4.8 (89)
18.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pingboard Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Pingboard

4.8 out of 5
89 Ratings
9 years ago, Pete121085
Never forget anyone's name again!
Pingboard is a great way to put a face to a name. If I don't recognize a name in a meeting invite, I can quickly look them up, see their photo, find out what department they work in, who they work with, etc.
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3 months ago, BeardedBaron007
LOVE Pingboard! The app is a little glitchy
LOVE the platform! Has been GREAT for our culture. But the app is quite glitchy. WiFi on or off and I’ll often have to open the app multiple times to get things to load. Often the employee card will load without their details and I’ll have to restart the app.
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11 months ago, Schutzerhm
Very Glitchy
The app is very glitchy and freezes regularly. Unable to easily Change calendar showings for status, and does no good if it’s frozen before I can get to it.
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5 months ago, IntensityTX
App will open and just freezes after logging in and opening again.
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4 months ago, ukeeptrashing
Fix the bugs pls
When are you gonna fix the unclickable home page?
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4 years ago, Gomez0128
Works good but needs improvement
The app glitches anytime I open it for any period of time. Then I have to restart the app and try to open the same folder again. My phone has most recent update so I am not sure where the issue is coming from. We have already spent so much time creating our company org chart that I’m worried about the reliability of the app if it already has such major malfunctions. This needs to be fixed, other than that the idea of the app is perfect
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6 years ago, Jws1982
Contacts Sync - Need Subfolder
Everything’s been great about this app. Just one negative. The sync to contacts feature syncs all the Pingboard people to your main contact folder. I do not want this to happen, as my main contacts are personal, separate from my work contacts. Please have the option to sync the contacts to a separate contacts folder just for Pingboard.
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5 years ago, Bain Bus
Quick and simple employee directory
I love being able to find everyone in the company and where in the org they sit. There’s even a game to see how many faces you know!
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3 years ago, C-D-U-B-B
What happened to some features
Was a great app in my opinion before the latest updates. What happened to the contact sync option. This was a great feature, not sure why it was removed, definitely should be back.
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5 years ago, robin1384
Works ok
Great app overall, but there is one big flaw. There is no button to create a status. The functionality is there so if you click where the button is supposed to show, it works but there is no actual button showing.
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6 years ago, Wellsinator
Very nice, useable
Hey y'all, app crashes upon launch/foreground. I'm on an iPhone 7, iOS 10.3.1. Hope this helps! Otherwise love the app and will edit review once this bug is fixed. Edit: love it! Wonderful app.
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9 years ago, billboebel
On my home screen
One of just a few work apps that I keep on my home screen.
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8 years ago, Channing_one
App Crashing Constantly
Have iOS 10 and every time I attempt to open, app crashes. Loved it when it worked, please fix bug.
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8 years ago, TexasBear
Great concept! However, the iPhone app crashes constantly. I've been using it for about a year and nothing has changed. I can usually reopen the app and get what I need, but it is annoying.
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8 years ago, Yava77
It didn't fix the google sign in issue!
I still can't sign in using my google account! Making this app unusable now. It use to be working!!
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8 years ago, DaCodeRhino1999
Makes corporate life easy
It's nice to have everyone's office schedule, org chart and contact info at our fingertips.
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9 years ago, PathFood
I love having this on my phone!
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5 years ago, Alex02493
Looks nice, but problems signing in
Looks like a cute app, but there are snags trying to sign in. Uninstalled for now, may try again in several months.
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9 years ago, RockawayRa
App crashes upon opening
After using prior version of Pingboard for 9 months, the current version crashes constantly upon me opening with iphone 5S. It is used by my company as its employee directory so I hope Pingboard is aware it's not working.
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10 years ago, Joshtee
Useful app!
Great to have all my co-worker's contact info in one place. Great app!
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2 years ago, #%^*+€£¥
Can't login with ADP
This app is useless now. Haven't been able to login using ADP account. Just shows preparing ADP and sits there! IPhone Xr running ios 14.5. Please fix. Not the only one having this problem.
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3 years ago, Dynamiteboy
App Crashes Everytime
This app crashes every time someone tries to open the org chart on every single iPhone. The developers haven’t bothered to update it in 6 months.
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8 years ago, PianoCloud
App crashes on iOS 10
The app crashes completely on iOS 10 (both 10.0.1 & 10.0.2) Haven't been able to set the status or do any work on the phone through Pingboard for a while now...
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6 years ago, LadyKrizz
Can’t update status from app
This latest update has removed the ability to update my status from the app. This is the only feature of the app I need.
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8 years ago, Ross6843
It's pretty and works well
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2 years ago, bkakin
App useless for me. Can’t login.
Does not work for me at all. Just spins when I try to log in. Tech support with Pingboard, Holli, is aware of the issue but doesn’t know how to fix.
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3 years ago, mgpixlab
Birthdays Are Wrong
If you end app congratulating a co-worker one day earlier, blame Pingboard. This bug has been present for months now and nothing’s being done to fix it.
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7 years ago, Laurenty
Won't open
Crashes instantly. iOS 10.3.3
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3 years ago, robertginkgo
Crashes 4 out of 5 times
This is without hesitation the buggiest app I have on my phone, and it stresses me out every time I have to look up a colleague’s phone number. Unforgivable.
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2 years ago, kktk2021
Crashes on SSO sign in
Can’t login via sso, the app just crashes
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7 years ago, Jerry_dingleberry
Horrible update
Why would you remove the ability to see contact info in app? Why for the love of god?
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7 years ago, Peike5
Crash immediately
Please fix it. I believe you all got the crash report already.
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5 years ago, AnnoyedNConfused
I can’t even open the app anymore. Crashes immediately upon launching.
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5 years ago, stevenpjo
Non functional
This app does not work at all on the iPhone. It freezes with a continuous loading arrow on startup. Terrible.
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6 years ago, Io20720
Can’t give it any stars
My company just installed this - When I attempt to login using ADP - it crashes. Can’t get in
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6 years ago, Dissatisfied Pingboard User
Buggy, doesn’t work
Every time I try to use the game aspect it shuts down on me and crashes. Newest OS on iPhone.
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2 years ago, Assassin3355
Does not work
App opens but trying to sign in with adp crashes the app.
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7 years ago, Ap09876
Terirble update
Great app but crappy update. It made the app unusable. Crashes even before a search completes
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7 years ago, NirvanasSerenity
Crashing on launch
I'm unable to launch the app. iPhone 7 OS 10.3.2
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5 years ago, Benuwine91
Okta Integration Crash
If you use Okta to integrate with your companies SSO, the app crashes! Please fix
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