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2 months ago
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User Reviews for Photo Translator - Translate

4.39 out of 5
24.8K Ratings
11 months ago, poopy dogs are stupid
Really good
This app is pretty good. It doesn’t make you pay for a photo, and so far not many ads. Only problem is, is that it doesn’t translate everything correctly. I was trying to figure out what the glamour of something was and if I was safe for me to eat since I’m vegetarian and I could translate one word in it, so I knew what it said but once I tried the app it said it was the word tonsil- even though I knew it was almond. But overall pretty good
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2 years ago, Gold Clover
Photo Translator works excellent
This photo translator works really good for me, I don’t pay for the premiums or anything either I did when I first got it but then realized you don’t really need them to use the app and from my experience just have to wait like 5-10 seconds or less to press the “x” button in the top right when it asks if you want to purchase a premium option and you don’t need to pay to use the app. I’ve never hit any limitations and so far anytime I’ve translated a picture that has a different language than English on it, it translated all of it to English for me and even fact checked it on google translate, unfortunately we can’t have good quality free apps with free access anymore without ads or premiums, sometimes you can find loopholes but rarely, everybody depends on money and subscriptions on their apps even good ol games like temple run and doodle god can’t play without ads unless you buy a subscription or premium option not like the good ol days on the iPod-touch’s and iPads other than that this app works for me and I suggest it to anyone who needs an image translated
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2 years ago, DianaTweets
Amazing! Please read for tiny bugs tho
I literally love this app. It works on screenshots, screen records, and in person photos! My friend was trying to prank me in a game called roblox. He was talking Japanese. I took screen shots and went over to this app, input the screenshots, found out what he said and.. he literally freaked out when he found out I knew what he was saying! 😂 Love this app! But, it could change a bit, so far I’ve seen no ads to that’s good. But I just downloaded it so I don’t know.. I’ve read reviews saying there are ads. But anyways, I don’t really like how every time you input a photo it says to do a subscription thing. At least an X appears at the top right corner. But it takes a few seconds to pop up. I don’t really like that every time I try to input a photo, it just says, “storage is full” than loads. But I still love this app. Those are just 2 little bugs that are pretty annoying but it’s not a huge deal! Thank you for your time reading my review. Have a nice day/night!
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4 years ago, joe miami beach
Just what the doctor ordered
I had bought an antique set of small wood carvings many years ago. I was told at the tine that they thought the pieces were a Mongolian 'chess' set. Ok. Lately I did a search and found some definitive information from a source in France. That person in turn told me of the worlds leading authority on this and was advised to find his book to get authoritative information. I found the book in a London dealer web site. I ordered it and it came. Of course it was in Italian. Although I have a small amount of Italian the detail in the text overwhelmed my capabilities. I found the app and bought it. In short order was able to easily translate the pertinent parts of the book and was able to delve into what had interested me that caused me to make this purchase of these amazing antiques in Budapest. I couldn't have been more pleased as to its ease of use and technical capabilities. I wholeheartedly recommend this app.
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2 years ago, Valeria888
Terrible updates
This app used to be okay, but after the updates it went downhill. You now can only get three free pictures translated a day. For the rest, you have to watch an ad for, which is inconvenient if you have to translate many pictures. I would be okay with seeing them, but the amount of ads is unbelievable. There is an ad every time you click a new button. There is also now a set limit of words that can be translated on a page (If you ended up needing to crop a picture in the app because of this, there is another ad you need to sit through). Another problem is that sometimes it does not even translate the picture you have. This is clearly a glitch because if you use the same picture again, it usually works. However, sometimes it never works, and you just can’t get the translation. Also, for some reason, it isn’t translating italicized words now? The only way you can fix most of these problems is by paying for the upgrade, but no thank you! I would rather spend my time on a better, free app.
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1 year ago, Fellow Reviewing User
Greed v.s Needed profit
I’m perfectly fine with developers of these apps making money and to be honest ad’s don’t really bother me, however this app in particular will purposefully crash multiple times when you choose a photo to translate and then count that towards your daily three translations. Usually you could push this to the side as an honest mistake but it only happens coincidentally when you meet the threshold of a single image and only does this three times, deletes the “translated” image from your history, and doesn’t allow you to use the app until you either upgrade or watch an ad. I would much rather sit through 5 ad’s as a user rather than be manipulated by the app crashing 50 times to download it’s subscription. I understand that you have to make your money with subscriptions and ad’s, making an app and keeping it up is hard and expensive. But if your app is going to be this greedy to manipulate the user of it why not just make the app itself cost money at that point.
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2 years ago, Burmble
I 100% recommended this app! For nearly 2 years my Facebook got hacked they changed my account language to Chinese. I couldn’t read it obviously so I was completely confused on how to change it back. It wasn’t a big deal it was only emails and on Web browser it was also Chinese the app was normal. I tried copy and paste to google translate and it was a nightmare finding my way around to find the “language setting” feature. Well with the help of this app, a few screenshots of my Facebook account in Chinese and boom I can read everything perfect! I was able to easily navigate all the button clicks to find the language setting and finally got it back to English!
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2 months ago, RedSparrow888
I used it to translate instructions for something I ordered online
This was very useful for what I needed. I received a package this week that had instructions in a different language. I used this app because I needed to take a picture of the instructions and have them translated so I could understand. It worked instantly. Make sure you do good lighting and wipe your lens and it should work perfectly. This would be a great app for someone who is ordering a lot of things from overseas that needs the instruction images translated or someone reading a book in another language or traveling etc. I only needed it for a one time thing but if I needed it often I would choose this app :)
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1 month ago, Person of things
To start off, getting the big "buy out membership! Do it! Buy it!" Being thrown into my face literally every two second not even kidding is obnoxious even in itself. Then theres the fact that your only allowed to take three pictures a day without spending 5 bucks a month is also quite insane. I could buy a mbership to watch all the shows i want with what theyre wanting me to spend to take more than three pictures a day. Interestng. Also its a friggen lie. I was only able to take 2 pictures in the first place with out the app going "too bad give us your money." On a good note this reminded me why i dont use mobile apps anymore and just use the internet or random programs on my pc. Thank you for this important lesson. Oh and oh yeah a lotta ads but at least that was expected. Gotta make money somehow but not like this with this pay to use garbage. This isnt world of warcraft for the love of god.
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2 years ago, Flying fly guy
Expensive for a not-so-good app
I was looking for an app that translates from photos so that I can understand the packaging and products in the store. This app does that, so I get an idea of the product. But I find that translation from Japanese to English is not so great. I paid quite a bit for a year subscription because I thought I would use it a lot. But then I discovered that I can just use the google translate app, which seems to be much more accurate, and I don’t have to actually take a picture if I don’t want to. Anyway I canceled my subscription according to the apple support instructions that the developers pointed to in their responses to other reviews (great that they seem to be very responsive). Of course that just means it won’t get renewed next year. It would be nice get some of my premium back, on a pro-rated basis.
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5 years ago, Outdoor Janitor
Great OCR; No translation Hindi to English
Tried 2nd photo (after signing for 3-day trial) of a 2nd Christian hymn in Hindi at Indian church: provided a nice OCR copy of the exact same text over my page - but STILL IN Hindi!!! Tried specifying “Hindi-To - English” but no change - still sharp digital text picture of exact same page as I already have in front of me - but no translation has taken place — I was told by an Indian brother-in-the-lord that this may be because the hymn book had Hindi text not in the native characters but as phonetic Roman characters so was not recognized as Hindi, so app simply reprinted the Roman English characters as they appeared without translating them to English — Perjaps, will photograph some Hindi characters next; but it seems a serious flaw mot to recognize Hindi written in the 26 characters of the English / American alphabet!
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2 years ago, Ken the Cookieman
3 day trial trick and non existing customer service’
This company is as crooked as they come. They advertised a free three day trial. I expected if I didn’t cancel before the 3 days were over, I’d be charged the yearly rate of $29. To my surprise, they charged me right away. At the time, there wasn’t enough funds to cover the $29 in that account. I attempted to contact them to discuss it. They never responded to my concern, all the while they kept hitting my account several times a day for about two weeks, until finally there were enough funds for them to take. I will be filing a complaint with Apple. To this day, they have not responded to my issue. They’ve told me how to cancel, but not what can be done about the $29 they took from me for the 3 day trial. BEWARE of this company. I wish I could leave negative stars.
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4 years ago, CurlEMusic
Exactly what I was looking for
App is very simple and works great, no other app has the translation overlay that is incredibly important for heavily formatted pictures. I upgraded to the premium cause it was pretty cheap and I needed to translate a lot of pages in a book. There are definitely improvements that can be made like a folder function to organize the photos you take. Also I’m not faulting this app since honestly its translation quality is better than every other app except google translate. I don’t know why exactly but google translates OCR works incredibly well. Next best thing is definitely this app, I still use both because it’s nice being able to overlay the translated text since the (art) books I’m translating are heavily formatted, but I’ll switch to google translate when I need a paragraph that’s slightly more clear. All in all great app and there’s none like it on the App Store.
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5 years ago, Molly81900
It was easy
Ok so I was watching Mulan the other day and it was the end credits so it was on the side, luckily I had my phone so I took a picture of it and then I was trying to find a translation app so I tried so many of them but most of them needed money for a premium pack and I didn’t want to buy them so this was easy bc i was able to also use so I didn’t have to rewind and try to fine when to pause it so I found this really nice and really easy to use so I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 😁
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5 years ago, TerminalVR
It’s as annoying as threading a needle
This app, while excelling at translating text and overlaying the translation where it was originally written, is filled to the brim with ads. While the ones I’ve encountered are short, the developers use this as a rewards mechanic. It is as follows: 1-First, you are treated to a short message asking if you want a premium version membership. 2-Next it either let’s you choose a photo or take one, or shows you an ad. 3-You now get your translation ASSUMING it recognizes the text in what you selected or took a photo of. 4-If not, go back through the premium version offer, watch an ad, retake the picture, and watch an ad again before getting your ‘reward’, as the app calls it, a.k.a. The one thing it was designed to do. 5-If it succeeds in translating the foreign text, congrats. If not rinse and repeat #4. In short this app would be nearly perfect if it wasn’t begging for money or wasting your time with ads that are basically there to block you from an otherwise highly effective use of the darn thing.
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4 years ago, Xx.dsxx.12xx
I was looking for app two do this then I find this app and I had a Japanese hoodie on and I was trying two find a app that can take a pic and I find this app so I downloaded it and take a pic and it said toko thanks when I get money I will buy the full version of this app it’s a good thing that I find this app because I’m moving out of ca soon so thanks I will not delete this app any time soon keep up the good work I gotta find a new job soon so I can save up money and move out of ca thanks again
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5 years ago, Phantom user
Don’t waste your time.
I understand this is a free app BUT shouldn’t have the close out three or four adds for every translation. Even with that being sad after four or five translations the app stopped recognizing text in pictures. Had the app actually worked as advertised I may have considered upgrading to the paid version but with the hit or miss performance of the free version that is not an option. I won’t be paying for hit or miss.
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3 years ago, Gke922
My review of this app
I really like the Hobonichi planners. This coming year, I’ll be using the Mega Weeks planner that has an inspiration for each week, but only in Japanese. With this app, all I have to do is take a picture of the quote, and instantly it translates to English. I really like it, and believe it will be worth $30 a year, because at times I run across sentences in Spanish that I cannot read as well. So far, I really, really like it.
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4 years ago, zeke the toy collector
I had this little Godzilla toy in my collection for a long time and recently I decided to check out who made it. Once I looked on the bottom of the feet I was struck with Japanese characters. I decided to find a translator app and was greeted with this particular app. Once I took a picture, I waited a few seconds and saw it’s accurate translation placed over the Japanese characters. I researched it and was shocked to find that my little Godzilla was a piece of Gojira’s history. Thank you
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2 years ago, Snom from pokemon
Overwhelming and immense greed
It does work very well but there is one issue that destroys the whole app. You can only translate three photos A DAY. If you want to translate more photos you can either watch a add or you can pay a weekly subscription to have unlimited translations and no extra advertisements. Extra advertisements are simply advertisements for the weekly subscription. You get about three of them after every time you translate a photo. Just one or two seconds after you close the first membership add you get yet another one. This game is simply ruined by greed much like of a lot of other apps I know.
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3 years ago, no. name. for. you.
Great but some minor bugs
After restarting and redownloading the app I was able to get it working again. This app is really great but definitely needs some kinks worked out. The problem I was having was that it wouldn’t let me change the language options so I was stuck on English to English which made the app effectively useless. When trying to change the language the app would close itself out.
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4 years ago, corporal poopy pants
It actually does exactly what it claims to.
Ya know when you download an app that you need ASAP and legit just charges you to do what should be a simple 3 second task? This ones actually doesn’t do this. I was actually blown away to the point where I’m writing this review. We got some medical thermometers at work from China for scanning and we couldn’t make heads or tails of it. Snapped a pic and it just did it’s job perfectly as an app. Good on y’all.
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12 months ago, ~*~ anonymous ~*~
I didn’t like it
The app is fine, but it depends on the language and length of what you’re trying to translate. For example: I was trying to transite these two russian words from my sheet music. The app worked. However, when i needed it to translate a paragraph of Chinese, the translation was awful. Wether it translates by line or paragraph (two different options in the app) it makes no difference and translates it the same. I’m assuming it has to do with the grammar, Chinese grammar is very different from English and is hard to translate, but I wasn’t satisfied.
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3 years ago, M.K😂🤣
Really good App
Although there is a lot of ad’s it is the best one I seen so far. Most apps make you pay a trail just to take more than one picture but, this app you only need to watch a quick ad. The only thing I will complain about is that It asked to track me when I first downloaded the app which was odd but besides that if you don’t mind looking at some ad’s I highly recommend this.
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3 years ago, W n/a
Temporary lifetime premium
Bought lifetime premium a few months ago. It worked great until A few days ago. Now I’m constantly asked to buy the lifetime premium again and watch videos to use the app. The developer contacted me and pointed out that I should find an select restore purchases. I did that and now the app works great.
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3 years ago, Aninwa buachie
Not working
I don’t understand, it was working great. Now every time i translate something Spanish to english, it doesn’t do anything and leaves me with the original photo. And if i watch an ad to take a photo, i watch the full ad and it doesn’t let me. And when i press the camera icon it makes me watch another ad.
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3 years ago, yearly_stars
Won’t translate anything without paying
Before it asked you to pay in order to get no ads or watch a video so that wasn’t too bad. But now they won’t let you translate really any wordy piece of text without making you pay for it. They won’t even let you watch an ad anymore. And now they’ll only let you translate two photos a day. Before they did this update I was at least using their horrible app that’s honestly pretty bad at translating anyways(good for basic stuff) but now I won’t use this anymore and I’ll have to find another one
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5 years ago, FrankvsGaming
Great app, but too much ad/the same one over and over again
This app is great ngl, although they use too much ad, im not complaining since this is a free app and the dev gotta put app to earn monye, but the annoying thing is they use the same add (iTranslate) over over again, I wish they would change the add so at least it’s not annoying, nevertheless definitely recommend the app
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5 years ago, JinxTCat
May be good maybe not good
It worked once very well. Then, when i tried again the screen was too crowded. I couldn't find the trabajaron i wanted to see. So many pop ups. The space used for pop ups is so big and distracting that i couldn't find the translations. I am not sure. I think i will look for another application...
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1 year ago, jjboi8708
You are forced to buy the subscription.
I used to love this app because although it had the three limit cap for translating photos per day you could always watch an ad to translate more than 3 pictures. But they removed that feature and now you are forced to basically pay for the subscription. I don’t know why they did this but removing the watch ad and now being forced to buy the subscription is a deal breaker for me and I’m pretty sure it will be for a lot of people.
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3 years ago, Dylan1827462
Keeps crashing
Ever since the last couple of days I can’t even open the app without it crashing, and it keeps getting stuck in English to English mode, but when I try to change the language, it crashes. Normally works super well but the apps been being very strange lately.
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3 years ago, gacha club must be here
Listen, I swear I am not a bot but I really really love this app!! Why? It helps me so much the only thing that bugs me is that a subscription pops up but you don’t need to buy it, you can use the translator as many times as you need and it has many languages! It’s actually really helpful and like I said, I’m not a bot I’m a real person. TRUST ME
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2 years ago, smismiles2
They need to drop advertisements
Just downloaded. Was using the app to translate some test pics, and each time i needed to opt out of upgrading my plan to a paid plan twice on each picture translation. Third picture i tried to translate said i reached my daily maximum, i could either upgrade to a paid subscription, or watch a video add to unlock 1 more. I opted to watch the 15 sec ad, and it was for google lens which does the exact same thing, better, and for free. Thanks!!!
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4 years ago, MelonHeadIsHere
3 day trial is fake
I downloaded the app to give the app a try. Found it not as impressive as I hope it to be so I deleted it within the same day. Came to realize it not only put me into the subscription but for the WHOLE YEAR! I tried to use the “contact us” from the app developer function. After writing the whole paragraph to explain the situation, it is to find the “send” bottom was disabled! I am still stuck in how to contact the merchant to unsubscribe it. If you haven’t download it, my advice to you is - don’t try it!
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4 years ago, Fitaceman
They make you watch an ad before and after EVERY picture. It’s bad enough my product didn’t have English instructions but having to watch an ad constantly is VERY annoying!!! ***UPDATE*** After receiving a response from the developers saying “please upgrade to remove ads”, I will elaborate on the frustrations of using this app.... Like almost any free app, there are going to be ads and that is not an issue. Where this particular app is VERY annoying is before AND after every single picture, there is an ad. Some are 5 seconds long and some are 30 seconds long. This also doesn’t include the “would you like to upgrade” screen that pops up after every picture as well. Use this app if you don’t mind endless ads. Personally, I will be deleting the app and finding something better.
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4 years ago, SHeXM 😎
I think everyone should download this application👍♥️
This is a very very nice Application because I can everything translate by this Application by the way you must download this Application I think A nicest App in the World for translate’ and this is easy to use you have fun With them. And thanks for developer this app.❤️🤍
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2 years ago, wobily 1
Overall pretty good
It let me take a few free translation for a game called slendytubbies 3 where the game was automatically set to mandarin or something similar and it was able to help me around and I was able to switch the language
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4 years ago, yoDaddyaSimpandIamToo
Best i can find
Even though it’s inconvenient at times with the pop up adds its the best app i can find that will actually let you use the intended feature without paying a weekly or monthly fee just to use the app, translation’s could be better though
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2 years ago, Layla Bos
Love it
I love the app . I had to translate Latin, and since that’s a dead language it hard to find apps that translate that. But the best part it was FREE! At the start it says if you want to pay, but you don’t have to. I would definitely recommend this app.
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5 years ago, ~KarebearMom~
It’s ok
It’s just ok. Not always accurate and doesn’t work without internet. I downloaded this app while away in Europe. I use it mainly for menus and reading signs for travel. Once, while in a Café, I photographed the menu hit translate and ordered a coffee. The translation said it had Irish cream in the coffee. But, someone else who knew the menu and knew English said nope. Not Irish cream, it’s cherry liquor. I’m allergic to cherries. Thank goodness the lady new the translation was wrong.
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1 month ago, buyhjhiinijdnjbshsyb
itd realnym food im trying the free trial and it’s one of the best photo translators it literally like photo shops a different language I use it to talk with people on roblox and it works so so so so sooo we’ll it can translate a whole game’s screen! Love love love I’ll probably get the subscription and yeah it’s amazing
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4 years ago, Rockin' Kat
Works really well for Chinese to English
Got a fabric TV cover and it only came with care instructions in Chinese. Used the three day free trial to translate it. It was super quick and completely understandable. If I could afford to travel I’d certainly be willing to include a subscription to this when doing so.
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4 years ago, Madi Sanye
Just what I wanted!
I’ve been searching and searching for a translator app for years. I came across this one, and it was almost free! With the acceptation of watching an ad, which I’d lovingly do for this app, it will almost always correctly read out something! I recommend!
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3 years ago, MeganMind.Co
Best translator!!!!!!!
I have been trying to find a translator camera for a long time. All the apps I found cost quite a bit to use the camera translator. I highly recommend getting this app if you don’t want to pay for the camera translator.
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3 weeks ago, RavenRose8
The free trial is a scam
They offered me a free trial and charged me full price for a year for it right away, literally the second that I accepted the free trial that was supposed to last 3 days… it even said on the free trial that if I canceled before the free trial ended that I wouldn’t be charged, but I didn’t even get a minute before I was charged. I contacted the developer of this app via email and I never received a response or a refund. I am disabled and didn’t have money for this.
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4 years ago, jffjbsjvsnjzdjdjdvisvsnsvshs
The app is ok 👌
The app is very simple and straight forward, the only downside is that it has too many ads. There's a message that pops up on my screen every time I go to take a picture and I can only get rid of it by closing the app because it has no X button. I'd suggest just using the Google Translate app. I'd only use this app if I need to translate late something big like a paragraph, not just two words no point.
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6 months ago, Mchevelli review
Beautiful tool
A beautiful tool for helping to understand other languages foreign books. Signs, we do not understand and other languages. whoever made this app is a brilliant person. Please keep up the good work
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5 years ago, dbstory
I got the coolest gift in the mail. All instructions are in Asian text. I could find the kit online and I want to buy some for others. Using this app I immediately got the name. The only downside is the price. Forty dollars s year is way to much for my needs.
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3 years ago, Bellasheesh
I rates this five stars so people would see it- I recently got a sweatshirt with some jaoanease symbols I didn't know so I got this first it said construction worker and than i scanned it again and it said and it began soooo idk what to say ٩(ര̀ᴗര́)ᵇʸᵉ
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5 years ago, OJ🥀😋
I WAS wanting to watch Netflix and somehow it was in Chinese and I obviously didn’t understand it so tried every other app and it cost misny and this one didn’t and it helped me find the change language icon so thanks recommenced for this app👍👍
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