Power Automate

4.7 (4.1K)
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Microsoft Corporation
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Power Automate

4.73 out of 5
4.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Greg Cal
I love the possibilities with Flow
I have been using Flow for 2 months and am constantly thinking of what other tasks I can automate with it. I wish you would consider removing the “done” screen after approving or rejecting approvals. It’s an unnecessary step that slows down the process of moving to the next approval. I would like the ability to approval multiple request at once instead of opening each one individually and then selecting done to close the “done” screen pop up. That’s the only frustrating aspect of Flow. If you have a lot of approvals it takes up time going through them.
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5 years ago, TheRosierSide
Enabling Small to Midsize Enterprise Automation
At the speed and simplicity to add workload automation is next to none. Their catalog of connector data sources is extensive, as is their templates for getting started. This solution is a must have, and the monthly cost is very competitive. This platform will help you solve problems you didn't know you had.
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2 months ago, eyebanger
Push notification stopped working
I’ve had a flow running for a couple years that would send a push notification when an email landed in a specific folder for me. Power Automate shows the flow is successful but I am not getting push notifications. I can open the app and see there are notifications waiting for me, but they are not push notification and they are now showing up as banners or in the Notification Center for the iPhone. Please fix. Edit: notifications are working again.
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2 years ago, therelybare
App has potential but it’s the bugs that are annoying
I’ve been using this app for about a year and have been pleased with the results, however my greatest concern is that I have to force the app closed each and every time I use it. If I don’t, I get a reminder to force it closed with a blank screen. After forcing the app to close. It works fine until I need to use it again. I can’t figure out how to report it, so hopefully this gets back to someone who can fix it.
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2 years ago, Bad iPad-Bad
iPad availability non existent
While it shows here on page, no fun to download the app and see a tiny framed box on your beautiful iPad screen. Come on now Microsoft, make this available for iPad because making PA automations on phone sounds terrible. Plus, I run on a iPhone model without much native storage so apps constantly being offloaded to cloud, and it’s 6 models old. It’s a rather slow phone while my iPad is speedy and for business. Using PA for business, would want iPad functionality.
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1 year ago, greengearhead
Really crappy user interface
My organization uses Microsoft flow for approvals unfortunately this app lacks key features like approvals history. I must use a laptop to make key approvals. It took me several attempts to use this app to find the lack of important features and finally give up on the app. This may be a good app for some users but I found it to be a frustrating waste of time. Hopefully history of approvals can be implemented at some point otherwise many flows that were originating on desktop are not accessible in the app.
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6 years ago, vbchick712
Great concept when you get it working
I recently learned about MS Flow after some colleagues raves about it. It’s a neat tool to use if you are using Microsoft products & even if you are using other products. It’s tricky to get used to but once you figure it out, there are endless options on what you can do. I just wish they’d make LinkedIn personal pages sync with MS Flow. Right now you can only sync with company pages.
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4 years ago, tomgold10
Big fan of this app and automation
Power Automate with power apps, power BI, SharePoint and online excel together are all game changers. They show a lot of promise and have already exhibited their potential to improve operational workflow. Big big fan. A business should seriously consider Microsoft 365!
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5 years ago, erikrichey
I ♥️ this app!
I have a small issue to report. ⚠️ When creating flows, the ’done’ and ’create’ buttons sometimes do not work, and I have to turn my phone to side view in order to click👆on the buttons. The buttons seem to be too close to the top of my iPhone screen; the part I can drag down to access some of my phone features.📱 But I really ♥️ being able to automate time-consuming processes and tasks to make my life flow more easily during my day. 😅 Thanks for the app Microsoft Team! 🙌🏼
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4 years ago, CJ GJ
Good stuff but shouldn’t rename
Very valuable tool in my arsenal. I just don’t understand why they would rename the already short and catchy name of Flow to this weird Power Automate. Doesn’t fit with the rest of their simplified naming conventions.
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6 years ago, Andrewlovesjenny
Microsoft is doing great things!
I’m very impressed with the innovation that has surfaced (no pun intended) in the last few years. Microsoft is developing tools for the business community that are pushing all of us to be better at work and play. Excellent job, Microsoft! Thank you.
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4 years ago, Musicman711
Not friendly on mobile
Power automate (FKA flow) is by far one of the most useful tools in the Microsoft tool kit. It’s so frustrating how they haven’t created a viable option for organizing automations. As a power user, I’ve had to become diligent with my naming conventions just so I can keep track of everything. The mobile app just shows you how badly this is needed. I just spent 10 minutes scrolling for some thing that I just made. How is that “automating” my work?
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5 years ago, Pasvorn
Help simplify my workflows
Life used to be so hectic trying to remember to check email and messages. At least this help me with some of the form email. I can automate these emails. This won’t take away my pain but certainly make my life easier.
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1 month ago, Krysie@work
For all the power…
I will be honest, I love power automate and what it is capable of. That being said, the iOS app is pretty disappointing, especially on iPad. Full screen is atrocious and it really needs to support multi-account. iPad should be able to support the full features of the website from the app.
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5 years ago, Mensah53
Everything but the freezing
App freezes a lot when I’m using flows which can make things worse than the original manual approach. If it gets corrected it’s definitely a timesaver.
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2 years ago, Lilleobaby28
Has potential but needs to be fixed
The app developer needs to fix the buttons at the top of the screen to be lower - they conflict with my time and battery status bar and I have to press them at least 10 to 15 times to close the flow.
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5 years ago, tpmeredith
Love flow desktop for most part but app is awful
Was hoping the iPad app had a better interface than the desktop, at least for filtering view of flows. The iPad layout for flow is GARBAGE. It only takes up like 15% of space in middle of iPad, and the expand to full screen just stretches it.. its like you’re looking at a super low res view of flow. Completely useless for iPad.. hope it gets better
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6 years ago, D4zzl3r
Go with the Flow
Simply put Flow is essentially like putting together Lego blocks and building out your own work flow scenario- it’s really up to you - Power is in user’s mind! If anyone has ever used IFTTT- it’s pretty much IFTTT for Business applications.
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1 year ago, GJ1292
Great tool but constant reauthentication ruins the experience
I set up some really powerful automations to use as buttons in the app to quickly execute some stuff when I’m in a hurry, but at least once a day, I have to re-authenticate the app which slows me down and somewhat defeats the purpose.
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2 years ago, surfman49
Cannot even login
I can login on the website and build flows, but I cannot login here. It just shows an error with my Microsoft account. I have a personal Microsoft account, with a Gmail address. Maybe they don’t want to support those accounts on Flow anymore, but if that is the case then at least be consistent and let me move my flows to a supported account.
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1 year ago, bttex
Update broke my flow
I have an iPhone and my flow was used to drop photos from the iPhone to SharePoint. With an update I saw today that flow can no longer see my photos folder to grab them. I have to first move photos to another location. The flow was to prevent steps, and now it added them back.
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6 years ago, Bryan S1234
Extremely useful tool
Very cool tool that saves you time with everday mundane tasks. Setting one up from scratch is pretty easy, even if you're a code-savvy, but you do need to be patient. The templates work great too.
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4 years ago, Peter Prov
Widgets don’t work but otherwise, it’s flawless
When I try to add widgets based on the power automate buttons, nothing shows up even though I have several buttons in the PowerApp
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1 year ago, Viviana Al
Power Automate
I was definitely scared at the thought of using this type of technology. These tutorials are great, easy to follow, and I’m really enjoying the content. Great job!
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6 years ago, Stec
World class
Amazing possibilities for automation in the palm of your hand. The mobile app is a pretty good approximation of the web app and can be the conduit for push notifications from your Flows. Request: Apple Watch app!
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4 years ago, jerrytb1
Button don’t show on widget
Your flow buttons are slow to load within the app. It takes about 3-5 seconds to appear. When you force click on the app before going into the app, it won’t recognize your buttons so can’t creat a shortcut widget. Also the widget screen won’t show any of your buttons. I’ve already sent in a support ticket, but there has no follow up or resolution.
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6 years ago, Duffed
Fantastic app for business
I was able to automate a process that saves several people in my department hours of work every week. This is fantastic.
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7 years ago, Dr Strangepork
I can automate anything
I love being able to automate anything especially the push notifications of the emails I want to see.
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4 years ago, Mosal151
It gives the power to automate any thing
Automate emails Get notifications Make work flow with your documents Just in simple steps
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3 years ago, AvidListener2345
Useless on mobile/iPad
I downloaded this to use on my iPhone and iPad but it’s absolutely horrible. Even with trying to add an Action or something simple you’ll notice that you are completely unable to scroll, and the search function does not work. When editing flows you even can’t access the dynamic expressions or expression builder. I hate it.
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6 years ago, Crimson Of Night
Don't use this product - seriously dont
Not all of the Microsoft flows features are flushed out. Time triggers don't trigger. File management using templates fail. Lack of dynamic file variable support - for example, if you move a file and create a new one all future modifications should happen to the new file right? Big nope. Instead, the original file (now renamed) gets the update!
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5 years ago, drspoflow
Flow helps
I like flow. I use them for work and there are so many options. I just wish you could send texts with flow.....soon hopefully!
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5 years ago, TeddybeardogRules
Where has this been all my life!!!!
Love SharePoint Designer but this has won my heart. So easy that clients could use it. Automate the world!!
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6 years ago, Enoch S
iPad version would be nice. Mobile somewhat limited. Great Service!
iPad version would be nice. Mobile app doesn’t remember connections like browser does. Great service though!!!!
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6 years ago, WeaponGod243
Not working
I precede with a 3-star rating because I’ve use the website and it’s good, but the app is not working at all. Just shows blue screen and logo every single time. No matter how many updates or reinstalls. Fix please?
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4 years ago, djgoulet
Works great but needs iPad app
Needs an iPad app. Only useful for buttons. Office 365 web apps are notoriously glitchy on Safari, the only really usable browser on an iPad. Really need an optimized app with feature parity to the web apps.
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3 years ago, NigelMirage
Would be great if…
Two things I’ve encountered so far: Cannot hit the fine or create button when in the dialogue. Cannot force keyboard to go away. Also, the text is not visible when writing this review.
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6 years ago, Chookin
Best productivity booster
With having such a busy schedule, Flow has helped me be more responsive, miss less meetings and be more productive.
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5 years ago, ネイトです
I incorporated Flow into many information security workflows and remediations. The value that I get out of this tool is simply astounding.
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4 years ago, Zespra
Very Helpful
An app that is perfect for helping me creat my flows when away from the computer
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7 years ago, yoDANIMALgurt
Simple tool for complex automation
-Easy to setup -Builtin integration with many other apps -Easy to modify -Reliable platform
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6 years ago, Jkavanagh58
Excellent app for automation
Needs more connectors like Feedly but this tool/app keeps getting better
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2 months ago, Andrew Mulqueen
good application but microsoft power automation editor is really annoying
this is a good app on the apple app store but the editor for the microsoft power automation is really annoying with the zoom and the scrolling stuff like those things so can microsoft developers please fix the microsoft power automate mobile application
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2 years ago, csgexec
Where to start? - User makes changes to a Flow, then selects Update, but the changes are NOT saved. - Can’t sort by ANYTHING. - Can’t search. - Can’t view or select some steps of an executed Flow because the UI has issues.
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2 years ago, Coopwa
Crashes after inputing Microsoft account password.
Crashes after inputing Microsoft account password. Could never get the app to work.
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6 years ago, Todd Sizemore
Needs and iPad Version
It’s great I have the ability to edit my flows on the go but it really needs an iPad version so that larger, branching flows can be easily edited.
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3 years ago, Andythoright
Can’t open
App has not opened since the name change. It crashes immediately. This has been happening for about a year at this point.
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6 years ago, CEJvR
Misleading description...
The template integrations shown between for example OneNote and Todoist require OneNote Business, not Office 365 as advertised... I purchased a premium subscription to Todoist (to make up for the lack of proper task management in Outlook), but wasted the money due to this. I could’ve continued using my homemade Outlook/OneNote solution.
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12 months ago, jmstacey
Bad UI
Go to a flor, disable, and go back a page. Oops. You have to WAIT on the app and it doesn't tell you your action was canceled. If the user clicks a button, do it right away or block the UI. Preferably the former.
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6 years ago, AndreNY
Does not handle iPhone Xs screen correctly
As a new user, you get prompted to add a recommended flow. Press next, then there is a “Done” button which cannnot be pressed which is drawn under the battery icon on an iPhone Xs. Rotating the phone counterclockwise moves “Done” so it can be pressed.
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