Point Pickup Driver

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Point Pick-Up Technologies, Inc.
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4 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Point Pickup Driver

4.37 out of 5
15.6K Ratings
1 year ago, Carrotop20
Pretty good source for income
I’ve been running this since July after walking out of warehouse work (too much drama). Running this & a few others together usually gives me full days of work. If you find your groove you can definitely make bills with it. App has definitely been improving steadily in just the past 6 months. Saved me from going under & gave me a new path, thanks! ( As always…know where your going, be aware of your surroundings, carry supplies to optimize routine…routers can NOT be aware of your area conditions so be proactive). Dispatchers are pretty quick, friendly & helpful. (& can sometimes get u to laugh on stressful days lol). 👍🏼👍🏼…. **UPDATE** So I went from doing steady work for them & a few others (& making a good living), to suddenly NOTHING….😏. I don’t know why but there were at least 3 Walmarts under 10 miles & now there’s been nothing in this area on board in weeks! Wish we’d get a heads up if losing contracts…I’m now about to become homeless in my 50’s for the 1st time in my life! 👍🏼😖
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7 months ago, efya noctural
Very bad unprofessional, lazy rude agents…Pablo,Luis, Melany the worst of all she very racist also, Ervin. These agent are very unprofessional and have no idea have driver are going through it just to make a living. The agents are always in a rush when u reach out to them. They end the conversation after the first question. They are always in a rush and do not even solve your request. Drivers drive so many miles to the store just to deliver $7 order. Due to distance and weather conditions, winter they need to go get the store right away..and u get there the app settings unassign the order from drivers. They are very insensitive and inhuman business corporations who have no regard for hard working drivers with dedication. You end up delivering to a customer 17 miles 25 mins away. When you have current order due in few mins, you gonna be late for 20 minutes to the store they unassign from the driver and give someone else whiles you are already on your way and that reason you waste your gas and miles on your car. Agents do not respond on Black Friday whiles orders available on the app. Poor app design and lack of quality…completed orders still show on the app only for driver to drive 14 mile pickup only for orders lost orders. They only pay $6 for and 0 dollars on deleted orders . Drivers pick order instead for app to mark “order in queue “ they take order from drivers , to not care whether u have to buy gas or any emergencies,
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2 years ago, Alliemaejo
Enjoying this app and the work
I have been more seriously running orders this last week or two and becoming more comfortable with the app and running orders in my town. I am enjoying it so much, honestly. I have also made decent money in the process. The other day I made $28 in a half hour on one order because the customer tipped me $20. Sometimes the app acts up a little bit. And like tonight, I ran a batch order where two orders were in gated communities..I had to fail drop off attempt and hit the option for destination closed because there was no option for a closed gated community; or an other option to put this in. It would be nice to have an easier way of communicating some things like this that us drivers may see and bump into as we work. It would also be nice with batch orders to be able to choose our route. There have been a couple of times where I could have delivered even more orders, or made it home at a more decent time after running a bunch if we had this option. I’m sure emailing these thoughts are an option! I have shared the referral link recently and look forward to this app being available in other areas also! It was not available where my friend is in CA and I was kind of surprised. Made me super grateful it is here and I have the opportunity to drive for this company.
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6 months ago, Not making solutions
Employees adding “rules” to try to make it harder to just drive to location and pick up order
This app is pretty simple drive to location and pick up the order, but instead a Walmart employee (boaz, AL)keeps trying to add “rules” and has threatened to stop allowing me to make a delivery, which I don’t understand why this lady is so stuck on not doing her job, instead she is stuck on me, the parking spaces are available, and her new rule this week is “park next to the door” , I’m parking at any available parking spot, and I don’t mind parking closer but she doesn’t have a reasonable reason, her excuse is “we are scared “ , scared”! of what I’m the one driving out to do the deliveries, and the spot is 3 steps farther then the rest (so not much more) and this is the reason that I can not take her seriously because she has a problem with everything, and threatening to not allow something that she only an employee for, just makes this situation even worse, I’m doing my part why is it so difficult for her to “just bring order outside”, and if she wants to be “scared” bc it’s nighttime then she needs to take her concerns to Walmart, I do understand that I look like I can fix anything, but it should not be up to me to fix all her personal issues, or she should get another job, I have to handle my own problems, I’m not walking around blaming everyone, so why does she feel as if she doesn’t have to handle her own issues…
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10 months ago, mysteriqueen
App stopped sending orders
This app was working the first 2 months of me delivering orders then about a week ago an agent told me their system crashed. After that day i never received anymore orders from no Walmart in none of the local areas. I sent over 5 emails no response. I even spoke to another representative who always messages me at times to send orders for me to pick up and that representative said they were unable to send anymore orders when he/she tried to. We both knew the problem was on their end. The representative I messaged also sent multiple emails to have someone at the company look into the problem but no response at all. I spoke with multiple other drivers and they were able to receive orders all day. I've worked hard for this company and this is how I've been treated. Nobody told me I'm fired and the rep I messaged said my account is still active and ready for orders but no orders are being sent. Put me in a bad situation because I used this company to work to pay my bills and take care my kids but they have ignored me for over a week with no help to fixing my issues so I'm now having to find another job. There is no number to ever speak with anyone only emails, which they obviously don't check often. Make sure you have a backup plan when working for this company because one day your account may not work and you will get no help fast that's for sure.
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3 years ago, Project One2345
Poor People Mindset
I’ve read a lot of reviews and most of them are 1 star. Just goes to show you even though the work is easy to do and easy to start (literally can get approved to drive in 30min and take orders) you’ll have people complain about it. Here is the deal. Broke people love to complain about work. And will complain about $7.50 orders. But the fact is with tips I make over $20 an hour and so can you. To make it worth your time you have to take more than 1 order in an hour. Take the normal order and do an express in between. Also take all of the GM (general merchandise) you can because you have until 9PM to deliver and can drop them off in between when you have time. I made $700 in my first week only working Friday Saturday Sunday. 45 orders total. Made more in tips than the actual drive. Fact of the matter is you still have to work and there is pros and cons to everything. You can’t expect to make a ton of money with a tiny amount of effort I see people making. I can’t think of a single job that you can start immediately like this without having to apply and have an interview and all that and make $700 or more a week. Great app and a great opportunity for those that are not afraid of work.
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4 years ago, Taylor Kinney
Now I know that reading reviews can be overwhelming and they will make you question if the reviews are even valid. I want you to know my experience and what happened to me. I signed up on the app after getting an email saying, “You would be a great fit!” I put in my driver’s license, social security number, and my checking account information as you would do with any job that you go to. I set up an account and everything seemed great... too great. I tried to accept different orders on the app and I could not accept them. There were some features that did not seem to work well at all. I looked all over the help section in the app and I got more confused. I decided to log out of the app and I attempted to log back in. I kept trying and eventually I tapped on, “Forgot Password”. I entered the email that I used to sign up on the account and I get an error message saying something to the affect of “No account with this email”. I tried to call the 800 number that they always throw around at you, but it is an automated mess that you will sit in for hours it seems like and never get a real human response. I believe that this app is a way for this “company”, along with the Stripe Corporation, to gain access to your personal information and use it for their own purposes. This app is a scam, and I hope that you never give this app any of your personal information!
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3 years ago, bobreardon
Ppu going downhill
Point pickup was good about a year ago and One could do this full time. As more drivers have signed on they dropped the rates little by little. This last week they decided to allow only one delivery at a time and you could not get any deliveries after that time until you deliver what you have. Support is impossible to reach usually it takes about 45 minutes. Customers are cool for the most part except some do not understand you need to take a picture of the groceries before they take it away or touch it. Spark is coming into our market and they will probably replace point pickup. The amount you can make now has been greatly reduced. Lots of drivers have left doing point pickup. Gms pay less than $4 each drop usually $3.50. Too many miles. Today is a new low paying 50 cents per drop for a gm order. Now they want you to deliver a grocery order for about $3.50 for each drop. I think the market conditions clause should apply to point pickup employees too and reduce their paid down to 50% of what it was before. That is the point pickup spirit. Point pickup has to pay back their investors so everyone should share in suffering for the sake of them.. I saw one gm order today for .78 cents for 8 mile delivery. Some of the gm’s for Black Friday come out to 50 cents per drop. It is amazing that they state they care about their driver-partners.
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3 years ago, AndynguyenA
Worst support
The app Crash multiple time, imagine waiting 2 hours to contact support, you can’t finish delivery because the app is crash so you call support for furthur direction all they say is go back to chat they will happy to assit you every mater through chat which I did, guest what I sit in my car 2 hours right at customer house but can’t give them their items because app die. Finally, someone reply my chat and tell me to bring those items back to walmart, I was describe my situation that I have been wait an hour for walmart to load it in my car, and waste 2 hours your reply I need a compensate credit for my time and gas, they end the chat right a way which make you feel really angry, I was very stressful because customer want their items and also time stressful because I make no money on those hours. Can’t contact them when you need them, only 2 times they contact me was I late for pick up and they want to remove it from my active order, penalize me. So disrespectful and rude, no apologize for letting me wait 2 hours or even compesate credit for waiting time and burning gas but yes you late for pick up and penalized me. They only care about delivery, as long as you delivery to customer you will have money, otherwise if you have urgent problems while delivery wish you luck. All the time and gas they just say you bring it back to walmart
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2 years ago, SethTayloe
I like it, but navigation on the app is terrible.
I’ve done my first order earlier today, I liked the simple looking interface at first but if you try to use it while going to a drop off location it’s a pain. The navigation should be updated with in app nav so there’s not a lot of switching between two different apps. When I had a problem with where the GPS told me to go I couldn’t get ahold of a real person for over 15 minutes and eventually just figured out the problem on my on. Not a big deal but it would be nice if you had real people for support instead of automatic reply’s for FAQ. I could possibly see myself maining this app over doordash in my area if the UI was more simplistic and easy to use while delivering orders, I would also like a clearer option for calling the customer that your taking items to. I kept getting forwarded to my local Walmart when pressing a button that clearly said call customer, not merchant. There’s money to be made on here but people do try to lowball at first but if no one takes it it will eventually go up because they usually want their items asap. Overall, I like the app but it’s too difficult to daily drive as of now, I hope it gets updated and gets better because I kind of like this more than doordash.
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2 years ago, frustrated drivers omar n
Don’t do it the worst app to make $ on
The worst platform they scam their drivers pay as little as possible you pick up an order thinking it’s 7 miles and then once you receive the order the mileage double and it’s too late to cancel because you already picked up the order there was an 5$ cancellation you’ll receive if the store or customer cancelled but they take it away you don’t receive it you’ll waste time and money you can’t pick up more than one order at an time there’s no phone number to call you have to talk to them through email or text they have an instant pay option but once I used it the 4$ fee for the service never cleared my account stayed in -4 and they kept deducting it from my pay for weeks after the app doesn’t show you all available orders just orders that ppl are least likely to accept or where they need more drivers at in hopes you would accept and drive 35 mins out your way out of desperation just avoid this app there are others that’s way better and more honest they are using people and taking advantage of drivers the app glitches a lot and you will be waiting for a text response for 20 min the time I picked up an order for 12 mins and it turned out to be 26 miles I was done I’ve seen them pay 5$ for a 12 miles job it’s sad
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1 year ago, Gracie_Lou_82
I’m not 100% sold
So at first the app was paying decent. But then I see what other drivers were referring to when they would tell me that suddenly their payout amount would decrease. I didn’t work for a week due to a family emergency. Then I checked then app only to the see the payout amount decreased from 5 days prior. Now the decrease was not due to a payout. Nope! The payout amount had already taken place and the tip I was supposedly waiting to clear was suddenly gone. So idk why the app is doing this. But I can say this if the app sends me a report saying I made more money then I received and the government goes by that then I’ll be annoyed. Also there should be a way to contact the customer before hand. Like text and open chat that is only accessible during handling the customers order. I can’t tell u how many times a customer doesn’t pick up the phone or worse the phone #’s aren’t working due to the app using a masking # system that doesn’t work with all service carriers. It’s frustrating to not be able to chat via instant messenger to communicate with the customer. It’s why I’m using this app less and less and I just started a month ago. SMH
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2 years ago, fartfartssss
Needs major improvements
I don’t usually review apps but the developers of this one need to know a few things. I have NEVER been able to speak to someone when I need help who works at Point Pickup. I’ve waited in the chat for hours and never once got a live agent. I have picked up orders multiple times to get to the store and find out they don’t have the order at all, they’ve given it another driver, or it’s still being prepared and I have to wait 20 minutes for it to make 5 bucks. Already today I have picked two orders that were given to someone else already and one order where me and another driver showed up for the same order at the same time. If I am going take the time to go to the store and have the order not be there I should be paid for the order anyway. If I am made to wait a long time for the order to be ready I should be paid more for the order. I need to speak to someone who works for point pickup I should be able to. Lastly pay out amounts should be looked at. How does it make sense I can get paid around the same amount for a 1 mile delivery as I can for 7 mile delivery? The farther from the store the delivery is the more you should get paid. Every other delivery app I use does that why don’t you guys?
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1 year ago, wrangler330
Absolute last resort
If you’re desperate, you can try this junk. App is terrible. Not user friendly. Jobs are all lower paying than comparable apps. They don’t like to pay you. I delivered an order, took pictures in the app after delivery, customer signed for order. After marking as complete and leaving, the order disappears from my history. Since the photos don’t save to your phone, you have no proof you delivered it. You need to screen shot everything you do because at least half the time, you’ll need to contact support and prove you delivered the order. They can’t make a working app so it’s on you to fix it. Then they only respond to your email about half they time. Message them during business hours and you get an automated response saying contact us during business hours. Then it lists the business hours which is during the same time they sent the email back to you. All the time wasted jumping through extra hoops to try to get them to actually pay you is maybe half of minimum wage. Company is highly unprofessional. Jobs are low paying. No sane person would associate with these people. If you want to actually make any money, there’s plenty of other driver apps.
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3 years ago, 2021karma2021
It’s alright
You gotta be on time which is completely understandable but at the same time when you pick up express orders, especially when your from your house or just drop off the last order that you just did, they suspects you to get there within less than 10 minutes as if it’s okay to get a Speeding ticket like they’re going to pay for it and literally once you get there and you inform them your less than a min away they still removed it. Not only wasted gas (which aren’t cheap these days!!!) but you could of picked up a different one before anyone else have grabbed it. Your better off doing Instacart getting paid abt $20 for just one order just saying! FYI they stated tips are included but literally when you do the math off all the orders that you did, couple days later it shows the tips and it’s still appear the same amount that you made with just the orders as if they reduced the order that you did and adjusted with the tips which make no differences or they keep the tips for themselves. You do gotta be fast with it to make some money !!
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3 years ago, yo yo 44
Work work work
I have enjoyed working for ppup thus far. There have been some bumps in the road but just like life they can be worked out with communication and asking others for help if you don’t know or understand something. You must have patience and understanding. This is something you have to invest your time in and have a positive mind set as was previously stated. When something is not right, take the time to mention to the ppup in the chat box. It always works out for me. To me this job is a very competitive job as it is pretty much anywhere you go. From what I’m learning you have to have a high sense of motivation and want to attitude to do this job. The sky is the limit if you put all your effort into it. Thank you ppup for giving me such a great opportunity to be a part of this team. I enjoy seeing the Walmart associates and the many different customers every day. Have met a lot of really good people along the way. Awesome opportunities here in many different ways.
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10 months ago, N_Allen10
Difficult to call support
So far this app is going well for me. I made $78 on my first order (it was a big order). Took me 20-30 minutes to pick up, and deliver. Some don’t make that amount unless they work a few hours at there hourly/salary job - so that’s a plus. My only concern is how difficult it is to simply call support and reach a representative who can discuss certain issues. Other than that, stay determined and always work hard and you will see results! This app is as simple as this 1. You drive to your pick up location, 2. EMPLOYEES pack your car for you, 3. You drive to your drop off location, 4. Carry items to doorstep, and take pictures for proof of delivery. BOOM PAID. Don’t knock it until you try it.
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3 years ago, LRenee86
Worst platform ever
Today was my first and my last day using this app. I’ve done Uber, Lyft and Instacart so I get the concept as to how this works but this app is trash. I got to Walmart around 6pm. The pick up was way longer than it needed to be. Not the apps fault. Walmart has a horrible system. They have people to shop the store then when you arrive for pick up they have someone else shopping for the same stuff in the room where everything is. This in turn causes a major delay in being in and out. I was at Walmart for an hour and half. I go to start delivering an order without a hitch around 745. I complete the first one and start the second batch and that’s when I can’t even get into it. It took 45 minutes to get through via the chat and get help. They had to split my ten order drop into two batches. Nine in one batch and one in the other. I was on my way to deliver number 8 and 9 and the app said the order could not be loaded. Yet it was just working as I completed number 7. Now I have people’s items at 10pm and can’t get through to the chat once again. The phone number doesn’t work and the number that sent me a text inquiring about my ETA doesn’t respond.
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10 months ago, QingTeddy
Too many changes and not the right ones
This app was a good platform to make some money.I found the app to be simple to use and convenient. Now I’m seeing the mileage of deliveries are off and I have my radius set for 10 miles only and sometimes the delivery will be so far and it’s only $8. I found it convenient when it showed the address for the drop off location before hand and now with the update you can no longer see the drop off address and that made me feel safe and secure knowing where I was going before hand and giving me a right to pick my orders and now you have no clue where you are going and sometimes the orders are huge with several cases of water and you have to go to an apartment complex and the money just isn’t worth it. Point pickup please put the drop off location back and make the app more convenient especially when someone is doing 2 orders at once or fixing the gps location because it’s not accurate and that’s why I liked seeing the address before hand so I can put the right address in.
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12 months ago, Tacosandgelato
Could use improvements
Customers never tip. Which is pretty messed up when Instacart orders from these same stores always tip and the items weigh a fraction of the items that go through Point Pickup. 95% of orders are Sams club or Walmart. But oddly enough I have to drive 45 minutes out to the nearest store because orders are never offered at the stores near me. It has the option to go offline but it doesn’t work because I still get notifications even though I’m not supposed to. Stores don’t give their shopping criteria in app and may as well make things up. I’ve done Sams Club plenty of times. Went to a different location for a change of pace, and they had all these ridiculous rules. You can’t use their restroom, have to show ID to get the order, can’t have a helper. Literally none of the other stores I’ve picked up from over the past few years have had a single one of these rules. Ironically they still allowed me to take the order after saying I was breaking their rule about having someone with me.
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3 years ago, Calina_Sterling
New Update
This update has ruined the delivery experience for drivers as well as customers. You are no longer allowed to accept other hour orders. Therefore it is no longer an equal opportunity experience. First come first serve was equal whereas now they are giving a advantage and upper hand to anyone who doesn’t currently have an order. For drivers such as myself and other family members who do this full time it has cut our pay at least in half because we cannot accept orders. This update was unnecessary and has done absolutely nothing to improve delivery time, quality or experience. It has actually made each quality of the deliveries worse. Also you no longer can reach anyone on the live chat. It always says no one was able to get on the chat. Therefore if you have active order issues or any other issue it will not be fixed in a timely manner in order to improve the delivery or even complete it. There needs to be a real live chat as well as a email or phone number to call with issues. I couldn’t get ahold of anyone in anyway so I am doing this very honest review as a experienced driver with this company.
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4 years ago, UGHH I'm MAD
I. Am. Disgusted. Let’s just talk about the app. I won’t be able to cover all of the other problems. First of all, you have to be up around 2:00 AM to start getting orders for that day. Since everyone is up trying to accept orders, it is soooooo hard to get even one. The minute one pops up, you have to click it super fast... if you read the details, it’s gone. If you decide to think about whether that order will fit into your schedule, it’s gone. If you hesitate for just .2 seconds, it’s gone. And if you do get an order, it’ll most likely be at 7:45AM so you don’t even get a full night of sleep. Orders are usually $8.99-$9.57 in my area. Even if you have an order 20 minutes away from the store, it’ll still be $8.99. So 20 minutes there and back is 40 minutes... for only 8 dollars ? Cute. The app has so many bugs and complications. I’m always getting logged out, and it’s always freezing or lagging. If you get a notification that an order has come, by the time you click the notification... ITS GONE. You have to literally stay up past 3:00 AM if you want to create a schedule for the whole day. I wasted so much time, sleep, and GAS investing in this ____ _____ app.
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4 months ago, Lynnrosette
I like it
I like it . I can’t speak for anyone else but it keeps me with a job.. sometimes you do have to drive a little farther than you think.. I work when I want and I’ve been getting paid good.. you pick the orders you want. I would recommending try delivery the order asap so you can get to the next.. you can let your earnings build up and get it sent to your account on their payout date and you can get your earnings the next day but if your new you would have to complete a certain amount before it gives you that option. I’ve been doing it for about 1 year now.. I like to just do it in my city so I only put mines up to 10 miles out.. I didn’t like going from city to city delivering orders it took too much gas.. but over all it’s been good for me..you can make as much as you put in effort because it starts from 6am- 10pm everyday so it’s really up to you how much you make
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4 years ago, xobmt
I love that you’re allowed to make your own schedule and the sign up is very easy and hassle free; communication has also been decent if I have a problem. I did however, notice they were paying a little over $10 per order to begin with and now it’s only $9... the payment platform is new but still confusing to me bc I don’t understand how they decide when you get paid; it’s kind of random after it gets accepted, even though I thought payment would go directly into my account if I chose, according to what an email I had read said. You do get to keep your tips which is good but they take a small fee out if it isn’t cash. I’m concerned by reading other comments that the price will continue to go down and I won’t do it for any less to be honest. I also wish that you could do more than one order an hour because I’m always stuck sitting for 20-30minutes in the parking lot until I could do the next one. They also go away extremely quickly so if you aren’t ready to be up at 2:30 AM and snatch them quick you’ll miss them
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2 years ago, sikOfDishonestWannaBeApps
Bad they steal their dishonest
When I first seen someone’s post giving them a one star because that’s the least you can do I thought maybe they were a little bit off but I did head his word of advice and that was to take pictures of everything outside the app and that is why they were trying to short change you on the miles on the job they will even change the amount I was supposed to be paid $22 they paid me $10 and change I have the screenshots still proving otherwise I’ve emailed them about eight times I’ve even called the corporate and Connecticut and they are chickens to even call back. It is one of the most fraudulent companies on the planet side or up there with Instacart it will pay you off to take pictures outside of that app as well not to mention with this app you have I’ll be nice here people that don’t know how to fill the forms out correctly so you go to pick upOrders and they don’t have the customers name or they don’t have the order number or the customers phone number or the customers address so the stores can compare your app to their order to give you the order
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3 years ago, youre ciol
So & so
Soooo I’ve been doing this for about two weeks going in three now .. so far I have not too many complaints other then normal stuff like you come accross some good apples and other not so much .. I’ve made a decent amount of money including my tips but… I don’t think some of the rules are fair or maybe it’s just the way others go about doing things but some people are very selfish I’ve seen one person be able to take 6-7 Gm orders paying $33-$41 I’ve had days where I can only get one order because one person consistently snatches every order . Which I think is very unfair I’ve been told I couldn’t take two orders at the same time but have watched many others do so .. also would be very helpful to know your destinations prior to accepting orders which I’ve heard several others complain about as well . I’m hoping with time my cons improve to pros because I like doing this a lot !
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2 years ago, Hobie Trice
Class action lawsuit time
It’s long overdue for all these gig companies to be held accountable for all the illegal activities against their own workers. The last two years on every delivery app I’ve watched our tips be floated as our base pay. I use to make a comfortable living with these apps and now it’s a complete joke. You can’t make contact with a single representative of Point Pickup. The mileage changes on pickups. I’ve had several customers that said they didn’t even know they were suppose to tip us because they all think we are Walmart workers. Walmart is even interfering with our money with over zealous managers that can’t stand when we get a double batch order. They will literally make us deliver the first batch and then drive all the way back for the other job. Most the time it’s late evening and never get to make it to the second batch and all those customers now don’t receive their goods. It’s downright sickening all the way around how the entire gig community is being treated. WE ARE YOUR FOUNDATION FOR YOUR MILLIONS IN PROFITS. Time for all gig workers to stand together and demand fair wages for all work performed.
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2 years ago, Ilsahr
Great way to make money- when it works.
The app is a pretty great way to make money, but recently it’s been force closing, quite a bit. I’ve downloaded it on three different phones now- iPhone SE 2nd Gen, iPhone 11 and an iPhone 13. It refuses to open. The support chat, which can normally be pretty helpful, didn’t seem to know much of what to do. They told me to reach out to the accounts @ point pickup email, and request a new email address for my account, and I’m unsure of how that would cause the app to force close repeatedly. Now I’m unable to accept orders, I can’t check my completed batches. I’m unable to payout instantly now, since the app closes immediately upon opening. I’ve deleted and re installed it five times, and reset my phone each time. It’s a good app to make money on, I’ve had a decent amount of success- when it works. If the dev team is reading this, please, come out with an update soon! I want to get back to work.
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2 years ago, Wanako23
Support !!!!!!
I used to like PPU but the problem that I encountered every time since the first day was the fact that I had no access to contact customer whenever I tried calling it would forward the call to my own cell phone so basically I was calling myself I complained several times about it but was never able to get it fix, which brings me to my BIGGEST PROBLEM customer service ITS NON EXISTENT it can take you literally hours before you’re able to reach someone thru text because phone support forget about it. That’s why I’m doing spark now because spark has a very good customer service whenever is needed it’s a shame because I really liked PPU oh another thing now they thought it was a good idea to hide the delivery locations you don’t know where you’re going I really wonder what they are thinking
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4 years ago, TMART0614
Nothing but a scam
I decided to give this a try while in between jobs to help keep myself afloat. Everything seemed great at first. In the week I did deliveries for them, I should have made over $300 during their Black Friday Event. This is before tips mind you and I had a few that ranged from $7-$10. When it comes time to be paid, I was only paid out $142. I went back and reviewed the orders and what they should have been paid out and came out with a difference of over $160! Emailing them about the issue is like talking to a brick wall. I spoke with a rep on the chat support and she said to include all screenshots in the emails, which I did. As I exchanged emails with them for 2-3 days they would only give me a simple “that’s how our system is, I assure you payment is correct” they highlighted a tip that went in later and said that was where my missing money was but that was only $10. I’ve seen others say this as well, you will not get even half the money they advertise and then will give you no evidence to support their claims that it is indeed the correct amount.
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3 years ago, Jamal across the street
Buggy, customers can’t tip...
First off, let me start off by saying I enjoy delivering groceries to people, especially the elderly and the quarantine families. Really makes feel as if helping improve peoples day as well helping me develop exceptional customer service skills but I’m being honest here the payout is super low. Like ridiculously low. No one is gonna drive 6.30 mi. For a $8.50 payout. And with that being said almost all of my customers want to leave tips but most times don’t have have cash & can’t leave it through the app because the app doesn’t allow them to which is silly in my opinion, allow customers to tip. The app is also super buggy and takes a obnoxiously long time to refresh and most times by the time you refresh the order is gone. Please fix!
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3 years ago, saminaika
Before the app was perfectly fine. You could accept orders hourly and do express or ASAP in between. Now you cannot!!! - you can accept orders ONLY every 3 hours, if you’re lucky enough you can find some left on the app but the miles will most likely be greater than 10. -they don’t care about drivers, they want us to chat with them while driving. If we take 2mn to reply back they will end the chat (don’t forget that they take so long before assisting you, but won’t give you time to reply knowing that we are driving and we can’t do both texting and driving at the same time) -If we call, they will answer you with attitude (if you are lucky) and tell you this phone number is only for payment and will hang up on you. -only them can contact you. -Thieves, they are posting batches with higher pay so you could accept them but once the pay is clear you won’t get what you were supposed to get. Stealing our tips. -they won’t answer you if you email them about payment, will only send an automatic email. -Changing miles. They will post orders with lower miles and once you accept them the miles change. -they will cancel an order from you while you 5mn away from the store and let someone who is probably 10-15mn away accept it. This is nonsense. we are paying for gas, adding mileage on our car, risking our lives, will have to pay taxes back and they are STEALING FROM US.
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3 years ago, Zilla'sDad
No orders
I have had this app installed, been approved, entered location, work schedule, and entered the information about my car and driver’s license. I have not received one delivery offer in a month. I check the app consistently and refresh constantly. I even entered the address for the local Walmart as my location. I gave up and deleted the app. I just received a text informing me there were several opportunities in my area today. I downloaded the app, reset my password and there are no available orders. I honestly don’t know how anyone gets deliveries through this garbage app. I know they do because I have my groceries delivered all the time. I even had a delivery order for myself that was canceled because there were no drivers available as I refreshed the app looking for the delivery order for my own house!! I know they had drivers available because I was available! There needs to be some clear communication about how and when these orders are made available because it’s clearly not working correctly for many people.
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2 years ago, Honesty9823
Worst Service EVER!!!
I joined this community because I wanted to make some extra money STRESS FREE! It was seemingly smooth sailing until I had an issue with a drop off and tried to get help for hours to no avail. A chat representative named Josue was who responded to my chat and he did not help me at all. I ended up figuring out the issue on my own and tried to tell them what was going on. They kept sending the same message over and over until I requested a phone number to get better help since my inquiry wasn’t understood. They then started typing in all caps and being extremely condescending. Other than that the app is okay. Pay is weekly and often a day slow getting into your account. Reaching someone to help drivers however is the biggest issue. And when you’re alone in an area that you don’t know waiting on guidance on what to do it can become a dangerous situation. Chat service is slow and you gamble with reaching a professional or unprofessional employee.
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2 years ago, Nspott
Takes over navigation on its own
This review is purely about the app, rather than about the company like a lot of others. It’s mostly fine, but one huge annoyance I’m having is that it keeps deciding on its own that I am using it for navigation and pops up the navigation bubble in the top left, even when I’m offline. This is especially aggravating when I’m driving somewhere using navigation and I cannot quickly get back to maps if I need to because tapping the notification bubble will open this app instead of my active navigation. There seems to be no way to turn this behavior off, and the only way I’ve been able to get it to go away is force closing the app, and it sometimes comes back a few minutes later anyways. I may have to uninstall it if there is no fix simply because I cannot have it hijacking my navigation for no discernible reason all the time.
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4 years ago, MomOfGirls😍
I’d give zero stars if I could
Today was my very first time making deliveries, and they Point Pick Up blocked my account. I had made 2 batch deliveries. The first was accepted for pick up at 6:45 and to be delivered no later than 8:00 pm. My second was to be picked up by 5:45 pm and delivered no later than 9:00 pm. I picked up my second order first and was stuck at Walmart for 45 minutes because they hadn’t completed the shopping, even though it was marked as ready. So as I went to deliver my 3rd of 4 items for the batch delivery, I received a phone call telling me that I needed to pick up the grocery order- it was 7:00. So, I went to pick it up and was told by the service member that I could still deliver the last of my 4 GM delivery after the grocery was picked up and delivered. After both the grocery orders were delivered, I drove to deliver my last of 4, in the middle of no where with no cel service in the pitch black of dark, on dark country roads, and no one would even answer the phone. When I tried to enter in the app, it wouldn’t allow it. After trying for 3.5 hours of chats, with no answers, I was blocked because they said I didn’t deliver. I even sent proof in an email and in the chat showing the actual address in the photo. This is a joke. I was to be paid $50 between both orders and received $0.00 for any of it since I was blocked. I don’t recommend anyone work for this company. It’s fake and a fraud.
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9 months ago, Gen1984351
App Randomly Runs in Background After Force Closing
PPU is a decent gig app. The one thing I hate is that you have to have location services on “always” in order to accept any orders. But when you keep it on “Always” the app will open itself in the background on your phone. I’ve tried force closing it, shutting off the option to run in background and removed precise location, but it still come on. It’s super annoying especially when I’m working on another app and have to exit the app I’m working in to navigate to a location. When I click on the blue arrow in the top left corner on iOS, Im supposed to return to the app I have open and instead PPU pops up when I haven’t opened PPU all day. I always force close it when I’m done. It is literally opening on its own and that’s suspicious. No other gig app does that. Fix it, please.
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4 years ago, JesseM79
Horrible App
I signed up for point pickup about 2 weeks ago, the process was easy and fast. I got approved to start doing deliveries and problem started, since then I havent being able to make one single delivery. I receive tons of notifications daily but the orders dont appear on the app even now i have the app open at all times and refresh every notification. I contated customer service several times but they havent being able to help me, i was instructed to uninstall the app and uploaded again and nothing. Turn on and off the phone and nothing, change from fixed to roaming location and back to fixed and guess what? Nothing. Edit my working area and guess what? Right nothing. I have a brand new Iphone and i dont think is my phone, cause every other delivery app works perfect is just this one. The customer service is just not capable of answering question and lack of professionalism, I just gave up and deleted the app not worth the time and headaches.
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3 years ago, TAKE NOTE PPUP
PPUP take note
So here’s the deal. I am a driver, I love driving for PPUP. They have allowed me the freedom that a normal job wouldn’t and the pay is pretty decent. At least in my area. So they rolled out an app update about 3 weeks ago which stopped drivers from being able to “stack orders” We are not able to delivery addresses either which can put drivers in danger. Faithful and full time drivers, like myself, have now lost out on money because of this great idea. Our safety is also in question as there are houses some of us avoid due to bad experiences. They keep telling everyone a new app update that will fix all this craziness will drop within 7-10 days but that 7-10 is well up PPUP. There has been 0 changes! You guys wants our feedback and a bunch of us all over the Country has voiced our opinions and unhappiness quite clearly and still nothing is done. Drivers are the only reason PPUP is successful. I am serious about this job. I love it but I don’t love the new update and I wish y’all would just change it back soon so we can stack orders again and actually support our families. Otherwise you guys are going to lose a bunch of good faithful drivers. Please stop treating your drivers this way PPUP. Make the changes and make them soon!!!!! Much love!! -a faithful, but fed up delivery driver
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3 years ago, Berea Ky Dasher
There is 27 available orders in my area… Do you want to know why?? It’s because they are now taking half of your earned tips! And on top of that y’all keep dropping the payout! I have put ALOT of miles and wear and tear on my car doing these orders not to mention the gas prices are rising! My friend made over $400 last week and his check was only $180! He contacted point pick up and they tell him go to this certain “website” talk to them they give him a number there and he still can’t get no answers! Our tips are just that, OURS! I’m sure if the customers knew this was happening they wouldn’t be happy either! This should be addressed! I don’t see how it’s legal! Come on point pick up get it together!
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3 years ago, Karmajae1
Not as good as I thought
It’s not as good as I thought because you’re getting paid $8 or LESS per pickup. They(as in more than one) call your phone as soon as you accept a last minute order basically rushing you asking how far away are you from the pickup destination when they are already tracking you as I thought. On top of them rushing you, when you arrive to pickup destination you are sitting outside waiting 30 minutes(waste of time). They’ll cancel an order without you knowing without paying you. Yes it is extra money that’s being made but I think it’s doing more harm than help because you’re not getting paid enough to fix a car from the mileage you’re putting on your car and then to get cancelled orders that’s only paying $7 without a tip. It’s like they depending on customers to tip in which they hardly do that
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4 years ago, detytr
Horrible HR dept.
I live in a smaller city where most orders come from WalMart. Their HR dept called me last night on 6/16 asking me what happened at a customers house on 6/12. I was clueless as to what he was talking about. He proceeded with a nasty attitude saying I ran over a kitten at someone’s house out in the country, mind you the house sat back in the woods a 1/4 mile with gravel drive leading to the house with trees on the side. They had chickens, roosters, cats, and dogs running around all over the place. I told him it could have been quite possible but who’s to say it was me since the customer didn’t yell or say anything for 3 days. With all the craziness going on in the world I truly think this person did not want a black person delivering to their residence. Point pickup deactivated my account because of this customer which I do not believe is right. I try not to hit squirrels so why would I want to run over a kitten. People should have their animals contained if they are expecting a delivery.
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1 year ago, Todd Desmarais
Great app that can use a few improvements
I love this app and it has been very lucrative for me. I am lucky I have several Walmarts in my area. The only thing At this time I. And see that would make it better is if when taking multiple batches or orders if they could combine into one batch and re-map the route to make it more efficient. A lot of times I am backtracking or delivering to same location on the second batch. When taking multiple single orders it would be nice to have this same feature to put the orders in the most efficient route. Other then that customer support is great, communication with the operators are great. There is a really good team behind this app.
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3 years ago, jdbeusk
Stealing tips
I have been using point pick up for over a year now. I took a break for a couple months and the new update has changed things significantly. One of the perks of working for point puck up was the pay for the order showed was base pay only and if there was a tip it would be added to the base pay 24 hours later. A $10 order could end up paying. $15+. Now I’m noticing if I accept a $10 order the base pay is adjusted down when tip is added and that $10 only pays $10. That significantly changes things and makes it much more difficult to want to accept orders knowing there’s no tip coming for a $10 order that is 7 miles away. Point pick up used to pay well but now it seems they’re taking a page from the DD book on how to hurt drivers
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2 years ago, Quis703
Not very efficient. Decent side hustle though.
It’s a great way to get some extra cash throughout the week! Orders are ALWAYS available (usually) and it’s easy to pick up and go throughout the day. My only major complaint is if you’re a good driver you’re limited to the amount of money you can make. If you accept one order you’re blocked from accepting other orders until that one is complete. Instead of being able to accept one batch at 9:45am then one at 10:45 am and space them an hour apart for groceries and have a nice schedule for your day they only let you accept one order at a time until you complete it. I think if you could schedule your work times it’d make it better too. I could easily make $200+ a day if I was allowed to lol
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3 years ago, Thelmaime
They don’t care! The reviews DONT LIE!
They literally do BLOCK drivers on this app! I read reviews and still applied bc yes sometimes you have to see for YOURself and I actually was blocked with NO explanations why. However, I did complain abt rude Walmart employees Nd also had a altercation with a customer bc their order was late which isn’t my fault it’s backed up. So am assuming it was over that but still let me know something. Then when you contact via chat msgs they tell you to email support which support will NEVER respond back to you. These ppl are just getting easy money blocking accounts and then rarely wants to talk to you via chat. Whoever signs up might as well be hush hush and get mistreated. It’s like you can’t open your mouth to at least disagree abt something. But they send you a email with the quickness your opinion really don’t matter to them. It’s like if am a customer I can lie abt a driver these what these customers do and also Walmart employees. The reviews DONT LIE!
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3 years ago, jmathews1
Horrible at communicating with drivers
I been doing this since the end of July and ran into my first real problem today. The app crashed and they let everyone know they’re working on it but in the meantime I’m not able to get orders until they clear out active orders I had, there’s no way to reach anyone except chat even though they can call, text, or email you any time day or night. But when you do try to get help through chat it takes so long to get a response that it either times out or you forget you had a chat going as there are no alerts to let you know you got a response but when they do respond you have to respond immediately or they will end the chat, if you type slow, oh well, chat over. The job isn’t bad or hard at all but the lack of communication is the reason for two stars
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4 years ago, sadfjklsadfjklsadfkl;
Horrible company
This is a horrible company and a horrible app. They chased me for weeks wanting me to join them in Western Colorado. I drive Uber and Lyft so I decided to go ahead and do this and signed up. I jump through all the crap hoops to send them the information they wanted and they approved me. I am now in week five cents approval and I’ve never had a job yet. I get a flash on the screen saying that there is a new pick up available at King supers pharmacy. I go to the app and it shows a little red dot and it shows how many are available for pick up. However when you click on the app it tells you that there is nothing available. You cannot talk to any human at this company. You have to type to a robot who gives you canned answers. I have notified tech services they won’t even respond. Five weeks later I have not done a single job with this company I’ve not made a single dime. Extremely poor company to try to work with
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4 years ago, Aqurbanzada
Horrible absolutely horrible
I did this on the side and I always got a thank you from each customer I delivered too. One day when I delivered to this guy’s house he put a sign on the door “be back in 5 mins” so I wait 5 mins go by no show (1 hour and 40mins) I try calling Walmart and the point pickup app no one answers not even the support online chat. So the best thing I did because this guy bought alcohol and I couldn’t just leave it because the app specifically had ID Required on it I took it back to Walmart told them of the situation and they told me they will “handle it” so I go home the guy calls me an hour after I get home and complains to me and Walmart so to make matters worse they told me I was under going investigation of some sort of B.S. and so point pickup blocks me from entering the app to continue working. The great part about all this is they took the money I worked 3 jobs that day in total away from me. ( Worked for FREE)
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1 year ago, tezacoda
Deactivated account
My account was deactivated for inactivity. I ended up getting a super demanding job and wasn’t able to do it. I contacted them to have it reactivated and have gotten only response. My drivers license was blurry in the picture I sent so that told me to send another picture and they’ll reactivate it, cool I sent the picture, no response. I called the number and there’s no one to talk to, I chatted in over 5 times, I emailed almost 10 and I’ve gotten no response. I’ve done spark, instacart and favor and NEVER have it ever been this difficult to get in contact with someone. I don’t know if maybe they don’t have anybody in the call center or they just don’t care about the people keeping their company running but this is the worst delivery company to work for. Guess I’ll stick with instacart because unlike point pick up at least I can get in contact with someone there.
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