Phone Cleaner for iPhone, iPad

4.5 (20.1K)
34.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
AlgoTwist Ltd
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
10.3 or later
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User Reviews for Phone Cleaner for iPhone, iPad

4.52 out of 5
20.1K Ratings
2 years ago, ry25356S
Works so nicely
It works so good I cleaned up all my storage in no time I can’t believe it worked so nicely I expected it to work like any other game and it will just clean out one or two pairs of storage but when you tap something it takes away billions of billions of stuff it’s so cool and you can talk or what you do not want to delete your second chances and it also gives you an app, trash app you can find everything was deleted I think it’s a super cool game and anyone looking to fight I mean by it can’t it’s a really fun game and I think it works really really nicely
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2 years ago, nautynana
Stop whining!
I am so tired of these people that get an app and they are surprised that it charges money well it’s a business am I correct? if I can develop something and I want people to use it am I going to charge? Well yeah! that’s why I did it to make money so if you want everything for free you’re gonna get what you pay for!! I haven’t even used this yet I got this so I could say something to you pitiful negative complain about everything “humans” But I am going to use it because I need it bad and I don’t care if it cost $10 YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!
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2 years ago, 30 year practice
Wonderful app thank you for cleaning all my pictures I’ve had a hard time finding space in this phone because I have over 4000 pictures thank you so much for helping me figure out which ones I no longer need great app thank you bye
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5 years ago, CamNYC78
Agreed with other reviewer. This app is deceptive. Doesn’t do anything “free”. Nothing.
This app does exactly *nothing* unless you “upgrade” it. I’ve spend literally hundreds (and possibly more) on apps and in-app purchases. For apps that had free features, or apps that were only for pay. It doesn’t matter, different apps use different models to generate money: no one expects developers to work for free. But as a consumer, I run away from deception and bait and switch. If they were dishonest now, why would I believe anything about their app wont be more of the same? So developers, I’m not here to shame you, and I dont think you’re “bad guys”. But you could use a much better approach to your business. You’re client isn’t stupid. And if you’re making money with this model, you may be surprised a more honest approach might make you even more. And if not... well... PLEASE NOTE: This review is of what I managed to use of this “free” download. As I was able to use “nothing”, and wasted my time and got aggravated in the process, I rate it one star: it failed on all fronts to help or do *any* of what it claimed it might.
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2 years ago, HiI'mCat
Amazing free storage declutterer
I have loooaaaddds of duped photos and I like how I can go through and delete the photos, sure it's not 100% accurate but it helped get the job done! I saw that some people were upset about the videos being locked, might just be me, but I didn't mind I don't really have many large unwanted videos. I definitely recommend if you need a quick sweep! Definitely go through before deleting everything
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5 years ago, Catspaw10
Not free, deceptive
I wouldn’t mind paying $2.00 for this app. What I ***DO*** mind is getting partway through cleaning before encountering any mention of payment, which is called an “upgrade” but after which the app does not function. I no not care for being manipulated — I prefer making informed decisions. And with this app, it’s pricing model has informed me that I will delete and choose another. Perhaps the app with SO MANY MANY MORE downloads and the exact same high rating. I wish to reiterate — it’s not the price, it’s the deception. Inform me that it’s trial version, it’s limits, and the price to buy. And call it a purchase, not an upgrade.
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6 years ago, IRevewPoo
Where are my vids?
I don’t understand why we can’t see the videos because that’s the thing that clog most people’s phones and give them no storage! And it doesn’t even let you see the thumbnail of the video! It just shows a lock. I’m mean if we can’t watch our videos, at least can we see the thumbnail?!?!?!? Is that too much to ask?(I just want to clarify that the app is amazing but I want to see my videos without having to pay)
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2 years ago, riceoats
Great device
I just started using it. It showed me so much duplicative data using up valuable space. I am able to free up some phone space and have a more organized, less bloated phone experience. Thank you very much.
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3 years ago, F1708
Useless waste of time.
It will get your hopes up for no reason. It’ll take 10 minutes off your day by making you wait til it “finds the largest media” and when it finally does you can neither SEE what that is nor can you delete it. You can’t delete any of it. It’s all locked behind a paywall. Edit: can y’all stop giving it 4 stars then agree that the app is essentially useless without the so-called “upgrade”? Give it 1 star so others know that this app is manipulating people and isn’t worth their time and money
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1 year ago, arunfu
I am loving this app!
Its been my first day using it and i cleaned 150+ duplicates this app is great i dont mind the paying and large media overall i wouldnt delete so quit complaining and be grateful for downloading the app by i the new customer Will not buy premium thought ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
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4 years ago, paininthrass
I had been getting error messages about too much memory and didn’t know what to do. But I cleaned my system with this iPad cleaner I found in the app section and it has done great! Wish I would’ve done this earlier!
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4 years ago, Brit50
Won’t work
I’m not sure how to rate this app - I just downloaded it to clean up my duplicate photos. When I tell it to find them it works fine loading similar images until it gets almost to the end. Then it just stood and won’t go any further - then it crashes. I click on it again, tap find similar photos and it goes to the same spot and just stops - then crashes. I’ve tried it 4 times and it just won’t finish.
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4 years ago, Apple iPhones are Awesome
A bit disappointed
I downloaded this because my phone was lagging and glitching and I wanted to free up space. The app isn’t horrible, but utterly useless without the premium, which costs money. You can’t delete large media without a premium, you can’t use an ad blocker either. Conclusion: Not bad, but if you want something truly non-profit and trustworthy, be sure you really want this app.
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5 years ago, OkGoDoIt
Needs “Delete All”
So close to being what I want, I can filter down to the photos within a certain time span, excluding favorites. But now I want to delete all 10,000+ photos and there’s no way to do it without dragging to select every single one. Add a “delete all” button and it’ll be in easy five stars, something that should be included with iOS by default. But without a “delete all” function I’m not sure what the point is.
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4 years ago, Deviant_Panda
Deleting photos that were not duplicates
I don’t know where it dragged the supposed duplicate photos from on its list it creates but when I went back to check if a couple of photos the app had deleted really were duplicates, they were not. Also, and luckily for me, it doesn’t delete the photos - it just places them in the phones ‘recently deleted’ folder. So to recover the space you must dump this folder first.
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4 years ago, tic tok is good!
Does not clean my storage!
The reason why I gave it a 1 cause 1 good:does not pay 2:it does not clean up storage 3:it did not do anything 4:the bugs 5: why doesent it give storage to phones? 6:idk does this app really work cause when I tryed it it just gave me more storage cause of the app pls make this app works cause I really need storage I wanted my phone really had and now I got the 64GB snow I have no more storage can u try to make this app work pls =w= thx!
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9 months ago, Lismisel
Just no...
I hate when I am literally on full storage and need to empty it! All the apps I have tried are all payed only including this one! People just want to clean their storage! Also to Nautynana some people can't afford apps and these apps and you can't tell them to stop whining that they can't just get one small thing. So shut up! Some people can't get what others can so please do not criticize us for wanting somethingwithout paying!
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3 years ago, BloomingtonPlayer
I liked it a lot, then…
I have been using this app for over a year without any problems, then it deleted a bunch of my contacts and crashed repeatedly when trying to merge duplicate contacts. Also: duplicate finder now crashes right before the scan is complete.
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2 years ago, I want to be pilot
Great app but I found a glitch
I found a glitch where you can get the 7 day free trial and then cancel it and then wait a month and get the free trial again and you can keep going on and on without paying so you might want to fix that
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5 years ago, Warren Merkle
Easy & Effective app
This is a simple and easy app to help you clean up space on your phone. Everyone needs a utility program to clean up the extra stuff that accumulates over a period of months. This is your app.
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5 years ago, ru in an narbr
Ad removal etc Uses Safari
The ad removal tool uses Safari as a web browser. Which is useless who the hell uses Safari anymore it Safari gets rederected to google etc. useless. I’m going to cancel before my free trail
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2 years ago, Bookberg
The price is right, but the results were dismal. Did not pick up the multitude of duplicates contacts I have, only a few. Photos were so small that I really didn’t know for sure what it was. Cleaner up a lot of space in photos, but that seems to be the best part of it. Really wanted help with the contacts.
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9 months ago, Esmanue.T
Ever since I have downloaded this app I have been having more storage for videos and pictures and helps me how much each photo takes up. I LOVE THIS APP 10/10 I RECOMMEND!!!!!
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5 years ago, Kerserker
Doesn’t show pictures
I upgraded to get the full functionality. The issue is on the “Sort by size” when you click on the thumbnail, the picture window shows up - but no picture. Makes it hard to decide what to delete. This is an iPhone 7 with latest software, so shouldn’t be a capability issue. Will have to request refund.
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1 year ago, HillBob 🤠
Very good!
This is one of the few gems in a pile of poo. No tracking and very fair premium. You can bulk delete for free. You can’t delete videos without premium. 10/10
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5 years ago, nluffeu
It really helps prevent the “ not enough storage” pop- up 😊❤️
It’s really easy and it helps you to get to stuff that takes up all your space that you didn’t even know about
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1 year ago, gehjdbnejejebdbhd
This is a very good app and works well, I love how it rewards you when you delete images and free up space I would give it 5 stars if you didn’t have to buy to see all the pictures
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4 years ago, behind the mask
Crashes while finding similar photos
Based upon the reviews, I had high hopes about this app, but I've now run "Find Similar Photos" four times—and each time, it gets to the end, then crashes. (The app quits.) The first scan took nearly 15 minutes. (I have well over 100,000 photos.) No problem waiting, but the message that states the scan "might take up to two minutes" is wildly inaccurate. Subsequent scans took about 2 minutes, but once the progress bar gets to the end, the app crashes EVERY time. As a result, I haven't been able to try the similar-photo removal feature at all. iPhone XS Max iOS 14.2 Developer, surely you've tested the app with large photo libraries, right?
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1 year ago, it helped me a lot!😃😃
I love this app
I don't have to pay for it and I had so many photos and it helped me a lot.I think that all of the phone cleaner apps should be like this!
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5 years ago, yaelinp
It crashes a lot like every time I press on the contacts thingy it just crashes out of nowhere and it gets me really mad, and it also makes up contacts... I put a phone number in once and when I go to delete the duplicates it says I have 122 duplicates of that contact and then when I go to contacts and type in the number it says o only have one number and there is no duplicates😤
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2 months ago, Drillink
It good.
really haven’t had any time to use it. But you know there always forcing something on you
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3 years ago, Nanomak
Not suitable for mass cleaning
If you want to delete large number of photos&videos don’t rely on this app - neither it has swipe-select feature (you need to tap each photo individually), nor does it has a Select All button 🤦🏻‍♂️ And be warned it will ask for money to delete larger files, i.e. videos. Which would be ok, if it actually worked.
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10 months ago, Corgi queen 👑👑👑
Amazing but with another side
This is an amazing app with amazing stuff that comes with it but also there is a free trial and it will ask you but overall it is an amazing app
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2 years ago, Countdown is so motivating!
I cannot believe my eyes!
So many duplicate photos of family! Yet, my beloved portraits are still accessible! Thank you! This is spectacular!
Show more
3 years ago, RevXBones
Too limited
The program seems to be geared towards deleting important files!!! It is too aggressive with removing files and offered other “cleaning “ options far too RARELY! Archive! Flag for removal for reviewing the file FIRST!
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12 months ago, 1234$a
This app is live changing
So I was just looking for an app to help me clean up all my storage and this app popped up and I downloaded it and it was so worth it
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4 years ago, MTF trooper
When I installed this app to clean my phone, I expected this app to work. Instead, this useless disappointment betrayed me and keeps asking me to f—-big pay to be able to use other features that aren’t delete 1 kilobyte photo. Who ever made this app should be ashamed and depressed, knowing they made one of, it not the most useless apps, I truly hope who ever made this breaks both their arms and legs.
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8 months ago, nicholetrinity13
Great app, works correctly!
This app is good for cleaning your storage and it helped me a lot. And no, I’m now a bot im a real person. A lot of apps did not work to clean my storage but this one was perfect ngl y’all should download this one. Slayyyy💘
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1 year ago, Tomjohn1
I put off cleaning phone because I thought it was difficult but it is very easy
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7 months ago, Godgotitall37
So far so good just started using it
Getting rid of a lot of old photos hoping this will free up alot of space
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3 years ago, Marsbars2275
App crashes before load is complete
Does anyone else have the problem where the app crashes/ closes right before the scan for similar photos is completed?
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2 years ago, kmac.mac
Photo Cleanet
Easy and quick to pick out photos I no longer want.
Show more
4 years ago, djpayne
Clearly has altered reviews
It won’t differentiate my iCloud photos and my phone storage photos so I’m just deleting things from my iCloud not actually saving space on my phone ! This app is awful I paid the money and it wasn’t even worth it. Donate this to charity if you wanna waste money at least it’s for a good cause. Look at the reviews and honestly tell me how this app is 4.5 stars.
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4 years ago, jlz813
As soon as I opened the app I knew it was going to be more irritating than useful. Everything you’d want to review is locked, so you have no idea what you’d be deleting. I can manually go through my photos & delete from the photo app. I’m deleting it as soon as I finish this review, which is now. It’s stupid to promote cleaning without allowing verification. Like I said, it’s stupid.
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2 years ago, NavyYardNats
Subscription is confusing
The app says there’s a 7 day free trial that automatically turns into a paid subscription after 7 days. I went into my Apple subscriptions to cancel, and it’s not there to cancel. It says the only way to stop the trial from turning into a subscription is to cancel, but there’s no way to do so.
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2 years ago, Avery Cave
I granted access to my photos, then started scanning for "similar" or "duplicate" photos. And then, after a minute of scanning and searching for such duplicates, it reaches 99%, THEN THE APP CRASHES. Yes, I restarted my phone. Yes, I deleted then re-download the app. Yes, I tried the process again on two different WiFi networks and one more try on roaming data. But nope! NOTHING CHANGED. DISGUSTING TRASH!!! USELESS, DEFECTIVE APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Show more
5 years ago, bowen401
Clean. Up
I like when my system is running like a well clean machine, This works for me and I will keep using this app as long as it works for me!!
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2 years ago, Junction blvd 777
would tell anyone & everyone use this app have no complaints !!!!
Show more
5 years ago, Egdbf37
Super easy to use.
Cleaner helped me clear up so much storage so I could download movies or do anything else! I would definitely use it.
Show more
2 years ago, renee adkins
iPhone cleaner
This company gets the worst review from me, your a fraudulent app which steals photos and personal information off people’s phones which is illegal! Just because you are offering this for free doesn’t give you the right to steal information I am contacting the telecommunications line and reporting you!!!!
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