Propertyware Mobile

1.5 (63)
6.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
RealPage, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Propertyware Mobile

1.46 out of 5
63 Ratings
5 years ago, Thuss17717771
Worst app ever by a public company
This app which is a part of a large publicly traded company is the worst piece of feces I have ever seen. The fact that my company alone pays thousands of dollars to this company every month for their software to have this app be a side piece and continually bug out every time and never actually allows you to use it is appalling. Every time you call customer support to have them tell you what’s wrong with it they tell you to delete it and reinstall it only to have it fail again right after. If you search for anything in it, it just shows a blank screen saying that it can’t show you the results even though you can see it’s there, but it just won’t return the results. Like it wants to work, but the little steam engine just can’t get going. I’ve been dealing with the tech side of this company for years and they are honestly the most elementary of people you have ever talked to. I had to personally tell them how the website they built for my company can be a https website and I literally don’t know what I’m doing besides downloading the instructions from godaddy. I was actually correct. It was dumbfounding.
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2 years ago, Gemini Customer
I’m Done
I’ve been a Propertyware customer for over a decade and I have come to a point where I believe they have no competent backend support. I have over 800 units commercial, residential, etc. and I feel like over the years I have had to customize this software to a point where I should have just built my own. The website is a joke with the UX being in between a “New View” and the dated Web 1.0 view for years at this point. It’s not mobile friendly, which leads the customer do attempt to find a workaround by downloading the app. This app is a disgrace and I can’t believe I’ve been paying this company to maintain its skeleton crew and never improve Propertyware. Realpage’s focus is on other initiatives and I feel betrayed by what was a great step forward for my business in 2011. This product is now dated and I have just set up a demo with Appfolio. I’m so disappointed because of all the effort I’ve expended adapting my business to fit within the archaic constraints of Propertyware with hopes of regular improvement.
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3 years ago, billybobbailey763
Fairly useless and frustrating app
Just redownloaded the app and tried to open Buildings and the app just closed. Have been considering switching to Appfolio because they seem much better on the technology end of things; we just like that Propertyware has custom fields on the website so have not switched just yet. Propertyware, please get someone to fix your app(s) and website. Have been waiting for the “new view” on the website to be completed for a couple years I think? And we shouldn’t need multiple apps to access leases vs. inspections/maintenance. There should be one app where property managers can do everything we can do on the website so we’re not having to just log in on a browser on our phones and zoom in to do our work.
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8 months ago, Nickemp94
This app is completely useless. I’m a tenant and every other tenant portal and payment service works like a charm. This one simply doesn’t let you log in, or even have the option to create an account or any support options. The homepage is entirely pointless, as your account made online is inaccessible here and there is no way to solve this in the app. Not to mention, there are several apps made by this company in the AppStore for serveral purposes such as a ledger and maintenance. What would be the point of a tenant app if you weren’t able to do all of this in one place? Do better. Us average citizens who already get taken advantage of in todays housing market deserve more.
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3 years ago, Usehernow
Can’t close work orders
Tittle says it all . I was able to previously close work orders before the newest update. Now the screen goes blank after clicking on close work order and won’t let me do anything besides change the date on the work order. Then proceeds to kick me off the app and say internal server error.
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5 years ago, htmason
Almost 5 stars at least for my uses
Notifications!!!!! It would be perfect if my phone would chime as soon as a new work order was submitted! Please? Customizable notifications for other people’s uses would be helpful as well. New notes, messages, conversations, new work orders, closed work orders, and any other updates, all of which we could turn on or off in the app depending on needs. As a maintenance manager, this would give me an edge in customer service in quicker response to tenants needs.
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5 years ago, Usvidnfh
Needs much improvement, dissapointed
We desperately need a working mobile Ap in our on the go business. 1. You cannot get to reports. This is crucial. Why can’t we at least get to “money in” to see what your open AR is. 2. Maint request need to ping you, otherwise it’s no different than monitoring your email watching for WO 3. Competitive software is far ahead in thinking of the roving manager. Pw should consider things like picture uploads when you are out doing your collections and property checks; the ability to easily search for a tenant and text from the ap AND capture the texts back to conversations within Pw
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6 years ago, HalfDonkey;)
Unfortunate & Disappointed
I really needed this app to be better than it is, tons of bug issues that need addressing. Until all the issues get worked out, I’d pass on this app, and I’d think real hard before committing to purchasing services with the website as well. Jury is still out, I’ll be waiting....
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6 years ago, Ken5840
Poor app - don’t even download
This is the poorest attempt at a app. It just shows you info and can’t do much really with it. It’s better to just log on the website itself. Propertyware should just scrap this app and tell everyone to use the website. Maybe like AppFoilo they can make a mobile version of the website
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4 years ago, Giolla Phóil
Real Page Abandoned This App
This App has been non-functional for over a year. Several requests to fix this have been submitted to Propertyware support, but they do nothing except give lip service. It has become apparent that Real Page has no intention to fix this App. It should be removed from the Apple App Store as a fraud.
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4 years ago, Cbieseck
The Ap is awful
I’ve called for well over a year and filed multiple complaints about the Ap. We constantly get unnecessary updates for Propertyware, yet they can’t get a workinh minike ap. It’s 2020 and I work on the run. We are currently looking for a better system that suits our needs
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6 years ago, Been at it for years
This app comes nowhere near the functionality and access that the web version has .. Constant crashes, difficult to navigate .. Just login into the website in your browser and forget the App.
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4 years ago, Dpiffy
Extremely outdated app
It says updated a year ago but the app UI appears to still be stuck back to 7+ years ago. Also unable to login with my credentials. No place for help on how to log in or if it will work with our complex.
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2 years ago, CFG_Br
Terrible App
As property manager I’ve had all issues you can imagine with this app. I don’t get . There’s anybody reading all these bad reviews? Why they don’t do anything about it? This app is *%#¥
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2 years ago, Ke1ic
Work on your stuff
How is it that you can’t generate a work order from the app? This is a terrible system.
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5 years ago, Tojamz
Not user friendly
You need to take some tips from Buildium’. This software is not user friendly and can’t create a work order on the app!?!?
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4 years ago, I buy all the houses.
Needs work
The app is basically useless. With my last property management platform I could run my business from the app. Propertyware is much more labor intensive and time consuming than it should be.
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3 years ago, IndyPam33
Kicks me out of the app frequently
Almost every time that I try to upload photos, it kicks me out of the app. Quite irritating
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6 years ago, J77michael
Took 8 months to push out an update that’s still not optimized for any new phones, that on top of a ton of bugs still being present.
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6 years ago, Nme3x
Internal error
This app on iOS does not work and hasn’t for three weeks was given 45 to 60 days to fix and we as consumers pay for this service 🤔
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2 years ago, grace.l.p
This app is so outdated, the software would probably work for an iPhone 4…… For a company as big, there should be a simple and sleek app to let users pay their rent.
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6 years ago, kev171
Login will not work
The app will not even recognize my email that works on safari and desktop.
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5 years ago, $$44shell
Constant errors... may not show server errors any longer but they now read “null” errors. Any tab selected opens up more errors. Pointless
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6 years ago, Vldg624
Doesn’t work
I’m left no other choice but to give the app 1 star ⭐️ that doesn’t deserve. It doesn’t even work & actually get NO ⭐️!! Waste of time!!!!
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4 years ago, kmat536
It doesn’t work at all. Crashes every time. Save your space.
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6 years ago, bdorobiala
Do not even bother.
What a waste of time!! Just as terrible as the web version.
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4 years ago, bgliss
Property manager/owner
Worst app ever. Love the software- but we are on the go constantly! What can this app even do? Very disappointed.
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6 years ago, Hightechnatureman
Can’t get to my reports.
Terrible. Super dissatisfied
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11 years ago, Tworthington8
If you just want to look up info it is fine, but does not let you do anything functional. I am supposed to be able to reply to a conversation, it does not work. I get an error every time. I would love to approve work orders or be able to do something functional in it. I still end up logging in online on my little iPhone screen to do what I need to do.
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10 years ago, ssbiggs
Needs work
It's a great idea, but falls short in work orders. For example: you can not create a work order from the app. I want my staff to see an issue and create a work order for my approval. You can not see more than about 40 characters of the description of the work order. So, if you have a long list of items to accomplish, your field staff will only see the first part. That's a really big problem with the app. On the pro's side: great tenant and building information with all the information you need at your fingertips. Fix the work order area and make it more functional and this is a useful app. Right now, it's a contact list.
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12 years ago, JamesPullman
A great start
It's great to finally have this. I would like to recommend that we have the option Of always being kept logged in at least in the background so we get notifications always. And then if someone doesn't want to stay logged in always, it would be nice to just have a 4 digit PIN to log in instead of having to type the password which contains letters numbers and symbols. It isn't very quick to type those kind of passwords on a mobile device. Looking forward to updated versions.
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12 years ago, Michael Doug
Great tool
Been waiting for this a long time and it is very very good. Seems stable too so good job on testing. Still need to be able to add new maintenance requests. UPDATE: new alerts feature is outstanding. Great job. Still need ability to enter work orders. Leases are not accessible in this update and needs a bug fix. Keep up the good work!
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11 years ago, Ranger0097
Almost there!
I haven't used the mobile app for awhile, so when I tried it recently, I was pleasantly surprised with all of the new features. However, as a Leasing Agent, a couple very important features from Propertyware are missing - appointment/calendar management and property/lease filtering. Consider those two features, and you'll definitely be on your way to a five star app!
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12 years ago, Joelw2
Great but room for improvement
Great first effort but really has some room for improvement. Great for looking up property or tenant info. From a maintenance perspective, Work orders tab is pretty poor. Will only show you few words of work order description and can not expand it. Can not modify work order. Can not close work order. But you can add notes and pics which are nice. But without the ability to read the full detail of the workorder the tab or function yields useless.
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12 years ago, TexanRuss
Mobile Greatness
Provides mobile access to your Propertyware platform like never before. It greatly enhances the ability to do business and provide excellent customer service while on the go! Great addition thus far and look forward to even more from the Leading Property Management Solution.
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12 years ago, JBRG
Info on the GO!
This application is awesome for information needed on the go. Great for getting tenant info, seeing outstanding maintenance issues and getting alerts of new activity posted on the portal. For those writing negative reviews, it is an app, if you want more features carry a laptop and log in.
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12 years ago, Courtney Lythjohan
Huge Time Saver!
Having the option to work straight from my phone is a huge time saver! No more running to the office to pull information needed out of Propertyware, you can do everything on the go! Maintenance teams love this too!
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11 years ago, Bobbullet
Great Start. Would live a few more features
This is a limited app.....but I would love to be able to approve a maintenance request from my iPhone. Currently I can only view the request and add to or create a conversation. Then have to login online to approve. Would save me lots of time. Pretty please!?
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11 years ago, Amelia1234567
Great App
I love being able to access contact info for my tenants and owners any time without cluttering my contacts. It's also nice being able to see outstanding balances for tenants and owners. It could still increase functionality but overall it is an asset.
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12 years ago, Tdlchocolate
Glad to have this app!
Even though this app is not perfect yet, I am still happy to have what it offers! It's nice not to have to store Owners and tenants contact info in my personal address book on my phone. Keep improving!
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11 years ago, JordanT20
Solid A...
Great app! Gives you the functionality on the go that you need to run your business. Especially like the maintenance requests and alerts features. Inspection app works great as well. These guys know there stuff.
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11 years ago, Tony Chinnici
Property Manager
Basically read-only. I sure would like to do actual work with the app, but if I could do that, PropertyWare would lose the opportunity to charge me for inspections. You are supposed to be able to add to conversations from this app, but as of today this feature is not working on my iPhone 5. I look forward to future improvements!
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12 years ago, Killer 6000
It's ok
I was hoping it was a full site where I could input rents & invoices and also send statements to owners, I'm constantly in an area where I just can't whip out my laptop to do these things and therefore have to wait until I get back in the office and sit down. I do like that I can look up all of the names and phone numbers of clients, vendors and tenants but this is about all I see useful.
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11 years ago, Radam08
Great App and Keep Improving
This is a great app. We just switched from Property Solutions and like the ability to look up work orders, follow up with leads, and be informed of new alerts. Keep up the good work and adding functionality. The ability to IM/chat with colleagues and tenants would be nice.
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11 years ago, Indiana Property Manager
Some additional functions would be nice!
Although it is nice to be able to access some information on my phone, the overall functionality of the app is almost useless for me. Would love to be able to access my calendar from the app!!
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12 years ago, DaAlchemist
Great job to the team at Propertyware!
Spoke with the developers of the app and they are planning an update in a month or so with more editing options and access to prospects, tasks and dashboards! Awesome stuff. Update: Nice follow up with prospects, alerts and customizations.
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12 years ago, Joey0124569
Looking forward to future updates
A propertyware app would make it a lot easier on the go, instead of having to log into the website, but this app only allows us to view information. It will be very useful to me if the ability to add data is included. Rent payments, work orders, and bills could easily be entered at the unit.
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11 years ago, FoSean
Nice app
The updated version is much, much better. Would be nice if the ledgers for owners and tenants were actually ledgers instead of the strange things that they are now were they only show some filtered information.
Show more
11 years ago, Amber hamman
Good app, so close
Functionality for what's included is nice. Would love to see a few more functions on it like my calendar so I could incorporate that with my other calendars. Also would like to see tasks/notes from the desktop so I could edit or add.
Show more
12 years ago, 702style
Great App!
Truly a great app allowing me to be in the field and on top of the little things daily. Notifications are awesome to allow us to be highly responsive and create raving fans
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