Plymouth Rock Assurance

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Plymouth Rock Assurance
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2 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Plymouth Rock Assurance

4.85 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
7 months ago, dansy_d
Consistently rewarding
I’ve been a customer for a while and that’s because they offer some of the best prices in my are for both car and home. The customer service is amazing too. I’m never on hold more than 5 minutes, if I ever need to call (usually to go over renewals; but even when I had a claim). It’s good practice to switch to other companies every few years - for the new customer discount. But I find myself constantly coming back to this insurer.
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1 month ago, Los Medos
App/Website Failure
I’ve been a customer for years and there has been this reoccurring issue with the app. The app will malfunction and simply stop working. I originally downloaded the app to view my insurance card virtually and then exploring the app further. I started making my payments through the app, making the process simpler or so I thought. At that point I’ve had the app for almost two years. One day, I attempted to login and was unsuccessful. No email or password would type into the boxes. I tried several times before giving up, deleting the app and using the website to make my payments. About a year later I redownloaded the app after discovering the new design and likely new updates. It’s been several months with no issues. Last week I went to check my payment history and it would not load. I tried refreshing it to no avail. Today I login and the amount due originally appears but disappears after clicking pay now. I click “ other amount “ to type the amount in and it states “ the amount entered cannot exceed the amount due “. I logged out and logged into the website which ended up not loading at all. I have 4 bars and I really good phone service provider. I’ve tried with and without Wi-Fi with no luck. At this point I’m stuck with calling in to make my payments which is inconvenient and frustrating.
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2 months ago, pauline612
Can’t even complete set up
Apparently the bugs weren’t fixed. I’ve tried several times to set up an account and the furthest I’ve gotten is my full name put in. As soon as I enter my date of birth it goes to a white screen that has Plymouth Rock at the top and stays there. I can’t get past that. So frustrated! I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled this app so many times and have gotten no where with it! I GIVE UP!!! Wish I could white out half that star I gave!😱🤯🤬😤😡 Was finally able to set up my account successfully and can now just go to my payment amount . Can make my payment through my bank account which I was able to save in my Plymouth Rock app. The text messages I receive to remind me about my payment and give me a site to click on to make my payment doesn’t work! That’s the reason for 4 stars! It just continues to search and search and search! Nothing but a blue circle until I get tired of looking at it. From now on I’m going straight to my app and make my payment. Maybe next time I’ll give 5 stars get five stars I’m asked to update my review.
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2 months ago, Cdot925
Payments finally made simple with PR App!
Payments finally made simple with PR App! In the past, if I was running a little late on My bills, I would have to go to the PR Website where I would literally get 2 or 3 different “Pay this amount” options. I used he PR app today, and I put in my email and password, and because I was running a bit late I immediately got the option to pay this amount ⭐️ I paid the amount listed and I was in and out in 5-7 minutes!
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11 months ago, patzak62
I have had trouble with this app from day one three years ago. Same crap every month. I enter all my info and screen freezes or disappears altogether. It takes 35 mins to do what should take 5 mins, Now, with their "new improved" app its worse. What an assache! Cant get information entered for bank account OR debit card! Whoever manages this app should be fired n replaced. Think ill call my payments in from now on. Way, way unprofessional!
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3 months ago, Holden Cherish
Dental implants
I was overpaying my car insurance by $920 for every 6 month bare minimum policy. I’m thankful for the unparalleled service that I received from Joe. Immediate enrollment, immediate saving and now my teeth do not hurt anymore. Immediately, I scheduled an appointment for a promotion at Tenafly Dental Spa for Cleaning, exam and x rays for $199. I feel confident about my teeth. Now I can focus on other things like work instead of the pain and difficulty chewing. So awesome
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1 year ago, hotmop
HUGE Improvement
The previous app was a crime against customers. This is actually functional and gets the job done. Would love to see the ID card export to Apple Wallet. Those can be simple information only ID cards without any NFC or barcode function. Also, the ID card screen suffers from the link being partially off screen if larger default text size is set in iOS Accessibly settings. Doesn’t allow scrolling in that view.
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3 months ago, Liv2 play
I switched my auto insurance provider for two reasons… Plymouth Rock offered a better rate for the same coverage AND the simplicity of navigating their site. You will have access to your policy within seconds. It literally takes one second, once set up with a payment method to make your monthly payments, view your policy or make changes. I
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1 week ago, Mrs Lub
Easy to use!
I love the convenience of being able to pay and view my policy on an app! The platform is user friendly and gives you all of what you need right at your fingertip, without having to sign in online. Kudos Plymouth Rock for keeping up with the times; other insurance companies can learn a thing or two from you!
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1 week ago, Mime lyfe
Being able to review and make an early payment is really helpful! I’m happy that it’s user friendly for people like me with severe dyslexia.. I don’t feel overwhelmed when using it bc it’s made simple and clear for me.. I’m grateful bc dyslexia makes it very hard for me to use certain types of apps..
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2 months ago, Brittany werner
My experience!
The app has made my life exponentially easier. I just paid my bill in two easier clicks and I have easy access to all my previous payments at the tip of my fingers. Thanks so much so being so convenient!
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10 months ago, xavjr1969
Terrible app update
Can’t even access my account since update. Have deleted and reinstalled. Log in and get an “Oops. Signature electronic signature required on documents we previously emailed.” Nope—no record of this in my email. Click through to Continue to eService, then presented with essentially a blank PR screen with no policy #. Tried again and then directed to relink my policy. Tried that 3x. No go. Keep getting “Sorry unable to link policy right now. Please try again or contact us.” But NO contact info in provided. So frustrating.
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6 months ago, inv225
Simple to Use
The Plymouth Rock App couldn’t possibly be any more user-friendly, even for an old-timer like me. Pretty much everything you need to do is just one or two clicks away. I’ll give it five stars, and I’m not even paid to do so.
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6 days ago, Vdb010
Customer service
Every time I have called PR from beginning enrollment to current assistance, the service has been wonderful. Nothing like any customer service I have experienced before.
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3 weeks ago, Didi112
Good for quick access
The app is good for a quick access. It allows you to quickly check your balance and see the changes you need to make
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10 months ago, Geeves77
Fast and convenient
The new version of that seems to be a little bit faster. You can make your payment a lot faster than the last version. Love it.
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4 months ago, Kimmie Mona
The app has come a long way since I’ve been a Plymouth Rock customer for over 5 years now. Paying my bill on the app was such a headache due to constant glitches. This is one happy customer.
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3 months ago, CKJot
excellent service
I just tried to upgrade my insurance policy with the substitute transportation. Everything was done quickly and my policy was updated with the new features on the very next day. Kudos!
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8 months ago, Wi!!yP
Couldn’t be easier to use
Received the bill, logged in, paid for insurance, have proof of insurance with digital card, all in under 30 seconds…simple and easy.
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8 months ago, Ivan’s reviews
So easy to use
This app has all my information ready for me when I need it. I have never experienced any issues with the app and I love the fact I can see my insurance ID in digital format.
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8 months ago, Astern reap
Great App and Customer Service
We have been very happy how easy it is to use the app. Any time we have talked with customer service, our questions are answered quickly and thoroughly.
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5 months ago, TJ.McCurdy89
Does what it’s suppose to do
The app never gives me an issue. It allows me to see claims, file claims, see my payment history, etc… it does everything it’s suppose to do and I love it.
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3 months ago, Turlsworld
Very Easy… But no Receipt!
Quick and easy pay process for my car insurance… but I like to note or screen print some kind of confirmation number … something (!) that indicates payment was made ….. stuff happens!
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10 months ago, 696bb
It worked!!
First time the app worked for me. It always used to not let you access certain windows to put card info. Very Happy it got straightened out!!
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8 months ago, Captin Social
Always on point
Been with them for about three years and there always there when I need them
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11 months ago, Flip-of-Switch
Lightning Speed
I used to dread using this website. It was slow and painstaking. No more! It took less than a minute to pay the bill.
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3 months ago, Jesenia8908
I enjoy using this Plymouth rock insurance app. It’s so easy to just pay my bill through the app instead of doing it any other way. Definitely recommend this insurance they work well with their customers. Thanks Plymouth Rock!!
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6 months ago, MareMercedes
So many things to do!
This app helps you do so many things like check your policy, file a claim, pay your bill. It’s very user friendly.
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3 months ago, 12roz34
Linked policies
I would like to see my linked policies in the app. I don’t understand why I have to dig out my homeowners policy to enter to number myself when you have it readily available. Same goes for the insurance ID card.
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10 months ago, Cjbass
Problem with app
With the new app update it is impossible to login with face recognition, it keeps you from getting into the account!
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10 months ago, MaryLegs007
Easy to Use
This app is a great addition. So much easier and faster to use than the website, especially for payments.
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3 days ago, Chris Gug
Insured by Steph
I had the pleasure to work with Sandy in transferring my new car. Not only was she courteous by very knowledgeable about the policy. Keep up the good work and it’s agents like Sandy that will keep me coming back!!!!
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6 days ago, susannahpatricia
Works decently
It is frustrating when using it to get in touch with the service department but works great for card use, notifications and general information.
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10 months ago, terjeffers
First experience on PR app
I am not tech savvy at all but found this app so easy to use I never once had to call one of my kids to figure out what to do!!!
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11 months ago, IDFC978
Great upgrade to app!
I really like the easy access to my Plymouth Rock accounts via the updated app. It makes paying bills and reviewing my policies so smooth. Thanks!
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5 months ago, Sumanksingh
Plymouth rock app
A nice app that helps you to have a view of your policies at one place. Very easy to use. It’s helping me to manage my insurance needs from my phone.
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9 months ago, raaustin
Way better
To pay your insurance now on the app it much easier the the other one
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9 months ago, klou48
Your site is much improved but it still lacks a button to exit.
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1 week ago, vlad2021
My company for over 20 years! Had no issue with them at all!
Highly recommended!
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3 weeks ago, FarmerBob-500
Rider Motorcycle
The prices charged by Rider/Progressve are very competitive and fair. I have been a customer of Rider since the 80’s - never had a claim and never had any problems!
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2 months ago, Self marketer
Fastest and most efficient set up
I just signed with my agent and in ten minutes I’m set up with the app and already paid the first year!
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10 months ago, N Osmani
App & easy to use service
Very easy to use takes seconds make updates and make payments. 5 star
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2 weeks ago, Azenaide
Easy Access!
I have never had any issues with the App. Making payments is a breeze!
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8 months ago, King Gut
Easy to make payments
Takes just a couple of seconds.
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11 months ago, dem19732022
This app saves me a lot of time and aggravation on making payments and giving me account number and a way to file any needed claims
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10 months ago, Go Bills 716 !
App is very convenient and easy to use
This app does what it needs to do. Ease of use and I can access everything I need.
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5 months ago, RenshiAlex
Terrible App
Great Insurance company with stellar customer service. However, this app is the worst insurance app I have. You can’t view your insurance cards and can’t read any information in its entirety because it doesn’t fit on your screen and you can’t scroll to see the rest. What phone do I have? An IPhone. Make the app as great as your company please!
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3 months ago, Sylk101
Ok app
I need to edit my address info and your app won’t let me. I also need to edit my payment date and it won’t let me do that either. Very disappointed.
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4 months ago, CChakar
Excellent app user friendly
So nice to actually have an app to work smoothly and easy to navigate :)
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8 months ago, LASRPS
Easy and efficient
App is great. Easy to use. Paid my bill in 1 minute. Can access policy and insurance cards easily.
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