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User Reviews for Print Photo - photo print app

4.86 out of 5
439.3K Ratings
3 years ago, SofiaDroski
I print A LOT of pictures. Guess I’m a little old school when it comes to memories. I’m constantly updating our photo album for our children to look at as they get older, just like I did when I was a kid. I hate the possibility of something happening to photos on our phones or computers and losing all of those moments. I’ve always used Walgreens because I get the same great quality prints at a fraction of the cost compared to other places, and they’re ready within an hour! But to be honest it’s always been a bit of a pain using their site to upload from my phone. Very slow loading, like sloth-slow, and SO many times it would crash whilst in the middle of uploading hundreds of photos that I spent hours going thru my phone albums to get (I have 20,000+ pictures in here😅) and I would lose them all and have to start allll over again. I was literally brought to tears one time when it crashed and lost all my progress (I was very pregnant at the time, don’t judge😂). But WOW this app makes it SO easy! Effortlessly uploads photos, runs so much smoother and faster, I can actually go thru my phone albums with ease. I just uploaded and sent in an order for prints of about 200 photos, and I did the entire process in less than 20 mins! Love this, now I can print even more often 😄
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2 months ago, Philmatic1
Have a Test Photo Printed
It’s hard to complain about this service, because in less than an hour, I can have the photos in my hand for a very small price. I thought it was way too inexpensive the first time that I used it, and when I picked them up, I knew why. The colors are typically over saturated to the point where they look a little fuzzy. They have filters and a few ways to adjust different photographic effects to combat this. However, what it looks like on your phone may not represent what the photos will look like when you pick them up. My biggest gripe would be the extreme inconsistency of how the photos are cropped. Every time I’ve used the app, the photo fits perfectly in the cropping grid that they provide. But roughly half of the photos that I’ve received over the past 5 years or so are so off center that they’re not usable. I’m assuming it has something to do with the aspect ratio of the camera on your phone. If anything, make sure the photos that you’re having printed have the subject matter in the center of the picture because one, maybe two sides will be cut off. So do yourself a favor, and spend a couple dollars on having some practice photos printed so you’re not disappointed when the results aren’t exactly what you were shown. The good points are the speed in which they are printed, the low cost of the basic photos, and I’ve never had a mix up or a missing photo. Like anything else, you get what you pay for.
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6 years ago, EmilyHill Baby
11/10 Just Amazing!
Today was the fifth time in a month that I used this app! Now that there is a new baby in the house, I am constantly taking pictures – actually, every single day!!! Excellent app; excellent quality; exceptionally convenient!! I entered the Pictarine app to print to Walgreens. After uploading the photos and selecting where I’d like to pick them up, only 15 min later I was informed that they were ready! 15 min this was crazy! I went there and an envelope under my name was ready just waiting for me to pick up. Camera clerk was very friendly, plus the price was fair and the quality was very good. In short, it was a very efficient service. I plan to use it again every time I need. This app is so much better then the regular Walgreens app for photos. I can actually crop and move the images to exactly how I want them to print and the whole process only takes 20 min!! After trying to use the Walgreens version multiple times and having nothing happen except the app crashing over and over, I finally decided to try this app and WHAT A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!!!!!!! This app is super user friendly and only took 30 seconds to complete my order. This is THE BEST photo print app!
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5 years ago, My2GodsGifts
Amazing App!
This is such a great, easy and really helpful app. It’s not time consuming and it’s very simple to use and the fact that you can have your photos printed out within an hour at Walgreens is super amazing. I just recently got this app and had photos done at Walgreens and when I picked them up I was shocked because the quality was great and it was just what I had ordered. I love how you can make posters, greeting cards, collages and other different size photos and gift accessories. The prices are cheap and they constantly give you promo codes and they have several deals for certain days that you can use at checkout which is much appreciated bc by the time you place your order it’s barely anything. I’ve ordered several different size photos and collages and I’ve paid right at $1.43 bc they always have codes and deals. This app is amazing and the photos come out in great quality. I’ve yet to encounter any problems with this app so far. My go to app if I’m needing photos for something.
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4 years ago, Aiwa88
Stonewalled by Customer Service
Update: Pictarine followed up with me shortly after I posted this review and honored the refund I requested from last month. I have changed this review from one star to three. The final service was good, but the print quality was not acceptable and it practically took a campaign of emails, form submissions, and finally a negative review to attract their attention. I’m turning to their competition in hopes of a better experience. Original review: I ordered a batch of prints in May, but the prints that came in the mail were low in saturation with a sickly yellow tint. I sent an email to “Rose” with attachments of the picture along with the source image. No response after two weeks, so I followed up using the help feature on the app. Still no response. I then sent multiple follow-up emails to my request confirmation message. It’s been a month and I haven’t seen a response from Pictarine. They don’t have a phone number listed, so I tried searching for businesses under the same name. The closest match only went to robotic voicemail. Pictarine, if you see this I am willing to engage and solve the issue. But please do not ignore me and hope that I will give up, because you still have my money. I want my refund.
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5 years ago, Cell phone happy
Developing pictures at Walgreens in Punta Gorda,Fl
I received an email about two weeks ago from Walgreens on How easy it was to process my photos. Well, The opportunity to that happened on Tuesday. While driving I got an idea and needed certain pictures right away. I saw the Walgreens and decided to see if that email was right. Pictures were on my IPhone and I didn’t know if they could help me out. Surprise, they could - No problem. They had cords available for me to use and they helped me out whenever I had a question and I had them but the clerk was extremely nice and helpful. She told me To get the Walgreens App and it would be easy from home. I found a Walgreens Photo App an hour later at home and it was easy doing it at my house. Picked up those pictures when they said they would be ready. I bought cards and placed the pictures in them and got them to the mailbox in time for pick up. I was a Happy Camper Thanks to Walgreens Photo Department.
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2 years ago, A Mother's Heart
Walgreens Pickens SC
I was ordering pictures for the first time from a camera SD card and didn’t know how or what to do. I had found my old camera at home with irreplaceable pictures on it. It had pictures of my son who had passed away in May of 2021 at the age of 29, so I wanted to be very careful not to mess anything up. It was very emotional for me to go through and order pictures. The lady cashier was so kind she got me some Kleenex, had kind words, and just went above and beyond her job duties to help me. When I came back to pick up my pictures she paid for them out of her own pocket and gave me a hug. My son would have been 30 just a couple of weeks ago. What she did meant the world to me. I wish I could remember her name because Walgreens needs to know what a beautiful jewel that they have working for them. God is good all the time.
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1 year ago, Grrrrreatful
Printing photos
I was at Walgreen’s three times this week to print photos. The first visit was 1 1/2 hrs. and while the gentleman helping me was kind, he seemed to lack knowledge of the process. After trying again at home on my phone, I couldn’t resolve the problems I was having. I returned to Walgreen’s the second time and had the same gentleman. Once again he could not get the photos to print. On my third visit I went to a different Walgreen’s where I met Nikayla. She was awesome! Nikayla was friendly, kind, knowledgeable, and helpful all the while engaging in conversation. She worked through the entire process like a professional. I would certainly suggest she be recognized for her above and beyond service. Perhaps other employees could be trained as well as she was. Kudos to Nikayla! I know where I will go with my photos next time!!
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3 years ago, kkbb2233
Miscommunications within the company
I ordered a set of prints from this app and when I went to Walgreens to pick it up they said they had no record of the order and that the app I was using was a scam and had no affiliation with Walgreens. I was told the only way to get prints from a Walgreens is to order off the Walgreens website or the Walgreens app. I went to three different locations and they also told me the same thing. The next day I received an email saying my order was ready and when I went back to the original store, I was able to pick it up no problem 🤣The app was great and easy to use but maybe they should let Walgreen‘s employees know about the partnership between Walgreens and this app 😬 I figured I would leave a review just in case anyone is facing the same problem. This app does work! But because the order is from a third-party, they are not able to look up your order number in store.
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3 years ago, Savannah15
Order Pics While You’re Anywhere
Just used this app for the first time and it was so incredibly easy to use and convenient. I just selected the photos I wanted to print, this sizes, and made sure the part of the pics I wanted printed would be printed in the photo. The app told you prices of everything you were ordering. When you go to submit your order it even will tell you available coupons to pick from for your order. It helped me save 25% on my order. It was easy to select my location that I wanted to pick up at. After placing my order, I received an email with the estimated time that my order would be ready. Basically a perfect user friendly app experience! I highly recommend using this app instead of going into the store and doing it on the machine.
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4 years ago, constantforward
Great Job !
Photo order sent in very early Mon March 23. With Caronavirus 19 changing our lives everyday Friday morning experienced flooding of basement 6-7” from approx 4:20 am to 11:28 ( after emailing calling City of Cols was going down then) took many pictures of damage thank goodness didn’t sleep in so got many items up high turned off electric to basement stuff. TOOK MANY 76 to be exact PICTURES LOOKED UP HOW TO SEND TO WALGREENS MY FAVORITE PLACE TO GO ON DEMOREST GREAT PEOPLE & SERVICE. DOWNLOADED APP CHOSE PICTURES (DIDNT ENHANCE LIKE I DO AT STORE), BUT CAME OUT GREAT! PICKED UP AT MY CHOSEN LOCATION **SAME DAY IN FACT. A wonderful experience for a truly difficult time in many ways. Thank You As Always Whether Medications to great coupons & awards nice picture app for nontechy I Phone user I commend you. From one who does take time to Recognize Great Service.👍
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6 years ago, rayyybaybay
Quality seriously lacking, but fast prints
I was very happy to be able to use this app to quickly and easily select, send, and pick up copies of my Family Christmas photo within an hour. However the quality was definitely lacking - the photo prints were much darker than I had anticipated, and they lacked clean, fine details. All of which I worked so hard on in postproduction - to make sure the details and the lighting I desired would show up in my prints. I had already printed copies of this same image on my own somewhere else - which came out beautifully and exactly as I expected. So I was extremely disappointed when Walgreens was incapable of delivering the same quality of photo prints in the same amount of time, for more $$. Unfortunately I can’t say this hasn’t been a reoccurring issue every single time I have ordered prints from any Walgreens over the past 10 years. So disappointing.
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5 years ago, Jewels0901
Poor upload quality
I uploaded a big group of pictures, but it continued to say it was uploading for over an hour and a half. I called the store where they were sent for help and was on hold for upwards of 30 minutes. They said they couldn’t do anything and finally gave me a national 877 number to call to speak with the tech experts. When I called them, they were sadly no help either. I was told the only way for me to get my pictures printed was to delete the app completely and start over from square one—hours of work lost. I finally drove over and went into the store to see if there was anything they could do for me—possibly connect my phone directly to the kiosk to save all the work I’d put in. Minutes later, a very helpful employee with magical phone fingers, assisted me to reorder my photos through the app. Fingers crossed it actually worked this time and in an hour from now I’ll have all 200 prints freshly printed in my hands and ready for their picture frame homes.
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2 years ago, fullrebeljacket
No longer good
After a couple of years of ordering photos and having them delivered to my home, that option is now gone. I spent a couple of hours uploading and editing photos and when it came time to checkout, no option for home delivery - only an option to select the nearest Walgreens which is another town away!!! I’ve tried and tried and even went to the web page where there the option of even uploading photos from my camera roll was unable to select it. That button was greyed out! What has happened? Shame. And last time I ordered directly from Walgreens online my order was immediately canceled without reason and I never received my refund. So disappointed that the entire look and layout of the Picta app has changed completely from when I just used and ordered from in October. I’ll have to use another company.
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1 year ago, mb2244
Great easy service!
This was by far the easiest to go and print something out myself for using a kiosk to do it. The lady that they had working there was extremely knowledgeable and knew what to do and how to help me. And on top of all of that I was able to do it on my phone from the comfort of my own house and then just came and picked it up. It had said 45 minutes and they had it done in about 10 minutes. I would highly highly recommend using Walgreens for this service and all the other things that they make and can put your photos on immediately. It’s not like you have to wait a week or whatever they do it within minutes.
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5 years ago, perfect prints
Photo department canal blvd thibodaux
I went to the store in the morning. We tried to download my pictures to the kiosk. I had a manager & the photo tech try to help me to no avail. The manager suggested that I go home & try the app on my iPad. What a great suggestion. I was ready to give up. Using the Walgreens photo print 1 hour app, I was able to download 100 pictures. I received an email when the photos were ready (& yes 1 hour). When I went to the store, my prints were great. The photo tech (who didn’t know about the trouble I had earlier) had me look at the prints. She asked how many I had. She then produced a coupon for me. I paid less than 1/2 the price quoted on line. Way to go! Great customer service.
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4 years ago, rsr41
Walgreens rocks!
I had a few vacation photos to print, yes, the phone got old! Went off to a brand new CVS, could not get them to print - employee told me they just turn the machine on do not know how to work it. Went to Target, two machines one out of order, the other very dirty looking. Could not get it to work. Tried both of these on phone at home, to pick up at store - no luck. Found Walgreens’ app sent photos off from home in first try. Went to pick them up and uploaded some enlargements while there. Very friendly, knowledgeable staff. They told me they could print my enlargements right then - no need to return. Very pleased to say the least! Walgreens will be my photo stop for sure!
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6 years ago, Work0utDiva
First time customer will be back!
The entire process was very convenient. I ordered a photo for a Christmas gift on my way home from work. It literally took less than a minute to place the order. Although the wait time showed as up to 2 hours, I received confirmation my print was ready in less than 15 minutes. I arrived at the store and the Photo Manager was unable to find my photo because I had selected the wrong location. She advised me to resubmit with the right store and in a few minutes had me out the door with my print. Great way to order prints in a hurry. I will definitely be back.
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3 years ago, BLTommy
Hard to cancel orders
I use the app often. I find it easy to use and convenient. However, I just placed an order and immediately realized I ordered the wrong size. It had not been sent to the printer yet. I looked all over the app for a ‘cancel order’ option with no luck. Called the store to try and cancel. They said my photos haven’t been printed but that I couldn’t cancel. (I don’t think the person I talked to actually worked in the print department. They seemed confused.) I guess my only option is to not pick them up and not pay for them like a jerk. I hate they they are wasting photos and ink without me paying for them, but I feel like I tried my best to warn them. Wish the app had a ‘cancel’ option if the photos haven’t been printed yet.
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6 years ago, Self 2.0
Very convenient
Convenient and fast. They were ready within minutes after uploading them. ++recommendation for the app: It would be nice if the app let you select which folder you want to select pictures from. It seems to read the photo stream and had the pictures in order of date taken rather than the order of which they were in the folder. Kind of took a while to scroll through them all to find the pictures I was looking for. Also, if you change your mind and want to delete one of the pictures that you selected, you have to go back and scroll through all the pictures to find it to deselect it. It would be nice to be able to hit delete at the edit portion.
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4 years ago, ShannyLoy
Great app - one suggestion
The app was super easy to use. My only suggestion would be this: instead of accessing the photos in order of the date they were taken, access the photos in the order they were saved in your photo app. Sometimes I can’t remember when I took a photo, but I’ll just add it to my photo app so it’s at the very top when I go in there to look. I did that to print a few photos today. But when I went to the Walgreen’s app to select them to print, I couldn’t find them there...because Walgreen’s sorts them by date of when they were taken. I finally just went back to my photo app and made them favorites so they were easier to access on the Walgreen’s app. Other than that, the app was great!
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3 years ago, mmathews02
Thank you!!!
I was in a pinch when my Shutterfly order didn’t come in time for my sons first birthday. I tried printing the pics at home but they just looked terrible. My parents live down the street from a Walgreens so I thought to try them and searched for their photo app. Found this one and it was so easy to use. Uploaded my photos, got a 10% off coupon and received a notification when they started printing. Within 20 minutes, I got another notification telling me they’re ready for pickup! Thank you for making this so easy and quick. Forget Shutterfly! I’m going with this app now.
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2 years ago, Kcj101
Doesn’t believe in 1st amendment
Doesn’t believe in 1st amendment and doesn’t stick to the terms and conditions that are posted on its site please update your terms and conditions or please refer your company to the 1st amendment there is a war on democracy literally right now in the world and here corporations are continuing the fight against democracy and it is sad to see this hopefully you realize what country you are in before it is too late and all the freedoms men and woman fought and died for are removed from this country I hope your company realizes it before it’s too late hope your day is great!
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3 years ago, Its me Landsy
So simple and great quality
I hate having to go to Walmart and fight with the machine to print what I want. This app lets you choose the size and quantity from your home AND alerts you if the size you choose will affect the quality of the print. It was so easy, was ready in 1 hour and the quality is great! I used pictures I took with my I phone camera (I suggest not printing Snapchat pictures because the quality is not great) I will certainly use this app again! I didn’t use any frames this time but I will keep it in mind when I decide to upgrade.
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5 years ago, Nana Anna Hannah Allison
Walgreens App
I wish I knew a long time ago about your app and that you can download your pictures from home then pick them up!!! The times I went to the store and needed help with the kiosk, EVERYONE was helpful. That’s why I keep going back to Walgreens. Now it’s even easier. On my last order the gentleman who helped me at the store was so patient with helping me to straighten out my order. So courteous. I am definitely going to check out the different options you have especially the photo books. Thank you especially to the gentleman who helped me on Friday. And thank you to Walgreens!! 😊
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2 years ago, ferme labuche
Time saving and seamless
I went to the store and all of the kiosks were being utilized. I waited and waited and then the adaptor to connect to my phone was missing so, went to my car and got an adaptor and came back. The screen was frozen and wouldn’t respond. The guy next to me was downloading 500 pictures. He got to 483 downloads and the machine froze so he had to start over. I decided to use the App and couldn’t be happier. I’ll never go to the store, again, to place my order for prints. Use of the App was almost instant in submitting my prints.
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10 months ago, Codger Moore
Things have changed.
I started out liking this app when I first got it. It was very easy to use. After some issues (being sent glossy prints instead of matte, constantly getting updates for the same reasons) I deleted it. Now that I’m using it again I have more issues. I didn’t find the option to have matte prints sent to my address. I wasn’t able to crop a 4 x 6 print which caused problems when I framed it. I sent a question to customer service that went unanswered. And I continue to get updates for the same long winded reason. If I just wanted fast pickup of descent quality prints at my local Walgreens I would be happy. But there needs to be more, including better customer service.
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10 months ago, MiMiyuki99
Walgreens photo app!
It’s easy to remember things but it’s more heartwarming when you have those memories in photos! The Walgreens photo app is the best way to get these photos. It’s super easy to use, easy to understand and it has so many customizable options. The prices are perfect for these forever gifts I’m receiving. I absolutely love it. Plus my order is ready super quick and it even includes the time for my order to be ready. Thank you for making this app easy to use and affordable to keep these memories close!
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4 years ago, H.Lyles
Over the past few years I have been using this app because it makes it easy to get my photos from my iPhone printed out, I’m able to also make your mother Day, Father’s Day, birthday cards for people without having to do a whole lot of effort besides get the card made walk over to there and pay for them and have them in my hands within minutes. Instead of spending for five hours on a car you can have a card already made for you and less time than it could to make an actual decent card. Love this app and would recommend it
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5 years ago, Nena3434
I today went in to Walgreens and use the computer 🖥 to print some pictures that i needed for a project and for the first time it didn’t show up my pictures using the changing cable connected from my iPhone to the computer so I couldn’t print anything, luckily there are great costumer services to help out and informed me about the app to order pictures from there to print and pick up at store or get them delivered to you . It was way easier to use and way faster I end up printing what I needed in minutes! Thank you ! I appreciate it a lot !
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3 years ago, rjstem
Good But has limitations.
First if you don’t select to allow all photos from the beginning you can’t add any unless you pre-created albums and it doesn’t let you do it after the fact so you have to uninstall and reinstall and then select it or go to your settings and enable it on your print app. Also it doesn’t seem to allow you to add photos from google photos if you’re using an iPhone. Easy to use once you get these figured out. Oh and last thing it doesn’t allow you to pre-pay for it when you check out . it goes directly to placing your order and doesn’t say anything about payment.
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4 months ago, Madi W Alexander
Great App
i’ve been using this app to order my pictures from walgreens for around three years and i’ve never had a single problem. i’m a makeup artist and use this app to order pictures of my looks (that need to look perfect for my portfolio) and they always exceed my expectations!! i plan to continue to use this app for as long as it is on the app store. it is extremely easy to navigate and there is no beating around the bush! safe to say- you should totally download it and at least try it out lol
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5 years ago, kathy never again
This app rocks !!!!
This app is truly amazing! It is so helpful and easy! All you have to do it select a picture and choose your location ! I love that you don’t have to enter in long credit card information and you’re birthday, and all the stuff that is personal and shouldn’t be needed ! And it’s the cheapest thing ever if you don’t have printer or copier ❤️I don’t really like the little icon on the app though I think it could be changed unfortunately!🥵I use the app sometimes and I wish I’d had some other features too that apply to a younger user 💘
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4 years ago, far away eyes
I downloaded the app, checked photos that I wanted printed, and I had about 60 including enlargements and literally 10 minutes later I got a notification that my order was ready for pick up. I went to pick it up and the photos were perfect, centered without my having to do so, and they’re already in frames and in the mail to the grandparents! I just used it again 10 minutes ago and literally by the time I hit send to put my order in -I got another notification that it was ready. Quick and easy, I love it!
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4 years ago, JunAntMarBri
Horrible customer service
I placed and order that advertised several different coupon options, however the apply button on the app does not work! Attempted to reach out to customer service for Pictarine regarding the issue and didn’t receive any assistance with either the issue with their app or applying the coupon advertised. When trying to cancel the order to attempt to reprocess was them told I couldn’t I needed to call the store directly only to find out Walgreens knows nothing about this company! Walgreens I’m unable to apply codes from 3rd party apps but thankfully they did just apply their own discount, going forward you are so much better off with just using the Walgreens app directly!
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1 year ago, science project pictures
Super convenient app for ordering hard copies of photos
However, it doesn’t eliminate the issue of having to look for an available associate to retrieve the printed photos in understaffed stores. Sure would be great if they could figure out some sort of a mini locker system at the stores, where you could show up and scan a barcode to access the locker to get your photos without waiting for the one employee in the store to finish ringing up a line of 10 people…or staff up.
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2 years ago, Norma Meharry
I love Walgreens photos
My mother in law recommended I use Walgreens. I had been going to Walmart and using the kiosk. I spend the same amount of money and almost always can get a discount. The prints are high quality and ready within an hour or two depending on how many I’m having printed. I often print over a hundred and they’re always ready same day for pick up. I use the app and love that I can do everything from my couch and get a text when they’re ready for pick up
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3 years ago, If you want to lose weight
Terrible, misrepresented and Crashes
This app misrepresented itself as “Walgreens Photo App” when it is not. It is a completely different company that partners with Walgreens. The coupons that Walgreens currently have do NOT work on this app, so if Walgreens has a sale on photo, you will NOT be able to redeem the offer on this app. Instead you will pay FULL PRICE, which is actually MORE than Walgreens. For example, prints at Walgreens are currently .35 cents each, but this app charged .39 cents each. So not only do you not get the sale price, you also can’t use Walgreens coupon codes AND you are overpaying for the current Walgreens price! Get the Walgreens app instead. I will be deleting this app. It also crashes constantly.
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5 years ago, SheriWonka
Did not work:(((
Spent far too long going through the zillions of pictures on my phone and choosing which ones/what sizes etc to print-was a pretty easy process so when I got a message that my order had been submitted and would be at my neighborhood Walgreens this morning at 7 I was excited to see them...I stopped after work at 5:30, and was told my order had never been received...they thought maybe it’d gone to a different location, I showed them my message that showed their address & my order details, but alas it was not to be. They said this app is not affiliated with Walgreens and has resulted in lots of troubles. Ugh, a big waste of time and looks like this works for many—-but I’m unfortunately not one of them. Sigh (& ugh).
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5 years ago, Meg_ATL
Very fast and excellent service!
I recently went on a trip to Colorado and wanted to get those pictures printed as well as get some other pictures to frame for Christmas gifts. All in all, I spent less than two hours picking out pictures and picking them up at my local Walgreen’s. I even had a little magnet made for my Grandmother. I appreciated the notifications as my pictures were received, printed and ready for pick-up. The pictures are of excellent quality and the magnet is so cute! I will definitely continue using this service!
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5 years ago, Okay Linda K
Instant prints from my phone!
I do not have a printer, so went to Walgreens photo department and inquired about getting some snapshot prints (like in the old days) to send to my mom in the nursing home. Voila! They showed me this app so that I could pick pictures from my phone. I was able to pick the sizes, even make a little collage of pictures to send to her. It was exactly what I wanted. Not only that, I was able to get them in an hour or less, and get them in the mail the same day. Oh, and the prints were flawless! Couldn’t be happier!
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3 years ago, Citybytheisland
Easy and Good Quality
The easiest photo app to use. I love how easy it is to access my photos by albums without having to go through so many steps like other websites or apps I’ve used before. I ordered my pictures and was able to pick them up right away making my last minute surprise gift such a breeze. I love that if you have any questions you can email them and a real person replies and not some automated message. Definitely recommend this app!
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2 years ago, Shellpuck
Love the idea
This is a great idea, but I have had some issues. I uploaded 200 pictures (the max amount accepted at a time) because Walgreens had a coupon out that was going to make them about .15 each. The coupon wouldn’t work, so I contacted them on chat. They couldn’t offer a fix, so I wanted to delete the pictures out of my cart. Well, there is no select all or delete all, so I had to go into each picture and change the quantity to 0, and confirm. It took forever! I still use the app for a few pictures at a time when I need them, but I will never try do 200 again.
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6 years ago, kt problems
Store unable to view order
Order pictures, then while at store 3 hours later, was told that they didn’t even see where I submitted a request, showed them information on app, said it must have not gone through, and told me to reorder. Second order still hasn’t gone through either. Attempted to use help function on app, and basically says to do the things I’ve done, and if problems persist, to let “them” know. But the lady at the store had no idea on how to use app and could not provide any additional support. And app doesn’t provide a way to contact anyone other than the store. It’s poor problem resolution.....and I apparently have to go thru 100 nicknames in order to post this review
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4 years ago, Smartypants62
Great pictures that are ready really fast!
Just this last week, I realized that I had some great pictures of friends that they might appreciate having. I have some pretty nice editing capabilities with apps on my phone, so I added some vignettes, changed the lighting a bit and added some stars to one. I finished and placed my order at about 2am. Woke up in the morning and the prints were ready. I ordered some nice frames and they look wonderful! That’s about half my Christmas shopping done...... and I only live a mile from Walgreens.
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6 years ago, jaelllll28
Kevin is AWESOME!!!
Well deserved raise is in order!!! I came in yesterday to grab an order of 98 photos I had placed & He was the only one working in the front ( front register and photo ) !!! He came in such a timely fashion and provided the most efficient customer care I’ve ever had. He wasn’t flustered or rushed. He was focused, attentive, and very sincere with our transaction. We were in no rush at all, and still made sure we left happy with our service. I am very pleased to have met him & will return to this photo center / Walgreens again!! thank you so much, Kevin!!!
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6 years ago, texasgalfromjersey
Great service by Cesar
I went into get some photos and I had printed online but I was at the wrong Walgreens because I’m new to the area. I was going to a family party far away and I was in a hurry so they allowed me to reprint my photos. I asked how long it would be because I was running late as it was and I spoke to Cesar he assured me he would get them printed up lickety-split. He was true to his word and also suggested a wooden frame for a very special photo I was having printed for a dear friend of the families. Thank you Cesar, you gave exceptional , a cut above service. A+
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4 years ago, nbegovic
Easier, faster, and WAY cheaper than CVS
I needed to order my son’s monthly photos for his first birthday party last minute. They were square 4 by 4 shots. I tried the CVS app and it was going to be a total of $30 for 12 pics, and they didn’t have the size I needed so they would all be cut off, and then the app kept giving me errors for uploading. Finally, downloaded Walgreens app. I uploaded them all in seconds, the right size, and ONLY $4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were ready in less than an hour, like 15 m. So easy and fast.
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3 years ago, jmf1710
Easy but coupons....
I was so excited to use this app because it was SUPER easy to download straight from my phone. Great experience until checkout when I discovered the app doesn’t interface with Walgreens photo or allow you to use their coupon codes. After taking all the time to select my photos (200 from vacation) and then crop them, etc. to my liking, I realized this. Ended up only get 20% off my order when I could have received 50% off on the Walgreens website. Just a heads up to check codes before investing time and missing out on savings.
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4 years ago, Crafty Aunt
Saved my graduation gift!
I was working on a graduation gift that required old pictures so had ordered a some prints online from a different store with 1 hr photo and went to pickup only to be told there was a mistake. The printer was down they didn’t know when the pictures could be printed. I was desperate and needed pictures ASAP! My husband said Walgreens does 1 hr printing. So I downloaded the app and placed a new order and the pictures were ready in 30 minutes! Crisis averted!!
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