Pinger: Call + Phone SMS App

4.7 (36.2K)
128.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pinger, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pinger: Call + Phone SMS App

4.65 out of 5
36.2K Ratings
6 years ago, TheSoundNan
I tried nearly a I half-dozen different services like text free. By that I mean the different companies that offer voice and texting services. I knew the dozen I think it was actually four or five over the last two years that whole process of shutting up with your email and setting up your phone to work with your system getting phone number and starting to use the new phone number with your family and friends and perhaps business associates and then if it doesn’t work out very well is an absolute mess!! Sure you put the learn to possibly look at the reviews. The trash out that that’s still not full pool. Typically finish up this review, after a little more than a full year of using Textfree and I personally have two numbers with Textfree and three other family members have Textfree I considerate absolutely unbelievably fantastic and bulletproof. The guys that run this thing have really put a lot into it. All I can say is that we love it. Oh and by the way 100 minutes for a couple of bucks, well are you kidding. I hope this year on forever. Thanks guys, Michael And family and friends
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5 years ago, Tdeberry
Free calls, voicemail and texting
I have been using TextFree for quite awhile now. It is absolutely free calling, texting and voicemail. It works very well as long as you are connected to a reliable WiFi. The only problem I’ve ever had is sometimes when I answer an incoming call, the call drops. However, I do use this service instead of my Paid Cell Phone Service for when I don’t want to give out my Paid Cell Service Number such as surveys. I also use my TextFree number for friends and family who don’t have a paid cell service phone number so that I can text or call them free of charge. This is my back up phone number when I don’t want to receive telemarking calls. I am giving it 4 stars. I took off one point for the dropped calls. Otherwise it’s a pretty good service and is completely free to other TextFree numbers, any and all incoming calls are also totally free. As long as you make or receive one answered call or send atleast one text per month, you will not lose your selected phone number. I also like that you can watch videos or ads to gain extra minutes to make calls to non-TextFree numbers. Incoming calls and incoming and outgoing text messages are always free. I would definitely recommend this app for anyone who is looking for a Free WiFi calling and texting service.
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5 years ago, Mr88loveit
What happened
I've had this app for a few years now and it used to work great. But since the update where the app icon changed to the now "pinger" logo it has gone downhill. Quit often when I try to open the app it crashes and I have to retry to open it several times. When it is open there is such a lag time from when I type to when it comes up on screen that I can quite often finish my typing before the first word appears on screen. Furthermore using the calling feature won't work with the earpiece speaker on my phone so every call has to be on speakerphone only. This is my second phone I have used this app on and the speakerphone only on calls is the same so it is not likely the phone but the app. The lag problem is everywhere in this app not just in recognizing typing but combined with answering a call and waiting for the in call screen to come up to switch to speakerphone people have to wait for me to here them which is an annoyance with friends and family but down right obnoxious when the doctors office is calling me back and hang up before the app can "catch up" to turn on speakerphone. I do not have regular service and this is my only number. If it were not for the fact everyone has this number I would delete it just out of pure frustration with it. I may still delete it and just go on in life without a "phone"
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2 years ago, shystee_me
A little disappointed
I have had the Pinger App for about 10 years or more. This app has been my life line for many deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, and many other countries. When no one else was able to reach their families in my unit, I was able to reach mine with Pinger. They have updated it and changed it and I have been through it all with this app, but I stayed with it out of loyalty. I used it almost as much as my AT&T phone even when I was back in the US. I had the same number as well for all these years and all my family knew that number, even certain businesses as well. I knew I had to use the phone or text at least once a month to keep to active. Then in Dec 2022 one of my not so very active months, on the 27th/28th day I went to use my Pinger app, and my account was inactive. All my mins were gone, number that I had for 10 plus years was lost!! I contacted the hard to find customer service and got nothing. I contacted the customer service for a second and third and the fourth time and still got nothing. It’s very hard for me to leave negative feed back, but the reality is these days they want you do monthly subscriptions because it’s more lucrative for these companies. So please be careful when you get these apps and read the fine print. Most of them have zero customer support and when I help you if something goes wrong.
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4 years ago, Krotch341a
For text and WiFi calls - works great!😀
I have used this app for years (2015) on and off. They have continued to raise the bar... pictures deliver quickly and I haven’t heard a “bad” call in years. It just needs a healthy Wifi signal. Places like McDonald’s and Starbucks and the like. You can receive messages and put it on several phones. The one thing that makes this app stand far out from anything else is: I don’t know any other app that actually gives you a phone number. You get to choose it even 👍🏼 When I came to Portland with my Apple phone, it had a hard time interfacing with the GPS signal so I had to disconnect it from the network. Now I use the Wi-Fi and I have no problems ever. 👍🏼 For a monthly nominal fee -I can reserve my number indefinitely and enjoy “voicemail to text” which is so much better than listening to them. I highly recommend to young people, people starting over, really just anyone who needs a consistent phone number or message center. I turned off my network phone last spring and I have not missed it a bit (works best with apple phones tho)
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2 years ago, Pro Ins
Service was not working but it is now
This is a follow up review from the one below. My service stopped working but after a week Emily from tech support replied to me. Basically what happened was that I had the app installed in 3 different devices. One of those devices had a VPN turned on and that caused my service to stop working. After I explained this to Tech support they restored my service and gave me my number back which I thought to had lost forever. To the tech support department I’m very grateful for helping me. Previous review below: I’m unable to make or received calls and texts even though their system says there are no problems in their networks. I sent 3 emails to technical support department and no answer, there is no phone number to contact customer service either. I paid for 1 year subscription and I’m unable to use this service and I’m losing calls from my customers. This outrageous!!! Can some please call me back!
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5 years ago, LeRoys IPhone
Pinger had this a long time ago
I had not used in a little bit of time but it had been just a bit under a month but I had lost a ton of minutes and text time was never able to recover but I guess possibly they could’ve and should have fixed it so lesson learned but it is a good way to have a second number without needing a phone with a dual SIM card and paying extra money every month for this but all in all was a great service that allowed you to get extra talk time through different means and with that being said I had never really had a bad connection or a problem with using the app so I definitely recommend it and I can only imagine it has gotten better. I had started using this service again and the only thing I did there surveys and I am still awaiting my minutes and nothing I think something needs to be fixed with there partners to get all these minutes straightened out.
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9 months ago, YourDDifuWantit
Best app ever
Pinger is the best phone number app available for you to use on your mobile devices in your home country or anywhere else you are located and if you’re looking for work or need a phone number to contact your local phone company or local phone service company pinger can provide you with the best service possible for you to reach your home area in fact pinger is the best free phone service available in your country and it will also provide you with a free mobile app that will give you the ability to connect with your friends and family members in the region that is also a great way to get a good deal for the people in their homes in their own country or in your own region have a great experience with pinger in love your friends in family members in your own loving way you can contact them in any situation in emergency or whatever situation you are in even just to say I love you
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6 years ago, w1selabs
Here are some facts.
In the past, if you bought minutes and saved them up, then lost the number to not using it for 30 days, you were screwed. The number was free to anyone and fast. Since that experience many years ago, I use it everyday. Not sure if that’s all changed but that’s how you avoided problems back then with this app. Use it once a week even, but do use it or else. lol Besides “accidentally” opening the ad when I’m texting others (constantly), this app still provides a great service to whomever uses it. The voicemail features a top notch. Your options for the app are just as awesome. Once I got 100mbps WiFi it works as good as my landline. In 10mbps it works but with a strong delay and some issues. I can change my number anytime & if I don’t like who has my number I can block them or vanish. Perfect for avoiding stalkers and drama. 4 stars for latest updates. The devs are really getting it to perfection. 5 stars for the app in general. It’s FREE! I save so much money by including this app in my professional life. So I’m-not ever giving up on it. Try it out. You’ll see for yourself. THE RECENT 3 month old BAD NEWS: they have ads running pop up scripts that take over your screen and take you to your browser outside of the app. Whoever allowed it should be fired. Flat out. No explanations or excuses. Gone. I won’t use this until it’s fixed. VERY SUSPICIOUS BUSINESS.
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6 years ago, Still Lonely
Won't give it 1 star just because
I have used this app for a few years and finally feel I should review it. It was great. You do get what you pay for and it didn't cost me anything so it was wonderful being able to text or make calls free. I didn't always get the free minutes the the tap joy offers but I had time to waste so no big deal. I never wanted to rate it but now that I am unable to use it anymore I will say this: It was great when it worked. Update after update changing the appearance and including stickers (causing some dialogs to be lost upon update) and everything else was frustrating but the whole "free" part made it easy to deal with. Now with the most recent updates I could not send pics and now I can't even send a text without closing the app and starting again a few times. Now that it has been updated beyond use I give it 3 stars to give it credit for when it worked. I would give it 0 stars for the performance over the past few weeks. Looking for a replacement app after rating. Disappointed.
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4 years ago, ℬσѕѕℒα∂уṨиσω
You need this app
I’ve tried tons of different calling & texting apps & so many claim to be free but just aren’t. This app not only gives you your own choice of number for free but you get I think 200 free minutes to start with and unlimited texts. And if you aren’t going to use it for 30 days and want to lock in you’re number or exceed the 200 minutes it’s less than $5/month. And it works flawlessly with seamless integration of my contacts list. If you don’t have this app, then get it! I cannot give this app enough stars. It’s just perfect if you need a second number for business or just want a second personal line, or hey if you break your phone, which is what I did.. just seriously a great application, great job to the developers, thank you for providing a great quality app and for charging such an affordable price when you do even charge at all.
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7 years ago, Shadowhawk176
Great for texting. Terrible for phone calls
This app is great for texting, slick and scaled down user interface makes texting quick and easy, but when it comes to making phone calls, it can barely lock onto a signal and incoming calls often drop before they can connect. Takes way too long to receive a call. Often, by the time the app processes your button click to answer the call, the other party thinks you're not there and hangs up. There also needs to be a way to block calls. This results in much less confidence in giving out your phone number and thereby not using the phone number nearly as much as you would if you were able to block junk calls or annoying people.
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2 years ago, J9ung
Disappointed but considering another try
I’ve used Pinger for a little less than three years and was very happy until recently. I stopped getting notifications of calls and messages and ended up losing my number. Since I use this line for a specific purpose, it was not unusual for there to be few or no calls for long stretches. But, when it was brought to my attention that the number wasn’t in service, I clicked on the app and suddenly learned there were 16 calls or messages that NEVER gave an audible alert/rang or added the little number that pops up on the app on your Home Screen indicating there were messages. Add to that the fact that there are other apps that offer a cheaper monthly rate if you pay a year at a time(which I’m willing to do), and I’m leery about continuing to use Pinger. I’ll use it for a few more weeks and monitor closely to see if I get notifications. If not, I’ll be looking for a more reliable app.
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5 years ago, G8dgetgirl
Overall Great App!
Pinger/Text Free is my go to app for a second line. The platform is simple and easy to use. The overall signal is as stable, as your wifi provides. They have a good selection of numbers from you to choose from, theres not an overwhelming amount of ads, Texting is free no matter what, however, You do need to add minutes for talk in which you have the option to pay for them, or you, can watch short video ads, and participate in consumer offers, free trials, opinions/surveys to accrue them. They make it very reasonable no matter which option you choose to get minutes. I personally dont participate in watching ads and taking surveys nor do i write reviews very often, and pinger has me doing both. Ha! Thanks pinger, keep up the good work
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4 years ago, 5 Star Assessments
Tested App
So I phoned the number given to me by this app from another phone... and it came through as caller unknown w/NO TELEPHONE NUMBER associated. So if you miss a call and no one left a VM, you may not find out who called. Then I called the app from the other phone and did see the app number pop up. Next, I sent a text from app to phone. It worked. Then a reply from phone to ping app and it also went through. Then I phoned the app again and this time it showed the phone number on the apps call ID. Strange and inconsistent. The quality of the call seemed to be great with only a 1 second lag. The next day I phoned an 800 number that will always be in service and an automated system recording should’ve been heard immediately but for some reason when I phoned from the Ping app it just rang and rang and rang, then finally a message that the number is no longer in service played. (Again, that number is Never going to be out of service and it was dialed correctly). I phoned the same number again immediately after by pressing REDIAL... and this time it went to the correct destination and the companies automated system was heard immediately after initial ring. I believe the app is useful and “user friendly”; However, It seems to be inconsistent. Looking forward to improvements.
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6 years ago, CiaoBellina
When all else fails....
I had to download an app that would allow me to reach family members who were on the same bill same cell company and even shared a feature where our line to lines are free. Not sure how my phone suddenly was unable to connect with texting or actual phone calls to them I found Textfree as I found myself in a frantic trying to reach my sons father n even my own mother. It downloaded within seconds, opened easily with directions so simple it was within at most 2 minutes to set up n connected me to both of those I was reaching out for frantically. Thanks to Textfree I was able to get messages and other vital information I needed to within minutes.
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5 years ago, Kue-Ball-Tucson
Just the best
Thanks Everyone. Even Sally’s Cat, Marshmallow helped on this one, I’m sure. Hands down, five stars, every time. There was a SMALL problem a few updates ago (I couldn’t SEND texts. They just seemed to not go nowhere. POOF! Gone. Limbo) but the cat (and the people) were on it, and they fixed it quickly and they even kept me in the loop, letting me know what they were doing about it. I think I appreciate that more than anything, really. I've tried several, but, hands down, Textfree and Pinger are by far... The Best Why? Simple: They Work. Period. They have come a long way to get the superb application you have here today. If you were to install the first release along side this one, you wouldn't BELIEVE the difference. Just one improvement after another, and I did use the first one when it was released, and you know what? It's better than anything else out there as well. Would I switch? Not a chance How much do I have to spend? Not a dime It works, it's free, it's user friendly, available cross platform (iOS and Droid or even PC and MacOS from a browser) What more can you ask? Tuc, Az
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4 years ago, Bdhoe
Highly Recommend!
I would recommend this app to anyone! It does everything it says it will and more! I have used this app for years and it has never failed me. They have put a lot of time and hard work into this to make it what it is!!! I will never use anything else as long as they keep it simple and free as it has been since day one! It just gets better and better. It is free and you can use it as a backup number even if you have a real phone. There’s always some who don’t want to give out a real number so this is perfect for that. As long as you have a good connection, it will be clear and you will receive texts and calls in real time. You will also never miss a call or text even when you don’t have service or WiFi connection because once you connect back everything you have missed, it will show you, such as missed calls and/or text messages that you had not saw while you had no connection. At least give it a try, you won’t be disappointed! Thank you all at TextFree for this amazing app!!! I would give it 10 stars if I could!!!!!
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5 years ago, Eciptussolipsi
Mostly Reliable, and I’ve been using it for years
I’m an American who travels a lot, and I’ve recently moved to the U.K. full time. These days you can mostly keep in touch with other services, but Facebook Messenger will only get you so far. I still have family in the US that use flip phones. I still have American credit cards, and an American bank account. Pinger has been my way to manage these calls and services for over five years now. The service isn’t amazing. I wouldn’t call it flashy, but calls rarely drop and the price really can’t be beat. I would recommend it to anyone travelling internationally, and in fact, I used to recommend it all the time when I sold phones for US Cellular.
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6 years ago, Trevfad
Awesome App!
So I LITERALLY was shot with a Shotgun this year (Nearly Tore My Arm Off) Lost My Job because they wouldn’t Let Me Work, Lost All My Money, Lost the Best thing in my Life Of ALL Though. That Was The Love Of My Life. She Left Me Not Too Long After. (She Has Her Reasons Which Is Okay.) But I have been unable to pay for my Phone for Months and Months. Found this app just this Week, Called My Ex With It Left a Voicemail and Then I Heard My Phone Ringing!!!! She Called Me Back. We Talked for a While. I Was Crying on The Phone, She asked me what was wrong, and I told her How Deeply I Had Missed The Sound Of Her Voice. I Hadnt Heard Her Sweet, Angelic Voice In LITERALLY Months. Its Been Torture. Id Rather Had Been Shot Again and Again than have delt with that. But Hearing Her Voice today and Tonight has made my Life soo much Better. God I Love That Woman. I Miss Her Soo Much. Thanks to this App I Was Able To Finally Speak With Her Though and Hear That Pretty Voice Again! Im Glad this App is on here, I Don't Know What Else I Would Have Done Without Hearing Her Voice. It Would Have Drove Me Completely Crazy Not Hearing Her Voice And Being All Alone.
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5 years ago, TeenSkino
I absolutely love this app. I’ve had it since 2012. I use this when I don’t want people to have my number. I also used it as my number when I was using my iPod as a phone in college over the WiFi. Super great back up number. I love it. Incoming calls, text are all free. If someone else has the app it’s free. Outgoing you have to pay for minutes but you can easily just watch a video and earn them for free if you don’t care to spend any money. The only thing I don’t like that they just started is that you HAVE to use the app monthly in order to keep your same number but that’s literally the only downfall. Definitely a 5 Star App!
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5 years ago, firekorty🐱
It’s not very good
I still have it because it’s the only was I can text 2 of my friends and honestly it’s not free you have to watch videos to get calling minutes and you have to buy unlimited minutes if you want to call without have to watch a ton of videos. You get like 5 minutes each video and you have to have enough minutes or your cut off of calling until you have enough. It should be called text cheap not text free! And it’s very glitchy! I don’t really recommend this app if you don’t have to use it to text your friends or something like that. Try some other app and developers hint fix the glitches and make this app more free please. Take my word for it you’ll have way better reviews. GameNinja8708
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5 years ago, 33yearsaviking
Great for the last 6 years
I have been living internationally now for the last 5 years and Pinger has allowed me to keep up with my family and friends. Especially the ones who require a direct line to contact. I am able to easily call about financial, medical, and travel anywhere I have a connection while having a US phone number as a contact. But most of all my grandparents who are still figuring out their smart phones can just dial a familiar number to say hi. It's free if someone calls you!!! Your minutes are only charged if you call. 800 numbers are free as well.
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6 years ago, kazimir eli
para texting
My best friend Josh and I are very close. We’re both poets, and we’re both apart of the same poetry group online. I use TextFree in order to communicate with other group members & him as well, in order to send/receive pieces of writing & work from others. I can’t send/receive long/large texts, because for some reason it splits it into multiple different texts which makes it extremely difficult to copy & share work with. Whether it be recipient or sender, long messages are always cut into multiple texts which are frustrating. I want to be able to receive/send text messages without it splitting it into multiple ones. Normal iMessage doesn’t do it, but my TextFree app definitely does. Help?
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6 years ago, Nerox1337
The Best
This is the best calling app on the market love this app. With this app I could have two phone numbers great app anyone that’s looking to get a app to make calls this is the one you need....! the only one Textfree app. It doesn’t cost you anything to try it. If you wanna get free minutes all you have to do is watch a 15 to 30 second video and you get like two free minutes. Watching videos your minutes add up or you could buy minutes. Anyway don’t take my word for it just try it and you’ll will see that’s why I gave it a five star rating.
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5 years ago, Glowbug916
So sad to say I may have to delete
So I have had the same number for years. I actually have like 1400 minutes on this. I absolutely loved it. I used it as a second businessline for years and in the event of phone service being off I can still make emergency calls/texts. It has saved me time and time again when I locked my phone in my car or when it was lost and I needed to call it from my tablet. But after all these years I think I have to switch even though I have so many minutes. Because I nolonger get text messages. I mainly get quotes for my business via texts.... but not now. Its been months and theres no update or anything. This was the only one that actually rang through when ppl called also. The other ones never rings. So I guess I-have to go to another company. 😢😤😤🤯
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5 years ago, brookiebug2009
I love this app
I like this app a lot because I can text my friends and family and call them without having to get on messenger because I have an iPod but I only gave it a four star rating because when you watch the video to get free minutes which I love you only get one or two minutes which I think you should at least three or four because my family right now can’t afford to give me a real phone so I would also like if it would not take inernet to text and call people especially my family if I have an emergency or something so that’s all I’d like to change. Other than that the app is pretty good
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2 years ago, Nasquashanda
I’ve had my text free number for over 10 years now. Played the game of using the number for texting and phone calls. I believe the name Text Free is now untruthful. I received a text today and was told I needed to upgrade to a paid subscription to receive the message. That is in fact not Text Free. That is Text Pay. A name change of this app is in order. Please tell the in house lawyers, they likely already know, but it’s worth doing more due diligence before making this hasty paid subscription decision. I’m sure they know the consequences of this business decision and someone higher up should listen to them.
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4 years ago, Brerfrase
Best kept secret
Pinger offers a seriously good phone and messenger app and because it is free it keeps that dream of independence alive, that a good WiFi signal is all you need for your iPad — you seriously could get by with spending a dime for data plans through sprint etc, if you could like the old days duck into a place with free WiFi (think phone booth) to make connections. You really could. Of course with cellphone plans you rarely use pinger but you could so easily if you had an ounce of courage to cut that data cord. Oh, and international calls are also free. As good as whats app. Better.
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6 years ago, Torhuu1
I never got my mins that I earned.
I downloaded this app, because I am in foreign country now and 1st I wanted to earn my mins, just to make sure app works. So I accepted this earn mins buy playing coin master. 1st of all I didn’t want to spent money before trying it. my plan was to earn mins and see if it work great then I will buy mins. So I earned 67 mins for playing game for 3 days, but I never got my mins and it is still missing. I tried reaching out, they were keep letting me respond to this automated emails back n forth then they just disappeared. I tried emailing to costumer service many times. Then I was like ok never mind and try buying the mins. They charged my card and the mins was never added into my account. So I had to call Apple to canceled my last purchase from this app. Such a scam. This is not legit app.
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5 years ago, BluesdayTuesday
No Good For Calls Now
Ever since latest update which tells me “textfree is now pinger” i cannot make calls. When i make a call i cannot hear anything. The only thing tech support could tell me was to delete and reinstall the app. But I cannot do that, because that will delete all my texts from over 72 hours ago (their servers don’t store them) & i need to keep those texts. I would rate you NO STARS for this bs if i could. And even though my app that i cannot complete a phone call from is now called pinger, the app store has another app called text free which seems to be the exact app i had before they changed it to pinger. But i won’t try installing that one either now. I no longer trust your company. One update ruined my entire experience and opinion of you. I hope it was worth it
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7 years ago, Austin blade
Use to work, but doesn't anymore
Like others, this app was working fine until the newest update. Now the microphone doesn't work. I can hear people but they can't hear me. Every time I make a call. I seen in other reviews that the developer says email I guess the developer and they will check it out. That makes no sense. If they read the reviews then they should be fixing the problem. Not expect an email to get it checked out. Fix the problem. It's that simple. I've been using this app since 2011. I never once had this kind of problem till now. I don't want a reply that says if you email us at... blah blah blah... we will check it out. No! You people do regular updates. Update this and fix the bugs or whatever the problem is. No emails should be necessary or anything like that.
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5 years ago, Ginabeans77
I like the App
Anyone who would like this app is kind a like me I call my mom I call my dad I called Mike Kimmy and I also call my Nanny my Uncle Ken my call my cousi anyone who would like this app is kind a like me I call my mom I call my dad I called Mike Kimmy and I also call my Nanny my Uncle Ken and I call my cousin I call everyone on it I can text and I’m only A little age I know this might be a little bit weird but all of this I’m saying is real my play room I asked my mom if I put on was good I only call right now so please don’t leave a message till this just like the app and 😎
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1 week ago, fantasyfootballgal
Not great
This is probably fine if you only use a texting app like this occasionally and/or if you’re never using it when you absolutely NEED guaranteed service. I’d say it works about 60-70% of the time. It’s slow, and really overloaded by ads, to the point where my battery level actually drops while using it even while my phone is charging. We tried the paid tier, which does fix the battery drain issue but didn’t improve speed or connectivity. Even at the paid level, it was essentially impossible to make a phone call. There are a number of other text/call apps that work far better, both at the free and the paid tier.
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5 years ago, BonitaBrown
Approval for the most part
I love the texting program and service phone if needed. But, I did not like it when They dropped my phone number, for whatever reason after about 10 years, out of the blue, and I couldn’t get a hold of anybody in customer service. Then, I had to set up for a brand new number. Then they asked if I wanted to pay like five bucks a month to keep that number permanently. I said I did. But I’ve never seen a payment request for it.I like them, but they don’t read comments and they don’t follow through and customer service. So that’s a major ding.
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4 years ago, Mlg12347
Needs fixing!
When it was text free and before the recent update and it changed to pinger on my phone I used to be able to turn the app off. I loved this feature because I only use this app with my sons father who harasses me. He has no problem calling and texting 100 times a day (I’m under estimating it) and at all hours of the day/night. So I appreciated that I was able to turn off the sounds and he didn’t wake me up all night long. Now, no matter if I turn the microphone and sounds off in the settings it still rings when he calls. I don’t know how to fix this but please help, otherwise I’m in for months of sleepless nights.
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4 years ago, Sminky63
Turn your regular iPad into a smartphone
I’ve been using Pinger for a few years, now. Aside from free texting, you can inexpensively (and sometimes free) acquire voice minutes to make calls. The voice quality is clear, if you are on a good wifi network. These are nice features, as I am still using a good old fashioned flip phone when away from home (I don’t text in the car or when on the go). Why buy a expensive smartphone when you can turn your regular iPad into one for nearly nothing?
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7 years ago, Roo101lalalalala
Extremely Useful But bugs from new update
It's a super useful app, especially if you don't want to pay for a month by month cellular plan. The new simplified esign looks great too! But there seems to be a bug when making a call. When someone calls you, it sounds loud even though you aren't on speaker with them, and when you do turn on speakers, it's turns so quiet you can barely hear it. I also wish that I didn't have to keep refreshing to see a text appearing even though I got the notification for it. Other than that, great app! Keep up with the updates.
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6 years ago, alwxandria221
Easy to use and free!
Yes there are some adds but it’s nice to be able to text people from a random number and delete the number if anything happens. VS someone having your personal number forever. I use this for clients that really want a cell number but I don’t want my personal messages getting mixed in with business. I can also disable notifications for the app so if I don’t want to be notified of work for a day, I turn off notifications and check my messages when I’m ready!
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5 years ago, Amgie
ThankU from the bottom of my heart!
2010, I was homeless. I forced myself to be separated from my ex fiancé. I crashed my car. I quit my job because of my child(lack of daycare/barely know anyone in California). I was limited in cash to survive. My phone service got disconnected. TextFree has save my life. I go to Starbucks to get WiFi, to be able to find new jobs. I use my iphone04 to check my emails and websites. Thank you for helping the community to have free access of texting/1800 numbers in coming calls, etc:) #power2You! #makeGreatAmericaAgain!
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6 years ago, funky friends talk
Odd problem?
Hey, text free people!👋🏼 I like your app a lot! It makes it so that I can text and talk to my friends that don’t have apple devices, as far as I know, Samsung can get this app too. I’m not sure about other brands, but I’m sure it would work very well also. The one downside is that I can’t send more than one picture at a time, this is really annoying when I have a whole days worth of pics to send to my friends.😩 If you are looking to get this app, please remember this. Although I can receive more than one picture at a time, I can’t send more than one picture at a time. Other than that one slight problem everything it great!😍 I do get occasional calls from numbers that I do not know, but all’s good. The ads aren’t bothersome either like I’ve seen in other apps. Thank you for a wonderful app, but please, if you can, address the problem with not sending more than one picture.
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6 years ago, Candii Ann ;)
Inaccurate description
UPDATE: I emailed the developer at the email they provided in response to my review and again still never got a response. You don’t receive minutes for half the videos watched-if it doesn’t have an X to close the ad you will not be rewarded. I sent this problem to them as well with no response. They only seem to respond to negative reviews! Still missing almost 100 minutes from completing a paid offer. When you make a phone call-if the person does not answer, it will show 0:06 seconds, but take an entire minute each time. They also charge for calling 1-800 numbers when it clearly stated they are FREE! It used to be a good app, now it’s just a scam. I emailed twice and still have yet to get a response.
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5 years ago, jenelee88
Great free phone App
I’ve been using this app like 5 years now and it’s not perfect but it’s close to it and it works great. Voices are heard clearly and I definitely will keep using it for as long at it remains the same..what’s great about this is that the person you are texting or calling doesn’t have to have the same app to be able to use..u can tex anybody on any phone service and it will does require them to have pinger in order to receive pics or messages it’s great!!! I love that
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6 years ago, Sleepingstudents
So Far So Good
I tried using nextplus on my iPad recently. And it really sucked. I wouldn't get notified when my girlfriend texted me and it wouldn't show new messages most of the time. This is working so so much better. My only problem is the app likes to freeze up and then close on its own. It's done this maybe 7 times since I got it last night. But I love that I get credits as soon as I downloaded it and that I can send my videos to my friends of my violin rehearsals. I'm not sure if it's me causing the freeze ups or the app. But if would love to know about it getting fixed!
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5 years ago, kimpex
So so..
I use this app very much for about 2.5 years and counting... I noticed that it hangs a lot... when i just click on the app it takes a while before i can click or do anythin.. then it works... this started happenin after of the app update.. ALSO, my main concern is that I want to retrieve my messages from when I just started using it 2.5years ago.. If I scroll up too much the app crashes... regarding to app hanging n freezin.. my iphone xr is up to date.. i hAve uninstall/reinstall the app... Im just getting a little frustrated with it... cuz when im tryin to respond to someone i hve to wait like 1 mins before the app can be active..
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5 years ago, Alito220472
Good overall
Great app. I love to have a virtual phone number that does not compromise my actual number. Great when selling or buying stuff online as a temporary contact number. You can get air time by watching ads which is great!! The biggest downside I have experienced is that the app on my phone (iPhone 6+) does not ring for incoming calls and texts. I’m not sure why but it is been a consistent problem with all my IOS devices so I hope a fix for that arrives soon. Needless to say that notification for the app is open but still no rings.
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3 years ago, Blaze600
Good app, terrible ads..
Ok so this app is fantastic in the fact that it allows for texting & calling without the need of a mobile phone plan. However, the one thing that drives me nuts are the ads. I know ads need to exist since the app is free and that’s fine but the way the ads are right now are absolutely ridiculous. Most of the ads are HUGE and taking up nearly a 1/4 of the UI while typing a message as well as causing the app the slow down. I know that this request will most likely go un-noticed but it would be awesome if the ads could at least be reduced in size & not make the app run like a snail.
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4 years ago, Independent Thinker 12345
Nice Calling App, but one big problem
I live abroad and rely on this and other apps for calls back to the States. I like the app and pay monthly to keep a dedicated number. The one issue I have with the app is that the “speaker phone” feature seems to work very poorly. When I turn on the speaker phone, the person I’m talking to can barely hear me. I don’t have reason to suspect it is an issue with my hardware, as my speaker phone works fine on other calls / apps. If they fix this issue, I’d be much more likely to recommend the app.
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4 years ago, MN Pinger Review
It works well!
I created a pinger so that I didn’t have to give my personal cell phone out to people that I deal with in the realm of my work. This has allowed me to have one phone and be able to have two separate numbers. I always know when the call or text is coming from Pinger that it’s someone from work. The only reason I have it 4 stars instead of 5 is that 30-35% is the time I use it for calls there’s a really poor connection on my end and will sometimes just break off the call.
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7 years ago, Paigey
Absolute garbage
Do not download! It's a click bait ad scam, the text service offered never works because the app will constantly close out and try to FORCE you to download third party apps. Anything you tap will redirect you to the App Store. Scam. Poor quality texting experience and outgoing/incoming calls are hardly comprehensible and sounds like you are under water. They make you use the app or lose your number. So basically you HAVE to click ads to use their service, even if you pay monthly to "remove ads". That is an illegal way to offer services for "free". They also sell your information because I have never had problems until shortly after singing up for textfree.
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