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Citrix Systems, Inc.
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2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Podio

4.62 out of 5
3K Ratings
6 months ago, sdjohnso
Develop your own automations!
While it takes a learning curve for people who are new to PHP programming, Podio is the perfect platform to develop any kind of automation you need! I am a real estate broker and use it as a CRM, prospecting tool and a data aggregator which helps me keep track of the market in real time. While it took me a long time to develop the tools, and the skill set it takes to program them, it was well worth it. Once you learn how to develop automations, you have a skill set, they could be used in any industry. I wouldn’t trade Podio for the world!
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6 years ago, douglasputnan
I loved using Podio in the past
I decided to check out podio for a new work project. It has been about a year since I used it but I remembered clearly how much I liked the intuitive layout and the effortless syncing with google docs. It was great in the past. Now, I cannot even sign in to Podio’s mobile app. I have tried signing in with my google account, creating a new podio account using my google account, trying again with a new google account, deleting the app and re-downloading it, but I keep getting the same result. As soon as I give podio full permission to access my google drive, the app freezes briefly before going black and exiting the app. Developers, I have much respect and admiration for what you do and all that you have created. I trust that this is only a temporary bug and you are probably already working on this. If it helps, I’m running iOS 12.1 on an iPhone 7, but this problem seems to be an authentication error related problem. Best of luck and thank you in advance to any response.
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7 years ago, JustinTMR
Almost perfect. iPad app is missing one big thing though.
It is difficult to see an overview of the calendar on the iPad app. The only option for viewing the calendar on the iPad app is a list view. And that list view doesn’t even show the day of the week (ie: “Monday” “Tuesday”). This makes it difficult to schedule things with my clients. I always have to jump back over to the iPhone app or a web browser. Will gladly give this app 5 stars when this is possible.
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3 years ago, Bossysane
Mobile app doesn’t work
I am unable to log into my account on the mobile app. I have been attempting to log into Podio on with the mobile app for the last two months on my iPhone. Every time I attempt to log into the mobile app I see a blank screen, it never officially logs me into my account, or none of my workstations, instead it is completely blank. I use the desktop version of podio regularly and I have the upgraded version which I pay $24 a month but now matter how many times I attempt to log in on my iPhone it never works.
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4 months ago, Kosh420
Podio is life
Our team wouldn’t be anywhere without it. The app could use some work it’s not as refined as the web version but the platform is still 5-stars
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6 years ago, REI Mike
Well...all of my Customer Base and profile info is stored on your platform. Do maintenance on a saved version of your system. Don’t shut down my company because you are fixing slowness issues. And for the record, my stuff was working great. And you can’t tell me when you’ll be back up either?? I just purchased your best version upgrade of Podio too. I’ll be looking for another CRM for our company while this is going on. Or I’ll accept a full refund in lieu of leaving your company. And reverse my one star if you promise not to do this again. You cost me an important deal today and we are dead in the water until you fix whatever is supposedly broken.
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5 years ago, futurelight
Notifications Broken
When you tap on a notification box, if the app is not already open, it frequently takes me to a screen that displays “check your internet connection.” My connection is fine. I then have to press back, and then tap on the notification through the Podio interface again to actually load the data. Furthermore, notifications would be much more useful if they actually displayed some of the text of comments, that way I could determine at a glance if I need to engage. Podio development has slowed to a crawl since they were acquired by Cisco.
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11 months ago, Iufghyttgg
Bait and Switch Free model
They get you started and you take up a bunch of time starting a database for free. Then, after adding like 20 contacts, you learn that you cannot add anyone else or will have to switch to a paid plan. That would be fine, but I don’t think the paid plan is worth $14/month. It’s pretty basic software, and a little bit dated in my opinion. Definitely not worth $168 PER YEAR, EVERY YEAR. I would value this software at a one time $50 license fee. That’s it.
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5 years ago, Gsferelli
In the new update we can now accidentally close out of any task we are doing by simply dragging down from the top. This is extremely frustrating when you accidentally do it by simply trying to scroll down and end up lose ALL your progress. By far the dumbest thing to come to this app, PLEASE FIX IT!!! It’s clearly slowing down productivity Omg you don’t have to even grab the top bar you can accidentally close it by just scrolling down from the top...who in their right might thought this would be a positive change? If you’re gonna try and be like Apple and modernize your app at least do it right
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3 years ago, Bobby25543
Great search engine
You can type in anything into the search bar i.e. last 4 digits of a client’s phone number and it will pull up results. Also great filter options for reports.
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6 years ago, Veyvcd
Sometimes convenient, nothing like Desktop
This application is convenient to have on the go. Some of the applications within the app are designed to work way better on desktop. If you have a Lot of customers, looking through them can be frustrating.
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3 years ago, LexHouseBuyer
Great tool for my business
I cannot imagine following up with my leads without podio, great tool for every small business owner.
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5 years ago, Rebeccadhhv
Notifications do Not Work
The mobile app works well except for ONE VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE. No matter what settings I put into Podio or my phone, not a single notification will display on the Podio app on my phone. It used to work, but no more. Nobody else in my organization can get notifications to work on their iPhones either. This is a critical issue.
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3 years ago, Beaveruk7
Only good for notifications.
I would love to see how 5-Star reviewers are using this app ( I mean that genuinely). All this app is good for me is receiving notifications and making comments. Theres features I use that I cannot view on the app. I certainly could not start a project from scratch. It’s great for instant notifications and communication but that’s really it.
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3 years ago, cmguerrero2008
Not user friendly, not intuitive, and redundant when trying to enter data. Too many tags, too many categories, too many subdivisions to label things that should be simple. Expect to spend more time entering info than reaching out to prospects.
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3 years ago, EMB Entertainment
Learning Curve
I’ve been using Podio for approximately a year. It has a very large learning curve! But when mastered or paid for, Podio is extremely useful!
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4 years ago, JimYoung
This tool is extremely malleable/configurable, easy to get started with, and useful for a wide variety of use cases. And it’s actually very very affordable.
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6 years ago, Dgprice
Needs work
The app has a great deal of flexibility in adding and editing data within Podio. But as you navigate the app every other edit causes the app to crash. Continuously crash. It is probably related to iOS 11 update but something needs addressed on Podio’s end since the new iOS has been introduced.
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3 years ago, Alpkan Cakici
Difficult to use on an iPhone on the go
There are annoyances, like My Views, doesn’t reflect the same format or convenience from the computer model. I like Podio but I think the app can be improved for functional utility.
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6 years ago, Abbey Skye
Bugs & Shuts Down
After hearing about it on a podcast, I thought Id try it out. Like the previous poster from a few days ago, I too cannot sign in with google. It shows me signed in, but then when I click on my id to access the app, it shuts down. This happened 4 times. Im so bummed bc I was hoping this would be what I needed to organize my projects.
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1 year ago, Philly Ralph
Gets the job done but crashes on mobile often
If you could get the app to stop shutting down it would be perfect.
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3 years ago, Seth (Denver)
App crashes when clearing out notifications
App crashes when closing out notifications.
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7 years ago, Prop momma
We've used for over 3 yrs. Our office could not function without it.
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6 months ago, nlaughton
Search is terrible
Search function is basically missing. There’s a global search, but not search function within each app. Makes navigating and finding a particular item a total nightmare. How could you overlook this!?!
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5 years ago, Funk Dizz
It’s so slow
Whenever I receive notifications on customer accounts, the app is painfully slow to show me the updates. It’s always faster if I just go to the podio website and check my accounts there.
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4 years ago, JMJ13
You fixed it. Thanks.
Thanks for fixing the app. Now I can use it without wanting to throw my phone.
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5 years ago, Tlovelock
Update Please!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a great business app but there is so much updated needed to this. The app on iPad and phone could be so much better. When will the update happen??
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6 years ago, Blaje T.
Excellent App
This is the one platform that can truly grow with your business!
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5 years ago, solar professional
Functional errors
The feed loads but then when you click an item, it doesn’t load. You have to then go back and click it again. This only occurs on mobile.
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6 years ago, Dennes Garcia
Podio is amazing
I cannot believe I didn’t know of this sooner!
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6 years ago, Corey W. Brady
Downloaded the app. Tried to sign up with my Google account and it crashed. Every single time, crashes. App won’t stay open so I tried on the website and it won’t work either. Tough to use a product you can’t actually get into.
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7 years ago, Mrredforman
3 star review
I am not able to create an account through google using the podia app. Every time I confirm that polio has access to my calendar data, etc. The App crashes.
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3 months ago, SharapAmninov
Cannot access files online/ download files
With this recent update I cannot access any files through Podio online or download them on my phone/ tablet. Please fix that!
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7 months ago, Srawleigh
Very slow and crashes often
The app crashes frequently and is very slow. Seems like the Podio company is trying to get away with the lowest server speed possible and it’s evident.
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6 years ago, eloyretana
Filter by state
Almost perfect! Please add the feature to be able to filter properties by city or state on the iPad/iPod app. Drives me nuts not to be able to do that.
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6 years ago, Villalobos.Jesus
Almost there
Only thing missing here is the reports. If there was a way to see a dashboard of some sorts, this would be an unbeatable app.
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3 years ago, roys7890
Takes long
Takes way too long to upload lots of photos and sometimes it don’t work and overall it makes it a hassle sometimes
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3 years ago, Jonnyb813
I'm trying to verify my account but only continues to stay on the same page where I sign up. It stays on sign up and I have already verified my account 11 times yet still doesn't let me access podio.
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3 months ago, InkMoreDeals
PDF’s and images don’t open
This app used to be wonderful but now anytime I want to open an image or pdf it simply redirects me to the online version of the activities feed.
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4 years ago, FidencioTG
Used to work
Now items load sporadically and it claims my connection is at fault. Everything else on my phone works. I’m pretty sad about it.
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4 years ago, pdelsip
Crashes since iOS 14 update
Random crashing. Reinstalled app but problems remain.
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4 years ago, dhjvtee
Terrible programm
Today I trying 5 times have registration to this program and all tome i have problems with this. Terrible and not friendly. Not recommend
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6 years ago, DBAConst.
Check your spelling
Great app and you misspelled organization... might wanna check that ;)
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4 years ago, crashingcrashcraching
Love the app but it keeps crashing
Love the app but it keeps crashing
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4 years ago, bradsmith2978
New update
Podio keeps cutting off with new IOS update. Very frustrating!
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5 years ago, 1123455688655
Clunky, extremely difficult to search
And does not work well on mobile. Many issues
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5 years ago, hekgirbskvj
New update is terrible. You can now swipe down to close the task you’re working on and lose all your progress. If you scroll even slightly it will close you out.
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3 years ago, fjbeu
Won’t let me make an account
Trash it won’t let me make an account, whenever I verify it doesn’t do anything.
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3 years ago, NightS Review
Unable to Sign-in
The Podio web app is great, but signing in with Google on the mobile version does not work so it’s impossible to use.
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3 months ago, Steven_RealtyMedics
Do not update
Can’t view or download attached files anymore. Please fix
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