Poly Lens

4.4 (4.7K)
59.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Plantronics, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Poly Lens

4.38 out of 5
4.7K Ratings
3 years ago, gutcjufvki
Great headset! Find headset feature stinks
The headset itself usually works great. Sometimes it does things differently than it did the day before, but once you know it’s idiosyncrasies it’s easy to work around. It still better than anything else i’ve used. However the find your headset feature stinks. I couldn’t find my headset save my life, though it was only 2 feet away from me. Little while later I happen to see it and found it. So I tested find your headset feature again. The tone that came out of the headset was so quiet, unless I was wearing it I couldn’t hear the tone.
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3 years ago, Docjohntx
Truly a Five Star Device & App
Like many others, I have spent hundreds of dollars on Bluetooth earpieces. This one is so nearly perfect I have three of them. And the app actually works, helps me find a misplaced device, and is accurate. I have three because on impulse I replaced one I was sure I had lost on the golf course (I always alternate between two). I went back to the course AT NIGHT and in the bushes where I remembered brushing against a branch, there it was. I have never had a complaint about sound quality or break-up. I have to touch my ear to be sure I have it on. Very comfortable even with glasses, exercise, all day use. Many times the reminder feature has prevented my leaving the office while forgetting my phone on my desk or side table. (I’m a doctor, so I can’t forget my tethered phone.) Plantronics has consistently brought DOWN the price while improving quality. Obviously these sturdy gems last for years, and firmware upgrades are a snap. Five stars. Addendum: The FIND MY HEADSET feature has saved me a ton of aggravation, time, and misery.
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1 year ago, Spartan2776
I would pay you to overnight me a a dirty sock in trade for this app
I’ve tried using this app multiple times, and I find that it is completely useless. The icon has nothing to do with what the unit actually does and there’s nothing recognizable about the icon so you would ever connect that it has anything to do with the headset. It’s literally nothing more than garbage where on your phone to collect data and provide you with absolutely zero services to operate your headset. So I shall delete it. And while the sound quality and noise canceling is great on this headset, it completely causes my iPhone 13 pro max to go goofy and switch itself back-and-forth from Bluetooth the speaker to phone so you have to in the course of making or receiving a call reset it back to Bluetooth to sometimes three times per call, so you sound like the idiot going, can you hear me now, oh, I’m so sorry I have so many Bluetooth things they just get confused. It’s not all the Bluetooth things it’s this headset/app. I literally think a Smurfs was contracted to develop this app. Like jokey Smurf. But jokey Smurf with a bad passive aggressive, dark side. It’s like giving me $100 bill that’s been rolled in a pile of Ebola juice. No thanks!!!
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6 years ago, KRob319!
Best headset I’ve ever own‼️
Compared to other well known brands such as Jabra and even the Plantronics Legend (my favorite up to this point) The Plantronics 5200 is hands down the best headset I’ve owned to date. I would never have imagined being able to replace my Legend with anything better, but they pulled it off with this model. Crystal clear communication on both ends, awesome noise cancellation, and seamless integration with my virtual assistant (Siri). It’s sweat and water resistance, accompanied with the PLT Hub, it just doesn’t get any better at this point, but if I were to be critical at all, it would be the inability to alter headsets assistants voice ie; as with Siri. But certainly not a deal breaker. The only other suggestion I would have, and certainly the more important of the two, is a longer talk time. I’m on the phone a lot through the day for work and a slightly longer talk time would be awesome ie; Jabra Storms 10 hr talk time. Regardless of these issues however, until they find a way to trump the 5200s capabilities, and over the top features, I can earnestly exclaim there’s no better headset out there.
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6 years ago, BlackNite76
Best Headset I’ve Owned!!!
This is THE BEST Bluetooth headset I have owned. And I’ve own MANY of the other brands. With those, either the sound fades, the battery doesn’t last long, the noise Cancellation doesn’t work as advertised or the background noise is so loud I have to put my phone on mute when I’m not talking. I never had a Plantronic because I didn’t like the “look”. Well, after owning all the others on the market, Bose Soundsport (2 different ones), 2 Jawbone 2s, iPhone Earbuds, Sennheiser . . . I broke down and got one. I could have saved myself ALOT of money if I had just bought this Voyager. Honestly, it great. Clear sound, no background noise, long battery life . . . If you’re looking for a headset that is functional and works great, get a Plantronics. Forget those others and save yourself some time and money. You won’t regret it. (BTW, I’ll sale you my old ones for cheap if you don’t believe me).
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6 years ago, Lancaster, Ks
Loosing my headset
I’ve lost it twice. Once while it was off and once while it was on. The app did help find the street the first time when I shut it off. So history is great. But in the case when I left it on, history took me to my house. It should have connected again when I got back in the house and it didn’t even though it was still on. When I found it I went into settings to get it to reconnect. Then tried the tone and I could hear it. It should have connected on its own. I was within a few feet. But it just said not connected. If I get 20-30 feet away I loose connection. And in the house with different rooms only 10-20 feet. On the good side it’s great being hands free. I can hear who I’m talking to and they can hear me clearly. If there was something they can do to help find the lost headset while it’s off (Like an emergency back up battery or something) it would be a “5”.
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6 years ago, Fiakimi
PLT V3200 series
Since the upgrade, once again this is my go to blue tooth. I am a blue tooth and hand free user since the first hands free came out 18 years ago. When wireless was introduced jawbone was the best pick. Then jawbone continually went down hill. Then I found PLANTRONICS, this series. What a terrific earbuds. Then the iPhone kept updating its IOS, PLANTRONICS didn't keep up. I was so disappointed. It repeatedly unpaired even during calls. Now with their upgraded device, it works perfectly. I now have the iPhone x. No problems. Thank you PLANTRONICS for a terrific head set. I have changed the part that goes in the ear for comfort. I would like to post a pic, but I'm not given the option. I use the jawbone replacement ear cushions. It sits snug over the PLANTRONICS cushion with the part that is suppose to place in ear trimmed off.
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6 years ago, Nolascho
Found it only because I had the app.
Knocked my headset off in the Lumber section of the hardware store. Did realize it until I got home an hour and a half later. We had made several stops so I didn’t know where I had lost it. The back track told me where to start looking. Was able to reconnect when I returned to the store. Was able to pin down the general area. Asked at least a dozen workers at the store if they had seen it. Was told to give my information and they would call me if they found it. Was able to tell them I knew it was there because the app told me it was and I wasn’t leaving without it. Finally found a cashier who knew where it was. Got it back and didn’t have to replace.
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6 years ago, Enich345
Explorer 500 series PLT HUB
The headset it’s self is a great product one of the best I’ve owned anyway! However the main reason I downloaded the PLT HUB app, was for the “find my headset”. I am the worlds worst at laying it down and forgetting where! Unfortunately the only way it works is if the headset is on. And in my case that didn’t help me at all. I give the app (not the headset) 3.5 stars! Reason behind the half star is because this app was able to tell me the last location it was connected which was at work so I was able to save time looking for it because I knew then that I didn’t lose it at home or anywhere but had to be at work. All in all the app is helpful could use a little work but adds quality and is a good feature to go along with the headsets!!!!
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6 years ago, jac1900jac
Best app and earpiece on the market!
Hi! My name is James and I am a carpenter. I Work my hands all day remodeling homes and I work for myself so I do have to take a lot of phone calls. However the Plantronics your piece that I’ve been using for about 10 to 15 years probably ever since it came out is the best thing that ever happened to me and my work. Everyone is able to get their phone call through to me loud and clear. Even my dad with Parkinson’s who is only able to talk to me when I put my Plantronics your button. Thank you very much for your diligence and quality I appreciate it thank you. JAMES CURRIE
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3 years ago, Fcouperus
Found in Attic
If you rename your Bluetooth device generic paired name in “General Settings - Bluetooth”, for instance because you have multiple identical devices you need to tell apart, this app will not recognize or allow the “friendly named” device to be selected from the connected device list. The app can only find / recognize the generic device model names used in the pairing or device discovery process. However, I lost a Voyager 5200 headset while working as a remodeling contractor in an attic filled with blown insulation. Normally I don’t take it with me into attics. So talk about a needle in a haystack exercise. The app feature allowed me to sound the headset and locate in 16 minutes
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7 years ago, Timmy Tune
Finally Tracker Works!? Only if it's ON!
Finally after losing 10 of these the tracker almost works! Now the tracker and app it will never be lost unless you Fail to leave it on! It will only give you a proximity of when it was last ON. I Love this earpiece over all others including wireless stereo, Beats, Bose and HereOne!, Just awesome works and lasts 7hrs of talk time and deep sleep 180 days no other even comes close. Just leave it on always and you will not lose it. I should be able to activate it remotely then you will get 5 Stars!
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6 years ago, Hockey Engineer
Peculiarities seem to persist
I love my new 6200’s. They’re all day comfortable . Noise cancellation is excellent. Several times today when I tried to use the app to report battery life, it said no headset connected, even though the headset has been on my head and in use all day. The only thing I can think of is that I left my phone on my desk and walked out of range with my headset. When I got back into range , the program audio reconnected but apparently the Hub app does not do that at this point . 5 stars for the 6200’s 3 stars for the app.
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3 years ago, Daveladdjr
PLT 2900 won’t turn off
I have been using the Plantronics BT headsets for years. They all have performed well, however, This last one will not turn off. I keep two active so I have one while the other is charging. This last one, the 2900 won’t let go. The only option I have is to go into BT settings and say, “Forget this device” If I leave the house and use my other PLT BT headset, when I get back, the 2900 takes it back even if I’m in the middle of a call, or listening to a video. Constantly causing problems. I’d be hesitant to buy a replacement, knowing it might be the same way…
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3 years ago, X219c
Looks matter. Design matters.
How are you not ashamed of the way this app utilizes the screens of nearly all new iOS devices? This looks like an app from the days of the iPhone 6 days. Your company has gone through a bit of a rebrand quite a while ago. It seems strange that this change isn’t reflected here. I’m super excited for my sync 20 to arrive, but looking at this makes me worry about the software. That said, I assume it works just fine. And hopefully I won’t need to visit the app too often. Perhaps a new app is being worked on where it would make sense to only deploy maintenance releases on this one. We’ll see. Good luck.
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4 years ago, Godsspecial1
Great for two devices
I use it for both my phone and iPad. It connects to them both at one time. Which is better than any other headset I have. Also the find features are great and I find it every time. You can mute without having the device in front of you. The feature when a call come in it ask you to answer or ignore . I love all other features ! I have the iPhone beats. But I love this one more for music too. It is a must have. Muzik Diva!
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5 years ago, Qwantum
Awesome Product
I bought a new Plantronics 5200 a few months ago and loaded the app on to my phone. What I love about this is it syncs up every single time so quickly. You can be on a call, put on the headset and turn it on without a break in conversation. The other thing is the customer support is fast, easy and simple. I wanted to buy a charger for the headset and after looking around, called customer support. They sent me the link with free shipping so I could conveniently buy the charger. Thanks everyone.
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6 years ago, OUTLAW4EVR
Plantronics Rules!!
I’ve been using Plantronics hardware for about five years and for me the Explorer 500 headset is one of the finest ones out there. It’s simple to use and is lightweight enough for me to wear all day. Also, depending on where you buy it at - inexpensive too. This app is just what I needed to hold on to my earpieces (I have three). While searching for one I’ve even found one that I had forgotten about at work long ago. Perfect timing with the app as it is greatly appreciated.
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7 years ago, PrincessDaphine
Very good Bluetooth earpiece
I love everything about this earpiece. It tells me who is calling. Fits either ear. It doesn't go all the way in the ear so it is so comfortable that you barely notice it's in your ear. If you move too far away from the phone it tells you that you are disconnected. Nice soothing female voice. Best of all quality is superb. Noise cancellation is awesome. The only thing I noticed is occasionally being in the vehicle with the air on high sometimes the caller can hear the air noise.
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5 years ago, op3nm1nd3d
Love the headset, even on cycle
I occasionally first to take my headset of when riding and it doesn’t get blown off by the air going by. Thank goodness. Love the feature sand the battery life and I have two cell phones (android/iphone) and it works with both, all the time. I have used the find my headset feature several times and it works great. Just have ot turn the volume all the way up. Extremely happy with this and the portable charging case.
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5 years ago, Switch900
This device is worth the price better than apple
This device the voyager 5200 is way better than apple device, believe me it’s way cheaper and better quality, built, I prefer this than using the apple EarPods I have to say you could use Siri and even has feature that the apple EarPods cannot. The app also works well it will pair up your device with no problem plus you get 7 hours of talk time and 5 to six days on standby
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6 years ago, @JJ Barea
Great earpiece but.....
I’ll make this short and sweet. This is a great earpiece for the price point. If I could add a feature it would be flash when you use the app ” find my earpiece” the sound the is emitted isn’t loud enough to hear even if you're in the room. I usually walk around waiting for the phone to pair and then conduct a though search. In a perfect world, I’d add a charging case like the Motorola has ( for protection) but you can’t have everything. If a strobe flash was added this would be gold!
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4 years ago, DaiWil
Great App
I ran a quick errand and realized my headset was missing when I got home. I used the app to try to locate it. I couldn’t hear the location tone even on the loudest level. But I could tell it was somewhere in the car, garage or house as the app was obviously communicating with it. So I began to think that the tone must’ve been muffled somehow. Then it dawned on me that I had folded up a blanket and stored it away in a wardrobe. Sure enough that’s where it was. I repeat, GREAT APP!
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5 years ago, Sammie16105
Lost my headset 2 days ago, forgot about this app. Realized it had to be around because it was showing connected still. Tried to send a tone, couldn’t hear it. Finally changed to the Loud and obnoxious tone and started 🚶‍♀️through the 🏡. Finally, I started hearing something!! It was buried in a 🧺 in my basement, fell out of my pocket or 👂 when I was doing laundry. Thank you for this app, I can return the headset I purchased yesterday that hasn't arrived.
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5 years ago, The Original Devastator
Decent app for headset
Great for managing settings without having to connect to a laptop. Average for “find my headset” feature because “loud and obnoxious “ should be exactly that. It isn’t. You pretty much have to be on top of it to hear it. It should be much louder to be useful. Yes, with BT it will reconnect and that gets you within 30 feet, but that doesn’t help much if it’s under or behind something. No app is ever perfect so I never give 5 stars anyway but can’t give 1/2 stars, so begrudgingly I give it a 4.
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5 years ago, Terri58
I agree with “losing my headset” Lancaster, KS: I would like to add to that: I think the pinging sound should be a little louder because you can pinpoint the location of the headset better. You give s warning that the sound would cause harm if it’s too loud but that would NOT be the case because I’m not wearing it— it’s lost so I’m safe all of the other comments I wholeheartedly agree with 200%, all of the plantronic headsets I tried were great my edge is wonderful, I’ll stick with the plantronics headsets.
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5 years ago, Oh, well
Excellent device! Had one years ago that was so bad, I slung it out the car window into the woods and was happy to be rid of it. Development and improvement have come a long way, I’m happy to say. My hands are totally free to carry on whatever, and talk at the same time. Relieves stress on elbows/shoulders! Volume when trying to locate where it’s mislaid isn’t huge, but keep surroundings very quiet, no problem. Would be lost without it!
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6 years ago, Kodiak.AK
Great App & Bluetooth!!
The voyager 5220 is fantastic! I have owned previous versions and enjoyed them as well. Top of the line technology, great supporting app, and friendly customer service if/when needed. I have not had to call customer service in over a year because the app works so well and is able to help me solve the few issues that have come up!! I would recommend of the voyager 5222 anyone!! Excellent job!!
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2 years ago, Mdenver32
No connection
I have had a 5200 series for about 3years. Well as soon as they released. I love my original headset, enough so that I got a 2nd. The problem is it will not connect to this app even when other is off and charging. I have tried to remove both devices then add only the new one to phone. Immediately PLT hub asks for permission. I allow but when it brings me too the Home Screen of app it says it’s not connected. I need it to connect so can update firmware…….. flustered I guess. Will update to 5stars if you all can help me figure this out.
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5 years ago, Worth flowers
What a great app!!!
The only thing that could be better is the volume of the find my ear piece isn’t that loud and it needs to have some sort of override so that you can take advantage of the find my ear piece app even if you have not turned the ear piece on yet also put a back up battery that only the find my ear piece selection can use other than those couple things it is genius!!!!
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6 years ago, Sam4sure
Find my headset doesn’t work all the time
The best feature of this app is find my headset. Unfortunately in recent weeks I have noticed that my headset shows as “not connected” even when I can see the battery meter and Bluetooth shows a connection. I can fix this by turning the headset off and repairing it... which defeats the purpose. Fix this and my rating will go to 5*. When this fails, but I see the device paired. I go back to playing a song off iTunes at max volume, which isn’t nearly as loud.
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4 years ago, UMAppleMan
PLT app doesn’t keep up with iOS...
I have stopped using my Plantronics headset. Since the last few updates and the last upgrade for my headset, cannot use the headset any more. It goes dead after a few minutes and silently disconnects. Have to turn it off and back on again to only use it for a few more minutes. It worked fine before the update to this app and then the update to the headset. My NC-25 headphones work all day with no disconnects and the stereo audio is better. But the PLT 5200 is not usable any more. I like it better for traveling. If it would work.
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2 years ago, Ethan's ratings
Definitely a time saver
This app has helped me find my headset to many times to count!! It’s a great headset however small so it’s easy to lay down and misplace in the midst of a busy day. The tone is easily heard from afar. When you’ve turned the headset off, it has the backtrack feature which also has helped recovery in my search. Just follow the dot.
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5 years ago, Marle A B
Find my Bluetooth plantronics 5200
There absolutely should be a way to find your Bluetooth when it’s off as most people try to conserve their battery life by shutting off their Bluetooth when not in use. I work around that by making sure I put it on the charger and shut it off because my charger location doesn’t change unless I take it with me.
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6 years ago, WillPublishh
It’s the best
I’ve had a lot of Bluetooth devices over the years and this is the only one that people never tell me “I can’t hear you or your sound muffled”. I’ve even talked to people while on a bike tour (bicycle) that had me riding in the wind while doing about 25 miles per hour down hill and they had no problem hearing me with wind blowing all around me. I couldn’t believe it. So it’s worth the money!
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5 years ago, Imack74
They think of EVERYTHING
Plantronics continues to outdo themselves they are an innovative company that takes pride in their customers and their needs. I have not went back to any other headsets since I’ve experienced Plantronics. I still have other Plantronics headset Bluetooth that still are in excellent condition and works fine. I really like all of their features and the ease of using them
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6 years ago, 32deuce
Marquee 2 M180
I lost my previous earpiece and replaced it with this model. The biggest issue I have is the lack of announcing a phone number or name with an incoming call. Also, I find the “find my phone” feature of the app useless since it doesn’t emit a loud tone when off the ear. If I’m wearing it, it isn’t lost. I didn’t see any update for the phone’s software so I deleted the app. For business, I prefer to hear who is calling before I answer. I may now replace this headset for something that meets my needs.
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7 years ago, krystalrachelmcleod
Love the Legend,
I am on my fourth Platronics Legend. I had the Edge before and that particular one was hard to stay in my ear. Great noice reduction. I can blow dry my hair and talk on the phone and nobody can hear the blow dryer. My only complaint, would be, you can only find your Bluetooth if it is on. I wish there is a way we could locate the Bluetooth when it is off. I will always by Platronics. Before Platronics I used Jawbone.
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2 years ago, JKY220
Doesn’t work with my iPad
I was able to instantly connect my Bluetooth Voyager Focus UC headphones with my iPhone and my MacBook Pro. But despite the App Store saying my iPad mini was compatible with the headphones, the Bluetooth connection was never recognized in system settings. Apple checked my iPad and said the Bluetooth was working (and I can connect other devices). Poly (after waiting 40 minutes on hold) could not figure out the problem.
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5 years ago, Ou814ME
Device is great. The app is fluff.
The many times I’ve tried using the find device feature I’ve had mixed results. A couple of times it has worked. Today, not so much. It indicated that the last time I was connected was two days ago. I had used the device yesterday, couldn’t find it today. When I listed it not found, I was directed to a list of devices to purchase. Additionally when I opened the app I was prompted to chose my device AGAIN. So they use every instance they can to show you their list of products. Conclusion; it’s an advertising app first, shotty device appendage second.
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6 years ago, For Abba
Tracking backwards
I left my PLT 5200 at a building and it was on so I could see it on the app. I knew exactly where it was left. I was able to see also when the location was moved and what time the device was turned off. My only wish is that it would block out background noise better. This is a great device otherwise.
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6 years ago, Jimf1
Find Your Headset Feature Works !!
I was skeptical of his feature set. However it works very well. This headset is no toy, it has lived with me on job sites daily for over three years. The battery lasts for most situations and recharged quickly on its charger protective base. Getting a full day of use is no problem. Everyone comments on the clarity of my voice on calls.
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3 years ago, Denise Cooper
Still love the Legend better but
I have both the Legend and the 5200. The app works better with the 5200. I needed to use the find my headset feature on the legend and idle it wasn’t in your ear... never would be able to find it. Disappointing. The Legend give more commands and notices than the 5200. I especially like the feature where you push the button and it say if connected on not. Given both headsets will without notice that’s an important feature.
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8 months ago, Bkatty4
New Poly App is worthless - Doesn’t work with Tile
A big selling point for me to get the Plantronics headset has always been that it works with the Tile app. Once Poly changed to the Poly app, it no longer works with Tile. Unlike Tile, the Poly app can only track the location when the headset is turned on, and the headset no longer beeps when being located. The app also doesn’t have the same settings available. It is the most worthless app, and such a technological step backwards that it’s beyond disappointing and I will no longer buy Poly products.
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2 years ago, aj12x
Happy User
This app has saved me so many times…from going absolutely MAD!! It has never failed to take me right to my Bluetooth Headset..as long as it was connected of course!! Much thanks and I would definitely recommend this app if only to help find your headset and keep your sanity!!
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3 years ago, Sifeaf
Great product
The best headset I have ever own. The earpiece is unique to only plantronics and fits my ear channel perfectly. Even after wearing it for 24 hours. Better than all headsets I have ever owned. And I have owned some of the most expensive on the market. What I learned is price doesn’t always determine quality.
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6 years ago, tomschance
I’m a truck driver and this headset puts the blue parrot to shame!!! It cancels noise better and is much more comfortable to wear! It also charges much faster than the parrot! I also purchased the charging clamshell. Another awesome plantronics device! This is by far the best headset I’ve ever owned! 10 stars to the engineering and design departments!!! Keep up the great work, you have in me a customer for life!!!
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6 years ago, Driver9876
5200 App Review
All in all I love the headset. The app provides a location service if you misplace it. The problem is that if the headset is not connected, it won’t accurately show where it is, only the last place it was connected. For me, it showed my hometown 100 miles away. I used the headset on the trip and the app didn’t update the location. Also, sending the tone to locate the headset isn’t loud enough to hear unless you have the headset on your ear.
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3 years ago, Sonoranian
Best headset ever
Out of all the headsets I’ve owned including a few Plantronics, this is by far the best. The noise canceling feature works very well, the sound quality is wonderful, the Alexa feature is great and the icing on the cake is the ‘Find My Headset’ feature in the plantronics App. This is a feature that is a must for any headset app.
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4 years ago, J_P_
It works quite well and easy to update
Downloaded the app to update my UC 5200 firmware. Was easy to change headset setting and other features I never knew about, which is easily done over mobile than on desktop. The find head set feature is also nice as well as other apps.
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