pdfFiller: PDF document editor

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airSlate, Inc.
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2 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for pdfFiller: PDF document editor

4.3 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Zhdtndjcfchgrjdhg
Works okay, but needs some updates.
- Once clicked off, does not allow you to re-click on areas you’ve erased to remove or move accidents. - Autosaves even if you don’t want it to, so if you make a mistake you can’t fix (like the eraser), you can’t just go back. You have to completely start over. - No undo button at all. This combination of issues almost screwed me over on a page I was editing. Thankfully I had a backup that was mostly-finished before the mistake, but still made me waste a lot of time. Also: - There’s no way to erase a large section, and you can’t edit the width/length of photos or erased squares. It has dots on the corners that you would think would let you do so, but they don’t work. - The calibration is whacky, and sometimes clicking in one area results in you clicking somewhere else. - Can’t edit the background color of words. - Really needs some adjusting on clicking to move around the page versus clicking on text/photos. -Hopefully lastly (I’m sorry 😂), it always goes back to the “Text” tab instead of staying on whatever you’re using, which is a bit annoying.
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6 years ago, kintri
Loved this app - But the developer pulled a Shkreli
Update Update - They lied to me. They turned off the features again 30 days later. They claimed they had no record of my conversation and would not be grandfathering me in. It is a serious bait and switch. I’m an occasional user and if their pricing structure made any sense, I might even subscribe, but it’s ridiculously expensive and the updates are usually downgrades. They took a great app and completely screwed it up. Update - after speaking with their responsive support staff, they agreed to let me keep the features without the need of a subscription. I appreciate that they honored the original agreement and grandfathered me in. As I said in the original review, this is a great tool. One more step towards paperless! Original Review - This is a very comprehensive and integrated pdf editing tool. I have used it for over a year and it was my go-to for anything pdf related. I paid a flat fee when I purchased the app and thought it was a good value. With the last update the developer implemented a tiered subscription format ranging from $72/yr to $180/yr. WAY OVERPRICED...imo. In addition, I no longer had access to any of my features. I’ll just write off the flat fee I paid and move on to other, more reasonably priced apps. It’s really too bad, because I loved this platform.
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6 years ago, student12749
This app did work great, not sure what happened
This app was great when I downloaded it 6 months ago, I started a new program in school and just needed as easy to use for taking notes in class on the I-pad I bought for school. Like I said at first (the first 5 months or so) it worked great exactly what I needed. Then a few weeks ago some of the notes I would take on lectures started getting erased where I put them and getting moved to the first slide of the presentation. This was not a big deal and I thought it was just a small glitch until this week. I had a presentation with 100 slides and took notes on most slides. Then I open the app today and all the notes are covering the first slide not a single note was left anywhere else in the entire presentation and I have no way to make sense of any of the notes or know what they meant. I might fail my exam now because of this. Very disappointed in app that did work very very well when I downloaded it! Not sure what kind of “updates” were made but it really ruined my studying.
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6 years ago, Huskykid
Loved this app for about a day.
I don’t own a computer so any kind of documents that I need to sign or fill out I use my phone for. Had a few documents I needed to sign so I downloaded the app and it was great for the most part, a few annoyances here and there but no biggie. Now that one issue I could not get past and which eventual caused me to delete the app was any time I had a document with multiple pages it was impossible to get text/signatures in the correct lines. Example, if you have to enter text on page two of a document it will save it to page one. This is due to when you start a text box it snaps the screen to that text box. If the text box is at the top of the page it will register as page 1 of 3 instead of 2 of 3 (represented by the small grey box that shows which page you are on when you scroll to a new page.) So while you are filling your document out it will appear on the correct spot but when you save the PDF and reopen it, it will save the text to the first page and not the second. This makes it nearly impossible to fill documents out that contain more than one page.
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4 years ago, Allypewds
Great customer service/support
This isn’t fully related to the app itself, more so for the actual website and company. In most cases for me, when I try to do “chat” support to ask a question via message chat, I never get a response or it’s automated and can not answer me. This was not the case with pdf filler, I am beyond satisfied with how quickly and responsive they are in their chat support. I had a stressful situation arise with my exam, I used pdf filler for, sending a blank to my professor rather than the filled out answers. I contacted them just to see if there was any way to view my time stamps in order to show my professor what had happened. I was hesitant using the chat support at first because of previous websites but who I spoke with responded within seconds and was able to help in any way they could. This made my situation 100 times less stressful and I am now interested in using pdf filler in the future. Highly recommend (:
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1 year ago, Jimmyodash
Should be more intuitive
So many apps out there are great examples of intuitive app design but in the ‘PDF’ space I find many lacking in this respect. For example the most common of tasks is to ‘fill’ in a form but I can not find a simple app that does this well in a smooth way. The app developer may be satisfied but the app developer is not your ‘user’ or ‘customer’. Another point; while filling in a form may be the most common user task on PDF files, it may not be the most frequently used task. So for this type of ‘one-off’ task the app for a form fill must be simple and easy. I see many apps don’t recognize the form fields which is not good. The placing of the text on the form should not depend on the size of the user’s thumb. The default size of the text should be set automatically to match the standard of the form. These points are just the basic points. Other points could include using the user’s default data such as name and phone; home and email addresses… but simplicity is a must have.
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5 years ago, Lkritchey
I wanted to love it....
I recently got rid of Adobe Acrobat DC and needed a way to edit some PDFs. At first, I thought the application was adequate, until I saw that they were asking for $20 a month (for monthly) to even print the document. I found that you can close the document, save as, and eventually get it exported to a place like Drop Box or Google Drive, but the price for basic features is beyond a reasonable price, especially if you haven’t seen the entire application in a full trial. If the application worked without serious bugs, then I’d be more willing to pay money for it. However, when I closed a document, any text I added on the second or third page went up to the top of the first page. I had to try 9 times to finally get it to stick. It looks like I had to take a few actions with additional edits for it to save the text I entered. As a software developer myself, I consider that to be a serious issue, and should never get to production while a bug like that is not fixed. This especially is important when charging $20 a month for the product.
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5 years ago, Sabrina9869
Horrible payment process and billing
The app worked decently I suppose... however, the subscription costs were listed in monthly amounts, but they were billed up front for the whole year. So imagine my surprise when I get smacked with a big up front charge! Yes, it’s said what the annual cost is under the monthly cost, however, please show me where it says you’ll be billed up front the full annual amount! When I went through customer service, they gave me some generic robotic response they probably copy and paste or have automatically go out to everyone. It instructed me to “update my subscription” through iTunes... best part? I tried exactly what they told me, but I’m locked in the whole year. I’m given the option to switch to the monthly plan IN A YEAR, after my current subscription ends... so essentially I’m stuck paying for the entire year when I only need this app for a month or two on my phone until I replace my laptop.... what a scam. I’ll try my luck through American Express to get my money back.
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7 years ago, Mr.Hand312
Almost what you'd expect.
So I got this app to arrange and annotate pdfs and forms etc. and for the most part I really do like it - this app does almost exactly what I want but there are a few odd things about it which I have been unable to resolve or even discuss with their support - cause they haven't answered me, just sent a survey asking how my xp with support was. (I downloaded the latest version today 9-9-17) 1. In the provided 'how to' doc, it shows check-boxes next to the names of each file in your window. Presumably so one could check multiple files and then be able to move them as a group. That does not exist in the app as of now, so managing files has to be done one at a time. And given that tapping on your desired file once, doesn't immediately open your file but instead opens a side window with other options (including open), this makes moving files one at a time a real pain. This is my main issue with it. 2. This is more a suggestion of how to make this app just a bit more useful... in the annotations window you can select draw mode, where by default the opacity is %100 - I would love to be able to control the opacity of the lines drawn. It wouldn't even have to be opacity - 'draw behind' would suffice. So I do think this app has great potential but without these two options, I can't give a five star rating.
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6 years ago, Huffy fly
Poor support, extremely poor.
Having issues with the the program fir several days. Unable to obtain any necessary support. Only contact information listed on their sight is for billing. Left several messages and developer is completely unresponsive. Attempted to contact and resolve by text and interaction was poor at best.?it is obvious they had your money and service and support were nor part of their mission statement. Developer responded and apologized. Indicated i should contact the same email address i had vern contacting and they would fix everything. Guess they didn't want to fix it before. So now they go and insult you be not even making an effort to make things right. The condescending, cavalier attitude is disgraceful. Basically they are saying we didn't care to help you before, give us another chance to ignore you again, maybe try making it right for real and display some customer concern.
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10 months ago, emmerised
It’s not free. It’s useful and if you need it-you pay
It’s not free. It’s useful and if you need it-you pay for it. - made it harder to use. You can’t save anything without paying for it. You can’t print anything without paying for it they don’t really have an ad option. I wish they did because that would be awesome. I would watch a Videos our ad revenue whatever to build up my portfolio you have to actually pay because they don’t offer anything like that. Are used to be way easier to actually utilize the free stuff now that made its interface pay pay pay
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1 year ago, oso_teo
Let's you fill out your file and save it but as soon as you finish you have to get the free trial. Otherwise your file is held ransom. Cowars, the have keep the D cause that’s what they are. - Response to dev – The problem is some people don’t have a card to access the free trial. The app tricks the user into the trial by allowing the user to fill the document before being blindsided by the trial. Not to mention the privacy concerns with the massive amount of “data leaks” in today’s world… some people don’t feel comfortable leaving their personal information in the hands of sketchy companies. Sketchy companies that will do things like blindside trials to their customers and possibly sell our information, or better yet for you hope a user forgets to cancel the trial and pay an outrageous amount for a simple program.
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5 years ago, Jorindee
Most frustrating application I’ve ever encountered
I’ve never rated an application, but this one defies all logic and sound business protocol. I spent several hours filling out a four page employment application that required continual back tracking to fill in lost data. Once I finally completed the application, I went on to save, send or print, which required a “premium” account. I would have paid for the premium service since I had already committed so much time with this app. However, upon reopening the document, once again information was missing and worse yet, sprawled across the first page in a totally incomprehensible fashion. Parts and pieces from pages 2 - 4 were randomly floating across the first page. The developers of this app have s long way to go. This has been a huge waste of my valuable time.
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5 years ago, 7360473Fs10
Great: but just a suggestion
The app is great so far, but i would like to make a suggestion on the editing of the documents we scan..It would be great if we were able to take a picture and be able to take the document or picture and be able to edit the writing on the pictures. For example delete a word on the picture and add another if that makes sense
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2 years ago, Chickenpants325
Website is fine, but the app is almost unusable
I downloaded this app after filling out a portion of my pdf on safari. I assumed the app would be user friendly and streamlined, but when I went to open documents the app would either freeze or spend 2-3 minutes loading my document before it finally let me edit them. Once I was able to edit my docs I clicked okay and done in the top right of the screen assuming that it saved my edits because there is no “save” button. After hitting done it left the doc and I printed it, after reading it I realized that the spelling mistakes I had just corrected had not been saved. I went through this process four times before going to the website to make my edits which then saved successfully.
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1 year ago, Itsmeggamoo
Awful customer support.
I downloaded this app to sign ONE document. Of course they don’t let you use it for free with basic permissions but you have to set up at 7 day trial. The app itself says I have one day left in my trial. But of course I got charged the almost $100 anyway. And when I took the issue to support they did not help at all. They sent me one message and did not manage to get anything else in, in the whole 10 minutes I had the chat open. Not to mention the chat box itself hardly works. I was able to send one message because the send button stopped working. Glad you can have an emoji button in your chat box and not a send button. Pathetic. I’m not Happy that I got charged $100 for something I’m not going to use. Ever.
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7 years ago, Tech_Lead_I
Excellent app saves changes as your working
This app is excellent!! Although, when I just now read the reviews it looks like I might be incurring charges without knowing? if I'm getting charged, I feel it's deceptive not to disclose prices in a pop up maybe? There was one snafu that scared me. I didn't click save prior to "signing" the doc. The app hung up while opening the signature pad. I had to close the app eventually. I thought I'd have to start over but much to my delight, the changes I made were automatically saved, phew! I give it a high rating.
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3 years ago, bmart199666
I don’t usually give apps the time a day to give them a review wheather i I like em or not ,Unless the app is extremely good and then I can give my time a day. This out is exactly what you’re looking for I download it a document off of Google saved it to my files from my files put it on the app and it automatically had every spot I need to fill out highlighted and easy to fill out and send literally a printer on the Internet without printing hands-down the best out for business PDF wise
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9 months ago, Muertz
Rip off
I needed to fill out a w-9 form for a job and downloaded this app. I had to start the free trial in order to have access to the functions I needed. I chose the basic plan which stated no obligations cancel anytime blah blah blah then after free trial you will charged yearly 93$. So I started the trial using my apple account and the application did not work. It kept bringing up the options for the trials every time I tried to continue do anything with my form. I went to see my subscriptions in my apple account and it was clearly active. I decided to cancel the subscription and I was charged 103$ instantly to my account. Ridiculous paying for a service I didn’t even get to use!!! Never again please be careful with these apps.
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5 years ago, thisisbolognia
I made the mistake of paying $77. for this service that I find awkward and user unfriendly. I’ve been unable to email the completed document. While trying to correct one of my misaligned check marks I erased part of the form and find no way to reproduce it. I purchased this yesterday and have spent many hours trying to successfully use it. I’ve asked for a refund through the support email and was denied for not meeting the refund criteria. Then on this page I find two revelations previously unseen. One is a “Try it before you buy it” offer and the other is a “Guaranteed no cost, no questions if not 100% satisfied. I am dissatisfied and would greatly appreciate a refund of my purchase of order id MK9FY1WHBS. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Dinofishygorawr
Great concept, but frustrating app.
This app offers a lot of great features that a lot of these other document editors don't offer, but when it comes down to sending your document out. I wouldn't. Every time I send out a document and edit it, it has errors that I can clearly see that weren't there before I sent it out and I've checked this multiple times by sending it out to myself. Very frustrating bug. It happens with the "erase" it will erase things that I did not want erased and I'll edit it back to the way it was and then when I send out, the document is still has the parts I didn't want erased.
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1 year ago, ToddoSumisu
Quite Literally the Worst PDF app
This was easily the most garbage pdf app ever. It constantly was not working for highlighting and the text boxes were nearly unmanageable to type in. I spent 30 minutes filling out a pdf, and by the time I went to export, the basic option wants $96/year, which they try to trick you by saying $8/month without the fine print. Not only this, but after I started the trial I have no idea where the flipping file exported to, and I actually believe it didn’t export whatsoever because I can’t find it anywhere. This app is hot garbage and you outta be ashamed peddling $100 out of this trash heap.
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4 years ago, liselsutter
This app is a Godsend for my business.
I have used Adobe Acrobat DC for years, and this app beats it in every single way! The features available on the Premium plan are many, too many to list here. Try it for yourself! Adobe crashes constantly and their help is virtually non-existent when something is not working. Highly recommend this program. Far superior and a major time saver and productivity maker. Way to go!!
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6 years ago, Dave804
Could be…
This could be an excellent app but it is full of bugs and very quirky. The wideout tool is nice but trying to move the little white square around to where you need it will drive you insane! Files don’t save correctly as PDFs in dropbox instead they’re saved us just generic file. And if that isn’t enough you won’t be able to do any of this cause you can’t login on the iPhone. The keyboard box blocks the Facebook login. All these things seem very obvious but I guess they don’t really check their work before putting the app out. Especially if a keyboard blocks a login feature
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2 years ago, lelaylulaylahlah
Great Support
I was having some billing issues, including being charged $96 that I didn’t know what was for. I got a chat with support, received a reply within five minutes, and had the whole issue figured out within 20, less than 20. Apparently it was under a email I didn’t remember using. Jerome was very helpful and the support was very fast.
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7 years ago, Mitchell Black
Amazing App and Customer Service
I thoroughly enjoyed the app which helped to easily organize, identify, and edit certain documents. However I ultimately decided that there services were no longer necessary and their excellent customer service team cancelled my subscription and gave me a refund on the same day. There was no hassle and the whole ordeal took around five minutes!
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2 years ago, jinx19402
Horrible experience
This app scammed me out of $55. Subscribed because I wanted to get my document out of the app and it kept telling me that I needed a subscription. It then would charge me and still tell me I had no subscription. I logged out and in again a few times and no update. I figured maybe it was because I didn’t have the highest level of subscription. Subscribed to that and got charge and still did not fix the problem. Absolute garbage app. Please refund me my $55. Went to docusign and got everything filled out and exported for free and in minutes.
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6 years ago, Captain Barracuda
Unusable!! Crappy glitchy app
Dont waste your efforts! If you have a PDF open and need to reference a different screen such as a webpage to fill in info from, expect all your typed to be shifted an moved. No problem right jus Move the shifted text boxes back to where they go. Well the movement controls are so finicky it is literally impossible to control and get the text where it needs to be. No way to turn off pressing spacebar twice adds a period so spacing is made even more tedious just forget this crappy app that was obviously never beta tested and go with a more useable app there are waaaay to many simple oversights
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2 years ago, Sgt. John
Error to Login !!!
I have tried to do what support has told me to do, with No luck. I at my end, I do not want to cancel my account. You would think that they would get me into my account site page, I fill that way, If anyone can HELP, get back with me. My next step is to ask for a complete refund and my file’s. Thank you, John 🦮
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6 years ago, reviewscotty47951
Do not go with these guys find a different way. This app is FILLED with bugs. It is a headache and a terrible experience. Customer support is no help. For technical support the only option is live chat and the responses are in broken English. The first battle is convening them that you are actually experiencing a problem. Once you’ve done that all they have to say is sorry our app isn’t perfect maybe we will sort it out one day. Don’t put your business on hold waiting on these guys to bumble around and maybe someday make a decent app. You’re better off going with a different company on this one.
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7 years ago, chidee
It's NOT free- BEWARE
There was no disclaimer anywhere that this would incur a subscription fee. I had to search all over their website and finally had to request a chat. But BEWARE!! The website pops up as high risk for malicious content/spyware through McAfee. ** Update - while it says 'free' you can't use the listed features like emailing a PDF without a paid subscription, which is not listed & why I had to use chat to get an answer. To clarify; it's the PC website you have to access once you try to submit a help ticket when a feature doesn't work (duh, the hook to make you pay) that pops with malware.
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2 months ago, Atef-Abuelenin
Never try this app. They are bunch of scammers. I think a developer responded and asked to send an email to their customer service support which a joke. They hired bunch of bots to respond without no sense at all. They have been responding with the same answer to the same chain. I’m not using this service ever. I got charged and they refused ti return my money back and without using the service. I will make sure this review remain available. Do not use this app ever and use Adobe aa its the best and the most reliable. You pay extra but quality is guaranteed.
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6 years ago, Fracbadger
Makes mobile work life easier
I do about 99% of my work from my phone. This is just another tool to make that easier. No need to stop at the office and print forms and fill out or sign to return. It can all be done on this device. And you email right from the app. For sure 5 stars for making my life easier and more mobile
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6 years ago, jeffc-AlexVA
Came through for me in a big way
Was out of town visiting family for Christmas and was told a critical contract I sent before I left had errors and needed editing. Was able to make the corrections using the app, although did have to get creative using the tools provided. Came through in a pinch. Recommend for quick but dirty edits.
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6 years ago, Megan Aldridge
Won’t open now!
I’ve used this app for a long time now. And it’s not reliable. Sometimes it does what you want sometimes it won’t. Documents are “busy” when you are in a rush. You have to sign in again every time you transition to another app. Total pain in the neck. Not sure what’s up, but all of a sudden this app won’t load now. I tried to access my files online and they are there in my account but I can no longer print or send them anymore for free. No warning. I thought it was a free app, but they want to charge me now. Bummer. Off to find another way.
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6 years ago, KRnSH2016
Aweful. Just aweful
Grabbed this app to edit a pdf off my phone for a home purchase. Waste of time. The app wouldn’t email the document out. Then, in trying to uninstall it, I cannot get it off my phone. I’m told I need a desktop to remove it. It’s a phone app and they want me stuck with this p.o.s. App so they can charge me for it. Of course, I’m on the road without a desktop. Contacted customer service. Also worthless in getting me results. When you follow links to remove app from phone it loops you back to where you started. I never write bad reviews. Until now. Waste of my time
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4 years ago, imtheshizzniyee
Best App for Filling PDF documents
Tried 3 other apps on my phone including adobe and this is the only one that would let me fill out the application. No fee, no hassle, no ads. Just created an account in less than a minute, added the document from DMV via Safari and was immediately about to fill it out.
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8 months ago, 7trace
Good app + customer service
This app has a lot of features to work with PDFs, just upload and edit / whatever you need to do. Customer service is also quick and super helpful. Had an issue and it was quickly solved - thanks
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5 years ago, tntracing90
Rip off!!
If you intended to use this on your mobile phone, save your money!!! Worst app ever!! They refuse to refund my $100 after 2 days of trying to use it!! About half of the features are available for mobile use as compared to the desktop version. The desktop version is not much better. Terrible customer service. I was talking to “harmhon” with customer service, and they were zero help!!! I expect this type of product and service out of a free app, but when I spend $100, I expect something that somewhat works....save your money!!!
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5 years ago, Ard80
Great idea BUT soooo many bugs
PDF is unlike any other product without paying for a custom software application. HOWEVER, sooo many bugs which is so frustrating. I also have experienced support saying they will address the issue but having used it almost a year...I don’t ever believe them. Update: received the standard response like everyone else. Been there. Done that. Still wishing for a better working product
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6 years ago, Portlandstl
SO EASY to use, Pick this PDF Filler. Legit
You can fill, edit, save, fax, email documents with ease. You don’t need any tech experience to use it. It is amazing. It also saves your docs for years so when you need to edit and send again, they are right there waiting for you. Job Applicants, Resumes... whatever so Easy!
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3 years ago, OTRTEXAN
I spent 10 minutes filling out a form, only to find out after that you can’t actually use the results without a subscription. Yes.. there is a free period, but you still have to subscribe and give payment info first. The app itself worked ok, it does take some extra clicks because it jumps around when you change lines, but overall it worked. But because of the misleading practices, I’ll find another way to fill out my form online.
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3 years ago, hdgrjshrwjg
A pain for recipients
I received a link for a one-page form from someone using this software. It won’t open on my Mac or phone, even after I downloaded the app. Maybe it will work if I register for an account, but I’m not creating an account on yet another software platform just to open one form from one person one time. My guess is there’s a way to make it work, but it will take less time just to get a copy emailed to me as an attachment or even to remake the form from scratch.
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1 year ago, GyroF-16
Works okay, but managing account is a pain
I’ve used it twice now, and remembered why I quit in the first place. I initiated an account after filling out a pdf. The app wiped all my work, and now I can’t see how to view account information or cancel the account. Been chatting with Support for 3o minutes so far trying to accomplish this. There’s got to be a simpler pdf filler app that’s less expensive and easier to use.
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1 year ago, Joe Ziemssen
Purchase Required to Use Finished Documents
To developers: If you’re going to charge a purchase cost to be able to use edited documents in any way, make that known before allowing installation and editing. This way people don’t waste their time thinking that we have found a great app that is actually usable, spend time editing then be stuck with an unusable finished product. Thanks………
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3 years ago, AshisBossy
Can’t cancel subscription
This app was great for what I needed it for. But now I don’t need it so I’ve been trying to “cancel my subscription.” I put it in quotes because although I am being charged, it has no way for me to delete my subscription because it doesn’t recognize that I have one. So then I decided I’ll just delete my account. Well I can’t do that either on this app. It says do it under account and there is nothing there for me to do.
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8 months ago, jeileherew
I would give negative zeros if I could
Free trial works fine, they charge you and you never have access to the app due to glitches. Attempted to log out and login to the same account I’m paying $20 a month to, went to save a file and they charged my card $59 for a monthly subscription on an account I’ve paid $20 for already and still have no access too! Complete rip off!!! Overcharging constantly and you can’t use the product
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3 years ago, creepy cantaloupe
Needs to improve
This app doesn’t seem to be mobile friendly. Every time I went to move to another box and missed it, it asked me if I wanted to do that or not. It got very annoying as I was trying to fill out a 3 page application. Every time i needed to go back and correct the spelling it just highlighted the box, not where I wanted to actually go. The signature portion of this app was great. If this app improved on those things I would use it in the future and give it a higher rating.
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4 years ago, Carter Hale
List of issues 1.Hey how come on my iPad or iPhone I cannot edit my documents. I have a difficult time trying to erase just the text that I want to erase. 2. Let’s say you have a document stored on PDF filler. You open it up and want to re-edit it. However the erase feature tries to eraseMore than just the text around what you want to erase. 3. You finally give up, and decide to send the document anyway with a note attached saying what is screwed up. You hit done, and then it ask you what you wanted to do. So you hit email document, and it goes to the email page. However it does not allow you to email it. It just freezes up. At this point you chat with customer service. They say to re-download the application. Whereby you lose all your store documents. Nice job PDF filler!
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11 months ago, MikeyPD
Absolute Clickbait
This company puts commonly needed PDF files on their website. They do not own that content. They let you fill out the form completely but if you try to print it or save it, you get hit with a paywall. This is a predatory and shameful practice. Anyway, I paid for the app (because I spent an hour filling out a form) and discovered that it is also a bad app. It is slow and doesn’t format well on devices. Shady business with a poorly coded app. Not a great combination.
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