Prayer Times .

4.7 (160)
203.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Prayer Times .

4.71 out of 5
160 Ratings
2 years ago, Millionaire_mind
I am glad I have Ahle sunnah salah time now
I was tired using apps created by non Ahle sunnah people or merely those who follow doctrine of ibn abdul wahab najdi. I love my Sunni App created by Dawate Islami. I trust dawate Islami with my eyes closed. سبحان الله it’s just perfect. You all, you should also check out their quran app. It’s great to recite quran with sahih makhaarij. ماشاء الله عزوجل Love for Ameer e Ahle sunnat ‎دَامَت بَرَکاتُہُمُ الْعَالِیَہ and Nighran e shura. And every responsible brothers and sisters for their work.
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2 years ago, jaff k
Azan voice problem, pls fix it
Only 2 lines sound is audible rest is going completely off
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5 months ago, edmunir
Hijri Calendar
This app needs more attention from the developer and it’ll be great but for now please adjust the size of the letters to view hijri dates. They were fine just a couple of days ago but today when I tried seeing the new date I realized those dots are actually dates. I tried reinstalling the app and checked all settings yet can’t see. Please be mindful of people with visual problems. Thank you
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3 years ago, abdlqdr
can you add each prayer Rakaats
Please add the All salah raakats (sunnat, Farz, sunnete Maukkada etc)in the menu section of the app, Most people don’t remember all the raakats of isha for example. It will help if you add this feature.
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10 months ago, bigthickwick
this app is ahead of it’s time
MashAllah this app is amazing. this app has allowed me to pray all my namazs and the secret sixth pray, tahjud. The tasbih on this app is also cool but I wish in next updated they add beaded ones. Good app
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2 months ago, Afghan binawa
Shout Azan
Al Salam Alu kum Dear customer services team Like the prayer time Application but their is a small problem in the application that is that i can’t hear all the azan in iPhone
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4 weeks ago, rabbisherdil
Incorrect times
The location function has been broken in the last week. If I don’t search my hometown by name, the times are off by 45 minutes in ASR to two hours in Isha. Can someone take a look as otherwise, I’d have to delete this app.
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7 months ago, Moulana Rafi
Change Azan voice
Massalamo Alaikum Very good app but Azan voice is not good. Please change it to a melodious one
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2 years ago, FaisalBilal
Great app,
Overall the app is great, one feature that would really help is if you can make the azkar playable for those individuals who cannot read Arabic. Jzk!
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2 years ago, sag e attar
Namaz time
Great App; provide namaz schedule around the world.
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2 years ago, imranaries
So accurate and great app.
I’m using for prayer timing and other update. So surprised with the GPS accuracy 🙏👍. On the other hands has SP many great features and info as well. Although not using other supporting app but still so great full to have such great app. Jazzakallah Kheir 🙏
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1 year ago, bwhshshae
Location feature is not working
I am trying to get update location but it will not load. This has just recently started to happen April 16th
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2 years ago, ryangucci92
Please fix the app showing extremely wrong prayer timings
Please fix your app i will have to delete it today is Thursday june 2 and it showed me maghrib time 6:32 pm karachi Pakistan When the actual time is 7:18pm This is so so wrong for people who dont have to rely on your app We are in a place where there is no azan voice coming so we have to rely on your app Very very very disappointed You will make people in guilt if they are fasting
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5 months ago, Abdc#
If you guys can use English Pronunciation of the Surah& Quran would be great
Allah humma barik to you guys for this app! If you guys can use English Pronunciation & ( translation ) of the Surah& Quran would be great
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4 months ago, AdKhanOfficial
Adil Khan
I really love this app and appreciate the efforts of the owner fir this app. May Allah accept your efforts. Ameen
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1 year ago, Batool Jia
Best App
Very good and very ease to use. Best App for prayers
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3 years ago, gjjbdeg
Best prayer time app
Best prayer time app
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4 weeks ago, Kk765uy
Wrong timings
The fajr timing on this app is 30 min earlier than all the other app. Why is the timing so off ????
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6 months ago, All Might *
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3 years ago, Arshed2414
Isha prayer time not showing correctly for seattle, WA
Asak, Can you please check Isha Time for Seattle, WA? It currently shows as 12:07pm but all other websites its around 11:15pm. I follow this app regularly and would really appreciate if you can confirm as it shows as pm and also very different from other websites. Arshed
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7 years ago, Hafiz2a
Need to fix the bug
Aoa, I am very glad to see this app and also want to be so perfect so that nobody can argue on this huge effort by the Dawat-e- Islami team. Great effort keep it up, and Allah Pak give you many many more success on both life. So now I want to let you know an issue on iphone6 s plus, as its date and time /calendar saying wrong date of Islamic month as I also have an Andriod phone and on Andriod it's all good but it's only issue in IOS version. You are requested to please make it possible to be fix this issue in the next build. And please also let me know if I can help on this. Warms Regards, Hafiz Aziz Ahmad
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4 years ago, Gdsghvdgjncssyhbxdhjbd
Need silent notifications option
I like this app’s accuracy with prayer times. One suggestion though- please add an option to deliver Salah notifications silently. It’s hard when my phone says “hayya alas salah” loudly especially when I’m in class. Jazakumullahu khairan. Also, compatibility with Apple Watch would be very useful too. There are other apps like prayer watch and Muslim pro that have the Apple Watch versions but if this app had that it would be great.
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3 years ago, how many people named meh
Goes to settings if notifications turned off
Salaam excellent app but newest version goes straight to settings if notifications are turned off, turning them on fixes
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11 years ago, Linkindescription
The app is really nice. It was going really when but now it wont give me prayer notifications anymore and would you guys please try to optimize it for the iphone 5 screen? i contacted you guys but no reply. Anywho JAZAKALLAH.
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8 years ago, Wasif Ali Attari
GPS Issue.
Assalam o Alaikum. I've iPhone 4s with iOS 8.0 installed in it. The previous version of Auqat-e-Salat was working properly in it but when I updated it to the latest version, the GPS is unable to find my location. Manual option also doesn't have my city mentioned in it. Please solve this issue ASAP. JAZAK ALLAH.
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8 years ago, Abubakr Younus
Prayer Times Application
Salams, I must cogratulate the entire Team of DawateIslami for developing such an awesome application for the Prayer Times. Just a quick note ... Kindly check Azaan is not pronounced when selected for Alarm under Settings instead an Alarm sounds at the Tome of Prayer. Kindly check and rectify as required. Jazak Allahu Khairan (For Reference : Checked the Application Using iPhone 6s with iOS version 9.2.3)
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11 years ago, Abdarrahman
I really needed this app it also gives me notifications every prayer
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3 years ago, Flytiludie
Assalam o Allaikum App is amazing but I can’t see text in location Please also add more notification sounds/ Azaan reminder as well
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7 years ago, Sunaina Abdul Sattar
I could never find any imperfection in whatever you do... Keep it up! Hats off to the Daweteislami IT team.
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4 years ago, Teacher99 v.uu
Missing features
This app is missing prayer times adjustment in setting. I wish the developers take this issue in their considerations. Juzakum Allahu Khyran.
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10 years ago, 5steam
Add a iPad version!
Would love it if there was an iPad version other than that this is n amazing app!!!! Truly love it!
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11 years ago, CsmAliAkbar
Thank You!
Jazakallah Khairun! In the salat page it says the time remaining for next salat. Here it says remaining time correctly but the current salat rather than next.
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10 years ago, TariqTariqTariq
Must Have
This is a must have app if you travel a lot and what to make sure you pray on time. Jazzak ALLAH for such great app.
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4 years ago, Javeshamu
Subhanallah very helpful
These is very nice and superb app A to Z all things are good specially location options
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5 years ago, Chreshae
Prayer times
I appreciate the app and how it tries to make it easier for Muslims to know prayer times but the times are off by an hour always making it difficult
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5 years ago, Oliviayasmine
Love the app
I love the accuracy of this app, My only request is to make an option to hear the Athan at prayer times
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3 years ago, Gungam style
The new update is broken
The new update takes the user directly to the settings page after the app opens up. Please fix the issue. Jazakallah
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7 years ago, F. Ali
Iphone 4 not working
السلام وعليكم . Not working on iPhone 4. Stays white screen after launch. Need fajar azan for fajar. جزاك اللهُ خيراً
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4 years ago, jissssjd
Love it
Really good app. Tells me when it’s time for namaz.
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3 years ago, shahzad_ch
Audio notification can’t be turned off
Audio notification can’t be turned off. Sounds in the middle of meetings.
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5 years ago, OIA50
Sunni App is the best
Would be nice if same app created for Apple Watch
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10 years ago, Niazi_muzaffar
Excellent app
A very nice app Simple reliable and very useful
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5 years ago, ooopslucky
It can be better like before
Salam Notifications are not always working on iOS secondly there is no Azan alarm notification. Before there were azans that can be set to play. Please see to this. Thank you JazakAllah khayran
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12 years ago, Salman k
Worth Download App
Most reliable app for namaz timing
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12 years ago, Info4all
Peace be upon Him
Great app and looking for more from DI
Show more
8 years ago, Ntkashif
Daylight savings turned off
Please turn on daylight savings for US locations!!!
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12 years ago, Deosai
Superb application
Very usefull Thanks for offering it free , must for every true Muslim to download Subhan Allah.
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4 years ago, SundusTemur
Azan is not played
This app doesnt play azaan you yourself open the app interface.
Show more
11 years ago, ahmemk
Not working
It doesn't work perfectly and my city is not listed in data
Show more
9 years ago, ScrubbyDubby26
Daylight Savings
السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ Cannot change daylight savings, so all the Salam times are one hour off.
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