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User Reviews for Phone Cleaner・AI Clean Storage

4.59 out of 5
94.1K Ratings
2 years ago, fyzgugixxtiig
Literally best app ever and free
I have so much to talk about so let’s just talk so I’ve tried out like 11 apps on cleaning because I have spent stocking up on so many photos and other stuff so so I’ve tried so many and this one I tried and it’s free I deleted a bunch of photos that were duplicates and it even gives you warnings so that way if you want to recover photo it deleted it’ll tell you how I truly hope that the creator see this because I love your app so much and they truly deserve the money they’re getting and it’s free. I’ve never seen one that’s free I don’t like to pay subscriptions on apps, and frankly, I think this is probably the best app just because it’s free. It doesn’t require you to do any trial. It does ask you, but it does not require you to to be able to use it. A lot of apps will do it where they have to get a trial to be able to use the app but this one is perfect. I hope you all try it out. Thank you five stars.
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11 months ago, Thats so sad me too
The truth of the phone cleaners....
I typed in "Phone cleaner" expecting the obvious i downloaded 3 of the top apps to get the most junk out of my phone... since my icloud was full i went to the other apps and they told me to buy a membership and i didn't accept. then the other apps offered 9 deleted daily meaning it would take a month or so to get sorted no worries i have 3 of the apps... But i was wrong i tapped my finger on this app expecting the same as the others but it offered more so much more i was getting excited and my toes curled into a ball... Then the free trial came up on my screen, I didn't expect much tapped watch ads and was in the app but then i tried to delete my photo's storage and history but the trial kept coming up so then i was worried, panicked... And then a pro version came up and i only needed to watch an ad so i did pleasingly and after i felt joyful so another screen came up and i tapped delete all but it didn't work another trial came up but i didn't want to subscribe then the pro version came up but i thought i already watched an ad... This is why i typed this review and i didn't want to and i didn't have to but i had no choice so take the words i type into heart and let it sink in....
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2 years ago, y's mail
Cleaner Review
This is Something I needed for such a long time, it’s convenient , easy, and saves all my endless trying to clean/up! One tap to them and it’s all done! The cost is Pennie’s a week! It’s only 3.99/ weekly! If you only knew what my phone accumulated in a week! And I do not have the time to sit and delete one by one, And Plus: I FORGET TO! So do yourselves a big big favor and get the app! You can cancel at anytime and always retrieve something that was deleted ( you have 30 days ! ) And if you haven’t thought about in 30 days, we’ll, then, IT WAS NOT THAT IMPORTANT! And if u do remember something, that’s why u have an iCloud that saves everything! Just don’t forget to set it up properly , if in doubt, call your carrier, and you also can call Apple to go into your phone with you! You must give permission ofcourse. They cannot just go into phone without your permission. So go yourself a favor and get today!
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3 years ago, makes cool things
I am loving this app
I got it this morning and it has helped a lot. It can tell you if you have a duplicate of a photo and it has a space where your screenshots can go. Before I got this app my storage was overflowing but with the help of this app it is all saved. This app can also put you your battery on your Home Screen to help you and how full your Storage is. It has instructions on how to do it. I am loving this app. I hope if you get it it helps you to.
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2 years ago, Jilldoe88
Frustrating to use on a large photo library Do not recommend
This app is extremely frustrating if you have a large photo library. When I go into the similar photos and start scanning, it is so slow that I’ve never gotten through scanning my whole library. You also can’t leave the app or allow your phone to fall asleep with out it stalling and having to start over. Also, it’s near impossible to review photos and to clean while it’s scanning is in process because it automatically selects what it thinks you want to delete. Even if you choose deselect all, it will start auto selecting again as it scans. There is no option to pause the scan so you can review what you want removed. Some of the photos that it picks up as similar are way off so I want to review before delete. I would have canceled the subscription, but I was charged for the full year.
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3 years ago, Sandmansmx
It happened to be that a couple of years ago I happened to develop two of every email. I then told this app to get rid of the duplicate contact addresses, and what it did was to get rid of every single address. Supposedly it was supposed to back everything up to the icloud but I could never find it. I called Apple support and got a very nice woman at the first level of support who, after 30 minutes said she was going to get me to a higher level of support but somehow we lost each other. I then called support again and immediately said I needed a high level. The woman who answered looked up my account and immediately transferred me to high level who knew exactly what to do. Problem solved! However, outside of this program destroying my contacts list on my phone, there were other TERRIBLE characteristics that this app had. THERE WAS NO TELEPHONE NUMBER WHICH YOU COULD CALL and YOU COULDNT EVEN FIGURE OUT WHO THE DEVELOPER WAS using three search engines. Recently I had decided that I wouldn’t buy software from any company without a support telephone number. I sent an email TO SUPPORT ABOUT 6 or MORE HOURS AGO AND HAVEN’T heard a thing. BTW, I’ve had Mac computers for fifteen years, and in times past even programmed mainframes, so I think I am reasonably computer literate.
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3 months ago, ExoticFerrarist
Just remembered the damage
I didn’t want to leave a review because I couldn’t care less for all this app did using the existing features of my phone to do the same thing with blow and whistles. Perhaps even it did some good in removing some duplicate videos and thought me how to do it without needing it too, but there is not a single time that I can’t find a phone number and not tell you every bad word I learned since I was a kid. There are plenty of contacts that do not exist any more. From the people I was communicating every day to those I met in another country for whom I have no way to find them. So whatever you do NEVER let it clean your phonebook
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4 months ago, Don’t Want One49
Terrible App
This app kept freezing my screen until I downloaded the app. It told me my phone was 17 viruses compromising my phone. It would not let me watch a single video without freezing my phone. Surprise, surprise once downloaded it didn’t show a single virus. This company just high jacked my phone until I downloaded this app. I have had this phone several years. I trust Apple to tell me if there are problems. Not this app!!! Two days after posted my initial comment with app. It still shows up as it wants me to download this pathetic app. Never with all phones I have had this type of issue. App developer please check your app. Should not be having these types of issues!!
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2 years ago, jaxxson1!
Uhmmm, I was skeptical, but willing to risk $4 subscription
Okay, I needed my phone scrubbed… I looked at their product and,-hopefully it ain’t a hackers dream, I went foreward… no credit card numbers, they accessed my Apple ID account. Okay, watching all my banking statements the next few weeks. Note to self: cancel subscription on Saturday. 3 days free ( uhmmm maybe ) cancel anytime. In using this app, it’s pretty intuitive and FAST! I like it so far… just into it 15 minutes. Be brave.
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2 years ago, DSDDAN2022
This app will remove all of your contacts from your phone, and every time you try to restore, it will delete from your phone again. There is no customer service number, you have to email them ONLY, they will not call you, they will not provide you a number to call, they will only email and request screen shots, they have no remedy. I lost 5478 contacts!! My iPhone only restored 2458 I did a total reset after trying to only restore contacts 4x The worst part is they are trapped in this App And no one from this company can tell me how to get them back, I have since found other customers who have written bad reviews for the same problem!!
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2 years ago, mikebates1573#
I need anti virus that will allow me the most memory on my iPhone
I’ve tried different things for my iPhone 12 legacy edition but I’m having a lot difficulty with my memory on my iphone apoxy pac sun apoxy tet for tat apoxy the great stuff apoxy legacy edition apoxy. I need probably a alien barn fixer tire barn fixer Firestone fixer with my pods storage and the bigger storage the tet for tat legacies and my notes runt out options russle brand lessons and a instructions on how to use my iPhone trout ponds apoxy apoxy apoxy
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2 years ago, Siscelia
I thought it said you would be able to retrieve photos from the deleted ones but there is no way to access deleted photos and it deleted photos I didn’t want to lose! The worse thing is that it totally messed with my contacts! It kept the numbers in my WhatsApp account but removed the names! The ones with photos I had to rename. I am not even certain what it did with my contacts who are just phone contacts. I was excited for it but now I am so disappointed! I will certainly cancel the subscription! Great idea but needs work.
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2 years ago, Peridanser
Less than useless!
I am VERY disappointed with this app! Instead of simply merging duplicate contacts, it merged only the phone numbers & totally deleted the remaining info, including emails, addresses & NAMES!!!! I’ve spent HOURS trying to identify the numbers & just add back the names. I’m not even half way through & still have to go through & add emails, addresses, etc. I could have done this all manually in far less time. If there is a way to “undo” this merge, please let me know. Also, the merge duplicate photos isn’t much better. It pics SIMILAR photos, then asks you to pick which ones to delete. Again, could do this manually just as fast.
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1 month ago, TommyTuna
Danger- I downloaded the app, & as suggested I allowed full access to my photos and an alarm siren began screaming on my phone telling me my phone was infected. Yeah: by this app!!!. It tried to upsell me so many apps so quickly and intentionally confusingly that my head spun. So I immediately deleted it. I only HOPE I did!! Oh yeah a big face came on my screen and told me my phone memory was full - which it isn't. This app shouldn't only not be bought: it should be arrested! Disclaimer - maybe if I had yielded to their incessant insistence on buying the bouquet of in-app purchases, the experience would've been different. But it certainly is not a free app that works.
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2 years ago, lino Gonzalez Flores
Cleaner Is the best app
I had too much storage but now I can finally remove a lot of storage which of the life of a kid getting a notification saying you have too much storage until I kept getting too much out of this so I finally bought it but I just made the best choice for my iPad so now I can play games without that message popping up
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4 years ago, Aditya30n@
Worst app. It deleted all my photos
In my mobile suddenly all photos duplicated. Hence, I downloaded this app. It scanned 9k photos and it was asking to delete 6k photos. It was also deselecting duplicate photos and keeping only one photo , which was correct behavior but When I click on the delete button. It was showing 9k photos will be deleted. That means it was asking to delete all 9k photos instead of 6 k duplicate photos after clicking the button. There was other options once you click delete button to select or deselect photos. Either you delete or don’t delete. Because of poor testing end user face problems. I lost my all photos.
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2 years ago, Carsyn Wren
Amazing app!
This app is the best! After I switched Samsung to apple I had ALOT of duplicated pictures and videos and it took up lots of storage. I used this app to get rid of the duplicated pictures and videos and everything was already selected so I didn’t have to select them by hand! This app is amazing 11/10 recommend it for cleaning duplicated pictures and videos!
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10 months ago, Yo626
How do you decide what to clean up
How effective are you in cleaning up the iPhone! I know I have more than one picture duplicate. I see them myself. Is it worth the extra charge.,I would like to easily unsubscribe if I’m not satisfied. I will also try rocketscapp. They help you unsubscribe very well. I’ll see if they are comparable to your offer.
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2 years ago, Wopcat
Did not help me much
I wanted something that would scan my entire library and flag duplicate images for review. It did some but very few and it sorts them as photos, videos screenshots. I have many many many screenshots and it dies not look for duplicates within those images, on my case those are the same a photos. So I basically had to manually page through every screenshot and determine what to keep. I didn’t need this to accomplish that
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2 years ago, CHICHISUE
Phone Cleaner
I’ve really needed a cleaner as my phone still says it’s full & won’t work if I don’t clean it. I’ve tried to download this twice but could never make it work so I deleted it. I was charged for it. I don’t think that right. Smells lik a scam. I’d do it again if I could be sure it would download & actually do what it says it will. It should be easy according to the advertisement. Help. Tell me what I need to do on my end??? CHI CHI SUE
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12 months ago, poke master kid
This doesn’t work i got a subscription then used the cleaning tool and it said it worked but I checked my photos and they were all still there and my phone was still out of storage this is a scam and they are just trying to get money also I canceled the subscription
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1 year ago, miclen1374
The app combined multiple contacts, I’m assuming because they had similar names. For instance, I had information for a husband and wife, separately. Both contacts got combined to the wife’s contact info. Tried multiple times to delete old calendar dates, the app kept saying information was deleted but nothing ever happened. I tried emailing tech support but have not received a response. Complete waste of time and money. I have to go through my contacts to make sure all information is correct. So frustrating!!!!!
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1 year ago, Izzzyyy22444
Best app ever
This app has helped me go from no storage left to a ton of storage. This app has made me feel less stressed about my storage. I have so much more to say, the app helps you realize all of the duplicates. Screenshots, and similar photos or videos. The app helps you delete things you don’t need. Big thanks to this app!
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2 years ago, vp56
it’s a decent app comparing to many others
the user experience is somewhat annoying because of the way how ads are embedded, i think there is a way to improve that and the developer seems to care about the experience. the pop up to purchase subscription is annoying as well. the app does what it supposed to do and an OK for a free version.
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9 months ago, Mr. Yasify
Why I don’t recommend phone cleaners
This app would be great… if it didn’t have a membership. My phone storage is about full and I needed to clean it up. I saw this app all over ads so I decided to download it. I was really exited… but then I tried to delete some photos and the free trial kept coming up. I clicked off of it and tried to delete again but the free trial kept coming up. Like I can’t catch a break with apps like these, they help but for a price. Just let as clean our phone easily without shoving a membership down our throats.
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12 months ago, Sabat67
Read this before you purchase
Look carefully at this review before you purchase this app. I did the photo cleanup and I was about 500 photos in when I decided to actually look at the one they say is duplicate and the one they suggest is the best 95% of the time is blurry photo and the other one on the right hand side of the screen is a clean clear picture so be very careful before you delete any photos always check both sides of the picture and because I had 4000 photos I was glad I figured this out.
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2 years ago, movie quoter2000
Cleaner review
I actually like this app. It’s important that we clean up storage in our phones, because if we don’t, it will slow down the phone. So remember: If you get a notification saying that your phone needs to be updated on storage, please do it right away. Keep this in mind.
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3 years ago, Tserious07
This App is what I’ve been looking for
This app is what I’ve been searching for. There are so many duplicated photos and videos on my phone because of the photos app, and because of that I barely have any room. Thanks to this app I have room for more storage again. Thank you for this app.
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2 years ago, jakdjrj
The best
The Cleaner app is so cool because it feels like you are relieving stress when you delete some of the photos but you know it’s going to be safe if you want to keep and it is also is all so cool because you can make new memories on your phone and knowing that it won’t have backed up storage ☺️👏🏾.
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6 months ago, trading in wc?
Absolute SCAM
So when I saw the reviews, They seemed good. So I got the app. Then this FREE TRIAL showed up. I didn’t want to spend money. So I declined the offer. THEN, When I got the app and tried to delete some photos, THE FREE TRIAL SHOWED UP AGAIN. I tried again and guess what happened? IT SHOWED UP AGAIN. Why do I have to pay to delete some photos THAT IS MAKING MY MEMORY FULL!?
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3 years ago, MOM "Mom of Marine"
In just a few minutes I cleaned up half of over 7k photos. The process was intuitive and double checked with me on one specific photo just to be sure. I didn’t review all sections and pics because I would have kep them anyway. But I really needed to pare it down! Whew! DONE
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1 year ago, ??? 2766277
I’m not sure yet because I’m riding a bit early.
On the ad it said it restores a battery based on the stuff that it gets rid of or if it just gets rid of anything I’ve tried for a while now it hasn’t been working and it takes forever for it to load.I’m probably just sounding like a Karen but I don’t know if it’s gonna work or not
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10 months ago, BeardieLuvr
Deleted Almost All Contacts
I went through and merged all duplicate contacts. I did it individually instead of choosing merge all. Checked back in to my phone book to see my contacts went down to a total of 40 from nearly 2,000. A ridiculous amount were completely gone. The only good thing about this app was it backed up before “merging”. I had to go back to having 2 of every contact for whatever reason but I prefer it to having all my contacts deleted.
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11 months ago, FlyinBrian Edwards
Their ads
They run a loud obnoxious siren alert warning that says your out of space and say that it’s critical that you download it now! It says everything on your phone will be erased and run a timer! You are not out of space and the app should never be downloaded. It’s false advertising and basically they are Liars! Shame on Apple IPhone people for allowing this and most other ads they run! It should be against the law and there should be jail time for these people! Don’t fall for this crap!
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2 years ago, Brassist
Storage Control
This feature is important because we have no idea what sort of duplications are eating up storage in our (limited) net universes. Anything that puts us into some better control of that is a strong plus!
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2 years ago, cheri doerr
Bad app not worth the money
So I purchased this app to help trim some apps and other things. Well it trimmed alright and did some housekeeping on it own. When to call a friend and guess what?? Yup not in my contacts anymore. Now I’m wondering what else it gone 😡One more thing it’s annoying reminds you an awful lot that you have used the app in and it gives you the count of how many days it’s been since you cleaned. Hope this help someone and I hope I can get my money back. Cheri
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2 years ago, Shawnbutt
False Advertised Product! Pls don’t waste your time!
This is not Free! If you want to delete anything, it will ask you for money, period! They will force you to sign up for a 3 day trial and then charge you $4.99/month. Please don’t fall for that gag. Also, they keep showing the same photos over and over and over again so you have to manually go and select them all. If I had to do them manually why would I need a software to help me in the first place?? 👎🏻
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7 months ago, ?bOb?
I would like to see what I’m deleting.
This app got great reviews and I hope that they were deserved. I just used it for the first time. I have not yet looked at my photos to see the results. However, it just states deleting X number of similar photos, but I would really like to see what I am deleting. Perhaps, I’ll get more confidence in this app with experience.
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2 years ago, centiplat
Easy and fast storage cleaner
I used it, I liked it. It didn’t even take a minute to clean up the duplicate files from the device. It cleared over 1000 duplicate files in about one minute. It saved the original files.
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3 months ago, Lisa Baechle
No Longer Free
This app is no longer free. Based on the experiences I have had with most apps like this I hesitate to purchase even at $4.00 week which is minimal. Reviews are often left by app creators to generate reviews so how do I know it is legit. I will be deleting this app from my phone and will try something that has a free trial available. I just do not trust Apple and their billing practices or the quality of apps any longer.
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1 year ago, Littendaboi
Pretty good
Ive been using this app for a bit now and it does what it explains it doesn't force you to pay just to clean your phone its free and gets the job done i would recommend
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2 years ago, Nodeel
Bad, very bad app! Did great with duplicate pics and videos but my valuable contacts, over 2000, some duplicates due to Apple issues and position changes. The cleaner app stacked data on top of data, for example one company name with over 10 separate contacts would convert to one contact with 10 numbers and 10 emails and only one contact name. It’s an app that adds a ton of extra work and confusing for you, a literal joke especially for the outrageous price!!
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2 months ago, harley19935
What all the fuss
Tried this app and had high hopes after reading all the glowing reviews. What the heck and why is it such an utter value for me? I have a I phone 13 with more than a few of the EXACT same photo. I was anxious to get rid of duplicates and excited to use app. After running scan I was shocked to see 2 duplicates, THAT WAS IT 2. I had similar pictures shown and some of those were not even close to each other. Totally disappointed!!!!!
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1 year ago, CHSDhaven
I was tricked with subscription payment
I was within my 3-day trial when I was notified by my bank about the one-year membership charge. I have tried to contact this App support and there is not a contact us number or email. I do not wish to pay for a year subscription. So here I am, a customer with no voice or choice.
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10 months ago, Linus5500
Ripped Off
I downloaded this app and tried the free trial but got a message that to delete the amount of duplicates I have I would have to purchase. I paid the full price. The app did not delete any duplicates as it does not work on any photos that have been imported. All my photos on my iPad are imported from camera cards. When I realized it would not work. I wrote the company with 30 minutes of purchasing. They have ghosted me. No help, no refund.
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2 years ago, patty in the Ville
Quick and easy
Fantastic work over 2000 pics and videos that were duplicate or multiple copies all gone under 10 minutes! Thanks!
Show more
2 years ago, MikeMacDonald
Excellent product
This app works so fast and provides more than just deleting as well. If price was double it would still be worth it. What is your time worth?
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11 months ago, curti👍
Just annoying.
No matter how many apps you download, they always let you get so far just for you to buy a subscription so you can continue. This is extremely annoying for people who cannot spend much money. And that is the problem, people are spending way too much money on things like this because everything is overpriced. Absolutely ridiculous.
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2 years ago, JP impressed
I can’t tell you how much time this app will save you. We all have duplicate pics and useless streams that we create in seconds and do not delete. This app is amazing! I purchased the lifetime offer. It is well worth it!
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1 year ago, omggachauwuuwu
I only put 5 stars so you will see this
This game is terrible and a scam when I got this game I tried finding the battery charger thing it wasn’t there as it shown in the add it’s pretty much a big scam
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