Pinpoint Weather - KDVR & KWGN

3.3 (89)
186.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tribune Broadcasting Company
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pinpoint Weather - KDVR & KWGN

3.26 out of 5
89 Ratings
4 years ago, N Rings
App Locks Up After Update
I enjoy the app, but after the most recent update, the app locks up on the launch screen. The only fix is to force close the app each time.
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9 months ago, Me in NM
Great app. Wish the online instructions were a little better
I’ve learned to make this very useful. I love that I can select, for example, precipitation, clouds, and temperature from the menu (3 vertical dots) at the bottom right of the screen. Then with the menu still open I can go to overlays at the bottom and select storm track and lightning and have what I’ll call fans show on the radar view. Those fans are storms. Touch the vertex and the severity of the storm is displayed including the size of hail if appropriate. It’s incredible to have this in the palm of my hand on a free app.
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4 years ago, Soldier7
Denver’s Best Weather App. Period
Do not waste your time with any other weather app. All others fall short! Apple weather is always 8 degrees off, or more. And rarely does it correctly predict snowfall. New to the Denver area? Wonder why your always let down by your weather app? How do these locals know? Experience helps a lot, but short of experience- this app is your best choice.
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6 years ago, SpeedyBrent
Good to Know
So far this looks like a “polarizing” app. You either love it or you hate it. As of today I am in the “almost love it” group. There is a lot of “good to know” information, but I would hate having the responsibility of keeping it all updated and perfectly accurate all of the time. Can anyone really do that knowing that Mother Nature is the puppet master on the other side of the curtain playing games with you? Be happy. This is an excellent app.
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2 months ago, pherod
So many times it’s literally raining on me and the app shows nothing on the radar. And if it was a 20% chance earlier that it might rain but is now pouring on me, maybe change it to 100%? Nope. Still 20% and still nothing on the radar. Why don’t they just see what weather channel is doing and report that. And they keep advertising it as the most accurate weather app. Jeez that’s terrifying. What else is fox news completely blind amd ignorant about?😂
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2 months ago, Totally, totally Frustrated
Worst app ever
When I click on the articles tab it’s because I want to quickly read a summary of the weather before leaving for work. Instead of being able to read the article I get bombarded by repeated video ads that automatically open up and have to close the out before I can read. Doesn’t matter how accurate the forecast is if you can’t read it. So much for “performance” improvements.
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11 months ago, cinholstee
This weather app is very inaccurate!
I have been using this app every day and it is never right with the future weather that is going to happen. I am deleting this app from my phone because I’m so mad. I had a real terrible hail storm come through and I had no warning whatsoever until the storm was at my house which was a little bit too late. Very disappointed!
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3 years ago, Chad31602
Just mirrors the Weather Channel app
The hourly forecast changes, sometimes dramatically, every 5-10 minutes making planning impossible. The forecast itself just repeats the Weather Channel and frequently contradicts their on air forecast. For example, just today on air the snow prediction for Conifer CO was less than 2 inches of snow through Wednesday night. The app however says 6-12 inches for the same time period.
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6 days ago, InfinitelyWeinachtsfest
Great app...
I have been using this app for a couple of years now. The radar/s are excellent; the only thing missing is pollen counts and alerts!!
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4 years ago, Denver123456789
Latest update turned app to garbage
This app used to be good. Latest update brought with it very invasive advertising. Takes over the whole screen and you have to wait to close the ad. If that wasn’t bad enough you have to through two of them. I am uninstalling this garbage and finding new app that doesn’t prioritize advertising over functionality.
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5 years ago, SS-Denver
Updates are a step backwards
Every city is now shows the same temperature with same forecast, map looks like it is always midnight, and the radar is not accurate as the storm passes over you but the radar shows it is still on its way. Why is it so hard to find a decent weather app?
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4 years ago, Steve ‘da Finn
So so, radar timeline is faulty
As soon as the radar moves from past to future on the timeline, all radar activity in the future disappears. There can be huge storms right on top of us as the timeline sits at “present”’and as soon as it moves to future all is clear, which is not what happens to the weather.
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4 years ago, Militus1
Used daily until the Ads started
This was my go to weather app. I would check the weather every morning. But lately full screen ads pop up in a few seconds of opening. Looking for a new app to replace this one.
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4 years ago, Rmsalt
Video Adds Not Necessary
I used to love the Pinpoint app until they quit using the video forecast and now they have added video pop-up ads. No better way to drive people away from an app than to aggravate the end user with ads. It goes against common sense.
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5 years ago, 14er dad
Decent for free
Not a great app. It has very few features, current conditions are often wrong. No videos load. It’s like a beta version of looking out your window. Love the actual weather forecast from these folks at fox31 and channel2 on tv, but the app is very poor. Better forecast and rather apps, for free, are abundant and more worthwhile
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2 years ago, bmusante
Accidentally clicked one of the ads in the app and was immediately redirected to a browser page. Then an alert popped up on my screen saying my phone has been compromised and i need to pay to fix it or lose everything?!
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6 years ago, a loren
Great app
Great. Keeps you safe. You’ll see lightening out and the app is so fast the sends a notification as soon as the thunder hits.
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5 years ago, icy7rider420
I have 6 weather apps and 2 of you (this app and other news app) isn’t very correct about this Howard, CO ! It doesn’t get that cold ! It hits 70’s to 80’s degrees! Not 45-55!
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6 years ago, grizzlef
The app notifies you every time there is a lightning strike! Are you kidding me?
What amazing information to know! Lol. Idiotic! I wanted the weather, not my phone to go off every 2 seconds in a storm. Sure turn notifications off, but that ruins the whole point of a weather app. No notifications of a tornado then! Just downright dumb.
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7 years ago, AlternaAngel
Not very accurate
It's snowing so much right now and this app says it's tainting and won't snow until tonight. Already several inches on the ground. I understand forecasts being inaccurate, but at least update the current weather so it's correct.
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4 years ago, swimy_swamy
Good when it works
When it works it’s great. I love it. But more than half the time the app won’t even open for me. It hangs up on the initial advertisement screen. HIGHLY annoying and I end up reverting to other apps. Considering deleting it l.
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4 years ago, Casey Lem
Pop ups in the middle of viewing
The amount of pop up ads you have suddenly placed in your app has made your app useless. Used to be my go to for weather but I don’t need to watch a 30 second commercial to get the weather.
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5 years ago, Bjorn Of The Woodlands
Saved me
Lightning was brewing and the app let me know, probably saving my fam while we hiked in the mountains. Thank you FOX 31.
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5 years ago, BirdyJG
No reliable.
Sometimes I think it’s reliable, but since the app was upgraded, whatever little reliability it has was shot out the window. It says there’s no rain near me right now, radar show a system in the mountains. However, it’s raining now and heavy winds.
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6 years ago, Trashcan1122
Love it when it works
It used to work perfectly. Now that it’s been updated, it won’t even open. C’mon devs, u can do better!
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6 years ago, cat colorado
Great app but.......
Love this app but it keeps hanging on start forcing me to delete and reinstall. Only app on my phone that does it so don’t think it’s on my end
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2 years ago, FitzFit13
Please add
I like the app. Please add a widget so we add it to the Home Screen on the phone.
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4 years ago, Ohgxhhcghhgv
This app used to be good, but they keep stripping features from it. Mainly the ability to watch the last aired weather video. Seems like support went on vacation and never came back.
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3 months ago, dutch00000
Too many ads
Not worth watching a 1 minute ad to see a 2 minute forecast!
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5 years ago, damvbe4134
No more details
Used to have daily details but they stopped that for something reason and now forced to go elsewhere for detailed daily forecasts. Unfortunate.
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6 years ago, DDG7
Keeps asking to Update
Love the app. This version keeps asking to update. I have an iPhone 5 running iOS 10.3.3. Can you fix the constant updates? Thanks.
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4 months ago, EsBusman
At one time the app was good. It has now become completely unreliable.
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13 years ago, Otika999
Used to be great but now it doesn't live update the temp anymore usually many hours behind and for everyone complaining about it being for Colorado duh it was made by the local fox chnl for Colorado
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6 years ago, Franklin red
Update is not supporting 5c
Why do you not support the 5c ???
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9 years ago, Hera2007
Terrible update
The old app was great - very user friendly. Now, it's impossible to see the map because of the satellite image base. The swipe navigation for the radar/daily/hourly forecast does not work very well. All of my saved locations disappeared. And the advertising... Really? Did you need to sell us out with that? I switched to this app from Storm Shield, as their latest versions got messed with and became hard to use. Now I have to find another weather app.
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8 years ago, Blackshadowdog1
Great weather app
This is by far the best weather app available. Current and long range forecast. Satellite map and current weather forecast video. Easy to use and full of information. Well written app.
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9 years ago, wantchocolate
Horrible Update!
If I could undo the latest update I would. Like others have also said it is absolutely horrible! You can't see the rain on the radar because it is green and so is the ground. Did you not look at it before you finished it? I loved the app until the latest update. I want the map view instead of a satellite view.
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9 years ago, mmendr
You would think a news station would put more thought into its weather app. This is one of the worst apps I have ever seen and definitely the worst weather app. Judging by the quality of this app, it is either a template app the news station purchased or it was created by a software sweatshop. Shame on you Fox 31. Your audience deserves better.
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11 years ago, MonkeMan...5150
Great App
This is funny. I prefer to watch 9 news in the morning however their app is not as good for weather. This seems like a very good app.
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9 years ago, Ujfgruihgr
Undo this update
Not only is this update a pain but if your nickname is taken it erases everything you wrote! Lost all my saved locations. Not all that user friendly. Like starting all over with a different app. The old one wasn't that broke so why mess up the entire thing? No longer my fav go to app for wx info.
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14 years ago, Mike Rothwell
It should start in your city. Not everyone lives in Denver. Fix and this will be a great utility.
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9 years ago, Covette92
What the hell!
You are idiots! There was nothing wrong! I could read at glance on my motorcycle, car and walking. Now it's a hard to read mess! Really fire the freshly college grad who spends all his/her time on Facebook developing this! It's really bad graphics from 1998. I mean really? It's so bad. Idiots! 😡
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14 years ago, ke5sua
Great app...
If you live in Colorado. It wont update to other locations even when i allow it to use my current location. Had potential. Too bad it was wasted.
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12 years ago, Stacie Gale
Doesn't Work
Attempted installation 3 times. All three times, it installed but didn't function past the cover screen then it crashed each time. Uninstalled. Too much hassle.
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14 years ago, ItsJustMeAgain
Severe,news and extra....
Pretty useless outside of Denver.... Nice clean app otherwise. Use local info for all tabs and it's a winner.
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5 years ago, jducjdb
My go to weather app
I have tried several free and paid weather apps and this is my go to after using it for about a year and a half. It has never given me any problems. I keep about 5 locations on it including ‘follow me.’ I just an hour ago let my daughter know there was a severe thunderstorm watch in her area. Set the alerts to get the level of notifications you want. I agree with another reviewer who said people seem to love it or hate it. It does everything I need it to do so I’m in the ‘love it’ camp
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