on 2-3 pages to delete them, a pop up window kept coming up to either Start the Free Trial or Purchase. The Free Trial asks for your personal info. Why not just make it simple?
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3 years ago, imbeingcensored
PDF reader
Clear, easy to read on page. Only problem is that sometimes it won’t open the requested file and I have to go back and retrieve it from my email. Not a major problem, just an annoyance.
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1 year ago, batterystaple192
Works fast, has page numbers, scroll bar, bookmarks, and saves pages where you left off. None of the other apps I used did all of that. Finally some good f’in food.
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6 years ago, Alchemist64
Simple yet advanced control of pdfs
All I use this for is reading and editing PDF ebooks and such for school. The app loads fast, searches an entire textbook as fast as my laptop and lets me edit within the text. And it's all free!
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3 years ago, BigPHuckStick69
Why i loathe adobe
Too difficult to navigate. Too many negative anomalies. Unfriendly to use. My account was violated but adobe never took ten seconds to assist me to correct, i had to find out from my own identity theft service. Adobe has too many upgrades that do not work smoothly when transitioning photos … i can go on and on but but what good will it do they will probably sabotage my account fo speaking the truth to my experiences.
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9 months ago, dmonette8637
Can’t access full site when Paid
For MONTHS now I have been trying to use the full version and it never works. Even after paying and subscribing it tells me to subscribe every time I try to compress a file. This has been over a year but I come back every once in a while to see if it’s working and it’s not. I’m going to give up on this app. They won’t fix the issue either.
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10 months ago, whysolazy
Paid for subscription but not able to access what paid for.
I paid for subscription but app will not allow me to use subscription features. Tried to use restore purchased option and still nothing. What kind of nonsense can is this? I need to use what I purchased, “now” not tomorrow or two hours from now. Never been this disappointed over an app ever before.
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7 years ago, Angel-iq
Good app! Does the basics.
You can download files easily, search for text, highlight text, as well as all of the basic functions. However, it is difficult to email multiple documents. You have to individually email them, which is problematic if you want to send multiple files.
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5 years ago, LemImac27
Technical Support
This app is great!! Work good.. You can edit the file the downloaded.. Create folder, rename files.. Would be nice if they can update it so would be able to sign any PDF file or form...
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7 years ago, Surfersmurfette
This company does not give you the correct information on how to cancel your subscription even after contacting their “customer service” department. Before you subscribe, be aware that you have to cancel your subscription within the allotted time or it will auto renew each month. To cancel on your iPhone, you have to go through Settings then Apple ID so you can view and then cancel this subscription.
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4 years ago, Ocasocorte
Quite efficient and clean
I particularly like being able to scroll down quickly without having to flip pages.
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4 years ago, muke38
Does what I need
This app does everything I need done with documents, especially the small files that get lost everywhere else. I know where to keep stuff and how to keep it orderly.
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4 years ago, Fair Witness
Can’t try without signup
Want to see if this app is useful? Well, you’ll have to signup for a free trial, give a lot of info about yourself, and get on a countdown clock to the end of your free trial. THEN you can get past the opening sign-in screen. I hate that. I don’t even know if it’s minimally what I need. By this model, I’d have to start and track free trials and give my contact info —- and you know that means it gets sold to marketers — for every app I try. FORGET IT.
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4 years ago, stechs02
The new version is unusable I like my old version that I had on my iPad, when that was gone I lost tons of data and photos and old reference books. Don’t know if I will ever get them back. Plus before loosing everything, the pdf program began acting up and would freeze anytime I tried to save a photo from my photo library, even though all my settings allowed access to my photos!
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6 years ago, RETRAC65
Great APP
This is a great app to use for PDF documents and scanning. Makes it easy to email anything on PDF from your phone. Recommend using this app as a priority for business, home and personal use.
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5 years ago, wolftribe4
Best app for keeping files safe
I’ve used other apps before but this app is hands down the easiest and user friendly app to keep all the important files safe
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5 months ago, xmdihsisx
Highlights and Annotations don't sync across devices or the pdf itself in icloud
I highlight and annotate everything. When I view the file in my icloud folder in the same device or icloud on my iPad or MacBook it doesn't update the highlights or annotations. It just shows up blank. Other PDF apps don't have this problem. Will cancel my subscription.
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1 year ago, iraniangenetic
Perfect software
You can not find better than this app for reviewing your PDFs. I just want the reviewer to maintain its support for old versions of iOS, such as 12.5.
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3 years ago, garbage update.
Pick a different PDF Reader.
I’ve used this app for years and suddenly something changed and it is a giant pain and I can’t access the articles I need for grad school. I’m so frustrated that when I open this app it now takes me to the KDAN blog website and I just can’t seem to get back to my files. This is garbage. Don’t bother with this. Use a more direct and user friendly reader. This isn’t worth it.
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5 years ago, Tony Mabbitt
Dishonest Developer!
I liked the original free PDF viewer, so I paid for the premium version. When I got anew phone and tried to transfer the premium version, I found that it was no longer available. I had to get the free version with ads and a file limit, while the developer keeps asking me to buy the a new premium version. Guess what? You’re not getting another penny from me, you crook!
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5 years ago, Firestar001
It’s ok but requires internet
So I like being able to read all my PDFs on this, however the MAJOR problem is that you gotta log in to this cloud just to view the files. I’m usually reading my files in spots where I don’t have access to WiFi so it’s impossible for me to login. And this happens with ALL files, yes even pdf ones.
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7 years ago, Eljr7
PDF Reader
The best apps out there and the fastest way to look up manual notes. Any information you input can be accessed within seconds I am really impressed with the PDF Reader.
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6 years ago, Goobstump
Holds files ransom
I had about a dozen files stored on this app. Apparently, I must have reached a limit of how many files I could store for free. To access any of my files, I had to subscribe to a paid version. I get that BUT, I WASN'T ALLOWED TO EVEN OPEN ANY OF MY FILES UNLESS I PAID! I finally was able to delete a file (without viewing it), allowing me to finally view my other files. I moved them all out and now deleting the app.
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4 years ago, Nancy Trejo
Seamless Accross Multiple Platforms
I own an iPhone!iPad!and two laptops. Combined they allow me to run my business and home related documents. This program is seamless and very easy to use.
Show more
5 years ago, FlamingoActual
One of my most used apps
I waited a while before leaving a review. It really is a great app with so many useful tools that I use besides just reading books.
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5 years ago, Mr. Bonjin
Anywhere Anytime!
When speaking of document, it’s great to be able to access them anywhere anytime!
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1 year ago, PeaceLoveWeedx
The best PDF viewer on IPhone
This has to be the best App for viewing, editing and converting PDF’s on IPhone. It also is great as a E book reader. I really love this App. Keep up the good work Devs. ❤️
Show more
2 years ago, Pdf bro
If you ever want to edit a pdf, just grab adobe. This app just links to additional apps that you need to purchase although none work efficiently and none sync. Do yourself a favor and avoid the heartache of losing hours of your life trying to get this app to work, pay the extra $15 and stick with adobe.
Show more
4 years ago, Dr.Marwan O.A.
Don’t know!
When I started to use the application I satisfied with it. But now there’s some features stated to not work properly, fo example, when I open the ( BOTA ) icon to see the index of the document, the document & the pdf application suddenly & spontaneously closed .
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5 years ago, TheLastBlessing
windows release is neat too. hope its not spying like adobe (thats why steve jobs didnt allow them, with CIA to load spyware on your phone before death)
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2 weeks ago, VeraJane2
Unauthorized charge
I was charged after I cancelled my subscription. I contacted the company and was promised that the refund would be issued immediately and the amount would not affect my checking account balance. That was not true, I did not get a refund and the amount was deducted from my bank balance. Next step is to file a claim.
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