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Procore Technologies, Inc.
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8 months ago
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User Reviews for Procore

4.64 out of 5
26.8K Ratings
10 months ago, An actual real review!
I wish all of our contractors used Procore!
Our organization owns multiple buildings and we add or remodel several. We have two main general contractors that we use. One uses Procore and another uses a different system. For our projects on Procore it’s so easy to pull up something on my phone if I have a question or a thought. The app is easy to navigate and has all of the features I’d hoped for. It’s so handy that I’m going to try to get my organization to use it for our internal projects! The competitor only has a desktop application which makes it a frustrating experience when trying to look up things on those projects.
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3 years ago, dnick1926
Great Platform, Terrible iPad app
This platform is by far the best for project management with all of the cool tools and high powered features they offer. It really confuses me however, given how well the web portal version works, that the iPad app could be so bad. It’s essentially just a full screen version of the iPhone app. It does not even in the slightest take advantage of the iPad’s power or features. The pencil features are rudimentary at best, and are somehow more confusing to use than your finger in most instances. The word editor, for example in the meetings tool, has less formatting options that most text messaging apps. Also, why do I have to keep the app open for photos to upload? This is pretty annoying after you’ve just walked the site and taken 50 daily progress photos and you’re on cellular data. Prepare to spend 15 minutes not being able to use anything else on your phone or tablet. Really is a shame how little effort is put into optimizing the iPad app when most people in the field depend on it over their traditional laptops. Currently, it’s actually easier just to open Procore in Safari, so I’m not really sure why this has such a high store rating. I think people are rating the functionality of Procore more than the actual app.
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6 months ago, PunchLordito
Great concept, Little annoying issues throughout.
I use mostly for punch list creation, tracking, and resolution. I have found a need for a longer queue in “recent punch items” in order to keep moving through rooms productively. The current update has made things slower because reusing a recent item loads it into the queue twice, etc. Removing other punch items that then have to be recreated. The older version handled this better. The comment and response section when communicating on a specific punch item makes it difficult to have clear communication back and forth using the app tool. Items have been failing to load for me when created and will just stay in the top of the queue unless resolved and reopened in the instance that is possible. When resolve and reopen is not an option there is really nothing much that can be done other than delete in the browser version and recreate. When linking items to a drawing it can begin to glitch and have had the app crash on me without saving atleast 20 previous items that were not loaded yet. A lot of unnecessary steps that may be useful in some scenarios but honestly could be much more productive not having to modify edits or individually add certain unavailable editable features to hundreds of items. The concept and goal of the app is untouchable and can revolutionize job management and communication throughout multiple industries it just needs some updates to the mobile system to help productivity and communication.
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6 years ago, NH housewright
Better than most
I have used most of the construction software out there. I’ be taken the classes, read the recommended manuals and gotten a lot of sleep doing it. Construction by nature is far from boring, but construction software training....have you ever watched paint dry? ProCore is easy enough to use that if you have reasonable computer skills, know how to copy and paste, are comfortable with Excel, then you can use ProCore without requisite training. I’ve only found a couple of things that are hard to do. One is to upload a schedule into ProCore from Excel. I just tried to do this last week, only to discover that I need “ admin” priveledge to do so. The other is uploading photos from another source, like google photos. You. Can’t. You need to move your pix into your pictures then upload one by one to ProCore. If you try this on cellular wi-fi it’s going to fail 90% of the time. According to ProCore online help, that’s the nature of the beast. The rest of the software...pretty easy stuff.
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3 months ago, Kev_18.
Hope your stock crashes
Imagine a world where the brightest professionals in construction listen to a bunch of tech programmers who bought opinions of professionals and then created an app that not only steals trends but information from those bright professionals and resells it, to make it worse, these construction professionals sing this apps praise, we have truly entered a world where stupid people rein over intelligent. I’m tired of apps like this trying to take over and control the lives of people who have devoted their lives to an industry that is sick as a human can possibly get (mentally) however an industry that is fine without all the political virtue signaling that has taken it over. You don’t represent me or speak for me procure and I find your app is a poor excuse at machoism gone wrong. You are tech programmers, stay in your lane. I feel your company being on the stock market is all the proof anyone needs on this companies true intention, separating you from as much of your money as possible. How does it feel knowing that 90% of your users hate being forced to use your app?
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3 years ago, Dubber81
Not as good as PlanGrid
If you’re looking for a program to load fab sheets and mark them up to share and show progress, PlanGrid out shines Procore. As a company, we are transitioning from PlanGrid to Procore, due to Procore’s multi-faceted software that checks many boxes. However, as the fabrication shop foreman, and the capacity that we use the software, (described above), Procore fails in many important areas. Marking tools are fewer, loading of pages is MUCH slower, in fact the whole program is slower, down to just flipping from one fab sheet to the next. When there connection issues and the program puts updates in the queue, they seem to stay there indefinitely, despite being back online, and overall there are just far more glitches in Procore, definitely not as fluid and user friendly as compared to PlanGrid. Hopefully they continue to push out updates that rectify these issues. I’ll revisit this review at a later date once they (hopefully) improve.
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4 years ago, transparent contractor
Don’t do this
Procore seemed like a significant step up in project management software for our growing, high end residential construction business. Certainly the price tag would indicate that it must be quite wonderful. Additionally our salesperson put a great many things in writing to promise that they could deliver on our specific needs as an open book and transparent business. Sadly almost immediately upon writing the first oppressively expensive check the “white glove service” began to fall short of expectations. Specifically: - there implementation teams are extremely siloed. The project management team doesn’t know anything about the financial model and neither seem to be well versed in the ERP connection to QuickBooks - when we began to realize that procore could not grant us the single point of entry budget and financial integration we bought it for we suffered months of dead ends and platitudes with no resolution. - We finally did get to someone who knew all of the particulars of our simple requests and in 5 minutes he admitted that the salesman had mislead us. - When we tried to get out of procore and get our money back we received crickets form our “account executive” - the crickets are still chirping..... stay tuned for my next installment of this review in which I will cover the insufficiencies in their actual project management system if you are not a commercial construction company.
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5 years ago, Velas
Good but could be better
The interface with the phone app is lacking. When you sign docs, the app wont push the signature, even after you have wifi. Therefore all the time you are suppose to save with these programs get eaten up by having to resign, and resign, and resign and then maybe uf the stars are aligned it goes through after wasting hours if time just trying to get it to go through. The customer support will just blame you ir your device and not enlist their programmers to fix the algorithm. So here I am judged to be incompetent but I still cant get my F_____g signatures to take without multiple attempts. I could research ( using paper docs), find docs, write docs and move on before I get one signature in procore to be accepted. Where is the savings in that. Lets junk these programs and go back to what works. File cabinets and paper.
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7 years ago, Mmanningutc
Construction Management/Document Management Made Simple
I am a project manager for a medium size GC in Nashville. We started using Procore about 1 year ago. Our experience with the software has been great. It has allowed us to easily manage our drawings along with drawing revisions and our own drawing mark-ups. We are also able to send RFIs from the field as well as view submittals and other relevant project data. Our Superintendents are also required to use the software for Daily Reports. The Daily Reports or Daily Logs as Procore calls them are easy to fill out on the IPad and can easily upload photos of work in progress.
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5 years ago, abalentine2349
This app has a lot of potential
You can tell that this app was not created for persons in the field, but instead was created by persons working in the office side. There are more issues than I can list here, most are basic fundamental necessities for us in the field, but Procore does not get it. Been using for a couple of years and I don't like this anymore now than when I first started. The daily report/manpower log is the worst and a lot of basic info such as equipment that a contractor is renting cannot even be tracked, but you can the track the number of hours running and idling. I don't need to track hours of idling equipment I need to track what the contractor has on site, when it was delivered and whom it belongs to so I can verify they are paid. Again NUMEROUS flaws that has taken years to dwindle down but still not much better.
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5 years ago, Jamie Seymour
We signed up with Procore based on three factors. It was able to connect to Quickbooks,it had a time sheet option and we could create customized forms. We already knew its capabilities for project management, but we were told it could take care of all of our needs. What we weren’t told is that the Quickbooks connector is an additional 2,500 to the 12,500 we already spent. The ability to create forms is awful. Very limited on customization. Time sheets does not have a clock in and out option from the field. The office staff has to input it. We realized the issue within the second call and tried to get our money back. They are not willing to. I strongly suggest researching their competitors. Definitely not worth the 12,000 plus they want. That is just to get started. To get the full program costs even more. Plan to spend 20,000 once they get you!
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2 years ago, KingKyleofDTown
Mobile app is terrible
The app is NOT intuitive whatsoever.. for example try adding a individual from a company already part of your Company level directory to a project level directory via the mobile app. I don’t think this is even possible, instead it asks you to import from contacts so our guys in the field end up adding multiple new contacts for the same company because they can’t access the Procore directory to add existing users to their projects. Or how about this.. try navigating to the company level directory so you can find the user and add them to multiple projects you need them to have access too.. Again not possible. At the end of the day the mobile app is an expensive glorified instagram that takes up way too much space every time you need to download the drawings to review.
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12 months ago, Nickoggggg
We are a 20M remodeling company in NYC and after a close friend recommended Procore we decided to try it while we are using builder trend. I am not sure if it is the company’s policy or just a very bad salesman(javier) but they do not offer a trial period and they expect people that sign up to pay 36k the moment the sign up. Completely negative experience and i will never be vern consider using them or recommend them to anyone. In response to your answer i am Not looking for a free management app. I agreed to pay $56,000 to use your app Mr. Developer. All i got was a customer service team that not only does not provide a trial but you want the amount upfront and a sales rep that was demanding, rude and not flexible at all. As the title explains: ARROGANT. If you answer this time please give a relevant response and not a response that manipulates your users.
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2 weeks ago, ebosjd
So good
I like to use the app to take photos of all the equipment tags and attach them to the unit on the drawings. The punch list works great if everyone would actually use it . Search bar in the submittles to help you get what your looking for. Search drawings and have it highlighted . It’s just so much great stuff that if used to its potential would be amazing. I’m not sure how long on the camera you have had that flashlight symbol that makes it so I don’t have to turn the flash on everytime and I can use phone as the flashlight but I love you for it
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5 years ago, Jojouhoh
Procore App
We are a company of 50 employees who work multiple sites daily and after the first week of purchasing this product, we are pleased with the investment. We ended up purchasing the additional field productivity module on top of the essentials package as it is much more robust and will allow better field reporting with electronic signatures. This is a very powerful program and the setup time is very important but we believe to start saving time and have better reporting very soon. The desktop version is much more detailed as it should be to keep the field app simplified for the crews. We have been wanting to make the jump from paper for years and finally got the courage.
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3 years ago, Dave9042m
Needed Feature: 3-week look ahead
Procore, I’ve been using you App with a commercial GC for about 7 years now. Overall it is one of the best things I’ve seen implemented on a job. One thing I feel would be a useful feature is a 3 week look ahead tool. One that pulls the next 3 weeks of the schedule, then allows you to add items/ details that may not be a line item, but are upcoming in the next few weeks. I’ve worked for 2 different large GCs both using Procore for Milti-million dollar projects that would greatly benefit from and use a tool like this.
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2 years ago, Luke9510
Needs improvement
ProCore could be some much more that it is. It keeps having glitches in search on the mobile device with submittals. The system is not intuitiv side seems to be stronger than the field mobile app so maybe it is built for the office but not happy with my overall experience with the mobile side. Basically it took all the paper work and made it digital witch is great but that is it. Yes there are other features but i dont find them easy to use on the iPad or enjoyable. It should be a joy to operate and i should look forward to working with it not dreading to work with it or standing in the field waiting for a document. ProCore you could be some much better that this.
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6 years ago, JWoolverton650
Very Well Rounded
Between the usability and the learning capabilities provided via Procore, the sky is the limit. The documentation abilities that lie in the mobile app have already provided us the ability to snuff out liquidated damages on a very large contract currently undergoing progress. The punch list tool is outstanding for capturing delays, damages and deviations approved per GC We also utilize Procore for our daily documentation in field. Sign in, tool sign outs, 2 Week Look Aheads, Mileage reports. It gets everyone on the team in one convenient place. We have built a site safety inspection that has given the ability to capture pictures, mark at risk and follow up capabilities. Safety Awareness and Accountability are on the rise due to this feature. All in all I’m very thrilled to be able to utilize Procore, the most exciting thing to me is knowing this is only the beginning. Procore is not going to stop innovating! Precision Walls Inc Team Member
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1 year ago, Casey Chura
Utter garbage
This app is one of the worst apps I can remember using. Many guys in the field depend on using their iPads for drawings on a daily basis. I’m sure many have been screwed by this bad app. The submittals tool only shows a small portion of the existing submittals even though it says it’s refreshed and all filters are off. Not good. Rid feature does not work properly. Drawings say they are up to date but are not. Not good. We are advising our subcontractors to not use this app because it will lead to our company losing money due to missed information. Do better Procore, the low quality of this app can and probably has already costed your customers lots and lots of money. I don’t need fancy features necessarily but at least make it work properly.
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6 years ago, ESPN Step your game up
More Resources and Development in the Apple/iOS Application
There are way too many bug and errors with the iPad/iPhone application of the software. It seem like every other day I’m checking for an update so issues can be resolved with RFIs, Submittal, Punchlist posting to drawings. Please look into the ability to edit a cloud to add a RFI to it instead of having to deleting it all together and creating a new cloud that included the new RFI that you have to attach. Not sure if you can do anything about the strengthening the signal capabilities but in many cases were building concrete and steel structures that limit the signal capabilities of the devices we use to utilize the field tools, drawings, submittals, RFIs, Observations, and Punchlist tools. Right now I have issues with publish no punchlist items, seems to be a glitch with the most recent post update. also, I cant navigate and see the full pages of the project specifications. Software has the cabilities to be great, please but the appropriate resources to increase better the Apple/iOS Application software.
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4 years ago, Bipolar relationship
Mostly Happy
Once I set it to upload photos on WiFi work went much smoother. One major complaint was reported to Procore and never resolved. Markup does not work on drawings that were updated last fall on the iPad. Go to the archived older pages and can mark up to my hearts content. Somehow that feature is restricted on an entire bulletin of project drawings. Laptop performs fine, so, not a permission issue. Extremely frustrating that it has never been resolved. For what it is worth, it seems to have affected only one other person that I know of. Procore gave up on it.
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6 years ago, GratefulMarmot
Here are a few problems that I have with the app: IPad App BUGS...Seems like there is a new one that gets in the way of production every day. Now I’m not going to act like it’s realistic to not have this many when you have so many different users across so many construction specialties..but we have had an almost daily problem with forms and changes loading across devices..and ALL of our devices are connected through Verizon 4G. YOU ARE PIGEONHOLED TO CERTAIN FORMS: Procore needs to add the ability for a user to create his or her own forms...period. I realize that it wouldn’t cover/please everyone, but adding the ability to create a template, complete with your own naming and FILLABLE/EDITABLE sections and then saving to Procore/sharing would make this application 1000X Better..Maybe this is a future project, but I really see Procore as a fantastic idea that is limited in its scope at the time and very buggy. We look forward to what Procore has to offer and hope improvements and new features are added sooner rather than later.
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2 years ago, TMoore94
Amazing software, even better customer service
Procore has been nothing but phenomenal since I began using it 2 years ago. It encapsulates almost everything I need as a Assistant PM/Assistant Superintendent in an easy to use, friendly interface. On top of that, any question I have had, I can call customer service and get a quick walk through or pointed in the right direction. I love this software and don’t plan to ever change.
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6 years ago, Big Screen us BA
Procore User
Spent significant amount of time looking for a program that would track employee time for payroll able to complete daily field reports access drawings on a mobile device worked on a site without cell service and upload later This will do it still needs some work on templates for inspections and the budget is compatible with quick books with an extra fee This program is expensive it is getting better each version I'd highly recommend it just make sure you understand the subscription fees
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7 years ago, Jgfddfhjjuyrrtuf
iPhone App
We've been using Procore for a couple years now, and the technology gets better every month. The iPhone and iPad apps make it easier to bring to the field. One star is lost on this version because over the last few months the app is constantly logging out between uses. Even when the "log in every time" or "fingerprint" are used. It's a hassle when you wish to quickly pull up information.
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3 years ago, Whale-.-
Missing features, not user friendly
A lot of problems in this app would be ignorable except for the lack of tabs. You cannot open multiple tabs and switch quickly between prints, rfi’s, or anything. Everything is archaically constructed. Ex: the main hub is the only way to get around unless a master account holder adds something to the print. My notes show up on everyone’s prints and bogs down the whole system. Needs a tabs function, personal notes and personal references, a way to submit notes that other trades need to see, and print-on-print overlay functions.
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7 years ago, JD3020JC
Awesome App
Procore is amazing project management tool from the field to the office it has everything any construction management or general contractor could ask for. From typing up RFI's to submittals and meeting minutes. It has everything need to be able to communicate with architects, engineers and owners. Everything is connected and can be linked from the drawings tab to the RFIs, documents and submittals. Would recommend to any construction firm big or small to use this app.
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6 years ago, flxmax
Mirrored settings need between online and app
It really is a useful app, but the app will not let sync with settings made on the computer. Prime example is you can set the hrs worked on the manpower log on online to 10 hrs and save it, but the app will not let the change be made and you manually have to change manpower line from the preset 8hrs. If the app mirrored the online version and settings better, I would give it 5 stars
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2 years ago, Dan Jarusik
Scale drawings
Is there any way we can add a tool where scale can be set to the drawing? Maybe it can be set to 1/4”=1’ or 3/16”=1’ and so on. Maybe circle an area you want to scale then set your scale to whatever you need instead of using the ruler to set scale. If you can set the scale multiple dimes per drawing. I have several drawing where the drawings are several different scales per page.
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5 years ago, Anothercomcastsucker
Wish it had a more Dropbox efficient style
I wish this app was more like Dropbox with adding and sharing files. Mobile app in the field is hard to add anything on the fly. Time is money and then I have to save it on my computer then save it to Procore drive then open up Procore desktop to work on something. Lame... Also, sub-folders are really needed like Dropbox. This app is slow and loading pictures is a tough because of the small thumbnails. Cool RFI parts but easy to get micromanaged on all aspects. App more made for new construction than remodeling
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5 months ago, Jbshfjgkeis
This app is a pain to use sometimes
Constantly needing to lasso things just to publish and then have to sync is quite a headache. When you take pictures this app if you have bad internet signal takes forever to load pictures that are literally stored on the same device you took pictures from. When you use the HAND select option it never goes to what you want. Sometimes it’ll just zoom in and out a tiny bit when your trying to select stuff. Very frustrating. App needs a lot of useful updates. There are zero undo options either.
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1 year ago, Building Stone
Impressive, sharp, but please read…
The app is great, one thing that comes to mind to make it greater is to enable the ability to change the order of task folders in the settings, one time for all jobs uploaded on the phone. Rather than re-organizing the order individually, but hey, if there’s a way that I can do that now and have not been able to find it then please email me a step-by-step tutorial. Muchas Gracias.
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1 year ago, Brokeway
Annoying problem
I use this daily for checking blueprints, submittals, etc. One of the most annoying problems I’m having with it, is when I zoom in onto a submittal and try to scroll around, it’ll zoom back out and sometimes go to a completely different page. If it could just stay zoomed in when I need it, that would make my life much easier.
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5 months ago, npirz
Worst customer service and program
For GCs this program is highly antiquated with too many key strokes and having to buy additional third party programs just to be able to use this old technology properly. Their customer service highly needs retraining and they falsely sell you on products that is not included in your subscription. I find this company has grown too big to care about their clients concern as they took my money and didn’t have any way of helping me after. Stay away. Our sales person sold on features that don’t exist or cost additional to acquire. Furthermore, their training session are a Joke. We had a simple questions on our first session with took 20 min for the rep to say she didn’t know. Multiple sessions this happened. They will not issue a refund or even respond when you ask for it. Not an ethical company and bait and switch sales method.
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1 year ago, KimberlyDWilliams
Great program!
This makes my job as a superintendent much more efficient! There’s so many features that help everyone be on the same page in construction jobs. From small to large projects, and even multiple projects on the same site. This makes life easier day to day!
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2 years ago, iMiguel69
Downloading drawings, Submittals & RFIs still take forever to load up. Don’t even see the point of downloading if it’s not a fast load. Recent update has also made searching through submittals a pain, scrolling down through it kicks back up the page. App should have tabs to quickly go back if you’re looking at a drawing and want to check another drawing without having to exit that drawing.
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6 years ago, lmanon
Uploads keep hanging up
I have upload that for almost a week it’s still loading up! I call support they tell me to delete it. That will mean to redo all the inspections I did .I am not able to bother the tenants again! The other item is that you have to take a picture at a time. I want to take as many picture of the room then save it. It’s too restrictive.
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3 years ago, camodad413
Modern take on construction
I left a GC that did not use Procore, and started with a new GC that does. I have to say, this is the best thing since sliced bread! I had been trying to get the last place to adopt this tech because I had researched it and knew how beneficial it could be. That is an understatement though. It is miraculous! Talk about organized and time saving!
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2 years ago, UltraFencerJ
Uses Local Storage
The app is nice but it uses local storage on my phone for I presume every inspection it loads so it doesn’t have to load them in the future. While this is faster, it’s also lent my phone storage to be consumed by this app. 6.8 gigabytes is used for this app and it grows to consume any storage I create by deleting these things in my phone. Again, overall a very helpful app but it just takes up so much space on my phone.
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7 years ago, WKU Hilltopper Fan
Very simple, very powerful
The Procore app has always been easy to navigate, but the new changes have made it even better. I've never had an issue viewing documents or project information on the app. All of our superintendents love using it in the field. The desktop web version is great, but also having the app is a game-changer.
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7 years ago, AnEEngineer
Great Project Management Tool
Procore is by far one of the best project management software suites out there. The ability to interface with all project team members, both from the office and while on the job site via mobile device, on all aspects of the project is invaluable. I especially like the drawing tool for incorporating markups and sending them out for immediate feedback.
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6 years ago, pmgr22
I never want to go back to life before I got Procore!!!
Every aspect of Procore is wonderful- the product, value, easy to use, the company and staff, and the support is legendary! The app is updated all the time with new features and my team loves working in it. It’s worth every penny, and ends up cheaper than most other comparable options out there.
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2 years ago, yo mammysammy
Not so great
I don't know what it is exactly but it seems Procore has fallen on its face in the last year. Glitchy, doesn't auto save when your internet goes out. Which for me, being on remote sites with spotty coverage becomes a giant inconvenience because I'll have to write my daily twice and any other notes I've put in. I don't know about you but I hate having to do something twice. Waste of time and money$$$
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4 years ago, Dbl Z
Great tool for your job site.
Having Procore and being able to access my computer and my cell with ease, has been a much needed and very appreciated! The ease of being able to utilize both platforms and control a job site and distribute information quickly, is truly priceless.
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7 years ago, Gathnhsvhfshjhdacjgsb
How did we work without this app?!?
This app is phenomenal and seamlessly integrates with the computer version. Any info I could ever need is at my fingertips and I am able to do all my work functions through the app. No more need for a phone, tablet, and laptop to perform my tasks. Procore enables me to be able to do it all through 1 app
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7 years ago, MiamiVice22
Procore needs improvement
The overall program is good however, in my opinion, in order to be GREAT, the App and software should focus on people and then documents. The contact directory should have an area for each contacts competency level and experience. Training records should also be made available, especially when it's safety certifications. For instance, it would be great to know if the roofing subcontractor's foreman has fall protection training. The app should be able to track this.
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7 years ago, gkchristian
User friendly app
This app makes using procore even easier! Provides access to all construction documents in your pocket. You can take photos as you walk the job, mark them with your thoughts, and upload instantly. This program is the future of construction.
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3 years ago, project superintendent
Project superintendent
I have worked with a Procore for over six years, and like anything else from time to time you’ll have problems, and Procore was readily available on the Internet or by phone to work with me on these issues, but in all I can say Procore has worked well on my jobs and they range from 8m to 100m.
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4 years ago, captainclm72
Could be a little more user friendly. Idea is right but needs modernization. Mobile app is better but soo different than computer version. Have to guess how to perform simple functions like erasing a log or manpower. Copy log is good idea but needs to think for itself a little more. Whole program feels rigid and behind times. Get some 14 year olds in there to modernize
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8 months ago, ConstructSuper
Not Great
It’s too convoluted. If your internet connection isn’t excellent the app will NOT function correctly. It lags, opening drawings takes too long (compared to other apps which download the drawings onto your device then just update whenever you get internet service back). Daily reports missing some very normal construction nomenclature. The submittal and email distribution cover page is too convoluted (too much information; needs to get right to the point).
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