PhilRemote: remote Philips TV

3.1 (9.1K)
35.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
yohan teixeira
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for PhilRemote: remote Philips TV

3.05 out of 5
9.1K Ratings
5 years ago, PP extendo
It found my tv and didn’t work. :( This other person here that wrote a review apparently didn’t read the app description that you are not affiliated with Philip.
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3 years ago, APp or No ApP
Horrible remote won’t work on philips 4K
I have a Philips 4K TV. I downloaded this app to use for my tv. Doesn’t work. It will say on the app connected to t.v. It’s sad when a specific app for a product doesn’t work. It’s specifies Philips TVs ??? Man the adds just come and go when you try to do anything as well. In app purchase. Try the free version. Don’t pay for the subscription unless your remote works as described. Now to find a universal remote. Do not recommend this remote
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2 years ago, aeesga
Scam or an app that never worked
If I could give it negative stars I would. App doesn’t move when I try to troubleshoot or look for help if says I need membership, so I make the stupidest decision I’ve ever made, and paid the 2.99. The app still doesn’t move or work, or maybe not for Philips tv ? Idk but please be smart and don’t pay the membership when it doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, Never Say Nikon
If you want to waste time this is great.
This app is great for ads. If you thought would control the TV… not even close. If you wanted to watch see ads instead of watching TV than you came to right place. If you wanted a faster way to control the TV instead of looking for the remote, it would probably be faster to order one online than use this to control the TV.
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5 years ago, alynn58
Good luck
In my opinion I wouldn’t waste my time again. Downloaded the app followed all the directions, still nothing. Even went the extra step further to input the IP address myself, still nothing. Complete waste of time you get nothing other than ads when trying to use the remote even when it tells you it’s found your tv and it’s connected. Quite annoying!
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12 months ago, PsshWatever
DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP!! tried getting this app after losing the remote too many times, looked a bit sketchy but that “eh what the heck” so i install it and it asked to sync through bluetooth which was quick and perfect! After trying multiple times near AND FAR the remote still did not work and stupid ads kept interfering!! IS THIS A FREAKIN VIRUS!!?? DO NOT GET! if i could give zero stars i would.
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3 years ago, JamesMarie77
Don’t waste your time
After waiting for the crazy amount of ads to finish their day in the sun I was finally able to scan for my TV. It said it found my TV. I clicked on it and nothing. So, I went through the whole process again of waiting for the ads and scanning and clicking and once again nothing happened.
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3 years ago, tttttttyyyttqqww
Not working
I have the same problem. I connected to my tv. It still did not work.
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5 years ago, reale907
Fingernails on chalk board
One start only cause there is no negative star rating ..... SO EVERYTHING LITERALLY EVERYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH THIS Phillips TV all apps all my time all the money I saved NOT worst $&)(:& electronic devices I have ever owned my Toaster works better and has faster processing speeds this 55 in TV has been a train wreck the wifi receiver TRASH THE screen mirror hahahahah trash all apps including this one trash Phillips it's time to give up on TV's
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6 years ago, MGHMAUI
Useless ad spamming app
Phillips either get in or get out of the smart TV business. you have other great products, this is one you fall way short on. Tv is good... smart tv is a reach at best. This app finds the TV, you choose it, it looks like it will work, but does nothing other than pop up ads. Have some more respect for your company. Don’t download this app it’s worthless.
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4 years ago, Mehdi.EP
This is kind of STEALING
This app just made for stealing from users who downloaded it. This is not working at all but developer earns money by ADS. In fact they are stealing from our packets by pushing ADS when you opened app and trying to connect it. Unfortunately have to tap a star for registering review,otherwise even half star is too much for these thieves. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT
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4 years ago, Meghan Shears
I’ve tried everything and this app does not work. I’ve only ever owned philips TVs and I’ve been able to get other apps to work but this app does nothing it finds your tv but that’s about it because it doesn’t do anything. Don’t waste your time and this is a real shame considering this is an app made especially for philips TVs.
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2 years ago, Fresnonobodygoestofresno
Was in hospital when free trial ended
Had no access to end before automatically charged, requested a refund considering the situation, but the money was more important. It’s only $5, but after a $3000 hospital bill, it just really stung, especially since I never got the app to do what I had gotten it for.
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3 years ago, remy62116
So I get this app thinking it’ll help me out and actually function... nope! Doesn’t work at all! So I think okay, maybe if I pay for the ad removal it’ll work... nope! To the creators of this app, I want my fracking money back you dirty thieves! If I could have taken stars from you I would have! This app is absolute trash!
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3 years ago, LibertyBelle1776
The WORST app I’ve ever encountered- EVER
Doesn’t work any better than their TVs. HORRIBLE! So many ads streaming across that it’s ridiculous. The app doesn’t work AT ALL. Not at all. It’s a total waste of time. Wish I could rate it in the negative- because 1 star is 100 times better than the rating it deserves. Don’t waste your time. You’ve been warned:).
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4 years ago, Meme2424
This app did nothing but pop up adds when I tried to use it. It never worked with my TV and it was a complete waste of my time. You would think that a company like Phillips would have but more R&D in a product that represents them.
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3 years ago, Mmttttttt
Just unbelievable...
It connected to my Philips tv and is able to control it but EVERY TIME you press a button another add pops up. Every single time. Needless to say I deleted it immediately. I was willing to pay for it but it was so greedy that it was just disgusting.
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5 years ago, Waste of my money tv
Philips tv is garbage. I have a brand new Philips 5000 series 4K ULTRA HD TV model#50PLF5603/F7 TV WORKS GREAT, however no apps will work, and the remote that comes with the tv is literally the worst quality remote I’ve ever used. It is so light and very weak. The buttons are so hard to push and it is such a pain to push a button ten times for it to actually work smh
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6 years ago, RRotellini
Useless. Trust Me.
I tried the new update and same results. They are just trying to get people to tap ads. Sad. My TV comes up as comparable but still the buttons do nothing. And then on every 6th Tap you get a surprise ad. Don’t waste your time, it's a gimmick. This simply does not work for any TV. Apple, come on. Stop allowing this.
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4 years ago, by elvanda
It’s for the people that don’t know how to urs and iPhone
It really good that I could do anything that my aunt and uncle so I could prank them
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2 years ago, klmemwj
Not starting off so great
I click the tv I want then it ask if I want to download another app I click no and I won’t connect. So i connect one time and it’s done? I don’t want the other app I just want to connect to my tv without 12 million questions!!
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4 years ago, you-know-me😉😉
just a bad app
Literally just doesn’t work. Don’t waste your time trying to make it work. It’s not a phone thing or anything like that; multiple people tried where I’m at, didn’t work. Not an old tv either; perfectly up to date. Just a bad app with a load of ads. DO NOT DOWNLOAD
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5 years ago, Lil Zello
Every time you click a button an ad will pop up. You won’t even be able to close the ads. It’ll automatically take you to safari. Even if you do get past the ads the remote does not and will not work. Please don’t download this bs. You will be disappointed
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3 years ago, shorty l2
This app is a waste of time. Every time I pressed a button ads would pop up. It doesn’t actually work for your tv even though it shows as connected. It’s only good for seeing a bunch of ads.
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5 years ago, Laybae😘💕✨
Connects but doesn’t work .
This app will allow the app to connect to your tv but it will not work , I connected mine to my tv and pushed “ Start to scan “ it found my tv but it did not work none of the controls where doing anything ..
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5 years ago, Gregory891
Works well with iPhone 6
Handy to install and set up, your set must be connected to your home network. Works with iPhone 6 but not XR.
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3 years ago, Gablang4737
Good luck
The app works fine, but the amount of ads is absurd, I’m fine with some ads, but almost every time I change channel? Too much
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4 years ago, Fishpoloza
Does not work. WASTE OF A DOWNLOAD!
Does not work. Don’t waste your time. It shows the tv but never actually controls it. Ever time you press a button, for example the volume up button 1 time an ad pops up. This happens ever time you press a button and it does not control the tv. WASTE OF A DOWNLOAD!
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1 year ago, lgrhymes
If I could delete it twice without downloading it again I would. Worse app ever won’t scan for Wi-Fi instead scams you and plays a ad.
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3 years ago, Mechanical Dancer
Can’t connect to TV
When I search for my TV, it shows up and I click it. Then nothing happens. And it also doesn’t help that this review system does white text on a white background…
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3 years ago, Dej00
Doesn’t work
I probably should’ve checked the ratings before downloading, could’ve saved myself some time because it doesn’t work at all.
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6 years ago, Pauli poophead
It finds the network address of the tv during the scan. The problem is when you try any of the functions it states that there is no network connection.
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3 years ago, DesertAries
Too many ads to work
Every time I pressed a control command on the app I got an ad to join Facebook, of which I’m already a member, and the ad look like it was not from Facebook. I deleted the application from my phone it’s a waste of time
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6 years ago, Me90812
Waste of Time
It says that it finds my TV but no matter which button I press it says that it must be connected to WiFi and nothing works. Also even if it did work it pops up an ad every 2 or three clicks. Terrible, do not download!!!
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5 years ago, jerzakie
Click bait trash.
App is trash and maybe a scam. Found my smart tv but didn’t work. As you press buttons it randomly throws up full screen ads so if you continue to press the screen you click through to an ad. 🙄
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6 years ago, Sorry I have it!
Doesn’t work
I read the review and I must agree it doesn’t work. When I push certain buttons nothing happens but on the enter, etc it goes straight to an ad. This is really to bad because I would love to use my phone.
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3 years ago, Beacon'sMimi
Detected network but did not work
The app detected the devices on my network but it did not work . An add for Discount+ kept popping up every time I tried to use the app to change the channel, volume, and use other functions.
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6 months ago, BrittanyBabyyyyyy
Waste of Time
Doesn’t do anything but prompt adds and try to make you pay. I’d like to try it out before I pay but it won’t let you. Don’t waste your time
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5 years ago, Noneya Bs
Does not work with my TV
I have a Phillips Roku TV & neither app works. Nor does SamRemote although no surprise. As info, the SamRemote does work fairly well with my Samsung TV. Just wish it would remember the set & not scan for new connection every time the set is powered/app is launched.
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5 years ago, bttfe
Disgusting Waste of Time!!!
I don’t know if you get paid per download but this and every other app you have is a complete waste of time Apple really should do something about you! You’re also a terrible person!
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5 years ago, rontii
Don’t Work
I’m with them. This app is useless. The only good thing it let you connect to your phone. I did changing password and all to my WiFi just got it not to even work. Smh. Either take the app off or improve it.
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3 years ago, Alexandria Lehuga
Not working
Tell me why is this is not working
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4 years ago, sharbare87
What a joke
First of all nothing happens at all. I’ve tried and tried. The app shut my phone completely down. It doesn’t do anything wish I could give a negative star. Absolutely ridiculous
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4 years ago, DoubleOG420
DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP!!! Apple should be ashamed of themselves for allowing these remote app scams. That is exactly what they are - A SCAM!!! They scam you with the ease of use, they scam you with their adds, and almost 99% of the time you can’t even get a connect to the actual TV!!! Then they try and through an alternate app for free. WHICH IT IS NOT FREE!!!! SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM......!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, 3.312
What a joke....
I’ll try to find a quality Philips Smart TV remote online. I can’t even attempt to turn the volume up (didn’t even work btw) without an ad popping up. Back to back. All reviews about that are correct. 🙄
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6 years ago, Shay Shay baby
Don’t bother
You all need to fix this!! I’m having same problem the other consumer was back in January and it’s June! Either update and fix the problem or get out of the app business. I hope apple drops you guys.
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1 year ago, Ashleextra
Does not work
The app has you choose your tv to connect to them never connects and does not work to control the tv at all. I tried numerous times.
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5 years ago, VAF383
Ads and usage
Too many ads and even though my phone was connected to the same WiFi it wouldn’t work and the ads kept popping up.
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6 years ago, Travis5880
Doesn’t Work!
Remote doesn’t work. Tried to troubleshoot shoot through customer service chat. They ask for a screenshot of the remote. Never heard from them again. Can’t get them to respond again...
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2 years ago, MShalynn
Trying to scan and connect your TV should not be this hard! I’ve tried for 20mins and it still won’t connect to my TV
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