Planning Center Music Stand

3.7 (229)
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Ministry Centered Technologies
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1 year ago
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12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Planning Center Music Stand

3.74 out of 5
229 Ratings
5 years ago, worshipdrummerintraining
Problem with metronome response using Bluetooth connected Pedalboard
Earlier this year, we had a setup using iRigBlueboard software to connect a pedalboard to an iPad in order to control the metronome provided in music stand. The system worked great with no hiccups or delays. A short while ago, we needed to reformat the iPad and we quickly discovered that music stand was no longer responding the way it previously was. We checked all batteries and connections. We even redownloaded the app after doing a second reformat of the iPad. We are still running into the issue of music stands metronome refusing to stop after repeatedly commanding it to via the pedalboard. Please look into this matter. We love Planning Center and wish to continue using it to the fullest. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Flapjack456
3.5 stars, a glitch and a request
I’ve been using this for a month, there is 1 glitch and there are a few things that would make it more useful. The glitch that needs to be fixed: When I open the app and choose the pdf song versions I need, there needs to be a save button. When I exit the app and return, it usually changes them. I have to have this ready to go prior so others aren’t waiting to start worship. The requests that would make it more useful: 1) when zooming in on a 2 page song they nearly always needs to be zoomed at different levels but the program won’t allow it so it would be helpful it it could be zoomed by the individual page; 2) sometimes more than 1 version of the same song is needed. For example, a keyboard player may need written piano music (like for an intro, bridge, instrumental, etc.) in addition to the chord sheet. There are a few ways around it but it’s a pain (like adding the song more than once in each version but there again, close the app and it doesn’t remember it and you get 2 of the same thing or something else you didn’t want. Plus adding a repeat song to the list confuses others). I’m glad to have this app though. I keep detailed notes on my written music and my copy gets lost often when others file it, so this way it is saved and I don’t have to fumble my paper each week!
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3 years ago, Ronase
Not for a working musician who needs to make notes
Years ago, this app was ok. Subsequent updates have made it worse, while apps like Unreal Book continue to advance functionality without adding bugs. At some point, Music Stand removed the ability to zoom with 2 fingers while in annotation mode, which adds steps and takes time. None of my other apps of similar use are like that. They are smooth and streamlined for professional musicians who need to work quickly. This one is not. The last couple of updates have been pretty buggy as far as the app taking way too long to "think" while making annotations. Or even turning a page in annotation mode. Meanwhile, I have none of these problems with similar apps. This latest update seemed like an improvement until I started working with it for a bit. It is actually worse. I’ve never had this app work so slowly as it does now. I spend so much time staring at a loading screen while I could move on to other things. The writing tool just flat out doesn’t work half the time until I exit the app and return. I am unfortunately tied to it with various church gigs, but even then, if I can avoid using it, I do.
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6 years ago, Frankie&Barbie
Inconvenient: Good Things come to those who Wait
I have been using music stand for over 3 years and I love it. It has been a can’t live without tool. BUT . . . Starting back in February I have been having an issue with getting changes in my chord charts from planning center and my iPad Pro. Once I download my set to my iPad I can not update my changes from Planning Center unless I uninstall the app from my iPad and then reinstall it. I wish someone could help me resolve this issue. Any takers? It’s time to update my review. I am not sure where the glitch was weather with apple or this app but it no longer exists. Right after your last update 3 days ago. When I make changes in planning Center I can now update my iPad without uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it. Today was the first time in 8 months my iPad has updated. Hallelujah Parise the Lord!!!!! This is now working the way it was before February of this year. This will literally save me hours of time and a ton of frustration.
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5 years ago, Gniq
Recent update is inconvenient.
I use this app on a weekly basis and it works mostly great. I love being able to make my own personal notes on songs and save them for future use. However, recently, there was an update that changed the way the songs are displayed in landscape view. I had been able to have 2 pages displayed and change the display one page at a time, with this update, I have to change 2 pages at a time. This simply doesn’t work for me unless every song is 2 pages or every song is one page. If I have a one page song and then a 2 pager, I will have pg 1 and pg1 on a screen and then pg2 is on the next screen. Super inconvenient, please fix this. 🙏🏻
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6 years ago, folkworship
Good App
I have been using planning center for years 5 to 6 years I think. Music stand is extremely handy for having all the right info in a consolidated place for everyone. It’s great live. I use a Bluetooth pedal to change backs and toggle the metronome for our in-ears. (I’m not a backing tracks and que sort of person.) It is perfect for that. As I flip music the metronome goes with magic. My one suggestion that would put this thing up to 5 is if the metronome started on the next measure when you change songs. Right now when you go to the next song it hiccups so even if your playing the song at the same tempo you can’t go straight into the next song smoothly. Somebody at planning center let me know you guys are working on that and I will hark this the greatest app ever or at least since flappy bird and vine.
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6 years ago, Elvite
Thank You for Fixing the Apple Pen Bugs
UPDATE: The latest update you mentioned appears to have solved my problem. You were correct in the assumption that I was using an Apple Pen. Thank you so much for the quick fix! I am adjusting my review accordingly to reflect the awesomeness of your app. Thanks! OLD: I have never had problems like this prior to this update, but now every other time I hit “done” after making annotation, all annotations get erased. Not just on the one page I am on, but multiple pages get erased. This wipes out a lot of my work and is extremely frustrating. Please fix as it makes the app useless. Prior to this I have been a big fan of it. Here’s hoping for a quick fix!
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6 years ago, Mr Al 171
Very Good App, serves a great purpose
Love using the App from my iPad Pro. Let’s me see things clearly and has proven invaluable to our whole team. No more photocopying or paper shuffling. I’d like to suggest a feature which I call Performance mode. When we are in the middle of a worship service the app can too easily go into edit or resize mode when I’m merely trying to change the page. If we could turn on something to indicate we’re performing now, temporarily lock out edit features it’d be great. Trying to hit cancel on a zoom or tap to get out of edit mode while playing is a challenge.
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1 year ago, Missy App Review
New Update —Less Features + More Bugs
With the new update, when I chose annotations from the same song in a different key then try to make edits on the current file it also imports annotations I erased months ago on top of the annotations making the annotations I spent a lot of time on in the past useless. I can’t erase part of a line anymore-only the whole thing. It says pixel erasing is not available in annotations. I do like the ruler. How can I get the last version back? I don’t have an apple pen and this version is horrible on my iPad Air 2. Added request: Please bring back the ability to copy in one song and paste into another for drawings. It is still possible to do with text annotations but not drawings.
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5 years ago, Shootagus
Audio Player - Fading In and Out
There needs to be an option to fade out the audio player within Music Stand. I love using this resource and use it every weekend where I lead, however, one thing I wish I could do is add MP3 files of Ambient Pads into a song, and start and stop the pad from my foot switch, and have the pads fade in and out when started/stopped. I can start the pad with how the audio player works now, but it would be great to be able to have an option to fade the MP3 file out when stopped, instead of an abrupt stop. This would allow me to control the pads with my feet, which would be much easier!
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6 years ago, Psalter777
Great app, but one request please...
Is there any way to prevent the audio files from advancing to the next song automatically? I would like to use Music Stand to run my loops since I’m already using a foot controller to turn pages. You have the skip file feature which is helpful, but really would prefer to just toggle the audio on based on which song is selected, while not having to worry about it starting the next one in the playlist during a service. Thoughts? Thanks for all you do to serve the church!
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2 years ago, Hanzy52
Issues with saving my notes
I use the tools to write myself reminders on the music, but when I click done for it to save, it will oftentimes say “error saving” and then it deletes ALL of my notes. It’s MADDENING!!! PLEASE fix this. I had to leave my iPad on airplane mode ALL of this week for our Christmas program JUST so my iPad wouldn’t delete my notes. When music stand connects to the internet, it deletes a lot of my notes. VERY frustrating. This didn’t’t happen until about 3 months ago, but now it happens nearly every time I make a new notations on the music charts themselves.
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10 months ago, DMBC-Orch
A must for PCO integration but let us see our item notes!
I have used this app for years with our orchestra and worship team. Many of our musicians choose to use it for rehearsal and services. It’s come a long way in recent years that make it more useable. We need two big improvements. 1. We need to be able to see Item Notes on the service Home Screen and/or overlaid at the top of a chart (like you do the next up feature). Our church teams cannot see item notes in this app and it is a big frustration. 2. Create button links to jump pages for Codas, Repeats or Cuts. As a conductor I often have to turn back 3-5 pages for repeats and many of the musicians a page or two. These two changes and I think this app goes to 5 star status. Thanks for all you do to help resource the church!
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3 years ago, Tenortodd
Incompatibility issues are annoying
Please allow all iPad versions to use this app. Most churches that use this app buy older versions for their teams so they have enough for everyone. It is annoying to suddenly not be able to use the app when the iPad you have can no longer use the app. The app is essentially a PDF reader and does not need constant updates that force ministries to constantly update expensive equipment like iPads.
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4 years ago, lisasutton70
Landscape problem
When songs with 2 pages, (lyrics and chords) are in landscape, and I have a 1 page song in the line up, it won’t let me turn the page to the 1 page song. Most times I have to go to the end of all the songs in the line up, and then make my way back to the 1 page song. This is a problem when we are in the middle of a set. Thanks in advance for fixing this. Lisa
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5 years ago, FiremanMike151
Please improve Apple Pencil support
Overall the app works fine and does what it needs to do. I do like that it saves notes that I can see next time we play a song. With that said, the Apple Pencil support is just awful. It does not focus solely on the tip of the pencil, meaning the rest of my hand making contact with the iPad while writing is marking up other areas of the screen. The eraser function is not easy, and the actual marks on screen lag significantly behind the pencil. It is really quite painful to make notes, especially with my iPad on the stand..
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4 months ago, 147923804Dre
After latest update the program won’t even open
I don’t know what you guys just did, but we have 6 different iPads at my church, and we use Music Stand every day and love it. As of today, all of the iPads simultaneously can’t open music stand anymore. The app crashes immediately while trying to load. Please fix this. Our iPads are older and do run on iPadOS 12.5, but that’s above the minimum system requirements you have listed. We have other devices that aren’t crashing, but after the last update many of ours don’t work now.
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7 months ago, Funk Bass Master
This is a great app, but it has a reoccurring glitch that is driving me crazy
This app is very useful when I’m on stage playing, but when I draw in notes and hit done, sometimes my notes disappear, and I have to draw them all over again, and other times,when I erase things that I drew in, and hit done, it puts them back, will there be a fix for this for the iPad? I’m running the latest version of iOS, using an iPad Air M1 processor I have been experiencing this issue, throughout the last several updates to iOS, and it has not improved.
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5 years ago, BNC Worship
Metronome bug
This app used to work perfectly but I’m running into a major bug. I trigger the metronome with a midi pedal, line 6 helix. It used to be that you didn’t need to click the metronome icon and have the module at the top of the screen, now it won’t work unless you do. Even worse when I have the metronome open and try to start it, I’ll press my midi switch and I get a blip of noise and it turns right back off. This app has great functionality and I would love to give it a five star review if these bugs are fixed.
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5 years ago, wayne_cort
Very helpful!
This app has been a game changer for our team! We love it and use it all the time. I do wish we could save “per song” / “per user” choices of how the metronome works. For example if I have a song in 6/8 time at 80bpm and it helps me to see the flash at “2x” - but the very next song is best viewed at “1x” (normal)... it doesn’t do that. Future update!? Thanks Planning Center - you guys are great!
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6 years ago, MSB6
Great - but still some bugs
Thanks for a great app but help with a few remaining bugs please. The app takesover 40 seconds to save edits and the edits briefly disappear and the music then briefly disappears. Also, will lose edits occasionally - and will hang up and need to be manually closed. Running your latest version (updates automatically). Keep up the good work! Thanks!
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6 years ago, Rtfactor
Good app BUT..........
As a guest musician I just wanted to edit out the non musical items (it's called music stand for a reason) and have only to songs we were doing on the screen, well when I deleted the temps I did not want, it changed the whole service on Planning Center, well this messed up the schedule. Why can't we just be able to make changes on music stand only? I didn't want to change the whole service because I'm not the person making the schedule. Can we have an option for this? Rod terrell
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6 years ago, Rollin4duke
I lost all my notations....but got them back
The update caused me to lose my notations, but Matt and the support team there worked hard to find me a temporary work around and they are in the process of sending out an update to permanently fix the problem. So what started out as a 1 star review, they have turned into a 5 star rating. Thanks guys!!!
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1 year ago, fireonthehorizon
Hey guys! Suggestion!
Awesome app, there’s a lot of interesting options in the settings. Suggestion: Can you add functionality to rotate the output 90 degrees? I’m referring to when you plug a monitor into an iPad via an HDMI output. I’m really trying to find a way to turn a monitor on its side to view 1 page of music on the entire external screen.
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3 years ago, BoeingPat787
Mac Support Ideas
I am aware this is not optimized for mac, but I appear to have no way to exit back to the main menu area once I have clicked on music. I would appreciate if a menu had a back option instead of closing the entire application. But, I use this on iOS and it is a great app. No complaints.
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6 years ago, vh102450mh
Trouble with Music Stand refreshing with updates
1) I often experience issues with Music Stand refreshing on my iPad after a plan has been updated on the computer. 2) Program sometimes freezes during worship service and will not advance to the next page. I love the program 80% of the time, but it has been less reliable over the past year. I’ve used it for many years.
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4 years ago, Revbde
Good but annotation issues
I’ve used this app for years but recently it’s become buggy. Annotations won’t save and it just spins and locks you out. I’m running the latest version. Please fix and I’ll update my review. UPDATE: At first it was not solved with the update but the next day it started working. Thanks for the quick response!
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5 years ago, Raythe3rd!!!
Let’s face it, PC is all that & a bag of chips too!
LOVE the Planning Center app. Is it perfect? No. Are there bugs from time to time? Yes! But the PC team is very quick to help resolve issues. I have not used paper since I started using this app and hope I never do. And the trees like PC too! 🌲🌳🌴 (do you know how long I had to scroll to find the perfect emoji tree^^^?)
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3 years ago, ctthorne
Great, but missing…
I love the ability to change keys with/for guitar. Over the past week, I have noticed that the Disable Sleep on Idle stopped working with this app… I don’t know why it worked, but it would be nice to have the option in the settings, so I don’t have to manually need turn it on and off manually through the Display Settings. Please?!
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12 months ago, Zdtownse
Needs some improvement
I haven’t had any issues but this desperately need to be added: A true dark mode similar to what the Services app has (including for the PDFs) worship tools music stand has this, and that is free, so I feel like this PAID app should have it.
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6 years ago, Gebbers
Feature requests
I use this app every week and I have a couple of questions and features I’d like to see. 1: Forced on screen keyboard. When will Planning Center figure this out? It's a hassle to turn off my Bluetooth foot pedal every time I sign in and you can’t type annotations with a foot pedal active. Please give an option to force the on screen keyboard to display while Bluetooth keyboard devices (like page turner foot pedals) are connected. 2: Am I missing something or is the saved user function no longer in this version? I see the switch to “save login details” but no place to access saved users. Forcing everyone to log in every time is a big waste of time on shared devices. Thanks!
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2 years ago, ncddrtyhvdetg
Loved it but now issues
Here recently the app wipes out the attached music when I put together my set list, which obviously is an issue. Any move or change and it removes the music from the song in the set. If I uninstall and reinstall it fixes it temporarily but then goes right back to not working right. Before this issue I loved using the app.
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6 years ago, Nathanielllll
Super useful app
New update is nice, but gone is the little bubble that shows the track clock while scrubbing or setting loop limits. It makes it very difficult to accurately scrub to an exact point in the track. Update: the “scrubbing bubble” is back! Thanks to the tech support team for the quick help in resolving.
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12 months ago, _Cottonball_
Essential to a healthy worship team
I’ve used Music Stand in concert with Services for over 10 years. After looking around at similar tools, this combo still comes out on top. No matter what church, camp, or worship event I’m leading, I’ll be using Music Stand and Services!
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5 years ago, Cook59j
Metronome fix!
Thanks so much for fixing the metronome issue recently. I appreciate the concern for the problem and the speed at which the request was handled and fixed! I enjoy the app as well as planning center. I am on a worship team at church and we use this and it’s very helpful
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4 months ago, Teriné
Update Version 4.5.2 Has Messed Me Up
I’ve been using this app for nearly 5 years. It’s been great ... until tonight. This morning the app worked as usual. This evening at worship team practice, two of us in the band could not open our apps after multiple attempts as well as after troubleshooting our iPads in all the expected ways. This update has made it so that we are not able to use the app at all. Revert, please?! Help!
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2 weeks ago, XUSNMM1
App not working with AirTurn
At rehearsal tonight the app stopped working with my AirTurn Duo BT-105. As someone who plays an instrument that requires the use of both hands(Bass Trombone) using my hand to swipe to the next page is not really an option. The AirTurn is working fine with the forScore app and others. I’m using an iPad Pro with the latest update from Apple.
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5 years ago, joeymadera
Love this app but my one complaint
So I’ve been using this app for years. I would play a song from my iTunes and follow along the chords to practice. I can’t do that anymore cause the app stops music playback. I wish you had a choice.
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5 years ago, Jelloyacket
Good, but...
I really like the functionality, in particular the ability to add my notes as overlays on sheet music. However, I regularly get validation errors, https errors, etc, when I hit the Done button after adding the notes. Instead of letting me retry saving it, all of my notes get deleted and I have to redo it all. Very annoying.
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5 years ago, NLB church
App keeps crashing on our iPads.
Usually they are kinda hard to connect to each other during practice and then during service 3 of them disconnected and screwed up the band. Love the app but not reliable. It keeps getting disconnected. And when the leader tries to upload a list on the fly it won’t sync with the others. So the whole band is all trying to communicate on stage to figure out what song is next. It’s embarrassing.
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4 months ago, whaskins
Not saving notes
When saving notes it gives a 404 network error, no matter if it’s on WiFi, hotspot, or otherwise working networks. This makes it impossible to save notes. This has happened with multiple people over several weeks on different devices.
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5 years ago, Active Music Stand User
Cannot open app without WiFi
This app would not let me enter the app unless I have access to WiFi. It just shows me the login page instead of the music sheet. In cases where I don’t have access to WiFi like at retreat centers, I won’t be able to access my music at all. Also metronome does not have midi out, which makes it useless and we have to use a separate metronome to do syncing with pulse synth
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6 years ago, elvick01
Annotation Saving
Been using Music Stand for over 5 years. When it works it works great, but here are times when it delays saving annotations made with Apple pen on iPad Pro... very frustrating... not sure it’s just pen. Band mate said he had issues with app freezing on him too and he is not on an iPad Pro. This issue is intermittent.
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2 years ago, Grimesaaron1996
Music stand deletes annotations
I have reached out to planning center about this with no response. My annotations disappear between devices and sometimes while editing/saving annotations and I loose all my notes for my music. Is there a way to fix this?
Show more
3 years ago, thatvirtualboy
Constantly fails to save Apple Pencil Edits
Love that it imports files and makes them editable, but it regularly loses my pencil edits with a HTTP Error Not Found 404 error. Frustrating after working through an entire song just to lose my notes. :-/
Show more
5 years ago, dorph31
Apple Pencil issues
Love this app, but making notes in the music is terribly cumbersome and seemingly light years behind any other app regarding Apple Pencil integration. The recognition of the pencil movement is imprecise and the inability to use the double tap to engage the eraser is frustrating. This will be a 5 star app for me when this is addressed.
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4 years ago, jpag57
Music Stand: constant saving annotations crashes
Hi again - I’ve been mostly happy with Music Stand - currently on a 2019 iPad Pro running iOS 13.6. Sadly, saving annotations is yet again leading to the spinning wheel of nothingness - with annotations frequently not saving. It seemed to get fixed in the last update, though that appears to have been short lived. :-(
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2 years ago, Mongo2112
New Annotations (pencil kit) can be disabled
Please leave access to the older annotation tools. -Update: Thank you for the settings info Oh... To be able to toss a measure of tablature onto a chart to capture a unique passage would be a great addition for future updates.
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9 months ago, Erik_10
In choir practice now and for some reason the search bar isn’t showing up. They updated the song list but it isn’t showing up on my iPad. I went to search for the song but the search bar isn’t showing up….
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3 months ago, One more feature...
no customization
it seems odd that I can use a dark theme on the plans screen, but not while viewing music why can't I change fonts, colors, or font sizes? super basic stuff
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