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User Reviews for Protection 360®

4.52 out of 5
33.8K Ratings
1 year ago, PHUC T
Not a happy camper
This app does not work at all !! It’s just like the insurance company that provides this services. (Assurion) The experience I’ve had since February 2, 2023 has been the poorest I’ve ever had being I’ve been a customer for 24 years with Sprint, never was I treated the way T Mobile and the insurance company that handles their claims () First of all they are dishonest and refuse to be accountable for their actions even when it’s proven in black in white!!! A word to the wise!!! Be aware!!!! Also e a ware of the supervisor name NANCY ID#. I C2006 she is a bad look on that company meaning she is not honest at all . My experience with her was so terrible that I’m truly thinking about looking into another provider that does deal with Assurion!! I was my phone wasn’t at time the accident happened, then I told that phone wasn’t the on file the I was told it wasn’t the right the mei # for the phone I filed a claim for wow I only have to phones on my account!!! I can go on about the experience I had all will say is Be AWARE!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Nblash27
Horrible Professionalism and Organization
I have… Had a iPhone 12 promax and I haven’t pain for most for the best insurance every bill cycle in case anything ever happens. Well my phone got stolen, and I was like whatever I will just get another one with my insurance. I have been back-and-forth between T-Mobile and on the phone with Assurance at least 12 times over the last two weeks. T-Mobile store people tell me that I am 100% covered as I know I should be and Assurance kick my claim back, not covered at time of incident they say. I have been a rate and I have paid $249 and I had to go by another iPhone just to get into my accounts through iCloud and stuff I had to add an additional line etc. etc. and furious and I’ve asked to speak with a manager or supervisor three times over the last five days. Each time I willStart the conversation saying I need to speak with a supervisor and three times they guarantee me a call back one time was a designated time the next day at 10 AM… No call I called that evening and they were supposed to call me back that evening hopefully and never still never heard from them. Screw these people I’m still trying to get my rightfully insured phone that I’ve been paying on for two years insurance… For the 11 promax and then the 12 promax and I’ve never used the insurance.
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1 year ago, Wall / 515
My phone is not working properly
I have spoke to three different people no one was able to resolve my problem. I’ve been with you guys for 23 years don’t understand it. Explains it now that my phone keep turning off. How can I call someone if I can’t talk to them being able live in a digital world I was hoping they could help me much better but I see not. I was told I may need a chip so I asked exit is there anyway she can expedite that for me I’m on vacation in New York I live in Virginia so you can imagine what I’m going through. I hope things get better with this company. I have to say I’ve been with you guys Sprint 20 something years never had this problem
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2 years ago, mess app
Extremely dishonest
What a mistake switching to T-Mobile. In January 2022 I changed cell phone providers. I also bought 2 new iPhones from T-Mobile. I was told at the time my bill for me and my 20 year old grandson would be $150 per month. This was a $15 a month savings from my AT&T bill. Well my first bill from T-Mobile comes and it’s $190. So I call T-Mobile and the agent reduces the bill to $150 and tells me it won’t happen again. We’ll March comes and now my bill is $172. So I call again and this time I’m told that’s the bill. Nothing can be done. So I pay off one phone and cancel the phone insurance. Now in a couple months I’ll pay off the other phone, lose the promotion, and change back to my original provider. Here’s the point. I understand that T-Mobile salespeople are on commission and they stretch the truth or just flat out lie to make a sale. But I asked him twice about the bill, my grandson was standing right there and he said it would be $150. Why be dishonest? Why flat out lie? As far as the reception goes now and then I get ‘No Network Connection’ on my phone. I drive rideshare sometimes so this is important. I do have the ‘max plan’. I definitely don’t recommend T-Mobile. What a dishonest company.
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2 years ago, Myyrh_T
The worst claim filing process ever
I have literally been working on a claim to have my phone replaced over a week now. Each time I speak to a representative I’m either mislead, , hung up on, offered no tech assistance, or even an explanation as to why I’m trying to complete the submission of documents on an iPad iPhone and PC without any option to actually submit my forms. This company/app keeps saying in order to complete the claim you must submit ID and payment but consistently sends me links that don’t work or disconnects when they can’t give an my question on how to do something using their system. Worst customer service I’ve experienced in a while and because I own all my apple devices for both my business and personal TMO account for many years now this was the straw that broke the camels back. I’ll be switching over to AT&T once this gets resolved if it ever does. IF YOU HAVE AN APPLE PRODUCT JUST MAKE SURE YOU RENEW APPLE CARE after your free year Because I’ve went to them twice now in hopes of fixing this and it could’ve been done but I didn’t renew my apple care #LessonLearned 🙄
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1 year ago, Nickname taken so….
Can’t file or complete claim on a stolen phone
I’ve called the number provided by T mobile store representative. Finally got a person after waiting, supposedly claim was filed I was told to then call the same number I originally called to talk to the first person, to complete the claim. Called that number again and the next person I talked to who was supposed to finalize claim so I could pay deductible to get a new phone, told me there was no claim on file. So I then told them I’ll try to mess with this ap/ website again to file a claim. Tried ap again with no luck because it won’t let me select yes when asking me which device on my plan I was making a claim for. Finally saw something on ap about the claim and it was processing, took screenshots so I had confirmation numbers and such. Now it’s been 24 hours and I can’t even check status on this ap. It’s like it was completely erased. I don’t understand why an employee at the store can’t help me and I just keep getting redirected to this ap/ website or told to call numbers where I get no resolution.
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2 years ago, Savagemarine
Worst services. Worst insurance
I’ve been trying to get my phone fixed since October of last year. First I get transferred to apple care like what?? I don’t have apple care, I have 360 care plan with T-Mobile. So I do the claim through apple care because at this point my phone wasn’t functioning at all, so apple sends me an empty box to send my phone to get repaired in 9-14 days they said. So I called apple and said hey I filed a claim and you guys didn’t send a replacement phone and I can’t go 9-14 days without my phone I need it for work because I’m in the military, so they said ok I’ll have to put down 1300 down payment for a new phone incase my phone can’t get fixed lol like what?? I don’t have apple care I’m paying for T-Mobile 360 care plan so right now I’m still using my broken phone that barely make any calls and freezes on the daily. And I’ve tried multiple time for like literally 6 times and all the time I get we’ll call you back shortly. Literally worst services ever and to make it worse I barely get service here since I’m stationed in Kansas.
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2 years ago, rafi yacoub
scam and an embarrassment.
I’m writing this in hopes that someone planning to get t mobiles insurance sees this. understand something THERE IS NO POINT TO GET THIS AT ALL now to keep this short apple care + is offered at $10 a month with t mobile i pay the almost double at around $18 a month. now you may be thinking, surely there has to be more to it that they’d charge you more for, right? no! there isn’t! and on top of that, the apple care + that is included in your deal is only there for a year, where you could have had the ability to extend it for 2 more years on top of that to get it to 3, you lose it without warning and without any price decrease in your monthly rates. for my issue, it was performance related and ultimately the decision was made to change the battery and according to my plan i should have had apple care and only payed a small $29 deductible to get it changed, however this disgusting excuse of an insurance told me my apple care expired and i’d have to pay a $99 deductible to get the phone replaced. i’ve had my iphone 11pro for about 2.5 years a reasonable time to still value a phone but want to increase performance via new battery. but alas this company is a scam and will deflect blame on everyone but themselves and will do nothing to help you. after 5 hours on the phone and speaking to 11 different transfer agents, i needed to share this. please if you see this evaluate your insurance options because frankly… this one is not worth it….
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11 months ago, Rjalp
Interface not intuitive, app spins you in circles
I was trying to file a claim, but the interface is not intuitive, and the app just spins you in circles. The overly-reductionistic claim categories force you to choose from overly-simplified options when the user experience is not necessarily that black and white. For instance, if it looks like the screen is not working, how do I know if that is screen damage or if the entire device needs to be replaced? Or maybe there was exposure to water, but I don’t know if that caused the damage. On top of that, having multiple screens that need to be entered, plus excessive clicking related to verifying my identity before filing a claim, all add up to a negative user experience. I’ve been at it for 30 minutes and I still have not been able to file a claim. I guess that could be part of the baked-in logic: If the users get so frustrated they stop using the app, then people wont file claims?! It’s like a Kafkaesque bureaucracy in app form. No bueno.
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2 years ago, BITWTJC
Easy and quick replacement, but deceptive marketing and rude customer service reps.
They are fast with replacements. That’s a good thing. I Ricky have to do much. Filed my claim, claim got approved, paid my deductible, got my replacement. There was a customer service agent I was on the phone with. Their accent was very heavy. I could not understand her, and she obviously couldn’t understand me. Everything was misunderstood. Finally, I asked to speak to someone different. I explained I couldn’t understand her. She got very angry and said I was discriminating against her. She proceeded to hang up the phone on me. So I had to call back in and wait on hold again to speak to a supervisor. Lastly, I was charged $249. On the Protection 360 app, it says my deductible for my iPhone 13 Pro Max if lost or stolen is $99. If I would have known that it was $249, I would not have signed up for the program. By the way, the app still lists my deductible as $99.
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2 weeks ago, Noel 123 unhappy
George today violated the Federal Law of The Americans With Disabilities Act. He also violated TMobile technical support business law and refused to get his supervisor when repeatedly asked in writing . Not only was all of this illegal but he closed it even with me informing him that if he didn’t reconsider I not only will post it all on every platform of social media but also provide the entire law violations plural to corporate headquarters of T-Mobile and I’m also going to file grievances officially against T-Mobile for not training their employees- and that each count carries ten thousand dollar penalties and fines and I know how to do this because the company who takes all of your money and refuses to adhere to our laws must not be allowed to continue. This I am posting . When any employee refuses to get in writing on the same chatline the supervisor they are lying and deliberately breaking the laws and the contract they signed personally to get the paycheck. Know that
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5 months ago, WanaCoda
My iPhone 13 was accidentally dropped in the bathtub (yes I realize that it probably wasn’t necessary to text while soaking - but hey it’s insured - right?) And last winter it was revived from freezing to death twice. Now the battery takes 24hrs to charge and drains in 8 hours I paid almost 20 bucks a month for what I thought was a comprehensive policy. BUT NO! When I tried to make a claim through the insurance app - I discovered that I only qualified for ‘Apple Care’ - a time consuming and expensive process According to a t-mobile phone rep I can drive 30 minutes to a store , wait in line , wait to have the battery replaced , then pay 89 bucks for the privilege. Seriously who has that much “free” time to give in order get a fix Either way neither the insurance provider or T-Mobile is willing to overnight an exchange There was also an upgrade opportunity, but alas I can’t do that because I’m just a teeny tiny bit behind on my monthly service bill. If I get my bill up to date, my cell phone would then have to pass an inspection or I’ll pay for two phones. So maybe, I’ll call Apple directly or Google to see if there’s a DIY opportunity to replace the battery Either way, I’m not putting up with the humiliation of driving to a store , that may not be able to help, after paying for insurance
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2 years ago, fjfkvkvkg
Rip off
A few months ago I put in a claim with you guys because my 7 year old son left his phone in a hotel while we were on vacation. I explained all of this to your agent who filed the claim in the order that she did as the hotel said they had retrieved the phone and will mail it in. I’m now being charged $600 because it’s being said that you guys didn’t receive the device back. I could’ve just done a lost phone claim for all of this. I’m getting the run around from the hotel and being sent to their management company to no avail. Finally I call your company back and offer to send the replacement device back as I can not afford to pay $600 for a refurbished phone for a 7 year old. I’m being told I can’t give the operating replacement phone back to settle the charge but if I’m able to get the damage device from the hotel in within a hundred days the charge will be resolved. How is this sensible?
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6 years ago, I'm a little annoyed
Happy Tech PHD User
I have been a T-Mobile Customer for 5 years, and when a store rep showed me this app I was blown away! I am not the most technical person, but the Tech PHD expert I spoke to on the phone was able to assist me with all my technical questions. I was in need of resetting my WiFi router and connecting my phone to my new smart fridge, and the helpful rep on the phone help me set everything up within 30 min. This app is only available to JUMP plus customer at T-Mobile, and it is a cool service I’ll use for all my IOT needs.
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1 year ago, Ke861
Rip Off
Assurance is a big rip off!! I had apple cere for two years and any time anything went wrong on any phone on my line I used applecare, fast forward two years later apple care gone have a problem with a phone, put in a claim assurance wouldn’t approve it saying it wasn’t covered during the time listed! What the heck do you mean, apple care is gone assurance is suppose to kick in and cover especially seeing they’ve been getting 54 dollars every bill even when I had apple care, and then want to hold 600 dollars on your bank card in order to send a phone to replace your phone!! Kick rocks! I believe that they will be apart of a big lawsuit in the future! Do not sign up for this and T mobile should be ashamed using this company!!
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1 year ago, aconibel
The app won't work
Unlike all the other reviewers who want to complain about the service they get from T-Mobile instead of the functionality of the app, I am going to tell you how the app works... Or I would if I could open it. I was having issues with my T-Mobile Internet device and wanted to check into this app to see what could be done. Except when I clicked on it, the app would load, flash to the main page, then automatically close. So until that gets fixed, I can't tell you anything and I can't leave a better review -- because the app doesn't work. Otherwise, my service from T-Mobile is great.
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7 months ago, ThomasMurrayJr - SanFran
I have to say that I was so very impressed with the app, the service, and the speed in which I received my new iPhone. After reading some of the negative comments, I was expecting a difficult process. However, this was the easiest process I have ever used, and the fastest time I have ever experienced. It was after hours on a Thursday evening when I decided to file my claim. I downloaded the app (easy); filled out the forms and provided the requested information on the app (easy); I was then immediately approved for my replacement iPhone (easy); and my new iPhone actually shipped out that SAME NIGHT via FedEx and was delivered the very next day, Friday, by 2pm. WOW! Now, if that is not IMPRESSIVE, then I don’t know what is… GREAT JOB everyone. Thanks a million for your help and assistance.
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12 months ago, MrsChilds
Useless app just like the company
The app has so many bugs in it that you’ll eventually end up calling the company. It lags in performance, it doesn’t give you current information & I found out it’s not linked in with T-Mobile at all that they have to do a 24 hour verification process to approve the claims. Although sprint was terrible T-Mobile is horrible but there was never a 24 hour verification process. A agent tells me on the phone that she sees my insurance & device but T-Mobile still has to verify it after they denied the claim & I called and asked why. After realizing their mistake you would think they would waive the 24 hours but no they added another 24 hours!
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1 year ago, jaysworld85
They will always tell u to go through Apple
Why pay for 360-protection plus jump when they never honor there and I’ve tried to use jump in several times to upgrade and every time I got the run around the T-Mobile store had no idea what jump even was and honestly I believe no one does I had to just break down and buy a new phone even though I paid for jump since we had our T-Mobile along with protection 360 and now my new iPhone isn’t working and I’m told to go to Apple they won’t help save the monthly u would pay for these ridiculous add-ons put it in the bank account and when you need a new phone you can buy one out right
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2 years ago, bdbchsinc
Amazing service
I got a bunch of scratches on my phone and I have apple insurance on my phone so when it gets scratches or cracks they can fix it…so I went to the apple store and they said they couldn’t fix it but they could fix giant gaping cracks!!!😡😡😡 but with t-mobile THEY can fix it and even though I have to pay… it’s only 29 bucks! All those awful people that don’t like this company… they are just haters!
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2 years ago, Joe2D2
Submitting device coverage claims is difficult.
I’ve had two instances now when I’ve had to submit a claim for a lost/damaged device and both times I’ve had to go to the Assurant website to file my claim. I think it’s pointless to send a verification text to a phone number that is associated with a lost or damaged device instead of the primary number associated with the T-Mobile account. The app should also use the same verification methods that the website uses, like the option of logging into the T-Mobile account. The only reason I’m keeping the app is the ability to vie the coverage documents from anywhere.
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5 months ago, Redheadbygosh
Very helpful
I thought I would have to go to the Apple store either in Santa Barbara or Thousand Oaks. When I went to the T-Mobile store I was told I could go to Bestbuy. Thank you. That made what was needed to fix my damaged phone so much easier for me. I am so happy I have the protection plan Unfortunately my phone was unfixable and I received a new phone.
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Service Claim
The worst service obtained. My device broke and when I asked for an invoice, buy something that very few clients have, it is the worst experience, the online or chat assistants do not provide enough information, they do not know how to speak, they resent one as if they were roblara or they get the same pattern Automated Answer , I previously used Verizon and it really is a 0 on a scale of 0 to 10 in relation to other experiences with Verizon . The experience and speed of processing claims from mobile devices should be better, since they are of great importance for any member of the food service in the years that we live.
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11 months ago, jakemonster9
I attempted to start a claim originally and the app said I would have to call, so I called and spoke to Leslie. After providing my information, cell number and type of device, he said I didn’t have coverage for that device. I explained to him that I did and it is only on that phone, he said it wasn’t showing and said I needed to contact my cell phone provider. I drove back to T-Mobile to have them fix this. The guy at T-Mobile verified I have coverage and I started the claim again on the app. This time it worked!
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3 years ago, G329
Stolen phone assistance
My daughter’s phone on my account was stolen. In just over 24 hours she received a replacement phone and prior service was cut off such that the people who stole it could not benefit in anyway. The service promptness and courtesy from people at T-Mobile and Assurant is appreciated with minimal inconvenience. Good work five stars
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2 years ago, marc1533
Rip off
The policy of 90 days and you have to fix the problem is a rip off what if the customer doesn’t have the money to fix it in ninety days they are screwed but you guys get 20 dollars a month on time and your customers are screwed over be loyal to the payments and your loyalty is limited that is horrible and inconsiderate I’ve been with 360 for awhile now and now that I have the money to fix my device I’m hit with I had a 90 day policy but you guys want your money on a monthly basis faithfully that is a rip off and this will be spread out about this
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4 years ago, kimmieavilez
Best app to file a claim
This app is awesome, I had never filed a claim faster than this. I had a lot of trouble using mytmoclaim online, but this makes it a lot easier and faster. It took me like 5 minutes and everything was process rapidly and my claim was approved. Really glad this app exists, thank you.
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2 years ago, menerva Williams
Over Priced Charges
I took out the insurance for my devices. I was told that a screen replacement was $29 but I was charged $99 and when I tried to call customer support I was told that T-mobile was to blame for this but T-mobile support told me that they have nothing to do with Assurant and their pricing. Also I tried to get a older phone repaired that has no trade in value but they are wanting to charge me over a $100 to replace the back of my phone. I’m canceling all of my insurance this is such a scam!!!
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3 years ago, Angel2007985
I’ve been with sprint over 13 years and I have disconnected my service. Whoever is control is Assurant is a joke. They gave me the run around for 4 days and denied my claim. When I asked why they stated Because my SIM card was not active. I have the SIM card they sent me when they switched to T-mobile. I finally was able to submit my claim once I went to the T-mobile store and they were confused as to why my claim was denied also. I took the new phone and traded it in with Verizon. Good riddance sprint!!!
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9 months ago, Hard worker_
I like the app seems manageable. It’s the process that makes it so difficult to get a claim. I filed a claim numerous times. No response. The one time I got my claim I was to go to a local T-Mobile store. They say they have nothing to do with any claims even after showed the paper work I had received it from the mail_ T-Mobile insurant Basically I am paying for a covered incident that don’t really cover any incident. At least my case. Very disappointed it is what is. Now that I try for the second time to do a claim for the same phone because everything is still working but a cracked screen They claim the I am not cover because I didn’t do an early cover claim If only they could fix how horrible their service is_ perhaps I may have been covered in the time frame.
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2 months ago, Swag
Not very helpful
I was trying to explain to the person over the phone through messages that my phone has water damage so it's hard for me to type. Instead of letting me know that they needed a city and State with my address. They kept repeating it instead of being helpful and telling me that I didn't have the city and State. My phone has water damage and I cannot type. I had to send them messages with my voice and that wasn't easy
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2 years ago, LandiRn
Too bad
I started the claim online, e texted all the info then they wanted to call a care specialist and the automated system asked for all the same info which I entered online and then I got connected with a live representative which asked for all the same info all over again and did not complete my claim, instead I was directed to main T-Mobile number. I had to call them back and go thru the verification. 🤯
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2 years ago, 123TheOne1987
Justin Spurgeon
I have not had any luck with this app. It chose and found out my phone but then gave me instructions on how to do things on an entirely different platform. Possibly a newer version of my phone. It’s not accurate at all..
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3 years ago, Venetta Raglin
Phone is Bill, I have been in the Hospital.
Hosiptal and I Will be home in two more weeks . Thanks for being helpful with me on. I will be able to pay my bill next month. Thanks for being Waiting with me. Thanks so much. This is Mrs. Venetta Raglin, what are you looking ?
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3 months ago, jr8566
Very happy
Convenient and fast first time using the app and I think is the perfect way to deal with this kind of problems. Couldn’t be happier makes my life easier doesn’t waste my time.
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2 years ago, Rantheman735
Great Service
At first, I was upset that we now have to go through an APP to replace our phones. But now that I’ve used the APP tans spoken with a Representative I’m very satisfied. Thank You for your prompt response and efficient service. 👍🏿
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2 years ago, Ladynelsun
Fixing a signal problem
Thank you Lucy for your amazing experience late last night on helping me out in fixing my phone. My phone is working much better. I did everything you advised me to do with it. Thank you for being you. Your awesome . Have a great day. JacalynNelson
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9 months ago, totwash
I thought it would be difficult because we had to go through Assurant instead of just doing everything on the phone with T-Mobile but it went pretty smoothly
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1 year ago, Michael devenere
Constant problem login
I have return my broken galaxy 360 phone on December 20. You received it on December 31, 2022 to this day three months later you got settled the claim. I need you to clear the return and takeoff the charges from T-Mobile of $710. I demand that you get your act together and fight and find the phone and log it in and get my refund processed. You guys are very sloppy lazy cannot find anything in the warehouse. Somethings wrong with the administration staff
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1 year ago, Love the paper
Still waiting
Submitted my claim over 48 hours ago and it is still waiting to be processed. The say wait 24 hours. Terrible customer service. I am sure after it is processed they will take another 24 hours to request my deductible and then 24to 48 hours to ship my device. By the end of their process I will have been without my phone for a week. Way to go T mobile, see if I stay a customer.
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1 year ago, O L I V E R O L I V E R
Claim process timing
I’ve had the insurance in my cell phone for over 11 years and used it before. Previously the cell phone provider could process the claim and I had a replacement phone or repair within days. I filed a claim through this app six days ago and the claim has yet to be processed. That’s an extensive amount of time based on having a broken phone and how much people use their cell phones these days
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2 years ago, clj10181957
Cracked Lens Protector
I Thought My IPhone 12 Pro Max Had Cracked Screen Set Up Appointment With Apple To Repair It, Found Out It Was The Lens Protector That Was Cracked I Paid Over $40. Called Protection 360 They Refunded My Money Back,Reduced My Bill By $40 Thanks I’m glad I had Them.
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1 year ago, T&J Staats
Filing my claim.
I was in the process of filling my claim and the screen timed out. So I went to start over and it says there’s already an open claim on the line… but I didn’t Finnish and can’t now. Just frustrating, the point is for me to be able to do this easily in a quick moment and now I have to chat in and get help and so on and so forth. If the claim isn’t FULLY SUBMITTED have the system discard the transaction.
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3 years ago, Les3647
Save Your Money
Makes no sense. I paid monthly for 4 years without using the insurance. Last month my back glass cracked and with the insurance it was going to be $100. Problem is that in 4 years I gave them way more than $100. Meaning that I actually lost money by having the insurance. Could’ve just saved that money and used it on AppleCare+ and still would’ve kept money in my pocket.
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4 months ago, Náutica from the ville
Harry from Manchester Ct
So far since January 2024 till now it’s been great no problems whatsoever very happy with the people I’ve met at T-Mobile and network service has been good.
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10 months ago, Jennholland
Easy to use
This app is very easy to you and navigate. It takes you step by step through the claims process.
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2 years ago, So called'deductible'
Asurant is a ripoff company. HEART LESS INCONSIDERATE
Asurant blindly and cold heartedly wants full payment of a device AT ONCE IN FULL. They are selling used, repaired second hand phones. Since they are greedy and rippers they clanged on THE MOST COMPASSIONATE, VERY UNDERSTANDING BESTEST CARRIER IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. Since they are failing to collect the lump sum of “”deductible “ at once m, they stick the bill to T-Mobile. Poor T-Mobile don’t let them punks bring you down. We THE WHOLE GOT YOUR BACK, from here on earth to eternity!! T-MOBILE FOR EVER!!!
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8 months ago, LMM377
Worse customer service EVER
Can not find an actual phone number to call. Had to be transferred 3 times…. Never got my replacement phone (delivered to the wrong house). Told they had to do a review, it would take 3-5 days… I finally get ahold of someone and told they are waiting for a copy of my ID…. I was never asked, never told how to provide this… then hung up on!!! Horrible service
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2 years ago, petitegirl70
The app is very organized and enables me to find documents and allow me to file a claim on a first screen. I like this app very much. And I will use this app for any claim I have to file in the future!
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1 year ago, BlissfulLez
Chat ended
Lucy the tech ignored me after connecting with me via chat, did not resolve my issue and ignored my chat text after I provided my name and phone number, told me to call when my phone was on sos mode which is the reason why I contacted customer service via chat. I could’ve searched online myself for the phone number. But thanks anyways for the help that Lucy provided.
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