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12 months ago
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9.3 or later
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User Reviews for PractiScore

4.53 out of 5
40 Ratings
9 years ago, Peter Goesinyadeep
Precision Rifle matches
Seems like this would work well with a PRS style match. Would be nice if a score for first or second round impacts could be added. Make it to where you can basically have an option for each target to check first round or second round impact and have the ability to set point values to them.
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1 year ago, got8ball
Gold standard for USPSA match scoring-
This is by far the best app out there for Practical shooting Matches and the shooting sports- thanks for all the hard work you guys put in so we can have this great app
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4 years ago, Cholula mike
Simple to setup, use and see the results Support is outstanding I would highly recommend this app for Cowboy Action and Wild Bunch We switched from ACES(very similar) to Practiscore about a year ago, and Love it!
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2 days ago, Jimbonh
Can’t seem to update to website
This should be a great app, but I sign up for a match on the website and get no indication here. There seems to be no interface between the website and the app. Not really sure what’s going on, but I can’t find a way to use both simultaneously.
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7 years ago, wgnoyes
It works and works well!
(Following review is applicable only to the ios version of Practiscore.) I'm a match stats officer with experience from 20-competitor club matches up to 500-man National Championships, and practiscore handles it all without problems. Pay no attention to that other review, the iOS version of practiscore is a home run for match directors everywhere. Easy to register competitors, set up stages, and sync with other iOS devices for scoring on the stages where the action is. I don't have to painfully key in thousands of scoresheets anymore. The work instead is distributed to the stages where results are input realtime, resulting in improved data accuracy. Match results reports are superior and easy to use, and the built-in match management system allows the stats officer to track progress of the entire match, showing graphically any missing scores or potential bottleneck areas in the match. First rate product by a first rate developer.
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7 years ago, Robbieccccc...
Practiscore makes scoring easy!
Practiscore is the best scoring app available allowing match scoring to be completed as soon as the devices are synced. What once took hours is done instantly. If you ever happen to encounter a user based issue their support is second to none and can fix almost anything by walking you through the steps that will fix your scoring issues. The scoring input screen is clear and easy to use, so that anyone on your squad can enter scores. They installed a number of fail safes that require two or three confirmations to wreck the scoring of a match. This really is the best app available and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a scoring app! Thanks for making our matches so much better!
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8 years ago, plan4
Convenient and frustrating
Great idea and when it works it's a fantastic improvement over paper scoring. Unfortunately, the app is riddled with bugs and the website is worse. Like podcasts, one is reluctant to criticize free services and content for a lack of polish or professionalism, but in this case it is deserved. If you're going to offer a website and app and supplant every other scoring service for virtually every division of competitive shooting, you are obligated to make it WORK. If you can't accomplish that, you need to hire people who can. If that means charging for the app, so be it. A free service that doesn't work and has no support isn't "free," it's "worthless."
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7 years ago, RedBean269
Practiscore is a game changer
Prior to Practiscore, we ran a monthly club match on paper and loathed the 2-3 hour process of tabulating and sharing results. Now, in the few years since we've switched to practiscore to score our matches it has literally been a game changer. We run 20-30 matches a year, and match administration is made so easy with less than a tenth of the effort it previously took. Our club wouldn't be where it is today, and we certainly wouldn't be running as many matches as we do without it!!!!!
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7 years ago, Spartan-6
A fantastic software platform for shooting
Practiccore is an amazing application to run your shooting competition on. We have used PractiScore at our national "Fallen Brethren 3Gun match" for two years now with zero problems. Ken Nelson and the talented staff are the most responsive people I have ever worked with. The software is all but flawless and if you need custom changes, they do so eagerly and quickly. You will not be disappointed if you choose to run your club's matches on this platform.
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7 years ago, JB-UT
Best thing to happen to competitive shooting since the progressive reloader!
This app changed the experience of shooting competitively. I love it and can say that coming from a technology background, this thing is great and is getting improvements and fixes faster than many large corporations apps. There is no other choice for electronic scoring of competitive shooting. This is simply the best. Please keep the in innovations coming!
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7 years ago, ZackOJones
I'll Never Go Back to Paper
I have used PractiScore since it first came out. I have used it to score everything from local club Steel Challenge to State Championship and even the World Speed Shooting Championship and it has never failed me. I would never go back to paper scoring after using PractiScore. It's simply the BEST scoring solution available for Steel Challenge and the other shooting disciplines it supports.
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7 years ago, Bo75
Phenomenal app!
The ONLY way to find matches anywhere. I also use this app to build matches for our local club. You can use this to figure out your hit factors for classifiers and share scores. It's my go to app for everything technical in the match building aspect. Searching for clubs and matches? It's all there. Every club, professional shooter and amateur shooter is using this app... why aren't you?
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7 years ago, 3 Gun Bill
Getting it right.
At first practice score is painful to learn. But once you get it figured out it's pretty cool use. Customer service as long as you're dealing with Russell rocks. Compared to the other practice score is the best. Thank you to everyone over there at PractiScore for making our lives easier with scoring our matches and producing a professional looking product.
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11 years ago, zero niner
Excellent App for capturing scores and posting results
I got the opportunity to use this App at this years Northwest Multi-gun Challenge and it was easy to score, edit and review with every competitor. It updated hourly so that all competitors could review their scores against the field. Simple and accurate. Excellent product for any level of match! Say goodbye to paper scores, lost info or delayed results.
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7 years ago, cmptrgk
Practiscore is awesome!
Practiscore has revolutionized how we set up and run matches, both small and very large. The online pre registration and squadding is awesome for both the shooters and match staff. The development team is incredibly responsive and forward thinking. This is an app built by shooters for shooters. And it's free!!!! What else could you ask for?
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8 years ago, A tush
Great, but could be better...
Absolutely love the app, but could be better if you could access scores from matches other than the ones you set up, or if it's available, make it easier to find. That is honestly my only complaint.
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12 years ago, Single Stack Runner
Hard to beat and it's free
I basically lay out the courses the night before and day of shooting I score along the scorekeeper. The group I go with can instantly see where all of us fall in terms of HF and on a national average for the classifiers. Really decent app that's very helpful to quickly score a course.
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7 years ago, Jamesonmidi
Impatient shooter
Hard to beat this app if you are an impatient shooter like myself. This is a great way to keep track of your stage times and placements in comparison to other competitors. The app use to be difficult to navigate but it has been updated and problem solved.
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7 years ago, GlockGM
Your club needs this app
Our club has been using this app for a few years now. We use it for USPSA, IDPA, and speed steel matches. It's very natural to use and makes running and scoring matches a breeze. When support is needed, responses are prompt and helpful.
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7 years ago, LeightonO
Great and growing
Practiscore is simply the best scoring software out there. Having been in software design I get the difficulties in creating something from scratch, but these guys have always been there constantly improving and upgrading. And best of all, it's free.
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10 years ago, PaterNovem
Good and bad in this update
Good: Score reassignment Easier score history review Able to restore a score from an edit Able to see battery level on devices. That's cool. Bad: No simple summary report. The new score review report is a nightmare. Also, shows No Shoots as "10" under the list of hits instead of "1". Might want to wait until this report gets tweaked ... Especially if you are still hooked on paper backup...
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7 years ago, RT-USMC
Great stuff!
I've used PS for 3 years, even became a beta tester. It works great! As with any software there may be a learning/usage curve, but they really want to help and fix any issues. I whole heartedly recommend the software and ask anyone that has issues, please just reach out and the community and the devs will help you! If you've only used paper to score a match, you've really missed out! If you have only used the older sport branded software to score a match, you will enjoy this!
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7 years ago, MT 3Gunner
The single most useful app I have ever used. Practiscore has saved me hundreds of hours processing match scores and with 100% accuracy. Supports every event we hold including 3gun, USPSA, Steel Challenge, and custom time plus matches. Well done!
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11 years ago, USPSA junkie
Fast and easy
Great app our club uses now. Everything is easy to use. Only wish is that the app can be compatible with the MacBooks so registering shooters can be even easier.
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10 years ago, KSUGRAD03
Outstanding App
This is an outstanding tool for any group that hosts USPSA, steel challenge, rimfire or 3-Gun matches. It is easy to use, fast and an amazing tool for anyone who is doing match stats! Thanks Ken and everyone else who built this app!
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7 years ago, w7osg
Can't seem to delete a match
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11 years ago, tsmethe
Committed to PScore
Our club is all in. We have purchased an iPad mini for the master setup, 7 Samsun pads and 5 Google Nooks. We have been using pscore since last September for everything. We have run IDPA, USPSA, Multi-Gun and Rimfire matches with it. The Pscore guys have been great to work with and they are working out the small bugs we have encountered. Next Saturday we will use it for a 185 shooter IDPA State Championship match. We are committed to it.
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12 years ago, Mokken
So far so good!!
Some clubs in GA are looking at using this, a few bugs, wish list items, but is a good start.
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8 years ago, Opeynuts
When is practiscore competitor coming to iOS?
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2 years ago, ENRIQUEROS
Muy fácil de usar! Llevo poco tiempo usándolo sin embargo me gustaría saber como cambio el idioma a español IOs?
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5 years ago, GQKDK
Just plain excellent
If you’re still scoring your matches on paper, you’re wasting time and energy. I’ve used the PractiScore app practically since it came out on both iOS and Android. I would not be without it now. We have 80 shooters at weekly matches and doing all that on paper was a tremendous amount of work. With this app we have the scores done after the last shooter AND the results are available to every shooter via email or a sync from the Master tablet. I look at our stack of old scoring papers and just cringe. Having the ability to have the shooters signup ONLINE saves even more time FOR ME, the guy who actually does the scoring. It’s a pretty slick way to handle a match and there is no way we’re going back to paper. Also, iOS and Android play nice together with this app. No problems syncing between and with them.
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5 years ago, ken2717
Excellent app
This app is excellent we use it every week for our matches. Only suggestion I have is there should be a manual to explain some of the things you can do.One of the things we would like to do is to be able to put the shooters In any order manually.
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7 years ago, NCPS President
Jim Dunlap
I have implemented and support practiscore for 3 different clubs. This app has made running large matches possible. The support from the Practices team is fantastic. We use both the Android and iOS versions.
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