Prime Mobile - Prime Inc.

4.8 (6.1K)
176.9 MB
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Current version
New Prime Inc
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Prime Mobile - Prime Inc.

4.83 out of 5
6.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Eric J Odom
The amount of data and profile based information that is packed into this app makes it mind boggling that it can actually have a clean and easy to navigate user interface. I’m constantly blown away at the complexity of what’s under the hood married with the simplicity of what you see when interacting with the app. I wish we could scrap the clunky QC’s and just have an iPad instead. The Prime app is completely capable of doing everything QC can do but without all the sluggishness and quirks. Bravo Prime Dev team. This has got to be one of the single most incredible apps in the freight industry. Very well done. Lease team truck driver here and my hat is off to you for this app. Brilliant.
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7 years ago, Short, Peter
Substantially better than other carriers
My last two carriers' apps were garbage, this is a significant upgrade. The feature I like the most is that you can initiate communication while not in your truck. If you're on a 34 or other planned time off you can send and receive messages which is a ginormous benefit. Also liked being able to document trailer damage on pickup right through the app. No more getting blamed for damage when your photos and report are time stamped before your Loaded Call. Had some trouble submitting scans on my first load. Like most other apps the process of shooting then cropping BOL and other docs is substandard. I use an app called Scannable which crops the image as it's captured and provides the option to save the images. I then use the photos from my camera roll to submit. Could have been the area I was in but was unable to load even one image so I went to TA and Translowed the trip.
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6 years ago, Dopey Dunce
Some improvements needed
Liked old screen better because when you clicked on full message you could see everything in its entirety!! Also now with the past several updates when you try to maximize the screen under my prime to view the individual fuel stops or truck washes, the app kicks you out and closes. So can’t view the information individually on the map. Maybe make an update that will give you a choice of picking location from a map or a list near your truck or for whatever city/state you choose.
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6 years ago, Knottysailor65
Makes everything easier
This is by far the most useful tool I’ve seen for drivers. This app is user friendly, easy to navigate, easy to use and it allows you to handle just about any aspect of the job that is required. Whether it’s contacting road service or sending in your load info, this app will make it 100% more efficient than any other method you’ve used in the past.
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7 years ago, njseam
Could use some work.
The app works well for its intended use. That being said.. it's very generic in appearance and in feel. Navigating can be complicating at times. There are also many tasks that departments will ask for through the app (photos, multi-media, etc) that the app just doesn't allow. I've also noticed that when connection is lost and there are pending documents to be uploaded.. there's no re-submission option or way to cancel that task. Getting those notifications for pending documents without any kind of solution is slightly frustrating. Other than that, the app does as it's intended.
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9 months ago, Hazard pup
Needs some work but not bad
Ok I can use the app to locate my truck in a parking lot but can’t use the app for locating a trailer have to call dispatch and not all dispatchers will send the coordinates can’t print messages off the app for some reason have to copy and paste them in a different program like notes but it does allow u to see when ur truck needs its next service give u phone numbers to departments like HR Safety dispatch breakdown post office etc etc I know the yard dogs on the terminals can use there app to find trailers
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7 years ago, Abu Jibrail
Been with Prime since '03 and must say how impressed and appreciative I am for technology. I am able to stay in the know even when away from the truck. Being able to scan in paperwork from the comforts of the truck, alleviates the stress of finding a truck stop to scan in before cut off. The only thing that could make this app even better, would be the ability to do macros!
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2 years ago, not sure about the name
A great application
As a driver, so many questions can be answered and messages relayed by a simple text. No need for you to call dispatch, road assist, etc. a simple message will do. This application is very well thought out and executed. Their are times when dispatch and I don’t speak for weeks and the train stays in the tracks and all is right in the world. I love using this application
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6 years ago, Trucker Chuck
Mere Company Driver
Driver/QC messages need to be in the second field. The rest is a great improve ment. I surprised and gratified that I can now see my clocks without being on my tractor. The ability to go directly to claims to send bill stamped for shortages and damages is a good improvement, too. This allows one to get a claim number more quickly and helps claims deal with receiver and shipper more efficiently.
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1 year ago, gal919
I see the message and I see the drivers upstairs for shower or a bunk and I tell them about did you read about fuel prices or good here or evens happening here or in an other terminal so thank you for the information I pass it on
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6 years ago, Criswell17801
Fuel and services ... meh.
The fuel portion of this app bothers me so much that I despise using it. I’m unable to set a “to and from” and a parameter “off the beaten path” to go. Obviously it’s not worth mentioning .02 cents cheaper fuel (3.50 saving in a full 175 gallon refueling) if I’m going to burn a gallon getting to it and a gallon getting back on course, so don’t show it. When I pull up the map it’s so littered with fuel stops, that I can’t even see the map. Allow a to and from search, and show within 3 miles of the corridor you’re traveling, and be done with it.
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6 years ago, TheKPTrucker
A useful change but...
I like the ability of sending Macros from the app but the other changes that came with it make the app flow less smoothly for me. I never use the Loads page, just messages and fuel and services. The changes to the message layout are less organized than before making it take longer to find the information I need when checking in at a shipper. I don’t understand why they had to completely change the app instead of just adding some new features that drivers wanted.
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6 years ago, The Speak On It Lady
Prime Mobile 3.0
I love this App!!! Thanks to the upgrade we can do everything with it that we do on the Qualcomm. It makes it a lot easier to use. I hope all of our drivers enjoy it as much as I have. Thank you tech team❤️👋❤️ Great job!!!❤️❤️❤️
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3 years ago, Justo2155
Prime App
I love this App, it makes it easier for us driver’s to be able to do our job & also communicate with dispatch if we have any type or problem.
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2 years ago, nycforlife
Add on for the mobile app
It be much more better if you can also put the different statuses on the mobile app as well instead of going back to the tractor all the time to change the statuses
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7 years ago, Aliens01
I've been using this app on day one and it's a great app. Knowing I can get all of my info when the Qualcomm is off and I use it to get my bills scanned off quickly and no need to find a truck stop.
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6 years ago, scorpion1166
Good job with the app
I really like the updated app. The only problem I see is the inability to increase the size of the messages by pinching or double tapping. If that could be added it would be great.
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4 years ago, ThirstonH
Great app!
I’ve been with three other carriers before Prime and I must say, the Prime Mobile app blows the others out the water. The app is always improving, I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.
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5 years ago, TRQZ
Prime App
This app is extremely effective, I like the fact that I can receive and send freeform Qualcomm messages right from my cellphone and all the other data that is needed is easily accessible. Thanks Prime Inc. Kelvin
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4 years ago, DullesLiving
Very informative.
Keeps me updated. Has lots of information and makes my job easier.
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6 years ago, WalworthTrucking
Best keeps getting better!
Love the functionality of the Macros. Look forward to full implementation of them. So much information readily available at my fingertips.
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4 years ago, Nachkh
New driver feedback.
Professional app,easy to work with and has everything the driver may need to communicate with the company’s dispatch.
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5 years ago, chipflippa
Amazing app
This is an amazing app and the improvements are significant each time. I don’t know what other trucking companies use but for me, this app revolutionized and streamlined almost everything I do.
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6 years ago, SHIBROCKER
Crash experience
When on fuel and services map zooming in to close or too fast will crash and close the app completely
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4 years ago, DMF095
To say we need information out here is an understatement. This is a place where most can be found. Thank you.
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12 months ago, 18?34
Prime needs to get out of the Trucking business and go full speed in tech. The Prime App and what it connects to have been a game changer for me.
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5 years ago, KingBoog187
Prime Driver
This app is awesome it make trans flo and everything else a lot easier where you don’t have to get to a truck stop to scan in your paperwork
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5 years ago, MinistryAppDev
Great but problems
On date time fields the minutes are fixed at “11”. Can’t change from time picker.
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2 years ago, Trucker Kay
App requires location unnecessarily
Just to use the app, you MUST give it access to your location data. Even if you only need the app for sending messages between dispatch or sending in Trip Documents. Any app the requires location even to use non-location based features, is an automatic FAIL.
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7 years ago, J_O_E
Great company app
I haven't been able to find any major issues with this app. It opens every time I need it to and performs wonderfully
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6 years ago, Nombenonation
Now this is an update adding macros to the app brings the convenience of having the app to a whole new level
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6 years ago, krazeykat1
Miss the Scrolling Arrows
The new update is awesome. However if we could re-establish the up and down arrows to go through messages then I would have given it five stars-thanks
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11 months ago, mayatubell
The best
The app is very helpful and makes my learning experience at prime easier
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6 years ago, jdmrb20
Gotten way easier to do things, more organized.
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6 years ago, BE A MAVERICK❤️❤
Works good
Every time I zoom in on the fuel portion of the app to see the locations to fuel the app freezes and boots me out. But besides that the app is ok.
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12 months ago, hfcjikvcilbhujmj
It would be nice to have control of our HOS clock from the app
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6 years ago, KiltmanPrime
Miss the arrow buttons to scroll between messages, really like the added macros. Overall a great improvement
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7 years ago, KOTTink12980
One problem that is super aggravating
This app is great!! Except how easy it is to delete messages on accident!! Just accidentally hit the trash can and POOF!! There went the pickup number I needed! Please fix this!
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6 years ago, BIGG PROD1
Prime ap
When I tap on the 01 or 90 location the AP should CO exist with my map app and make a route
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7 years ago, UncleBob45
I like the features that you can pick the different departments..
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6 years ago, nicolasalvani
Prime app
Love it love it love it!! It would be awesome if you could change the status of your HOS other then that I love it !
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5 years ago, RA_Twarffle
Not too shabby!
Better free app than most I have bought
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7 years ago, diver/driver
Great work tool
Makes the job muck easier with the app
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3 years ago, BusaCon
Fabulous App
This app provides so much information. It is wonderful.
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1 year ago, Opry S.
Safe Travels For On-Time Delivery
Whenever I’m on the go, the PRIME inc app is fast and convenient.
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4 years ago, College guy40205
Best thing since sliced bread
This is by far the best app in the App Store. Highly recommend
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6 years ago, Krspyleg
Awesome Update
The Macros on the app is great. This changes like these will appeal to the younger generations that is coming into trucking. I like the changes
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11 months ago, Seenery
Great app
Makes the process of working with Prime Inc flawless
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6 years ago, brazil2019
Easy to use
Make my life easy no more notebook
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2 years ago, JustAlex42
Great app
Amazing app and full of information I like
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