Phoner: Second Phone Number

4.5 (29.7K)
221 MB
Age rating
Current version
Appsverse Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Phoner: Second Phone Number

4.49 out of 5
29.7K Ratings
7 years ago, brian_revercomb
Gets the jobs done
There are other products on the market—at some widely varying price points—and Phoner does a nice job of tying up all of the important features into one tight bundle (with some very attractive free options for use and implementation of core features for those requiring them only sparingly) and, in return the developers charges seem reasonable enough to me as a small business owner who has looked at such items for implementing within my office or personal setup before. What I like best is that the system (how to use it, how to pay for it, what it does) all seems pretty much straight-forward. I deduct a star because this could be improved by use of some 'definitions' alongside their jargon, and the fact that I purchased extra points (like minutes) that registered within the apps system but have yet to be credited those points. After attempting same steps to re-buy, was told already purchased and account would be credited accordingly. That was 10 min. ago... But, yes I recommend.
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7 years ago, Luckyfinds
Uprating review
Was disappointed in not being able to find information on how there payment system works and received notification flash across screen that I had charge applied when no information was given or requested and app automatically downloaded but did not show on iPhone, they did grant me the credits! Emailed Customer Service requesting any charges applied to be credited back to me. Customer Service did respond in quickly and reassured that no charges were being billed to my iTunes account. So, research the payment system if you choose to pay and it will give you some basic information without all the headachy trying to find yourself.
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6 years ago, BrianKann16
The BEST option by a long shot
I have downloaded a handful of “similar”’apps, trying to acquire an additional phone number and myself testing their testing period of me. This app has been nothing but PERFECT thus far in all aspects I have been concerned about. If you are seeking a second phone number app, it is SO, SO easy to become overwhelmed by the offerings in the App Store. This is an edit to my review: In using the “Operating System for this App, I just become further impressed the deeper or “further” I go with using it. Sure, it might not be the only one that allows further number changes later, but the organization of this App, the layout for making changes to your number, numbers, for adding numbers, and much more is SO clean and simple it is nothing short of the best. My friends, I have learned FOR YOU by experience. So save yourself any frustration, go straight to the best option and download THIS APP!
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4 months ago, Sako80
I will never use this service. I used it to run my business. 1stly when I made my monthly payments to them my subscription would be suspended until I inform them that my account has been paid then I have to send PROOF that it was paid and this went on for 3 mos which cost me loss of business due to the lack of proper accounting for my account. They then decided to suspend my account yet AGAIN due to as they say my account was flagged for SPAM. How? It’s a business and people do call several times. In order to get my account back after a week of loss of business, they wanted my name, address, ID, and whether I use the account for business or personal. I answered all questions then they add insult to injury by wanting my businesses address, the business ID number etc which is a gross invasion of privacy as this was not required when I applied for the account. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE NOT REPUTABLE NOR HAVE THEY EVER BEEN ABLE TO DO GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICES.
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3 years ago, Susanesque
Garbage waste of money
I downloaded this app because I needed to make a phone call and my cell phone service wasn't sufficient. It comes with 5 minutes of talk time and 5 texts free. I knew 5 minutes wouldn't be enough for my call so I purchased additional credits - $5 worth. What I didn't realize was that those credits didn't readily translate to minutes. You have to manually purchase minutes and the smallest pack is 60 minutes, which costs 3000 credits. The pack I bought was 2700 and the only smaller pack was 100 each for $1.99. So in total it would've cost me $11 for an hour worth of talk time, which I probably didn't need. But I didn't realize any of this. No, I bought my credits and went merrily on to my important phone call, which was dropped after 5 minutes with no way to reconnect because I don't know what number I was using or the extension of the agent I was speaking to. I'm not spending another dime on this ridiculous app. The quality wasn't good either - very echoey.
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7 years ago, Thermo2000
Does the job
First of all, I would like to say that I'm seem to use this app a lot different from other people. I've noticed that people use it for craigslist or work. I use it for a domestic situation. My partner is blocking my number and all communication. What is really nice about this app, is you can get a local number or a national number. Your choice. Once my partner realizes it's me, I can request another phone number. Easy pezy! I have read where other people do not hear back from Customer Service or tech-support, I feel as though they respond within the hour. No problems there. However, I do wish that there was some kind of online instruction booklet. I don't mind paying the money for the service, I just don't like paying money for minutes and having them converted to texts that I never use. For instance, I am not going to use over 200 text messages. I would rather just had minutes. Call recording, fantastic! Con, can't back up or share recordings. All of my calls have been crystal-clear and so are my recording's. I gave this app three stars because I do not like purchasing minutes that are converted to text. Please give us options of only purchasing minutes. Also, I took a start off for not being able to back up my recording's or share them.
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3 years ago, blueskies62
Great app but Too expensive!!!
This app is great, does the work and makes it easier to communicate with people but I realized it’s rather too expensive to use this app, it cost about $9.99 a month for the number and you still need to purchase text credits which is expensive compared to other applications. This app charges so much for a single text so you need to keep buying credits always and at the same time paying $9.99 each month to keep the number. The amount of credit deducted from each text is too much, it deducts when you receive a text and when you send a text. I think sometime should be done about this. I don’t need to buy extra credits when I’m paying monthly subscriptions, even if i have to, it should be at a good price. Something needs to change, will keep writing a review till something is done about it.
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4 years ago, cubahabana
The open door for delinquents and people that wanna bother the others
All this apps should be controlled or make the price higher for every single number and every time that people change the number or simple not allowed and delete all of them from the App Store and from google play they just bringing problems and making people change the phone number because this is the new game for those that doesn’t have anything to do and start bothering the others and trying to get info to rob you and they never stop playing on and on and on just because is very simple to change the phone number when you block them !!! They just make a new account fake names new emails just to rob people info and bother everybody those apps should be Disappear am sorry for the developers but this is the reality today this just bringing people the opportunity to bother the innocent people that never before think about to do anything similar to it
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3 weeks ago, SunnyzDayzed
I never write reviews until I’ve had time to fully evaluate an app, but I installed Phoner just a bit ago, expecting another in a long line of disappointing apps/services that falsely claim to do the the one specific thing I was seeking… a separate number that can receive/is accepted for verification and verification codes. I earn extra money testing/playing/etc. a LOT of apps, services, etc. but I HATE my number getting to marketers and occasionally will turn away from decent pay or product offers if they require a phone number and have that tiny marketing disclaimer. I immediately tested it having found out the hard way with most, and not only was the number accepted but I almost immediately heard the notification ping! AND they give you a couple days to try it out before you pay! I still have a few things to check out in the app itself, but I noticed some nice extra features available and honestly I am so happy it would take a lot to disappoint me LOL. TOP MARKS PHONER. I will absolutely be sharing and recommending this app.
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7 years ago, MISSAUNTLISA
Great App For Safety & Privacy
This App has made it so simple to communicate with others without having to giving out your personal phone number. I use it professionally and personally on a regular basis. At first I thought I wouldn't need to use it but a couple of times. Now it's my go to App daily. I was surprised how many times this App was useful. No more random calls on my personal number from clients and job seekers. I'm able to screen potential employees and contact them when I have a position available. Yay! Thanks for making it so user friendly. I'll continue to use this App daily for a long time. I'd like to buy a forever subscription, so I don't have to keep purchasing more use.
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3 years ago, FixTheApp!!!!!
Fix the app!!!
This app is great, does the work and makes it easier to communicate with others but it’s so expensive. I used this app for about a month and I spent over $200. The app charges $9.99 for each number on monthly basis and you also need to buy credits to text and make calls. It deducts when you make a call or send text and when you receive a call or text. The credit for a single text is too much so you end up buying more credit all the time if you use the app almost everyday. The pricing for the credit is also way too expensive. I don’t have to pay for monthly subscription if I need to buy credit. That’s a good way of taking our money and it’s not acceptable. You guys need to change the price and make it flexible. I will keep writing a review till you do something about the price. Fix the app!!! Fix the app now
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6 years ago, jamielynn35
Very useful I love this app
Very useful I love this app. It worked for what I needed it too. It is easy to use and wasn’t difficult to figure out how how to use. The phone and text feature is awesome some apps only have one or the other but not with this one you can call or text. You do have to subscribe to it you do get a free 3 day trial and if you end up not liking after that you have the choice to cancel anytime you want. So I would definitely recommend if this is something you are looking into download this app and get your free trial and find out for yourself cause afterAll this is just my opinion. My review of the app. Everyone always has a different opinion.
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7 years ago, RichiTunes
Does the job but ...
Took one star off for the lack of ability to stop the annoying reminder to add minutes. Every time I open my phone. Really guys? You can turn of notifications as a whole but that effectively turns off the app. I use this app once every 3 months. I'm not going to maintain minutes the whole time or cash in credits. The price is high for credits but that's a decision I can control by using another app so I'm not going to ding them on that. Worth the mention though. Lower the price and I might maintain minutes. Did anyone do laugher curve price comparison?
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2 years ago, GioFTL
Horrible service
If you want completely unreliable service and even worse support, then this is your app. If you are like and use your second number for business, then I would stay far away from this app. A few weeks ago, the service was down for almost 2 weeks before they were able to finally get the lines working again. Not a week has gone by since the lines were restored to working order, but they went right back down within days and no one has made any announcements. Despite the countless emails I have sent for someone to help me, considering the amount of money I have lost, I’m on day 5 of waiting for someone to say something, anything will do, to no avail. I not only do not recommend them, I think they should be kicked out from the App Store.
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7 years ago, AndMyNameIsAppleInc
So far so good
Just started using today. Was skeptical at first but I purchased credits (I use them for texting for online dating). Been texting all day and it works great. Does what it says it will do. Can get pricy though since I've used most of my texts. Comes with 5 free texts and minutes but then you have to purchase. Lowest price is a dollar ninety-nine and the most range from four ninety-nine to ninety-nine dollars for credits (which are equivalent to texts or minutes). 1000 credits don't equal 1000 texts though just so ya know. You get like 300 texts or something with 1000 credits. Overall great app. Will continue to use.
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7 years ago, Kittie4
Don't waste your $$$
And that's what you'll be doing… Wasting money that you have to keep paying to do anything. The phone numbers expire quickly and then you have to pay more to get another one even if you have credits on the old one. It's just over and over and over again that you have to pay. They've increased the numbers of credits you need to make a call or send a text. I asked their customer service is simple question but they will not tell me the answer. It has to do with someone possibly hacking my account. So watch out because apparently people can break into your account and use it to send messages to people that are harassing or whatever. I feel like I have the right to know certain things about my account and if I ask, these people to tell me. They refused. Don't waste your money!
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4 years ago, Forever Glo
Uses more than one text up if message long
So I’m a little upset- I purchased credits for this app twice and both times it would say I had a certain amount of texts left but would cut me off before I reached that number. (Example: said 50 texts left but then the app would cut them off at 42) It happened twice- I contacted customer service- they were prompt in responding and very polite. They informed me that if a text is really long, it will use more than one text. I told them I didn’t recall seeing anything like that on the apps description. They said they would address it in a future version and gave me 5 texts. They were nice and all but i think they should have given me the 15 texts I thought I was short not 5.
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6 years ago, MissLadyLady
All the Options
There are so many burner and second phone number apps to choose from, so it’s difficult to know which ones are without gimmicks for free credits or have hidden costs. I got Phoner not expecting to have some really great features. I love being able to easily go between my number and my Phoner number which is great when juggling person and business. I also like the options for paying or tasking for credits and texting and phone calls are good quality and quick. I highly recommend this easy to use, no hidden hoops app. Enjoy!
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4 years ago, ShartinAye
Something is Fishy Stay away
don't waste your time the developer of this app makes several security based apps. i purchased a premium account, so i would have a second number to give out to business that will likely it to other companies/ i am fed up with robocalls. The premium account i purchased through a web browser. And proceeded to download the app. firstly: i couldnt transfer my purchase to the app which was about $30 dollars . after i clicked App support on Apples AppStore i was directed to the website that was useless with small print and with no support information other than fournlinks links at the bottom of this page. After clicking both FAQS and Web Apps i was redirected to an error page and the a nonsecure site last updated in 2014!! This pages asked for your login credientials. i then went back secure browser and was surprised that this version looked nothing like safaris version. i sent time a text along with screen shots of the the pages. "Sorry will up date that and that was a week ago. i am going to request a refund.
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2 years ago, dogs for life 12
How I feel about this app
I feel about 4 stars because if you realize your parents might say dont talk to stranger especailly if you are on text but once you get this app in the begining there is this person he is a guide but it is still weird you dont know who he is and also 2 is you get a random phone number for your self and it is kind of weird but luckly i did not delete it people may be scared about the unknown guide person but i highly recommend you get it and plz fix the guide thing it is very weird
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7 years ago, MinniMeHelper
This app makes my life safer in a way. Instead of having to give complete strangers my real phone number, I can give them the phone number this app has given me. For instance when I go onto Craigslist or offerup and buy something from a stranger, that's when I'd give them this number. There's a lot of these kind of app's out there like this one, and I've tried quite a few of them, but this one by far is my favorite to use. It's easy and self explanatory. I would recommend this app to anyone.
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7 years ago, wevphoto
This app is very useful
I love this app!!! The ability to keep my personal number private and text in anonymity is wonderful. I am in the process of moving and selling a lot of stuff, and to be able to put a cell phone number out on the internet that is not directly tied to my family and I is a great thing. Especially when you turn on the news and see the crazy and tragic stories about people getting murdered by listing on the various sites is troubling. But with this I don't have to worry.
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7 years ago, Assjoe
Very often stays open, even when swiped close
I've been using Phoner for a year now... have it loaded on my iPad Air and iPad Air II. I'd always misplace my stupid little flip phone and often used Phoner to ultimately locate the flip phones whereabouts. Replaced the flip phone with a new iPhone 7s plus. There has been more instances than I'd like... that with Phoner open, after using it... swipe it shut. And it STAYS open and running. It has happened on both iPads and now, frustratingly, often it stays open and running on my brand new iPhone 7s. Double click Apple's home button to see what apps are currently open, see Phoner open, swipe it shut to close. then double click on Apple's home button, and on all three devices there's often the Phoner bar along the bottom of the screen denoting it's still open. Double click home, swipe Phoner lose and it refuses to close. I eventually Need to shut the device completely off to resolve the issue. Funny. No other apps display that rude behavior No other IPad or iPhone apps show same behavior. PHONER NEEDS THAT BUG FIXED
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4 years ago, Eeyore71
App not really free
Ok so this popped up on another app I have and since it showed free Anonymous calling , texting, option to change your number often etc I decided to give it a try. Not free at all they start you with 100 credits 5,minutes call time & 5 texts ( which each thing and pic seems to count as 1 text credits so don't bother trying to send pics or attachments ) after that you have to keep buying credits which range from 3.99 upwards to $100. Insane and those "free" services are only available to the premium members "ie the ones who subscribe and pay more! Overall very dissatisfied and disappointed don't waste your money there are other apps like TalkU and texto e etc that actually are FREE..
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1 year ago, rich56k
Don’t waste your $$$
Signed up for free trial - couldn’t get it to work. OK bought some credits & minutes still didn’t work. Bought a number $9.99 still didn’t work. Went back and forth with support finally they said no refund we gave you a number and you used it - yea for 1 minute. Also said free trial no longer available even though it’s still shows for both mobile and web versions. Because I bought the web version I’m out $17+ then they offer free minutes & credits but it will only work on the $9.99 PER month number - now only a week left - screw it Id rather spend my time letting the world know to not get suckered into this SCAM !!!
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5 years ago, ArquiMurillo
100% recommendable
My experience is this, I got a month of service first and it worked perfectly well, then I increased my service for 1 year and I had problems so that it was renewed, however I spoke with the creators of phoner and they solved my problem, they were always very kind and with the best disposition to help me, so for me it is the best application if you try to use the service of an extra line, because it is functional, with very good reception and with clarity in sound ... Thanks Appsverse Support.
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3 years ago, greatful6969
Free new number
I love my free new number it helps with some of my more private things that require me not to use my real number in my line of work it imperative that I use a different number than my own I guess wonderful that you guys came up with this and also I know less fortunate people that don’t have money to get a number so by you guys doing this it helps the less fortunate ones out there in the world today
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6 years ago, Sherwin R
Worth to go premium
I did not want to pay but they offered me to activate my number for 7 days for free after the review. But that’s not the case, while I was using it I realized that if you text to an unknown phone number they actually send you the information (at least the name) of the owners phone number you’re trying to reach and honestly that’s cool. Sometimes we don’t even know who’s calling and by using this app you get to know who owns it!
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7 years ago, irobersonmac
Text Are not counted accurately
This app is a rip off , your number continues to expire unless you pay more money, regardless to the fact that you still have available credits (that were purchased) and actively using the app. I also noticed that when you send and receive text they are count twice: for example 1 incoming and outgoing text count as 4 text... I started to notice it when the insufficient credit notification pops up too soon then i went back to the conversation and started counting... After my credits are used up i will be deleting this app i can just put money in the trash can if i want to throw it away... Another predatory product...
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6 years ago, jfv.foreverme
Only 1 app beats this one...
Great product! It's reliable and semi-easy to navigate. Many other products out there hit a point of unresponsiveness, where they are unable to receive/send certain messages with extra lawyers of security. This one, however, works great. Plus I love that it has a better choice of phone numbers to choose from, and is not tied to your actual phone number (more secure). Only other product that beats this one in quality/price/aesthetic is 'Burner'.
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4 years ago, cori&er
Got it to open social media account but platforms won’t accept phoner numbers
I first bought the credits. $1.99. Didn’t work. Bought 1 more eat thinking I didn’t have enough credits for a phone number. Nothing indicated how much a number cost. Gave up and bought a subscription. Got a number. Got failures from social media account sign up. Emailed for help and asked if I could return the $4 in credits I no longer needed since they didn’t seem to work. All I got back was a link to a help page. It was helpful in letting me know that phoner would not serve my needs and I just blew $15. Cancelled the subscription as it was useless. This is what the help said: “ Some of the major services sometimes verify the phone number against larger mobile carriers and if the number does not belong to them, they may reject it. “We have heard cases where numbers from us or pretty much other apps out there that got rejected. The only safe bet is if it comes from the major mobile carrier in the country.”
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2 years ago, mackenb
Do NOT buy this app.
I purchased this app to have a convenient way to use a local phone number. It was completely unresponsive for over a week and the tech support was brutal (not responsive and took too long to resolve). Last week none of the outgoing messages were received by the recipients, and there was NO error message on my end. This caused two missed meetings and we missed out on a childcare spot because our confirmation was not received. The texts even had a ‘delivered’ checkmark and no indication they were not sent. Eventually I found out that five different recipients did not receive messages over 6 days. Now there is an error message but still none of my texts are being delivered. I am paying for a non functional app. The hassle and inconvenience of the constant bugs with this app is not worth it. You will regret paying for such a terrible app. Even it were free I would recommend an alternative products
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7 years ago, NHL+NBA for life
Works Great
If you need it for business, or for prank calling, phoner gets the job done. Theres no hassle, just call or text easily. It shows you how many minutes you have left, which is super handy because you have to go digging on other apps. No subscription, it's a credit system, which makes payment much easier. If you need a second phone number, the is by far the best option.
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4 years ago, braddyie
Pretty goood!!
I liked the app and the number lookup doesn’t work on every number but it did work on a lot and it’s creepy how accurate. I did it to one of my friends when we hung out and it showed his whole family and his grandparents, phone numbers With there first and last name. If that wasn’t enough then it showed the location that was his house. I was like that’s kinda scary😂. But You do have to pay for it. That’s the only reason I wouldn’t give it 5 stars.
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6 years ago, SamuelAGlass
Great app
I like this app! It’s easy to use and they send you messages that give our instructions on how to use it. It so cool if you have s small business to have Phoner because it provides you the ability to retain customer information through quality checks when you utilize the recording feature. It saved me a few ones when I forgot dates and times of meetings. Thanks phoner!
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8 years ago, Coop1023
Works great
I love this service and the availability of numbers. The only thing I wish they would do is make it more user friendly. Just a bit more explanation about how to lag and definitely make it more clear about buying credits in the App Store then having to "get" minutes and texting with those credits. Also, since I have other services like this one, it would be great to easily find the number they've assigned to me.
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6 years ago, Xander's Word
Changed it all
Phoner allowed me to contact someone that I have been trying to contact for over a year and 1/2 after they blocked me and believe it or not we had a great conversation and I'm working hard to stay in touch with her. (Prices are reasonable and I never have any issues, love all the sales as well). Thanks to everyone on the Phoner Team. (I read reviews like this all the time and believe they are fake but this is real)!
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7 years ago, Adw777
Phoner is awesome! Both Free or Paid Accounts.
This APP gives you several options & features that guarantees any type of security or privacy concerns will be demolished. The free account gives you a random number changing with each person you communicate with. The paid version allows you to keep the same number and add another for more stability, if needed. Highly recommend this APP!! Thanks!!
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3 months ago, djmaroff
Too complicated!
Instead of keeping the options simple, they bombard you with 500 different ways of paying. They give you a free number with a few minutes on it. Then they tell you need points but they don’t tell you the minimum so that you keep buying points but can’t use the number. oh, but then you can watch videos to earn minutes. Of course, if you don’t have a number that is active, you still have to buy the minutes anyway to use the free points you get from watching videos. Doing my taxes is easier than using this garbage app!
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8 years ago, Serious rx
Great app for all purpose rather you just want to keep your personal number save or your checking on fooling friends and family or even if your spouse is going outside of your relationship. Just would be great to be able to earn free credits like other apps by watching videos and trying other apps. It's a lot to pay for credits that you might use this app often and end up spending a lot of money in the long run.
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1 year ago, hrjeownfvduau
I just made a $1.99 purchase this app for “points” which I then exchanged for 30 texts. I only sent 2 texts to ONE person, and funnily enough the second one wouldn’t send due to some “unknown error” that popped up every single time I tried resending it. Now, despite only sending one text after my purchase, the app says that I am completely out of messages. I was utterly scammed by this app, which promised me 30 messages yet only let me send two. It feels like the App Store equivalent of a robbery. This is absolutely absurd and I want my money back, I will never use this app again
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6 years ago, XSavage187
So far so good
I'm not one for leaving reviews too often, but after trying out so many of these types of apps, I've got to say that this one may be the best of those I've tried. I would like to see them do something about the cost and the amount or credits needed for adding additional text/calls, but other than that, it's a pretty solid app that does what it's supposed to do.
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4 years ago, Instructor grade 6 - 7
Customer service lacking
Little did I know you can only have a certain amount and numbers in your profile. I had to use this as a dummy number because I’m teaching from home because of the COVID-19. When I needed to call additional numbers I wasn’t permitted to. I wasn’t able to delete the unused #’s either or to add new numbers either. Customer service responded once and said to use the drop-down menu. There’s nothing on that menu to help me. And I didn’t respond when I asked again.
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5 years ago, JMBSpeedy
Very Helpful
This app May be a little overpriced, but it’s saved me from being catfished and such multiple times. Every time you text a number, it tells you in the chat either the city the number is in, or sometimes even the person who owns it. Don’t know what might’ve happened to me if I hadn’t used this app, not to mention having that extra layer of anonymity. Great app, just wish you could seen video from it
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7 years ago, Diyosa.Dee
Phoner is my number one choice!
There are a lot of other apps similar to Phoner but none of them compare! The fact that every cell number that you text, will show a different number to reply to. So technically no two "friends" will have the same number for you! It private and hidden and in my line of work this app is ideal for keeping your real number hidden!
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3 years ago, appleisgarbagepoop
Potential buts there’s still work
Your UI is still a bit buggy and needs some cleaning up. For example, when you are selecting countries there is sms and voice and availability is indicated by what’s highlighted and not. Still clicking on a country you are given option for unavailable phone types which result in 404 not found errors for users. A lot of people are gunna he annoyed by that and it’s easy to fix
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7 years ago, Mahloves3
Great App
This is a Great app if you're trying to use an anonymous number to remain private. Great prices on Credits for Text Messaging and Phone Calls. I have used many of these apps and thus one by far is the very simplest and easy to use. Messages and calls go right through. If you want a good app to remain private to others than you should look no further. Phoner App is where it's at!!
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7 years ago, DJSmith304
1st time user
Looking for something to make sense of the ridiculous spying my spouse has been doing.... and how he was doing. After months of torment I'm finally getting sick of it and decided to beat him at his own game. So I started here. Awesome.... I typically would resort to using something like this but I did and I started with this app and it's very user friendly. Check it out if ur husband is a cheating A;&;&;&hole
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6 years ago, #privacy
Best app
If your not wanting to give out your real number . This app works perfectly to protect your phone from unwanted calls. You can still see a person calling you . But at least you have the option to keep your personal stuff blocked . Now of days people can look so much up on you with just your number . This app protects you from that .
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4 years ago, Owl lover 1234 😘
No free try
I downloaded it and I was hoping to see how it works before I pay anything, but I had to buy credits before I even tested it... ok, no biggie, sinceI was just testing it, I bought the cheapest option... well, guess what? That was just a cheap trick to make you spend more money because you can’t do ANYTHING with the smallest package. Once you realize that, you HAVE to buy the next package up. I felt that was a cheap way to squeeze you out of more money. I was looking for a long term subscription, but thanks to this cheap trick they pulled in me, I’m uninstalling this app and will use another one. I didn’t like that “surprise”.
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