Pokémon HOME

3.8 (14K)
205.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Pokemon Company
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pokémon HOME

3.81 out of 5
14K Ratings
4 years ago, Luca Farrell
If it can be fixed than it needs to be
This product is very useful I enjoy using it but there is one thing that I believe will make Pokemon moving the most useful you can transfer Pokemon back and fourth easily the but you can’t transfer over times that are on the Pokemon let’s say I have a zacian it needs its rusted sword to change form but unfortunately the time gets put back into your bag in sword and when you transfer zacian over to shield it does not have its rusted sword this makes moving Pokemon with items impossible and I can understand if there was a software road block it just think it would be nice to see the problem addressed by the people that made the app but besides that I think the app is great in both mobile device and switch but please if you could talk about it that would be most informative also the most of the community seems to be really toxic there are a lot of troll trades that are asking for Pokemon at a lower level than are given for example a troll wants a level 60 zacian this is impossible to get zacian at level 60 because he comes at level 70 they make it so trades with actually good people are impossible all I ever see when searching for trades are trolls and take up the entire page and should not be allowed to do so so making a cap of leveling depending on the actual Pokémon so we don’t have trolls would be nice
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4 years ago, DOGGOSSSSSS 🐶🐶🐶🐶
Great! But needs one or two features
This game is great it has many features that I have always wanted for Pokémon sword and shield but it is lacking some, such as the feature on the GTS where there is a setting where it filters the Pokémon you are searching for four people asking for Pokémon that you have. This is an excellent feature and I am surprised it is not added in Pokémon HOME. Also it would be great if we had some sort of way to battle, maybe on the switch version it would be better than the mobile version but still nonetheless we need a way to battle, especially since on the news category it says battle as a category. Overall this is a great game but there is one more thing I would like to see in it. There should be more boxes in the basic plan of the version one box really isn’t going to help people who want to save money but like to play Pokémon, especially if they might be shiny hunters or they just need extra space in their boxes. Also, people should not be able to make a possible trades such as dittos with genders or legendary Pokémon with genders which there is no way that anybody can trade unless it is hacked. These trades generally annoy me because this is people just taunting others. I’d like to see your future that removes the capability of making any sort of impossible trade. I love this app how it can transfer Pokémon to and from games and I think once it gets updated more it will just keep getting better. :3
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4 years ago, R3GULUS
Great, just a few issues
I’ve loved Pokémon ever since I could remember, but I’ve never had a chance to play a game until I got Sword. I loved it so much, and when I found out there was an app that could allow me to essentially trade for free, I was amazed. I got this app, and it’s been going great. However, there are just a few issues. First of all, it would be best if in the GTS you could only allow possible trades. I’ve been searching for a Zamazenta for a little over five months now, and all everyone wants are impossible to get, such as a level 51-60 Zacian, or a level 1-10 Poipole. That last one really ticks me off, because for every single Pokémon out there, someone wants a level 1-10 Poipole. Second, the whole can-store-from-Let’s-Go-but-not-go-back thing doesn’t make sense. I’m not a computer coding wizard, so I’m maybe just ignorant, but it’s still confusing. Last, and probably the most unimportant problem, is the premium plan. Don’t get me wrong, $16 a year is absolutely fantastic, but it’s the differences from the basic plan that really irk me. Only three Pokémon in the Wonder Box at a time? At least 6 would make it a lot better in my opinion, but now I’m just rambling. Overall, this is an amazing app I would recommend to every trainer out there, but fixing these few issues would make it a lot better. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Nolife BC
It's good but needs to fix a few things
Overall it is a great app but I dislike the fact that you can't add pokemon back into Pokemon Go because if somebody were to accidentally tap one of their favorite pokemon without noticing into the app then they can't get it back which can cause frustration and make that person dislike the app and cause them to uninstall it because they could've put a lot of time and effort into trying to evolve that pokemon and build a bond with it and to end up losing because of a mistake. Now you could just let Pokemon that came from Pokemon Go back into Pokemon Go and that would fix the problem but seeing as that might not happen I guess you'll just lose another person who could've helped with the support of the app. Now honestly speaking I may have done that exact thing without realizing that my pokemon would permanently stay in there because I didn't know I couldn't get my pokemon back. This has affected me because I spent a long time trying to evolve and level up the pokemon I had accidentally put in there and now I can't get it back. Not gonna lie Niantic is probably not going to read this but I just want them to know that implementing a system that allows you to transfer your pokemon from Pokemon Go back into it would be nice for a lot of people and one more thing is that this app was a great idea but that little detail to transfer back would've made me and maybe a few other people happy.
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4 years ago, Savvager
Great app bad specs
Pokémon home is awesome but Pokémon Co. I hope you’re reading this and take this I to consideration. 1. The world of Pokémon trading is amazing and very vast but your program has a major flaw and that is communication. If I trade with a random person across the world I should be able to speak to them also. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found someone to trade with and then it ended up being a waste of both our time just because we can’t communicate. If I could talk to the other person I’m trading with things would be much better think about that for your next game please. Secondly there’s over a 1000 Pokémon in the Pokémon universe currently for you to limit that in the year 2020 and only allow us to explore one region is ridiculous the games would be more fun and more exciting if every single Pokémon from Kanto to Galar region were available on every game from now on including being able to travel to different regions the game itself would be extremely popular and more challenging to someone who’s been playing Pokémon since they were 10. Finally Pokémon home has not allowed me to friend trade at all not sure what’s going on with that buts there’s been several updates and bug fixes still not working. Your favorite Pokémon Master SaVageOpress .
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1 year ago, Daremebro36
Notice for anyone who needs to see this.
The app itself is fine. The storage and transfer systems are useful and easy to use. The extra trading options on the mobile version are cool also. Would of given 5 stars if the plan for premium was cheaper, though. Although, the main reason I type this is because of all the reviews that are complaining about there being no Scarlet and Violet connectivity and not being able to transfer Pokémon to Pokémon Go. First of all, I do agree with the fact that Scarlet and Violet connectivity should of been added earlier. But what some others need to know is that The Pokémon Company have said that Scarlet and Violet connectivity are coming in Spring 2023. Another thing some people reading this may need to know is that you CAN’T transfer Pokémon TO Pokémon Go from other games. When Pokémon home was announced, it was confirmed to only let you transfer from Go to Home. Pokémon Go also says that once you transfer a Pokémon to Home, you can’t bring it back. I type this because of all the reviews I see complaining on why their not able to bring a Pokémon from, as an example, Pokémon Shield into Pokémon Go and use it there.
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4 years ago, Mr.E Boio
I got this app since it was launched awaiting the Pokémon Go support to roll out. This feature just came out a day or so ago and I have to say, I an very disappointed. I waited around 5 months for this to happen and what we got was really cash greedy. You can transfer a bunch of normal Pokemon such as Larvitar and Dratinis but their CP has to be under 2000 or else the energy it will cost you will add another 300 to it making it 400 energy for an average Pokemon. After you use up all of your transfer energy, you have to wait A FULL WEEK OR YOU WILL HAVE TO SPEND $10 FOR IT TO RECHARGE. This is super cash greedy as I have been playing your Pokemon Go game for 4 whole years. I have spent lots of time, trying to get these Pokemon in my collection to be treated like this. I wouldn’t argue if you had to wait a day or two, really. I know that you’re a company and you need to make money, but this is simply too far. ONE SHINY LEGENDARY/MYTHICAL COSTS ALL OF THE TRANSFER ENERGY. So you have to wait a FULL WEEK or SPEND $10. You can transfer around 5 shiny Pokemon per month if you don’t want to spend money. This is simply disappointing but I will still use it cuz I have some pokemon to transfer, but please make the wait time/coins lower, please, I don’t want to wait a whole week just to transfer a shiny Heatran to Pokemon Shield just so its IVs can get randomized.
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4 years ago, HylianSteel
Beautiful App - Trolls clog the trades
The layout and presentation of Pokémon Home is superb and eye catching. It has most features you desire. It lacks some as well. When trading Pokémon, you are presented with a list of Pokémon that the person wants and you have. The issue is that you don’t know at first glance which Pokémon are from which box. You may accidentally trade a Pokémon you want to keep instead of the duplicates you don’t want because you can’t lock Pokémon from being traded either. This is also assuming you can trade with others to begin with. The biggest issue with Pokémon Home is one that has been plaguing the Pokémon trading scene for years. Impossible trade requests. Anyone can put their Pokémon up for trade and request something impossible. They can request Pokémon that can never be in a certain level range or even ask for Pokémon with a gender that is also unavailable to that Pokémon! And if you’re feeling bold, why not do both at once? Every single lookup of a Pokémon you might want is filled with impossible requests, pushing the legitimate ones to the wayside and out of sight. My recommendation at this time is to only use Home for organization of your Pokémon and forget using the trading feature... which is sad because that is in direct opposition of the whole idea behind the Pokémon games to begin with!
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5 months ago, Zan2004
Sync Pokédex
As all the other issues mentioned in other reviews. I wish this app would allow you to sync all Pokédex data from your games to the national dex in the application. In order for you to have Pokémon register it requires you to add the Pokémon from whatever game to the app to complete the Pokédex. Which I understand but it’s frustrating as you have to take your Pokémon from your game to add to this to compete the dex. Transferring Pokémon can be risky at times and can’t really be done without 0 risk so the fact that you have to physically take your Pokémon from the game to add to this app is just annoying. My other gripe is that I wish I could access my games and what I have Pokémon wise from the app on phone instead of needing my switch to do it. Other then that this is an ok app wish I didn’t need to empty my transferred Pokémon every time I wanna add from Pokémon GO but it is what it is. This is one of the only apps I genuinely recommend getting premium for I use this app constantly for Pokémon GO Pokémon. Just wish it was a bit more smooth and connected to the rest of the Pokémon world.
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4 years ago, FiAwesome
Please read, good app, has some flaws
Ok so I left a review a while back but I’m changing it as I got the main problem fixed. This is a a great idea but I think it needs tinkering. I definitely think it’s awesome that I can store Pokémon from all my save files and whatnot, plus the trading is awesome... however I think the trading needs to be fixed a little bit. #1 people shouldn’t be allowed to ask for low level full evo starters. That’s just impossible as far as I’ve figured out. Also there should be more specifics about the Pokémon your getting and the Pokémon your giving. You should be able to check the stats and moveset if a Pokémon, that just makes sense, and if your trading away your Pokémon, you should be able to be more specific with what you get back. All the searching mechanics should be more specific. If I’m trading away I shiny I probably want a shiny back, but all I can put is pretty much the name and level and stuff. And when your searching, you can almost only search for level and gender, plus games it can go to. There needs to be more filters. Finally, and this isn’t important what so ever, but is it just me or do the sprites look kind of weird. I don’t really like them.
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4 years ago, L.O.Z girl
It’s good, but not amazing.
I’ve had some very successful trades on this app, and overall think it’s very nice. HOWEVER! I’m sick and tired of seeing people put impossible trades on the GTS, something they CLAIMED TO HAVE FIXED IN A PREVIOUS UPDATE, (they didn’t by the way,) like impossibly leveled final evolutions for starters, or even for legendaries and mythicals, as well. Also, thanks to today’s update, I can’t search for any Pokémon at all, because apparently, they. Do. Not. Exist. Umm, excuse me? Yes they DO exist, so why are you telling me otherwise?? I’ve seen some other reviews on here hoping for a way to filter trades for just legendaries for legendaries, mythical and rares for mythical and rares, etc. and even a way to filter specific Pokémon, like their regional forms. And I love that idea! Especially the option to choose specific Pokémon. I’m trying to look for a female, unnamed, shiny kanto Vulpix, but can’t find one, because Alola shows up as well. It’s a little frustrating, too. Honestly, I’m trying to complete my Pokédex before the second wave of DLC comes out, and now I’m wondering if I’ll even be able too. Please fix!! Rant over, and even despite all that, like I said at the start, it’s a pretty nice app overall.
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4 years ago, navymn78
I lost everything
I downloaded the app with a lot of excitement after seeing the features they offer plus the ability to transfer my shiny collection into my pokemon sword game from ultra moon. I was able to successfully transfer about 80 Shiny Pokémon into my Pokémon sword game and the others were left behind as the game does not yet have the ability to hold the others. The day after paying for a year of premium I started experiencing issues with the app that started as my subscription having to be refreshed every time I open the app but was soon met with communication errors. I was not able to renew my subscription and lost about 74 Shiny Pokémon at first and only 30 were left behind. A few days of hoping for an update to fix this, an update came and I was locked out of the app by a constant communication error. I lost shiny Pokémon from the black and white games when I first learned of shiny hunting. I expanded my collection over a 10 year period and now because of their screw up I have now lost over 100 shiny Pokémon and have no way of even opening the app to find a way to fix it. Do not download this app until this problem is fixed I beg of you. If you value your Pokémon collection as much as I did, wait until these problems are fixed or else risk losing everything.
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4 years ago, InvertedApathy
GTS Needs More Options
I got this app because I’m planning to complete my SwSh pokédex and start shiny hunting, and I was hoping to find people who wanted to trade some version exclusives, along with a foreign Ditto for masuda method breeding. Joining the app, I was really disappointed. The process of transferring the pokes I wanted to offer was fairly simple (if a little clunky due to switching systems), but when it came time to find a trading partner... well. Even with “exclude people searching for legendaries/mythicals” turned on, the pages were flooded with people looking for one-available-per-game unbreedable pokemon like Poipole and the Tapu line. And almost the rest of the time, the pokemon requested was actually impossible like a level 1 Cinderace... or at the very least, it only looks like that, because the app only shows you a small handful of different trade offers with no way to view more offers. (This is also why I have low faith in putting up my own offer, because there’s no way for me to know if anyone is seeing it.) I would greatly appreciate more search filters you could apply when looking at the GTS, like a “only show offers I can fulfill” or an “exclude (x) pokemon”, or even just letting people view ALL offers if they fit the search criteria. If changes that improve the trading process are made I’ll change my review.
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2 years ago, fluffy griffen
LOVE IT but a couple ideas
Hi! I love the game! I connected it to my Switch easily! Which I was really happy about. But after a while using it, I realized a few issues. First issue: people asking for Pokémon levels that you can’t get. I had this issue a lot before getting annoyed about it. (This was my most recent problem with this) I was trying to trade for a shiny Yvatul (don’t know if I spelled that right) for my Glastier. The people who had the shiny were asking for a level 61-70. And I’ve played the DLC enough to know that YOU CANNOT GET LEVEL 70 Glastier. I would love if when you were putting a Pokémon up for trade, the Pokémon you ask for it, the level you select, will actually be available. Second issue: we’ll, this is more of a suggestion than an issue. When you are asking for a Pokémon, I think it would be cool if you could select ‘shiny’. Than you could be a little more specific. That’s pretty much my Review. And yes, I really think you should add these, I’d love that, and thank you for making it so easy to trade Pokémon! Bye!
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2 years ago, Mnellie46
My opinion
I love Pokémon home a lot it’s very very useful to me. An I like it’s compatible with poke bank. my only issue currently is Pokémon forms. For example, for me many people in will only trade for poke I need in Pokémon sword for furfrou with there trim/forms not for normal one/form an putting them in the bank an transferring them to home is for me my only way to get it in home but they always revert to there normal form tho. I know u can get its forms on poke go, but I’ve never yet have gotten one to spawn around my house an I can’t go anywhere due to Covid an being a high health risk person if I were to go out an possibly get it, so my parents won’t let me go outside. an I live out in A country area, So not many poke spawn around my house to start with nor raid areas pop up. So for those of us like me with this frustrated issue can u like add something to home that let’s say change the forms of poke but with in poke home it’s self in a future update please mayb like use the point system an add a option to spend points on changing a Pokémons form or something mayb pretty please. I’d much rather use my home points I save up for that then BP. thank you for your time in reading this
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4 years ago, OPStellar
needs 4 little GTS changes
In the GTS trade, you can search for Pokémon just fine, but seriously, you can get ANYTHING with Poipole. Make an option to exclude asks for Ultra Beasts and mythical Pokémon, PLEASE. Also, I would much enjoy the ability to search for Pokémon that others want to receive; this way, it's a win-win, because I would be trading a Pokémon that I want to trade out for a Pokémon that others want to trade out, and it goes much quicker! Lastly, the forms. Seriously, separate the forms. People are posting Oricorio and asking for Oricorio in return, and traders have no clue which form is being requested. Same for regional forms. They have different sprites, but not different names. There is a problem that users are taking advantage of: Traders can request Pokémon that cannot be legally obtained, except maybe with a Ditto. For example: low-level fully evolved starters of the rarer gender, Poipole at levels below 40, etc. Update: This still holds true for the most part, but everybody wants Kubfu now. It's really aggravating that there is no way to reverse search for GTS trades, i.e. finding Pokémon whose trainers want a certain Pokémon that you have by inputting your Pokémon's data and returning the most relevant requests.
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4 years ago, runnerboyniwehi
Just another sign of Pokémon’s Fate
I downloaded this app like anyone else, expecting something that was actually useful. But I found out otherwise. It only lets you hold up to 30 Pokémon for free, which is almost nothing compared to many trainers’ collections, and you must pay for both Pokémon Bank and Pokémon Home to do anything else. $20 just to put a Pokémon in a game that can’t even transfer it into Sword and Shield? Yeah, no! And then I found out it age-locks you out of most everything. Cant access Mystery Gifts, Friends, or various other features unless you’re over 16. So then, apparently the Pokémon Company thinks that only 16-year-olds have friends or go out. And then, when I tried to contact support, they blew me off and told me to essentially try again when it’s more convenient for them. Unacceptable. This is just a sign as to what’s happening to Pokémon. Rather than care about players, games continue to become pay-to-win, even console games, and the expectation is that you pay for it. You know what? I honestly hope pokemon dies within the next few years. They’re burning out after one failed attempt after another (Pokémon duel, Pokémon Sun and Moon, pokken tournament DX, Pokemon sword and shield, Pokémon masters, and Pokémon home). They deserved a better death than this, and I think that the Galar era just sealed their fate.
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4 years ago, Noot6668
Not impressed
First off, it’s a great concept but needs some fine tuning to raise the star count for me. I’ve been using the home system to transfer Pokémon from Pokémon let’s go and sword, which has helped me to finish my Pokédex in both games. But it has become abundantly clear that people are now using the GTS system as more a trophy system instead of what it’s intended. When I try to search for rare Pokémon to add to my collection, I’m met with people who want to show off what they have instead of actually wanting to trade. For example, there is no way I can trade someone a 1-10 Bolthound for a Zacian... I believe if you can’t acquire the Pokémon until like level 60 then you shouldn’t be able to ask for said Pokémon under that level. Also, what’s the point in adding mythical Pokémon that cannot trade through the home system? If that were the case, it shouldn’t be transferrable in the first place. Seems more like a waste of Pokémon storage.... and finally, I think that it should be monitored periodically for offensive names on Pokémon. I have an 8yr old that also uses this system and she shouldn’t have to come to me asking me what an offensive word means....
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4 years ago, pbandjamen
Obviously essential, but could be much better.
I’d like to see an option to sort Pokémon by quantity, that way when I’m trying to wonder box breedjects and the like I can sort them to the top easily. Also being able to filter by “Pokémon I can trade for” or “shiny Pokémon only” when browsing gts would be cool. I’d also like to be able to trade meltans because they are NOT special, and frankly I have too many of them (imagine requiring 400 candies to evolve and not letting people trade the excess trash). Thanks. Also, why are people still able to request impossible trades, thought that was supposed to die in gen 7? I don’t want to see a shiny posted for a lvl 10 avalugg or whatever tf else. If you don’t want actually want to trade it, don’t post it just to show off. You’re not impressive, you’re a jerk. Why do we only get 3 room trades per day? If there’s a genuine reason I’d love to know, if not, can it please be uncapped? Why does wonder trade take over 12 hours sometimes? Doesn’t that seem like a bit much? Takes less than 2 minutes in SwSh. Admittedly it is pretty nice being able to transfer Pokémon between users on the same switch without having to trade, but that’s one of few features that isn’t plagued by unnecessary head (and heart) aches.
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4 years ago, Epyon0080
EDIT: Not so Horrible
Absolutely horrible app. Poor instructions, bugs, unable to connect to different devices and a rushed execution led to me losing over 1700 Pokemon, including some very rare ones. But most importantly, I have submitted 3 help tickets and sent numerous emails requesting assistance with this and I have not received a SINGLE response back. So poor customer service on top of a buggy app and rushed execution and you get this monstrosity they aren’t even worried about, bc it is a necessary evil that they know pokemon fans will pay for. Well, this is one customer that will NOT pay for it again. After my 1-month membership is over, my money will no longer go towards Bank or Home. Be better Nintendo. EDIT: after months of back and forth emails, where I responded immediately and Nintendo support took weeks to respond to a single email, they restored my lost Pokemon today. Only took 2 months, but they did it, so I can’t complain too much. Thank you for working on this Nintendo and at least doing the right thing in the end. It doesn’t really matter how long it took, just that it got done in the end.
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3 years ago, BlazingLion1
Great for Pokemon Enthusiasts
I honestly think this is one of the greatest things that’s been invented for Pokemon. I live how there is a mobile version as well as a Switch version so that I don’t necessarily need my switch all the time to do the things I want to do with the app. There are also tons of people willing to trade, so it’s very easy for me to use my spare pokémon to get other pokémon I want. Trades can also happen vert quickly! I was shocked at how fast I completed a trade with the GTS. I think some other suggestions for the app that would make it even more beneficial are to add some other filter like nature, moves, and abilities for a specific pokemon because I find myself looking for these kinds of things as well, and if they had those additional features, I think that would take away the hassle of having to transfer or develop these pokemon ourselves. All in all, though, I highly recommend this app for anyone who is an avid fan of Pokemon and plays Sword and Shield, Let’s Go, or Pokemon Go frequently!
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3 years ago, Puppie415
Needs better GTA features
The GTS has been around for such a long time in pokemon games and there are still filters that should have been added a long time ago. First, for sword and shield there is no legitimate reason for the GTS to not display a gmax symbol. You just have to guess and hope for any gmax trades. I also still don’t understand why they don’t have a shiny filter to either search for a shiny specifically or ask for a shiny specifically in trade. It makes it impossible to trade shiny pokemon over GTS because let’s be real, most people are not going to trade you a shiny back. It would be nice if the GTS at least had an offer system that you could accept or decline a trade so that way it wouldn’t auto trade your shiny for a normal pokemon. This could also work with trading any kind of valuable pokemon if you aren’t looking for something specific and would like to get offers. Shiny pokemon are extremely well known and hunted for so I see no reason not to have it as an option. It would also be nice to check pokemon stats/IVs before a trade as well but this one I can at least understand why it may not be there.
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4 years ago, A Common Jammer
Great, but confusing.
The app is awesome for transferring Pokémon to the switch games, but it can get very odd and inconvenient at times. My greatest concern is the GTS. I’ve been trying to GTS trade to get the gift Rotom, and have been depositing many different pokémon into the GTS and waiting for about a month now. None of the pokémon I’ve put in have ever been traded with someone else and I find those odds to be very strange, since all I ever ask for is a pikachu. And on top of that, whenever I got to search for pokémon I can never find the ones I’m offering, it’s always just the same few people. I figured it was just me not being able to see my own trades but a friend of mine also hasn’t been able to trade, and when she searches for pokémon of my species she gets the same few people that I do. I worry that I won’t be able to trade since no one can see my offers and therefor trade with me if they wanted to. If you guys could make a way for people to be able to see all of the offers that match their specifications on the GTS, it would be much appreciated.
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4 years ago, Ralphieb2t
Kind of pointless as of now
Why would you need a transfer service for Pokémon that are already found in Galar? Don’t get me wrong, the app is very user friendly and brought back some much- needed features that weren’t included in the actual game this time around(GTS). But it has little use, at least until they expand the Galar-dex with more Pokémon not already found in-game, or until another Pokémon game for the switch comes out. For now, it does it’s job- if you want to transfer some of your Pokémon from LGPE to SW&SH it works fine and it’s free. If you want to send a few mon’ from Pokébank that you have from the old Pokémon games on the 3ds, that works too... but it’s gonna cost you. *WARNING*: Just know that as of now, you can only bring over the ones that are already in the Galar- dex(with some exception, like the kanto and alolan starters) also, if you bring them to home and they cannot be moved to SW&SH, they will be stuck there for the foreseeable future. *please be aware* ... anyways, decent enough -looking app, glad this new infrastructure is being rolled out early so they can get rid of any bugs sooner rather than later, just doesn't have much use as of now.
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3 years ago, Rayquaza catcher pro
Love it but a big suggestion
I love this app sooooo much but there is some things I would like to see in future updates. 1. Battling: It would be really cool if you could battle with your Pokémon on here. Let’s just say you took a deoxys from Pokémon ultra sun, and you couldn’t transfer it to any games. So all you could do is listen to it cry and look at its stats. So it would be cool to battle some people with my deoxys before they make a game where you can transfer deoxys to it. 2. No special Pokémon: It would be amazing if there were no special Pokémon. Let’s just say you wanted a zarude. Your friend had one and wanted to trade it to you. But he lost Pokémon sword. So he try’s to trade it to you on here but he can’t because it is special. So you never got a zarude. It would be epic if there were no special Pokémon. 3. Item transfers: What if you could transfer a zamazenta that had a rusted shield to Pokémon sword. Well you can’t. It would be epic if you could transfer Pokémon with items. Other than that this app is amazing.
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3 years ago, shiny yveltal
GTS search issue
Hello, I’m writing this review because of an issue I’ve been having in the GTS. I can still deposit Pokémon just fine but the “search for Pokémon” button doesn’t seem to work anymore, I was trying to trade some of my other legendaries for the Tao Trio but mainly just Reshiram. I deposited my Pokémon just fine but when I decided to search for each individual Tao Trio member it seemed to glitch or just straight up become unusable. I searched for the Kyurem and two of them popped up which didn’t seem to be broken at all, but upon me accidentally leaving that page I tried to search for Kyurem again but it gave me an error message of “The Pokémon does not exist”. I at first thought the two Kyurem got traded away quickly or the trainers took them back but when I tried searching for Reshiram or Zekrom it didn’t work? I tried every search filter I could think of and also searched for other Pokémon like Urshifu and also some of the starters because I remember starters being very common on the GTS, but none of them worked, is this an internet issue? Should I delete the app and redownload it? Please fix this issue as the GTS is slowly becoming unusable.
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4 years ago, Bob KingOfHam
Overall a great service, could do without the trolling
I really think that this is a great service for people trying to get all of their old Pokémon into the current generation games, however, there is the issue of the trolling trades completely saturating the GTS and that makes it impossible for people to actually see the trades that can legitimately be made. For instance look at the page for Giratina and you are bound to find at least 15-40 people asking for a level 1 to 15, which is impossible unless you saved the giratina from the arceus events in heart gold and soul silver, and my guess is that there are not a whole lot of those people who own those games anymore; in other words people who actually want a fair trade are guaranteed not to find them, so if the leveling selection being adjusted for the obtainable level of legends should be adjusted to at a minimum of 70, since that’s the majority of levels you see legendaries obtained at. Other than that this is a great service overall.
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4 years ago, Disembodied Screams
It has one serious flaw
pokemon home is great, it’s helped me fill out the majority of my pokédex and sure, not being able to chat with those your trading with is a bit annoying, but bearable. The one major flaw is that people can ask for a specific level for the pokemon they want. This feature has been abused by many users in asking for pokemon in the level 1-10 category when its impossible to get that pokemon at that level, if it’s either through the level at which the pokemon evolves or that it’s simply a legendary pokemon that cant be caught at any level lower then the one you get it at in the game. This flaw causes a chain reaction of events where the system is flooded with requests for the impossible to get pokemon, all this leads to is trades that will never be completed and disappointment. It’s a truly disappointing flaw too because it wouldn’t even be that hard to fix for an industry as big as pokemon, all it would take is a few adjustments so that Pokemon that are unavailable in lower levels can’t be requested in those lower levels.
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4 years ago, xMiilkyx
Very good, but has one major flaw
I’ve been using Pokémon Home since it came out, and so far I’ve been loving it! It’s really useful for anyone that wants to transfer older pokémon to the newest games or complete their dex. I’d recommend it to anyone who needs to do that, but there’s one major problem I think should be addressed: In the app, GTS is supposed a way to receive a pokémon of your choice by offering a pokémon you can choose, correct? The only type of pokes that can’t be traded this way is mythical pokémon: they cannot be traded through GTS but it for some reason mythical pokes can still be offered. I don’t know if these pokémon can actually be revived if offered but I think it’s a problem how it’s still an option despite it being impossible to give. I’ve seen plenty of pokémon locked behind impossible trades because of this. I think that mythical pokémon shouldn’t be an option at all in GTS or allow all mythicals to be traded. (which I think would be a preferred option) Regardless of how it’s addressed, I hope it gets fixed in the near future. Thanks in advance
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4 years ago, Mr. Twit
HUGE improvement over bank!
I love using this service. It safely transferred my favorite Pokémon from Bank. I also love how it gave me more things to do like quests. But I think that it needs a bit more work. For example, I think there should be a way to transfer Pokémon to Home from GO. So far you can only transfer Pokémon through GO to Let’s go to home and I don’t like it. Another thing I would add is some sort of GTS watchdog. For example, the Pokémon company can update the app, so that the game recognizes impossible Pokémon to request. For example, I’ve seen a lot of trolls asking for Level 1-10 Poiple, which is an impossible Pokémon to get. So if this feature was added, the game would instantly remove that trade offer from the server. I think this app should also have moderators to also watch trades on the GTS and report impossible trades. Even if moderators don't become a thing, there still should be an option to report GTS trades. Otherwise, the app is SUPER helpful! Depositing Pokémon almost takes no time, and it’s fun attempting to complete the National Pokédex.
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4 years ago, _JTO_
So close, yet so far to greatness!
Hi. I’ve been a Pokémon fan for about 3 years now and am I big big user of everything pokemon. This app is a huge breakthrough in Pokémon and I love the idea. There are however, many flaws but has much potential. The GTS is one of the best ideas ever that I have seen Pokémon come up with. While being a great idea it is also a broken and lawless system. There NEEDS NEEDS NEEDS to be a rarity system. I suggest when someone puts a Pokémon up for trade, they can only request Pokémon of the same rarity(common for common, rare for rare, legendary for legendary eg.) this would fix the absolute trash that is flooding the trading system and keep people from trolling and asking for unfair trades. Also there should not be an option to request a Pokémon that you have deemed not able to trade such as Mythical Pokémon. Another great idea would be to add a feature to specify if you want the Pokémon to be shiny. Thank you to all who read this and thank you to pokémon for everything you do. We just want the best for the franchise and it’s products.
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4 years ago, HiBicBoi
A Disappointed Day 1 Premium Subscriber
I’ve been a huge supporter of Gamefreak and have stood by them in all their questionable decisions surrounding the Sword & Shield release. This app was supposed to be the saving grace that would finally shut up all the doubters. Unfortunately, the app is riddled with problems and bugs such as not allowing users to log in, missing Pokémon, poorly implemented GTS system allowing impossible requests, and bugs making it impossible to contact customer support in the app (Access Denied?). It’s incredible they had the gall to charge a premium option at all, and I am deeply disappointed I bought a single months worth of it. Maybe in the future when they work the bugs out the premium price will be worth it, but right now, it is not worth your money, and to be honest, the limitations with the free option isn’t even worth the data on your mobile device. The GTS was removed from Sword & Shield to be put in Home, where it could be more easily accessible and convenient on phones, yet previously mentioned bugs make that impossible. In the end, Sword & Shield were gutted for a figurative dish that was given the best ingredients but stored pre-frozen, and served microwaved with half of it still cold.
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4 years ago, Christineroses
Necessary, but irritating
Of course I enjoy the service and its functionality, but I really wish they would make it so that you could do more on the switch version (or make it so that you can have both open at the same time). I hate the fact that I can only do trades via the mobile version, and that I can’t move Pokémon around on mobile. But I do understand to an extent that transferring Pokémon from SWSH to home wouldn’t be feasible from your phone but still. In using the free version, I feel like I’m having to go back and forth between versions to try to accomplish anything, and if I’m trying to send something over quick to take advantage of a GTS trade, by the time I’d get the Pokémon over and get it loaded back up on mobile, that Pokémon would be gone. Trading should be available via the switch. There’s no reason it should be exclusive to mobile other than to attempt to give some necessity to having it (now once we can transfer from GO, I could see needing it but right now it’s silly)
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2 years ago, DarthVitrial
Terrible Design choices and pointless intentional delays
Once again the devs of Pokémon home have arbitrarily decided not to allow transfers to and from their new games until a minimum of FOUR MONTHS after the games come out. Or in other words, once everyone is done with the games and there’s absolutely no point in bringing any Pokémon over because all the content is finished already. This was (barely) excusable last time when the reason was that Pokémon BDSP was so buggy it took four months to get it patched enough that it would work without breaking Home, but there’s no excuse this time. The app is literally worthless right now since the whole point of the app is to be able to send Pokémon from old games to new ones and they wait until after you’ve already 100%d the new games before allowing you to transfer. If you’re so worried about players “playing with the new Pokémon instead of relying on the old ones”, do what you always did and lock the transfer feature until the player beats the Champion. Don’t put it behind an idiot four month time gate and remove the entire point of the apps existence.
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4 years ago, Morgan trent
Good, but could be better.
Honestly, the app does its job kind of half assed. They took out a lot of core functions from the trade options and gts. In the original gts, there was an option to show only Pokémon that you have available for trade. That could make things so much easier in Pokémon home. And the room trade is a mess. I’ve joined random trade rooms 13 times over and it just kicks me out saying “you left the room.” A better option for trading would be to allow an ACTUAL link trade. I think the main problem here is that app wasn’t ready to be released. It clearly wasn’t a passion project on gamefreaks part. It feels more like a rushed product to get people’s attention back on Pokémon. Sort of like a “hey! I know you wanted a storage service, so we decided to give you the beta! We’ll update it later, but here’s this for now!” All in all, half assed but gets the job done. Even though it’s half assed. And glitchy. And crashy. And rushed. Did I mention unfinished?
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4 years ago, LetsDudas
My Honest Review
This app is amazing, it makes transferring Pokémon from game to game very easy. I was able to get the Shiny Charm in my Shield game because of this. The Wonder Box is my favorite part of this app because someone in Japan gave me a Ditto and now I’m able to masuda any Pokémon I want. However there are some changes I recommend. One, make it so that you can also transfer items if a Pokémon holds it. Two, I don’t understand why trade evolutions don’t work on this app. I was traded about 2 to 3 Haunters and I was gradually disappointed that they didn’t evolve into Gengars, even though someone TRADED me the Haunters. One last thing, I am sad to inform that no matter what the Pokémon Company or GameFreak do to their games, the GTS will always be flooded with requests for Pokémon that are impossible to get without hacking. For example, I see lots of trainers that want to trade their Pokémon for a Level 1-10 Poipole. There are more examples than just Poipole but that’s just the one I see the most.
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6 months ago, SeahawksFan816
Great app, awful GTS
The transferring of Pokemon and the non-GTS trading mechanics are all perfectly fine and do exactly what’s expected. Pokémon Home is a great utility for finishes Pokédex’s and bringing Pokémon from previous games into the newer ones. The glaring flaw of the app is the GTS. Even before Home existed the GTS of old gen games was always rough but Home’s GTS is almost nonfunctional. The requests for Pokémon are physically impossible to do barring hacking in Pokémon. Gendered Legendaries, regional variants that can’t go into the specific game that the requester set, the tidal wave of Furfrou requests, etc. I’d mention nonsense requests like Zacian for a Pikachu but those types of requests were always a thing, just like how half the Pokemon in the GTS are fake. If you want to deposit a Pokémon it’s alright, odds are it’ll go through in a few hours, but if your looking for a specific Pokémon your better off going into a game, catching a level three Pokémon , naming it the Pokemon you want with a ? on the end and doing link trades. If the GTS got fixed the app would be a trillion times better.
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2 years ago, xxfire12
Does what it needs to do… ish
If you solely want to move Pokémon back and forth, this app is great. The issues are in the GTS feature. It’s clogged with trolls asking for Pokémon that legally cannot be acquired which makes it useless. With no GTS in SwSh, it’s the only option available to you but is next to not usable at all. My other gripe is that your Pokémon automatically deposit the items they’re holding in your in game bag when transferred. I really don’t see the point of this, either the software just isn’t able to deal with items for some reason or they don’t want you sending items across games. If the latter is the case, with how prominent hacking is in mainline Pokémon games, the only players this hinders are those who don’t hack because those who do will just hack in the items they want anyway. When your Pokémon builds rely on certain held items that you have to grind the Battle Tower for it can be really annoying. Ideally I would give it a 3.5 star. -1 star for the GTS systems trollability and -0.5 for the items.
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4 years ago, TheDragonRobot
Good job, Game Freak!
Great job. I’ve wanted to trade between accounts ever since Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield came out. Such a good game. Now that we have Pokémon Home, I can just do that. But not only that, if you have a phone, you can trade wherever you are! It’s amazing! I can just trade with my friends with the push of a few buttons. I have a limited time on my Switch but with this app, I can trade any time, any where. I also love how I can pull my phone out of my pocket and just look at the national dex. Except for the occasional crashes, it is awesome. As a recommendation, I think it would be cool to have some sort of Pokémon Camp or a place where you can play with your Pokémon. I think it would be fun a just add that much of an experience for Pokémon Home. Also you should somehow be able to evolve your Pokémon. I have a Pokémon that was surprise traded to me but it isn’t compatible with Sword and I wish I could somehow use EXP candies. Thanks Game Freak for making amazing content!
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2 years ago, X• Silver_Moon •X
Amazing overall but some little ideas?
So I’ve had this for a bit and it has been amazing but there are a few hiccups that would make the game so much better, I was wondering if there was a way if possible to have held items carry over? I know that is difficult but it would make something like trade evolutions possible for those who can’t afford or won’t buy the online pass for switch. And for the GTS, something I haven’t seen anyone ask for yet is a setting for if you want a shiny Pokémon, it’s very hard to find shiny Pokémon and trying to trade is risky as there isn’t really a way to specifically ask for a shiny, I’ve been hunting for a shiny ralts for a while without luck and have been turning to trades for it but i can’t just put a Pokémon in the GTS and request a shiny… it is still an amazing game and adding these features would make it so much better! Thank you for this game that helped me complete so many Pokédex’s lol
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4 years ago, C. Potter
Really Awesome, but if I might make a suggestion
I’ve always loved Pokémon Bank and GTS features, and it is really cool to have all of my Pokémon from every adventure I’ve ever played in the same place. However, I think the GTS features are really lacking. I haven’t used the GTS too much since Diamond and Pearl, but I find it odd that we can’t trade mythical and special event Pokémon. For example, if I want to trade my shiny Arceus for an Ash-Greninja, this is impossible. Another thing is the search feature. It’s cool that we can just type in the name, but where do we select that we only want a SHINY version of the Pokémon we asked for? Just making everything a bit more advanced is something to think about in the future, but the app is still definitely pretty useful. Also, if I could open my Wonder Box like a gacha drawing, that would be great. Now I can bother and show my friends all of my Pokémon even without my Switch on me! Bless their souls
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4 years ago, SuperDuperMatty
Thank you, game freak.
I am leaving this 5 star review for Game freak because of how grateful I am for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. These installments are made to not only catch them all, but to discover a new region in the Pokémon world, new never before seen Pokémon, and unlocking the mystery of the Dynamax phenomenon. It’s shameful to see people only caring about themselves, constantly insulting you and the people who are sticking up for you all because they think you’re lazy and didn’t add in all of the Pokémon, and they yet to give you more backlash for over pricing Pokémon HOME’s beneficial features and the Expansion passes that are yet to arrive this summer and fall. I wish the community you have created were to learn to stop demanding for me. I’m already content with my Pokémon Sword copy and I am hyped to see what Pokémon HOME and the Expansion passes have to offer. Thank you for bringing these games into our world, and I’m sorry that some of your customers have to be so greedy.
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4 years ago, TheBronando
A disappointing start
Overall, the first reason that I go to this app works fine. Storage is great and the ability to transfer Pokémon from the other game makes me feel like doing a nuzlock challenge without deleting my current group of Pokémon. That said other features are buggy or aren’t the best described in how they work. Room trading is just broken. It forces you out every single time. Sometimes when the initial countdown, other times during the Pokémon selection. At this point, I have been unable to complete any room trade. The other thing that kind of bothers me but isn’t necessarily broken is the wonder box. It’s nice to have and I don’t necessarily expect it to work instantaneously but it takes literal hours for it to do anything. That’s too long of a time frame, imo. At first I though it wasn’t even a functional feature. The fact that there are premium features in the app that are linked to things that aren’t working properly, ie setting up a room trade, is not acceptable. I won’t be asking for a refund, as the 6000 slots is quite nice but please get on this quickly.
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1 year ago, Darren_O
“A place where all your Pokémon can gather” is misleading and inaccurate…
When I first found out about this, it was because I had picked up Pokémon GO and was able to get a Mystery Box that lets me catch Meltan to my heart’s content. That’s really nice but what it’s for is storing your Pokémon… unfortunately it doesn’t hook up to anything from the earlier generations anymore. So that’s… 20 years… 2 DECADES… worth of progress that I can’t get off my cartridges now because the service, Pokémon Bank, no longer can be acquired unless you already had it. So for a returning player, like myself, Pokémon Home is unfortunately not very useful unless Nintendo decides to allow us to link it up to our older game titles like Black & White and earlier where I have 2 decades worth of progress and Pokémon that I can’t bring with me now to Violet or future titles. TL;DR I’ll update my rating when Home allows me to link up with the majority of the games because as of now (May 13, 2023), Home only connects with a minority of titles and isn’t truly a “place where all your Pokémon can gather.”
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4 years ago, Dan#438
Does it’s job, but has too many problems
The app definitely does its job, but the plethora of bugs and glitches here and there really put a damper on the experience. For example, after trading several Pokémon over from Pokémon bank and completing the National dex in Home, the app (switch version was fine) claimed none of the Pokémon transferred were in the dex, even though they are in the home. GTS is also the worst it’s ever been, where trading feels almost impossible at times because people keep requesting event Pokémon that cannot be traded. A simple fix would be to either allow these Pokémon to be traded, or better yet, do not allow anyone to request Pokémon that cannot be traded. I could never get friend trades to work either, as my phone was stuck on the “your GPS is being initialized” screen. Other than these glaring problems, the app seems to work fine, and the switch version has been working perfectly. Overall, as long as you aren’t trying to complete the National pokedex, the app does it’s job and is worth using
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3 years ago, xDEVILx Bruh
Not worth it
The app was good at first, but as someone that doesn’t play Sword & Shield it’s now essentially useless, and what’s the point of the basic plan when you only have 30 storage space? 30? That number is pitiful. The premium plan is however a generous price of $15 a year, but still. I’m not going to spend money on something I really don’t have a use for. It would’ve been fun to put some duplicate Pokémon from Pokémon Go into the app and do trading to finish the Pokédex, but then again, I have to pay to get that storage space. And to free up the storage space I would need to transfer Pokémon from the app to Sword & Shield, which I don’t play. If you don’t play Sword & Shield I suggest you don’t get the app, because then it’s useless. I wish the app was more inclusive by not being made for just one specific game. What’s the point of it being linked to Pokémon Go when it was made for Sword & Shield? And why is the storage space so low? A storage of 1000 would be a good number so there’s enough for one of every Pokémon plus a little room for duplicates.
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4 years ago, Conner3669
It’s a start but needs to improve soon
So the updates have come out and bugs have been mixed. Great! Now let’s look where features need to be improved. GTS. It’s a mess. Trainers can put up pokemon and request pokemon with conditions that don’t exist. Level 60 Zacian? Level 1 - 10 Dragapult? Even worst is when players could request Meltan or other mythicals that can’t be traded. This may not seem like a big deal but these impossible trade requests clog up the list and make GTS tiresome. Storage Boxes in the app. They should reflect how the trainer organizes their pokemon on the Switch version. Challenges and Research Task. The app has challenges, the Switch has research task but you can’t see them if you aren’t on the right system. This especially makes it more difficult to complete them. Especially the Switch’s where GTS would be useful to complete. instead you have to do a trade, close out the phone app, open the Switch version, check task, if the trade didn’t give you the right pokemon, close the Switch version, open phone app and repeat. The rewards aren’t that exciting for the App challenges since no one, including yourself, can see the stickers. And that’s all you get in game stickers. The Switch Research Tasks gets you nothing. This app and Pokemon Home is good but it will never be great or anything I would recommend someone paying for if improvements aren’t made sooner. 6 months sooner, not 12 months later
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9 months ago, Phiarulz
Needs work
I really want to like this app more than I do. I’m trying to make a universal shiny dex through casual play so I bought a premium pass but the app needs a lot of work. It’s laggy and slow in essentially every way. It takes a solid 30-45 seconds to deposit a full 10 Pokémon into the wonder box. Searching for Pokémon in the trade system doesn’t work most of the time so I just don’t use it. Random room trades take forever to fill and there’s nothing to do while you’re in them. You wait a full minute for the room to fill and even if it does fill completely, you still usually have to wait 20 seconds or so. Then it’s another 60 seconds to pick Pokémon to put in the pool and even if everyone is ready, there is still no skipping the remaining time. Then it finally does the trade animation and bam you’re done. During all that waiting time too, you run the risk of being disconnected from the room for zero reason. It’s really annoying when you know this could be a way smoother and faster activity.
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10 months ago, gardasar
Good, but a few suggestions.
Firstly, this is a great app! Iv’e found it useful for many things. But I do have 2 ideas that I think would help a lot, and make the app better. First, I think you should add a specification that you want whatever you are searching for to be shiny. This would make it a lot better than having to scroll through the entire list to find a shiny. Secondly, and this isn’t technically a suggestion, but I think the trades every time you reset the app. For example, I found a great deal for something I actually had, that wasn’t IMPOSSIBLE… (hint hint)… so I traded it over from my switch, and then I restarted the app to receive Pokémon I got from my switch, and when I got back to the list, it was gone! So, maybe try to update the app so you don’t have to restart it when you have to get a Pokémon from your account. That’s all!
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4 years ago, Anonymouisu
Honestly, pretty great.
I was a little hesitant when Pokemon decided $16 a year when they originally did only $5 for Bank, but I'm pretty blown away from this app. Especially for free, being able to easily access trade, with friends or over internet, is absolutely great. Even with the limits of one GTS, one Wonder trade, and one box of 30, that's not even that bad for the occasional use. Also, you can only have one GTS going out, but you can trade as many Pokemon immediately via GTS if you have them. The only gripes I have with it are that you can't do trades on the Switch version, but that's more an issue with that version. Also, the GTS in general is (and kinda has always been filled with people begging for legends, UBs, and impossible Mons. Sure you can turn off legends and mythics, but Pokemon like Poipole, Naganadel, and Stakataka are littering the GTS, as well as things like Level 1-10 Cinderaces and Dragapults. Don't make it seem that it's impossible to get trades, but it takes a lot of looking. Finally, trades take a pretty long time. Wonder box trades usually take a day at most, but GTS trades vary on the trade. I had (what I thought was) a pretty reasonable trade out, and it took 10 days to go through. Overall, it may seem a bit flawed, but the entire program is great, simple, intuitive, and decently efficient. Good job for a free (with add-ons) service.
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