Planning Center People

3.8 (82)
22 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ministry Centered Technologies
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Planning Center People

3.79 out of 5
82 Ratings
2 years ago, Pastor John D.
Helpful tool…one suggestion
I appreciate this powerful tool. It gives me quick access to lots of important information about our church family. As a pastor, I frequently add prayer requests in a private note attached to that individual on the app. However, it would be so helpful if those notes were editable! If I have an update, I am not able to add that to the note. I have to delete and write a new one.
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5 years ago, Haleylaine08
One change to suggest
This app is pretty good, no complaints so far. I would just like to suggest one change. When leading in the nursery, it would be nice to be able to lookup who has background checks on the fly. For example, if we had someone come in wanting to serve that day saying they had served there before, it would be nice to just look their name up and see if they have been background checked. You can do this on a desktop but so far I have not found out how to do it mobile. I think a feature like that would go a long way in ensuring safety for our kids and make it convenient for nursery leaders. Thank you for listening!
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4 years ago, A woman of no name
Crashes After Search Result Selected
Happy to update this back to 5 stars. Especially after such a quick resolution to the problem reported!! Had I rated this a week or so ago, it would’ve been a firm 5 star. But with a recent update, each time I select a record, it immediately crashes and asks me to sign in again. I’ve turned my phone off, thinking that may have been the culprit, but it is not. I do hope this gets corrected soon. As the ministry staff assistant, I’m a relatively heavy user of the app when not in the office. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Jake1532!
Love it
Update: Most recent update finally fixed the crash issue. Thank you. Great apps. Love Planning Center. However the most recent updates have caused this app to crash every time I try and do a search. As the Admin Pastor this is a great tool to have when it works. Thought the most recent app was supposed to fix that, but...crash and burn every time.
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2 years ago, RS_87
Keeps Crashing-Update
Originally wrote a review describing the issues I was having. Support reached out and cleared up the problem—which was a setting issue on my end. I very much appreciate them taking the time to review and address my problem. Great work—thanks!
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4 years ago, ckieds
Great addition that would take it to the next level!
Wondering if you guys are able to add some accessibility options to creat a new contact in the users address book with 1-click, populating phone, e-mail, and address inputs. That would bring things to a whole new level!
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7 months ago, sinder86
Address auto opens in native map app
Please add a functionality to long hold on a persons address rather than defaulting to Apple Maps. It’s significantly less used than google maps or waze is. Currently I have to edit the record and select the address which is broken into multiple parts.
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5 years ago, busyscott
Missing forms. Also, I wish you could have forms be the thing that’s added to a workflow instead of the people that fill out those forms. That way you could process all kinds of things internally.
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2 years ago, JavaMan03
App crashes
The app crashes immediately when Turing on face identification. It also crashes within seconds after logging in with password only. I would like to utilize the app instead of the website, but I cannot use until these bugs are fixed.
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3 years ago, Blayne S
Great when it works
The people app is great when it works. Almost every time I go to update someone’s information (I have admin account access) it gives me an error and doesn’t work. I then have to go to a computer later to update the information that is given to me.
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3 years ago, Sprout180
Good start but need lots of work.
For example. Wish you could actually use the forms.. and also have the ability to edit form responses. It would eliminate unneeded admin work on the backend to correct easy or overlooked errors when the form was filled out. The app is a good start but so much more can be done to make this competitive with other form services.
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5 years ago, rosegirlmom
Worked well until the most recent update
This app works really well. It’s nice to be able to find church contacts when not at the computer. However, with the most recent update, I get an error when opening the app. When I re-open it, the app works fine. Probably needs another update?
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6 years ago, StlHook
Keeps returning to my own file
I’ve had the app but have never been able to get it to do what I need. When searching for a person, it will bring me to their profile but after I move anywhere else in the app or hit the arrow in the upper left corner it brings me to my own profile. I’ve tried closing the app, I’ve tried signing out & back in, I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app.
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5 years ago, kazooblues
Continuing to crash!
When this is your database, you plan on its functionality. You cannot depend on this app to function. The updates seem to fix something and then, no - it crashes - again. I’ll change my review if something changes but for now I’m stuck using a browser instead of the app.
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2 years ago, Rorylew
Works well but…
The font in the notes section is dark white in white. It’s very difficult to read what you’re writing.
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6 years ago, NHBCNY
Awesome Church Resource!
I am an Associate Pastor at my church and the rest of the pastoral staff and I love this app! It’s so easy to look up church members that we need to contact if we don’t happen to have our church directory with us. So thankful for this awesome resource!
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6 years ago, pastor_robert
I really like this app and that they are constantly updating it. I wish I could export a contact from PEOPLE to my phone contacts though...
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4 years ago, RaeRae84
Love this tool but...
This is a great tool, but my app now crashes every time I do a search. I am already missing the quick and easy access to information on my phone! I’m not always with my computer.
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6 years ago, p_c_2009
GREAT app!
Thanks for this app. It is a wonderful tool for our church leaders. The app keeps getting better all the time. Good job on regular improvements.
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5 years ago, concerned paying customer
Why is forms missing from the people app?
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5 years ago, Maxximmuss
It is very helpful to have access on the go for adding or editing. But when I try to put anniversaries on married people it’s always crashed. Hopping that your can correct the issue.
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1 month ago, squilliam3452
Great app
10/10 would app again!
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7 years ago, Alevand01
Bugs. Multiple searches doesn’t work
I can no longer do multiple people searches without having to close the app and killing it from recents. Every time I try it goes to my personal data.
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1 year ago, Bill G H Jr
Great for all things church!
Awesome app to schedule all groups and volunteers! A must have for Praise ans Worshiper bands!
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4 years ago, TimmieK
App keeps crashing
When I go to lookup someone in the app, it crashes and closes. I have deleted the app, rebooted my iPhone and reinstalled the app. Can not access anyone in he app
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5 years ago, @coolgirl_506
The app crashes when I try to search for a person from the main screen. It worked fine before updating yesterday.
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4 years ago, Keatonwashburn
Can’t search for anyone since updating to iOS 14
Title. When I go to search, it always says no result found or brings up all contacts that begin with periods. Please fix!!
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2 years ago, :35()
Server error
It doesn't work on an IPhone 8. When trying to log in it always fails to lauch due to a "server error."
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6 years ago, AfricaTz
Please put passcode or something else for when thumbprint does not work
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6 years ago, Smithtr35
You can only search once...
After you find a person it will return me to my profile.
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8 years ago, SO! MUCH! FUN!
Awesome! But one suggestion...
Is there any way that you can add the ability to edit information through this app? That is my only hesitancy with giving it a 5 star rating. Functionally, this app is incredible user friendly and simple. Great for on the go
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2 years ago, Bentley7511
How to sign up?
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8 years ago, N8erT8er
Now you can edit!!!
Awesome! I love having the app as a reference point... But now I can edit and everything right from my phone!!! That's awesome!!! Thanks PCO. I've had lots of church Management solutions trying to find the perfect one and you guys are it... I love how innovative and fast past changing you all are! You have a big fan in me and I have used: FellowshipOne, Church Community Builder, ACS Technologies and PCO is the best!
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8 years ago, JacobPaukovitz
Great for on the go
PCO is the most user friendly CHmS on the market and they continue to grasp what the church needs to effectively do ministry. With this app, I have the entire church directory n my pocket and it is fast and easy to use. I can work my task within the app as well, helping donut job faster and better! Well done PCO!
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8 years ago, Jermpc
Great update!
I was pumped to hear of a People App for PCO. The app's UI & functionality was already good for quick search & viewing; this update takes it to the next level. All the basics are here: searching for people, emailing, calling, texting, mapping (with Apple Maps), lists, & workflows Still missing: - ability to copy data to be able to paste in another app - ability to choose mapping app from address (would be GREAT!) Certainly, those aren't deal-breakers, though. Great app... great update! Anther incredible product by PCO.
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8 years ago, Mrs Momma P
Good but log in every time
The app is helpful but not all features are available. It doesn't leave you logged in like PC services does. I have to log in each time and love it to keep my user name and let my use my fingerprint for password if we can't stay logged in.
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7 years ago, Goofball #1
Good but inflexible
Not all children are known or quantified by school grade, or birth date. Please allow age as a field. Not all people are known only by their contact info. Please allow "Interests" as a field, so we can capture that as well.
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8 years ago, AaronVaughan
Great App!
This app is an amazing tool to be able to keep up with your church congregation. I cannot wait for the next progression where it's not read only. Very handy for team leaders, staff and Pastors.
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8 years ago, Thewrightmike
Won't display the full list of people
I appreciate being able to search for people, but this app would be far more useful if the home screen once I logged in showed me the people on the list and not random stats. I can't find a way to view a list of my people! I hope this is fixed in an update. I will update my review if that happens.
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9 years ago, pastorhudson
This app is a fantastic start! After reading the release notes on the PCO blog I saw that they are building out a full featured app, but didn't want us to have to wait for feature complete to get to use it. I really appreciate this decision. At this point the app lets me quick Y lookup contact info, and lists. This works really well. I'm most excited about upcoming workflows support! Thank You!
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7 years ago, MinusMike
Your people in your pocket!
What a great tool to keep up with your church folks in your pocket! Easy to look someone up and get quick reference info!
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