PDF Reader Pro - Lite Edition

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PDF Technologies, Inc.
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2 weeks ago
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10.13 or later
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User Reviews for PDF Reader Pro - Lite Edition

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3 years ago, Anngie84
Getting Glitchy
When I first downloaded this over a year ago it was a great program. The more recent updates have made it more glitchy on my Mac which leads me to think this is optimized for windows. The text cursor frequently jumps to the last page I was on, instead of where I clicked on the current page. The highlight color change is not intuitive and frequently changes the last thing I highlighted instead of chaning the section I am about to highlight. It is still functional and way more reasonably priced than Adobe for working with PDFs.
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2 years ago, homeydaug
I’m loving it so far!
I was using a Foxit PDF editing software on my Mac for the last few years, because I heard it was the best a while back. But I kept finding that it was quite annoying to use, lacking certain features, having a confusing interface for basic things, etc. I heard about PDF Reader Pro on Reddit recently, where lots of people were saying that it was the best option for Mac. And although it’s only been about a week, I think they’re right! 5 stars for this feature-rich and easy to use software, and for top-notch customer support so far (I had accidentally purchased a Windows license, and they quickly helped me resort it out). One of the things that I noticed about Foxit was that Mac seemed to be a second priority next to Windows, where features and help articles almost always applied only to Windows and not to Mac. It was super frustrating. But PDF Reader Pro seems to prioritize Mac as well, which is such a nice change! I hope to keep using this for a long long time.
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5 years ago, Patrick_S2018
I am impressed by this program. Soooo happy to find a free program that doesn't switch gears later on and either force to make a new login or purchase. I am accustomed to using certain programs on regular PCs but have been doing my best to move over to Mac either completely or mostly. That said, I had one program where I filled in everything, saved my info and poof it was all gone. Still scratching my head on that one. Anyway, I used this program to fill in an important PDF document and was so happy to see when I saved and shared using AirDrop to check it, it was all intact and looked exactly as it did when I was entering my own text in the blanks, etc. It appears there are many features that it will be good to learn about with this program but I was happy that I could just open, edit, save, share, and done when I needed it. Will write again if anything changes but for now so thankful for this program's existance! Powerful, effective, simple!
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5 months ago, cwa107
Hot garbage
All I want to do is fill out a form. But since Preview doesn't have the basic ability to TICK A BOX, I had to look at alternatives. I don't install Adobe products on my computers as they are generally poorly made and infuriating to use. I stumbled upon this app and I was thrilled to see it has the ability to tick a box - however, it does not have the ability to fill text on a form. For that, you must use the "Edit PDF" button, which in turn prompts you to buy the full version. The days of charging lots of money for editing PDFs ended when Word gained the ability to edit PDFs over a decade ago. The folks apparently didn't get the memo. No one but the ignorant are going to spend money on an app to put text in a field. That's just silly. I'm not sure if the UI was deliberately designed to entice you into buying the full version, but it sure seems that way. Hopefully Apple will add this very rudimentary feature (tick a box) to their own app and this kind of fleecing by third party developers will stop. It's just ridiculous.
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3 years ago, DocSavage441
Top-notch replacement for Acrobat Pro
I have the paid version, and I feel it's well worth the money, considering that Acrobat forces an upgrade to their paid version to do even the most basic operation such as adding/removing pages. I could understand requiring a subscription for advanced editing, forms, digital signatures, etc., but Adobe's practices are just punitive. I will never pay money for Adobe software again, and will happily pay anyone who makes a viable replacement. My only quibble with PDF Reader Pro is that I would really like to have the option to turn off the start page -- I don't need it, and it's just visual clutter to me. Otherwise, this program does everything I need for a reasonable cost.
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4 months ago, rkeenan
Stop It With The Popups
I have to use this app every few months. Every time I launch it, I get bombarded with popups and a browser launches showing me the most recent updates to the app. Here is the thing, I could not care less about your updates. Your popups are absolutely annoying and it makes this app frustrating to use. Your feature updates are worthless. Just please abandon the app, so I no longer have to bombared with a list of feature updates. I DO NOT CARE! You have solved the problem of the PDF. Now go build a different app. At least make an option where I do not get bombared with notifications and sent to your website for your crappy updates. The app works well, but my stomach turns when I know that I have to use it. This is easily the most annoying app on Mac. It is even worse the Apple's dev IDE. lol
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4 years ago, Skyler1661
Ads everywhere and sketchy network traffic
I typically use preview that is built into macOS for previewing my pdf files when on my macbook. However, it crashes sometimes with a specific set of pdfs I use so I found this app that has generally favorable reviews. I downloaded and immediately hated the UI - super ugly and had pop-up ads at the bottom. But hey, for free, there isn't much to complain about. So why the 1 star review instead of 4/5? I use Little Snitch to monitor network traffic and noticed that this app sends data out to Google Analytics and otherrandom ip sources. Why would an app that is only reading PDFs need to output so much data? The only thing I can really see being acceptable for network traffic on a pdf reader would be fetching updates or sending crash statistics when the user specifies that it is okay. Anyways, for those reasons, i'm going 1 star for this review and will be looking elsewhere.
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6 years ago, Richard Poulson
Great PDF reader, adds not intrusive at all
Just started using PDF Reader Pro (light), it has already has replaced Acrobat Reader as my default PDF application. There is a very small add window that appears when you first open a document, which you can easily close. I’m not sure if the window will come back, but I haven’t seen it come back yet. I haven’t tried most of the editing options, but judging by the list of features, the professional version may be equivalent to Adobe Acrobat Pro. Finally, it seems to render the documents more effectively (the view refreshes more quickly and smoothly). Recommend trying it out if you’re looking for a PDF reader.
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2 months ago, Iren1yang
Please Notice the CPU usage of this App
I'm puzzled by the excessive CPU and memory usage of this PDF reader app. Even when I haven't opened any files, the app seems to be voraciously consuming resources, with my CPU usage skyrocketing and memory consumption peaking at a staggering 4GB as long as the app remains active in the background. This behavior is clearly abnormal and problematic. During my work hours, I often find myself unable to run this application simultaneously with other tasks due to the memory constraints it imposes. It's frustrating to have such a critical application hinder productivity in this manner. I urge the developers to address this issue promptly. While the functionality of the app is appreciated, its resource management needs serious attention and optimization. I hope to see a fix in the near future to ensure a smoother user experience.
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2 years ago, yakyakgo
Adding text very frustrating
Just spent an hour trying to add text lines to a pdf so I could type in text and had to give up. Adding text fields applies what seems to be random font sizing but when looking at the apprearnce tab shows consistent size for the box. It seem like it applies text size based off of the height of the text field created. Good luck getting all of your boxes to be the same height especially in paragraph form. Also, the UI seemed very clunky...sometimes you can tye in a text box you just created, sometime you can. Sometimes you can even though you have a different text box selected. This was the main reason I wanted this software and it was impossible. Not sure on other features as I didnt use them.
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2 years ago, HakonGeorg
Going Back to Acrobat Reader
One of my main operations is to cut and paste text from a PDF document into another database. This program does not pick up all text when I try to highlight an area within a document. It does not handle tab spacing well. Many times it simply will not pick up all text. Other features seem to work well, especially the search function. It also has some edit features that help in my work, like the strikethrough or underline. I did not have the cut and paste issue with Acrobat, so unfortunately I will return to them. Hopefully, support can solve this issue because I really want to move away from Adobe.
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7 years ago, Alm0304
update at end of July 2017 now has pop up ads at the bottom.
EDIT: 8/1/17: recent update injected ads which considering it is free, I can’t legitimately complain. That said, I wish I hadn’t updated. Old review: I’d fall into a light user, for some docs & and eTextBooks. I don’t utilize all types of editing these pdf readers can provide, just simple glossary, search, highlight, notes, bookmarks, etc. This has more features than I’ll even use, so I’m very happy with it, especially considering it was free. Layout is also very nice. Thanks!
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5 months ago, Rydogg1
Service is lacking
I've been using this software for a couple of years and though there are many updates, I don't notice any changes. Service will always send you the same email unless you send them a video. There is a certain sound that macs make when there is an error. That is the sound this program makes for every letter you type when trying to edit text. It's so annoying. I am switching to another program. I trialed another program and it was smoother in making edits and it didn't have the sound after every letter. I do wish this company the best of luck.
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1 year ago, ParadiseSingerIsland
I have used this as the free version for over 5 years. I finally bought the PRO version. It was beyond my expectations. I had to open 40 Bank Statements and redact most of the transactions. I was able to extract pages simply and then do the redactions. I have been using my signature and initials to sign all types of documents effortlessly. When I switched my MacBook Pro -support emailed me within hours to deregister my old computer and I was able to get the Pro version working on the new one. BRAVO! Great Product!
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7 years ago, IHateHassenBros
Completely Unresponsive Support
I purchased the “upgrade” on august 29, 2017 and was not able to find out how to activate the subscription version. The free version still opens and keeps asking me to upgrade. I have sent three emails to their support asking how to activate my subscription and never get a response. I went to the Pro app page to write a review and they said i couldn’t review because I did not buy the upgrade from an apple app store (I did and have the email to prove it). I believe both PDF Reader Pro and Apple are complicit in ripping off the purchaser.
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5 years ago, Mr. SALAMA Youssef
The best PDF reader
This is the best PDF reader out there, in my opinion. As an academic, I use PDF Reader Pro daily—it is perhaps my most used app. It is an especially useful app if, like me, you are pretty deep into the Apple ecosystem: I have PDF Reader Pro on my iPhone, iPad, iMac, and Macbook and, with the help of Dropbox, I can sealmlessly move between my devices without having to do things like email to myself whatever document I’m working on. PDF Reader Pro is wonderfully integrated into my workflow. The options for annotating documents, running split screens, etc. are excellent.
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2 years ago, Robert Jacobson
Really nice execution & operation
So delighted to see this alternative to Adobe Acrobat -- simple to use, high quality outputs, and reasonably priced. Users be warned, however: the US Govt.'s General Services Agency still requires applicants for federal contracts and grants to apply using Acrobat even though the latter is way more complex, way more expensive -- mandatory multiyear licenses are the rule -- and hires its online helpers overseas, an interesting study in foreign aid. I hope PDF Reader Pro will soon challenge Adobe's monopoly hold on the US Govt. and those who must deal with it.
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5 years ago, VillageHero
This is Extremely Powerful App
It's mindblowing how this app works. It does so much more than any other PDF app I have tried. I'm very impressed with how easy it is to navigate through PDF reader pro. This is the last PDF app I will ever need. It has everything I was looking and so much more. I can't imagine what's the next level is going to be in the future. Hopefully, there's a way to try the pro version because the lite version can be frustrating. Once you try it, you will definitely buy it.
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1 year ago, TheEternalPanda
Nonstop popups while i'm doing work, random inconsistencies
I have this to try to do work because it was less expensive than Adobe's. But in the course of editing one PDF i've gotten 3 inane popups about subscribing to some email, rating them 5 stars, and another window that tried to open Mail when I clicked away from it. One document right now, it categorically refuses to put text boxs or inserted images in the proper orientation -- it always puts them at a 90deg angle to the page so they're vertical with no way to rotate. "rotate" only rotates the entire page, and if you rotate the page first, then it STILL inserts texts and images in the wrong orientation. lol This is junk It's pretty clunky compared to Adobe, I'm likely to go back. Example: not super straightforward on adding signatures and overlay pictures, and when you drag text around it's an empty box like back in Windows 3.1 -- you don't see the text again until you release it. Every function seems to open a new app that asks you to save it separately? Meh...
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3 years ago, TheHLT
Extremely Confusing
I have tried for several months to figure out how to use this program - for instance - I have been attempting to change the background color on a document, but have been unsuccessful. I am not impressed with this app and even though I've contacted support about creating a document that can be signed for my clients, the only way to ecrypt the document is to add a password. This does nothing to prevent the document from being tampered with/changed, etc. Just bought a $200/yr subscription to Adobe and will be uninstalling this app from my iPhone device as well. Not impressed.
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6 years ago, arizonanodeebu
Anything more than basic functionality is costly
Tried this as Preview wouldn’t easily allow me to insert a photo into a pdf. Can’t do this or import anything else without upgrading. Without upgrading I don’t see any functionality that isn’t already in Preview, with a more complicated interface, as well as annoying banner ads (which don’t work but obscure the document. Opening another document created by another program resulted in a jumbled mess of two layers with a loss of formatting- basically a useless document. I thought I could avoid reinstalling Acrobat which I have from a previous laptop (installation involves going through Adobe’s licensing/activation hassles) but I guess not. Deleted app.
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5 months ago, Tissy Daddy's Girl
Great pdf program
I have used PDF management software in my business for over 30 years, from the free "reader" versions to the full PDF software package. PDF Reader Pro is a great fit in my busy office, working as well as the big-name software, doing all the same tasks. I have full licenses for both programs & both are on my phone and tablets. But ONLY PDF Reader Pro is on my work computer - the best advice I can offer.
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3 years ago, usersucks
For what it does, its solid
Its a very basic application, so nothing revolutionary can be said about it. That said, if you need something to edit PDF files its got what you're looking for. I saw a comment about the ads detracting from the product a little, but they're just banners and personally I don't find them annoying. If that's what they need to keep it free do what you gotta do I don't wanna pay for a PDF editor lol.
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1 year ago, moltenashes
Highlighter glitches now
I've been using this ever since I got my laptop in 2020, it's been phenominal for my college classes. However, whenever I highlight something now the color changes on me. I have it set to the default 100% opacity yellow, but if I highlight something it's changed to 40% opacity. This means I have to then manually brighten the color literally every time I highlight something. I'm not sure why this is going on, but otherwise this is the perfect app
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10 months ago, Milan_1989
Incredible PDF program
I have been using PDF Reader Pro for over 2 years now while in college. I use it nearly every day when I study and the OCR feature is now something I cannot live without. The ability to take a screenshot of my notes or class outlines and convert it into a searchable PDF is so useful to me. Would absolutely recommend this app for college and business use!
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3 months ago, saffglenview
It's OK, but do note that there's very little free functionality.
There's nothing wrong with an app having little free functionality, but just be aware that's the case. In general the interface is "good but not great" I think it is fair to say. Like everyone, I despise the Adobe corporatoin, so use this rather than anything from Adobe, but don't expect it to be as "professional" as using Xcode or Pages. Well worth a try if you have the time.
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5 years ago, ~hardToWake~
It's kinda ok
It has a lot of good features and seems to be very solid and dependable. One thing about this app that is very frustrating is that when trying to highlight, it opens the Highlight options pane every single time, and I cannot figure out how to prevent this. It has made me look to other apps as this is both frustrating and distracting. I should be able to choose a color to highlight with and run with it. I am positive there are other ways to allow the user to choose colors other than forcing the pane to open up each and every time I want to highlight text.
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3 years ago, ddolsondolson
Very Ineffective--Wish I Could Get my Money Back
All OCR is slow, but this package is the slowest I have seen. It also takes forever to save a file. It frequently hangs up my mac, which is a very powerful MacBook Pro 16, pinwheeling and not letting me do anything else. OCR accuracy seems adequate. Conversion of tables to Excel format is absolutely laughable--the software is almost completely useless for this purpose in the real world. I have lots of old books scanned by the Hathi Trust, with tables in them that I need to extract and use. This software is not up to the task, AT ALL. I have ended up retyping tables into Excel by hand--exactly what I wanted to avoid when I purchased this software. Controls are counterintuitive. It took me forever to figure out how to save a pdf after OCR; it turns out to be an obscure little button to click; there is no option in the File menu, which would be the logical place to look. For my purposes, this program is almost useless.
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4 years ago, YJinP
Free version is an absolute garbage made purposely that way
Using the default editor that comes with a Mac is way better than this joke app. If you turn off the app and then turn it on again, all of the text you inserted through the app are resized depending on the app's window size. And no, you can't decide how big your windows are when you turn on the app. Inserting a text box is like pulling teeth. The app messes up all of its formatting on purpose after you are done creating one. It's as if the app is mocking you, saying, "Oh, you would like to use our free version to make just a minor edit? It would be a shame if someone would randomly mess it up."
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4 years ago, Julie.2
Very pleased
I am a high school student who downloaded this program in hopes of being able to edit pdfs online, rather than to print them out and rescan them for my teachers. My school has been closed for a week in response to the Corona virus, so I was very pleased to see that this program is incredibly efficient and as well as easy to use. Everything I need is right in front of me and is incredibly organized
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9 months ago, TitanPepi
Outstanding Product
I'm a new user. I read the comments, and then I tried it for myself. As a new user, who is not as familiar with these products as I'd like to be, I am extremely pleased. The product was accessible convenient and user-friendly. I am most appreciative that products like this are available to every day people like me to help us better present electronically.
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1 year ago, AllisonSM80
No complaints thus far!
Was a little worried when first purchasing, as the reviews in the AppStore don't look so great (although those that appear on the company website do). I'm coming over from the world of Adobe and I've had this program for about a week. It allows me do everything that I could over there, so, as the title reads, I've got no complaints thus far.
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4 years ago, PunkerYaya
Overall great, some issues
Overall I love this program. However, I have had some issues with printing and creating forms. Printing: - Some scanned PDFs when printed come out as an all black page. I've wasted so much ink, played with every setting, spent hours on the phone with my printer manufacturer to find out FINALLY today that it's this application and not my printer at fault. Forms: - When creating forms if you copy a field and insert it into another location in the document it creates a duplication issue. For instance, I am creating an application and some of the fillable fields are the same size and length, so copying the first form box makes it faster when creating the form. However, when people fill out the first field on the saved and distributed form any copied fields autopopulate with that information. This is also true for signature boxes and check boxes.
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3 years ago, John CSsR
I just purchased this PDF Reader Pro Lite (permanent license) two days ago. Unfortunately it didn't work as expected, I simply couldn't convert my PDF files to Ms Word. For this reason I asked for a refund, but it was so disappointed that I was told it is not eligible for a refund! Again, I made another request with an explanation, but in vain! What should I do with this useless purchased app? I really need an explanation and help! Updating: Thank for your response. But that is not the answer that I ask for. What I ask for is to get my money back, not technical tests or free course of training. And if the app is not eligible for a refund, I want to know why?
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7 years ago, StephenPatrick
Great Free App
I’m not a power user by any stretch of the imagination. But I find the editing tools very comprehensive and easy to use. I read some of the other recent reviews where problems were encountered and I share the general opinions around advertisements. However I don’t begrudge the Developers from making an honest living. I will certainly explore the application’s features and make a decisions whether to upgrade or not.
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1 year ago, PaulOra
The PDF Reader Pro team did a great job helping me get their app back on track when I had to move it to a new computer, after my old one conked out. They stuck with all the problems until finally fixing it. I'm grateful for their help and how they stuck with the problems until they were resolved.
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6 years ago, Saswriter
It’s great to be able to copy and paste from a PDF to Word!
I’m so grateful for this free application. I like Adobe apps, but I get so irritated by the company's proprietary nature: Heaven forbid I should be able to copy and paste text from a PDF to a Word doc without paying a monthly subscription fee! Thanks for existing, PDF Reader Pro: You are my go-to app now when I need to update PDF documents like my teaching syllabus, etc. Please don’t go away!
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5 years ago, RodeoLinebacker
Very Powerful
I have used Adobe products for years but I have tired of their non-support, and continuing efforts to monetize every bit of the software instead of working to improve it. I decided to get off of that train and find another PDF editor to replace Acrobat DC. PDF Reader Pro works great to replace all of the features that I need. Editing, conversion of documents to Word, signing: all work great in this software.
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6 years ago, SirBriantheLion
Wow! I am impressed!
I found this app when I needed to convert a PDF to Word for the aattorney to be ale to mark up the document with changes. My first two attempts with other apps were not good. But PDF Reader Pro was a HUGE success for all three documents on the first try! What a great surprise that the documents converted and that almost all of the legal document/contract formatting was also preserved. Thanks for creating such a great app!
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6 months ago, jamesmenge
The Best PDF Option
I needed a fairly priced PDF editor to fill out digial reams of PDFs for government and medical companies. Here are my comments: 1. Read the latest reviews, since these are most relevant. Two year old reviews are several versions behind. 2. After reviewing several PDF apps, I found that PDF Reader Pro offered the greatest functionality with the most comprehensive feature set at a fair price. 3. For me, the key takeaways are: 3a. PDF editing (actually edit a PDF) 3b. PDF adding (adding text to a PDF) 3c. PDF conversion to another format 3d. PDF consistency 3e. Learning effort less than Adobe 4. Each release adds more functionality. Hope this helps
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2 years ago, CD Cyclist
Not Very Useful
I purchased the Permanent License to be able to do more extenstive editing but there is very little capibliity. In many cases you can only select one line of text at a time instead of a column. Doing any sort of edit to photos or graphics is almost nonexistent. It works fine for highlighting text, and basic changes but many free programs do just as well. I am back to using Foxit which is a superior program in every way.
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1 week ago, PleaseTryAgain1
Crashes too often
I have almost thrown my laptop through a wall more than a handful of times for this. lol. I have been working on a doc for more than a hot minute and then the app crashes and I lose all of my work. Additionally, despite saving my work in short intervals, the app has crashed and I have lost all of my progress. It's very frustrating and has created a lot of additional work redoing what I have already done.
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1 year ago, PDF Reader Pro Awesome User
So far so good...
This works just fine using it with my iMac for the last year or so to open important documents. The only thing is the ads, when I click to close the ad it decides to go into whatever site the ad is from, not sure if it's supposed to do that as it very inconsistent. Oh well... it's free...
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2 years ago, TN Riverat
Each OS update causes more problems
It was great at first. But each update of OS seemed to cause more issues. Minor issues at first but since 12.3 was fielded, Ive had several issues where the program became nonresponsive when working with more than two pdf's open. And when I say "working" I mean reviewing two pdf's while working on an Excel sheet or Word Document. Last time I had to force quit and then restart to clear the screen.
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3 years ago, Steve B..
It's great when it works
I purchased the $79 version and simply doesn't work. Very frustrating!! Every time i do something and then try to change the font of a text crashes!! Every time though!! A lot of a times (when doesn't crash) im not even able to change the colors, the font and the size of a text! I wish it was working because its a nice app! Is there any way you can make it work the way it was suppose to?? UPDATE As a response I receved and automated mesage! They didn't even spend time to help their customer. At this point I just need my money back!!
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3 years ago, kayakorea13
really great for the basics
This is great for converting things or adding an e-signature. But I have yet to upgrade to use pro features like merging different PDF documents. This can be done for free online and the Pro Version is just a little above my budget. I wish they had some mid level upgrade without going Pro.
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4 years ago, daniellellellelle
Fantastic app
As a student who doesn't have the budget to spent money on Adobe or something like that every month, I really appreciate the breadth of features offered by this app. There is really only one ad that shows up occasionally for the Pro version, but it's not tacky or highly obtrusive. Thank you to the developers for this great tool!!!!
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2 years ago, kms.us
Good app - very annoying
I generally like the app. It's (mostly) intuitive to use; I can get done what I need to get done - all good. But stop asking me for a review every day; stop asking me to subscribe to some news letter. I paid you so I can use this app without getting annoyed by stuff like this. Update: So, I got a response to my review. Unfortunately, you made it worse. I would give you 0 stars now - if I could. The answer has absolutely nothing to do with what I said. Have a real human respond and not some non-functioning automation
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6 years ago, Sb2333333333
Great for studying online
Im a full time student and with the increase of digital books this app helped me organize, annote and highlight my notes and study material. It makes it easier to search for concepts and keep things overall organized. It would be great if they deleted the ad banner, but other than this it is a great app
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2 years ago, gupta777&
It does NOT work - waste of money
I just purchased PDF Reader Pro Lite to do some edits on my PDF and it does NOT work. DOn't waste your money. I go to the edit mode, the pdf gets blur and it does not allow me to do any editing at all. I have to exit the edit mode. Tried to find tutorials on their web page, you tube, FAQ I follow instructions but still does not work and does not allow me to do anything. Tried to contact customer service and so far no responsed. Open a case in PayPal I doub I will get any money back. Very Disapointed.
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