Power Apps

4.8 (18.8K)
115.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Microsoft Corporation
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Power Apps

4.85 out of 5
18.8K Ratings
7 months ago, lovesneakysasquatch
Best developer app!
In need of money? In need of fame? In need of business? Power apps can really help you get your pencil point. Whether you’re a big business company or a small business company or even one person this app is amazing and will really help you. If you just want to play around with the app, then you’re free to do so. All you need is an office 365 account. There is an upgrade that is best for companies really in need of that sharp pencil. If you give this app a try, you will not be disappointed. Thank you for this amazing app Microsoft!
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2 years ago, Jcdv2
A powerful framework that will rule the world
Now that Steven Jobs’s vision of putting a powerful computer in the hands of everyone is done, we need to provide non-technical people with the ability to create personal applications. The citizen developer is a real thing. Powerapps is the latest and best reincarnation of an old idea. It will succeed because it is backed up by Microsoft which still controls the majority of operating systems in the world.
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3 years ago, jdhdhdeje
Disrespectful of User’s time
You ask me to review your app WHILE I AM TRYING to get in the door. Please do no ask me while I’m trying to check in or check out. There is too much stuff going on. Send me an email,I’ll review your app on my time. Also, perhaps instead of having 2 buttons for check in, or check out, have a “next” button, and use Che k in on the final screen. Finally, please allow my phone number to save on my screen. My last home number entry was 4 digits off because of the miniature size of your font. I cannot see what I’ve typed. My phone number doesn’t change daily, so that data point could be saved for each day.
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4 months ago, Emcored
Great app, keep track off spending on jobs real time, know where you are with the budget immediately. Best of all it takes only a few seconds to fill out and navigation through this app is very intuitive, easy and everything at your finger tips. It’s a must have.
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5 years ago, Lexort Divad
Doesn’t support split screen
The app is ok. It would be nice if they would add split screen support. It would make it much more useful to be able to drag text back and forth between the created power app and something else like a webpage, or have and app make for a phone opened side by side with something else. Since power apps is rendering the app anyway, I don’t see why split screen can’t be done. Microsoft already does it for almost everything else.
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5 years ago, Danilyngo
Hard to Navigate
I love the idea of this Microsoft but how does this app make any impact on my productivity...in fact, the function of the app isn’t quite clear at first glance, and I’m normally skilled technologically. I want to see PowerApps succeed for years beyond 2019 — can you please make it easier for the average every day business person to understand? If so, I think it’ll increase it’s lasting power. How does one add apps to PowerApps? I see the suggested apps but I’ve no clue where I would go about finding new apps?
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2 years ago, RobertLazo
RAD - Rapid Application Development
With Power Apps you can create mobile applications that connect to databases very quickly. I believe they are best used with single table designs for use out in the field. They work really well so far with Sharepoint lists, but also connect to MS Dataverse, SQL databases, Salesforce, Dropbox, and other cloud services.
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3 years ago, ZHamandi
Excellent tool for daily process tasks
You can automate your daily process and create pretty much anything you can imagine in terms have a process that everyone follows. Only issue is that it does not give you a web facing page unless you use CDS.
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3 years ago, Buck 16
PowerApps does not work
I’ve tried getting into the app many many times. I use the app because my school uses it for rewards and i got a reward today and I tried logging in using my school email and a screen slides up and it stays white and loading. It’ll be loading forever like i can’t even use the rest of the app because it won’t load. I’ve tried deleting the app, reloading, even restarting my entire phone and it won’t work. I really need this app fixed now please Microsoft!!!
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4 years ago, PatrickKane88
Powerapps can link to Pythonista app to drive midi apps !
I love how you can create links to other apps and pass parameters. I can invoke python scripts in the Pythonista app on my iOS device from Powerapps. The python script can then use UDP to talk to MidiFire app which sends midi commands to my ios midi capable apps. Great possibilities for techie musicians!
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5 years ago, Vultre
Build your Own
Little tricky getting the syntax down at first but once you get the hang of it building apps becomes easy. With the use of you tubers getting your own app up and going is not a problem and seems to work reliably. No complaints here.
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3 years ago, Ripley2007
Fast and easy
Works flawlessly for our needs. Easy to sign in and quickly fill out the work status and health survey. Additionally, added my vaccination status with ease. Never had a problem.
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2 years ago, POWERAPP NEFF
Great App
Great for making apps within large companies that have data protection in place. Because this is a Microsoft app it communicates well with the Microsoft suite. It is very user friendly, from programming to user. Thanks
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3 weeks ago, kokiri 85
Easy way to get apps onto any device
I’ve done just enough real programming to sometimes find powerFx and it’s limitations irritating, but the fact that I can deploy so easily without worrying about getting through the apple store is just spectacular.
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8 months ago, SC-bff
Can now mark app as a Favorite
This app works well as a launcher for our Power Apps, but i am not able to mark an app as a Favorite using either swipe-left or via the app’s Information panel. Using iOS 16.7 > edit 11/4: fixed In current version. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Offline in Georgia
Great App - Can’t See Apps Without Internet
I love working with PowerApps but when I updated to the last version, I don’t see any apps when I put my phone on airplane mode. This is a huge problem because the apps were designed to work offline.
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3 years ago, JCI supertech
Power Apps
After updating, all my favorite apps are no longer visible. Even after opening an app, there is nothing in the recently viewed section.
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3 years ago, arttiemack
I really appreciate this app it’s a one stop shop to all the information I need to be efficient in doing my job
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2 years ago, Cromwell1909
Crashes at load screen
I have tried several times reinstalling it but hasn’t fixed the issue. Anytime I open it it doesn’t even get past the load screen on the main app. I’ve made sure everything is updated because previously the Program would load but the apps created would get hung up at the load screen. Very frustrating.
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5 years ago, jbear1958
Great app for mobile development, hoping for improvements
Very easy to create a mobile app to access and manage data in o365, but with some issues, including problem displaying Sharepoint stored images / opening attachments in IOS.
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4 years ago, MojoFlash
Bug - Loop Problem
Current version has a bug. If you click on add to home screen on an app it starts trying to open hundreds of safari windows and power bi sites. The app get caught in a loop and starts over loading your iphone.
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2 years ago, thhffujvg
Power apps
Fairly easy to use for vacation request however not up to date with actual vacation time available
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5 years ago, DannyVaq
Screen Orientation
The app works efficiently but I’m having trouble with certain app selections when trying to view in landscape mode. Is there a setting that I can toggle because it’s preventing me from also using my Apple keyboard. Thanks in advance for any help.
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2 years ago, abenusa
Latest update broke Exit function
Exit function was working up until the latest update that just came out.
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3 years ago, Moesinatra
LAUSD Daily Campus Access App Fail
Asks you to sign in with “work or school email” and even know I access LAUSD with my gmail, doesn’t accept it. Put my sons school email address in - worked once then never again. said I “didn’t have access to the app” had to delete. To bad we literally need this *every day* to access campus. Can only do what I need to do on the Daily Pass website.
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4 weeks ago, GarbagePatch
If I see an old version of an app that I cannot use pop up as “favorite” on my screen one more time I’m gonna lose it This thing already crashes randomly and refuses to “connect to network” when my connection is perfectly fine Don’t know how it is for developers but it’s rage inducing for general users
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3 years ago, brenjee1
Very helpful program
User friendly applications!
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5 years ago, Buiskii
App is great but small glitch
I think the app works great but I also have landscape issues with certain apps where I must use my apple keyboard to perform work efficiently. Any updates or fixes for this?
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2 years ago, JayHurst23
Best thing to happen to our organization since email.
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3 years ago, Crystal💝✨🐝
Great app!!
It’s easy to use everything you need is all in one place and it’s very convenient. 😁
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4 years ago, Dominicgray
Keep it up
Keep it up Microsoft. Don’t drop this one. Citizen developership is here to stay and it’s imperative you keep your eye on the prize. Keep up the good work with a great ecosystem.
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1 year ago, Joejfjf
Nothing but issues
I’ve had nothing but issues with the app when submitting my time to the point where I’m back and forth with the time person to fix it otherwise I’ll be missing money. Please fix the glitches that this app has.
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5 years ago, Marquil
Important information at your fingertip
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5 years ago, MrLiquidAffect
Nice, but you cannot develop.
I thought I read that I could create apps using mobile. I guess only in the browser not the app? And what happened to PowerApps Studio? All courses and docs say download it, but there is nothing to download.
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3 years ago, Tied hands
Bogus - Waste of Precious Time
The use of this app as a “mouse in a maze” behavioral training technique is quite obvious. Don’t follow directives, then you don’t get the cheese. This app assists PC America in exploiting the ability to think for themselves. It enables corporate exploitation by suppressing free thought and mandating useless directives for the sake of compliance. Prioritizing power and greed are detrimental to society.
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2 years ago, csgexec
Sooo Buggy
The app has gotten progressively worse over time. It takes forever for new apps to appear in the list. Even after logging out and logging back in, closing the app, clearing the cache…nothing seems to work. Awful execution and an apparent lack of testing.
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4 years ago, nibesh21
Location bug
In order to sign back in to my school using this app it uses my location to check if I'm actually on campus and half the time it's wrong and refuses to let me sign in which in turn results in me going through a big hassle to let someone know I'm actually back.
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4 years ago, SubratSingh
Despite logging hours and with proper sign in and sign off keeps getting alerts
I sign in and out everyday properly marking hours but everyday get email mentioning Incase you missed to log off please do so. Where as I login and log off as required.
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3 years ago, lupin usa
Certain Questions
Regional considerations should be given when framing questions. If vaccinations are done YES - it shouldn’t be coming each day as a question. After finishing - there is no need to add comments. At least give NA option. Last - please suggest a SUBMIT button at the bottom. The APp name sometimes comes up as UmeshYadav While submitting a review, it’s asking me to pick a Nick name. Not sure why!!
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2 months ago, ejb1985
Power apps crashes
You’re able to login, when you go to select anything the app crashes every time.
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3 years ago, Scuds530
I’m not sure why I can’t use a personal email to sign up…. The app asks for a work or school email. It would be nice to use the app with a personal email if I’m working on something on my own time and not at work or for school related assignments
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3 years ago, Ghjklpoiuttrrftg
Doesn’t allow me to get my Daily Pass
I need this pass to be able to go to my school, and I have tried several times, but it keeps saying I “need to have permission.” I am a teacher and this is causing quite a bit of stress.
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6 years ago, stumantexas
Basic feature missing
Why is the very basic pinch to zoom feature missing from this app? Usable on iPad but on iPhone the text and screen are just too small.
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4 months ago, Steven Hibbs
Was working and now my apps are gone
I can no longer view my apps and are not searchable anymore after the update today.
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5 years ago, weierbach
Deleting pin
Hello, We use this app at my work and I logged in with my wrong email and set up a pin. How do I get rid of that email so I no longer need a pin to use the app since it is a shard tablet.
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2 years ago, Rod Arzouni
Great app
Great app .. very efficient and quick respond
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6 years ago, patiently waits
Can’t find my app
I can use the app on my iPhone following a link. However, it doesn’t show up on Powerapps? It worked before this week until I deleted and reloaded PowerApps. Now, I get nothing.
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4 years ago, Jb is D-U-M-B like this app
Can’t find what I need
I’m signed in and I get nothing. I’m on the all apps filter and nothing is coming up. I need to get an app for my college through here and I’m seeing absolutely nothing on any of the filter pages.
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2 years ago, Squijjle
App crashes every time I open
I would love to use this. But it crashes every time I open the app. I’ve tried restarting, updating the iOS. Nothing worked.
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3 years ago, samoyedsummer
No Daily Pass
I neee the Daily Pass to enter campus. Unfortunately, when I tap “all apps” no Daily Pass is even available. I have to go through the Daily Pass website each time.
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