Pelco Mobile™

1.7 (46)
7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pelco, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pelco Mobile™

1.74 out of 5
46 Ratings
8 years ago, llewokj
Can't view because...
Touch a camera to view the feed and it gives you a box saying, "already in the layout". Can't go further with some cameras.
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4 years ago, bg181981
Crashes when I try to add a system
Every other link works in the app except the most important one. When I try to add a new system, the app freezes and no matter how long I wait, it never responds. If I keep pressing the other buttons, I get no response but it will eventually crashes. The other guy I work with, we have the exact same model of iPhone, as they are work phones, both brand new, less than a week old. His app works as it supposed to. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Same results.
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5 years ago, uxwbill
If it worked, it'd be great!
I downloaded this to remotely monitor a Digital Sentry surveillance system. Nothing I have done has resulted in it working and the system can be monitored by the desktop version of the Digital Sentry software (ControlPoint). It seems that this software has an unhappy history. I definitely find it to be crash happy. Not only does it crash when selecting cameras on Pelco's demonstration systems, it also crashes immediately when I save the settings for my system. Curiously, whichever of the demo cameras I selected prior to the crash will display normally when the app is relaunched. Selecting another demo camera will crash the program again. Crashes occur almost immediately, dropping one back to the iOS springboard without an obvious conplaint. Maybe this is incompatible with iOS 13? I am willing to troubleshoot if that's an option.
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7 years ago, Nopyobe
Broken Update [updated]
[version 3.2.3] this update is broken. The app will freeze trying to connect to the demo systems. I found that if I go into airplane mode, I am able to launch the application and add my systems. After taking out of airplane mode, the cameras do work until the next time that I close the application. Even if I remove the demo systems, the application will always re-add them on launch and will crash the application. The only way to effectively get into the app is to be in airplane mode first.
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4 years ago, GDC PDS
Can you please fix😢
Since the iOS update to iOS 13, the app has not worked right. I can open app, pick a system but when I choose a camera the app shuts down. Restart the app it comes back with camera I selected. Choose another camera and whole process repeats. Could you please fix?
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7 years ago, Stukvccgjk
A useful tool
Thanks to a recent update this app has provided a means to check my system at anytime. As you can image this convenience can be a godsend if you don’t have access to a computer or WIFI system at all times. Thank you to the development crew for fixing the issues in a timely fashion.
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4 years ago, pedrojuan978
App Does Not Work
After the update of iOS 13 and now iOS 14 the application does not work. With iOS 13 every time a camera is chosen the application closes out, Pelco took weeks to fix the issue. Now with the iPad OS 14, you cannot proceed to the systems options and select a camera. Couple of weeks since 14 is out and no fix yet. Seems no one at Pelco uses the app to notice the consistent problems.
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7 years ago, ohduh
Pelco app
App has not worked for a week. Customer service said it was ready to launch with bug fixes .... but that obviously hasn’t happened. Hopefully things get up and running soon — when you start to use an interface for your business and it is taken away — it makes you question if you picked the right company system.
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5 years ago, Franktafl
It’s time to fix this app
Once again, this app is not working. It worked perfectly until the latest IOS update. This is the perfect tool for monitoring digital sentry and other Pelco systems but it lacks updates to keep it working when iOS updates are received or they are not keeping up with their own updates. Please fix it!
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6 years ago, jjbackes
Latest release stopped working on iPad
I am running the latest version on the iPad, and when I click the option to add the Systems nothing works. I know previous versions worked, but with this update I cannot do anything. Until they get this fixed the application is worthless.
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7 years ago, Jaetpx43
What happened?
I’ve been using this app for months and have had minimal issues. Now the app won’t even launch. Just gives the start up screen and then nothing. What gives? I’ve deleted it and downloaded it and still same issues nothing happens.
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7 years ago, BernieLowmax78
Demo Failed
Tried the demo systems and all of them show “failed to connect” not a good sign for a “commercial grade” system. I’ve been trying for several days to see the demos before I recommend a 12 site upgrade for our company.
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7 years ago, InfoSec101
Worked great before this update
Can't connect to any system after updating. There was a fix but it stopped working again. I’m beginning to rethink staying with this system or replacing next budget.
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6 years ago, CosmosTurtle
Absolute trash
Everytime I go to add or configure a camera or network it freezes for a solid 10 minutes, or it freezes when I open it, I don’t recommend this app at all
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5 years ago, Nickname taken bssssss
Doesn’t connect
List shows cameras available but when you touch the area you want to check, it says connection failed.
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5 years ago, Ateam Dad
Needs an update
App continues to crash. Tech support says that it needs to be updated. Pelco continues to give poor service when it comes to their app.
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5 years ago, Kingsford07
No feature works properly.
Crashes every time you switch cameras or add a system. Been like this for months now.
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6 years ago, 33dc33
Server editing
Doesn’t allow the pane on the right side of screen to open fully. No way to edit server up or login and no
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7 years ago, @LetsTalkApples
Does not work
App does not open anymore. It opens and closes right away .
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7 years ago, laser711
Last update broke app AGAIN!!!
Can you all please restore your last version??
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7 years ago, MrSocko33
App is now crashing and won’t even start
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5 years ago, jip2008
Crashes Constantly
As the title suggests, something isn’t right!!!
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2 years ago, PatchedU4
Not Optera Compatible
Won’t allow pan/tilt control with the Optera cameras.
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12 years ago, Sunny573
Works great!
Had my Pelco cameras streaming in under 5 minutes. Very easy to set up. Faster refresh rate than other mobile applications. Nice job.
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12 years ago, TC Tatum
Good app, add function
Like the capability this has to monitor equipment in the field. If possible, I would like to see the ability to connect to dx8000 system for viewing cameras and Endora.
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12 years ago, tiberian111
Simple and Great
Has to be the best mobile video app I've found so far. Easy to use even on 3G.
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9 years ago, danny33c
DO NOT UPDATE TO THIS VERSION IF USING A BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD!! A number of our users updated to 2.3.0 and now the can't access the cameras at the bottom of a list. We have updated firmware on the NVRs to 7.8x, moved Serenity for web access and it didn't help. It's an app bug! Pelco support has now said it's an expected feature. I beg to differ. Please fix this annoying bug!!
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12 years ago, NetLiving
The video looks awesome!!!
The video looks absolutely stunning on the retina display on my iPhone 4S and new iPad. Works on 3G, 4G, and WiFi.
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9 years ago, Partywithrossco
iPhone 6 Plus Disaster
Problems with iPhone 6 Plus but on other devices, a great app that has everything you need for the digital sentry system.
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12 years ago, Cole0288
Good except...
It only connects to 5 systems?? We are running about 15 systems and growing all of the time and can only see 5 at a time on the iPad? please update ASAP
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12 years ago, Hyung-Je CHO
Great! Easy to use!
Expect more to come with next version. It is awesome!!
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7 years ago, Aramant
Nothing is working after update
All the Ds Sentry system are not capable to connect after the update, please roll back or fix it!
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7 years ago, trexxcrappp
No support for iPhone 7 plus
Typically the app works great but does not work at all with the 7 plus. Please update app and I will update my review.
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12 years ago, Triple tap
Unreal video
Great video, easy to use app. Pelco does it again !
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7 years ago, Hunter Vernon
It works well 🙂
This update works well ... 👍
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7 years ago, Chris &975
Fix your Ap
Ok they fixed's I take back the mean comment.
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12 years ago, Mrcwgmn
Great tool
Excellent and easy to use tool!
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12 years ago, Hich00k
So far so good
But we want endura support and sarix audio
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7 years ago, Dtowndave001
Nice job Schneider Electric, completely useless after update.
Embarrassing for a company this size, time to replace my system with something more stable.
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9 years ago, #choosewithconfidence
Looking Good!
Works great with my 6 the Pelco blue! Connecting to DS is a breeze :)
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8 years ago, MeToo18899999999
The new program crashes as it is making connection...Can we revert back to the old app.
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9 years ago, FidelgcIII
Get it working with iPhone 6+!!!!!!
iPad works fine but it just freezes up every time with the iPhone 6+!!!
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12 years ago, Mazacuaton
Nice job getting this out. I love the demo in California!
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10 years ago, Tbone11ddddd
Is not compatible with iPhone 6 Plus.
I have emailed company several times regarding this matter. No reply.
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7 years ago, killiansfan
Please roll it back or revise.
Newest version broke ability to connect to digital sentry systems.
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9 years ago, Benwells34
Freezes on 6 plus
Needs to work on iPhone 6 plus!!!
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10 years ago, JoshuahB
Don't download if you have an iPhone 6+
Locks up constantly
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10 years ago, Ronttttt
Does not work with iPhone 6+
Does not work with iPhone 6+
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10 years ago, ALT-B
Poor PTZ control on 360 Grandeye
On iOS the virtual PTZ control for a 360 Grandeye camera is almost unusable.
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4 years ago, djdidnybsic
Not Happy
I have used PelcoMobile in the past and never had an issue. I just reinstalled it after not using it for a few months and it won’t even save my camera information. As soon as I close the app everything is lost and I have to re install all the camera settings. I have tried to update to the latest version of PelcoMobile but I am only able to download 3.3 (1692) off the App Store. I am running the most current ISO
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