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User Reviews for Phone

3.92 out of 5
5K Ratings
11 months ago, TikTokLivesMattet
Literally the best thing ever
I FaceTime people all the time and end up falling asleep on FaceTime with people but the biggest thing that rlly rlly pisses me off is when ur on a ft with someone and someone else tries to call you it will show the screen where it shows who’s tryna call you and it says decline or decline and accept and no matter what you pick or if you ignore the call it will decline the original call you’ve been in to where you have to call the person back, it really bothers me and it’s a bug that needs to be fixed soon! I fall asleep with my friends on ft a lot and when there asleep and it hangs up cuz of someone else trying to call me it gets on my nerves sometimes, sounds dumb but it is a bug that needs to be fixed for numerous reasons!
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8 months ago, O ILY
I'm falling in love with this app and iOS 17 in general. Please don't ever get rid of the new ringtones and text tones because they're so awesome and fun and cool and neat and amazing and super and phenomenal. these new ringtones and text tones are Lifesavers. I also love the live voicemail feature, although I haven't checked it out yet. I also love how you can pick up a phone call while a voicemail is being left. I also love how you can set and delete multiple timers at once in the Clock app. Please don't ever get rid of this feature either because it's so handy and useful. thank you so much for these amazing features. The Settings app isn’t in the App Store, and I want to make a five star rating for that app. it would be so neat and awesome and amazing and fun and cool to have more enhanced and premium voices for VoiceOver. is it possible to add the Settings app into the App Store so that I can give it a five star rating? also, in the VoiceOver settings, it would be so neat and fun and amazing and cool and awesome if I could change the pitch and speed of all the Siri English, British, Indian, Irish, South African, Scottish, and Australian voices. Thank you for making the new ringtones loop longer so that I have more time to answer calls. I’ve noticed that my phone doesn’t make the authentication sound that it used to make when I unlock my phone and Siri doesn’t make a noise when I activate her to let me know she’s listening. Is it possible to add that back in?
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2 years ago, Photo app Arabic recommend
The greatest Apple have ever seen
This supposed to talk to all my friends it’s busy I can talk to though I can talk to a family of all the early for a way I can still talk to the while on my phone the phone app is like really really really hope for the word five-star so I give it if I was starving is it really helpful what are you read it how you did it you get voicemails if so what is it call you kind a like to text and FaceTime app but the phone app is a five rated*you should really get it if you were lucky to have some of it has contactor all the photos that you picked you could let her put it keep it in your phone deleted if you don’t want to talk to the person he were to you could keep it and delete it which is really cool that he has your ultras who or where where do you want to talk to somebody they say that answer of course but this app is definitely the garage or I could ever say of apps of whole apps I could ever talk about before I live because I could be like 200 feet away and I could still talk to my friends and family and six so cool I recommend this app 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, AUD-29178
✨woah people take a chill pill. ✨
wassup people of this world scrolling through the phone apps reviews. Sad. Anyways y the heck do ppl write “to many robo calls” like Broski, that’s not my problem, or the phone app problem. Just block it it’s not that hard. And what would u do with out the app? Huh? I’m just here cuz I’m bored. I’m not here to write a bad review, I actually gave it five stars sense I think the app deserves it. No hate here on boomers or late gen X’ers but like ur the only thing here keeping this app alive. I know absolutely no human in my grade or lower that uses that app just to call someone. I personally use it to prank call. Like call McDonald’s and ask for the Burger King menu, that one’s a good one. Actually now that I think abt it, prank calls and grandmas or grandpas are keeping this app alive. Anyways ima go now and write a review for FaceTime. Byeeeeee 👉👈 No one is probably gonna read this but if u do UWU. ~sry I’m cringing hard~
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1 year ago, MobieOneKinobi
iPhone getting worse
Bought the iPhone 13…worse iPhone in years. Constant bugs, requires way too much screen touching to get anything done. To delete an app you have to tap three different times! Face ID is stupid about half the time so you’ll have to punch in your passcode. Face ID and double tapping the side button to make a purchase is twice as stupid. Flashlight and camera buttons are in a bad location and constantly turning on. The internal App Library is worthless and groups apps together that don’t make sense. The internal search almost never gives the desired results. If you don’t have a Bluetooth device connected there is no red decline or “hang up” on the screen so your phone is pretty much taken hostage during an incoming call that you don’t want to answer. I still have many other complaints to add, but I’ll stop because you probably get the point so here’s the thing. I seriously don’t understand how Apple could take what was once a good product and just spiral down the rabbit hole to the point that users are left with a product that seems straight out of wonderland.
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3 years ago, Tyler Sheinberg
Missing feature
The app does as you’d expect… make calls, receive calls, store/browse contacts, create favorites, and listen/view voicemails. One feature they need to fix is copy and pasting an address into a contact. Currently if you copy an address, it will paste number, street, city, state, and zip into one line rather than categorizing it in the appropriate field. The missing feature I would like to see is ability to setup more than one voicemail. It’s would be nice to switch between my traditional/daily voicemail and one for when I go on vacation. This is mostly for my work phone. I have to keep creating new voicemails when I go on vacation and when I come back.
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2 years ago, JaZzytomato(^ワ^=)
Won’t go through
I have wifi calling on. It still wants airplane mode off. So I turned off airplane mode still wouldn’t let me call. “We’ll maybe it’s your wifi” Im sorry I don’t think so especially since me my older sibling and stepfather can all play online server games no problem and still have someone watch Netflix while we do all that. So maybe it’s my data well I wasn’t using my data!! But I tried anyway I turned wifi off and wifi calling off and only used my data. Would you like to guess what happened? Nothing the call wouldn’t go through. Maybe it was the other person? Well the fact that there was one other person in the call and it kept telling them I left the call.. seems like it’s not them dont you think? I don’t know what the problem is but it would be nice if it could be looked into. I’m not saying it’s the developers fault I’m just very frustrated right now.
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1 year ago, blueALEXunicorn
😡So many Robo Calls!!!😤
I get so many calls a day mostly Spoof Numbers I blocked the numbers. But again another number pops up. w/ a different number. And I get spam messages w/ emails/numbers Or trying to sell me something. I also get spam voicemails w/ weird sound or trying to sell something. I turn on silence unknown Call to not hear Spam Risk Telemarketer and mostly Spoof numbers. Can’t really do anything about spam text message you can blocked them but it doesn’t work! They just make a new account. So I don’t really enjoy this app I know it’s my number. But I had someone number getting all these calls but it was a weird number. But I got a new number and all I get is Spam Junk. Really not happy about this Phone App Because they’re nothing you can do about SCAMMERS! But it’s great to chat with people you know in you’re content list! But I really do hate this app because of SCAMMERS!!!!!😤😡😫😩😡😤
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2 years ago, New appuser
Needs more functionality
1) I keep hitting buttons with my cheek when I am talking or smiling. I’d like a different button setup. 2) I’d like to be able to save multiple outgoing voicemail greetings so that I can use them for different occasions, ie vacation, weekends, etc. I don’t want to lose a good outgoing recording if I need a temporary away message. 3) I have 6K+ contacts in my address book that I’ve collected over the years. I’d like to be able to edit/delete them very easily. 4) I want to be able to screenshot or photograph someone’s contact info and for it to auto-load into my Contacts. My fitness pal and Cronometer so this with nutritional facts. I’d like this option for contacts too. 5) I’d like to save Zoom IDs and Passwords to be easily stored in Contacts after use or for later use without having yo type in every digit. 6) My voicemails arrive in my inbox hours or days or weeks later. Why? 7) I created a BLOCKED Contact named “Ads” and I add any robocalls to this contact and block it. I’ve added so many, I created an Ads 2, Ads3. 7a) I’d like more of a screening feature. A do not call me again button feature or an auto-block feature for these repeat robocalls or scams. 7b) I’d like to be able to block or mute people in one screen, not hunt for them.
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3 years ago, gonzalezle
Solid app
Would be great to see, or make easier, the ability for full screen pictures of contacts for an inbound calls. It’s great and I don’t even know how like 1% of my contacts are setup for full screen but the grand majority are not. If the full screen option was easier to select and transferred over to CarPlay, that would be great! More ring tones would be great, also. The lack of options, I think, is why when an iPhone goes off everybody checks to see who it is since most of us stick to default. Two little things that would make a huge difference! Thanks for opening up to feedback!
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5 months ago, kijgfdtub
Needs an update
Please fix this bug. I had 3 missed calls in a row from one person yesterday and to remove the missed call notifications I had to click on the actual number. Normally if I have a missed call and I click on the phone app and look at the call log, then the notification will go away. But because this person called me 3 times in a row I had to click on the little info button next to the phone number for the notification of the 3 missed calls go away. That’s absolutely stupid!!! All I should do all I should have to do is look at the call log and see the 3 missed calls and the notifications should go away. There’s no reason why I should have to click on the little info button next to the number for the 3 missed call notification to go away.
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9 months ago, Octarium9182
Extremely Reliable
Without this handy app, the purpose of the iPhone would be difficult to see. It’s called the iPHONE for a reason. This app helps iPhone users stay in touch with friends and family, and is useful for business purposes. It has most of the features that a user would need, like Remind Me, Message, the new Live Voicemail, and most importantly, an Accept and Decline button. But, this might as well be the best part: it works. Over the years, this app has helped many people stay in contact with each other. It’s a very, very reliable app. Well done, Apple.
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2 years ago, noeleuwin
Missing voicemail
This has happened several times where the voicemail icon shows a few new voicemails, but in all reality there’s several new voicemails. The icon on my home screen doesn’t reflect the actual number of voicemails I really have. I’ve missed several voicemails due to this. I’ve been told by our IT department that there is a missing link between the voicemail app that shows a green phone on my home screen and the actual voicemail that is embedded in my phone. I was told that dialing *86 is the only way to call my voicemail to make certain I’ve received all the voicemails. The app on the home screen is too untrustworthy since it shows 6 new voicemails, but actually there’s 38 within my phone. Huge difference and a huge deal when these are missed. Hope someone can fix this…
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6 months ago, Melbell248
Pros and cons
This is app automatically comes on iPhone so you make and receive phone calls. With the recent iOS 17 update the caller ID has had lots of bugs. When I add a contact poster it makes the contact names with emojis grayscale. Also if you add a contact photo with no contact poster it will show a the contact photo next to the contact name but also show a weird transparent/blurred version of the contact photo. I really wish these things would get fixed. There’s been several updates since the original iOS 17 but the bugs still haven’t been fixed.
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5 months ago, AJF08
not hating but I hate phone SO MUCH! the beep sound is so annoying..*BEEP BEEEP* like it hurts my eardrums if im on private. I mean I do love phone but just not a lot don’t get me wrong. It’s great. Like someone said it would be much easier to go on voice memos and create your own tone. I LOVED the part where if they didn’t answer it was like: sorry o can’t answer. In their voice. But apparently you got rid of it?? It was better without that robot voice being like talk at the tone. Also please bring that back. I know it’s been there since like the phone was made. But it’s getting worse and worse then to better and now worse. JUST STICK WITH UPDATES AND KEEP THEM!! Thank you for your time
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2 years ago, member of the smart club
Good but needs this
It needs to have a feature to not just mute yourself but lower ur volume that they can hear like I will turn down myself instead of muting myself. That’s a big thing that me and my bf have is that he’s trying to sleep otp and I be up load and it just needs to have a feature where u can turn down urself instead of all the way muting urself also FaceTime and phone be bugging saying it’s not the right number or needs to check the contact when it is his number but the main thing is a voice volume on urself
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1 week ago, Babbsanna
Fraudulent minor child accounts linked to my account and my sister
My sister is Pam Olson and I am 11 months older than her and she is icu on life support and she may not make it ,for the last seven years or so I believe Apple and Google and Facebook authorized two fraudulent minor child accounts that gave her and my control of our devices she has iPhone and I have iPhone and James Fulton has gotten the authorization to do whatever he wants to destroy us and he is a criminal with a boat load of money and he has taken everything from us and my sister is fighting for her life I know he has a meta business account because it’s not mine and I know that he has kept me from paying Apple what I owe them but I seen that he is in good standing with them murder of my sister and me by a
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2 years ago, fyrtamer
Last update changed something…. Change it back!!!
Last update changed something in my ‘Phone’ app. I used to have ‘voicemail’ on the bottom, so I could tap that, and hear/ read my voicemails (translation). Now, it seems I have gained a ‘Favorites’ button, and lost the voicemail button. I don’t care about ‘Favorites’! If I want to make a quick call, I ask Siri! I want to be able to get my voicemail easier, so I can scan through and see what gets answered and what gets deleted, vs having to listen to the message… I am not smart enough to make that change on my own, I only noticed it after this last update, so, please, FIX IT!
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1 year ago, Mubashwir
Please add search option on Recents tab
It will make easier for user if you add search option on recents tap. Otherwise, we have to go to contacts to search our contact. Mostly, we go to recents tap because we have all our important contacts on the top but if we don’t find any contact on recents tab (within 15-25 contacts) we need to go to contacts tab. But if you add search option on recents tab, it will be better for us and time consuming. Hope you will understand. Thanks! Sheikh Mubashwir
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3 years ago, Amber7829
Missing Features
I’d love to see in Contacts in the Phone app the ability to pin contacts at the top of the list. I would pin the people I call most often so as to not have to scroll and scroll. The way I have done this is by putting an “A” before the person’s name so alphabetically it appears on top. Also when contacts are sorted by last name it would be nice if there was a comma inserted after the last name. I have done this manually with all my contacts by adding a comma at the end of the last name.
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8 months ago, Macorin
Worse in iOS 17
The Phone app is a basic utility and serves that function fairly well. Apple doesn’t like to make too many changes but they changed the look, feel, and positions of buttons in iOS 17 and it’s not so good. The mute and speaker buttons have swapped places and this is an issue because I use speaker so much more than mute and now the button is too far to reach on my iPhone 14 Pro Max. I can reach mute but I rarely use it. It would be nice if Apple let people be the individuals they are, allowing some leeway with customization instead of forcing us all like mindless Apple robots into doing things one single way - the Apple way.
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8 months ago, 510 gurl
The best app but it has bugs
When someone calls me on FaceTime it has a button that you swipe to answer but no decline button and it’s like so annoying and I know I can just ignore it but it takes 30 seconds to decline the call and when I’m in a group chat FaceTime when me and my friends join sometimes it takes are cameras off and muted us and it hangs up on itself sometimes and please add a new button so that you can call in like a group chat like calling with 2 people
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2 years ago, Janeway.pi
The Contact List Catastrophe
The only reason I cannot give 5 stars is because you still cannot delete contact cards without having to manually go into each individual contact. I see a select feature as being smoother. I personally have had 3 new iPhones in the past few years and I noticed that very time I transfer over, every contact duplicates 🤷🏻‍♂️ this buildup of contacts takes up space and is hard to get rid of!
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2 years ago, ngdaniel
Visual Voicemail Problem with Phone App
Siri indicated there’s a problem with the visual voicemail app after the iOS 16.0 update on my iPhone 8 Plus. Since visual voicemail is tied to the phone app and there seems to be no way to fix the problem, this appears to be the only place to report this error after attempting all the Apple support suggestions, including resetting the network. I rate this app 3 stars until voice transcription is reinitiated. I know it has something to do with the iOS 16 update as older messages before the update still display the voicemail transcription.
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1 year ago, Zyunna Simmons
I have the iPhone SE 3rd gen
I love this app so much I can talk to my friends whenever I want and the thing is you can stay on the phone forever you want this app is so good for me and I just love the App Store‘s phone and it works really well on my iPhone, which is the iPhone SE third generation I love this app so much it is does so good and I seen other reviews somewhere bad somewhere good and I see most are good so thank you for this app Apple thank you
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2 years ago, a_random_game_critic
Nice does what it is meant for but..
The app itself is perfectly fine but I a found an issue this one person who I don’t know has called me over 100 time and this is not a exaggeration. I wish you could add a setting where people can’t call you unless you add their number. So even if they know your number they cannot call you this would almost completely stop robo calls from scammers.
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7 months ago, Jayhawk.1
One persistent bug
Good basic phone app that can even handle *#;, wait and pause codes. Except it will not recognize a contact with a pause or wait in the number. You can search for part of the number in the phone app, and it will find it, but if you make or receive a call it will not find/display the stored contact that has an extension number after the ; or ,
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3 weeks ago, DEC224
I hate that, every time I place a phone call while using a Bluetooth device, I have to close a pop-up window asking me to choose which method I want to utilize for the call: Bluetooth device, Speaker, Handheld or something else. If I want to use speaker, I will decide that by myself. I do not need a prompt to suggest that my preselected choice might not be the best one. I am a truck driver and DOT regulations dictate that I must use a Bluetooth device. Please eliminate this unnecessary and distracting option.
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1 year ago, drewdaman13
It works
The app does its basic job. Makes and receives calls. It could add features such as identifying businesses for incoming/outgoing calls. For example, if you dial your local Walmart and place the call, it would do a web search to tie that number to the business. Then instead of a random number in your call history, you can see it was Walmart.
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4 weeks ago, The Egyptian Pyramind
i LOVE this app because when my friends are gone i can hear there voice over the phone!!!! it’s like i’m always with them!!!! i hear they’re voice through there things on the phone called speakers and i recently found out that you came time face people!!!! it’s when you can see peoples face on your telephone!!!!! i can’t believe this! awesome job apple!!👍🏻👍🏻🎉🎉👏👏
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2 years ago, Deadpool_2018
Really, really glitchy!
Everytime I load a contact the screen has a stroke! I tap on a contact to load up the information and the contact information will disappear and then start jerking downward, then it disappears again. It will do this about 3-4 times before I can actually tap on a phone number, or email on that contacts info screen. Also whenever I tap on a street address on a specific contact, it wants to load the contacts name in Apple Maps instead of the street address.
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1 year ago, Firebrand808
I mean what can I say, we all buy the iPhone because it’s a PHONE so this app is one of the most essential parts of the PHONE itself. Side Note: If you have prepaid services or an off brand carrier then you may not be able to use the full applications voicemail feature since some carriers require that you call your actual number to view voicemails.
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2 years ago, Graves -> Gardens
Would be nice to block unknown numbers
The Focus feature is pretty amazing, and I can easily block any number from a recent call that actually HAS a number, and I can even make unknown numbers not ring aloud … but for annoying voicemails left by scammers who call from the number “unknown” … there’s no way to block them. There should be.
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3 weeks ago, ZEUSCODM
A new suggestion that will make it more interesting to us with ease
This app is lit 🔥 Just come up with an idea that will make it more interesting if applicable. In the next iPhone update, add a messages icon on the dialing screen so that people can easily send a message directly to a already typed number on the screen. What do you say, Apple?!
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2 years ago, HotPadz
Allow lte /5g iPads cellular users to use
Y’all need to get it together and allow us the phone telco app it would be Great if we could utilize the phone application for tablet or iPad without having a piggyback using iPhone… A lot of people would love to be able to make and receive calls from the iPad and some people do you different IDs such as myself but yeah if I’m paying for a monthly line for you and cellular connection this is what I would expect to also be able to receive calls on that cellular device your number please get it together this be so awesome
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10 months ago, Chrissy256045
It’s really glitchy
It was working so well at first and then a few months later it started acting weird every time I try to call someone it would say call failed and when I’m on call with somebody and I mute myself it would unmute by itself. It’s just so glitchy and weird. It’s so weird because I can still FaceTime but I just can’t do audio calls. It just says call failed anytime I try to call anybody or when anyone tries to call me. It works, but then a few hours later, it just stops working and it does the same thing again.
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7 months ago, hddhhshshaehbtrbshsygrhtrb
This is the best app on an iPhone when I got an iPhone 14 I thought it was going to be one of those bust up ones but when they told they had free blocks and chargers for free I was like oh my god so I got a lot of them to I just to say thank you to Verizon for making this happen it was the best thing that ever happened to me thank you guys
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10 months ago, twitch_spartan
Phone button keeps opening messenger
For some reason today, when I am in the phone app and go to someone’s contact, then I press the phone button to call them the app opens up Facebook messenger. If I press the phone number, it will make the call. Just a heads up this is happening. Maybe it’s just my phone.
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3 years ago, Ear Booker
Bring Back Phone Favorites Shortcut & Widget
I miss the “Phone Favorites” shortcut and widget that was taken away for some reason a few iOS versions ago… I miss having the ability to hard or long press the Phone icon and see my top 4 favorites; it was the fastest way to make a call to my wife… I’d love to see Apple bring that back.
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3 months ago, Phb9
Accidental calls when the other person hangs up
Somehow the developers did not think through what happens when two people hang up almost simultaneously. If you’re the user who called from the recent calls or favorites screen, you are in danger of accidentally calling someone else because the person you’re on the phone with hung up just before you did. That’s really annoying problem that has never been addressed.
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2 years ago, val2729
iPhone problem
I frequently find I’m unable to disconnect a call. I have looked to other users and found similar but slightly different problems. There is no red button to click nor other icon to hang or disconnect the call. I’ve reached the point where I use the shutdown button to ensure a disconnect. Otherwise it’s possible to have an embarrassing conversation. I have tried apple users and techs previously.
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1 year ago, Stormi C.
Good app but voicemail feature won’t work
So this app is good, pretty basic and standard for your apple phones. My problem falls on voicemail. No matter when I try or how many times, I can’t set up my voicemail. It always says there’s an error and to try again later, and it always says that no matter how long I wait to set it up.
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2 years ago, CH JFC
Ending calls
Please change this default setting. Sick of accidentally calling someone when I hang up. The default screen when a phone call ends should not be “recent calls” screen. It should route to that contact number file or to the Home Screen. I always accidentally call someone when I try to press the red end button because the other person hung up at the same time and I ended up pressing on the recent calls list 😡
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9 months ago, abegtgvxd
I was reading one of these comments and they were talking about how you have to press three different buttons to delete an app. I just wanna say that humanity is getting so lazy where they can’t press three buttons to delete an entire software off their smart device.
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3 years ago, dankirsh
Minor visual bugs
The app works fine, but has a fair number of minor visual bugs. For example, the “Favorites” header sometimes gets misaligned to the left until I hard close the app. Also, the backspace button in the dialer sometimes becomes misaligned with the “X” that overlays it, again being fixed if I hard close the app. These have persisted for multiple iOS versions, which seems sloppy.
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2 years ago, Mallychally
Unable to wake up screen
When I am on a phone call, I am unable to wake up the screen until the other person disconnects the call. This prevents me from being able to hang up the phone, put my phone on speaker, or use the keypad during the phone call if needed. I have tried updating my IOS and restarting my phone, but the problem remains.
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2 years ago, 풀애음
100 call logs limit
I am a Korean user. Why limit 100 call logs? In the US, if it is because of US law, other countries like Korea have to allow it. Because the laws are different between the US and Korea. I use the phone a lot for business and need to keep looking at my previous records, which is very inconvenient. I currently use iPhone X for this reason, Xiaomi 11 Pro. Can't improve it? If we continue to limit this to 100, iPhone users will churn to other phones.
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9 months ago, mbtackett
Please give meetup options for clearing calls!
While I’m pleased about the ease of accessing my contacts, a lot of spam, telemarketer, and international calls and TEXS find their way to my device. With recent calls, I can easily see that I “miss” most of the unknown callers. I would like to delete all incoming numbers that are not in my contacts, but the only way to clear recent calls is to clear all of them. Come on, Apple! You’re better than that. Le me choose to delete only incoming missed calls and keep outgoing calls. I know I’m not alone in wishing for more innovations. But letting me delete only missed recent calls is hardly an innovation. It should be a basic option.
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5 months ago, Mood8184
Time to retire
This old phone has been a great back up, butThe last couple of times it has been a software update. Something has been left out each time such as access to the microphone for my phone calls app for the last two months I have had to use headphones on my phone calls however, my microphone works for talk to text and everything else access just was not an option after the update. Super inconvenient and annoying.
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2 years ago, Des ^-^
Seems to be a bug
I like going to my recent calls to clear my old calls but I’ve noticed since the last iOS update my recent calls get cleared on its ow, almost all my new and some older calls have been cleared and it’s getting quite annoying and making me mad that that’s even happening cause it happened once again. It happens every few days
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