PDI Mobile Connect

2.3 (79)
18.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Political Data Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for PDI Mobile Connect

2.32 out of 5
79 Ratings
5 years ago, Micamotez
Needs Work
The layout of the app is easy enough to utilize and a much appreciated upgrade on the old methods of canvassing. With that being said, the execution is very poor. The load/refresh rate is abysmal and the app experiences constant crashes throughout usage. I can’t believe how many times I’ve had to reinstall the app just to get past the login page. Also, please allow a “capture all” option for households. It’s frustrating needing to individually mark every single member of a household that isn’t home. This app could have great potential, but needs a lot of work.
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5 years ago, Attempted Navigon User
This is a great idea, but the execution is awful! Updating is so slow that I’d be better off using pen, paper, and carrier pigeon. Today was completely wasted, because I only had a couple of hours to walk, and spent the entire time trying to get the app to cough up my assignment list. This is a recurring nightmare, experienced by all of our walkers. It just sits there on “updating assignments...” for so long that you want to tear your hair out. Not a question of internet speed, at least on our end, because this happens even with high speed connectivity. Deleting and re-installing the app appears to help sometimes, but that’s also time-consuming. And when it does work, it takes precious seconds waiting for the next screen to load. Hard to cover ground when you spend so much time waiting for the app.
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6 years ago, SteveChessin
Good, almost great
It sure beats a clipboard with paper precinct lists! If they’d just fix a few bugs in Version 8.2 (the occasional crash when Syncing, especially if HQ changes your turf while you’re canvassing it; switching All/Odd/Even while in Street View opens a different street; I’ve reported them all) it’d be great. I use it on an old iPhone with no cellular service, so I like that after I download my assignments via WiFi, it just works out in the field and Syncs when I’m back on a WiFi connection.
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5 years ago, mariehstesthisapp
Good data terrible data collection
It’s so great to see what houses to go to and who lives there. The rest is truly terrible. Data collection is just horrible and the user can not tell if anything was collected at all. It takes 8 clicks to record that you reached someone and then you have to stand and wait for the data to be uploaded. You have no way to tell if it worked no way to see what you recorded. As a candidate I have zero access to my own data. I walked for two days and recorded nothing. No error handling. As someone who worked in software the app is Wry poorly executed.
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6 years ago, Wsgirl
Love the idea, App needs work
The app crashes a lot when trying to load a page. It gets to the point where I can’t even use it for canvassing on my phone. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the App several times. It works maybe 3 times and then it begins crashing again. It’s needs a fix.
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4 years ago, Yinchiao
Getting better, still needs work
Latest update backed out the “done with whole household” button that was crashing the app, so that’s good although it would have been a good feature if it had worked. Extra steps back and forth to add info and comments are tedious but doable. A flag for non-English speakers would be nice. Really helpful would be for stats to show how many actual conversations happened, now just records number of doors knocked whether anyone was at home or not.
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4 years ago, juspira
The concept of this app is amazing but the app still needs a lot of work to get there. I have been using this app for around 6 months now and it constantly keeps booting me off. This is especially annoying when you are canvassing or really needing to keep if an assignment was loaded really quickly. I continue to use it to “save to time” but it seems to me that I waste more of my time logging in than actually using the app. I really do hope PDI can solve these problems because this is INSANE!!!
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5 years ago, Dvdvldz
Hope you like waiting
This app is so slow in execution. It takes forever to upload data and often freezes on the screen, unsure of whether the program is advancing or not. We have had to wait for 20 or 30 minutes at times to wait for information to sync up and allow us to cover ground in our canvassing efforts. My hope is that the app developers are able to update and work past these annoying kinks.
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2 years ago, dpi164dsp
Indecipherable app
Trying to sign up so I can canvass. Tried to sign on after creating password using my email. Didn’t recognize me and didn’t include option to ask for new password. Went to laptop and googled to find “forgot password?” Got message that my email doesn’t exist. That’s a first! Still stuck. Also, along the way something popped up asking for a credit card while promising this a a free app. Not doing that.
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6 years ago, fast, cheap, and out of control
Good in functionality, unstable
This tool makes canvassing much easier. The different map/street views are very much appreciated. I was shocked at how unstable it was, especially while synchronizing. Please consider reworking the disposition UX: use a popup with radio buttons, and bring up a “Apply to household” button when there are N people there. (Marking a house of five as being NH takes a minute).
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5 years ago, gbd-seattle
Great experience
Worked well on my walk. The live update is great...my partner and I could clean up the far corners of our turf effortlessly, each housecall synced on the go! Suggestion: Ability to drop a tack where I parked a car. Important when doing subdivisions.
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2 years ago, rgddygf
As someone who regularly canvasses, PDI has broken down so many times I can’t even count anymore. This leaves a horrible taste in my mouth as a volunteer, because it wastes my time and prevents the campaign staffers who work so hard to put on canvasses from doing their jobs! No matter how much campaigns prepare for their canvasses, PDI ends up being the reason we can’t go out and have quality conversations with voters. This is a SHAME.
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2 years ago, fhcgjygg
This makes me cynical
Our worst enemies won’t be Republicans but our own tech system. As a young volunteer, this makes me very cynical about the future of the politics. There are so many like me willing to canvass for Dems but are discouraged because our tech system fail us and there is nothing we could do about it. Get it fixed or we won’t ever go anywhere.
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2 years ago, dylanator247
Great app for canvasing
I used this app for a local campaign and it worked great. The accuracy of the locations and GPS were definitely reliable.
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6 years ago, SDVB738
Great app!
The app is great. I love it. One request: add a color (orange?) for “mixed” houses - houses where at least 1 person is canvassed. Currently that house remains yellow (the not canvassed color). When no one is home, the house color is yellow. When people are home and canvassed , the house color is red. When 1 person is home (canvassed) and the others are not home, the house stays yellow. I’d rather know how many houses have “zero” contacts, and so are truly yellow, and separately see how many houses have at least 1 contact made with the household. Thanks.
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4 years ago, wildwestworkshop
Desperately needs to check off houses
This app is good but it desperately needs to be able to tap on a house to change its color after you visit it to know what you’ve covered. Trying to remember 120+ houses visited in your head is almost impossible.
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6 years ago, mitchfam
Best interface
I've done a lot of campaigns and PDI is the best interface for volunteers of any experience level. Makes my life so much easier!
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5 years ago, M.J.Fl
Very frustrating app. Constantly crashes and even when I restart the app or try and redownload it, the same issues continue. If I’m lucky and it doesn’t crash, the app is very slow and the constant updating as you go from place to place can slow you down immensely.
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6 years ago, Digital chemistry
Worst program I ever used
Unfortunately this is one of the only options for software for use of a political platform. The user interface and terminology is unnecessarily complicated. The program is terribly and utterly slow. Customer service is non-existent. I’m not sure if the app deserves a whole star. Can’t wait for another option.
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5 months ago, sra1212
much better
used this three years ago and it would overheat my phone and crash but it’s much better than it was. logging out and back in to get updated data is annoying but beyond that no complaints
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4 years ago, mbatosloop
Consistently troubled. Lacks basic functionality.
Consistently troubled. Lacks basic functionality.
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6 years ago, ZachFrank
I have to reinstall each time
This app is barely functional. Constant freeze up. Frequently losing my and my coworkers stats. Losing contacts. I have to reinstall each day to use this. If I had a say, we would never have touched this app in the first place. I hope every future election avoids it like the plague.
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6 years ago, elisedub
Making canvassing easy and fun!
I love this app! I’ve used it twice now and it’s so easy to navigate.
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5 years ago, Lodoone
Easy to use and so helpful!
Love this app. Very easy to navigate, accessible and such a crucial and helpful tool for canvassing!
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2 years ago, Lauragamble
Unrelenting crashes
Can’t even get this app to open any longer. It immediately crashes. Updated to the latest OS and latest version. Absolutely terrible.
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6 years ago, BillyBorscht
Really useful tool
I used this app today with a group of canvassers, and we all felt that it was a really useful tool.
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5 years ago, andreandreandre
Horrible app
This app always has issues and is very buggy. PDI is infamous for all the issues it has. It was even down one weekend when we needed it for our race. I would avoid it if possible
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4 years ago, GT_Homes
How do you get in?!
I was given this app to use to drop door hangers for the election. However the how-to video does not work, there is not place to register or sign up and I have no log in information. Really bad app!
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6 years ago, najeb
Great App
It works well and is easy to use. Very helpful for reaching voters.
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4 years ago, Nicole110320
Just crashes...
I have a team of canvassers ready to go knock on doors and the app just crashes on us. We all have iPhones with that are up to date and compatible. What gives? ☹️
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2 years ago, 271047035193$173
App does not run smoothly and now with the update it immediately crashes.
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6 years ago, NoMoreNicknames14
The Worst
Canvassing had never been harder with PDI. That’s because with the new iOS update it ALWAYS crashes while you are trying to get in touch with voters. PDI has been the Republicans best friend. Thanks PDI!
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1 year ago, BrookeBull
Terrible Continuity
Great app - if you can ever use it without deleting and re-adding 25 times while canvassing
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6 years ago, Mietze Katze
Crashes on Open
Crashes on open. Freezes and crashes at the tutorial screen. Running iOS 11.3.1
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2 years ago, thịnh man city
iOS not working
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2 years ago, Heeeweeeeeet56389497
Always crashes ! 😡
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4 years ago, TheGayngler
Crashy Crashy
Yikes this app is crashing like crazy. Its unnnusable.
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6 years ago, Bunny123456790000
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9 years ago, Fmedinacsudh
App freezes
App freezes when I try to add a review on list view
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