Private Browsing Web Browser

4.7 (116K)
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Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Private Browsing Web Browser

4.73 out of 5
116K Ratings
6 years ago, 
Even the name is just "browser"
There is one small bar at the top of the browser. It has the back button, an icon that opens both bookmarks+settings, and the classic search bar with reload/stop. That's it. Other browsers make it super easy to post websites/links to social media while browsing. You could accidentally post the website you were just on to your Facebook page and not even realize it. It's that easy! Not with this app, no sir. Want to share something? Your only option is the ancient, barbaric method of... COPY AND PASTING A URL😱 There also isn't any "add to reading list option" either. It looks like Safari if you removed that bottom bar. There is no browsing history. It does not track or remember websites you go to. This can be extremely distressing when you see an ad it's not even related to your interests. Oh wait, you won't see any ads cause it has a built in (optional) ad blocker. You will have to get used to no one being there to "improve your browsing experience" as Chrome says. It has the absolute minimum when it comes to features. It has the essential functions needed to use the internet. Nothing more, nothing less. Which is exactly why I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! 5 STARS!!!!
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2 years ago, GreenStarZ🦋
Very nice but….🙁
This app is great! It has ad blocker, you can easily browse without having to worry about your search history being remembered since you can change it to how long it can be remembered. It really is a good app. Just two problems. 1. Settings get reset. I like using Bing as a browser and I made it so my search history resets every 20 minutes. But sadly it resets these changes and makes it back to chrome and resets every time I exit the app. This can get really annoying quick. 2. The Ad Block isn’t working for me. I don’t know if anyone else has this problem but for some reason it doesn’t block the ads on websites. Very annoying since it used to block the ads. Other than those two problems, this app is good and you should download it.
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3 years ago, Boooduuuud
Oh no- bug list added
Some bugs have been fixed In latest update so thanks. But the current problem bug is app linking. Only fix is delete apps so they don’t auto open because when u click on a website it I will leave private browser and open it in the app if you have it, which then it’s no longer private. A lot of these apps have history you can’t delete easily as they save your account everything to track your interests and buying history. Plz remove app linking. It didn’t used to do that in earlier versions but it’s been wile. Previous review- —— I thought finally an update after yrs. but instead of a fix it’s way worse now. Plz let me revert to last version.- bugs to add - the bookmarks deleting randomly has been mentioned a lot. Secondly the prompt for restore or Touch ID is also very buggy it asks multiple times like In a loop and also at times like if there’s a pop up msg or control center slide. The back button and bookmarks are not visible and accidental touches to screen edge cause videos or pages to freeze needing reload. Changing from desktop or to mobile and back cause session to start blank. The early versions of this app didn’t have all these issues hopefully it can be reworked to operate like before.
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4 years ago, NyanaGamer
It’s a good app! The only thing is....
It’s a good app! It doesn’t save any of what you researched back then or the websites that you have used in the past. But, apparently...this is just copying the dark mode that you can use on google, the dark mode helps not to save anything you research and the websites you have used and it pretty much does the same thing as this app does so if you are looking for more privacy then google provides, this isn’t the app. It’s just like the dark mode the only difference is it’s an app and the search bar when you first click on it. Though, it does have its plus’s that the dark mode on google CAN’T provide such as, it needs a password (I think, I don’t know how other phones work) or a finger print (I can guarantee that this is true! I use my fingerprint to use this) and if you go back to the app and want to erase everything you searched then you can! It gives you an option to do that. Great 👍 app overall just needs to have a little more of its own features and it needs to give features that will wow everyone a little more. FYI: My expectations are very high! ✅
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7 years ago, Auntie Erma
Fantastic Browser
I've been using this browser for years on every iphone, as I progress to each new model. Using this browser in addition to The DuckDuckGo search engine gives me piece of mind that google and the NSA aren't tracking my online website visits. Safari is the standard Apple browser. However, I don't trust that my browsing isn't saved and reported. This browser is every bit as good, if not better. Additionally I can use this browser as I'm listening to an online radio broadcast on Safari. I find that this browser is fantastic for visiting alternative media sites. Additionally this browser allows the bookmarking of frequently visited websites. I'm very pleased!
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6 years ago, Hear a Door
Privacy in a labyrinth
This app is incredibly simplistic and easy to use for the most part. It blocks all cookies so any website that makes you have ‘5 more free articles’ for news sites will always be that way. The app itself is great except for some pretty big annoying cons. Pros: -You never have to clear browsing history -You can add password protection or even Touch ID so that when you leave the app no one but yourself can get back in. -When you leave the app it shows a normal black border completely hiding what page you were on -Fullscreen for a page Cons -You can only ever have one tab open -If you want to get back to a page, you’ll have to do a lot of back arrowing -Getting the status bar/search bar open is incredibly hard if it’s gone, which it will be almost always. Sometimes you’ll be stuck on pages for minutes trying to get to the search engine -Gmail doesn’t work at all Pro/Con -Most websites can’t tell you’re on a phone, but it also means it harder to get around on them If you are thinking of using this app for privacy, I suggest not since there are much better browsers out there. If you’re new to privacy protection on mobile I suggest using the duck duck go browser app.
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3 years ago, bcandg
Free - Secure - No frills or Ads
If like me you’ve tried countless other browsers in your efforts to tighten security, and you’re looking for FREE no frills browsing... you’ll want to check this out! There is a pro version which I’ve yet to check out because this browser is all I need. Setting your default search to DuckDuckGo and using this browser gives you peace of mind you’re not being tracked or leaving footprints. Security, by default is tight. I use an iPad and when I open the “Browser” it asks for thumbprint ID - very cool. Can’t stress this enough... no ads, no rent by week, month, year! The Pro version is a one time fee of $2.99. Will update review after I’ve used it.
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6 months ago, a D ghgddggdgggdcghiioojgfdhi
Yall know exactly what you’re doing on here 😏
I want you to take a deep breath and just think for a few minutes on what you’re doing with you’re life right now. You could be mastering a skill, hanging out with people, making new friends, but your doing what most people do with this browser. If you genuinely use this browser for things like work, questions, etc, than cool, this doesn’t apply to you. But if you’re using this for what most people use it for than, well, go be social because truly, that is the best way to avoid this stuff. I hope you are well, have a good day.
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4 months ago, Skindred
Do better! This isn’t private!
Ya’ll ain’t too bright, if you think a browser app owned by the CHINESE GOVERNMENT is giving you any privacy. They don’t have to follow US laws, they are allowed to enter your phone and obtain your data. It’s the same people that own TikTok. I only downloaded this to leave this review. PLEASE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY DO NOT USE THIS APP!! It should be illegal for them to be able to host this AND TikTok! It needs to be shut down. This is not the way to protect yourself. I’m sure this comment will get deleted, but just for reference I’ve been in IT for around 20 years and I’m currently a Threat Analyst. Trust me, use DuckDuckGo.
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3 years ago, unusednane57534890764214679
Private as promised I think
Nothing I look up in this browser shows up in ads or google searches later. I like it simply so that I can look up things that don’t pertain to me and not have algorithms assume it all means I am x. I have the right to shop for baby clothes for a friend and not be blasted with formula coupons. I have the right to better understand my parent’s medical diagnosis without worrying that the information will be traced back to them or me. I really appreciate this browser, and I’ve been using it for several years
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3 months ago, knowabaca
App review
This is such a great app to search things up in that you would not normally look up. If you are worried about people clicking on this app on your phone it makes you wait her have a finger print or a Face ID and ask if you would like to continue last session. So people can not see your recent searched. It also is kinda like a VPN it prevents viruses. It also has no ads it has a ad blocker Installed, so if your doing it if you know what I mean you will not be disturbed 😉 I rate this app a 5 out of 5. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
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4 years ago, Fat Brama
Simple but works great!
I found this app when looking for a Safari replacement. For some reason, Safari kept reloading webpages every 3 min. Due to compatibility issue with my ancient iPad version, popular web browser such as Chrome, Mozilla, Microsoft Edge is not an option. Then, I came across this browser, and this eliminated the reloading problem. I think due to its simple design, this browser loads pages reasonably fast. The search results are also quite relevant. It also has a back button! On the contrary, Dolphin has no back button.
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3 years ago, Oso-disappointed
I was trying over time to move my bookmarks elsewhere. BUT, App Kept Bugging Me “Do You Like Full Screen Private Browsing?” I was mad all the asks and checked NO. SAVY SODA HAS PROGRAMED THE APP TO DELETE ALL YOUR BOOKMARKS IF YOU DO SO. BEWARE — VENGEFUL DEVELOPER wish I’d left this app years ago. NEWEST WRINKLE... pull down control center to change brightness or anything. Browser restarts (how did I get to that cryptic url again?) #### It has lost several dozen important bookmarks. I really used to like this.... several updates back. It’s useless now. OLD deleted bookmark folders stay in my list but aren’t really there. Anything saved to them goes down a black hole. I created new folders with different names and every time I close the app the folder and all bookmarks in it are gone. So ALL bookmarks can only be stored in main list. The only way to even try to save what’s left is copy each loaded page to another browser. Save it there, delete this app and reverse the whole process. BETTER IDEA: painstakingly move the bookmarks as described, Then just DELETE This piece of trash and use the other browser. Was good a few years and many updates ago.
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6 years ago, 49ergoldminer
This is a Great App
I never liked Safari, it just angered me. I’ve used this app since it was available on the iPhone 4, and once iPhone had setting changes, I realized how cluttered Safari was. I have never written a review on any other app, but this app is so good that I caved. I use it so much for using the internet that my brain has gone: “Internet? This button over here!” If I didn’t call people, and therefor have a use for the phone app, this would be one of the four exclusive apps on my bottom bar. This app is great and I cannot recommend it enough.
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9 months ago, mizzmocha215
Great for parents
I have a son who’s iPad Apple ID is connected to iPhone. He is now 10 and all up in my business so I love this app because everything is private even the screen icon is just blank and says “Browser”. It resets to the home page once you come out the app so no worries if you have any nosey people trying to search your history or try to pick up your phone immediately after you leave the room.
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3 years ago, Dannyboyddc
Was great, what happened?
Over time I used this app more and more over all the alternatives, simple, easy browser w out all the tracking and a 1000 settings to comb through. Not sure what happened but been a few weeks now, bookmarks started totally disappearing. Several times, started a new list from scratch ..few days, a week.. come back to a blank list. Even after a couple app updates, still happening. I just can’t count on this app anymore other than one time searches. Very disappointing… Not completely broken so gave two stars, if addressed I would reconsider, would take some convincing tho to trust it won’t happen again
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4 years ago, poalo121213
Functionality supports privacy
There are a few features that I prefer while using this app that I think people looking for a similar product are looking for. Briefly: 1. Navigating away from the browser is accompanied by a password protected re-entry to continue browsing, this feature is timed which is great but it is brief. If you haven’t saved the page you are looking at an urgent phone call or text message might make you lose your spot. 2. The search bar does not saved visited webpages. There is nowhere to review pages that have been visited in the past unless you have saved it in your password protected favorites. 3. Favorites are password protected. My only suggestion would be adding one thing. This app is otherwise perfect. The option to toggle how long it holds your current browsing page before reset would be great. Instead of 30 seconds to 1 min. Maybe the option to hold it for 5 would be great.
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3 years ago, JunctionJoe
14.0 Broken!
Has worked great for years. Newest version a few days ago broke everything. I get nothing but a blank screen. Several other reviewers lost their bookmarks. Thankfully, all my bookmarks are intact. It’s just all of them render nothing but a blank screen. What did you do? This has sent me back to the App Store searching for a new private browser. Hopefully, I’m not too accustomed to the new browser by the time you fix this. I bet you’re going to lose a ton of users because of this. And I don’t see much of anything driving them back to your browser once you fix it. Best of luck in building back your user base. Sorry. This has been a perfect app for a lot of years. I hate to part company.
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9 months ago, Lemin kidd
One massive issue
To start I would like to say I absolutely life this browser it gives me full privacy and makes me feel secure, I just have one gripe with it. for some reason I can’t scroll all the way down, this would be fine but some sites have their important UI at the bottom and this makes some sites unusable. like ao3 for example to use it you must agree to their terms and services, but I can’t tap the button because when I scroll down it just bounces up and I can’t agree.
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6 years ago, I>3me101
Wow it really works!!
I always have to look up weird medical questions and some of them can be really embarrassing. Everyone says I’m so protective of my phone and that’s why! Anyway, now I don’t even have to worry about giving my phone to someone and them stumbling on awkward questions like: I’m not pregnant am I? Yes, I’ll have to give it a five stars because no one will suspect anything seeing it in one of my folders, because the name is just browser. THANK YOU FOR MAKING SUCH A SAFE BROWSING AREA!!
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5 years ago, JJPANDA01
This thing is dangerous
At first it was working perfectly for what I was using it for and then what happened was that a pop up call box came up and it did not stop when you pressed cancel, then I tried turning it of and it didn’t work then I tried to turn it off completely and the screen was frozen and even if you pressed the call button it would still pop up it got so bad it got to the point that I had to call my sister, luckily she was able to restart it, that’s my story with this HORRIBLE APP!!!!!!!!!I hope none of you go through what did and you may think that I am over reacting bot it was scary because I have had this device for less than a year
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5 years ago, Wollen_Kitten
Surprisingly pleased.
I’ve used private browsers before for local newspaper sites that require an outrageous monthly fee. I’d be happy to pay the fee if newspapers would stop biased reporting, but that’s unlikely. It takes some getting used to, as you have to start over if you click out of the app, but I haven’t run into any issues whatsoever with it otherwise. It does what Google Chrome’s private browsing cannot and for that I’m eternally grateful.
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2 years ago, Shooty Megee
Okay, so the browser seems pretty chill and all that, but if you scroll down from the search bar if shows when you open the app, there’s a privacy policy you’ll have a hard time reading, literally with some pretty concerning stuff. Like web cookies to know what a person is searching, etc, but you’ll have to look at it to know. It is kinda concerning, at least for me, but you may enjoy browsing at your pleasure.
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5 years ago, Cindy 1111111111
App disappeared
Downloaded this app, and it disappeared on its own. I can only find it through the App Store or from using spot light on my iPad. On my home screen app is nowhere to be found and I've checked each individual app folder multiple times. There are only two pages worth of apps on my iPad. I never got a chance to even use the app. At this point I just want it uninstall but again, cannot find the app.
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2 years ago, mm-1117
DONT DO IT just dont
Extremely buggy. Like other reviews say, they have terrible popups, which you can eventually figure out how to get around. But the real reason I’m annoyed is because this is the second time ALL my bookmarks have been completely deleted after an update without warning. Last time this happened their customer service was TRASH and ended up just completely ignoring my messages at the end. If i can even prevent one person from downloading this app I’ll be satisfied. Just use incognito mode and keep the tabs open dont risk the frustration and the potential viruses PLEASE.
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7 years ago, codypmack
Excellent lv. 3 Security Browser! Recommended.
Confirmed this app runs smoothly a 4th gen iPad and an iPhone 6s. When you lock the screen or switch apps even for a moment, it goes to the home screen. This is made for intentional uses, and doesn't not make a friendly primary browser (unless you're extremely privacy conscious). My suggestion is use the Firefox app duo (normal / incognito) for lv. 1 & 2, this for uses beyond those.
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6 years ago, Sister Friede
Good app but it needs few adjustments
It’s a good internet browser app, but the option is somewhat limited. I like an idea about keeping the “Browser” simple. I missed couple features for internet browser. 1) It has no “Open in new tab”. 2) No side swipe to go back or forth in web page (for sake of better convenience). 3) Homepage. It can be access with “in app purchase” for $2.99. However I don’t know if it’s possible to change the homepage to preferred website.
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3 years ago, SwissArmyDev
Overall good app but needs two changes
1. It would be helpful to have the app auto replace dots with spaces in the search line before trying to search. They are next to each other on the keyboard and it’s easy to hit a dot instead of a space. If the app would to that replacement it would save having to enter the search string again. 2. The search engine setting reverts to default frequently, not remembering where the user set it.
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5 years ago, Aboo Adam
No Privacy!
Years using this for my porn, great tool for that of you have children and you don’t want them to see that, but today I opened Safari app and same page I was on early morning same page with adult material that I would never ever see on Safari app. It came up quickly and left and this is not the first time but for an iPhone10 X plus This is weak technology
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2 years ago, Beware ! Be safe !
I am literally lost for words . I don’t even want to type this . Please don’t ever download this app. Someone very weird and strange actually hacked my browser. Like they hacked it somehow. They sent me this very weird email saying they had access to my passwords (they read it to me) and was threatening to send images of me to coworkers, families and friends . That’s sick . I am infuriated. I feel like finding this person and hurting them for threatening my personal life and invading my privacy. I’m not even 20 years old that’s sick !!! . They requested over $4000 from me which is a joke. I can’t believe this happened to me.
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3 years ago, Balls of Fury AKA Furry Balls
Does what it says. Use it mostly for reading news articles that block you after 1 article, or watching mature videos. I love not having to remember to close out of tabs or having to worry about tabs I need being closed out by resetting my cookies just for a news article. Highly recommend as a backup browser!
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6 years ago, Jkgagne808
Great Simple Private Browser
The title explains it all. Just a simple private browser with out all the complicated syncing options and setup. I am still able to save my bookmarks and they are protected by Touch ID. Please keep it simple and don’t start complicating things with more options. Simple at times is better as more options opens up products to more threats. Thank you
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4 years ago, FEENICKS
Great App, but has limited Bookmarks
Needs to be updated, long over due!!! Needs the option to always be able to Restore Last Session. Sometimes the Last Session is lost for good! Also, when you reach the limit of Bookmarks, you have to delete previous Bookmarks to save more. Same with Folders. Please fix this, and provide the ability to have more Bookmarks and Folders!!!
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8 months ago, BeLoveia
Not very pleased.
Unfortunately it did not work for me. And never would track the other vehicle except to show where he worked but in had already mapped that out myself. I was hoping they could actually show me his locations throughout the day because they claim to find them without having any app to download or even have to get permission. I’m very disappointed .😔
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3 years ago, iratestufffff
Good- but some bugs
A recent bug has appeared where it keeps resetting my settings, beyond just bookmarks. As an example the default search engine is Bing. I prefer Google so I change it to that in the settings. In about a day or two it always defaults back to Bing. Super frustrating to have to go into settings over and over again. Otherwise, the app works well, but some recent updates have been annoying.
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6 years ago, tf2-yung-plague
If you don’t want anybody find out you watch vore
Simplistic, clean, and has an option that blocks pop ups (as you can imagine, incredibly useful when you are browsing porn and three tabs about your iphone got a virus open at the same time). I would recommend this over any other browsers out there if your goal is simply to browse privately.
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3 years ago, JC&ER
Love the privacy but if you leave the page, you have to start all over again
The pro is the privacy!!! The con is If you leave the page for any reason ..need to use your calculator, receive a text and decide to respond to it, phone rings and you answer it (you leave the app for ANY reason) then when you get back, you have to start over on your search.
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5 years ago, Flyinjeep
I’ve got about all the browsing apps or at least tried them. I think think this is the best. Browse the internet in privacy. All you’re browsing deleted when you are done each session of browsing. You should at least try it if your looking for a internet browser. I think you’ll like it. I do.
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3 years ago, SpaceForThePoppa
Use to be great - now it’s useless
It was a great privacy browser. Simple interface, easy to use. Since the most recent updates, bookmarks constantly get deleted. There’s a “fix” to store them in the cloud - I do not want to store them anywhere but on my iPad. That’s kind of the point of privacy. Also - trying to re-bookmark web sites, the “+” sign sometimes, randomly disappears. So after deleting the bookmarks, you can’t add them back. The first glitch wiped out about 40-50 bookmarks, the second time it wiped out a out 10. The last, and I do mean last time (because I am uninstalling it) it got 3.
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7 months ago, Jan Ellen
Chinese Developer
Did not realize that this was an anti- U.S.A. Ad blocker used just like the Tic Toc app is used . That is why I decided to no longer use it. An app that is so private you can't even go back and finish reading what you were reading when you had to leave your telephone for a few minutes , then that sends off RED flags to me and I mean RED in the since that you usually think of and in the sense of a particular country that has only that color for their flag. So this so called Private search engine is Not Private from the Developer's nation.
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5 years ago, Skulljagger
Simple Free Fast Clears browsing history
It’s such a simple browsing app that really beats Safari’s privacy mode. It’s fast it’s simple and it clears all data making it easy for you to search up as many articles you want on money grabbing websites. I love it but I wish it would ask for my password or Touch ID as soon as I log back into the app
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6 years ago, David from W. PA
As Good As Advertised!
I just started using this today. It is so simple that at first I was looking for more necessary input when it wasn't needed. Either input your URL or key in your search criteria in the URL field and away you go. One thing that is not obvious is you need to tap the upper left blank field (to the left of the URL bar) to add your bookmarks.
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6 years ago, IPTuser
Pretty good, but one small problem (Fixed).
Haven't used it much lately, but the issue I had is fixed. Will be trying it out more. Original review from about 7 years ago below. Original review: Good concept. The one part I don't like though is having to scroll all the way to the top of the page to open the status bar. Fix this, and four stars, easy.
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7 years ago, Azami🍜
Really good. Get this one, not that orange one :P
There is absolutely nothing wrong with this app, no ads, no fake stuff. The only thing I would recommend is that you add a forward/back button. Sometimes when I click on links I can't go back to the previous page, so I have to search all over again. Great app! <3
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5 years ago, /-/-/-\-\-\
Gives all the privacy you need you can enable face/finger id for entering in the and your bookmarks. You have a built in ad block and can switch from normal mode to desktop mode. Wish it allowed flash players on it though. Other than that and seeing your history for your current session it’s PERFECT!
Show more
9 months ago, DatAzianGuy2K
Basic Browser that keeps resetting
For basic web browsing purposes its greatC clears history or saves it for X amount of time depending on the settings you set. If it was just that, this would be an easy 5 star review. Unfortunately its settings will revert every few days or weeks. By default it’ll swap between either bing or yahoo for search engines, and they are awful. I’ll change it to Google, only to have to change it back every few days or weeks, along with any other settings I’ve adjusted.
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3 years ago, sonatablack
The app no longer works in desktop mode on the iPad. Fingerprint requirement to access favorites is no longer functional. I’ve used this for years because of the privacy and security features, but they have been removed.
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1 year ago, Diptych.
Gorgeous - just one thing
This browser is totally gorgeous. I just wish there was a way to specify your own custom landing page rather than always landing on the Savvy Soda search page. I’d happily pay for this added luxury in advance an otherwise truly luxurious browsing experience.
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2 years ago, Deep South Mike
I am so glad to have the choice to browse with complete privacy. Other browsers claim private viewing but leave a history that can be brought up. With Secret Browser there’s no history and i prefer that. It’s a browser I intend to use for as long as possible. It’s great!
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2 years ago, entity-0183
Small problem
It’s the perfect app if you search privately but I hate how it uses Microsoft bing and not google Microsoft bing gives you the terrible site links witch is why I use google it’s doesn’t give terrible site links it gives you good and useful links but overall perfect app
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