Plumas Bank Mobile Banking

4.4 (466)
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Plumas Bank
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1 year ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Plumas Bank Mobile Banking

4.44 out of 5
466 Ratings
5 months ago, robRPM
Need better notifications/alerts
The app provides necessary information. Layout and navigation is clear. My one issue is that email/text notifications only provide an alert of transactions and must sign into app to review why I was alerted. All my other banks alerts/notifications show complete detail of transactions without having to log into their apps.
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3 years ago, Reloaderator
Makes all your banking easier.
The PLUMAS Bank app is so easy to use it makes staying on top of bill possible. With the bill pay section I can pay all my bills by having them send checks. Scheduling bill payments keeps me up to date and current. The ability to see charges and where they came from is a life saver. Staff is fast and on hand to handle all your questions, in the event you have a question about a transaction or have to report a fraudulent charge. They also monitor transactions and will contact you if they notice a strange out of your routine charge. The only thing I’d like to see improved is; making it easier to add accounts to the app.
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4 weeks ago, RtoG 2
Great Bank
Plumas Bank helped me during a very significant move to the upper upper midwest… the ladies and gentleman were always so kind to me even considering that my chaotic life living extremely rural up near Almanor.. and some other tough life stuff…. Well they always were considerate, empathetic and gracious… the app is very intuitive and so is the website.. the phone is always picked and up at the main branch ready to transfer you to your request. However, I have found the team at the main branch support (phone) almost always can solve the majority of questions. Sincere thanks to the team at the Chester … Lake Almanor branch…. Kind Regards, Rj
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6 months ago, Miss M. Robson
Why I love Plumas Bank
Every time I need assistance with something I have done, it doesn’t matter how many times I call for assistance the staff always treats me with respect and patience. It’s as though they have all the time to assist me with a mistake on my part or if I can’t remember my password or make a mistake logging in. They are always knowledgeable and efficient. I live in Wisconsin now but my bank is Plumas Bank. I have no reason to change it because online banking is easy and staff is always available for me. Marcia Detrick
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5 months ago, AskLifeCoach
I LOVE Plumas Bank
What more can I say? Plumas is the best bank I’ve ever banked at. Our original branch was Susanville and we were SOOOO thrilled when they opened a branch in Reno. When Reno opened we had two other accounts at two different banks. As soon as we could, we simplified our lives and closed our other accounts. Plumas is now our only bank. They have CANDY treats at each desk!!! The tellers in Reno are THE BEST. I get to sit in a chair at their desk. It feels like a small town bank but offers all the big city amenities. Life here is awesome!
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5 years ago, Enter No Name
Good program, easy to use. But, don’t know what the problem is.....lousy to get logged on. When finally on, after several attempts, it won’t bring the program up/load. It stalls when trying to go to the next step, and many times closes out saying there is an error. It is almost like there is not enough space or to many people logged on. I have/use an Apple 7 I-phone. Do not have this problem with any other bank accounts or credit cards. If it ran smoothly, going immediately to the next step it would be 5 Stars.
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4 years ago, mikeyc3po
Good service
Service has been completed successfully whenever there have been issues. Only drawback to online banking is the wait on posting for transfers of payments between banks. You would think it would be instant since money is taken out of your account when you schedule a payment, yet it does not happen as immediate as they wish us to believe.
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4 years ago, drgnath
Dear sirs, Your accounting is baffling. My bank balance often reflects a monthly auto deposit, but there is no evidence of it as I scroll through the numbers. I know that if I wait a day, all data will show up. This is unacceptable. All data reflecting balances should be accessible for viewing. It used to bother me as I knew data did not reflect the balance accurately, but now I accept it as part of your accounting software. I bank with Plumas Bank because it’s the only bank in town (Portola). I feel there are advantages to banking locally with a bank who has a better understanding of the community it serves. That being said, irrespective of the app, the employees of the bank have been super and the service exemplary. I’m not looking to change banks but the app could be better. Thank you.
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5 years ago, j646745677&&
Plumas bank app
when transferring money the ‘approve’ button is below the screen ..would be better if it for on the screen..also i have to select the payment type with each transfer ...when I do this it erases the amount that I paid to be transferred causing me to enter the amount again… Thank you
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5 years ago, hoof doc
Always timing out
This app is great when it is working, which it isn’t most of the time. It times out repeatedly when making multiple mobile deposits. Other problem is with scheduled business bill pay. When the bank sends out a check for payment the payment falls off the schedule and there is no record of it until the check is deposited and funds are deducted from my account. Need to keep a separate record of the check going out otherwise it is very easy to double pay a bill.
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1 year ago, Fignewlie
Very clunky
Both the website and this app are very clunky and unintuitive. Just to deposit a check I have to click on menu and then move money then deposit check. On my other banking app all my commonly used functions are a single button from the start up screen. Every other function I am searching the menu to find what I need based on it’s weird classification.
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2 years ago, SierraLady
Does what I need
I appreciate the upgrades over time. The app now makes it easy to deposit checks, pay bills, and check my transactions and balance. I prefer to do most of my banking on my mobile devices.
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4 years ago, my Bank for over 60 years
Seems a little antiquated
I have accounts with several major banks and I realize you’re a small one but theirs are much easier to navigate. I been trying for quite some time to set up recurring payments to other institutions but unable to be certain it’s done.
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4 years ago, Crowy
Text option with purchase
Would be nice to have the option my capital one card has that basically is an alert that text you the amount just purchased on the card so you know every time it’s being used ( ex reoccurring subscriptions and such as well)
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1 year ago, coystok
So much easier to check balances, make deposits and transfers on my accounts. 4 star instead of 5 because I’m still a little unsure of security when banking on line. Still, it’s very convenient and easy.
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5 years ago, netter61
Great App!
Easy, fast and convenient to check my balance or transfer money from one account to another. Maybe next we will be able to take a picture of a check to make a deposit.
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3 years ago, dexilantfree
Makes banking easy
I love the Plumas Bank app. Makes my life easy. I can see when checks clear, I can see what I spent when I can’t find my receipts. I use it constantly. Love the check deposit you can do online. And direct deposit is the best.
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4 years ago, lkenglish
Wonderful but not perfect
Love online banking! The only problem is with my other banks they’re able to show my notifications of exactly how much and from whom the withdrawal was made. This app only shows that something was done, and it’s repeated for a very long time.
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5 months ago, Brass ringer
Plumas Bank mobile app
This app is extremely easy to use. I use it weekly to check information, transfer funds and pay bills online. Good job Plumas!
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6 months ago, GP40X
Great Bank, Great Staff
The Plumas Bank is a great small town bank with the best customer service. The staff in Quincy is first rate and should be the same in the other locations. I’m glad to support my local bank. Thanks Plumas Bank.
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2 years ago, plubnk customr
Quick access to my accounts
I don’t have much experience with other bank apps but this one seems to do the job. Easy to look up accounts and transactions.
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5 years ago, BeekeeperRNO
Developers continually make improvements
This is a great banking app because the developer fixes the bugs and adds new features that make it reliable and the most important app on my phone.
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1 year ago, Wileycoyote2021!
Plumas business
Thanks for the app I’m able to do my banking more easily from home and it’s very convenient for me. I’m not waiting in line at the bank so much anymore. I just love it! - wiley Hutchinson
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1 year ago, McGrudell
Easy to use
Able to track transactions, balance check register, transfer funds, deposit checks from home. Recommended.
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2 years ago, me Realtor
Customer service super star
The app is easy to maneuver around. The response time of the customer service department is the quickest and most responsive I’ve had in a long.
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1 year ago, 472-230
App review
The app is clear and simple, easy to use and pretty reliable. It is rarely down, and when there is then occasional lag in balances updating, it doesn’t ever last very long. I appreciate the app!
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2 years ago, idagayle
Time saver
I love the mobile deposit feature. The only problem is I don’t get to see my friends at the bank as often as I like.
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1 year ago, Jerriann Wasson
Great people
I’ve been with Plumas bank since they opened. I’ve moved away from Truckee and they talked me into keeping my account there. I’m glad I did. Great customer service
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2 months ago, DebBlund
User friendly app
I love this app because it’s easy to use, and you can do any banking you need to right at your fingertips. It’s a timesaver for sure.
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5 years ago, BlindRabbit19
Great app
For a community bank, the mobile app is great. I use the mobile deposit feature all the time. I’m glad I have the convenience of a mobile banking app and a great community bank.
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4 years ago, ELI INC
Great banking app easy to use.
Love the Plumas Bank app. easy to use and can take care of transferring quickly between business accounts and business line of credit.
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12 months ago, bank member 500000
Some time problems
Sometimes the Face ID features causes the opening app process to freeze
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5 years ago, Gttgggbbhjyfdcvbh
Plumas bank app
Not very user friendly, easy enough to check balances on but if you have to use for anything else it’s not as helpful. Also, I have noticed when I try and pay bills online with account and routing number payments don’t go through.
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5 months ago, morgilee
It’s not the best app ever
This app is hard to navigate and I feel that it does not give you enough of your own account details. Like where do I find my direct deposit information? And all of the stuff like that.
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5 years ago, PTScarbrough
Love the options
This app gives me options that my other bank never had, such as transferring funds into an external account. I’m very pleased with the ease of use.
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1 year ago, marmesh
The app is okay—you can check your balance and move money around fine but the overall interface and UX is pretty clunky. Would love to see the routing number somewhere on the app, suggest including it in the navigation footer or making it a menu item.
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5 months ago, Bains2021
Great App
Easy to access, convenient & got all the information needed for our accounts
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4 years ago, Bigjewler
Greatest bank ever
Just that simple! Want a bank that makes you feel like your the most important person ever? This is the bank for you! Great service! Great people!
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4 years ago, Trucker Matteo
Love it
When we moved out of Quincy to Montana we kept our bank account with Plumas Bank because the app is so user-friendly. Just a awesome bank, easy and convenient app.
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6 months ago, rescue72659
Bank app
Facial recognition would be nice all new apps have it this makes this app seem a little old and outdated.
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5 years ago, Kenny Bagel
Simple mobile banking app?
I think they’ve tried to make it to simple that it did the complete opposite. You can’t find the most simple of things. They don’t have all your banking information in one spot and some not at all. Not worth the space its taking up on my phone. No point in a mobile banking app if I’m just gonna have to go to the papers to get the information I need.
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4 years ago, digigammy
Convenient & Dependable
I’m pleased with Plumas Bank’s mobile deposit. It’s simple to make a deposit from my home. I find Plumas Bank is very hands on and easy to deal with.
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2 years ago, Skihot2
Plumas Bank
They need help with their website…. Bill Pay especially…. When scheduling bills to pay the ones on the bottom of the list …. The date to be paid “drop box” does not extend to the bottom of the calendar THEREFORE YOU CANT PAY BILLS SCHEDULED TO COME OUT AT THE END OF THE MONTH !! Huge Flaw in this system!!!
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4 months ago, MauiJackie
We love Plumas Bank
Love our small town and our bank! Everyone is very friendly and helpful! :)
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5 months ago, jets yam
So convenient!
I love the Plumas bank app. I can track which checks have cleared, keep up with income and balances so easily.
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2 years ago, Dbic57
Bank app.
This app is a lot easier to read and understand! Very easy to use!
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1 year ago, Twixt and Tween
Easy and efficient
Long distance banking is easy and reliable!
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2 years ago, Gmacody
Plumas bank
Their site is easy to use. Very clear and user friendly!
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6 months ago, VinusL
I like the bank, They are always ready to help
I like the bank, They are always ready to help !!
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5 years ago, _LT_Gray
Easy to use and full of features
This app does pretty much everything I want to do as far as banking. Very pleased
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