4.7 (6.5K)
132.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
An Exelon Corporation
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.1 or later
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User Reviews for Pepco

4.7 out of 5
6.5K Ratings
2 years ago, TheRedGinger
Billing data couldn’t be retrieved
For the last few months, ever since the app update and “overhaul” I have not been able to get any access to my bill. I was told this would be temporary but it hasn’t changed, so I just go to the website and pay. It’s a lot easier and less of a hassle. Not to mention they sell your personal data even if you don’t want them too. There’s no other way to get access to the app. I can’t wait until we can move out of the DMV and not have to deal with Pepco or their app developer.
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1 year ago, Familyof5MD
Easy to use and self-sufficient
Love the accessibility of this app. Pepco got it right this platform. I have everything I need at my finger tips. Never really need to contact customer service unless it’s something dealing with a payment plan or explanation about details of my plan. Which is rare. I love that I can always go back and review my pill and payments. this helps our family better manage our usage. Love this app. Wish all of my other utilities used the same platform.
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3 years ago, Nikolyzer
New update finally!
Now you can auto pay and it finally remembers your previous payment information. I really hated the app for last several years. It's a complete rewrite of their app and has new features to boot. Thanks for the quality update.
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2 years ago, CCLXXIX
Fix Face ID login and tab refresh
The latest update no longer requires a login at the first time which defeats the purpose of Face ID security. The usage tab also doesn’t refresh unless I change from bill view to another view and back again. A move to a native iOS experience would be an improvement with the elimination of the clunky web browser within a tab integration.
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3 years ago, DadOf2DC
Super Easy App
Everything is where I expected it to be! I love the use of icons and being able to easily pay my bill, adjust my thermostat, and even check the weather on the outage map. Fantastic job Pepco!!
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1 week ago, Boogeyman22
Be very careful in using this app to pay bills
I have used this app occasionally to pay my bill, preferring to send a check. The last time the Pepco rejected the payment despite using the payment information saved in the app (which they accepted before). When it was rejected, I resubmitted the payment (as is the usual practice with financial transactions). Big mistake-Pepco will no longer accept my check (despite being a 40 year customer). USE WITH CAUTION
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2 years ago, WilsonTer
Customers Personal Information Use by Exelon/PEPCO
PEPCO customers have no choice but to allow Exelon the authority to sell PEPCO customers personal information before being allowed to utilize the application. Meaning you can’t use the app without authorizing them the ability to use your PERSONAL INFORMATION. This is an unfair and insecure practice for customers. Should be illegal and the State of Maryland as well as the District of Columbia government should investigate this practice.
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6 months ago, 2dogs_3men
Great App
So far it hasn’t failed since I’ve been using it and it also keeps me updated with maintenance work in my neighborhood.
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2 years ago, bye bye Donny
Website is better
My mobile app just automatically stopped showing my bill. When I called support they said it would come back, but it never did. That was 3 months ago. The website is way better.
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2 years ago, Mycipher
Does not work
This app NEVER works! It has not worked for at least 4+ months now. “Unable to retrieve data at this time. Please try again later” has been the message for months. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app - still some garbage. DELETING.
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3 years ago, leach house
Bill PY Glitch
The app looks nice and should be easy but when I try to pay my bill it simply closes up. Big problem. This is half the reason for having the app.
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2 years ago, lba2347
Excellent I can pay my bill online
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2 years ago, smfou457
No Longer Able to Log-in
12/06 - Still unable to log in through the app despite an update 1 month ago. I have repeated unsuccessful attempts logging into the app. My credentials work logging in through the website, so the issue appears to be with the app. This seems to be a new issue as this wasn’t a problem before.
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3 months ago, IanTrotman
Request for refund: Credit Department
Request for refund. A double payment was made and I have had extreme difficulty getting this refund back into my bank account. After calling 3 times I have been asked to write a letter of proof of payment (proof is there) and why after calling do I still have to write a letter stating the same request
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2 years ago, polarsand
Been trying to check my bills for over a year now using the app on iOS and I get the message unable to retrieve bill information. I have access to everything else. I tried to uninstall and reinstall with no success. The information on the full website are all available.
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9 months ago, Grumpy Kitties
I have to log in, more often than not, when I want to pay my bill. Password? One upper case, one lower case , number and a special sign? That’s half way to your minimum fight there. That is taking it all way to far!
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3 years ago, jsommers4173
I have spent days trying to log on. No one at Pepco seems to be able to help. I’m done. Too many hours too many times and no one is able to do anything. I hate Pepco. I guess I’ll never be able to log on. I’m on autopay so as long as they get their money, no problem. Very frustrating but nothing new with PEPCO. It’s always an ordeal whenever I try to contact Pepco.
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1 year ago, Banana_321
Unable to pay bill through app
Not sure what has happened but I haven’t been unable to pay my bill through the app these last couple months. I end up having to go the website to pay. Please fix this issue!!
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2 years ago, SweetDickJames
I have paid my bill on time
I have paid my bill on time. There have an extra dollar for the past 3 months. What’s up with that? It seemed that the system is saying one thing. I made the exact payment for some reason I kept paying those extra dollars.
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3 years ago, Hdkxnd
This app is awful. I've only had it for 2 weeks, and it freezes every chance I get. It never remembers my login information. Half of the tabs lead to me error messages with promises to fix them. The app does the opposite of simplifying the process to view and pay a bill.
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3 years ago, virideus
New features but performance is slow
Glad to see autopay and a general refresh, but it shouldn’t be a 15 min + endeavor to get anything done. Please work on upgrading your servers and overall app speed and this will be an incredible asset
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3 years ago, TheAdam12358
Incredible app!
Love this app! Looks great, super intuitive, highly functional.
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11 months ago, NANAPEEZY
Easy to Access My Bill and Usage
However it doesn’t give you a shut off notice or letters so you can reprint if you lost it.
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3 years ago, Dlew0726
Where is the Thermostat???
Why why why in the world would you remove the only thing I used the app for... being able to adjust the temp in your hour from your phone was a great benefit.. Turing on and off heat/air is no longer associated with the app does not make any sense.. please include this in the next update
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2 years ago, Cjanineb
Signs me out constantly and other issue!
The app regularly signs me out. And when I try to login, it requires several attempts and then I’m suddenly signed in. In addition why are there so many steps to adjust the temperature??? That should be in the first screen.
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3 years ago, Danyelle1027
Down right the wise company! It makes me literally miss bg&e. This company is the epitome of evil!!!!!! It should never take 24 hours for service to be cut back on after payment and then to have a rep tell me oh well when I mentioned my asthmatic child! I literally hate this company!!!!!!!!
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11 months ago, medialawyer
New version is useless
I used to be able to see usage data by year, billing period or day (a day or 2 after). The latest version lets you report an outage and pay a bill. But has no way tonsee usage.
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7 months ago, Snipeworldwide
Convenient app
Very convenient and serves its purpose just laggy sometimes
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2 years ago, rbhelp2
Update as soon as possible
I am using the latest Apple iOS version, the app has not yet been updated to this version. In fact it's been 4 months since the app doesn't work! IOS 15.2
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3 years ago, mdc2011
Version 5.14.1 does not log in
I have been trying to log into v 5.14.1 for several days now and am in an endless loop of “you have been signed out please log in again.” This update does not allow me to log in. App was great before.
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3 years ago, Gasman47
Can’t set up automatic credit card payments and additional charges for use of credit card is unacceptable. PEPCO benefitted when I opted for paperless billing, return the consideration by allowing free use of credit card payments with automatic payments
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2 years ago, Deadwaffle
Ever since the updates, the system is soooo sloooowwww coming up, especially when you have multiple accounts.
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2 years ago, tcoleman90
Keep having to sign in
I don’t like, this app because often times the face Recognition doesn’t work. That is making life more difficult than it has to be.
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3 years ago, Katreichia
Love this app!
Easier to manage bills, payments etc. love this app!
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2 years ago, exp(iπ)+1=0
Can’t log in
I can’t even log in to my account, which makes the app useless. I can only access my account through webpage which is pretty inconvenient.
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2 years ago, @DCGuru
Doesn’t work
The app hasn’t worked on my iPhone in a couple weeks. Every time I click it opens for a second and then closes immediately.
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3 years ago, Al63628192
It crashes every time I try and lay my bill. Everything else works fine but this is a feature I care far more about.
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2 years ago, DcShake007!
Got Solar and still high.
What can I do?
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3 years ago, 🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂
Not accurate
Not accurate u have to call for 5 months nonstop in order for it to work they will send you a temporary password seems weird to wait 5 months for a app to work just to make payments
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3 years ago, JacelynnMarie
Can’t log in
Bc of the new update it won’t let me sign in, after hitting enter it says “Your session expired, please sign in again” and you’re stuck in that loop of entering your password for it to erase
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3 years ago,
Login Failure
I used to be able to log in without any problems, but this month it’s saying the session timed out each time I try. Please fix the issue and I’ll revise my stars. Thanks
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3 years ago, Bigbigtay
Update.. Can’t Log In
I updated the App Before I Was Going To Make My Payment.. But I Can Not Because Your App Is Not Working... Please Respond To Me And Explain How This Happed And What (You) Are Going To Do And Fix It.. I Am A Share Holder And Customer.. Thank You
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1 year ago, Pepco1
Payment of bill
For some reason I can not pay my bill. I’ve tried using three cards.
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7 months ago, RO in Potomac
Pepco failure to email my bill
I had to search to find my bill online using the Pepco app because Pepco failed to provide it to me via email or bill by mail
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3 years ago, CharlotteDevon
Where is the thermostat?
The old app had my home thermostat and i used this functionality all the time. Where is it now? Why design a new app and remove useful functionalities? I want the old app back!!!!
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9 months ago, KEDolphin9
No Bill History
I’ve had Pepco over 3 years, not once have my company past bills been available on this app. Just Ridiculous!
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9 months ago, Twitteruser84
Can’t log in anymore
The app was cool until it started giving me an error every time I try to log in after it kicked me off.
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1 year ago, Cowboy De'Ore
Option is there to view energy usage but says customer is not authorized. What good is that if the option there for if cant view it?
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2 years ago, user0286
can’t log in
what the actual heck. can’t log in through the website for MONTHS, and now can’t log into the app. do you people want my money????
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5 months ago, Qwertyxp
I cannot go back to cancel a payment that I put in by mistake
I canthjjjj
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