Polls for iMessage

2.9 (847)
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Current version
Polls for Messages, Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Polls for iMessage

2.86 out of 5
847 Ratings
4 years ago, Lbsheheiejeheb
A little frustrating
So I’m using this for the first time with 3 other people and I’ve got 7 votes in a poll. What’s up with that? I checked and you can in fact vote more than once which defeats the purpose. Also, I can see what people vote for which also defeats the purpose of using an app rather than everyone just texting their answer. Everyone should only be allowed to vote once and the results should be a secret. Make it where you can only see the votes once it’s completed or until the poll owner says it’s complete. Another thing, I had two separate polls and one of the answers are the same in both. Whenever someone votes that answer in one poll the same vote is reflected in the second poll. Kind of a mess to deal with. Edit: after reading the other comments I realized how useful voting on multiple options can be. But definitely should be an option.
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4 years ago, Pine@pple🍍
Okay, but all the people you’re texting with need the app too
This app is great! I love it, and it is so easy in group chats. Unless the other people in the chat don’t have this app. It is kind of frustrating to have to say, “hey! Why don’t you get this app when you can just text me your answers! Makes sense!” That is my only complaint though. I like that there is no limit to the number of options, and that it doesn’t have ads to make you want to upgrade. Overall, pretty satisfied.
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7 months ago, Almixin
Almost perfect
The app is very much improved with the options that ppl have requested in the past and I like that it’s embedded above the keyboard to easily create a poll in the group your currently texting on. Thank you for that! However, the fact that it requires all voters to download the app does not fly with some ppl in the group. Some ppl are low on phone memory and would have to delete an app or other media in order to be able to download this app to be able to vote. It needs the ability to vote without the need to download the app first. Then, once they see how convenient and helpful it is, they can consider downloading it too. I hope you will consider this for the next update. Thanks again for am almost perfect polling app.
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5 years ago, mudjalshvfdjdj
So handy!! Could use a few tweaks
This app is so handy! We use it in our group message to pick dates for get-togethers, when choosing restaurants, etc. There are a few minor adjustments that I think would be crowd pleasers! To start, I wish the Poll didn’t send as an iMessage every time someone votes. In a gm with 15 people it’s a little aggravating. It would be great if it only sent as an iMessage when it’s created and when a Title Option is added. With that being said, it would also be useful to have an option for the creator to decide if other people can add Title Options or not. Lastly, I wish we could see who voted for what. While I do have suggestions to make the app even better, it’s still a great tool for decision making so I only took one star!
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4 years ago, Elisethegolfer
Good but wish you could vote multiple times
I really like this app. I searched and searched for an app that would be good for making decisions in iMessage and this is definitely the best one I’ve found and used. It really does need an option when you can vote multiple times. I send polls out where I need to see who is showing up for a certain event and it stinks they can’t vote multiple times to show when they can attend. Otherwise, I think the interface is really easy and nice to look at. Just wish I could see who voted for what and wish it allowed for multiple votes. A setting for the person who created the poll would be best probably. I hope this app gets updated quick bc it would be soooo nice!! Would def be 5 ⭐️ instead of 4.
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9 months ago, Commentary2345👊
Exactly what I wanted! 😁
I read some reviews that were a bit old and saw the developer responses that the intended to fix/add the suggested features, so I decided to download it! It’s exactly what I was looking for! So glad I found this app! I like that you can change the settings for the poll, and that it’s very easy to use. I’m definitely going to use it for everything now lol. For anyone reading, it says in the app title “..For iMessage” so it likely won’t work with anything that can’t use imessage 💙. Also, it looks like the instructions on how to delete are in the settings 😌.
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2 years ago, i aint gonna tell u my name
Love it!
I think it is worth it, but everyone in the group needs to have the app, but I’m ok with that. So now about the app:it is amazing! It’s really worth buying(ps it’s free) and it can make group decisions so much easier! Love it! I hope it gets back to at least 2nd place on top free! I love how there isn’t a limit to how many options to choose from, and the suggestions can also be what you where going to ask, and there aren’t ads! Pls reply as soon as possible dev! Bye
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5 years ago, Erbear15
Multiple Votes Needed!
Update- This app is much more workable with the new feature allowing multiple votes. I think it would be even better if you could see who voted for each option. Adding one star for the most recent improvements. I was really hoping this app would simplify the scheduling for a dinner group that I’m in by allowing members to vote for their availability rather than exchanging endless texts, but the inability to vote for more than one option makes this app unworkable. Developer says that it’s in the works, but doesn’t appear available yet. Bummed.
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3 years ago, jlleonard
Good App - Needs One Modification
I am really impressed with the app and it’s easy to use. It makes group decisions really easy. One suggestion I would make is to have a better anonymous feature. For example, I am a High School Basketball Coach and want to have the team vote a captain. I’d like to send a poll where as the creator I can see the votes but no one else can see them. For the user end I just want them to see the options but not the count. Right now when you make the poll anonymous no one user or creator can see who voted what and it shows the vote count.
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2 years ago, gauve
I really like the app but
I wish there was templates. Especially one that just asked me time slot size(30 min or 1 hour) and then populate the entire day or 8 hour slot like 8-9am 9-10am & so on. I’ve literally done this so as to coordinate when it’s ideal for my team to talk. It would also be cool to have an option to further create slack/zoom/outlook calendar invite & shipit right from here to show up especially as proper outlook calendar invites.
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4 years ago, Sb421
Very basic functions
I actually like this app. It’s a great way to obtain and keep track of information. But this app is very basic in it functions. If you want to take a multilevel poll (i.e. Lunch options for breakfast, lunch and dinner) you would have to either bunch all of the options together into one poll, or send out on poll for each topic. This app also doesn’t give you the “optional” button for people who want to write in their answers. Other than that, this app is pretty decent.
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5 years ago, Klaustradamus
Great idea, needs updates
Have been hoping iMessage created polls and am glad that it finally came to fruition, however, it seems that some updates are needed. First, i don’t believe notifications should be sent out every time someone votes. I think it would be more beneficial to have one notification sent when a poll is created a one when it has completed. Second, I think the process of voting is too lengthy, mainly because of the need to send the poll again as a message after voting. I love the idea, just think some optimization is required!
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4 years ago, Brw59
First thing I tried didn’t work. It seems that you can’t vote for something the same time you add a new title. I added a new title to the poll, voted for it, then updated, and my title never appeared. Regardless, there is a workaround and I still think this app completes the original intent of the design. Turns out you need to update the poll and the vote separately and it will work. 1) make new title 2) update 3) vote for title 4) update Can’t do it this way 1) make new title 2) vote for new title 3) update Last thing to mention. By default it doesn’t allow for a poll with one option. Can this be changed? Others can add their own options. If I’m having An accumulative poll with a group, it makes sense to allow the options to start with the ideas from a single person
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1 year ago, Antagonist77
Fantastic app which defaults to approval voting.
I’ve been working in the election reform space for a very long time, and it’s honestly refreshing to see such a simple implementation of approval voting for people to be able to use on the go. This kind of voting is something that you’d like to see implemented for regular elections, join up with the Center for Election Science.
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5 years ago, HorseyMcHorseFace765
So I love the concept of polls but here is something I wish you can change 1. I don’t think you should be able to change other people’s polls because there is always that one person in a group chat that adds something dumb 2. I’m in a group chat and we kicked someone who we didn’t want it the chat but he keep using polls by voting a random option to get back in, can you please fix that?
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2 years ago, Razmon
Amazing, simple, and Free!
Huge thanks to the developer! This app does exactly what it promises and it’s completely free. I wish the app was still under development, as I’d like to see some new features. Having a an end day/time and auto reminders a few times before the poll closes would be great.
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5 years ago, Seanshank Redemption
Amazing App - Simplified Decision Making Instantly
Our fantasy football league has run into some issues in the past with determining dates, activities, and draft order. Recently, a member did not participate in a league activity and we immediately sought consensus from other league members for a decision. Polls for iMessage made this quick, easy and fun! Thanks, Polls for iMessage!!!
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1 year ago, HBae112
Neat idea but still needs improvement
I love the idea of this, except that the poll just gets lost in the group texts. There needs to be some way to have some sort of “active poll” indicator on in the group text that people can click on. Not everyone can respond right away and so the poll just gets lost in the conversation as it continues. Bummer
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10 months ago, Rachel Drezzzz
My review
Okay so this app was great. Just simply amazing. 5 stars. But one problem I had with this is that my dad controls my screen time so when I run out, I can’t request for more time. If you could find a way to fix that it would be great. But you don’t have to.
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5 years ago, bobmusick
So far, wonderful!
Haven’t used it much but I thought having pills in my group chat with my weird friends would be funny, and it is, and this app works great for it! Saw it didn’t have many reviews and I’m not one to usually leave one but I thought I’d help and get more validation since it has been working very well. Thanks!!
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4 years ago, SilRD11
Easy to use, but could be better!
Got the job done, but agree with other reviewers that it was very annoying receiving a message each time someone voted, which also gave away what each person voted for. I would like settings available for each poll to determine if it should be anonymous or not and when to get notified of poll results.
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4 years ago, Wireman121
Feature Requests
Didn’t see an option to email these, so adding them here: 1) poll owner option to disable others from adding additional poll options 2) poll owner option to disable additional voting 3) poll owner option to make votes secret or not (useful for some, not for others)
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4 years ago, jordan3642
Great App for Group Decisions
Always have issues getting friends to decide on food, bars, and other things to do. When you can gather a few options together and put them into polls for a vote it makes it really easy to get a group decision quickly. It integrates nicely into iMessage as well.
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2 years ago, Seth2000x
For some reason no matter if I’m connected to Wi-Fi or my cellular data it says that I’m not connected to the Internet and I cannot vote or make a poll. It was working just fine a few weeks ago and now this happened. No one else in my group chat is experiencing this problem. The only reason I’m leaving this review is so the creators can see it and they can fix this bug. I will be more than happy to change it back to five stars once this is fixed
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5 years ago, Jessica Jessica Jessica Jessic
Not a tool for market research
This app is for friends to use but I thought it had potential for market research. Unfortunately, the person receiving the poll has to have the app, too. I also don’t like that you can’t open the app in its own window. It just loads to your keyboard with really vague instructions. Needs a tutorial start and some you can open and adjust settings. Now I’m gonna have to google how to remove it off my phone because it’s unclear.
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3 years ago, mibsie
I love bothering my friends with this app
My friends and I have a big group chat and we love making funny polls. I usually make them choose my lunch options or whatever for me throughout the day. We all love it and it adds a much needed *spice* to the group chat
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1 year ago, Queen Fiona 18
Confusing and Wasted my Time
I downloaded this app to make a poll on restaurants to have my birthday dinner next month with my family. After sending the poll to them in a groupchat, no one was able to access the poll to vote which was frustrating. I didn’t know what else to do. So, I ended up just making the decision of where to go on my own. Now, I’m trying to delete the app (cause I don’t need it) and the instructions have me running in circles and I’m lost.
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4 years ago, B_Longo
Love polls, can’t wait for a few more features
I love that I can quickly send these to my friends, and they are well designed/Easy to understand. Even better is that multiple choices were available! I do wish there was the ability to: - edit a choice instead of deleting and recreating - choose the number of answers allowed by a person, or even just the ability to choose between 1 answer or multiple - this one might be limited by how iMessage apps work and what data you have access to. An option to only show the end results after everyone in the group chat has voted.
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6 years ago, minTanke
A good concept
Only played with this applet a little, on iOS 12.0.1. I am only able to do either a link or type in my own words. I am not able to add pictures like the images in the app store shows. Adding the ability to change the color of the poll would also be nice. Still there's a lot to like. It's a nice way to make a quick poll, and it seems to do that really well.
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5 days ago, TwinMarioBro
I really love this app! I love the fact that you can set polls with your friends and vote for things! I also love how it has different modes, such as the ability to see other’s votes and having multiple votes. I’d like a mode where there was a timer, so it can save time in the long run. Other than that, I REALLY LOVE THIS APP!!!
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7 months ago, ohheyitsjoey
I love this!
I love this app. It’s easy to use once you get the hang of it. Although I wish it forced users type their name in once they download the app. Otherwise, I only see “anonymous” and I’m never sure who selected an option.
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4 years ago, drouter
Allow owner to suppress notifications
I’d like to see an option where the owner of the poll can suppress notifications from being sent every time someone votes. Instead, let the owner send an imessage with results when he or she is ready to release it to the group, otherwise can be a little overwhelming for everyone.
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5 years ago, Dcdhjhvffhjjb@(;?fgctj
Worked great, now not so much
I used to use this app a lot because I text my friends on my ipad and we use it to decide plans and whatnot, but with this new update it doesnt let you use the polls app in landscape mode, which is most inconvenient considering I would only use the app ever in landscape. Developers: could you please bring the ability to use your app in landscape back?
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1 year ago, Brittney Inspires
Everyone in group would have to download app
I assumed that I would be the only person that would have to download the app to create the poll. Well, in order for our group chat of 15 to vote, they would have to download it too. Unfortunately I didn’t find this out until after and nobody wants to download a whole app just to answer a quick question when they can just send a quick text. We’ll stick to the east way
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1 year ago, JpHaring
Great Idea
Love it. Please continue to support and add universal support with no download requirement. It’s too complicated for everyone in a group chat to download this (family and older relatives and such) I’d pay $5-10 for this instantly if you pull through with those features.
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2 years ago, O squared
Love the idea but needs some work
I love the concept but app needs to have an option to not allow edits on the poll, as well as only 1 vote per user. It would be great if there’s a way to “pin” the poll or easily bring it back up somehow so that it doesn’t get lost in the thread if there’s messages back and forth before everyone responds.
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4 years ago, favorite words screen
Great App!!! but, what about editable text?
This app is great! Wondering if you can make text copyable. Let’s say I want to add a URL to the voting options so my friends can click on various menu options to restaurants we are deciding on. The text is static and can’t be copied!! This would be awesome. Nice work on this!
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1 year ago, Brayleigh123455
Not great
I just got this app but wanted to test it out first to see if i liked it and i wanted to delete it but it won’t delete. I’ve tried going to settings or something but it won’t work and it goes straight to your imessages not home screen btw. So it’s stuck on your phone forever
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3 years ago, hajziaiwsiis
Love it!
This is so useful! I was spectacle or this app having 3 stars but I see that the developer is responding to an impressive amount of the critical reviews and some of the issues pointed out have already been fixed, keep it up!
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3 years ago, Cyber1221
Great, but there’s a problem
This app has always worked fine for me, it’s really useful in my group chats. But lately it’s been saying, ‘poll failed to load check wifi connection’ my wifi is doing just fine, I’ve even tried it on others WiFi’s. Please fix this bug.
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4 years ago, jarrettispagetti
Good Idea with one major flaw
I like the idea, but it has one major flaw, you can vote twice because of a glitch. If you switch betweem two options after voting, you can vote for two seperate things simultaneously, and I'm pretty sure you can also vote for the same thing twice. If it didn't have this problem it'd be 5 stars.
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4 years ago, AKKurtz
Wow. How Awesome!
Only unappreciative people could find a way to complain about this add on. Having the ability to essential use the BEST WeChat feature in IMessage are life changing. This add on has streamlined our group message planning 10x. Love this and can’t wait to see how it’s utility grows!
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5 years ago, Lemena K.
Group Chat no more!
This is so fun! Super easy way to get a straight answer from a group to make plans without the ordeal of a group chat and tons of messages you don’t want setting off your phone. Can’t wait to use it other ways too. Love it!
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5 years ago, ssef grfggf
So, I’ve only used it once, but it is great! My Group Chat couldn’t decide on a name, so I downloaded his app to get one. We decided on one in half an hour! We had been changing the name for days! Thanks so much to all the people who made this app possible!
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2 years ago, lolliepop9
Friends have to have the app too
FIRST So I downloaded this app expecting to be able to use it a lot. But no. I don’t think it tells you but only people with the app can use the poll. The only person I know with the app is my sister. That doesn’t really help bc I can just talk to her. I just misunderstood and don’t like it. SECOND people can vote as many times as they want! that isn’t fair or accurate. just sayin…
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2 years ago, ERDoc75
Internet issues
Hey there, having some issues with the app. It seems fun but every time I try to post a poll or answer one it tells me I’m not connected to the internet, while all other internet based features on my phone work just fine. So I can’t really use it :/
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5 years ago, Zujojo
New Update
The new update makes the app much cleaner and adds more features. My one request is to let there be an option to have polls where only one choice can be selected. There should be an option to select a poll with multiple choices or just one.
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2 years ago, RichReview2355
I’ve been using this for all of my boys trips to figure out where we are eating, golfing, drinking etc.. Everyone must have the app, but it only takes 20 seconds to download.
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8 years ago, David Formiki
Takes the hassle over deciding what to do with friends.
Love going out - but the hassle of getting friends to all agree on what bar to meet, place to eat or movie to see envolved so much back-&-forth that we'd abandon going out half the time. ("We've been talking so long about where to go that the restaurant is about to close!" "You took so long to get back to me that the movie already started!") NOW it's FUN & FAST to get together on a whim! My social life just got a major boost!! THANK YOU!!!
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3 years ago, ThatOneShadowGirl
Good app
It’s a good app, however i don’t have a lot of storage on my phone and I don’t knob how to delete it because it’s not on my home screen. Can someone please tell me how to delete it?
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